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cbx33HEY rodarvus 12:18
rodarvushi cbx3312:18
LaserJockrodarvus: hi!12:19
rodarvushi LaserJock!12:19
rodarvusit is about time I should be in bed, but I'm not feeling like it, really12:19
LaserJockrodarvus: and how is the X master and Edubuntu chief doing today?12:19
rodarvusI'm not edubuntu chief :) (and really just temporary X mantainer, until we can find the right person to hire ;) )12:20
rodarvusbut I'm fine, thanks for asking - a little tired after a rather busy week12:22
rodarvuseager to get back home soon, etc12:22
LaserJockyes, I bet12:22
rodarvusthese developers conferences are great, but you *really* want to get back home after a whole week12:22
cbx33must be exhasting12:24
LaserJockrodarvus: so how is the distro sprint compared to the developer summit?12:31
rodarvusreally different12:33
rodarvusit was totally "getting work done" oriented12:33
=== cbx33 hopes he can get to the next summit
rodarvusparis sprint was a lot of brainstorming12:33
cbx33where is the next sprint gonna be?12:35
LaserJockI'm trying to turn into a shell programmer here12:35
LaserJocksprint or summit?12:35
cbx33LaserJock, go go go12:35
LaserJocknot exactly sure, rodarvus might know better than me12:36
LaserJockI've heard Brazil and LA/San Diego12:36
rodarvusnext summit is supposed to happen in November, after Edgy is released12:38
rodarvusdon't take my word as official, though12:38
rodarvusno commited place, until now12:38
rodarvus(no really reason to be in Brazil though, in my humble opinion, its too far from europe and US)12:39
LaserJockyeah, but the food sounds great!12:39
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cbx33rodarvus, has there been any places tooted?12:39
rodarvusfood is great here12:39
rodarvusin a general sense, yes12:39
rodarvusI don't have details on it, though12:40
BurgworkLaserJock, canonical is talking north america12:40
LaserJocknorth america?12:40
Burgworkvancouver was raised as a good place12:40
Burgworkby me12:40
cbx33if I get funding that is12:40
rodarvusnorth america would be great, in my opinion (but again, don't take it as official, or even as an indication it would be there)12:41
LaserJockBurgwork: of course ;-)12:41
rodarvusI just think it would be nice to have a conference there for the first time12:41
Burgworkmine is from a night of drinking with the canonical crew, so don't believe me either12:41
rodarvusthe big pro would be to have more contributions from US12:41
LaserJockI think Vancouver would be excellent12:41
rodarvusthe big con is that its getting harder and harder for strangers to go to US12:41
Burgworkvanoucver removes that issue12:42
LaserJockof course those silly people up north already got Montreal ;-)12:43
LaserJockit would be nice to have good internet, it seems like a big annoyance  when the connection isn't great12:43
cbx33anyone know how to help me with my network 12:44
cbx33I have an ipw2200 device12:44
cbx33I just modprobed the driver12:44
cbx33but how do I set it up12:44
rodarvustype iwconfig12:45
cbx33shows nothing12:45
rodarvusif the card is recognized (probably as wlan0)12:45
cbx33i ge a big fat 012:45
rodarvusyou just have to configure it on System->Administration->Networking12:45
rodarvusthats strange12:45
rodarvusipw2200 is pretty straightforward12:45
cbx33lspci shows it is present12:46
cbx330000:02:04.0 Ethernet controller: Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems [AirConn]  INPROCOMM IPN 2220 Wireless LAN Adapter (rev 01)12:46
cbx33any other ideas?12:46
rodarvusnothing extra should be needed12:47
rodarvusdoes dmesg tells you anything?12:47
cbx33hang on12:47
cbx33[4305010.395000]  ipw2200: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network Driver, 1.1.112:47
cbx33[4305010.395000]  ipw2200: Copyright(c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation12:47
cbx33[4305010.395000]  Warning: PCI driver ipw2200 has a struct device_driver shutdown method, please update!12:47
