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macogwWould this list be the one where I ask that wpa handling please please please be added?08:37
sn9hasn't it already been?08:38
macogwAccording to my laptop, no08:39
macogwIt'll only take WEP keys08:39
crimsunwhich wifi chipset?08:39
=== fabbione [i=fabbione@conference/ubuntu/de/unlabeled] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
macogwI'm not sure.  Is there something I can type into the terminal to find out?08:41
sn9assuming it's a pci card08:41
macogwthat's showing up a lot....08:43
sn9is it showing up for the wifi?08:43
sn9is the wifi built-in, or an add-on?08:43
sn9then it will be in lspci08:44
sn9do you have a line that says Intel Pro Wireless?08:44
sn9if not, it's not intel08:45
nigel_cwpa_supplicant is probably what macogwis after.08:45
sn9but that's installed by default08:45
sn9for all we know, he might have orinoco08:46
macogwI already tried following that 7-step thing08:46
=== macogw is a girl
macogworinoco is definitely not in the list of what came up08:46
crimsunmacogw: grep -i wireless /var/log/dmesg08:46
nigel_cWhat's a girl? :)08:46
macogwmark of a true geek ^08:46
nigel_cOr someone just being silly :)08:47
macogwintel pro wireless 394508:47
=== nigel_c decides to go quiet again and let sn9 get on with it :>
crimsunmacogw: that definitely supports WPA{,-2}08:47
sn9ah, then it is intel after all08:47
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crimsunand nigel_c's right on the ball; you need to configure network-manager or wpa_supplicant08:48
sn9wpa worked on that in breezy, and still works (albeit differently) in dapper08:48
crimsunI'm not a fan of n-m, so I tend to muck with the wpa_supplicant.conf08:48
macogwwell i can tell you that network tools will only take wep codes08:49
macogwat least the gui08:49
sn9macogw: is yours ubuntu or kubuntu?08:49
macogw[17179598.124000]  ipw3945: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection08:49
crimsunnot much n-m (gui) experience here08:49
macogwah wtf did i highlight08:49
nigel_cAnd dapper or edgy? The edgy version has some config method changes.08:49
crimsunI can definitely say it's not kernel-related, however, and is probably better addressed in #ubuntu :)08:49
nigel_cOops. So much for staying quiet :)08:49
macogwi dont have the spare box put together yet....that could have edgy on it...08:49
sn9macogw: install a pkg called network-manager-gnome08:49
sn9that will have gui for wpa08:50
sn9in order for it to work, the wifi must be set to start on boot, and use dhcp08:51
sn9and NOTHING ELSE08:51
nigel_cAh.. I give up on staying quiet... macogw, did you want to use a preshared key?08:51
nigel_cI don't know what your experience is like sn9, but I found the guis were all useless for psk.08:52
macogwok well then something that maybe does have to do with kernel: http://support.dlink.com/products/view.asp?productid=DFE%2D530TX# that pci ethernet card works with fedora and red hat.  according to the posts on the ubuntu forum, it doesnt work on ubuntu, and ive heard that drivers go with kernel so...08:52
sn9i used the config file myself, but the gui is what is being asked about08:53
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sn9macogw: are you asking about ethernet now? i thought your question was about wifi08:53
=== BenC [i=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
macogwnow ethernet, yes...since i was told "hey thats not kernel" and i do happen to be having a problem with "oh crap i cant make this computer be a linux server because that ethernet card doesnt work with ubuntu and im not paying for red hat"08:54
macogwand that seems like a kernel-ish thing cuz its a driver dealy08:55
sn9i don't think i've ever seen any kind of ethernet fail to work on ubuntu. fedora and red hat, yes, but not ubuntu08:55
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macogwtwo people seem to be having trouble with d-line ethernet cards08:57
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sn9the 530 uses the via rhine driver09:00
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gnomefreakwhat is the purpose of wacom?11:43
sn9the company?11:44
gnomefreakthe driver11:44
sn9to drive wacom hardware11:44
infinityie: atrists's drawing tablets, some CAD/CAM tablets, and the touch-screens on tablet PCs and some POS systems.11:45
gnomefreakwould that cause a file in restricted-modules to not load11:45
sn9are you having nvidia problems?11:46
gnomefreaka .ko file will not load11:46
gnomefreakadn i can get ouptu with cat11:46
gnomefreakoutput even11:46
sn9there are all sorts of things that can cause nvidia problems11:46
gnomefreakiirc its the volatile/nvidia.ko file thats not loading. from error it says its not a device11:47
sn9first of all, are you sure you need the regular nvidia modules and not the legacy ones or the free ones?11:47
infinity"no such device"?11:47
gnomefreaksn9: yes its a gforce4 mx400011:48
infinitygnomefreak: Which nvidia card do you have?11:48
gnomefreakinfinity: yep11:48
gnomefreakaccourding to the site its still supported with the reg drivers11:48
