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tmarblefabbione: what happened to hw ssl accel?02:23
fabbionetmarble: drowning with my son's diapers02:24
tmarbleah yes, the joys of fatherhood!02:25
fabbionei have been away 3 weeks for paternity leave and i will be away another 2 weeks starting from monday02:25
fabbioneand there is feature freeze while i will be away02:25
fabbionethat means no ssl accelerator yet02:25
tmarbleis the edgy release date set in stone?02:25
tmarblecan you share that date?02:26
fabbioneiirc 20 Oct02:26
tmarbleindependently how is the MAU work going (i.e. do you need/want any help)?02:26
fabbionelet me check02:26
fabbioneit's on the wiki02:26
tmarbleno worries02:26
fabbioneOctober 26th02:26
fabbionewe are having some problems with edgy silo/kernel02:27
fabbioneat least on Niagara02:27
fabbioneit seems to be ok on other machines02:27
fabbioneand we need to boot a test dapper kernel on the new hardware rev2 of the T200002:27
tmarblehrmmmm what seems to be the problem?02:27
fabbionesince it seems that the hw upgrade breaks02:27
fabbionesilo 1.4.12 in edgy doesn't boot at all02:27
fabbionesilo 1.4.10 + .17 are having some personaility issues and trashing memory where the initramfs is loaded02:28
tmarblethat seems particularly antisocial02:28
fabbionethat makes the system basically unbootable02:28
tmarbleand that hurts our customer satisfaction ratings ;-)02:28
fabbionewell it's edgy02:29
fabbionei am more annoyed about dapper02:29
tmarblethe memory thing?02:29
fabbionebecause there has been a new hw release and we haven't been notified for certification02:29
fabbioneno, silo and kernel booting is only edgy02:29
fabbionebut the dapper kernel doesn't recognize the new rev 2 of the T200002:29
tmarbleif it makes you feel any better I pushed the hw guys so hard before (w.r.t. Ubuntu) that they, um, are not being super responsive02:30
fabbionethey did move the sas controller from a PCI-something slot to onboard02:30
fabbionewell we will see02:30
tmarbleso it sounds like silo needs to recognize rev2 and do something differently?02:30
tmarblehow can I help?02:31
fabbionehmm no i think i didn' t explain myself properly02:32
fabbione rev2 hw needs kernel love02:32
fabbione silo and kernel needs love for memory corruption02:32
fabbione(loading the initramfs)02:32
tmarbledo you (and David Miller) have rev2 hw?02:33
tmarblethat doesn't help, does it?02:33
fabbionewe both have rev 1 with sas controller on PCI02:33
fabbionenope it doesn't02:33
fabbioneit would be enough for us if somebody can  boot a test kernel 02:35
tmarbleI presume rev1 can be upgraded?  do you know if if it's a field upgrade?02:35
fabbioneno i don't think you can02:35
fabbioneit means changing the entire motherboard02:35
tmarbleso, if I get my hands on a  rev2, and you give me the test kernel, then I give you the output....02:36
fabbioneor somebody that has it02:36
fabbioneit just need a fast netboot02:36
fabbioneand grab the console output02:36
fabbionenothing more02:36
tmarbleI supposed to take today and tomorrow off, but I'm going to send a couple e-mails and see what I can get02:37
tmarblewill you have e-mail access during paternity leave?02:39
tmarblein that case can you give me the bits to the test kernel now?02:40
tmarbleand any instructions (beyond netboot/capture console)02:40
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fabbione_did you write anything?02:49
tmarbleyou vanished?02:50
tmarbleI asked for the bits to the test kernel before you go on leave (if possible)02:50
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fabbione__GO INTERNET!02:52
fabbione__yes i can make the kernel for you02:52
tmarblehe's back?02:53
fabbione__i will prepare it by tomorrow02:53
fabbione__if it last02:53
tmarbledon't forget any other instructions or details that I would need to get you what you need02:53
fabbione__just netboot really02:53
fabbione__nothing more02:53
fabbione__and grab all the output02:53
tmarbleso, to summarize, the kernel needs help02:57
tmarbleand silo needs to be updated02:57
tmarbleI assume that edgy would get the latest kernel02:57
tmarbleif a fix is found for the kernel -- would you use that latest kernel for dapper?02:58
tmarblewhat is the impact of having (or not) SAS controller on PCI?02:58
=== tmarble steps away for breakfast
fabbionedapper will still have .15 with the fix for rev2 of the hw03:09
fabbioneedgy needs to get a proper silo/kernel03:09
fabbionewithout the fix for the rev2 you can't install03:10
tmarbleok... i have to run now... I'll try and get access to some rev2 hardware.....03:32
tmarblethanks for the tips and I'll do what I can03:32
fabbionetake care03:33
tmarbleyou too (enjoy fatherhood!)03:33

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