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Madpilothi jsgotangco 07:30
jsgotangcohey Madpilot how are you doing?07:31
Madpilotgood. Not had much time for things Ubuntu lately, though. Busy summer.07:31
jsgotangcosame here07:32
LaserJockmine kinda went like not had much time for things Real Life lately07:34
LaserJockbut that might be a priorities problem07:34
MadpilotI found time for http://www.warbard.ca/temp/CthulhubuntuLogo.png so it might be a priorites problem for me, too ;)07:35
Madpilotpriorities, even 07:35
jsgotangcoyou are making hp lovecraft proud07:53
Madpilotsomething like that ;)07:54
MadpilotI want to redo the bars of the Ubuntu logo as tentacles, though ;)07:55
jsgotangcothe eyeballs are awesome hehe07:55
jsgotangcolike some old Misfits song07:55
nixternalshh...im trying to get some sleep ;)08:05
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jsgotangconixternal: were the patches you sent applied?08:15
nixternalmost of them yes08:15
nixternalthe latest ones with the global.ent changes no08:15
jsgotangcooh im not going to mess up that file and let mdke handle it08:16
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nixternalit is very small changes anyways08:17
nixternalfixes kernel, gcc, and glibc versions, and changes channel names for irc to all be the same style, and a couple of kubuntu links08:18
jsgotangcoif this wasn't a -doc channel, someone would think you did a kernel patch hen08:20
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jjessedon't cry :)07:31
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mhzhi all07:48
jjessehello mhz07:48
mhzGuys, The MoinMoin team (actually, mostly xorAxAx) has finished the development of a  Moin instances syncing tool07:49
mhzThat means wiki admins or some users with ACL may sync 2  moin instances in a userfriendly env.07:49
mhzjjesse: hey07:49
mhzAlso, there is an implementation to send CC emails to a certain known emailwiki@ubuntu.com so the subject can become a name for a wikipage and the body can become the content of the page07:51
jjessethat sounds really cool07:51
mhzIndeed, esp. because it will speed up collaboration07:52
mhzoh, well, there is also a Gantt Chart plugin but it demands knowledge of xml syntax07:53
mhzto generate the actual chart07:53
=== mhz just hopes wiki admins for ubuntu sites can upgrade to Moin 1.5.4
mhzand 1.6 soon, so that we could use these new features07:55
mhzBTW, Who is responsible for the Help.Doc CSS?07:56
jjessemhz: i don't know07:56
Burgworkmhz, mdke_ is07:57
mhzBurgwork: okas, thx07:58
mhzBurgwork: and you know about his policies to wiki upgrading ?07:58
Burgworkthat would be canonical, not mdke_ 07:59
mhzand to whom I can ask about it?08:00
Burgworkmdke_ can be our conduit for that too08:04
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mdzdo any of you happen to know if we have a step-by-step guide (with screenshots) to updating your system with Update Manager?09:11
nixternalooh, i haven't seen one09:13
nixternalonly step-by-step updating guide i have seen is the one that ubotu lists when you do !dist-upgrade in a channel09:13
Burgworkmdz, I have never seen one, but it wouldn't be too hard to do09:16
nixternalneed to do one for each flavor09:17
Burgworknixternal, yep09:18
nixternalyou know what..i must say, there is something about the 'Human Theme' that draws me to Ubuntu09:18
nixternali just installed it on my other setup09:18
nixternalit looks good, ....09:18
Burgworkyou will get sucked in by the simplicity and beauty of GNOME09:20
nixternalWindows Vista has a better chance of pulling me away from KDE ;)09:21
Burgworkmdz, do you want one made?09:21
nixternali can work on a kubuntu one here.. i am using edgy, so i have the new purple display, not the old dapper bubble blue...but functionality is still the same09:26
nixternalactually...i will dapper install in vmware, and upgrade that way so i can get the real deal09:27
nixternalit would be hard for me to upgrade from edgy to edgy ;)09:27
jjesseis there a kubuntu updater like the one ubuntu has?09:27
jjessei know, but doesn't ubuntu have a special update tooL?09:28
Burgworkjjesse, yes, it does09:28
Burgworkvia update-manager09:28
nixternalwhich is adept...i think it pops up a window to tell you there is a new version09:29
nixternaland then you can update that way09:29
jjessewell if i change my sources.list for edgy i will update to edgy through adept updater09:29
nixternali really can't answer truthfully..i have never allowed a version of KUbuntu to get to that point...im using edgy from knot1 already..no more dapper in the house09:30
Burgworkmdz was specifically speaking of the Ubuntu tool, however09:31
mdzBurgwork: there seems to be a procedure in the desktop guide, but no screenshots09:31
mdzit says things like "there will be a red icon" instead09:31
mdzI think it would be useful to have one, yes09:31
Burgworkok, I will look into it09:31
Burgworkmdz, while I have you, I need the moderator password to -devel09:32
mdzBurgwork: i don't have it. shall I reset it?09:34
Burgworkmdz, sounds good09:34
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carthikDoes the Planet come under the wings of the doc team?09:47
Burgworkcarthik, not really09:48
Burgworkcarthik, are you an ubuntu member?09:48
carthikBurgwork, yes.09:49
Burgworkif you want to add yourself to planet, there are instructions on the wiki09:49
carthikWas wondering who best to aska question related to anonymity, Burgwork 09:49
Burgworkcarthik, anonymity?09:50
Burgworktalking about ubuntu demon?09:50
carthikBurgwork ? No.09:50
carthikBurgwork, I took the liberty of /msg ing you, hope that is okay.09:51
Burgworksaw that09:53
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