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henrymdoes launchpad provide source hosting for projects? like sourceforge does? I can't seem to find out anywhere...01:47
lucasvohenrym: it can host bzr branches for you02:00
lucasvohenrym: but there is no webhosting so far02:00
henrymlucasvo: hmm, ok. thanks02:04
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lifelesshenrym: thats a 'yes' :) - source hosting for sure03:12
henrymlifeless: yeah, provided I use bzr?03:18
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mejdehow do I delete my account?04:42
Burgundaviamejde: hm, no idea, sorry04:45
mejdethat sucks04:45
mejdeat least it's mildly annoying04:45
mejdeguess I'll have to waste time mailing administrators then...04:46
lifelesstheres no account deletion facility04:46
lifelessjust dont use it if you dont want to04:46
mejdeI didn't even ask for it to be added04:46
mejdefor fucks sake04:46
mejdeif I had added it myself I wouldn't be so irritated04:47
Burgundaviamejde: are you a debian developer?04:48
mejdeno... why do you ask?04:48
Burgundaviathey got bulk added04:48
Burgundaviahow did you get added?04:49
mejdeI probably got added because i had a bugzilla account04:49
jameshyep.  We migrated bugzilla accounts over to Launchpad when shutting down bugzilla.ubuntu.com04:49
jameshmejde: who would your comments be attributed to if your account was deleted?04:50
mejdeif there's no easy way to remove it then you could at least only migrate with users consent or something04:50
mejdeI don't care04:50
mejdethat's sort of your problem.... right04:50
mejdeleave my name in there or something... sure04:50
mejdeI just don't want an account04:51
lifelessmejde: we represent a name by an account04:51
mejdelifeless: so?04:51
lifelessso we've done precisely what you describe. Just dont use it if you dont want to04:51
mejdeyou can't do anything to mitigate that?04:51
jameshmejde: is it mainly that you don't want to receive email?04:51
lifelessto mitigate -what- then ?04:52
mejderemove my user page etc04:52
mejdeah... wait... never mind04:53
mejdeI'll just change name and mail to something completely irrelevant04:53
lifelesswhat is it about the user page that concerns you?04:53
mejdeI just don't want it...04:55
mejdeI didn't ask for it... and don't want it04:55
mejdehard to understand... I know04:55
lifelessif it was causing you grief04:56
mejdeand no, I'm not an Ubuntu hater04:56
lifelesslike spam, or such, I'd understand more04:56
mejdenor a Canonical hater04:56
lifelessand I could definately try to fix that04:57
jameshmejde: are other people likely to share your reasons for wanting to delete their account?  If so, perhaps we can change something about the page presentation.04:58
jameshas it is, you're not giving us much to work with04:59
mejdeand i don't care... I'm happy now05:00
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lifelessparticularly as changing email requires confirmation05:01
Burgundaviapeople are different05:02
lifelessBurgundavia: I think you missed my point - he can't have changed the email to something bogus05:03
Burgundaviahmm, right05:04
jameshunless he has control of an irrelevant email address ...05:04
=== jamesh notes that there are a number of domains we should disallow for email addresses for this reason
lifelesstrue, but it will still be his .. 05:05
jameshnot necessarily05:05
lifelessah, I see.05:05
lifelesslike hotmail05:05
jameshthere are sites where you can use anything@domain.com and any mail sent to it shows up at http://www.domain.com/anything05:06
jameshsome even provide RSS feeds05:06
Burgundaviadisallowing whole domains is a bad idea05:07
Burgundaviathere are legit users using hotmail and as they are likely to be the non-tech savvy ones, you run yourself into a serious issue05:07
jameshnot suggesting blocking of hotmail05:07
jamesh(although hotmail seems to treat most of our confirmation messages as spam ...)05:08
jameshthings like http://mailnull.com/05:09
jameshor mailinator.com05:10
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pygican malone product bugs be in sync with trac?01:58
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=== pygi pokes someone?
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UbugtuNew bug: #57806 in rosetta "gnome-desktop-2.0.mo disappears from daily generated language-pack-gnome-es since 20060823" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5780602:30
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pygican malone product bugs be in sync with trac? (both ways)07:18
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lucasvolucasvo@supernova:~/Desktop/vincisolutions/webmail/addressbook/harmony/addressbook$ bzr push07:50
lucasvoUsing saved location: sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harmony-dev/harmony/addressbook07:50
lucasvobzr: ERROR: Lock was broken while still open: LockDir(sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eharmony-dev/harmony/addressbook/.bzr/branch/lock) - check storage consistency!07:50
lucasvocan somebody help me?!07:56
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daniloslucasvo: try "bzr break-lock"08:18
danilosthough, it doesn't sound like that problem08:18
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BlueAidanhow long is the usual delay between pushing a revision to LP and it showing up on the website / be available for others to merge?08:39
lucasvoBlueAidan: the website and the bazaar are two different things08:47
lucasvoBlueAidan: not on website doesn't mean not available for branching08:48
lucasvodanilos: no, that doesn't fix it08:49
lucasvodanilos: I would have to break-lock on the server08:49
lucasvoany bazaar admin online?08:50
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LarstiQlucasvo: does the lock directory actually exist?09:29
lucasvoyes it odes09:30
lucasvoLarstiQ: or what do you mean?09:32
LarstiQthat is what I mean, recently a bug for such a case was reported and fixed, but it isn't yours it seems09:32
LarstiQlucasvo: you knoe you can 'bzr break-lock http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harmony-dev/harmony/addressbook/'?09:33
LarstiQknow, even09:33
=== LarstiQ is a bit tired and rambling, sorry
lucasvoLarstiQ: not really: http://pastebin.ca/15033609:34
LarstiQlets see what raises that condition then09:35
LarstiQlucasvo: it seems to arise when there is a broken lock that is claimed by someone else09:38
lucasvoLarstiQ: that means?09:39
LarstiQsomeone else might have been using it at the same time09:40
LarstiQbut I'm too tired to do this correctly :/09:41
LarstiQlucasvo: how long has this been happening?09:41
lucasvoLarstiQ: for about 5h09:41
LarstiQany idea how it started?09:43
lucasvoLarstiQ: could you at least delete the lock09:51
LarstiQlucasvo: I'm a bzr user, not an lp admin09:54
LarstiQlucasvo: you could ask in #bzr if anyone knows what to do, but it's fairly quiet over there too. The .au people will be awake in a couple of hours, but it is also weekend09:56
LarstiQlucasvo: I'm sorry I can't help more than that09:56
lucasvoLarstiQ: oh09:56
lucasvoLarstiQ: anyway thanks09:57
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cucohi, i found that i have an account in lauchpad, which i never regisgterd. the site displayes this channel as on the the contacts10:56
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lifelessLarstiQ: you can't break-lock over http ;)11:17
lifelessLarstiQ: not yet anyhow.11:17
lifeless(because its readonly)11:18
lifelessit looks like there are no held locks to me11:21
lifelesslucasvo: ^11:22
lucasvolifeless: strange11:22
lucasvoI'll try it again11:22
lucasvoUsing saved location: sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harmony-dev/harmony/addressbook11:23
lucasvobzr: ERROR: Lock was broken while still open: LockDir(sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eharmony-dev/harmony/addressbook/.bzr/branch/lock) - check storage consistency!11:23
lucasvoI still get the same error11:23
lifelessthats sftp not http11:23
lucasvoit's not the same?11:23
lifelessnot at all11:23
lifelessdo you have lftp ?11:24
lifelesser, scratch that11:25
lifelessbzr info sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eharmony-dev/harmony/addressbook/11:25
lifelessit will tell you the lock status11:25
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