LaserJockryanakca: looks good, I'm going to build in pbuilder, etc.12:11
lfittlLaserJock: do you have some time to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2931 after you are finished with this one? :)12:20
LaserJockoh jeeze12:21
LaserJockI'll try guys12:24
LaserJockbut I'm pretty slow at reviewing12:24
ryanakcaLaserJock: kk, ty12:24
lfittltake your time, I just want to get this uploaded before the next TB, want to apply for universe upload rights / MOTU, and could need another maintained package ;)12:25
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=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHeya gang12:41
lfittlhi bddebian (bah, I thought I was in -motu, but it was -bugs ;))12:43
lfittlbddebian: why do you always have to greet in all channels? :D12:44
bddebianIt's my job :-)12:44
LaserJockit's the only thing he is good at ;-)12:45
bddebianOh man, you beat me to it.. :'-(12:45
LaserJockI know you too well12:45
lfittlbddebian: mind giving a +1 on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2931, as it really seems to be correct, and linda is just buggy12:46
lfittlbddebian: you are also good for reviewing ;)12:46
crimsunplease don't ship the libtool archive.12:47
bddebianlfittl: Sure.  I gotta check out eqonomize for ryanakca quick12:47
lfittlcrimsun: should I create a pkgconfig file instead?12:47
lfittlbddebian: sure12:47
crimsunthat would work, sure.12:47
LaserJockryanakca: I don't get this link: ./usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/eqonomize/common -> ../common12:49
ryanakcaermmm.... where's that?12:49
ryanakcabecause I don't get it either12:51
LaserJockin the .deb12:51
ryanakcahow did you display it?12:52
=== ryanakca wants to get a look at the devil :)
LaserJockdpkg -c eqonomize_0.3-0ubuntu1_i386.deb12:52
ryanakcagrep -rin /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/eqonomize/common *          in the source dir doesn't should anything12:52
ryanakcahmmm... weird... any clue as to fixing it?12:55
lfittlcrimsun: I just noticed again, only -lgrapple is needed, is a pkg-config still a good thing to have in this case?12:57
lfittls/pkg-config/.pc\ file/12:58
crimsundoes it have really odd header paths or options?12:58
ryanakcaLaserJock: found the part of the pbuilder output that does that... just can't figure out why or from where that came from12:58
lfittlcrimsun: no, nothing12:59
crimsunlfittl: I would say then that it's not absolutely necessary but a very nice thing to include.12:59
lfittlcrimsun: k, I saw that some .pc files also add -L, even if the lib is in /usr/lib, is there any reason to do this?01:00
crimsunI don't see any, no01:01
crimsunlfittl: apologies, your package is fine.01:02
crimsunlfittl: I'm a bit overzealous in pruning .las01:02
crimsun(just reread Junichi's guide to double-check)01:03
lfittlcrimsun: :)01:03
lfittlwhats the url for his guide?01:03
crimsunlfittl: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html01:04
lfittlah, didn't know there was stuff about .la in there01:04
crimsunI only checked to see if there was a note mandating their removal, since I know kde -dev packages ship them. Only X.Org packages so far don't.01:05
lfittlcrimsun: will create a patch and send it upstream, and stick with the .la for this version01:05
bddebianryanakca: There are some ln going on in configure01:06
crimsunlfittl: sounds great, I'll +1 it01:07
lfittlcrimsun: thanks for reviewing :)01:07
lfittlcrimsun: do you have time to come to the next TB meeting, could need as many supporters as possible01:08
crimsunI will attempt to01:08
crimsunTB meetings always seem to coincide with a sponsor or faculty meeting01:09
ryanakcabddebian: mind pointing me to the line?01:11
ryanakcanevermind, I'll grep it :)01:11
bddebianHmm, what would be the best way to find out how/where keyboard bindings are being done in crack-attack?  Run it in gdb?01:14
lfittlbddebian: what exactly are you trying to debug?01:16
bddebianlfittl: Bug #3074701:16
UbugtuMalone bug 30747 in crack-attack "Menu screen has double entries for ALT-Q accelerator" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3074701:16
ryanakcaLaserJock: hmmm... and no chance of just leaving it in?01:17
lfittlbddebian: how about searching for it in the sourcecode?01:17
bddebianlfittl: I am but how do I know what to search for?01:17
lfittlbddebian: gdb won't help, at least I can't imagine how01:17
bddebianlfittl: I was thinking gdb just to see what point in the code I'm in01:18
=== lfittl takes a look at the sourcecode
LaserJockryanakca: well, check and see if it messes anything up01:20
lfittlbddebian: hmm, do you know gtk well enough for knowing which function creates the binding?01:29
lfittlas in, which gtk.. function is used for that01:30
bddebianlfittl: I don't know anything, haven't you figured that out yet? :-)01:30
lfittlbddebian: I have, I just don't want to realize it ;-)01:30
[Utah] tristanbobLaserJock: I think I may have found a shortcut to creating packages for Perl modules01:31
[Utah] tristanbobdh-make-perl --build --cpan Net::SSH:Perl01:31
lfittlbddebian: found it :)01:32
=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlcrack-attack-fe-ng-00.glade, line 60201:32
bddebianI wondered if glad wasn't doing it01:33
bddebianErr glade even01:33
=== lfittl builds and tries
[Utah] tristanbob"dh-make-perl will create the files required to build a debian source package out of a perl package. This works for most simple packages and is also useful for getting started with packaging perl modules. Given a perl package name, it can also automatically download it from CPAN."01:34
[Utah] tristanbobLaserJock: I will test this method of creating the package.  Then I can modify it to meet the requirements to add to the debian and Ubuntu repos01:37
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@c58-107-56-223.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlbddebian: while I try my fix, could you give your +1 on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2931 ? =)01:47
lfittlhmm fix doesnt work :/01:51