infinityHrm, pretty sure they haven't yet cut support for the GF4MX.11:48
gnomefreakim going on the assumption that the file it says no such device is in the restricted-modules package not nvidia package11:51
sn9it's just not seeing the card for some reason11:52
gnomefreakeverything else sees it11:54
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gnomefreaki get the abi warning than that error. alot of wacom errors that end in success11:54
sn9can you boot into recovery mode and manually probe the module?11:54
sn9oh, wait. abi warnings?11:55
gnomefreakwill try as soon as im done on dapper11:55
sn9is this an upgrade from breezy to dapper?11:55
gnomefreakthe box in question is edgy. but other edgy users got thier accell working11:56
sn9edgy is a moving target11:56
gnomefreaki know11:56
sn9every now and then, things don't work for a while11:56
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gnomefreakis it possible that the mx 4000 is not supported anymore by the glx drivers, maybe the wiki hasnt been updated?12:03
sn9i doubt that12:04
sn9more likely, it's temporary edgy breakage12:04
gnomefreakok cool ty12:05
BenCmjg59: ping12:18
BenCgnomefreak: does Xorg.0.log show that it found the card in the PCI scan?12:18
gnomefreakBenC: its showing my changes i made to vesa so i can use it12:19
BenCnot sure if that relates to my question :)12:19
mjg59BenC: Hi12:19
BenClook in Xorg.0.log for the PCI scanning and see if it even shows that it sees the device12:19
BenCmjg59: Can you give me some background on that pm_{prepare,restore}_console patch?12:20
mjg59BenC: VT switching is magic12:20
gnomefreakok give me a few minutes im gonna go boot it up and check12:20
mjg59BenC: Ok. More usefully :)12:20
BenCand usplash is anti-magic? :)12:20
mjg59BenC: The kernel does the console changing in order to work around broken video drivers12:20
mjg59We do it explicitly ourselves, so there's no need for it12:21
mjg59That's the first argument12:21
mjg59When the kernel changes vt, any app bound to the current vt gets a signal12:21
BenCby console switching you mean switching to a VT out of X when we suspend?12:21
mjg59It needs to respond to that signal in order for the vt switch to be allowed to go ahead12:21
mjg59Now that seems to interact really badly with suspend, where userspace tasks are frozen immediately after the vt switch12:22
mjg59I'm guessing that the signal handling isn't complete before the processes are frozen12:22
mjg59The kernel then seems to deadlock12:22
BenCok, that makes sense12:22
mjg59We could probably fix this in a complicated way, or we could just strip the unnecessary calls12:23
BenCso why do we vt switch, if the kernel does it itself?12:23
BenCbecause of the same problem?12:23
mjg59So that we can run vbetool before it switches back to X12:23
mjg59Otherwise the kernel switches back to X, we run vbetool, X explodes12:23
BenCok, I am going to try to summarize this in the commit12:23
=== nigel_c [i=nigel@nigel.suspend2.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCok, so this went missing in edgy12:27
BenCdapper still has the patch12:27
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gnomefreakok looking through log12:30
gnomefreak(**) |   |-->Device "NVIDIA Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000 AGP 8x] "12:30
gnomefreakim getting that only its a pci not agp :(12:31
BenCgnomefreak: Look for the line that starts:12:35
BenC(II) PCI: PCI scan (all values are in hex)12:35
BenCcheck in that list to see if it finds the PCI device12:35
gnomefreak(II) PCI: 00:0f:0: chip 10de,0185 card 0000,0000 rev c1 class 03,00,00 hdr 00   the 00:0f:0 is the hex for the card12:37
gnomefreakassumming 00:0f:0 is still 00:15:012:38
gnomefreakBenC: it also lists the card under PCI-to-ISA bridge:12:40
BenCgnomefreak: ok, then it sees the card, so that alleviates the issue I was looking at12:41
BenCgnomefreak: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:41
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gnomefreakBenC: sorry i froze what was the grep command again?12:43
lloydinho<BenC> gnomefreak: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:44
gnomefreaki got it12:44
gnomefreakit doesnt look good :(12:45
gnomefreakBenC: http://pastebin.com/77470812:46
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zul_BenC: the kernel-package from sid behaves the same way12:51
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BenCgnomefreak: dmesg | grep -i nvidia02:02
BenCgnomefreak: actually, what kernel do you have installed?02:02
BenC-386, -686, ...?02:03
gnomefreakand i dont like the output of that command :(02:03
BenCgnomefreak: I'd take this up with nvidia then02:05
gnomefreakis it the card or the drivers in your best guess?02:05
BenChard to tell02:07
infinityOr the BIOS, or an ACPI bug..02:07
=== kylem [n=kyle@206-248-151-76.dsl.ncf.ca] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCyeah, I'm thinking BIOS02:07
infinityIf it really is telling the truth, and can't route an IRQ to the card.02:07