rodarvusit was apparently recognized correctly12:49
crimsunis this dapper or edgy?12:49
crimsun$ grep -i ipw /proc/interrupts12:50
crimsunthat's problematic.12:50
cbx33any ideas o wise one ?12:50
crimsunxt-pic or io-apci being used?12:50
crimsunio-apic, even12:51
cbx33how do I check?12:51
cbx33as I'm not sure?12:51
cbx33ok nm12:51
crimsunINPROCOMM IPN 2220 apparently uses a completely different driver12:52
crimsunyou have to use ndiswrapper according to http://www.frexx.de/nutz/acer-aspire-1522wlmi.html#wlan12:52
crimsun(which explains no irq being allocated for it)12:53
cbx33excellent crimsun you're a gem12:53
cbx33do I have to compile the ndiswrapper kernel module myself?12:54
crimsunalready included (modprobe ndiswrapper)12:54
crimsunyou'll want to check a howto on the wiki/forum12:54
crimsunI have only rudimentary exposure to ndiswrapper12:54
cbx33I have used it once before12:55
cbx33crimsun, I have it oloaded and working01:05
cbx33you know how to use WPA?01:05
crimsunI'm comfortable configuring /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf if that's what you're asking01:06
cbx33heheh yeh supposed I am01:06
crimsunI've used network-manager once, and it left a sour taste01:06
cbx33I found a howto about configuring wpa_supplicant01:06
crimsunso it really depends which tool you wish to use01:07
cbx33not network-manager01:07
cbx33i looked at that earlier and had the same reaction as you01:07
cbx33does that howto look ok?01:08
cbx33w00t working01:11
rodarvusnetwork manager is ok. its only problem is that it won't work with most cards01:11
rodarvusbut if you have a card it works well (such as the ipw 3945) its ok01:12
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LaserJockhmm, edubuntu-desktop is currently broken :(01:39
LaserJockbecause of scribus, which is because of python-tk01:39
LaserJockbut I can't figure out why python-tk won't install01:40
crimsunbecause the new python2.4 subsumes it.01:40
crimsunI nearly merged it, but I'm glad Matthias did it01:40
crimsunapt-cache show python2.4|egrep '^(Conflicts|Replaces)'01:41
cbx33nn all01:42
cbx33thanks again crimsun 01:42
crimsunnote 'python-tk (<< 2.4.3-2)'01:42
LaserJockso do we have to do a bunch of fixes for that?01:42
crimsunno, python-tk just needs to be merged.01:43
crimsunI presume he'll do that, too.01:43
crimsunI think there's a bug open on it01:45
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=== HedgeMage peeks in
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ggellerHow much diskspace does the edubuntu workstation install use?03:02
=== anemiat1 [n=shiv@c-65-96-200-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
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nixternali just fired up Edubuntu Edgy, upgrading it now. let me just say good job...i think it is the hottest looking setup, the icons are great, the wallpaper owns...im a KDE guy and I like this Gnome look ;)03:39
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sbalneavEvening all04:14
bddebianHeya sbalneav04:19
sbalneavEvening bddebian!!04:19
Burgundavianixternal: you will get converted04:19
nixternalmy panel is fubarred right now04:20
nixternalBurgundavia: when i click on "Applications", the menu flashes, and is unusable...any clues?04:25
Burgundavianixternal: right, so that is it trying to draw the menu and failing04:26
Burgundaviasomething is corrupting it04:26
Burgundaviagiven it (and the kde menu) are dynamically generated out of .desktop and .menu files, I have no idea where to even start looking04:26
Burgundaviawelcome to edgy04:26
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LaserJockhi nrdb04:56
nrdbI know edubuntu comes with ltsp, is this setup to run from the live cd?04:56
nrdbLaserJock: hi04:56
Burgundavianrdb: not currently04:57
LaserJocknrdb: no Edubuntu uses the alternate cd for LTSP04:57
nrdbBurgundavia: I thought it would be hard to do.04:58
nrdbLaserJock: So if I wan't to use LTSP I need to download something other than edubuntu?04:58
