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mjg59mdz: Ok, working graphical hibernate01:17
mjg59(modulo the bugs that stop hibernate working with splash at the moment, which also stop this working with splash. But still)01:17
mdzmjg59: woo01:18
mjg59I'll upload the needed usplash changes now01:19
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sabdflmjg59: very cool indeed. should i be testing hibernate etc on an x60?01:34
mjg59sabdfl: Not just yet01:34
sabdflok, ping when it would help01:34
mjg59It'll need a new kernel first01:34
sabdflok, i'll find a kernel maintainer in a bandana to poke01:35
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Seqdoes anybody have much experience with apt-ftparchive, or can suggest a better way to run a repository?01:45
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bluefoxicyhow are duplicates handled?01:46
=== bluefoxicy is curious, one of his bugs (54xxx) got marked a duplicate of another bug (57xxx) ....
desrtSeq; http://ubuntu.desrt.ca/Makefile01:46
jdubSeq: http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/ubuntu/edgy/Makefile01:46
bluefoxicyexcept my bug is months older :O01:46
desrtmine comes from jdub answering that same question to me a while ago :)01:46
bluefoxicyis there some sort of competition on who has the coolest bug?01:47
Seqthanks desrt & jdub01:47
tsenghi desrt 01:47
desrttseng; goodbye.01:47
Seqdesrt, also, thanks tonnes for the macbook-backlight01:47
tsengoh, fine01:47
desrtSeq; no prob :D01:47
desrtSeq; it was a fun hack to reverse engineer the apple stuff to figure out how it worked :)01:48
tsengSeq: desrt has a sick and twisted concept of "fun"01:48
Seqdesrt, thats why i got a macbook. I thought it would be a useful (and possibly fun, yes) use of my time.01:49
desrttseng; i was sitting in the shwarma place across the street frm the university with a good friend and we were poking random values at guessed memory locations on my shiny new laptop01:49
tsengSeq: like playing drunken match maker for the locals in a foreign country01:49
desrttseng; that's fun :)01:49
Fujitsudesrt, that does sound fun :P01:49
desrttseng; now that's just a weird person who would do that01:49
tsengyeah, I don't know anyone of the sort01:50
desrtb'sides.  i didn't play matchmaker01:50
desrti just greased the wheels a bit with copious amounts of alcohol01:50
tsengyou altered the course of business01:51
desrtit'd have happened eventually anyway01:51
tsengI doubt it, did you not notice his hair01:51
desrtyou're a jerk :p01:51
tsengthis is true.01:52
desrtanyway... baris was there too.01:52
tsengbaris ciciek?01:52
desrtthe 4 of us01:52
tsengwish i'd met him01:52
desrtcool guy.  strong silent type :)01:52
tsengworking with him on last-exit now01:52
tsengi wasnt aware of him previously01:52
desrtdo you know what he looks like?01:53
tsengplease help01:53
tsengfor all I know we chatted it up01:53
desrtplz wait.01:53
tsengoh, don't think so01:55
desrthe was around....01:56
tsengi saw him01:56
tsengi don't recall having a chat01:56
tsengI didnt really introduce myself to random people01:56
desrtyour loss :)01:56
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exobuzzis there a workaround for this bug yet ? https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/python2.4/+bug/5677902:00
UbugtuMalone bug 56779 in python2.4 "Error during Dapper-->Edgy update" [High,Confirmed]  02:00
tsengdesrt: im lounging in my ucc shirt btw02:00
tsengdesrt: computer clubs you02:01
tsengKeybuk: hold02:04
mjg59Today I have uploaded more crack than you can shake a stick at02:05
tsengKeybuk: http://www.ucc.asn.au/t-shirts.ucc02:05
tsengKeybuk: computer club at davyd madely's university02:06
desrthmm.  they're sold out now02:08
desrtthat shirt is very popular at my school :)02:09
desrteveryone wants one02:09
tsengi dont really wear this sort of thing out on the town02:09
tseng"Mono" doesnt go over well in public here either02:09
desrtme neither.  but school is fair game for borderline fashion02:09
tsengyou think the jokes would be too obvious to be funny02:11
tsengbut most people don't agree02:11
LaserJockheh, I hadn't really thought of that02:11
tsengIt's Moh-no, not Mon-oh02:12
Burgundaviaiwj: you broke gai02:12
tsengbut americans arent cultured like that02:12
Burgundaviaiwj: Bug #5752802:12
UbugtuMalone bug 57528 in gnome-app-install "[Edgy]  Missing dependency on python-gdbm" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5752802:12
desrtg_key_file is really really easy to use.02:13
=== desrt just grafted it into the applets stuff
tsengdesrt: whats that?02:14
desrt[section] 02:14
desrtthis sort of file02:14
desrtit even has a load_from_data_dir interface02:15
desrtso i can tell it "applets/WeatherApplet"02:15
desrtand it will check /home/desrt/.local/share/applets/WeatherApplet, /usr/local/share, /usr/share, etc...02:15
desrtand because of the way the API works (which might actually seems a bit weird/annoying at first) you can make a bunch of calls without ever checking for errors on the intermediate calls and the final call will just return NULL if -anything- bad happened at all along the way02:17
tsengwhy a file and not gconf?02:18
tsengi see for weather applet02:18
desrtoh.  no.  think like .desktop file02:19
desrtthis is just a pointer to the location of the executable02:19
HrdwrBoBthe weather applet should use the timezone for the default location02:19
tsengHrdwrBoB: uh02:19
tsengHrdwrBoB: right.02:19
desrtHrdwrBoB; bad idea.  country is much more accurate02:19
desrt(which is what it does now, in a roundabout way)02:19
HrdwrBoBI mean Location02:19
HrdwrBoBwrt timezone02:19
desrtthat works great for australia maybe, but not most of the rest of the world02:20
desrtwhere central european time is a huge number of countries02:20
HrdwrBoBpeople in the rest of the world don't put in their location correctly?02:20
tsengnew york and some place in south america are probably in the same TZ02:20
HrdwrBoBit's at least closer02:20
tsengcloser than what?02:20
Burgundaviathe weather applet has other issues02:20
tsengif you have to set it, you have to set it02:20
tsengit has search, no big deal02:21
desrtk let's stop talking about applets :p02:21
tsengyeah, don't hurt desrt 02:21
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desrtk thx02:21
tsengKeybuk: what in the world are you doing up, anyway?02:21
maehey guys, I was wondering if you could suggest a reasonably priced linux friendly core2 laptop -- anyone in the market lately?02:21
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Burgundaviadesrt: btw, great work on the api stuff. I am sure that people smarter than me will appreciate it02:22
tsengmae: there are hardly any core2 laptops in the market atm02:22
desrtBurgundavia; i hope vincent appreciates it as he's writing my final evaluation :)02:22
tsengBurgundavia: the key for you is, "no more bonobo"02:23
Burgundaviatseng: but I like monkeys!02:23
BurgundaviaI mean, I love you, tseng02:23
desrtBurgundavia; so have some mono02:23
tsengBurgundavia: or maybe you don't remmeber the days of 'bonobo-slay'02:23
desrtwe're having a real life bonobo-slay these days02:23
tsengthat was so badass02:23
desrtand it doesn't take a commandline argument02:24
tsengevolution would break it all02:24
desrtit just slays itself02:24
tsengkillall orbit02:24
desrtk.  i'm out.02:24