BenCwell, there's no error from PCI about not being able to enable the IRQ02:08
BenCit's mainly that it doesn't see it has one02:08
BenCI'd check the BIOS settings and make sure the controller has an IRQ for it02:08
infinityBenC: How do you know?  There's no full dmesg there. :)02:08
BenCinfinity: oh, good point :)02:08
BenCgnomefreak: put all of dmesg in there please02:08
gnomefreakthat was all of it02:08
BenCno, it isn't02:08
infinitygnomefreak: Without the grep.02:08
BenCdmesg > dmesg.txt02:09
BenClspci -vv >> lspci.txt02:10
BenCget both of those02:10
gnomefreakheres lspci -vv http://pastebin.com/77474102:13
mjg59[   61.124183]  PCI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin A of device 0000:00:0f.0. Please try using pci=biosirq.02:14
gnomefreakother command doesnt output anything and #nvidia just said i need legacy drivers :(02:14
BenCyeah, that's BIOS/ACPI02:14
infinitygnomefreak: #nvidia lied.02:14
gnomefreaki have acpi turned off02:14
mjg59gnomefreak: Why?02:14
BenCgnomefreak: Try booting with "pci=biosirq"02:14
gnomefreaki dont remember02:15
BenCthat's probably the cause there02:15
mjg59Oh, because it's a 1999 bios02:15
mjg59gnomefreak: Try booting with acpi=force before pci=biosirq02:15
gnomefreakadd it to /boot/grub/menu.lst?02:15
BenCgnomefreak: Or add it to the grub menu by hand, either way02:16
gnomefreakafter the word splash i take it?02:16
gnomefreakok brb02:17
infinitygnomefreak: In the "# kopt" section, ideally.02:17
infinitygnomefreak: So it gets applied to all boot options when update-grub is run.02:17
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gnomefreakok i played in bios changed irq to auto dmesg nvidia shows this line PCI: Using ACPI for IRQ routing   is that good?02:28
gnomefreakand anyway to test this before changing xorg?02:29
gnomefreakthats with the line i put in grub menu02:29
mjg59gnomefreak: Does it complain about a missing IRQ?02:30
gnomefreakno it just says if the device doesnt work use lapic02:32
gnomefreaki think i like this :)  Boot video device is 0000:00:0f.002:33
gnomefreakthats teh hex for the pci slot02:33
gnomefreakthat its on02:33
gnomefreakbrb gonna try this02:35
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gnomefreakit works ty guys now i just have an issue i have to work on text isnt being displayed02:41
BenCthat's a known nvidia driver bug02:42
gnomefreakok cool02:42
BenCstarted occuring in edgy, some kind of xorg/drm interaction02:42
BenCthere's a work around I think, look around for it02:43
gnomefreakill try to02:43
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BenCyay for shitty internet access03:09
kylemthat bad, eh?03:10
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kylemheh. :/03:14
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zuldentists are so much fun104:26
zul! even04:26
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sander_mHello. I have a problem with a kernel transplantation. Could someone here help me, or should I go ask on another channel?11:54
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sn9doctor, it's alive!11:56
sn9kernel transplant11:57
sander_mhehe :-)11:57
sander_mI am running Ubuntu i386 on an AMD64. Now I want to replace the kernel (only!) with an amd64-k8 kernel. I got linux-image-amd64-k8 installed, but trying to install linux-restricted-modules-amd64 throws up errors like : ath_hal/ah_osdep.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized11:59
sn9you can't do it that way11:59
sander_mRationale: I want to be able to create an amd64 pbuiler enviroment on mu i386 Ubuntu installation12:00
sn9if you have a 64-bit kernel, you need 64-bit libs12:00
sander_mI am running the kernel now :-)12:00
sander_mIt's the modules that give me headaches at the moment.12:01
sn9doesn't this kind of thing just scream "xen" to you?12:03
sander_mProbabely, but that would mean a full re-install right? A bit of overkill just to be able to build gnome-hearts for amd64 dapper12:04
=== kylem [n=kyle@206-248-151-76.dsl.ncf.ca] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
sn9no, the beauty is that you would not need to reinstall a thing, AIUI12:05
mjg59sander_m: Do you need the restricted modules?12:06
mjg59They're amd64 objects and they're run through ld, so you'd need a bi-arch binutils12:06
mjg59Which is probably going to be more pain than you want12:07
sander_mmjg59 they're not 100% nessecary. I'm running the full system now without them, but I'd like XGL back so I'd need the nviaia kernel modules12:07
mjg59sander_m: Well, you'll somehow need to deal with binutils in that case, I'm afraid12:07
sander_mand what about regular cross compiling? I can only find info for building i386 beds on amd64 systems, not the other way around12:09
mjg59We don't ship the necessary stuff to do that12:09
=== nigel_c [i=nigel@nigel.suspend2.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
sander_mHmmm... maybe it would be the easiest to simply install a minimal dapper on a spare partition and pbuild my amd64 debs in there12:11

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