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poningrua friend of mine just did:12:57
poningru$ sudo emerge ubuntu-desktop12:57
nixternalhe is a ricer12:58
nixternalgentoo must die!12:58
=== poningru is a gentooer
=== poningru <3 consus
poningruerr thats my other comp12:58
=== nixternal leaves
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poningruspending time with the suse people: http://www.whiprush.org/images/222285870_812ec204c2_b_1.jpg01:59
johnlittlethat looks pretty tasty02:07
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poningrudamn... too... many...jokes...02:17
johnlittleyeah i know02:18
johnlittlewhere can I buy a glass penguin?02:18
poningruthats a penguin??02:18
johnlittletheres a punchline right there02:19
Burgundaviajohnlittle: you need to win one02:19
poningruwe were commenting on the one you won02:19
johnlittleburgundavia: I guess carrying a glass penguin and passing yourself off as a linux trivia winner to meet women isn't very cool is it?02:19
Burgundaviajohnlittle: dude, absolutely. That so explains why I got stood up this evening02:20
Burgundaviawhiprush is just cooler than me02:20
johnlittleburgundavia: theres some mojo in that trophy though..i must have it02:20
poningruwho gets to keep it?02:20
Burgundaviathere were three02:20
Burgundaviawe each got one02:20
johnlittlenice paperweight02:21
johnlittleor with the right chain..bling02:21
=== poningru can see Burgundavia wearing that
poningruhmm /me wonders if elkbuntu or madpilot will gimp it for us02:22
Burgundaviadude, the thing is about 60cm tall02:22
poningruuh... so?02:22
Burgundaviaponingru: madpilot can take a picture of it, given he is my brother02:22
poningruoh right02:23
poningrubut I didnt think you would want to put a hole through that thing02:23
Burgundaviathere was a discussion of bongs or beer mugs, however02:23
johnmarkslashdot sucks02:23
johnmarkthey rejected my ubucon post :(02:24
johnlittlefunny how ubuntu finds its way into every episode of Go Open :)02:28
Burgundavianot really02:28
=== Burgundavia was not born yesterday
Burgundaviaalthough the waitresses in SF apparently thought I was 1602:30
johnlittleI wish Mark would make more stuff like that..for internet distribution only02:30
Burgundaviadude, I turned 24 on the 18th02:32
johnlittleOnt of the Blender Foundation guys was asking me about getting Blender on the default install..seems unlikely to me but is there someone he can contact?02:32
Burgundavianever going to happen02:32
johnlittleThats what I thought02:33
Burgundaviagimp is already in dicey waters02:33
Burgundavianot enough people actually use the thing02:33
Burgundaviait is a really powerful photoeditor02:33
Burgundaviapeople do things like crop, remove redeye, etc.02:33
johnlittleHow do we measure usage on apps?02:36
Burgundaviapopcon can tell us02:36
Burgundaviapeople that doesn't really tell us what people use an app for02:36
Burgundaviathat is more subjective02:36
poningrujohnlittle: the number of questions02:36
poningruon forums, irc etc.02:36
poningruthere are ways02:37
Burgundaviano really objective ways02:37
=== poningru thinks they should go from gimp -> gpaint
poningruits a 'feeling'02:37
Burgundaviawith fspot, there is an arguement to remove both eog and the gimp02:37
BurgundaviaI don't think we are quite there yet02:37
poningruare you kidding me?02:38
poningruwith fspot?02:38
Burgundaviafspot is already there02:38
Burgundaviato replace grthumb02:38
poningruai no02:38
Burgundaviabut fspot has a view mode and an edit/sort mode02:38
Burgundaviaas long as fspot is fast enough, it is ok02:38
BurgundaviaI am a big fspot user too02:39
Burgundaviaeog, that is02:39
poningrubut last I checked it was pretty crappy...02:39
poningruthat was back in breezy02:39
Burgundaviathat would be like trying the linux desktop in 2000 and saying it sucked in 200602:39
poningrudude 6 months ago02:43
Burgundaviaponingru: please rationally tell me why fspot lacks what eog does, aside from the speed issue02:43
poningruwell you took away the one and only problem02:43
poningruand stability02:43
Burgundavianot a major issue02:43
johnlittlethose should be easily fixable02:44
poningruas in its solved or it shouldnt matter to people?02:44
poningruknowing Burgundavia its the former...02:44
poningrusee I would install fspot on this right now02:47
poningrubut ... edgy02:47