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HrdwrBoBmae: macbook :)02:24
tsengHrdwrBoB: didnt he just say "linux friendly"?02:24
tsengHrdwrBoB: and core2?02:25
tsengHrdwrBoB: and... reasonably priced?02:25
maeHrdwrBoB: i thought they got super hot02:25
=== tseng wonders which you thought applied
Keybuktseng: coding ;)02:26
HrdwrBoBmacbook is reasonably priced02:26
HrdwrBoBmacbook PRO is expensive02:26
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HrdwrBoBand oh.. I'm blind, there are no core 2 laptops afiak 02:27
exobuzzmacbook pro looks nice though02:28
exobuzzwhy when it comes to electronics is the exchange rate from USD to GBP about $1 to the pound ?02:30
exobuzzit just isnt fair..02:30
maehow is Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 950 support?02:31
Burgundaviamae: very good02:31
maebetter than/same as an nvidia setup?02:32
maehow about power management?02:32
exobuzzi have some big regrets getting a laptop with an ati card (for linux)..02:33
maewell i just want something powerful enough for xgl/aiglx and maybe a few light games -- but power management is more important to me, i want suspend-to-memory working02:34
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
exobuzzsuspend to memory.. i remember that.. back when i had a laptop which didnt have an ati card :-)02:35
exobuzzmae: you want some eye candy eh ?02:36
maewell i hope you guys don't mean vesa when you say "good linux support"02:36
bddebianHowdy folks02:36
maei want hardware acceleration support02:36
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maeexobuzz: well thats OK but mainly i want it for scale(expose` ripoff)02:36
maeit makes navigating bagillions of windows much more functional02:36
exobuzzbagillions.. wow. thats like. more than a billian right ? :-)02:37
exobuzzi dont see why you need more than one window... should be enough. with a basic prompt of course, and some free ram. built in assembler is a bonus!02:39
exobuzzaah the good old days02:39
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Keybukupstart-0.1.0 archives ready for distribution: 02:50
Burgundaviatseng: Keybuks new init crack02:51
tsengdoes it use the old scripts?02:51
bddebianHeya tseng02:52
Keybuktseng: yeah, it runs them02:52
tsengKeybuk: elite02:52
Keybukit would be a hell of an annoying transition if it didn't02:52
bluefoxicyso what cool shit did you add?02:53
bluefoxicyinit script dependencies?  Named and hierarchical runlevels?  Dancing catgirls on usplash?02:53
=== bronson__ [n=bronson@adsl-69-107-107-207.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybuknone of those three things02:55
tsengrunlevels are for suckers02:55
bluefoxicytseng:  hence why I have 6 of them.02:55
HrdwrBoBkernels depending on udev?02:55
bluefoxicyseven, I guess 0 is a valid runlevel.02:55
=== HrdwrBoB files a bug
HrdwrBoBand by that I mean they DON'T depend on udev02:56
tsengHrdwrBoB: would you like devices?02:56
HrdwrBoByes, I like devices very much02:56
Keybukright, bed02:58
Keybukbefore I do anything more02:58
tsengg'night Keybuk 02:58
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bddebianGnight Keybuk03:01
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tsengdesrt: boston summit?03:16
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bddebianAnyone around that can check if my ipac-ng upload got rejected?04:20
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toddobryanSorry if this is OT, but it looks like the latest portmap package was compiled without tcpwrappers support. It ignores /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow04:35
toddobryanWhere can I verify and report that?04:35
lifelesswill the buildlog tell you ?04:40
toddobryanWhere would it be?04:42
Hobbseelaunchpad, presumably04:45
bddebiantoddobryan: https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/22607604:45
lifelesstakes you to https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/portmap/5-2004:45
lifelessand from there you can get to the url bddebian has pasted, which is for i38604:45
toddobryanI just downloaded the source. It has a WRAP_LIB line commented out, but another one with WRAP_LIB = -lwrap in there.04:46
lifelessif you are not on i386 though, you should look at the buildlog for your architecture04:46
toddobryanI tried the check the NFS HowTo suggested, and there's no /etc/hosts.allow or .deny anywhere.04:47
toddobryanIt's right above the first code block on that page.04:47
lifelesstoddobryan: I'm not sure what you are talking about, but FWIW look for -lwrap in the buildlog - and its there04:52
lifelesscc -Wall  -DHOSTS_ACCESS -DCHECK_PORT  -DFACILITY=LOG_DAEMON  -DIGNORE_SIGCHLD -DIGNORE_SIGPIPE    -O2  -o portmap portmap.o pmap_check.o from_local.o  -lwrap -lnsl04:52
toddobryanlifeless: but portmap doesn't appear to pay any attention to hosts.allow and hosts.deny; it just ignores them04:55
lifelessI dont know enough about that to help you.04:56
lifelessI was asnwering your question, which was 'was it built with it'04:56
toddobryanIt looks like -lwrap was a recent change to the build file. I'm wondering if it actually did what it was supposed to.04:57
toddobryanWhere should I take this to find out/report it?04:57
lifelessfile a bug?04:58
toddobryanOK. I'm just not sure that it is one. :-/04:59
lifelesshave you used it before ?04:59
toddobryanNo. I'm using it for the first time, and, like I said, going through NFS's HowTo.05:00
lifelessis this a regression you are observing, or are you doing a new setup05:00
toddobryannew setup.05:00
lifelessok, then #ubuntu or a support request are the right places to ask05:00
toddobryanOK. Somebody posted something about it on the forums, but nothing came of it.05:00
Hobbseehow odd.  05:01
Hobbseetoddobryan: the developers dont read the forums, FYI05:01
toddobryanThanks a lot. I'm going to try rebuilding, removing the -lwrap line and using the commented out line it replaced, just to see what happens.05:01
toddobryanThanks, though.05:01
lifelessok. if that fixes things, please do file a bug saying so, and how to reproduce05:01
toddobryanWill do.05:01
bddebianAre there any archive admins awake?05:19
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jdubso i suppose it's about time to start upgrading servers to edgy06:39
jdubfor great justice06:39
crimsunI wouldn't06:40
crimsunthere's some nasty python2.4-minimal interaction (from Debian's python2.4 2.4.3-7) that hasn't been fixed yet06:41
jdubcrimsun: lazy tester!!!11106:41
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Keybukdamn those habits08:56
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iwjBurgundavia: Upload on the way, thanks for the report.10:29
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dholbachTheMuso: it'd be nice if you could forward your bug reports to upstream also and link it from launchpad10:34
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SeveasKamion, is there a specific reason that there is no stock reply for duplicates of bug 48524 on DebuggingUbiquity, or can I add one?10:59
UbugtuMalone bug 48524 in ubiquity "crash when hw-detect/modprobe_error is asked" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4852410:59
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infinitypitti: Is python-apport-utils headed to main?11:12
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jdublooks like it's time to upgrade my home server to edgy11:15