=== zul_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlcrimsun: could you give your advocate also on REVU?01:55
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlbddebian: that's weird, the glade file is the only place where the accelerator is defined, but changing it doesn't do anything02:00
bddebianlfittl: Have you done a new upload?02:01
lfittlbddebian: you mean on REVU? no, but the problem linda points out doesn't exist, so the package should be fine02:02
=== DarkMageZ [n=DarkMage@ppp228-155.lns3.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianlfittl: Ah, OK02:03
lfittlbddebian: sry, you were right, the bug was in the source, not in the glade file, src/gtk-gui/interface.cxx line 32202:06
=== zul_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebiangdkkeysyms stuff?02:07
lfittlno, lblQuality = gtk_label_new_with_mnemonic ("Q_uality:");, it's important where the _ is placed02:08
bddebianAh, nice02:08
crimsunyes, that should probably be _Quality02:08
lfittlno, that was the old value ;)02:08
bddebiancrimsun: No, there is already a Q for quit02:08
crimsunoh, now translations, nevermind02:09
lfittlcrimsun: its about gtk accelerators, not gettext ;)02:09
bddebianNah, menu options :-)02:09
lfittlcrimsun: as said before, could you advocate libgrapple on REVU, and also upload if possible?02:11
bddebianlfittl: You gonna upload that fix?02:11
lfittlbddebian: how about me attaching a debdiff to the bug, and the changelog mentions "Fixed keybindings, together with Barry deFreese", and you upload it? :)02:12
bddebianlfittl: Sure but you don't need to mention me, I didn't do anything02:13
lfittlbddebian: I am sure you invested some time into trying to fix it, so why not mention it somehow ;)02:14
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlbddebian: but thats your decision, it isn't imporant to me who it is attributed to, just thought you did the initial work, so it wouldn't be fair to not mention you02:16
crimsunadvocated. Not at a place where I can upload.02:16
lfittlthanks :)02:16
lfittlbddebian: are you at a place where you can upload?02:17
bddebianGotta get my kids dressed then I'll hit libgrapple and crack attack02:27
lfittlbddebian: fix is at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/crack-attack/+bug/30747, tell me when you are done with both uploads02:40
UbugtuMalone bug 30747 in crack-attack "Menu screen has double entries for ALT-Q accelerator" [Medium,In progress] 02:40
=== Shadowpillar [n=Shadow@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Shadowpillaris it too late to suggest a package for the next release of ubuntu?02:48
Shadowpillaror does universe still accept packages for dapper?02:48
ryanakcacrimsun: LaserJock pointed out a "lrwxrwxrwx root/root         0 2006-08-25 17:34 ./usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/eqonomize/common -> ../common" from  dpkg -c ~/pbuilder/edgy/result/eqonomize_0.3*deb ... I can't figure out where it comes from, or even why it exists, but I do know that it doesn't hinder help:/eqonomize in any way.. can motu still let it into universe, or do I need to hunt it down?02:50
Shadowpillarit's an X11 driver for a tablet02:50
gnomefreakShadowpillar: does it build ok?02:51
Shadowpillarworks good too02:52
ShadowpillarI wish I knew how to make deb packages correctly02:52
gnomefreakShadowpillar: did you compile it or build it?02:52
ShadowpillarI can vouch for it working well though02:53
Shadowpillarused it on my breezy system02:53
gnomefreakShadowpillar: you compiled it on edgy yet?02:53
ShadowpillarI'm on dapper atm02:54
ShadowpillarI was asking if it's still possible to suggest a package to be included/built for edgy02:54
gnomefreakShadowpillar: afaik it is until sept. 5th ish02:55
lfittlbddebian: should get some sleep (again), thanks for all your work, if you could do the uploads in the next hours it would be great :)02:55
Shadowpillarwhere can I request?02:55
lfittlgn8 everybody02:55
gnomefreakbut doesnt mean it will be added. one of the guys or you will have to package it for edgy to make sure it all works.02:55
gnomefreaknite lfittl02:55
gnomefreakryanakca: what do you think better to ask someone or file a request on LP for a package request02:56
=== gnomefreak scared to build it after reading that page
ryanakcagnomefreak: well, it's allready all nice and pretty, all I need to do is get rid of that link or leave it in and a wonderfull motu can upload it :)02:57
ryanakcaits a link that points to it's self02:57
Shadowpillargnomefreak: can stuff still be added to dapper universe?02:58
gnomefreakShadowpillar: no02:58
ryanakcaactually no, it isn't02:58
gnomefreakbackports only and very very careful on what they let through02:58
ryanakcaI figured it out... it makes sense02:59
gnomefreakShadowpillar: once stable you try not to add new things02:59
ryanakcagnomefreak: you a motu?02:59
gnomefreakryanakca: nope ;)02:59
gnomefreakryanakca: been through these questions02:59
bddebianryanakca: Figure out your problem?02:59
ryanakcabddebian: yes, it's a normal link, which can basicly be translated to /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/eqonomize/common -> /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/common03:00
gnomefreakShadowpillar: i would either ask again if noone can answer you tonight or file a bug on it as a request.03:00
=== gnomefreak heading to bed monk is on :)
ryanakcagnomefreak: we have? hmm... memory loss :)03:01
Shadowpillarwhere can I file a bug?03:01
gnomefreak:) it happens03:01
ryanakcagnomefreak: if you learn packaging, go for cdbs... and don't listen to people who call it evil...03:01
=== gnomefreak wants to learn it
ryanakcaShadowpillar: launchpad... https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+filebug03:01
ryanakcagnomefreak: well... the ubuntu packaging guide is pretty good... and cdbs is the simplest one... and easiest to use.... takes about an afternoon to read it all and follow the examples, and then 2-3 packages practice.. and then eons to perfect...03:03
=== ryanakca wishes he was good at packaging...