poningruif its crashy and stuff... I cant properly blame fspot02:47
johnlittleif its gnome why isnt it called g-spot? ;)02:48
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johnlittlebecause users would never find it..of course02:48
Burgundaviajohnlittle: naming stuff with a G is dead in the GNOME community, thankfully02:50
johnlittleas it should be02:50
johnlittleI did that with b when I had my company but we had like 10 apps..it wasn't that annoying.  browsing KDE apps makes me want totorture small animals02:52
lophyteBurgundavia: any word from that woman?02:53
Burgundavialophyte: yes, order away02:53
lophyteBurgundavia: awesome. are you gonna set a date and call it official then, or..?02:53
Burgundaviasi tu veux02:54
lophytemy french isn't all that great :\02:54
Burgundaviaif you want02:56
lophyteare you gonna start it up?02:57
lophyteor what did you have in mind?03:06
johnlittleis there any chance of getting Ubuntu Video linked from any other community sites?03:06
johnlittleI dont get it03:08
johnlittle'splain it03:08
=== lophyte wonders where Burgundavia went
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Burgundavialophyte: am, here03:30
Burgundaviamaking dinner03:30
lophyteforgot about the time difference03:30
lophyteso what did you have in mind for this project? are you gonna lead it?03:32
BurgundaviaI want to promote Ubuntu. I will lead the effort to connect lugs03:33
lophytewe are promoting Ubuntu.. that's the whole point of the project03:33
lophyteso, what about setting a date?03:41
lophyteI don't think we have enough time to aim for SFD03:42
BurgundaviaI think we do03:42
lophytethat's really pushing it.. and that's even if we can get CDs in 3 weeks.03:43
poningrutrying to do what now?03:44
lophyteorganize a Canada-wide marketing campaign of sorts03:44
poningruBurgundavia: is this ca only? or going for a bit broader03:44
lophytewell, not necessarily.. that's just how it started03:45
lophytewell, I'm gonna talk to the Toronto guys tomorrow.03:53
lophytebut we need to get on this ASAP if we're doing it on SFD03:53
johnlittlewhats the goal?03:54
lophytepromoting Ubuntu, ultimately ;P03:57
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lophytewell, I'll talk to the Toronto guys tomorrow and see what they think04:14
Burgundaviaponingru: SFD is worldwide04:15
poningruBurgundavia: I know04:16
poningrutalking about your movement04:16
Burgundaviajust ca04:16
lophyteand I'll try to get together a Toronto team04:16
lophyteBurgundavia: are you gonna post to the mailing list about it?04:18
BurgundaviaI will04:18
lophytewe should figure out what cities we have the most people in04:18
lophyteand target those04:18
lophyteobviously Vancouver and Toronto are on that list.. but figure out where else we have people form04:18
lophyteI'm still skeptical about the date though :\04:20
lophyte5 CDs took almost 3 weeks.. I can't imagine a bigger batch being quicker04:20
Burgundaviamarilize will expedite it04:21
lophytedo I need to put a special note in there for that?04:22
lophytelike ATTN marilize or something04:22
lophytenow for the big question.. how many? ;P04:22
BurgundaviaI would ask the toronto guys04:23
lophytealright.. I'll bring it up tomorrow night go from there04:23
lophyteI'll also put an ad up in the Linux Caffe, and on craigslist, for Ubuntu fans/users in Toronto to help out with the Toronto team's marketing effort04:23
lophytedid you say it was the 16th?04:24
lophytek, i'll make note of it04:25
lophytecool.. I'll let you know what the Toronto guys say04:27
lophyteI'll email you.. I probably won't be home until 10 or 11PM and by that time, I'll be heading to bed04:27
lophyteanyway, I'm off for bed04:31
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johnlittleso the only reply to my ML question about videos is a post telling me what I'm doing is wrong..06:49
=== johnlittle bangs his head on his keyboard
ormiretresponses that don't disagree with you are a bit pointless06:53
ormiretif you aren't adding anything to the discussion why send a mail?06:54
ormiretsorry that was a general you not you sepcifically06:55
johnlittlewell since I requested assistance maybe that could have been offered instead06:55
ormiretonly if people know of videos (and the whole point of ubuntu video is that most people don't - so you have managed to prove that it is needed :) )06:57