jdublet's see what breaks!11:15
simirajdub: nothing, of course. Edgy works just perfect! (almost)11:16
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jdubperfect like communism!11:16
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dholbachhellas jono, hellas jdub!11:20
jonohey dholbach :)11:20
KamionSeveas: I'd prefer you didn't just directly add one for 48524, but feel free to mail me suggested text; it would be useful11:20
glatzorlifeless: hi. I created a new bzr branch (using bzr 0.9) and pushed the repository via rpush. But if you want to branch my repo you will get the following error: "ERROR: No repository present"11:21
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KamionSeveas: (I like to be quite careful about DebuggingUbiquity, since it gets cut and pasted into lots of bugs11:24
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SeveasKamion, that's hy I asked ;)11:25
Kamioninfinity: will dapper-backports get built usefully at the moment? If not, can you set that up?11:25
infinityKamion: It won't, but I can certainly make it do so, yes.11:26
infinityKamion: Does this mean you guys have sprinted on the ftp-master tools to cobble it together?11:26
infinityKamion: You'll need to give me a quick run-through to let me know how to make them go.11:27
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infinityKamion: And, please push at least one backport through to ACCEPTED, so I can test the buildd infrastructure when I get it going.11:27
Kamioninfinity: yes, I got Mark and Scott to help me write the necessary LP code11:30
Kamionlp_archive@drescher:~/backports$ ~cjwatson/backport-source.py -b jdong -s dapper libtheora11:31
Kamion  - <libtheora_0.0.0.alpha7-1ubuntu1.dsc: downloading from librarian>11:31
Kamion  - <libtheora_0.0.0.alpha7-1ubuntu1.diff.gz: downloading from librarian>11:31
Kamion  - <libtheora_0.0.0.alpha7.orig.tar.gz: downloading from librarian>11:31
KamionI: Extracting libtheora_0.0.0.alpha7-1ubuntu1.dsc ...  done.11:31
Kamionthen dump into sync queue11:31
KamionI: Building backport of libtheora-0.0.0.alpha7 ...  done.11:31
Kamionscript will move to a more sensible place of coursse11:31
Kamiondefault backport-from suite is current development branch11:32
infinityKamion: Kay, and I assume there's a switch to pick a different one?11:33
Kamionyeah, -S11:33
Kamionhaven't quite sorted out sync-queue/process-incoming.sh - I think there's some issue regarding pockets there11:33
infinityKamion: And is it smart enough to go devel->devel-- if you don't supply either of -{s,S}?11:33
Kamionsince it needs to drop the sync into -backports11:33
Kamioninfinity: not at the moment unfortunately - couldn't immediately see how to get the distrorelease ordering out of lp11:34
mvoinfinity: could you please trigger a rebuild for eel2 on powerpc? it blocks the new nautilus on ppc11:34
infinityKamion: process-incoming is smart enough to read .changes files, just stop providing a hardcoded dist in your shell script.11:34
Kamionoh, really? cool.11:34
infinityKamion: The only reason the builddmaster hardcodes the dist is because of the brain-dead --dist=autobuild thing on the buildds.11:34
KamionI'll check that out, thanks11:34
infinityKamion: And I suspect that code was stolen from the builddmaster, hence the hardcoding.11:35
infinitymvo: Yeah, there area couple of GNOME snags on PPC/sparc.  I'm looking at them all right now.11:35
mvoinfinity: thanks!11:36
infinitymvo: Thanks for the heads-up anyway.  People sometimes expect me to be all-knowing, and I embarassingly miss stuff like this for days when I'm not paying attention. :)11:37
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dholbachcould somebody please liberate sofia-sip from NEW (it was synced from Debian and was NEW for us)11:39
infinitydholbach: I'm doing NEW right now, let me look.11:40
dholbachinfinity: thanks a lot.11:40
infinitydholbach: universe, I assume?11:40
infinitydholbach: And it's just a sync from Debian?11:41
=== infinity gives it a quick once-over anyway.
infinityThat's a susprisingly comprehensive debian/copyright.11:42
=== infinity gives "Martti Mela" a gold statr.
infinitystar, too.11:43
jdubdholbach: woo11:44
infinitydholbach: Accepted.11:44
dholbachinfinity: you rock11:44
=== dholbach hugs infinity
Kamioninfinity: process-incoming> yep, looks plausible11:45
infinityKamion: I should hope so, otherwise our upload queues would never work right. :P11:45
=== mvo hugs infinity
Kamioninfinity: exactly :)11:49
LarstiQEquivalent code is available from RSA Data Security, Inc.  This code has11:50
LarstiQbeen tested against that, and is equivalent, except that you don't need11:50
LarstiQto include two pages of legalese with every copy.11:50
LarstiQinfinity: a gold star indeed :)11:50
Kamioninfinity: ok, there's one in accepted now11:50
infinityKamion: Spiff.  I'm building the chroots right now.11:50
Kamioncool, and it goes straight through to accepted, not unapproved, even11:51
dholbachinfinity: i'm looking at the url-selection stuff in gnome-terminal (vte) now11:51
infinitydholbach: Ahh, so you've seen the bug, then?  I don't need to give you obscure instructions and screen shots?11:51
dholbachinfinity: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35243911:52
UbugtuGnome bug 352439 in VteTerminal "URL highlighting seriously broken" [Major,New]  11:52
infinitydholbach: (the underlining being nowhere near the actual URL, the mouse-sensitivity being in the wrong spot, etc)11:52
dholbachinfinity: i have a "test case" now :)11:52
infinitydholbach: Ahh, cool.  Thanks for tracking it.  You're my almost-as-cool-as-mvo hero.11:53
Hobbseehey sivang 11:53
=== dholbach hugs infinity
=== sivang hugs Hobbsee
=== infinity is watching German TV right now in honour of dholbach and mvo.
=== Hobbsee hugs sivang
=== Hobbsee notes that LP always seems to timeout going to her package list.
infinityHobbsee: It's telling you that you upload too much.11:54
sivangpitti: going to test the fix now :)11:54
Hobbseeinfinity: hehe, yeah, i think so....11:54
StevenKln -s edgy-changes hobbsee-changes11:54
sivanghey infinity , 'sup ?11:54
HobbseeStevenK: hah.11:55
elmowhy do we put deb-src lines in apt configs by default?12:01
infinityelmo: To make RMS happy, and to make users download too much crap?12:01
infinityelmo: I actually got into a flamewar with rms over him insisting that a default sources.list with no deb-src lines was not "providing equivalent access to source".12:02
dholbachto make  apt-cache showsrc  and  apt-get build-dep  work and to make it easier for us to give instructions to build packages with debug symbols on bug reports :)12:02
elmoehm, seriously12:02
infinityelmo: I gave up when the blood from my forehead appeared to be irreversibly staining my wall.12:02
elmooh well, ok12:04
infinityelmo: He was arguing that without deb-src lines, users would never know that the sources were on the FTP site, and we'd need to do the written promise thing to make up for it.  This was years ago on some Debian list or other.12:04
infinityelmo: It all seemed a bit sketchy to me, but Sources.gz is significantly smaller than Packages.gz, so I gave up the fight.12:05
elmoinfinity: it's things like this that make me fear the "or later at your option" clause :(12:05
elmoinfinity: it's smaller, but it basically doubles the amount of http connects all our users are doing12:05
=== infinity nods.