bddebianryanakca: Don't we all :-)03:05
ryanakcalol, yep :)03:06
gnomefreaki will get to it this weekend ty03:06
ryanakcahmm... k/ubuntu isn't in the FLOSS Impact productivity questionnaire03:07
ryanakcawonder why... because we have "restricted"? probably because the list is allready 80 projects long03:08
gnomefreaknight all03:08
ryanakcasee yah03:09
bddebianGnight gnomefreak03:10
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=== slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianLaserJock: !!03:30
bddebianGreat timing03:30
bddebianLaserJock: Whatever happened with gnome-chemistry-utils?03:31
LaserJockah, well03:31
LaserJockyah know03:31
bddebianLaserJock: No, no, not accusing just asking.  It seems to have disappeared from Debian altogether03:32
LaserJockit wasn't ever in Debian proper03:33
bddebianOh, really?03:33
LaserJockthere is a guy who maintains his own repo03:34
LaserJockhang on, I'll brb. going to reboot into Ubuntu03:35
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockok, this is a bit better03:43
bddebianLaserJock: You weren't talking about the wgdd.de guy were you?03:44
LaserJockI think so03:44
LaserJockthat sounds familiar03:44
LaserJockDaniel something03:45
bddebianThey aren't on his site that I can find03:45
LaserJockit's called something different (isn't that great) I think gcu03:45
bddebianDaniel Leidart03:45
bddebianI see he has bkchem there :-)03:45
bddebianHmm his gcu is still 0.4.8 too :-(03:47
ryanakcaLaserJock: you had me searching for nothing :)03:51
LaserJockryanakca: did I? sorry :-)03:51
ryanakca /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/eqonomize/common -> ../common = /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/common03:51
LaserJockso should it do that?03:52
ryanakcamind advocating it? or anything else I should work on in the morning03:52
ryanakcathey all point to it... it's the headers and stuff like that for kde help...03:53
ryanakca /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/*/ all have a link in them to ../common03:54
ryanakcabed, see yah03:55
LaserJockryanakca: yeah, I'd ack it03:55
ryanakcaack it?03:56
ryanakcakk, ty03:56
ryanakcabye :)03:56
=== Hawkwind [n=SoS@ulteo/community/leader/forum/admin/Hawkwind] has joined #Ubuntu-MOTU
LaserJockthat is I'll ack it as soon as I figure out how to use this thing03:58
=== LaserJock is trying out KDE
LaserJockhmm, I'm going to have to join #kubuntu03:59
LaserJockI can't figure out how to use things04:00
LaserJockmy kde foo is quite weak ;-)04:00
bddebianWhat are you trying to do04:08
KyralYou didn't know how to copy something in KDE?04:22
Kyral.....its no different than any other WM!04:22
=== Kyral thinks that LJ had a PEBKAC moment :P
LaserJockthere is no keyboard shortcut04:23
LaserJockin Konsole04:23
LaserJockfor copy04:23
LaserJockthey have one for paste though, which is odd that you would have one but not the other04:23
Kyralits a general shortcut04:23
=== Kyral blinks
Kyralthats odd..its set as a general shortcut in the main Shortcuts menu....04:24
LaserJockit doesn't work in console04:24
LaserJockand paste is Shift-Insert04:25
=== Kyral shrugs
KyralI just use middle click anyway04:25
LaserJockgnome-terminal is the same way04:25
LaserJockI don't have very good middle clickers on any of my mice04:25
=== Kyral yawns
LaserJockhi Kyral, btw04:26
KyralBusting my ass all day moving freshmen in04:26
bddebianAck, the newer gnome-chemical-utils needs chemical-mime-data04:26
Kyralfarking hualling fridges up stairs04:26
Kyralhuh LJ?04:26
Kyraloh I didn't see the hi lol04:28
=== Kyral yawns
KyralI thought you were gonna ask me something for some reason04:29
Kyralcat /dev/null > /dev/kyral04:31
bddebianDamn I hate not knowing what to work on04:39
LaserJockbddebian: do you want a project?04:48
LaserJockone that will make you a hero? ;-)04:49
bddebianWhatcha need?04:49
LaserJockfix bug 4315004:50
UbugtuMalone bug 43150 in wxmaxima "wxmaxima fails with error, can't connect to maxima" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4315004:50
bddebianHmm, I was just looking at that list04:52
=== dudus [n=dudus@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianAck, maxima is a pig :-)04:56
LaserJockI tried to just recompile it and that didn't fix it04:58
=== mayday_jay [n=maydayja@maydayjay.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianLaserJock: Is maxima the issue or wxmaxima?05:01
LaserJockhonestly I don't know05:01
bddebianLaserJock: Do you know if it's still an issue in Edgy?05:05
LaserJockyes, it is I believe05:06
LaserJockit's got a slightly different manifestation (I don't think it gives you an error, it just doesn't do anything)05:06
bddebianAs usual, gdb is less than helpful05:18
bluefoxicybddebian:  ddd is friendly enough, insight is fucked and refuses to step through LINES of source code.05:28
bluefoxicygdb is less than helpful even in cases where a debugger is exactly what you need :/05:28
StevenKgdb is helpful, it's just hard to drive.05:30
bddebianWell not on stripped binaries :-)05:30
StevenKOf course not.05:31
bluefoxicylol no, not really :)05:33
bluefoxicybddebian:  objdump -d05:33
=== bluefoxicy ducks
bluefoxicyAt any rate I am going to sleep.  I leave you with this note:05:34
bluefoxicyCompTIA is awesome; when you get a Security+ certification they send you a card to slip in your wallet so you can be ID'd as a Certified Security Professional on the scene of a shooting or accident or whatnot.05:34
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=== FliesLikeABrick [n=Ryan@about/rpi/rawdor] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianGnight folks06:25
=== mayday_jay [n=maydayja@maydayjay.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbsee* The pyromaniac waves hello06:34
=== Hobbsee whines. more work to do for debian syncs, instead of just saying "do it"
=== TheMuso [n=luke@ubuntu/member/themuso] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKHobbsee: Heh06:41
=== Hobbsee likes being a MOTU and being able to say "just do it, and trust me that i'm right"
StevenKHobbsee: I can see where Keybuk and Kamion are coming from - some people have sync'd from Debian and dumped some changes. Due to those people, the rest of you have to convince us.06:42
HobbseeStevenK: true that.06:42
HobbseeStevenK: i'll use my big pointy stick of DOOM for that!06:43
Hobbseewhich is even better when it's got FIRE at the end of it :D06:44
StevenKHobbsee: The two open sync requests I have were fixed easily to conform, which I was grateful for.06:44
HobbseeStevenK: true that.06:44
=== Hobbsee doesnt want to think about her amount of merges in edgy+1
Hobbseeoh, wait, that's only for debian syncs...  hmmm06:44
StevenKOh geez, which poor bastard adopted spe.06:45
=== StevenK kicks Matej Vela *hard*.
