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Burgundaviahey Madpilot02:10
Madpilothi Burgundavia 02:10
LaserJockhi guys02:11
LaserJockhow goes it today?02:11
Burgundaviaso I got a new position today at work today "Community Manager"02:15
MadpilotBurgundavia, so  you're Userful's answer to Jono? ;)02:16
jsgotangcoho ho ho02:16
Madpilotsomething tells me "Community Manager" translates to "Guy Who Won't Shut Up About Open Source..." ;)02:17
Burgundaviapretty much02:17
Burgundaviabut I actually got so buy in, finally02:17
LaserJockyou're staying?02:20
LaserJockand is there a Community to manage?02:20
Burgundaviayes and I get to create one02:21
MadpilotBurgundavia, so does "Community Manager" come with a raise, or just a new set of business cards?02:21
BurgundaviaI hope the former but am not certain. The latter almost certainly02:22
LaserJockthat's cool02:22
Burgundaviaand I have some code that Edubuntu will care about, ready in a few days02:23
Burgundaviathe code is ready, I just need to sort the tarball out and get the licence file added and the CVS dir removed02:25
Burgundaviatalk about babes in the woods'02:25
LaserJockI'll look forward to seeing it02:25
Madpilotanother in-house project lurching out under the GPL?02:25
BurgundaviaLaserJock: I hope to have you package it. Sorry, but my budget ($0) does not allow me to pay you this time02:25
BurgundaviaMadpilot: yep02:25
LaserJockBurgundavia: hehe02:26
crimsun"this time"?!02:26
LaserJockcrimsun: ssshhhh02:26
Burgundaviacrimsun: userful paid LaserJock some funny for packaging some of closed-source junk02:26
jsgotangcohe did some underground work02:26
crimsunsupar sekrit.02:26
LaserJockyou know it02:26
crimsunno wonder you're a raging ubuntu-aholic motu.02:26
Burgundaviain dapper-updates, mutiverse, desktop-multiplier02:26
crimsunI think I'll just give up like bddebian and make you do all the work.02:27
=== Burgundavia needs to chase down Malc and do a press release on that
Burgundaviayou know what is sad about Userful. AFAIK, I am the only full time Linux user at the company02:27
LaserJockcrimsun: no way, I made a list today of all the Ubuntu related projects. I count 10 presently02:27
jsgotangcothe "we're not packaging anything that is non-free till you pay me" group02:27
BurgundaviaLaserJock: my list of things I have rights over is scarily long02:27
crimsunLaserJock: that's all? :)02:28
LaserJockcrimsun: well, some are not very easy projects02:28
LaserJockI need to implement a spec this week :-)02:28
Burgundaviathe menu one?02:28
LaserJockI think I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do02:29
LaserJockand it's actually pretty close to an app called desktop-profiles02:29
Burgundaviasabayon needs to understand merging profiles and hierarchies of profiles02:29
LaserJockBurgundavia: yes, I contacted one of the sabayon devs and he pretty much said it would be very difficult and there are presently no developers for sabayon02:30
LaserJockso I don't think I can handle that myself02:30
BurgundaviaJorge and I were lamenting about this all week02:30
LaserJockI do think sabayon is a pretty cool app though02:30
LaserJockthey have firefox and openoffice integration too I believ02:31
Burgundaviasomewhere, but that has not seen the light of day02:31
LaserJockso the profiles can handle a large amount of data02:31
BurgundaviaKDE and GNOME developers need to merge gconf/kconfig02:31
Burgundavianot that crackish dconf, just a straight merge02:31
LaserJockI was going to look at kiosktool today but it doesn't work in edgy very well as it need a root password02:32
LaserJockand I don't feel like creating root :-002:32
LaserJock:-) I mean02:32
crimsunyou can ask pitti for pointers. He went on a derooting rampage for Hoary.02:32
LaserJockI was going to get Hobbsee to do it but maybe that would work too02:32
LaserJockright now I'm trying to figure out why vnc doesn't seem to work in edgy02:33
LaserJockif it isn't one thing its another, no wonder I can't get anything done02:33
MadpilotLaserJock, you are running a testing release, did you expect to get anything done except testing? ;)02:34
LaserJockkinda, yeah02:34
LaserJockwell it's hard to work on a spec when you have to fix all the bugs in the distro before you can get to work02:35
Madpilothas a release date for Knot2 been given?02:35
crimsunnot that I'm aware.02:36
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LaserJockhmm, I thought it was supposed to be a while ago02:36
MadpilotOK. Might pull the Knot1 LiveCD down, then, and poke around a bit02:36
LaserJockbrave man02:36
Burgundaviabloody gpm02:37
Burgundaviagave me about 30 secs of warning beofre the power shutdown02:37
jsgotangcoim not touching edgy till the next knot02:38
jsgotangcoupgrading is not an option either my my pathetic dsl02:39
Burgundaviaany idea when that might be?02:39
BurgundaviaI really need to finish the Knot2 page02:40
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jsgotangcoits pretty sketchy, the dailies have always been oversized lately02:50
jsgotangcobut the aim i guess is to have a stable installer and fix the deps later02:50
Burgundaviahey mdke02:50
LaserJockkinda hard to test oversized .isos though02:51
