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Cogito_ergo_sumgood afternoon12:44
Cogito_ergo_sumbuenas tardes...12:45
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nixternalBurgundavia: http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=712&slide=4&title=ubuntu+christian+edition+1.0+screenshots09:59
Madpilotnixternal, if it weren't for the file names, that'd look like a stock Dapper desktop...10:01
nixternalheh, it is a stock dapper desktop10:01
Madpilotstock Dapper + one bible-quotes app installed by default... remind me what the point of this is again?10:02
nixternalhehe...we went into this earlier10:02
Madpilotya, I know, but I'm still missing whatever point they think they're making... :)10:03
nixternalaren't we all though10:03
Madpilotof course, this is the same group who's IRC channel turned into a troll's nest...10:04
nixternalthats the hottest KDE look i have seen to date i think10:04
nixternalbah..bed time for gonzo ;)10:04
nixternalg'nite all10:04
MadpilotKDE + XGL... cool10:05
Madpilotextra shininess10:05
Madpilotnight, nixternal10:05
nixternalyes, i will have to show riddell and kwwii that..gn'ite10:05
MadpilotI need to crash too10:05
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elkbuntujohnlittle, did you see the crappy wallpaper i linked here yesterday?02:36
johnlittleyeah that was funny02:36
elkbuntupity i suck at drawing people02:37
johnlittleI cam home frm work and fell asleep..slept for 12 hours. I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a stretch in weeks02:37
Kamping_Kaiseraw, sif elkbuntu :(02:37
johnlittleHey it's better than my drawing02:37
elkbuntuKamping_Kaiser, i had to perform plastic surgery on the poor thing's face with gimp02:37
Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, so? i cant even work the gimp out enough to draw lines02:38
johnlittleI have some user that keeps searching ubuntu video for "gay videos"...is there a Gubuntu I don't know about? ;)02:42
johnlittleI'm seeing links to UV pop up on gamer forums...that's pretty cool02:47
elkbuntuhow many sigs with counter buttons do you see in the forums?02:48
MenZajohnlittle: Goobuntu*02:57
johnlittlesry had to move my car before the parking nazis found it03:01
johnlittlemenza: lol03:02
MenZaWell, that's what it's called.03:02
johnlittleim changing my url to coreyburgervideo.com03:04
johnlittleelkbuntu how many hits a day you get on that counter button - from all sites?03:05
elkbuntuwhich button?03:06
johnlittlethe little thingy like i have on UV03:07
elkbuntulet me calculate03:09
elkbuntuabout 8400 hits / day .. the littlest one gets more like 24000 hits / day03:11
MenZaig dear03:11
MenZaoh dear*03:11
MenZathat's a lot of hits03:11
elkbuntuand thats only the plain ubuntu variant03:11
MenZaany from my site, elkbuntu :D?03:12
MenZaI've gotten a few from the counter so far03:12
elkbuntui think ~2000 hits03:13
MenZaThat many :O03:15
MenZavista is funny sometimes03:15
=== MenZa finds screenshot
MenZaI was deleting.. maybe 20 icons from my desktop03:16
MenZaoh come on you stupid ramhog03:16
elkbuntuhar har! :P03:16
johnlittleI hope its released like that ;)03:18
Klaidasafter looking at flickr users' photos, /me signed up for flickr too :D03:20
MenZaflickr is nice03:20
MenZaI have pro :)03:20
KlaidasI'm still playing around03:21
Klaidasonly 1 pic uploaded :D03:21
MenZapro is nice03:21
MenZaif you have $2503:21
MenZait's definitely worth it imo03:21
KlaidasI have >2503:21
Klaidasbut I don't have how to pay03:21
MenZaI just used paypal I think03:22
=== Klaidas has cash
Klaidasbut not credit card/paypal/etc03:22
johnlittleyou have  bank account?03:22
johnlittleCan you open one?03:23
KlaidasUmm, I don't think so03:23
MenZacome ON03:24
MenZadamned Vista!03:24
MenZame rebooty.03:24
MenZabe back in 15 minutes.03:24
johnlittleHow old are you klaidas?03:24
MenZa(and I'm not kidding you)03:24
johnlittleYeah you might have to get your parents help03:25
KlaidasSo far I have a host for my photogallery03:25
KlaidasBut I'm thinking of moving it to flickr03:25
KlaidasBecause of comments, sets, nice interface03:25
johnlittleyeah flickr is good03:26
KlaidasIt's just that when I' on flickr, it won't be the "where only the best pictures survive" photofallery03:27
KlaidasI already started uploading cr*p03:27
KlaidasLike picture of me, lol :D03:27
Klaidasohh, but "sets should save me"03:30
Klaidas*"sets" should save me03:30
Klaidaslike, photogallery - all pics from klaidas.tinkle.lt // other - the crp :)03:30
johnlittleI used to have big gallery up but took it down. not sure why03:32
KlaidasWhen taking pictures, I should be ccarefull using the light03:33
KlaidasLooking at my eye, you could think I'm yellow o_O03:33
johnlittleugh..could be looking at a hurricane here next week03:49
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Klaidastook a while to reboot ;)03:51
MenZahm, didn't launch x-chat immediately03:51
MenZabut yes03:51
MenZait does take some time03:51
johnlittleon ubuntu?03:52
=== johnlittle pulls out a stick and chases MenZa away
Klaidasbecause he used vista? :)03:52
=== MenZa draws a cattleprod and zaps johnlittle
=== johnlittle hacks MenZa's Windows powered cattleprod
Klaidas"Weendoz soock" attitude detector v.10 launched... Detecting... Detected:1 johnlittle03:54
MenZajohnlittle: lmao03:54
johnlittlehah you wish03:54
Klaidaserr, v1.003:54
johnlittletime for me to hit the gym..ttyl03:57
KlaidasTime to hit the cinema here :)03:58
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ompaulI just saaid this elsewhere09:34
ompaul* ompaul wonders if anyone in this camp has sat down and thought about the huge impact Ubuntu has had on the FLOSS world09:34
ompaul<ompaul> it is hitting me hard the last 24 hours or so, this evening I was with my good mate jayt, the chap is a brickie who explained to his seven year old daughter rather well what sudo was09:34
ompaul<ompaul> she btw loves gcompris but thinks the music sounds like an ice cream van09:34
Burgundaviaompaul: the gcompris team is basically one guy, part time09:40
ompaulit rocks09:40
johnlittleburgundavia youre in 2/3 of the UV videos on the front page09:55
Burgundaviayes, I saw that09:58
nixternalBurgundavia: nice to see Novell is on top of stuff there10:01
nixternalthat page is nice10:01
Burgundaviaright, but that is no different than /mystory10:02
Burgundaviaexcept because their stuff is non-free, they can hand out copies of it10:02
nixternaloh ya it is, you get mapped, which some people like, and you can win FREE goodies from Novell, mystory doesn't do that ;(10:02
nixternalheh, you can win proprietary stuff at that10:03
nixternalnow i know why i left novell10:03
BurgundaviaI thought you worked for MS10:03
nixternali worked for novell for 5 weeks when i first got out of the navy...i was a help desk jockey10:04
nixternala temp, for Manpower10:04
Burgundaviaanyway, I have to run10:05
nixternalhelp desk jockeys are not fun10:05
Burgundavianeed to move som estuff10:05
nixternalhave fun10:05
BurgundaviaI did that too10:05
ompauljohnlittle, I know a few people who will be interested inthat10:24
nixternalto late, already being created10:24
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nixternalkonversation ownz11:46
=== poningru is from there^^

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