StevenKIt should be -0.2, you bozo!06:46
FujitsuWhat is it actually?06:46
StevenKspe? A Python editor06:46
FujitsuI mean the version.06:46
StevenKOh. 0.8.2a+repack-0.1 is my upload, and Matej uploaded 0.8.2a+repack-106:47
HobbseeStevenK: presumably they're not the maintainer?06:48
=== LaserJock decides to hang up his gpg key ;-)
LaserJock"i'll use my big pointy stick of DOOM for that!"06:49
HobbseeLaserJock: whatever for?06:49
HobbseeLaserJock: that's MY line!06:49
LaserJockI'm always a bit nervous every time I upload06:49
Hobbseewhy so?06:49
LaserJockwhat if I make a mistake? and they Hobbsee will get out her big stick06:50
Hobbseeoh, StevenK, that reminds me.  you need to sign my key.06:50
HobbseeLaserJock: hah.  more like keybuk will yell at you06:50
StevenKHobbsee: Matej is a QA type person.06:50
Hobbseelast i knew, i wasnt an archive person06:51
LaserJockHobbsee: I just stay in Universe where nobody will notice ;-)06:51
=== Fujitsu waves his magic wand and turns Hobbsee into an Archive admin.
=== Hobbsee is afk for a while
HobbseeLaserJock: point.  they seem to notice anyway though.  lurking doesnt work.  i tried that.06:52
HobbseeLaserJock: well if you're going to lurk, never do it on any of the -dev or -motu channels.06:53
Hobbseewhich is just no fun at all, really.06:54
FujitsuLurking in -dev shouldn't be a problem, as it doesn't exist :P07:01
=== Quinn_Storm [n=quinn@pool-71-253-28-35.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Konversation]
=== Hobbsee just had fun with a telemarketer.
HobbseeFujitsu: :P07:03
HobbseeFujitsu: it refers to multiple places07:03
FujitsuOoh dear.07:03
=== Fujitsu mourns the telemarketer.
FujitsuWhat did you do to it?07:04
=== Hobbsee should have used the telemarketers guide.
Hobbsee"hello mrs hobbs (!), i'm here from the encology..."  "no thankyou, we're not interested in telemarketers, goodbye" *hangs up*07:04
LaserJockI just don't answer the phone07:06
Hobbseei wasnt going to07:07
Hobbseeit was showing as "out of area", which i know dad sometimes ends up calling from07:08
Hobbseeand dad's calls sometimes takes a while to connect too, so...07:08
=== LaserJock <3 python
LaserJockit's so much easier than shell scripting07:10
LaserJockof course that could be just because I don't know how to write a decent shell script07:20
=== Hobbsee finds neither easy.
=== Hobbsee knows neither :P
=== crimsun finishes updating the sync requests to comply with the new sync policy
Hobbseedo we have to do that, or only for new ones?07:47
crimsunI want to be thorough, so I made the new sync policy retroactive for all my outstanding sync requests.07:48
Hobbseetrue that07:48
=== Hobbsee is very lazy.