Madpilotjsgotangco, giant casemod!03:03
jsgotangcoheck yeah03:03
jsgotangcoyou will need a truck to pick it up though03:03
MadpilotSome kid just got attacked by a cougar...03:10
MadpilotIn socialist British Columbia, pussy eat YOU!03:10
Madpilotactually, the kid's at home recovering, so it was just a nibble, I guess03:11
jsgotangcowow cougars still exist in that part of the world?03:13
LaserJockjsgotangco: I used to hunt them with my brother in the mountains behind our house03:14
Madpilotjsgotangco, Vancouver Island is one of the last great strongholds of them03:14
jsgotangcodont they attack people?03:14
Madpilotjsgotangco, mostly small children03:15
LaserJockI've heard of a fair amount of attacks in California too03:15
jsgotangcoahhh food chain03:15
LaserJockyeah, they really aren't that big03:15
LaserJocknot like a bear or something03:15
jsgotangcothe only thing i got to hunt before was wild boar03:15
jsgotangcoand that's scary already03:16
LaserJockoh yeah03:21
LaserJockI've never done that, but I've seen a few videos03:21
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mdkemorning homies09:00
Madpilothi mdke 09:01
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nixternalmornin' mdke ;)09:13
nixternalholy cow...2am already09:13
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glatzormdke: i have corrected the translation of dekstop guide. i will upload it this evening. but i have to fetch my bus. just to inform you.11:47
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mdkebhuvan: the commit hook has been added and Ive requested that a bot be added to this channel01:08
bhuvanoh great, thank you!01:09
mdkebhuvan: thanks for the suggestion01:11
bhuvanmdke: np01:12
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mdkebhuvan: at the moment there are no commit messages though, any idea why?05:40
bhuvanmdke: i dont see a bot join this channel.05:43
bhuvanmdke: it should be something like CIA-XX (XX = 2 digit numeral)05:43
bhuvantrappist: the bot we talk here is to send commit intimation to this channel05:44
mdkebhuvan: see that webpage, there are no log messages or details05:44
mdkethe bot hasn't joined yet, that's a separate issue05:44
bhuvanoh yeah05:44
mdkegah, we still haven't scheduled a meeting05:46
mdkei wonder how a weekend would go down05:46
jsgotangcoweekends are supposed to be fun ;)05:51
bhuvanbut not all weekends :)05:51
=== jsgotangco makes sure *all*
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mdkejsgotangco: how dare you suggest that meetings aren't fun06:07
nixternalhehe...weekends are perfect for meetings ;)06:09
mdkeI just want to get these licensing questions out of the way06:12
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nixternaljsgotangco: whats up with the UWN team?  on LP that is?06:40
jsgotangcooh its something mgalvin did before06:40
nixternalhehe..i just now noticed it06:40
jsgotangcosince mgalvin is MIA, we have no control ove rit06:40
nixternalanyone know the story behind him disappearing?  everything is alright I hope06:41
nixternali heard someone say even his private stuff shut down..blog or something..can't remember exactly06:41
jsgotangcohe moved to a new job06:41
jsgotangcohe's still online but some family stuff happened06:42
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Burgworkthe LP people can turn the team over to a new owner06:42
jsgotangcobut he'll be back soonish06:42
Burgworkthat is who I got the wiki and marketing teams06:42
nixternalor get rid of it, as the marketing team is doing the uwn now correct?06:42
Burgworksure, that works06:43
Burgworkno need for all these little teams around06:43
bhuvanmdke: ping06:56
bhuvani don't see the commit messages in #commits channel either06:57
bhuvanany idea, who setup the client script in our repo?06:57
bhuvanwe should confirm the url/repository path/project name/etc and file permission are setup properly07:00
bhuvani would be glad to get a sample from subversion-dev team if you need one07:00
mdkeyou can poke him on irc, if it helps07:01
bhuvanok. did you inform him this problem?07:01
mdkenot yet07:01
bhuvanok, i'll talk to him07:01
=== mdke goes home
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bhuvanmdke: i talked to Spads. He confirmed to fix the issue we face in 'log message'. he suggested to contact someone in #cia to forward the messages to #commits channel. later, we can contact micah@navi.cx to forward/redirect them to this channel! i'll take it up07:16
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trappisthey that last commit had a commit message in the rss :)08:10
nixternalarg the patch cmd is making me mad08:23
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DonSchey.  Anyone around using Edgy that can help me test something?09:37
crimsun...more specifically?09:37
DonScAlacarte.  I'm trying to write some docs for it for GNOME09:38
DonScIt seems fairly broken to me.  Just wondering if it actually was, or whether I broke it somehow09:38
crimsundidn't seem very broken last I tried it (three months or so ago). See if you can catch Travis Watkins, aka "Amaranth", on irc.09:39
LaserJockhe's been pretty busy the last couple weeks09:40