elmoand 99% of them aren't going to ever be using the info returned12:05
elmowhich is a bit frustrating, but oh well12:05
mdzBenC: bug 5659112:07
UbugtuMalone bug 56591 in linux-source-2.6.17 "Can't resume from hibernation" [High,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5659112:07
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dholbachinfinity: vte 0.13.6-0ubuntu212:08
BenCmdz: thanks12:10
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Keybukelmo: why?  it's "at your option"12:10
Keybukyou can always just distribute it under the GPL-2 again12:10
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Keybuk(unless some interim developer has added GPL-3 code to it)12:10
infinityKeybuk: Until an upstream switching to v3, and all the new code is under the new license.12:10
Keybukinfinity: assuming upstream own the copyright to all their source12:11
Keybukso send a GPL-2 only patch to your upstream today <g>12:11
jdubKeybuk: triple-headed hydra :(12:13
Keybukactually, it just needs to be a "GPL-2 or at your option" patch12:13
Keybukthey can't revoke your permission for other people to have an option for that bit of code12:13
Keybukobviously, they can remove it12:13
infinitydholbach: *hug*12:16
=== dholbach hugs infinity back
geserKeybuk: hello12:16
geseris it possible to sync a package from debian which source name has changed?12:16
infinityKeybuk: Yeah, it's not about "that bit of the code", it's about "new bits of the code".  Unless v3 ends up being declared incompatible with v2, and you can't mix-and-match them in the same codebase, which would be entertaining.12:17
geserrhythmbox-applet is now called music-applet12:17
infinityKeybuk: Cause if they are declared incompatble licesnse, then adding any v3 code to a "v2 or later" project would force you to relicense the whole thing as v3 (or drop the new code).12:18
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Kamioninfinity: v2-only and v3-only are incompatible both ways12:19
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sivangpitti: cool, my code works again, gazil thanks12:21
pittisivang: \o/12:22
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Keybukuh. sorry12:23
simiramvo: do you need me to break u-m anything more today, ir can I finish my upgrades?12:25
mvosimira: finishing your upgrade should be fine, thanks :)12:25
infinityKamion: Sure, but you could relicense a "v2 or later" as v3-only or v2-only.12:25
simiramvo: thanks12:25
Kamioninfinity: right12:26
Kamionwell, sort of12:26
Kamionif you were adding something copyrightable to it, you could make that addition v3-only or v2-only, and then the only way to distribute the combination would be under the terms of v3 or v2 respectively12:27
Kamionyou couldn't actually change the licence of the other code12:27
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infinityKamion: Well, yes.  I meant "relicense the bundle", as it were, not the original code.12:27
infinityKamion: But with enough new code that people don't want to discard, they end up amounting to the same thing.12:28
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Kamionwoo, backports backlog cleared, pending builds12:29
Kamionand one that I queried12:30
Hobbseecool!  backports!12:30
Hobbseethanks Kamion!12:30
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sivangKeybuk: what does upstrat do?12:33
geserIIRC is upstart an event-driven init system12:35
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grendel_afternoon folks01:06
=== infinity kicks sejong and floe, and their slow disks.
infinitySeriously, when an hppa box that lamont rescued from a dumpster can outperform you, there's something wrong guys.01:11
grendel_is anybody involved with ubuntu's openldap around?01:11
infinitygrendel_: Define "involved".01:11
grendel_well, in the know, perhaps01:11
infinitygrendel_: I tend to do most of the Ubuntu work on it, but we don't modify it much from Debian.01:11
infinity(if at all, these days)01:12
grendel_hmm, does it work for you under edgy?01:12
grendel_I can't get the edgy version to start, just compiled the debian/sid version, it starts but doesn't authenticate01:12
grendel_the same was with the edgy's version a few weeks back01:12
grendel_all after a standard install, no tweaking01:12
infinitygrendel_: Have you filed a bug about it?  I don't run it on my laptop, and I've not played with the edgy build for a while.01:13
grendel_even putting rootdn and rootpw in slapd.conf doesn't help01:13
infinitygrendel_: If you file a bug, I'll be sure to hit it with a stick and sort it.01:13
grendel_infinity: no bug filed yet, I want to learn whether it's just me first01:13
infinitygrendel_: Well, I can do a quick install and see if it breaks here too.01:13
grendel_infinity: it seems strange that nobody else has seen it, that's why I'm suspecting it might be my system01:13
grendel_infinity: that'd be cool01:13
grendel_infinity: anonymous bind works, authenticating as defined admin (-x -W -D "cn=admin,dc=domain,dc=org") doesn't work 01:14
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ ps ax | grep slapd01:14
infinity11725 ?        Ssl    0:00 /usr/sbin/slapd01:14
grendel_giving error 49, bad credentials01:14
infinityOh, it starts, but doesn't auth?01:14
infinityUsing what client(s)?01:14
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grendel_ldapsearch from ldap-utils01:14
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grendel_and I used lat too01:15
grendel_no candy there either01:15
grendel_what was the url of the ubuntu's pastebin?01:15
infinityWe don't have one... ubuntulinux.nl does, though.01:16
grendel_k, sec then01:17
infinityAs does this one, evidently: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/01:17
infinityOh, same one, differnet domain. :)01:17
infinityGoogle is so cruel to me.01:17
grendel_just found the above :)01:17
grendel_using -d10 shows the hex dump of the packets, the password is sent correctly01:18
grendel_no sasl is uses afaict01:18
grendel_I'm going to recompile slapd with gcc 4.0, maybe it's the stack protector that gets in the way01:19
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infinitygrendel_: It authenticates fine for me here.01:20
infinitygrendel_: So I don't think it's the build.01:20
grendel_I'm running it on a freshly installed system01:21
grendel_and it breaks...01:21
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grendel_ok, maybe it's some stupidity on my part01:21
grendel_what command line are you using?01:21
infinityIdentical to yours, save the domain (sine I picked a "foo.org")01:21
grendel_I have no idea what gives then01:22
grendel_infinity: did you give foo.org as your organization name?01:22
grendel_AND the domain name?01:22
imbrandonmoins all01:22
grendel_man, I'm baffled01:22
grendel_there's one possibility though.... :)01:23
=== grendel_ feels he'll feel dumb in a while
infinitygrendel_: If I mess up the cn or the password, I get what you get, obviously, but here's hoping that's not your problem. ;)01:24
grendel_no, it's definitely not :)01:24
grendel_unless the password I use gets misencrypted somehow01:24
infinityAre you using ldapsearch from edgy as well?  (ie: on the same machine)?01:25
grendel_infinity: I supected that too, so I ran ldapsearch with -d10 to see whether the password was fine :)01:25
grendel_infinity: yes, the same machine, the same version01:25
infinityOh, obviously the same mahcine, since you didn't specify host in your command line.01:25
grendel_yeah, puzzling01:26
infinityForgive me.  Head cold.  Not smart today.01:26
grendel_infinity: there's one possibility, I might have some stray libs laying around01:26
grendel_for my devel stuff01:26
grendel_I'll check that next01:26
grendel_nope, it's not that01:28
infinitygrendel_: Well, feel free to file a bug anyway, if you can't figure it out, but I'll have to trace it with you another time.  I have too much on the go right now, and not enough intelligence left to do any of it.01:31
grendel_infinity: sure thing, thanks man01:32
grendel_I will sit on it since I need that for work01:32
infinityYou sure you're not suffering from reusing an old DB (from a previous install?) with an old password, or something equally OOPStastic?01:32
grendel_nope, I'm removing /var/lib/ldap01:33
grendel_it's a pure database created by postinst01:33
grendel_tried both hdb and bdb01:33
grendel_usually putting rootdn/rootpw in slapd.conf used to work01:33
grendel_but not this time01:33
grendel_I also noticed that some packages depend on old libldap201:34
grendel_that shouldn't affect ldap-utils or slapd though01:34
infinityWe don't build against the new lib.01:35
grendel_oh, ok01:35
grendel_and now de.archive.ubuntu.com goes down :(01:35
grendel_argh, just not my day01:35
grendel_infinity: ok, thanks for help, Adam, I'll be splitting now01:37
grendel_if I can't solve it, I'll file a bug01:37
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infinitypitti: *poke,poke*01:39
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dholbachinfinity: he's at lunch01:48
infinitydholbach: LIES.01:48
infinitydholbach: He's just avoiding me, isn't he?01:48
dholbachinfinity: you're seeing things01:49
infinitydholbach: Through my tears?  You bet.  He abandoned me!01:49
=== Hobbsee drops some icecubes down infinity's back
=== Keybuk shivers in sympathy
infinityYeah, I prefer 'em on the front.01:50
=== Hobbsee drops more icecubes down Keybuk's back.