LaserJockedubuntu is what you want04:58
LaserJockjust not the live cd04:58
nrdbSo I would need to install it.04:59
LaserJockyou want the install cd on http://releases.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/6.06.1/04:59
LaserJockyou can't run LTSP without installing it05:00
BurgundaviaLaserJock: there is a plan afoot to create such a scd05:00
LaserJockBurgundavia: an Ubuntu project05:00
Burgundaviayep, mithrandir was going to work on it05:01
nrdbCould it be done by setting up a loopback file with all the configuration needed by LTSP?05:02
LaserJockhmm, that would be interesting for sure05:02
LaserJockgreat for showing off to the boss ;-)05:02
mxuhm.. how do i detect which video driver is loaded into memory?05:03
LaserJockhmm, perhaps lsmod?05:04
nrdbOne thing I have been wondering about it the there was any demand for a bizubuntu aimed at seting up a small company, maybe with a book keeping app etc.05:05
nrdbmx: could you look at the video driver in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?05:05
mxi'm trying to figure out if ctrl+alt+backspace reloads the xorg.conf file05:06
LaserJockit does05:07
LaserJocknrdb: I sure think so, I was talking with my wife's aunt who runs a small business05:07
LaserJocknrdb: she would love to switch to Ubuntu but she needs small business software05:07
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nrdbdoes anyone know how much data is needed by LTSP per client approx. ?05:09
nrdbLaserJock: Kontact is a good organiser.05:10
LaserJocknrdb: data?05:11
nrdbLaserJock: config files etc. on the server.05:11
LaserJocknrdb: she needs tax software and management stuff. I'm not sure what all05:11
LaserJocknrdb: hmm, not sure05:11
nrdbLaserJock: have a look at http://linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/reviews/5692/1/ does this help.05:13
nrdbLaserJock: I looked at GnuCash a while back.05:14
LaserJockhmm, interesting05:16
nrdbLaserJock: The only reason I didn't go further with GnuCash is that it keeps its data in a flat file, I thought this might get slow after several years of data had accumulated.05:20
nrdbwith edubuntu to install it you can't use the LiveCD you need to use a serperate CD correct?05:22
LaserJocknrdb: you want the install cd05:22
LaserJockat the URL I gave ^^05:23
nrdbLaserJock: I thought so, I will see about downloading it.05:23
mxalright.. i'm trying to mount an ntfs partition for general access.. how is that different from a regular mount?05:30
mxwhat i'm doing now is sudo mount, and then sudo konqueror and try to change the permissions, which returns an error (havent really looked into chmod)05:32
nrdbmx: ntsp writing isn't supported by the kernel.05:32
mxi'd just like to read it05:32
mxi can get into it with sudo konqueror, but i cant change permissions from the same place05:34
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mxmx@mx-desktop:~$ wine fgf*05:39
mxwine: could not load L"Z:\\home\\mx\\fgf172.exe": Module not found05:39
mx... wtf?05:39
mxshoot, wrong window05:40
nrdbjust asked on the #ltsp it seems that ltsp has a base install of about 125Mb with each client using a further 100b or so, so to mount a file via a loopback device does seem doable, and have the LiveCD handle clients as well.05:42
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cbx33hi bluekuja 11:21
pygimorning all11:22
cbx33long time no see11:22
cbx33My PyGi !11:22
cbx33goood mornin to you11:22
pygimorning cbx33 11:25
pygihow is you?11:25
cbx33I'm GREAT 11:25
cbx33looking forward to finishing off the plugin implementation today11:25
cbx33how about you11:26
pygicbx33, great, just fixed big bug in libburn11:27
pyginice for your plugins cbx33 :)11:36
cbx33yeh i hope so11:36
cbx33yeh i hope so I'm afraid they'll be rather limitied11:37
cbx33you see because we're using dbus for communication to client sessions11:43
cbx33maybe these plugins might need to have a client and server class11:44
