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ryanakcahey bddebian12:41
ryanakcawant to re-re-review my package?12:41
ryanakcalike give it an advocacy (is that a word) for the 3rd time?12:42
bddebianryanakca: eqono..whatever?12:42
ryanakcayes :)12:42
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Hobbsee* The pyromaniac waves hello06:35
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Tonio__heya people09:38
Tonio__Sime: ping ?09:38
Tonio__Sime: shame on me, but it looks like I need to be tutored to buildprep with unsermake :)09:38
Tonio__I must say I don't know unsermake at all09:38
Tonio__Sime: for k-s-s of course09:38
Tonio__Sime: so the point is how to go from the svn to a real tarball09:39
Tonio__Sime: I assume a make -f admin/Makefile.common should suffice but I'd like to be sure :)09:40
Tonio__..... seems to work, so let's try like this09:42
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nixternalsecksy kde ->  http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=711&slide=7&title=sabayonlinux+x86+3.0+rc2+screenshots10:05
nixternalg'nite ;)10:06
SimeTonio__: to de honest I've never made a tarball from k-s-s. Riddell has (I think) has been doing this and knows the procedure.10:27
Tonio__the error seem to be due to the makefile.am file10:27
Tonio__systemsettings/menu/Makefile.am: no rule to create target: /tmp/buildd/kde-systemsettings-0.0svn20060826/systemsettings/menu/kde-settings-accessibility.directory(all-top_systemsettings_menu)10:28
Simeok have a play with it here...10:31
Simeok, i'll have a play with it here...10:36
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Hobbseehey all10:38
Hobbseehey Sime!10:41
Hobbseecool, there are people around :)10:41
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omeowDoes anyone have a package for the new nvidida driver?11:36
SimeTonio__: I'm really not sure how to fix the k-s-s tarball. It looks rather hacked.11:38
SimeTonio__: using the last tarball and replacing that Makefile.am and the other *.directory and *.menu files should be enough.11:38
Tonio__Sime: the point is there are differences in makefile.am11:39
Tonio__should I keep them ?11:39
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Simethe Makefile.am under menu/ should be kept.11:48
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=== rouzic ha vuelto.
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imbrandonmoins all01:51
rouzicamarok 1.4.2 in dapper?01:52
ubotuamarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.2 and packages are available for Kubuntu at: http://www.imbrandon.com/2006/08/23/get-it-hot-amarok-142-released/01:52
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:52
rouzicThanks ubotu :D01:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about givemenewnvidiadriversnowwwwww - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:53
imbrandonbug nvidia for not opensourceing them like intel 01:53
omeowThat's not what I meant. The new drivers have been released two days ago, and they're not in edgy yet. I can't wait for these new drivers because they apparently let me re-enable renderaccel again.01:54
omeowCan't wait can't wait for that to be possible again.01:54
omeow8774 please :)01:56
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imbrandonits onyl a matter of time , its only been a few days02:07
omeowYeah. Thus, I can't wait. ;)02:09
omeowBy the way, where has the "launch feedback module" gone in the System Settings?02:10
omeowYou can't seem to switch off the bouncing cursor without going into kcontrol instead.02:10
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Tonio_Riddell: ping ?02:19
imbrandonwith the sprint over he might be heading home today , i dunno thats just a guess02:26
imbrandonhe hasent said that02:26
imbrandonbtw moins Tonio_ 02:26
Tonio_imbrandon: hey ;)02:26
Tonio_imbrandon: I just commited a fix for kwalletmanager02:26
Tonio_works here02:26
imbrandonnice i was wondering about that02:27
Tonio_but the way to do is not perfect02:27
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Tonio_imbrandon: I downgraded kwalletmanager to 3.5.2 via a patch02:27
imbrandonouch 02:27
Tonio_quite little patch in fact, but upstream doesn't seem concerned by the bug02:27
Tonio_reported 2 month ago and his only response is like "okay"02:27
Tonio_3.5.4 has been released while he already was aware of this02:28
Tonio_imbrandon: in fact this is not a very crappy patch, it is still quite little02:28
imbrandonheh yea i noticed it a while back but it isnt a big deal so i never messaed with it02:28
Tonio_imbrandon: the patch is only 9kB02:28
imbrandoni may go on a bug hunt today , i dunno, havent decided what to do, still drinking my morning coffee02:29
Tonio_I assume that if he really wanted to fix, that could have been done very easilly02:29
Tonio_he just doesn't give a shit, which is very grave for kde02:29
imbrandonunfortuneately thats alot of open source developers02:30
Tonio_how can they pretend to be "serious" if a major bug, quite easy to fix, isn't even read for 2 month ?02:30
imbrandonwell i wouldent call it major, i've had the problem for months now and its no big deal but i see your point02:30