dholbachinfinity: You're over-reacting :)01:51
Hobbseeseeing as you seem to want them01:51
infinitydholbach: Yes, I know. :)01:51
HobbseeKeybuk: why havent you broken everyone's systems yet?01:51
fabbioneHobbsee: because we can beat him up to death here01:53
fabbionehe wil wait monday :)01:53
Hobbseefabbione: hah!  i'll keep that in mind :)01:53
infinityKamion: https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/23858601:53
Hobbseefabbione: maybe you need to beat him so that he doesnt do damage on monday?01:53
Keybukfabbione: nobody here will notice because the bandwidth is so bad01:54
infinityKamion: We win.01:54
=== Hobbsee shrugs
fabbioneHobbsee: nah... he looks too much like a cuddly teaddy bear01:54
=== stu1 [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseefabbione: hmmm okay.  i guess i'll have to take your word for it, not being there.01:55
Kamioninfinity: rock on!01:56
KeybukI'm not sure I like the "cuddly"01:58
geserKeybuk: is it possible to sync a package from debian which source name has changed?01:58
Keybukgeser: yes, of course; mention it in the sync request so the original source can be removed01:58
Kamionobviously (?) it isn't possible to sync a(Debian) -> b(Ubuntu)01:58
Kamionhas to be a(Debian) -> a(Ubuntu), i.e. once it's synced the package name has to be the same on both sies01:59
geserI ask because the source package rhythmbox-applet got renamed to music-applet in debian02:00
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_ionYay, cool new stuff in the upstart repo. :-)02:04
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pittiinfinity: pong02:11
Keybuk_ion: ie. all of it? :p02:11
Keybuk"make"; cp init/bin /sbin; reboot; ... uh-oh02:12
Keybukinit/init even02:12
Keybuk(ps. don't do that :p)02:12
Keybuk(pps. NO, REALLY, DON'T)02:12
_ionWell, that wouldn't be very difficult to fix. :-)02:12
=== Hobbsee would try it, just for kicks, on a spare system, if she had one.
infinitypitti: Is python-apport-utils going to be seeded to main, or do you want it in universe?02:13
pittiseb128: http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/langpacks/daily/edgy/ \o/02:13
pittiinfinity: in main definitively02:13
pittiinfinity: I specifically wrote it for usage in ubiquity02:14
pittiinfinity: (it's something we discussed here at the sprint)02:14
=== seb128 hugs pitti
infinitypitti: Ahh, cool.  Accepted, then.02:14
=== pitti hugs infinity
KamionI imagine apport depends on it now anyway02:15
pittiright, it does02:15
infinityYeah, I didn't go so far as to check the binaries.  Pinging the uploader is less effortl :P02:16
=== pitti looks at seb128 and wonders why nautilus uses 100% CPU power
siretartKamion: thank you for your great work on the backports script!02:17
Kamionno problem, sorry it took so long02:18
=== Arbiter [n=arbiter@unaffiliated/arbiter] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionshould be exactly as much effort as syncs now02:18
=== infinity NEWs the last of the backports.
infinityWell, source NEW anyway.  Some will land in binary NEW later.02:18
KamionI'll need to try to persuade the Soyuz team to take the script of course, but later02:18
Kamioninfinity: oh, thanks02:18
siretartKamion: do you think the script might be of interest for automated backports for http://backports.org?02:19
infinityKamion: Yeah, I think we need an lp_archive alias to do "for i in (all non-devel releases); do q -R $i -Q new info; done"02:19
infinityKamion: Cause I only ever think to look once in a blue moon.02:19
Kamionsiretart: there's a lot of launchpad-specific stuff in there02:20
Kamionsiretart: that was the hard bit02:20
Kamionsiretart: the actual worker bit is just unpack, dch, dpkg-source, dpkg-genchanges - pretty trivial02:20
siretartI see.02:21
infinityKamion: Maybe even mailing out new/unapproved status reports for !devel would be handy from time to time.  I dunno.02:21
pittiseb128: current langpacks have evolution-2.6 domain :(02:23
pittiseb128: so, I'll stick the 2.8 ones in manually02:23
_ionHmm, connection to archive.ubuntu.com timeouts. Anyone else experiencing this?02:25
slomo__ion: yep02:25
seb128pitti: thank you02:25
seb128pitti: do you want to the mo from my build?02:25
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Kamion_ion: without certain knowledge, I think it's very slow due to taking all the load of the xserver-xorg-core update02:30
elmoI've given it some more bandwidth - that might help02:31
=== _ion wonders why fi.archive.u.c and se.archive.u.c point to the same address as archive.u.c now.
Kamion_ion: same reason02:31
_ionTo get the update to people faster? Right, that's good.02:32
Kamion_ion: we needed to stop people going to mirrors and getting the broken X02:32
HiddenWolfelmo: can't you verify some of the beefy mirrors to see if they got the right version to lighten the load a bit?02:33
_ionelmo: Thanks, seems to work better now.02:33
elmoHiddenWolf: no02:33
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Hobbseegosh.  you guys really do have a shocking connection...03:06
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henoinfinity: around?03:08
infinityheno: Ish.03:09
infinityheno: 'sup?03:09
henoinfinity: is there anything important blocking gnome-orca being uploaded to main?03:09
infinityheno: Other than the part where it needs to be modified to work, and I don't think TheMuso did that yet?03:10
=== infinity checks.
henoinfinity: it has gotten a new shiny upstream version since then, 0.903:10
infinityOh, I see.03:10
henoTheMuso and I are both very happy with it03:11
infinityAnd the shiny new upstream no longer tries to dlopen a library incorrectly, and actually functions?03:11
infinityIf so, then that was the only blocker.  pitti already approved it.03:11
infinityAt least, I think he did.03:11
TheMusoIt still dlopens, but upstream are not about to change it03:11
infinityTheMuso: Err, kay, but it dlopens the correct file now? :)03:12
henopitti approved it yes03:12
TheMusoinfinity: Yes, that has been done.03:12
infinityTheMuso: Kay, that's all I needed.03:12
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityheno: Then the only thing left is for someone to update the seeds to land it wherever it's meant to belong, and we can promote it.03:12
henoinfinity: right, it should go in desktop and gnopernicus should be moved from desktop to supported03:13
henoKamion: ^ is that something you can do?03:14
infinityheno: If you don't want to do that yourself, find a patsy who isn't heading to bed soon to do it for you. :)03:14
=== BenC [n=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== heno doesn't have core-dev powers
infinityOh, didn't realise.03:14
Hobbseeheno: all the more reason to keep it out of main, surely?03:15
infinityYes, Kamion (and pretty much any of us) can do it.03:15
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Keybukso, what should the config directory be?03:15
Keybukit's /etc/rc.d at the moment ... should we use something else?03:15
henodholbach__: around? could you perform the seed change above?03:16
henoKeybuk: are you talking about Orca?03:16
infinityKeybuk: /etc/whend, of course.03:16
TheMusoheno: no he isn't.03:16
henook :)03:16
infinityKeybuk: That name needs to live on SOMEWHERE. :)03:16
Keybukinfinity: it hasn't been called that for ages03:16
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityKeybuk: Even if it's just a "see also: whend(8)" in the manpage. :)03:17
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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jdubedgy server upgrade going well so far03:25
jsgotangcoohhh brave one03:26
Lathiathaha im still afraid to upgrade one of my major production servers to dapper03:26
Lathiatbut i need to at some point03:26
Lathiatthe i can coast on LTS till i can be bothered to upgrade it again03:26
Lathiat(runs breezy atm)03:26
thomyou were really going to call it whend? (why am i surprised, actually?)03:26
jdubi will probably leave my Linode server on dapper03:27
jdubi don't run X on it, so... ;-)03:27
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubwhend is a rad name03:27
Lathiat7              w qwe qwe 03:28
jdubuh oh03:28
jdubErrors were encountered while processing: linux-image-2.6.17-6-686 linux-image-686 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-6-686 linux-restricted-modules-686 linux-68603:28
Lathiateh hrm excuse me03:28
jdubE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:28
jdubhmm, that might be a /boot full issue03:28
Lathiatheh i started making my /boots a little bigger than i used to03:29
Lathiati used to make them 64-128 but i started doing 256 for that reason03:29
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dholbach__heno: which change?03:31
henodholbach__: adding gnome-orca to the desktop seed03:32
dholbach__heno: and drop gnopernicus?03:32
henodholbach__: and then moving gnopernicus to supported, yes03:32
=== mayday_jay [n=maydayja@dsl178.62.nas.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbach__heno: ok03:32
henoI guess dropping it from main is a discussion for later03:33
henodholbach__: thanks!03:33
henoLot's of eager testers will be very glad!03:33
dholbach__it will take a while03:33
=== lastnode__ [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
henook, np03:34
=== wasabi_ [n=wasabi@ubuntu/member/wasabi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbach__heno: it went through main inclusion queue?03:36
infinitydholbach__: I'll move it to main right now, if you're doing the seeds.03:39
dholbach__heno:  I mean gnome-orca. Was it reviewed?03:39
infinitydholbach__: Once it's moved (next publisher run), you should be okay to update a new -meta, if you like.03:40
elmo"83 days"?  I wonder how many kernel root security holes that machine had03:40
infinitydholbach__: And yes, pitti reviewed and approved it, it was blocking on my objection, which I've lifted.03:40
Keybukelmo: jdub is playing an uptime dick size war, apparenty03:40
dholbach__infinity: commited03:42
henodholbach__: thanks!03:43
=== infinity changes an override on a binary in queue/accepted, and feels a bit dirty.