=== sepheebear [n=SepheeBe@ool-4577863a.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== cypher1 [n=cypher1@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJocknew sync policy?08:01
tsengyeah, what?08:01
=== redguy [n=mati@adg76.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockwhen did we get a new policy?08:02
FujitsuYes, a couple of days back.08:03
FujitsuKeybuk announced it on -devel-announce.08:03
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockmore work for us in exchange for getting syncs faster08:06
crimsunfair tradeoff.08:06
tsengor subject08:07
tsengim too dumb, or tired, to see it08:07
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Hobbseehey all10:38
micahcowanIf I submit a .debdiff that "becomes" the next package version (that is, my name is at the top of the changelog), I become the package's "creator"?10:53
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AnAntI have a problem packaging a library (fsplib), it installs in debian/tmp/usr/{lib,include}. So I made fsplib0.install file which contains: usr/lib/* , and fsplib-dev.install file which contains: usr/include/*11:08
AnAntyet, the resulting packages don't have anything in the lib & include dirs ! anyone knows what may cause that ?11:08
FujitsuThe extra tmp/ in the path?11:09
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AnAntFujitsu: well, isn't that the default that the package is installed in debian/tmp/, by default DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp11:12
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AnAntajmitch: could you remove an incomplete upload for elinks11:17
AnAntsiretart: could you remove an incomplete upload for elinks11:22
siretartAnAnt: done11:23
AnAntsiretart: thanks11:24
AnAntanyone knows where I can get help regarding packaging libraries ?11:24
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shawarmaHm... When a package is said to be published, what is missing before it is actually availabe in the archive?11:46
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shawarmaIt says on https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/rawstudio that the package is published, but it's not apt-getable nor on packages.ubuntu.com (which is probably the same thing).11:48
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FujitsuIt's only been 13 hours, shawarma, and a large delay can be expected.11:51
FujitsuIt's still in the New queue.11:53
shawarmaFujitsu: No, it's not.11:54
FujitsuThe binaries are.11:54
shawarmaFujitsu: Oh!11:55
FujitsuIf you look for a source package, you can probably see it.11:55
shawarmaRight, I forgot that the binaries end up in a NEW queue as well.11:55
shawarmahmm... Check out https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=rawstudio11:56
shawarmaIt looks as though translations are architecture specific.. That can't be right.11:56
FujitsuNo, I think it just means that the package has translations.11:57
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FujitsuAlthough I have no experience with Soyuz.11:57
shawarmarawstudio_0.3-0ubuntu1_powerpc_translations.tar.gz sure does look arch specific. :-)11:57
FujitsuI do like the translation icon.11:57
FujitsuSO it does.11:58
FujitsuAlthough if you look at other binary packages in NEW, they also have the translations like that.11:59
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ArbiterCan someone review these packages, please? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2955 (ktagebuch) -- http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2953 (knowit) -- http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2952 (kcmpureftpd). Thanks12:35
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POX_hi, I have created some packages for Debian and they were copied to Ubuntu Edgy (universe). What should I do to keep them up to date in Ubuntu? They were automatically synchronized at least till 12. july. Should I upload them (they're building fine in edgy's chroot) to revu.tauware.de?03:32
geserwhich package is it?03:37
POX_griffith, paste*, ...03:37
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imbrandonPOX_: you have newer version avaible ?>03:52
POX_yes, they already in Debian03:52
POX_+ are03:52
imbrandonunstable ? if so we can just sync them03:52
imbrandonif changes are nessesary for the ubuntu ones03:53
POX_some even in testing03:53
imbrandoni can sponsor them03:53
POX_can I just list package names, or do you want links to sources?03:53
imbrandonok to make my life a bit easier can you give me a list of the ones that have newer versions in debain and i'll get them either merged or synced today03:54
imbrandonnah package names is fine03:54
imbrandonor you can shoot me a email with links to dsc files03:54
imbrandonwhat ever you wish03:54
imbrandon( email is imbrandon@kubuntu.org if you go that route )03:55
POX_imbrandon: thanks, I will send you mail in couple of minutes03:57
imbrandonsure thing 03:57
POX_well if you want just names, here they are: griffith, paste, pastedeploy, pastescript03:58
POX_(source packages)03:58
tsengazeem: stupid trolls.03:58
imbrandonPOX_: ok that works , no need for a email then03:58
POX_imbrandon: and  routes03:58
imbrandonmoins tseng03:58
tsenghi imbrandon03:58
imbrandonyou know untill burgers blog i never knew you were and old gentoo guy 03:59
tsengyes, some years ago03:59
imbrandonok POX_ i'll get on that as soon as this compile finishes ( ~20 minutes )03:59
POX_ok, no problem03:59
tsengit was the fastest way to gnome crack of the day before ubuntu came along03:59
imbrandonPOX_: for future ref your more than welcome to email me with dsc links i can dget03:59
imbrandonor pop in here 04:00
POX_ok thanks04:00
imbrandontseng: ahh  thats how i came to be with kubuntu ( fastest way for kde crack in a packaged distro heh )04:00
tsengimbrandon: :)04:00
imbrandonbefore this is was a SuSE man but suse/rpm is too much of a pita04:01
imbrandonfor me personaly anyhow some swear by it04:01
tsengnever could stomach suse04:01
imbrandonwell they always have had the latest kde crack i give them that, but any rpm distro is to much of a pita IMHO04:02
imbrandonbut thats just me personaly 04:02
BazziRrpms make baby jesus cry :(04:02
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bddebianHeya gang04:31
Arbiterhi bddebian04:32
imbrandonheya bddebian04:32
Kamping_Kaiserhey bddebian :)04:32
bddebianHi Arbiter, imbrandon04:32
bddebian& Kamping_Kaiser :-)04:32
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gnomefreakthere is no ubuntu packaging guide right? we use the debian one?04:46
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources04:46
