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tmarblefabbione: ciao05:42
fabbionehey tmarble 05:42
tmarblei have a question for you05:43
tmarblesomeone asked my how to determine, on sun4u, if the right model is sparcv9 or sparcv9b05:43
tmarbleAFAICT sparcv9b is a linux-ism (or even a debian-ism)05:43
tmarblewhat does v9b correspond to, exactly?05:44
fabbionejust a minute that i need to finish something05:44
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fabbionetmarble: sorry06:45
fabbionegot dragged away06:45
fabbioneafair v9b identify a set of CPUs that have some extra optimizations compared to the standard v906:46
fabbionei think sparc III or higher do that06:46
fabbionev9v instead is Niagara06:46
fabbioneas in sun4v06:46
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