=== ogra [n=ogra@p54A830BD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinitydholbach__: Okay.  Should be promoted fully and published in about 60 mins.03:45
=== Kagou [n=Kagou@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinitydholbach__: In theory, the next germinate rnu after that should provide you with output that makes -meta DTRT.03:46
=== dholbach__ hugs infinity
=== dholbach__ is now known as dholbach
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jdubso on my md/raid1 machine03:53
Lathiatbooting with UUID= broke?03:53
jdubthe root uuid migration bits didn't work03:53
Lathiatstill, hrm03:54
infinityI'm so shocker, I nearly hurt myself with my lack of reaction.03:54
Keybukjdub: fabbione is over there03:55
fabbioneno i am not03:55
Keybukhe promised me this week that things like that "would just work"03:55
fabbionei said LVM03:55
Keybukif they don't, he LIED to me, and I am hurt03:55
fabbionejdub: do you have / on raid or lvm?03:56
KeybukI asked about all fabbione filesystems03:56
=== Loevborg [n=loevborg@dslb-084-056-006-252.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubfabbione: boring old md raid103:56
jdubhrm, and /tmp wasn't o+t for some reason03:56
fabbionejdub: can you check /proc/mdstats and/or cat /proc/partitions03:57
fabbioneKeybuk: i think we forgot to talk about raid actually.. we did talk only about LVM/EVMS/devmapper03:57
=== Huahua_ [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukI assumed we had03:57
fabbioneiirc the last time we did talk about raid was here on IRC03:58
jdubfabbione: what am i looking for (all looks normal)?03:58
Keybukwhen we leave the subject of an ordinary block device with an ordinary filesystem on it, to me, it's a bit like listening to german03:58
Keybukblah blahkdj ksdjfdks fjskfjk dsf kdsfsdj filesystem lsdjfsdfkdjfk sdfkjsdfj sdfjsf block device dfsf sdfsf dfsdf kernel panic03:58
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionejdub: you are looking at your /dev/hdaX changed into /dev/sdaX something MORE OR LESS03:58
Keybukfabbione: there's no reason it should have done that, unless he has one of the odd kernel drivers03:59
fabbionejdub: and then we try to start the raid manualy03:59
fabbioneKeybuk: if that's the case.... it's hw bug03:59
jdubfabbione: ah right, no, using sd[ab]  still (as i've been using sata_sil)03:59
fabbioneis the module loaded?03:59
fabbioneare the disks there?03:59
fabbionemdrun -a04:00
fabbioneto try to restart the raid?04:00
fabbioneor gimme a serial console to that crap and i will fix it04:00
jdubthe UUID in menu.lst is the same as /dev/md1 (which is /)04:00
Keybuk/sbin/vol_id /dev/md104:00
=== pitti [n=pitti@p54A830BD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubfabbione: as far as reporting goes, i'm told that the two raid devices are up and running before it sits there 'waiting for root filesystem'04:01
infinityCould just be an event ordeing issue, since /dev/md1 isn't anyhting useful until after mdrun happens.04:01
jdubKeybuk: looks all ok here04:01
Keybukjdub: you have a /dev/disk/by-uuid that matches the UUID and is a symlink to /dev/md1 ?04:02
fabbioneinfinity: raid run before initramf attempts to mount /04:02
jdubKeybuk: yeah04:02
fabbioneotherwise none of my retarded installs would boot04:02
Keybukjdub: *shrug* then what's it looping and looking for? :p04:02
jdubKeybuk: (note that this is after i've booted with root=/dev/md1)04:02
infinityfabbione: Yeah, I was thinking more the above (/dev/disk/etc..), but that appears to be fine.04:02
Keybukjdub: could you boot it with break=mount on the kernel command line and check that04:03
infinityjdub: Some of this debugging in the busted initramfs would be helpful.04:03
jdubKeybuk: righto04:03
=== lbm [n=lbm@cpe.atm2-0-75146.0x535a2f1e.vgnxx2.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukit could be that mdrun doesn't create /dev/md1 until after udev has run AND doesn't cause the kernel to send a uevent04:03
Keybuktherefore you won't have the /dev/disk/by-uuid for it04:03
infinityThat sounds plausible.  What would be the fix?04:04
Keybukmaking md not suck and play nice with the modern kernel? :p04:04
infinityKeybuk: Is there a way to prod udev from the md script to walk devices for UUIDs again?04:04
infinityKeybuk: Well, yeah, or fix the kernel driver.  But I meant "is there aplausible user-space solution?"04:04
Keybukecho -n add > /sys/block/md1/uevent04:04
infinityRight.  That seems easy enough.  Ish.04:04
Keybukthough it'd be odd for that to exist, and udev not to have noticed04:06
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneit's udev bug04:07
Keybukit could be possible that when /dev/md1 is created, it doesn't have a valid filesystem on it04:07
Keybukso vol_id fails to find a uuid04:07
Keybukwhich would explain why the symlink was missing04:07
Keybukin which case it's md's responsibility to send the uevent again04:08
Keybukwhich we can hack with that echo again04:08
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=== windub [n=windub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
windubso /dev/disks/by-uuid doesn't contain the / uuid04:15
windubrunning mdrun -a results in:04:15
=== patwack [n=paddy@cpc3-blfs4-0-0-cust387.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
windubcat: /proc/mdstat: No such file or directory04:15
windubthen four lines of mdadm spew04:16
StevenKIs the raid module loaded at all?04:16
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windubKeybuk, fabbione: anything further i can do for you?04:18
Keybukwindub: what happens if you run  echo -n add > /sys/block/md1/uevent04:18
windubcannot create ... directory nonexistent04:18
Keybukerr ... find /sys -name md104:19
fabbioneif there is no mdstat, mostlikely none of the raid modules have even been loaded04:19
windubKeybuk: not found. lack of raid / mdstat would impact that, surely?04:19
fabbionewindub: try to modprobe raid104:20
fabbioneand check in cat /proc/modules if it is even loaded04:20
fabbionethat should create mdstat04:20
fabbionenext cat /proc/.partitions and make sure the disks have been found04:21
fabbionenext mdrun -a04:21
fabbionecheck mdstat again to see if the raids are there04:21
fabbionenext check UUID04:21
windubraid1 loaded, disks have been found04:21
Keybukdid loading that module cause /dev/disk/by-uuid to appaer04:21
windubloading raid1 didn't, no04:22
winduband mdrun -a doesn't have that error, but still spews:04:22
windubmdadm: --auto=yes requires a 'standard' md device name, not /dev/md?04:23
=== nikusan [n=dan@d220-236-192-50.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
windubfour times04:23