azeemgnomefreak: there is one AFAIK04:46
imbrandongnomefreak: ^^ there ya go 04:47
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welshbytegood afternoon04:49
bddebianHeya welshbyte04:49
welshbyteello bddebian04:49
gnomefreakfor pbuilder do i just grab the debootstrap.deb from packages.ubuntu.com and than run the pbuilder set up?04:59
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gnomefreakyay pbuilder is building :)05:15
imbrandonnow put a dapper/edgy/sid pbuilder on the same box 05:16
imbrandonthats fun ( actualy its easy once you have one )05:16
=== imbrandon is afk FOOOOOOOOOOD
gnomefreaki should be setting pbuilder up for all of those?05:16
imbrandon hmmm hmm hmmm  lunch time 05:17
imbrandongnomefreak: wel if you will be building for those yes05:17
imbrandonthose are the most common used atm05:17
gnomefreakah ok im gonna start with edgy and see how it goes first i think ;)05:18
imbrandonok lunch time bbiab  humms some more 05:18
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gnomefreakthis is taking its time brb smoke05:35
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gnomefreakhow do you make a changelog file? is it just mkdir changelog?06:28
gnomefreakthe naming is what im concerned about more than anything06:29
azeemare you talking about the debian/changelog file?06:29
azeemwhat naming are you referring to?06:30
gnomefreakthe name of the file06:30
gnomefreakjust changelog?06:30
gnomefreaki have to save it as something in the dir im in06:30
POX_gnomefreak: man dch06:30
azeemdebian/changelog is debian/changelog, yes06:30
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gnomefreakthere is something im not seeing when i go to use dpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot its telling me error: badly formatted heading line, at changelog line 106:47
gnomefreakdpkg-buildpackage: unable to determine source package is06:47
gnomefreakfirst line of changelog is Source: hello06:48
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-motu
POX_gnomefreak: changelog or _control_ file?06:48
gnomefreakchangelog its telling me06:49
gnomefreaki copied nad pasted the error06:49
POX_"Source: hello" should be in debian/control06:49
POX_what do you have in changelog06:50
POX_package name?06:50
POX_did you change control file as well?06:50
gnomefreakpackage: hello06:50
azeemgnomefreak: paste the content of debian/changelog to a pastebin06:50
azeemthat's a control file, not a changelog file06:52
azeemgnomefreak: see a random source package for how debian/changelog should be formatted06:52
gnomefreakcould be a good reason :(06:52
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gnomefreakok heres the real changelog now its giving me error in line 5 (name and date line) http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2170807:02
azeemthere's at least a space missing at the beginning of the lind07:03
azeemgnomefreak: try to run dch -i07:04
azeemthat should give you a new changelog entry07:04
azeemthen use the generated date line for your original one and delete the rest07:04
gnomefreakok ty07:04
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cypher1totem-gstreamer packages seems to have some problems07:20
cypher1totem-gstreamer available is 1.4.307:20
cypher1while totem-gstreamer-firefox-plugin depends on 1.4.107:20
cypher1  totem-gstreamer-firefox-plugin: Depends: totem-gstreamer (= 1.4.1-0ubuntu4) but 1.4.3-0ubuntu1 is to be installed07:20
cypher1E: Broken packages07:20
cypher1should i file a Bug report for this ??07:20
gnomefreaki would but i thought the ff plugin was just updated in edgy yesterday07:21
gnomefreakis fakeroot normally a pain in the butt? its giving me permissions denied line 15007:22
gnomefreakim looking at usr/bin/fakeroot line 150 and it looks fine07:22
tsengfakeroot isnt magic, it cant give you rights to root owned files07:22
tsengor things you generally don't have access to07:22
tsengsounds like you have an unclean build tree with root owned files07:23
tsengor a makefile trying to install things in the real prefix07:23
tsengsomething like this07:23
gnomefreakim going over it again lets see07:23
tsengDESTDIR not respected07:23
gnomefreakhard to say ive been following the guide and i havent used sudo yet07:24
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gnomefreaklooking through the rules file i see nothing refering to fakeroot (could this be an issue?)07:31
=== jinty [n=jinty@19.Red-83-50-220.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
azeemcheck your make install target07:32
gnomefreakthis line $(MAKE) INSTALL_PROGRAM="$(INSTALL_PROGRAM)" \07:32
tsengmake install target upstream07:33
tsengnot in rules07:33
azeemgnomefreak: well, you should set DESTDIR in rules07:34
tsengif you didnt already07:34
gnomefreaki didnt i just used the one with the packaging guide07:35
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-239-162.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
azeemso did you set prefix?07:36
bddebianOK, WTF.  I attach gdb to maxima and now wxmaxima doesn't puke07:36
gnomefreakin rules?07:36
tsengbddebian: race condition?07:37
gnomefreakprefix=$$(pwd)/debian/tmp/usr install  is the prefix line in rules07:38
azeemmaybe that doesn't work for your package07:38
bddebiantseng: How would I know?  I do know it's failing on event.GetSocketEvent()07:38
tsengs/pwd/CURDIR ?07:38
azeemgnomefreak: you said you're using fakeroot, right?07:39
gnomefreaktrying to07:39
tsengbddebian: just a guess, gdb slows things down07:39
=== welshbyte [n=welshbyt@cpc1-whit1-0-0-cust45.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakdpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot is what im trying to run07:39
azeemwhy -S?07:40
azeemgnomefreak: paste the full output07:40
gnomefreakto build a source package07:40
azeemok, but then your issue is something else, sorry07:41
tsenglike a root-owned file in the source tree07:41
tsengls -la debian/rules ?07:42
azeemgnomefreak: uhm07:42
gnomefreak-rw------- 1 gnomefreak gnomefreak 2200 2006-08-26 13:13 debian/rules07:42
tsengthere you go.07:42
azeemgnomefreak: it would've helped if you pasted the full error line from the beginning07:43
tsengyeah, seriously07:43
gnomefreakazeem: i did07:43
azeem19:15 < gnomefreak> is fakeroot normally a pain in the butt? its giving me permissions denied line 15007:43
gnomefreakline 150?07:43
azeemit says07:43
azeem/usr/bin/fakeroot: line 150: debian/rules: Permission denied07:43
tsengdebian/rules dude07:43
tsengplease don't make up what you think are the important parts in the future07:44
tsengim off, bbl07:44
tsengchmod +x for the win07:44
gnomefreakok ty07:44