johnlittleMaybe. I just find negativity - esp. from people who aren't offering constructive criticism or alternatives frustrating06:59
ormiretthe flash is e evil point is going to be made repeatly, you just need to keep explaining why you are using it and not let it bother you.07:00
johnlittleYeah that's why I wrote the FAQ. It's only frustrating becuase it's midnight and I'm dog tired.07:01
johnlittleGive me six hours of sleep and I will personally duel RMS - blindfolded07:02
ormiretsounds like fun.07:02
johnlittlehis kung fu is strong07:02
elkbuntujohnlittle, did you see my pm yesterday?07:29
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johnlittleelbuntu the link to the vid?08:08
johnlittleer elkbuntu08:08
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Burgundaviajohnlittle: nice reply sent08:20
johnlittletoo snarky?08:21
elkbuntujohnlittle, yeah, the link to the .ogg08:22
johnlittleah heh..thx. my frustration passed08:22
Burgundaviajohnlittle: no, I sent a nice reply because you were saying the only person who responded to your email bitched08:22
Burgundaviait can hard, sometimes08:22
Burgundaviaworse is being ignored08:22
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johnlittleBurgundavia: Yeah I don't mind ppl disagreeing but offer an alternative or something constructive at least. No big deal though. Just need some sleep :)08:24
johnlittleelkbuntu: yeah i sent a reply. thx for the link. i added it to the kibo post08:24
elkbuntuoh.. you're not serving it from my server are you?08:24
johnlittleum not as soon as I kill the link lol08:25
elkbuntumove it to somewhere that isnt on as crappy a bandwidth limit as my isp08:25
johnlittlehow big is the file?08:26
elkbuntu#.o -(YArr!)08:26
elkbuntu<1mb, but still if it gets hit a few hundred times, the 10gb/mth limit im on wont last long08:27
=== ormiret has plenty of spare bandwidth if you're looking for a host
johnlittlesounds good to me08:27
elkbuntucan you host http://meldra.no-ip.info/akamaru_kiba.ogg then ormiret?08:28
johnlittleI'm just going to link it from the individual post so it shouldn't get hammered08:28
elkbuntuplease* :)08:28
_rjianwow too many links hehe08:34
=== _rjian is now known as rjian
johnlittleThat work for you ormiret?08:36
ormiretfirefox tries to display it as text here08:36
ormiretI'm trying to figure out mime types now08:36
johnlittlemaybe the viewer needs special .ogg goggles08:37
ormiretany idea what MIME type ogg should have?08:37
ormiretthanks poningru. should work now.08:39
johnlittlevideo/x-theora it says on one site08:39
elkbuntuo.O did i encode it wrong?08:39
ormiretelkbuntu: video's fine, my server wasn't08:40
johnlittlestill text here08:40
poningruthats your cache08:41
johnlittlei cleared cache08:42
ormiretI switched it video/x-theora08:42
ormiretmplayer plugin doesn't catch it now here - work any better for you johnlittle08:43
johnlittlehavent had issues playing ogg before08:44
poningruguys seriously its your cache08:45
poningruit worked for me08:45
elkbuntuworks fine for me also08:46
poningruormiret: make sure the mime is application/ogg08:47
ormiretponingru: yeah, I switched back to that08:47
elkbuntusort of cropped the bottom off it though...08:47
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ormiretjohnlittle: http://ormiret.com/akamaru_kiba.ogg work any better?08:49
johnlittlei have to hit the bed its 2 am and im up at 6...thx for the vido and hosting08:50
ormiret(different URL to fool caches..)08:50
johnlittlethat worked08:50
johnlittleI cleared cache multiple times but firefox must not be cooperating08:50
elkbuntunot even ctrl f5?08:50
elkbuntuhow silly08:51
johnlittlei agree08:51
ormiretdoes your ISP do any cacheing?08:51
johnlittlenot to my knowledge08:52
johnlittleit wouldn't be the first time I had a browser not cooperate though08:52
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johnlittleim off..falling asleep08:52
elkbuntucya johnlittle08:53
=== rjian501 is now known as rjian
johnlittlethx ppl08:53
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johnmarkhi guys, can you help me digg the ubucon wrap-up?09:15
Burgworkalready done09:15
johnmarksweet... thanks09:15
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ompaul4 so far10:31
Burgworkompaul, 4?10:33
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