cbx33so they can talk to each other over dbus11:44
cbx33what do you think pygi ?11:44
cbx33at the moment the plugins only function on the SCP side11:49
cbx33so they do have root access11:49
pygiroot access!!!11:49
cbx33they are running un der sudo11:50
pygiI know, I know11:50
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cbx33ping ogra 03:35
cbx33have I got some news for you03:35
cbx33and I need a quick chat about the plugins....it really is a quick chat03:36
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gboutwellCan someone help me set-up a networked printer?  I'm most the way there, but it's asking for me to select an ppd file and I have no idea why or where to look for these files.04:12
=== sankarshan [n=sankarsh@] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33gboutwell, those files deine your printer04:17
cbx33goto linuxprinting.org04:17
gboutwellcbx33: nm... I found where they where and reselected the driver and it's not asking me for it anymore.04:18
cbx33ok cool04:19
gboutwellNo... I'm trying to get it to print the test page..04:19
cbx33howz it going?04:23
gboutwellGood I think... Helps if the printer is turned on.04:23
cbx33heheh of course :p04:24
gboutwellLooks like that did it... ty04:26
cbx33np, I didn't do much04:27
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gboutwellhow do I get it to keep username... It seems to be keeping password, but not user name04:31
gboutwellare there any issues with upgrading edubuntu to dapper?04:33
cbx33hiya bddebian 04:33
bddebianHello cbx3304:34
cbx33howz it going bddebian 04:36
bddebianOh OK, thanks04:36
cbx33going really well04:39
cbx33just wrote a simple plugin framework in python for SCP04:39
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cbx33hi rodarvus 04:42
rodarvushi cbx33!04:42
cbx33howz it hanging04:42
=== rodarvus needs to wait another 12 hours before returning home
rodarvusthis is getting borinng :)04:42
bddebian"this" ?04:43
rodarvusthis == waiting in the hotel04:43
gboutwellHow can I make edubuntu remember the username & password for a SMB networked printer?04:44
gboutwellusername & password in this case != the one logged in to edubuntu04:44
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DrkLrdRichEd-1, ping04:46
cbx33rodarvus, :(04:47
cbx33is ogra still around?04:47
rodarvushe left about 5 hours ago04:47
rodarvusI'm the last one here04:47
cbx33oh dang it04:47
cbx33wanted to ask him a question04:47
rodarvushe is probably home by now04:47
rodarvusits jut unlikely he has the steam to work on a sunday, after traveling :)04:48
cbx33it's saturday04:48
cbx33well for me anyway04:48
gboutwellI pressed install on a big list of Software Upgrades, it greyed everthing out but I don't see any hour glass or progress... is it froze or is it just doing it all behind the scenes?04:52
cbx33run top in a terminal windows04:52
cbx33and see if it's working04:52
gboutwellwhat am i looking for in top?04:54
cbx33I can't try it seeing as I just updated04:56
gboutwellno apt... update-manager is there...04:58
cbx33is it....working?05:04
cbx33w00t - plugin handler is working perfectly05:04
=== neurogeek_ [n=neurogee@] has joined #edubuntu
gboutwellguess it was just a big list... if finally came-up and showed what it was going to update and is now d/ling them05:11
gboutwellif I follow the upgrade-manager's link to dapper upgrade instructions am I going to break edubuntu or is edubuntu ok with an dapper upgrade?05:12
=== pygi [n=pygi@89-172-238-45.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey pygi 05:15
cbx33breezy -> dapper ?05:16
gboutwellcbx33: yes05:16
pygicbx33, what with that? :)05:16
pygihey cbx33 05:16
cbx33gboutwell, should be cool05:16
cbx33pygi, the plugin interface works with SCP05:16
cbx33all plugins are read and added to the context menu05:16
pygicbx33, I know05:16
cbx33how did you know?05:17
cbx33I only just finished it05:21
pygicbx33, :)05:24
pygiI have sources :)05:24
cbx33pygi, can you add actions to an actiongroup and specify parameters?05:25