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seaLnecould some clarify for me do completly new packages have to be in edgy by featurefreeze or universefreeze?  i had assumed universefreeze08:03
=== evand [n=evan_d@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakafter i run lintian -i *.dsc and it comes up good im done?08:07
gnomefreakseaLne: i thought it was universe also but im looking it up08:10
crimsungnomefreak: did you test-install, test-upgrade, test-downgrade, test-remove?08:10
crimsunseaLne: universe freeze.08:10
crimsunlate Sept.08:10
gnomefreakno :(08:10
gnomefreaki just tested it in pbuilder08:10
gnomefreakand everyting seemed on in the pbuilder test than i ran the above to check for common mistakes08:12
gnomefreaki think pbuilder only ran test install by the looks of it08:14
azeemgnomefreak: check lintian on the resulting *i386.changes08:14
welshbyteand linda08:14
gnomefreakdont know how to use linda08:14
welshbyteman linda ;)08:15
=== gnomefreak doesnt like azeem's idea cause it errored lol
=== gnomefreak hates errors, ok let me look at these
gnomefreakim assuming this is bad error: cannot find binary, udeb or source package *i386.changes in dist or lab (skipping)08:18
gnomefreakok i used linda -C *i386.changes and it looks like a small part of a backtrace08:21
gnomefreaks/backtrace/is a traceback08:21
welshbytegnomefreak: ls *i386.changes08:22
gnomefreakls *i386.changes08:22
gnomefreakls: *i386.changes: No such file or directory08:23
welshbytegnomefreak: you should be running lintian and linda on the .dsc file and the .debs that you build from the source package08:24
seaLnecrimsun: ta08:25
gnomefreaklintian -i *.dsc   << ran that i dont see any .debs in the files sadly but looking again08:26
welshbytegnomefreak: if you're building with pbuilder, debs are usually put in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/08:27
gnomefreakok looking08:28
gnomefreakyes i found a *i386.changes and a deb in there :) so run linda nad the onter on those files?08:29
gnomefreakok linda didnt like it08:30
azeemrun linda like lintian, i.e. on .dsc and .changes filse08:31
gnomefreakusing linda -C file.changes and file.dsc right?08:32
gnomefreaki found old copyrite address gives me the new one08:32
azeemno idea what you mean, sorry08:32
welshbyteyou don't need the -C08:33
gnomefreakoh ok lets try again08:34
=== macogw [i=maco@pa-bethlprk-cad2-grp1-2-24.pittpa.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreaklinda gave me this on the .changes "E: hello; Binary /usr/bin/hello contains unneeded section comment."08:35
gnomefreaksame on the .deb08:36
=== zul_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
welshbytegnomefreak: what language is the software you're packaging written in?08:39
gnomefreakenglish if you mean programming launguage it looks like bash08:40
=== caravena [n=caravena@210-55-223-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
welshbyteyou're packaging bash scripts?08:41
azeemgnomefreak: no, it's probably written in C08:41
azeemgnomefreak: looks like you are not stripping the binary08:41
gnomefreakC or since the traceback gave me .py maybe python08:41
welshbyteazeem: linda has problems with bytecode iirc and gives that warning08:42
azeemgnomefreak: linda is written in python08:42
=== gnomefreak working right off the guide
gnomefreakah ok08:42
azeemgnomefreak: work off your own, I'd suggest08:42
azeemgnomefreak: you are still packaging GNU hello, right?08:42
gnomefreaki fixed all the other errors08:42
gnomefreakim running pbuilder again after changing the copywrite address for GNU08:43
gnomefreakso pbuilder runs what looks like /.configure and make08:45
gnomefreaknow trying with debhelper08:50
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakwhat in gods name does this mean dpkg-source: error: syntax error in control file ./hello-2.1.1/debian/control at line 16: continued value line not in field (im concered about the conituned line not in field part09:15
crimsunpastebin the debian/control09:16
gnomefreakthe full error is listed first   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2171609:19
azeemthe Description looks funny09:20
azeemthe Description: line should have at least 70 characters09:21
azeemeh, at most09:21
crimsunthere's a duplicate Build-Depends line, and yeah, the Description is mucked09:21
gnomefreakif i back the next line up to the one that errors on than theres no space between words09:21
crimsunblank lines should have a marker, generally '.'09:22
azeemno space between words?09:22
gnomefreakyeah i had those in there once09:22
azeemgnomefreak: did you actually look at another package's control file yet?09:22
gnomefreakazeem: im looking at the one for this package09:23
gnomefreakits on the packaging guide09:23
azeemthen maybe look at a couple others as well09:25
gnomefreakheres new one with new error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2171809:26
gnomefreakthis is second ive looked at 1st = hello prgram i did first and than this one plus the 2 in the guide09:26
gnomefreakthe errors i spent most time on in first hello package was tab/space errors09:27
azeemthe first line of your long description is a .09:29
azeemremove that line09:29
azeemor rather, actually make the short decription (what comes after Description:) not be part of the long description09:29
gnomefreakok let me see if that helps09:31
=== Goshawk [n=vincenzo@d83-176-84-64.cust.tele2.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreaknope i change the paragraphs around in all directions still getting the lin-colon error09:35
gnomefreaknot field-colon-value) error09:36
gnomefreaki triedd both with and without the . for blank lines same error either way09:38
azeemgnomefreak: what packaging guide are you reading?09:38
azeemthe first line of your long description still has a '.'09:38
azeemgnomefreak: in my browser that renders as "Description: The classic greeting, and a good example"09:38
azeemand then09:39
azeem" The GNU hello program produces a familiar, friendly greeting.  It"09:39
azeem(mind the space at the beginning)09:39
azeemyour Description line is way too long09:39
azeemand your first line reads "."09:39
gnomefreakyou mean the . between paragraphs?09:40
=== Kyral [n=kyral@ubuntu/member/kyral] has joined #ubuntu-motu
azeem21:32 < azeem> and your first line reads "." 21:33 -!- tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac]  has quit [Connection timed out] 09:41
azeemoops, sorry09:41
azeemgnomefreak: what is the difference between the short and the long description?09:42
gnomefreakthe long disciption tells you about it the short is referring you to another09:43
azeemto another?09:43
gnomefreaksorry to same09:43