windubbut there's nothing listed in mdstat yet04:23
Kamion/dev/md1 should count as "standard"04:24
Kamion(it's not mdadm's default - that's /dev/md/1 - but is_standard() in mdadm should return true for it)04:24
=== windub wonders if it's referring to /dev/md? literally
Kamion./mdopen.c:                     fprintf(stderr, Name ": --auto=yes requires a 'standard' md device name, not %s\n", dev);04:26
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windubKeybuk, fabbione: anything else i can do? i can test stuff again later, but kinda need to get this back up for the moment04:27
fabbionewindub: no sorry.. no idea without having console04:28
Keybukwindub: at this point, it just sounds like a raid problem to me04:28
=== kent [n=kent@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukof all the things to make difficult for yourself, you pick your root filesystem <g>04:28
windubi make /boot easy so / can be whatever04:29
=== Harti [n=Harti@unaffiliated/harti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneit might be that mdrun in initramfs does some extra checks like root=/04:30
fabbioneand UUID just confuses the script 04:30
fabbionei can't really see any other reason why root=/dev/md1 would work otherwise04:30
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simiramvo: it only failed to open once now, with http://pastebin.com/77484504:33
mvosimira: run as user or as root?04:34
mvolooks like user :)04:34
simiramvo: opened from systray, but I gave up password the first time (when it failed)04:35
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=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
simiramvo: but yes, I was asked for password trying to install04:39
=== Yvonne [n=01101110@pdpc/supporter/active/Yvonne] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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AnAntcan anyone help me in packaging a library ?04:39
simiratry ubuntu-motu or something?04:40
desrtAnAnt; did you read the debian new maintainer guide?04:40
AnAntsimira: tried there04:41
AnAntdesrt: not sure if I read that04:41
desrtAnAnt; it's mostly focused on packaging binary programs but would definitely help you04:41
AnAntI did package binary programs before04:42
AnAntmy problem is with a library04:42
AnAntit does not install properly04:42
desrtafaik, dealing with libraries is a matter of adding some extra dh_ rule to make sure a rule to run ldconfig gets written into the postinst script04:42
AnAntwell, that's not the problem I've got04:43
=== desrt has really only packaged binaries too :)
desrtwhat's the problem though?  it never hurts to just ask things (although you would really be much better to "just ask" in #-motu)04:44
AnAntwell, I neither get headers in the fsplib-dev, nor do I get the libs installed in the fsplib0 packages04:44
AnAntdunno why04:44
AnAntI asked in motu04:44
desrtoh.  so it's a problem with multiple target .deb's?04:45
desrtk.  for each target deb you need to make sure a directory exists in debian/ at the end of the build with all the files you want to land in that .deb04:46
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
desrtso if you have a libfoo-dev package you need files in debian/libfoo-dev/usr/include/.... 04:46
AnAnthow ?04:46
desrtyou need to have rules to make sure that happens04:46
AnAntyes, that's what I dunno04:47
AnAnthow can I install headers ONLY in the libfoo-dev04:47
desrtwell, you can either do it yourself or figure out how cdbs or whatever does it for you04:47
AnAntand libs only in libfoo004:47
desrtor look at another package04:47
desrtthat's really the best way... find a small library and look at it04:47
desrtbest of luck04:47
=== desrt off to eat now
=== moe_evil [n=patatama@eu99-71-192.clientes.euskaltel.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fsmw [n=Fernando@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
moe_evilanyone con helpme with partman?04:49
moe_evil I'm trying to use an existing partition. I create the files necesaries in the dev dir, but doesn't work04:49
simiramoe_evil: please read topic and have a try on #ubuntu04:51
AnAntwhat is the smallest library (in size) in Ubuntu ?04:51
Spadsls -lt /usr/lib 04:51
Spadser yes04:52
Spadst is mtime04:52
Keybukand that'll just tell you lots of symlinks04:52
Keybukzsh -c "ls -lS /usr/lib/*(.)"04:52
Keybukin fact04:52
Keybukzsh -c "ls -lS /usr/lib/*.so.*(.)"04:52
Spadsls -lS /usr/lib | grep -v -- '->'04:53
Spadshmm, many of those tiny ones are linker scripts on my box04:53
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== CarlFK [n=carl@c-67-163-39-124.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AnAntk, thanks04:55
bddebianMorning folks04:55
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moe_evilsorry :)05:08
=== BenC [n=bcollins@p54A830BD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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bddebianKeybuk: I know you are busy and sorry to bother you but do you think you will get a chance to hit sync requests any time soon?05:19
Keybukhowever we'll be instigating some new procedures next week05:19
Keybukthe distro team are all in Wiesbaden this week, so normal operation is...delayed ;)05:21
Keybukunless there's a critical bug or two you need syncing?05:21
bddebianNo no, just trying to keep up05:22
bddebianSome days I'm not even sure why I bother. :-(05:23
Keybukbecause you love it05:23
Keybukit thrills you to your free software loving core!05:23
Keybukoh dear, I appear to be channelling jdub05:23
bddebianI do love it but I feel more like a nuisance than a help most of the time05:24
=== azeem hugs bddebian
Hobbseebddebian: you're far from a nuisance, dont worry :)05:24
Hobbseebddebian: dont you try to steal my title :P05:25
bddebianHobbsee: Not a chance, I just try to steal your karma ;-P05:25
Hobbseebddebian: hah05:25
Hobbseebddebian: as long as you dont go trying to steal my title of bitchy pscyopath, you'll be okay.05:25
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bddebianHobbsee: :-)05:32
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bddebianHello zyga05:42
pittiyay fresh edgy language packs!05:45
pittiplease feel invited to deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/langpacks/daily/edgy/ ./  and give feedback05:46
Keybukpitti: I installed my language pack and all the text was still in English05:47
Keybukadmittedly *better* English ...05:47
Keybukexcept for "Wastebasket"05:47
Keybukone day I'm going to go rename that to "Rubbish Bin"05:47
Keybukin fact, I shall do that now05:47
Kamion"Round Filing Cabinet"05:48
bddebianThat's "Circular File"05:48
=== Hobbsee would just name it trashcan or something.