crimsunyeah, he's neck-deep in several significant projects09:40
mdketrappist: yeah, seems to be fixed :)09:41
DonSc:( .  All the buttons are broken for me09:44
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trappistare we GNU/Linux people or just Linux (when referring to the whole shebang)11:35
crimsunwhat whole shebang?11:36
trappistthe distribution.  is ubuntu a Linux distro or a GNU/Linux distro, policy-wise in the docs11:36
crimsunthe former.11:36
trappistgreat.  do you know if that's documented anywhere?11:37
trappistI don't recall seeing it in the styleguide.11:37
Burgworkwe try and avoid the whole issue11:39
Burgworkbut, yes, if forced, we just use Linux11:39
trappistwas just going through about-kubuntu.xml and it's full of GNU/Linux, which I hadn't run across before in the docs, is why I asked11:39
crimsuninteresting, there's a nice blurb on (workaround for) the xorg-server issue on the front page of www.ubuntu.com11:40
Burgworktrappist, hmm, wonder who added that11:40
crimsunKubuntu conceivably chose its own string11:40
nixternali just found it interesting...chatting with the LUG people around here, some don't allow Ubuntu or talk about Ubuntu because we try to drop the whole Linux thing11:40
nixternalthey say Ubuntu isnt' Linux11:40
Burgworkthey are on crack11:40
nixternalthey bring up an interesting point though11:40
nixternali know we are linux, and so do they11:41
Burgworkwe are Ubuntu11:41
Burgworkwe are built on Linux. It is very important to establish our own brand11:41
trappistsvn blame makes it look like jriddel11:41
crimsunif Kubuntu wants to use "GNU/Linux", that's fine by me11:42
crimsunas long as everything's consistent across subflavors11:42
nixternalbut Ubuntu is still GNU/Linux no matter how you look it, and it seems that by us saying we are Ubuntu, nothing more and nothing less, has made them go ok, you dont' want to be linux, you want to be Ubuntu, then blah, then you aren't welcome in the LUG11:42
BurgworkI think GNU/Linux is akward11:43
nixternalthats ok by me, we have Ubuntu Chicago..we don't need no stinkin' LUG11:43
Burgworkplus the reality is, the word Linux has won11:43
nixternalbut right now, with Adam and the Chicago LUG, we are actually working on some collaboration stuff that started today11:43
nixternalso we might be expanding our horizons here and possibly becoming Ubuntu-Illinois with sub chapters11:43
Burgworkyou will discover that there are a lot of oldschool Linux users who simply will not change11:44
=== nixternal is one
nixternalsince 1994/95 it has been GNU/Linux for me ;)11:44
trappistI wish somebody would just replace the GNU tools so we can drop the whole matter once and for all.11:45
crimsunfrankly, my stance is that if you have time to argue over the syntax, you're not using that time to live the mantra of social responsibility. Put your time where your mouth is, not the other way around.11:45
nixternalgood point11:45
crimsun(If you don't believe in social responsibility, why in the world do care about Freedom?)11:45
crimsundo you, rather11:45
nixternali will point that out to the "offending LUG"11:46
nixternalfunny thing, they call themselve UFO, users of free operating systems11:46
trappistso, for the docs, has someone made the decision that kubuntu is GNU/Linux and I should leave it alone?11:46
nixternalthey have banned *@ubuntu.com and others from posting to their list11:46
Burgworkare you serious?11:47
trappistthat's just ridiculous.11:47
Burgworktrappist, I think it shoudl be consistent11:47
nixternalya, because i now get the email saying im banned from the list11:47
trappistBurgwork: I tend to agree.11:47
Burgworkkubuntu uses gnu/linux11:47
Burgworkkubuntu.org, that is11:47
nixternali sent one email asking for info and boom thats what i got11:47
nixternali think it should be consistant as well, whats good for the goose is good for the gander11:48
trappistbleh.  so which one should the docs be consistent with?  who's authoritative on that?11:48
BurgworkI would think consistent across a particular project is fine11:49
crimsuntrappist: there's no reason it has to be one way for all of them.11:49
trappistI think the docs should be consistent across flavors, but I'm hesitant to step on anyone's toes by changing it if there's no consensus11:49
crimsunI agree w/ Corey11:49
=== trappist svn reverts
crimsun(meaning I think it's fine if Ubuntu uses "Linux" and Kubuntu uses "GNU/Linux")11:50
trappistthat's not my opinion, but it makes sense11:50
trappistcrimsun: right11:50
trappisthrm.  there's about 60 instances of GNU/Linux in trunk/ubuntu11:52
trappistseems most of them refer to Debian though11:53
crimsunyeah, that has to stay ("Debian GNU/Linux")11:58
LaserJockdo non-debian based distro's worry about this?12:00
LaserJockI've run lots of distros and Ubuntu/Debian is the first one that I've heard of this12:01
Burgworknot really12:06
Burgworkmost distros refer to it as Linux12:06
nixternalLinux and GNU/Linux are the same thing anyways...Linux is cleaner looking than GNU/Linux imho12:10
nixternalrock, paper, scissors, or pull from a hat to select the one to use ;)12:11

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