azeemI am not talking about your package, I am asking in general09:43
gnomefreakthe long should tell you in more detail what the app is and does09:43
azeemwhat is the short description in your package?09:44
gnomefreaklittle more detail09:44
gnomefreakit should tell you name of the app for the most part maybe refer you to man page09:44
azeemwhat is the short description in your package?09:45
gnomefreakright after description:09:45
gnomefreakthe classic greeting starts long09:46
azeemthen maybe the pastebin is failing09:46
azeemhrm, or wait09:46
gnomefreakto what it is.  << last line of short09:46
gnomefreakazeem: in pastebin look at the white part on bottom to see real format09:47
gnomefreakthats not even right09:47
azeemthat doesn't render line breaks09:47
azeemgnomefreak: so where does the short description end?09:47
gnomefreak"to what it is" the very last line of short09:48
azeemso what is between the end of the short description, and the starting of the long description?09:49
gnomefreakjust the . in the blank lines09:49
azeemwhy is it there?09:49
azeemis it in the packaging guide as well?09:50
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gnomefreakok not real sure what happened there http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/21721  screenshot of file09:52
=== TMM [n=hp@c51471f2c.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
azeemwhat is that supposed to show?09:53
gnomefreakthe exact format of it09:54
azeemthe question is rather:  Why do you see a "." on an otherwise blank line in between the end of the short description and the starting of the long description in the packaging guide?09:55
azeembecause I don't see it here09:55
gnomefreaki had it there if you look at the non screen shot post09:56
azeemyou said you had it there because it was in the packaging guide as well09:56
gnomefreakcorrect i had them there since they are in the guide but still errored iirc same but i will tell you in a moment09:57
gnomefreakchange that they are there in my file atm running the command again09:57
gnomefreaksame error with or without the . on blanklines10:00
welshbytegnomefreak: read http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s-descriptions10:01
azeemwelshbyte: I was just about to suggest that10:01
bddebianwelshbyte: Hey, old buddy, old pal..10:01
welshbytebddebian: ello ... uh... bddebian :)10:01
azeemhttp://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Description is useful as well10:01
bddebianwelshbyte: Are you bored? ;-)10:01
welshbytebddebian: a bit10:01
bddebianwelshbyte: How's your debug (gdb?) skills? :-)10:02
welshbytebddebian: uh, i have basic skill with it :)10:03
welshbytewhat needs debugging?10:04
gnomefreakk reading10:05
bddebianWell I rebuilt maxima/wxmaxima unstripped but when I attach gdb to maxima, wxmaxima doesn't fail10:05
bddebianBug #4315010:05
UbugtuMalone bug 43150 in wxmaxima "wxmaxima fails with error, can't connect to maxima" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4315010:05
azeembddebian: and it fails if you just run the unstripped binaries normally?10:06
bddebianazeem: Yes10:06
bddebiantseng thinks maybe it's a race condition10:06
bddebianI know it fails on event.GetSocketEvent() in src/wxMaxima.cpp10:06
welshbyteif the bug is on dapper i'll have a look at it10:07
bddebianAye, Dapper10:07
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crimsungnomefreak: are you located near the Triangle area?10:09
gnomefreakim out by jordan lake10:10
crimsunI'm going to meet up with some LUGmates for dinner at Elmo's (in Carrboro); if you want to do a quick keysigning I can10:10
crimsunyes, I'm leaving in 20 mins10:10
crimsun(from Greensboro)10:10
gnomefreakack i cant make it tonight10:11
gnomefreakthank you though10:11
bddebianCan I come? :-)10:11
gnomefreakbrb changing pcs10:12
crimsunbddebian: if you can make it to Raleigh, NC by 5:30 PM EDT, sure :)10:13
bddebianHmm, that might be tough :-)10:13
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welshbytebddebian: rules file looks basic but i haven't learnt cdbs yet... how do i pass an option to the configure script?10:16
bddebianwelshbyte: I think you could pass DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS or whatever it's called?10:17
azeemDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is an environment variable10:18
azeemwelshbyte: https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml is pretty good10:18
bddebianWell export I meant10:18
welshbytebrb phone10:19
bddebianwelshbyte: Otherwise I think you have to add a congigure:<package> target10:19
azeemhttps://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml#id2500057 talks about it10:19
azeembddebian: but that wouldn't get appended to the configure line10:20
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianazeem: Oh, aye10:20
=== geser [n=michael@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
welshbyteack, haven't created a pbuilder on this machine yet *waits*10:27
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welshbyteuh, my pbuilder can't satisfy the dependency on libwxgtk2.6-dev10:48
welshbytebut it's installed fine... odd10:49
bddebianwelshbyte: Do you have universe setup in your pbuilderrc?10:52
welshbyteheh probably not.. what do i need to add?10:53
bddebianOTHERMIRROR="deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu breezy universe multiverse"10:54
welshbyteah components is commented out10:54
welshbytei miss my development machine10:55
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bddebianHeya LaserJock11:00
welshbyteello LaserJock11:01
LaserJockhi bddebian and welshbyte11:01
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welshbyteah building at last11:11
welshbytehope this one doesn't take 16 hours ;)11:11
bddebianNah, it's relatively quick :)11:12
Whoopiethis is really OT, but I hope you can help: there's a guy on another channel who offends other user in this channel. How is it possible kick or ban him?11:12
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LaserJockWhoopie: perhaps try #ubuntu-ops?11:15
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-motu
WhoopieLaserJock: it's not an ubuntu channel. Sorry, didn't mention it. But it's a freenode channel.11:16
LaserJockWhoopie: some of the Ubuntu ops are also freenode staff11:16
WhoopieLaserJock: ok, I try. Thanks!11:16
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welshbytebddebian: how did you get it to build unstripped?11:41
bddebianwelshbyte: You can either remove dh_strip, or : export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="debug nostrip noopt"11:42
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