Tonio_it is not major as long as you don't need to go to your wallet to get a password02:36
seaLneTonio_: thanks for uploading k3b yesterday02:36
Tonio_your servant02:37
Tonio_Riddell: i hope you will not dislike the way to proceed concerning kwallet02:45
imbrandonTonio_: it can always be un-done if there comes a better way to fix it 02:58
imbrandonmoins seaLne02:58
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Huahuahi, bddebian 05:57
bddebianHello Huahua05:57
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Luresebas: ping06:40
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rouzicHi all :)07:53
rouzicHuahua: When the Knot2 will go out?07:57
rouzicThanks seaLne :)08:01
seaLnenp, i can never remember the dates08:02
rouzicI have heard that it was going to go out in the first week of August08:05
seaLneno, it was always going to be after the sprint afaik08:07
imbrandonaug 31 is what the release schedule says08:07
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jdonghow is kubuntu's relationship with mepis?08:29
seaLneit is a derivative of kubuntu afaik08:32
jdongyeah, I got that much from testing it last night08:33
jdongit's quite literally ubuntu with 10-20 overridden packages08:33
jdongand an extra sources.list entry :)08:34
jdongI used to be a MEPIS user in the KDE 3.1.x days08:34
jdongthey've held on to a lot of their legacy scripts/tools, even though IMO Kubuntu has better replacements that they should've adopted08:34
jdongI'm just wondering if kubuntu devs "look down" upon Mepis because it's so close to kubuntu08:35
crimsun"look down on"? That's a "no".08:35
seaLne"ignore" maybe :)08:36
jdongk :)08:36
jdongthat's cool08:36
jdongso would anyone here whack me in the head for recommending mepis to a linux newcomer? ;)08:38
crimsunin this specific channel, it's probably bordering off-topic, but I certainly wouldn't frown on it. It's a Kubuntu derivative.08:39
seaLnejdong: so why would you recomend mepis over kubuntu?08:39
seaLnewhat do you think needs changed in kubuntu?08:40
jdongseaLne: don't get me wrong, I love kubuntu and I don't think anything needs to be changed about it08:40
jdongI will always be a kubuntu user 08:41
jdongfor Windows newcomers, mepis is more ready for them out of the box08:41
jdongthey got java and win32codecs all set up and ready to go, as well as firefox/gaim (which IMO work better than KDE's offerings)08:41
jdongnow, I know kubuntu can't do the java/win32codecs thing08:41
jdongand I don't expect us to08:41
jdongBUT, I have lost linux migrators before due to the whole codecs thing08:42
jdongI gotta say, last night's mepis install saved me around 30 minutes of post-install customization...08:43
jdongmight not sound like a big deal, but I know it'd take a lot longer for people who don't know their way around08:43
seaLnevlc dosen't require codecs does it? (i know not in default kubuntu)08:43
jdongwell, for some media formats, yes it does08:43
jdongand it's not in default kubuntu ,as you said08:43
jdongit's all about the out-of-the-box factor :-/08:43
crimsunvlc has as much as can be had within reason08:45
crimsunI enabled the w32loader in edgy's version, so anything it can't play OOtB it can play using w32codecs08:45
seaLnei admit codecs is one of the few things i let my morals slip on08:46
jdong:) me too08:47
jdongit's a necessary evil though08:47
jdongat least for me08:47
crimsunwell there's also a technical reason vlc simply can't play everything OOtB, and that's due to the fact that its source is in the universe repository, and if you want OOtB support for everything, it'd have to be demoted to multiverse.08:47
crimsunslomo, siretart, and I talked about doing that but decided it wasn't worth it08:48
seaLnejdong: btw i have used konq as my only browser fine for over 2 years08:52
jdongI believe you08:53
jdongI've gone with knoq for quite some time myself08:53
jdongbut, I found more people prefer firefox over konq, especially those migrating from Windows08:53
crimsunthat's funny, I actually prefer Konqueror ;)08:54
crimsuntwo indispensable items: my Kubuntu 6.06 LTS live cd and my usb HD08:54
jdonghey, is it just me, or is antialiasing messed up by the kde 3.5.4 repo?08:56
jdongI just did the upgrade on two systems, and both came back with non-AA'd fonts08:56
crimsunno idea. I'm still using what's on the 6.06 LTS live cd08:56
jdonga bit of kcontrol'ing fixed it08:56
jdongbut I have to reset it for every user08:56
jdongI would use what's in official repos, but my laptop benefits from 3.5.4 bugfixes08:57
jdongnamely, the volume buttons control the master channel set in kmix08:57
jdongfunny thing how the ALSA guys aren't naming the master channel Master anymore :)08:58
crimsunwell, we can't precisely name it Master because it would be semantically incorrect08:58
crimsunnot to mention whatever's provided by the manufacturer of the codec is used08:59
jdongso then is it the mixer applet's fault for not identifying the correct channel to control?08:59