cbx33an action is usually ('Add to Favorites', None, 'Add to Favorites', None,05:25
cbx33'Add to Favorites', self.on_add_fav)05:25
cbx33but the self.on_add_fav05:25
cbx33i need to pass a parameter05:26
cbx33I don;t particularly want to create a wrapper function for it05:26
cbx33someone suggested lambda05:26
cbx33like so ('Disconnect', None, '_Disconnect', None,05:26
cbx33'Disconnect', lambda self = self: self.logout_user(self.userlist.get_selection()))05:26
cbx33but when run, the self, thinks it's applying o the menuitem05:26
cbx33and we get this error05:26
cbx33AttributeError: 'gtk.Action' object has no attribute 'logout_user'05:26
cbx33you got any bright ideas05:27
cbx33oh i think i got it05:27
cbx33another bug fix05:45
cbx33and we're done05:45
cbx33pygi, you got a few minutes to chat about pessulus ?05:49
pygicbx33, I never used that05:51
cbx33oh ok....05:51
cbx33from the looks of things05:51
cbx33it can't be used in the way ogra wants05:51
cbx33in his spec05:51
=== scythe [n=ubuntu@p54AF9693.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33gnomefreak, that sux05:56
cbx33hi scythe 05:56
cbx33the docs of pessulus state, that if you run pessulus as a non-privilaged user05:56
cbx33the settings will be stored in your own user05:56
cbx33which is what we want05:56
cbx33basically a centra admin05:57
gnomefreakand its not?05:57
cbx33can run pessulus to lockdown users systems05:57
scytheI'm testing edubuntu first time. looks very nice, but the ubuntu servers seem to be verly slow :(. while installing edubuntu the installer downloads the language packs for DE, this takes about 45 till 60 min. are there any other servers which could be used? and can I transfer the language packs to other edubuntu hd installs, that I don't need to download them again and again?05:57
cbx33but....if you are a sudo and run pessulus, it modifies the settings globally05:57
cbx33which is not what we want05:57
cbx33we want to lockdown each user05:57
cbx33the only way I could see of doing that05:57
cbx33is to run pessulus as the user you are tryingto edit05:58
cbx33and get it to display on the admins screen05:58
cbx33if that makes sense ?05:58
cbx33scythe, might be worth you wetting up and apt-cacher05:58
cbx33but don't ask me how to do it05:58
gboutwellscythe: you can set-up an proxy...  technically you can figure out where it d/ls the packages and copy them to the same location on other installs and it 'should' find them as already d/led and not re d/l them.05:59
cbx33gboutwell, good idea05:59
cbx33gnomefreak, any ideaS?05:59
gnomefreakcbx33: so we want it to do what it does as sudo without the sudo05:59
cbx33run as sudo -> modifies EVERYONE (not wanted)05:59
cbx33run as normal user -> modifies JUST YOU (wanted)06:00
cbx33but we want, as a super user....to modify someone elses 06:00
cbx33so as ADMIN I want to run pessulus as JOHN so it modifies only JOHN's account06:00
scythegboutwell: ok, I hope that the language packs are normal debs which were downloaded to /var/apt/cache06:00
cbx33make sense?06:00
gnomefreakcbx33: yes06:00
cbx33scythe, should be06:00
cbx33gnomefreak, can you think of a way to do that?06:01
scythecbx33: fine :)06:01
gnomefreakcbx33: i can think of a few but hmmmm one is change program source to do that or maybe a config file or even wrtie a script for it :( all 3 ways are not easy06:02
scytheand are there alternative servers for debs? cause the default ones are very slow. about 11kb/s :/06:02
gboutwellcbx33: sudo su JOHN -c pessulus ?06:02
gnomefreakall 3 ways assuming its open source06:02
cbx33hmm hang on06:02
cbx33what pessulus?06:02
cbx33it is06:02
cbx33Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server06:02
cbx33Xlib: No protocol specified06:02
cbx33presumably because john doesn't have permission to export to my display?06:03
gboutwellcbx33: Yeah... If forgot about that...06:03
cbx33gnomefreak, I'd prefer not to change program source if I can06:04
gnomefreaki know06:04