Hobbseeso then i could say...05:48
=== Hobbsee trashcans Keybuk
Kamionnot in en_GB :)05:48
=== rgould [n=rgould@mail.refractions.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygaKeybuk: isn't that a trash applet now?05:51
=== lastnode_ [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sbalneavWho here's at the sprint?  Could someone poke ogra for me and tell him sbalneav wants him?05:53
Hobbseesbalneav: Keybuk, Kamion, dholbach and the like05:53
Hobbseepitti: too05:54
sbalneavSomeone wad up a sheet of A4, and huck it ad ogra :)05:54
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Hobbseesbalneav: i would, but i dotn have that good an aim :P05:56
Hobbseesbalneav: a large brick or something might be a touch more effective though05:56
LarstiQlaptops have a large hitting area too.05:56
sbalneavNah, I want to protect that big juicy brain of his.05:56
HobbseeLarstiQ: hehe.  point.05:56
sbalneavI'm looking for attention, not contusions. :)05:57
HobbseeLarstiQ: if you get the right types, they can catch fire too!05:57
LarstiQHobbsee: hehe :)05:57
Hobbseemust be time for bed, at 2am.  night all!05:57
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bddebianHeya seb12806:34
seb128hi bddebian06:34
bddebianseb128: Will you kill me if I bug you some more? :-)06:35
seb128no ;)06:35
bddebianseb128: I was trying to have diacanvas2's setup.py not use desextras from pygobject but it got kind of ugly.  Is that the preferred route or would it be better to get upstream to work on desextras.py?06:36
slomoseb128: all parts of main except kde stuff work perfect with new dbus, very few need a trivial patch, most are just rebuilds :)06:36
seb128bddebian: upstream is not going to work on that right so apparently and you can't force them to work on it if they don't want06:37
bddebianOr better yet, is there something that replaces dsextras06:37
seb128slomo: rock on!06:37
seb128bddebian: no idea06:37
seb128bddebian: maybe open a bug on bugzilla.gnome against pygobject06:37
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Riddellslomo: what's up with kde and new dbus?06:59
slomoRiddell: nothing, i just didn't test yet whether it works or not :) but i see no reason why it shouldn't07:00
Riddellslomo: need me to test?07:00
slomoRiddell: yes, would be nice :) it's k3b, kdegames, kdebase, knetworkmanager that needs to be tested... i'll upload the new stuff for you in some minutes07:02
slomoor you on x86?07:02
Riddellslomo: I am07:02
Riddellslomo: we're about to leave for dinner, /msg me the URL and I'll get it tomorrow morning07:03
slomoRiddell: ok, will do... thanks :) and have a nice dinner07:03
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welshbytejust reading http://www.ubuntu.com/FixForUpgradeIssue ... shouldn't the first step say ctrl + alt + f1 rather than just alt + f1 ? that might confuse some people07:38
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infinitywelshbyte: If X isn't working, Alt-F1 is good enough.  If it is working, you hardly need the instructions, do you?07:41
tepsipakkihow come the /etc/debian_version in dapper is "testing/unstable" ?-)07:42
_iontepsipakki: Look at /etc/lsb-release instead. :-)07:42
infinitytepsipakki: It is in every Ubuntu release.  We rely on lsb_release to give proper info, we have /etc/debian_version just to keep 2rd party scripts and such happu.07:42
infinitys/happu/happy/ too.  I wish I could sleep and reset my fingers.07:43
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welshbyteoh yeah, so it is *blush*07:43
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jsgotangcoLaserJock: ping07:44
LaserJockjsgotangco: pong07:45
jsgotangcoerr ill just pm you in jabber07:45
tepsipakki_ion,infinity: righto :)07:47
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Tuxistis a kde developer here09:22
LaserJockTuxist: try kubuntu-devel maybe09:22
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Zdrathanks to the new crash report system, when I get a simple app crash the system completly freeze for 1seconde or 2... 09:25
ZdraI think that's the time to get the core dump09:26
=== Zdra don't like the idea of have 100% CPU usage, disk writing and musique stoping for 2seconds when an application simply segfault
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siretartBenC: around?09:48
zulsiretart: is there something i can help you with?09:49
siretartzul: yes, bug #5714609:49
UbugtuMalone bug 57146 in wpasupplicant "[prism2.5]  doesn't associate" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5714609:49
siretartzul: I believe this is a regression in the kernel09:49
BenCsiretart: sort of09:49
siretartzul: do you kernel guys agree to reassign it to linux-source-2.6.17?09:49
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zulgimme a sec09:50
siretartthe other possibility could be that the bug could be in the 0.5 branch of wpasupplicant. But I don't really beleive this, since we have that branch since months in debian unstable/testing, and we got quite a few bugs about that new package, but nobody mentioned problems with hostap and wpasupplicant 0.509:53
siretartwould be of course quite funny, since wpasupplicant and hostap share the same upstream09:53
zulyeah you might want to re-assign it to us09:54
zulwhats one more bug ;)09:54
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fdovingis it intentional that *.archives.ubuntu.com goes to uk.archives? 09:58
Nafallofdoving: it doesn't.09:58
fdovingNafallo: does here.09:58
Nafallofdoving: se.archive.ubuntu.com try that :-)09:59
fdovingse.archive.ubuntu.com has address
fdovingfi.archive.ubuntu.com has address
fdovingand so on.09:59
Burgworkfdoving, yes09:59
Nafallowhat did they do now :-P09:59
Treenaksyes, see www.ubuntu.com09:59
Burgworkthe creation of teh country specific archives is about ease of later seperation09:59
Treenaksbecaue of the X breakage, afaik10:00
fdovingBurgwork: ok. just ckecing :)10:00
TreenaksBurgwork: they used to point to mirrors, but because the X fix hadn't been synced to all mirrors yet, that was disabled, according to the wiki10:00
BurgworkTreenaks, oh, that too10:01
Burgworkforgot about that, don't have any dapper boxes10:01
=== Nafallo should just turn his deb-line directly to ftp.acc.umu.se :-P
=== fdoving too.
TreenaksBurgwork: no dapper boxes? you're either brave, or still on breezy :)10:01
Burgworkfdoving, however, there are country specific archives that point to the uk mirror10:01
BurgworkTreenaks, my server is breezy, desktop and laptop are edgy10:01
Burgworknot gotten around to upgrading my server yet10:02
Nafalloall my servers is 6.06.1 and doesn't run X ;-)10:02
TreenaksNafallo: same for me :)10:02
Nafalloall my clients is on edgy :-)10:02
Nafalloso not problems for me ;-)10:03
fdovingall my servers downloads updates faster from no/se/fi than from uk. :)10:03
Nafalloanyway, this is becoming way of topic :-P10:03
ivoksfdoving: that's normal10:04
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fdovingivoks: i'm in norway, so yes. :)10:05
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ivoksfdoving: we have a situation in croatia where link to sweden is faster than a link to a neighbour next door :/10:14
fdovingivoks: hm.. that's interessting routing. :)10:15
ivoksfdoving: yup, t-com isn't part of "national network", so routing from other providers goes like this "croatia -> hungary -> slovenia -> italy -> austria -> germany and back" :)10:16
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Tuxistimbrandon: i have been modfiet your packages with libmtp support, helix engine, nfs and smb support10:17
fdovingivoks: as long as you're aware of it it's not a big problem i guess? anyway.. a bit offtopic for this channel :)10:18
Tuxistnvidia driver 1.0-8774 is out with xorg7.1 support juhu10:20
pygiivoks, you and your t-com :)10:25
pygigo to medjimurje, use xDSL :)10:25
ivokspygi: HSDPA is my rush these days (but we are offtopic)10:25
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ivoksok, sorry, i know it's offtopic, but it's kind of funny and it makes you think10:30
ivoksperson A: I'm lumberjack10:30
ivoksperson B: I'm carpenter10:30
ivokswhat's in common? Yes, they work with wood, but else?10:30
ivoksthey are both on #ubuntu-devel10:30
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lfittlelmo: ping10:44
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pygisivang, poke?11:20
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pygioops, forgot, nvm sivang :)11:20
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