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jdonglike on my intel-hda laptop, to control the main speakers, I need to adjust the Front channel. GNOME/KDE both pick the PCM channel to control instead09:00
crimsunconceivably it's alsa's fault, not the mixer applet's.09:01
jdongand until kde 3.5.4, the volume hotkeys would always control PCM, even if I chose Front as the master channel09:01
crimsunhere's a bit of background:09:01
crimsuncodec manufacturers have wonky routing (what we call ttables in alsa), so it results in strange implementations (read: bugs) in alsa.09:02
jdongso who should be fixing this bug?09:04
crimsunHistorically either 'Master' or 'PCM' control elements were sufficient to control what users generally refer to as "sound", but the increasing complexity (addition) of control elements ('Surround', etc.) created a situation where neither can be said to control "sound" anymore.09:04
jdongI see09:04
crimsunwell, frankly it's not kde's issue09:04
crimsunfrankly it's an alsa issue.09:04
jdongwell, here's the thing09:05
jdongin the kmix applet settings, I told it to have the volume applet control Front (whereas PCM was default)09:05
crimsunwe need to fix the control layer to provide a single tooglable 'Master', but that requires changing the control API.09:05
jdongso, now if I mousewheel over the kmix applet, it correctly controls Front09:05
seaLnejdong: how did you change?09:05
jdongright click kmix, Select Master Channel....09:06
seaLnewoot now kmix will be usable09:06
jdongbut, if I use the volume keys on my keyboard, they still control PCM09:06
jdong(fixed in kde 3.5.4)09:06
jdongthat, I see as a kmix bug09:06
seaLnekmix by defaulkt was controlling master for me09:06
jdongno matter what it controls by default, the inconsistency between the panel applet behavior and the keyboard shortcut behavior sounds like a kmix bug to me09:07
seaLneis the kbd using kmix?09:08
crimsunjdong: depends whose perspective you take09:09
jdongseaLne: the kbd shortcut was set in kmix's Configure Global Shortcuts menu09:09
jdongso IMO that's kmix handling the shortcut :)09:09
crimsunif one _really_ wanted to cleanly abstract this, the hotkey should be hooked to a single 'Master' element at the alsa level, thereby fixing everything above it in the software stack automagically.09:10
crimsunyou're right about the inconsistency being a huge issue09:11
crimsunI need to spec this out over Christmas.09:11
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imbrandonheay jdong ( and crimsun again ;P )09:27
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mani_hi everybody09:55
mani_for 47 people, this channel is actually a little quiet !.... anybody home ?!!!09:56
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nixternalwhats up with the wallpaper in kubuntu now?  is it staying?  the one with the god awful screen burn look in the center?09:59
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exobuzzcould I get some opinions on the look of fonts in edgy : http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24451411:10
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jdong|laptopRiddell: is it possible to update the kubuntu.org kde354 repos with the new kdeutils from edgy?11:32
jdong|laptopthe kwalletmanager fix is pretty worthwhile, IMO11:32
LaserJockhi nixternal11:47
Riddelljdong|laptop: unlikely I'll hae the time11:47
nixternalquit following me ;)11:47
Riddellnixternal: why oh why would you need a terminaal in an irc client?11:48
nixternalRiddell: you are getting rid of the current wallpaper in defautl right?  going back to 5c ;)11:48
nixternali use konsole all the time, and my window was cluttered..with konversation and konsole, my window is now free11:48
Riddellnixternal: depends on feedback11:50
nixternalok here is my feedback, 5c please ;)  the new one is oooogly11:50
nixternalhere is why..i thought my monitor was going bad, asi it resembles a burn in or a crt11:50
nixternali freaked out, until i opened a window and it wasn't there ;)11:50
nixternal*burn in "ON" a crt11:51
Riddellnixternal: tell it to kwwii (as it happens I agree :)11:52
nixternali think it was a trial type thing, as i heard it was going to get switched back eventually11:53
nixternali was wondering really now because i want some more screenshots for Edgy Knot 2 release for us11:53
Riddellnixternal: it won't change for edgy 212:02
nixternalok, so leave the brownish bg then...cool...12:02
nixternali will definitely link that to "feedback" ;)12:02
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buzzenIs there a problem with edgy fonts, or is the new font look here to stay. I don't think they look very good: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=142656512:06
buzzenwhere would be the correct place to discuss this? open a bug on fontconfig ?12:07
nixternalcheck bugs as well12:08
LaserJockbuzzen: I would also look for existing bugs as I'm sure they exist12:08
LaserJockas I've heard a fair amount of complaining about the fonts12:08
nixternali swear, my dvd player gives me more problems than ever12:09
nixternali know i had it working in dapper, trying to get it to work in edgy has been a chore12:09

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