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Viper550I've been working on some new Kubuntu stuffs for Edgy01:10
andreasnhey Viper550!01:14
andreasnhow did that mindstorms icon go?01:14
Viper550They suggested removing the back and making it just the stylized portion. But, I'm not here to think about robots!01:15
andreasnthey? do you mean me, on the list01:15
Viper550Yeah, on the list01:15
andreasnman that mindstorms-stuff looks neat, I love lego01:16
andreasnI wish I had some, but it's stuffed away in my fathers barn somewhere01:16
Viper550Watch out, NXT barely uses bricks anymore! It's more studs and stuff...01:16
Viper550But anyway, here is what I'm working on for Kubuntu theme wise:01:16
andreasnugh, I hate it when it's all specialy-specialy-shit01:17
andreasnI want more basic bricks!01:17
Viper550Oh wait, there's no Ubotu in here...01:17
andreasnand a darth vader figure ;)01:17
Viper550Okay, anyway, I finished up a new color scheme with the new palette...01:17
Viper550And for KDE styles, I thought we'd try QtCurve instead of Lipstik, it's customizable, and can also skin GTK apps with it's engine! Most Kubuntu users usually download Firefox and notice that it doesn't look very good. This, will solve all our problems!01:22
Viper550Also, I'm using the Keramik window decoration, with how I've got QtCurve setup, it actually looks like the menubar and the window decoration are fused together!01:28
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kwwiianyone know how to make a screenshot from gdm or kdm?12:20
lapokwiii xnest?12:21
kwwiilapo: no luck with that yet12:21
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troy_skwwii use xnest02:44
kwwiitroy_s: which does not work with kdm02:44
troy_sach -- really?02:44
kwwiinor does xserver-xephyr02:44
kwwiiwe made a crappy version by using gdm and the kubuntu xml file02:45
kwwiibut now I simply faked it :-)02:45
troy_sonly tried it for gdm -- that's unfortunate that it doesn't work for kdm02:45
troy_swhat bones it?02:45
troy_show's weis kwwii?02:48
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imbrandonhrm troy_s you seen newz today ?02:56
imbrandonafk, if you see him can you have him ping me02:56
troy_snot yet...02:56
troy_show are things ?02:57
troy_sdid you get that issue resolved?02:57
imbrandonwent to go upload the drupal stuff to the staging site and its not working02:57
troy_swb kwwii_02:57
imbrandonnah thats why i was gonna ping him02:57
imbrandoninfact i went to go change the top part of art.ubuntu.com02:57
imbrandonjust a second ago02:57
imbrandonthats when i noticed the ssh info wasent right02:57
imbrandon( you know the disclaimer that was talked about a few days ago on the list )02:58
imbrandonKen you should have them get you a better connection in Weisban ( sp? )02:58
imbrandonanyhow troy_s thanks for pokin him if he shows arround today ;)02:59
troy_snp, off to work shortly here...02:59
imbrandonjust curious , what is your "day" job ?03:00
troy_smotion picture industry.03:10
kwwii_this isp sucks03:11
kwwii_they reboot the router like every half an hour03:11
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cbx33oo-bun-to or You-bun-to03:17
cbx33oooh kwwii_03:19
cbx33I needed to speak to you03:19
kwwii_I guess I can listen :-)03:19
cbx33about sounds for kde03:20
cbx33have you been following the sound discussion?03:20
cbx33I think sample2 FINAL, Mark wondered if you liked that for kubuntu?03:21
kwwii_yes, I have03:22
kwwii_to be honest, I have followed the mails, but not listened to the sounds :P03:22
kwwii_I will do that now03:22
cbx33the top ones the FINALS03:23
cbx33are the ones we chose as the best03:24
cbx33but what's best for U might not be best for K03:24
kwwii_I'm checking it out now03:24
troy_sisn't it Boooooon03:29
kwwii_cbx33: hrm, to be honest they are a bit too busy for my tastes03:35
kwwii_the sound we use now is very simple and short03:36
kwwii_I like attemp6 the best, but I would suggest removing the high tones at the beginning and end (they sound like bugs flying around to me)03:36
cbx33kwwii_, heheh03:39
kwwii_sorry for the critic, but I would rather be honest than play around with niceties that only hurt peoples feelings in the long run03:41
cbx33kwwii_, that's fine03:41
cbx33if you wanna stick with what you have for now03:41
cbx33I have no p[roblem with that03:41
kwwii_well, unless you are in the mood to simplify attempt6 I guess that would be the best idea03:42
cbx33i can try03:43
cbx33I'm just in my studio at the mo03:43
cbx33so I can give it a go in a min03:43
kwwii_cool, thanks :-)03:43
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cbx33hi fschoep03:54
fschoepHi, how are you doing cbx33?03:55
cbx33yeh good u?03:56
fschoepDoing fine even though I'm in Germany :)03:56
cbx33oh you at a sprint?03:56
fschoepYes I am, sitting right next to Kenneth actually.03:57
kwwii_frank is sitting next to me (for whatever reason he keeps holding my hand)03:57
kwwii_damn it frank! get your hand off my knee!03:57
kwwii_you gotta watch these liberal dutchmen03:57
cbx33frank did you see the logout sounds?03:58
fschoepI saw the e-mail but haven't listened to them yet. Maybe I'll just do that right now.03:58
fschoepOh, they're oggs.03:59
fschoepCan you post some MP3's ;)03:59
cbx33categorically no :p04:00
cbx33i get told of when i post mp3s :p04:00
cbx33yeh ican do that04:00
fschoepOK, thanks :)04:00
cbx33you not on linux?04:02
cbx33you should get mplayer :p04:03
fschoepI'm on OS X right now.04:04
cbx33refresh fschoep04:06
cbx33i havn;t worked on the thin theme yet as I wanted a logout noise first for each04:06
fschoepOK, give me a minute.04:07
fschoepDo you have an overview page URL handy?04:07
fschoepThe email I have has three links to Oggs I think.04:08
fschoepHey, thanks.04:09
fschoepI'll be back later on, thanks Pete,04:21
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Viper550Has anyone here seen my new Kubuntu mockup?05:28
kwwii_Viper550: well, blue curve is a redhat thing, not too sure if we want to use that in kubuntu05:29
kwwii_QtCurve is the Qt version of bluecurve, or?05:29
Viper550This is a different QtCurve05:29
kwwii_yeah, I just saw that05:31
kwwii_hrm, we can think about it05:31
kwwii_can you post that on the wiki page for kubuntu?05:31
Viper550It themes both Qt and GTK apps, and I did post it05:31
Viper550Also, I haven't seen many distros using Keramik lately...05:33
Viper550(although, the recently released Xandros Desktop 4 uses it as their default window border)05:34
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Viper550I noticed that the Kubuntu-Edgy-Ideas page is a bit too graphics intensive to load smoothly10:23
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Viper550Nice job on Kubuntu so far!10:35
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