cbx33ogra wouldn't like it06:04
cbx33guess I'll have to find another way06:04
gnomefreakgive john permission to export to you disply?06:05
cbx33but then I'd have to do that for every user06:05
cbx33makes my display very insecure06:05
gboutwellcbx33: pessulus-run-script JOHN   where pessulus-run-script grants just john xdisplay on your display, runs pessulus and then revokes his xdisplay on your display ?06:06
scytheis it possible to resrict changing backrounds, screensaver, etc. for normal users? 06:06
cbx33gboutwell, possible06:06
cbx33but I'm still vulnerable during that time06:07
gboutwellcbx33: Yeah... it's essentially an priveledge escalation...06:08
gnomefreakcbx33: im afraid that is man, website, nor -h tells you than its changing source or making a hack that will do it06:08
cbx33gnomefreak, yeh06:08
cbx33I'll speak to ogra when he get's back06:08
gboutwellcbx33: does it have an command-line interface?06:09
cbx33what we want is a pessulus option to run as another user06:09
cbx33gboutwell, no06:09
cbx33nevermind I'll take a ganders at the source and see what I can do06:09
gboutwellcbx33: ugh... if it did, then you could build an UI and call the commands and avoid the problem entirely.06:09
cbx33gboutwell, or i could just skip pessulus entirely and modify gconf myself06:10
=== gboutwell prepares to upgrade to dapper from edubuntu breezy...
cbx33go go go :p06:12
cbx33hmmm seems like the edgy version of pessulus doesn't have any new features either06:12
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gboutwellopenoffice.org in dapper is essential openoffice.org 2 right?06:16
gboutwellok... just reviewing what the upgrade would do, noticed it removed oo.o2 packages and installed oo.o packages... figured it was still oo.o2, but double checking anyways.06:17
gboutwellWhelp... It'll be a bit... going to take over an hour to d/l all the packages...06:29
cbx33gnomefreak, I found a way to do what we never thought possible06:45
cbx33a package called sux06:45
cbx33su for X06:46
cbx33works like a charm06:46
cbx33except pessulus doesn't work great06:46
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cbx33pygi, you around?07:10
pygicbx33, not really right now07:11
cbx33ok np07:11
pygicbx33, how may I help you'07:13
cbx33it's fine07:13
pygino, no, shoot!07:13
cbx33i was gonna ask if you had a chance to think about my plugins idea.....07:13
pygiLately, I am always busy, so... :)07:13
cbx33having the server and client part?07:13
pygiah, server-client?07:13
pygiergh, you are faster :)07:13
pygiNo, but if you mail me I am bound to respond in some time  :)07:14
cbx33i just wondered if you thought it was a good idea?07:14
cbx33I know how to do it07:14
pygimight be good idea, yes07:15
cbx33you twisted my arm I'll do it07:16
cbx33right after I do the pessulus implementation07:16
pygiIt's always my fault for everything!07:16
cbx33but tbh pessulus seems a little non-functional07:16
pygipoke vuntz about it07:16
cbx33did he write it?07:17
cbx33pygi, he seems to be away07:23
cbx33hopefully he'll be back later07:23
pygicbx33, he's always away...he'll poke you07:23
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lucasvohow can I make my ltsp client use 1024x786 resolution?07:36
lucasvoanybody can help?07:41
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33rodarvus, heheh this is going good07:47
cbx33plugin framework done and pessulus integration :D07:47
cbx33now it's just the server / client enhanced plugins left07:48
rodarvuscbx33, weekend hacking session? :)07:48
cbx33rodarvus, I'm always hacking I told you that yesterday07:48
cbx33well lisa has a tonne of work on from her american bosses and we hade to take a raincheck on a family party07:49
cbx33so....I thought.....hehehe....w00t time for some scp hacking07:49
cbx33rodarvus, you got a sec?07:54
rodarvussure, go ahead07:54
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LaserJockarg, no ogra10:59
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