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gotamaHi There! Has anyone succeeded in installing the scanner Epson Perfection 1270?03:01
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sbalneavEvening all04:41
bddebianHello sbalneav04:47
sbalneavHey bddebian04:47
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LaserJocksbalneav: you around?07:19
sbalneavLaserJock: Yep07:19
LaserJocksbalneav: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2202907:20
highvoltagegood morning sbalneav and LaserJock 07:20
LaserJockhi highvoltage 07:21
sbalneavevening highvoltage07:21
sbalneavLaserJock: Looks good07:21
LaserJockmuch simpler than what I had before07:21
sbalneavOnly thing I'd do is ditch the empty declaration of XDG_CONFIG_DIRS= at the top07:21
sbalneavOther than that, looks shweet07:22
sbalneavYou happy with it?  The solution, I mean?07:24
LaserJockok, so how am I going to come up with .menu files? :-)07:24
LaserJocksbalneav: yes, very excellent07:24
sbalneavSuper Duper07:24
LaserJockit's small, fast, and it works07:24
sbalneav12:20 am here.  Need to get up at 6:3007:24
sbalneavtime for bed :)07:24
LaserJockgood night07:24
sbalneavNight, dude!07:25
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LaserJockok, I'm out too07:29
LaserJockgood night highvoltage07:29
highvoltagenight LaserJock!07:29
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jsgotangcoi hereby announce the assimilation of abs-cbn foundation into ubuntu and edubuntu!08:19
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagejsgotangco: what is abs-cbn again? it sounds very familiar08:21
jsgotangcowell its a television network08:21
Burgundaviahey jsgotangco, highvoltage08:22
jsgotangcobut i'll be working at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABS-CBN_Foundation08:22
jsgotangcohighvoltage: i had a small lunch with the head of GILAS http://www.gilas.org (FLASH)08:25
highvoltagehey Burgundavia 08:26
=== highvoltage reads
jsgotangcoso two foundations are now looking into FOSS into their school projects08:26
Burgundaviajsgotangco: very cool. What are you going to be doing there?08:26
jsgotangcowell mostly doing stuff for E Media, how a traditional TV based education system evolve to something that uses computers08:27
highvoltagejsgotangco: looks very nice08:28
jsgotangcoits quite challenging08:28
highvoltageinternet in schools+++08:28
jsgotangcosome parts are awaiting for wimax08:29
=== RichEd pats jsgotangco on the back ... well done !
RichEdhi guys08:34
jsgotangcowe're a go-go-go08:35
RichEdSo is it official jsgotangco ? offer made & accepted ?08:35
jsgotangcooffer is made and quite delish08:35
=== jsgotangco needs to lookmore into mindset learn now
RichEdahhh small lunch with delish offer for desert :)08:36
RichEdjsgotangco: I've got an hour set aside to put that mail together for you as promised ... 08:37
jsgotangcothe hard part is reallhy e media...08:37
RichEdnote that Canonical is a member of the HP consortium for NEPAD eSchools, and so is Mindset08:37
RichEdAnd there is general agreement that partners in the consortium need to network and share opportunities08:38
RichEdSo any discussion will not come in as a surprise from left field to them.08:38
jsgotangcoRichEd: well to be frank, the discussion is not so much into technology, which is not surprising, the issue is more social08:39
jsgotangcowe know technology will work, the question is how ;)08:39
RichEdMindset is a social organisation, that uses appropriate tools. It's not "a progress for the sake of technology" mission.08:41
jsgotangcohighvoltage: did tuxlabs provide content? or just a lab and connectivity?08:41
jsgotangcoRichEd: here's the thing, we have content, with a medium that works08:41
highvoltagejsgotangco: we provide content, but not connectivity08:43
highvoltageconnectivity is only something we're starting to roll out now (a great relief for our support team)08:43
jsgotangcohighvoltage: is the content based in the school curriculum?08:44
highvoltageit's curriculum alligned and approved by government08:44
highvoltagethe curriculum we use is http://www.computers4kids.co.za, http://www.learnthings.co.za, http://www.mindset.co.za08:44
jsgotangcothat's exactly what we're looking08:44
highvoltagewe wouldn't be able to install the labs so easily with local government approval if we didn't have the right content08:45
highvoltageunfortunately, non of it is free software :/08:45
highvoltagealthough, we do include some free content, such as the SOS Children Wikipedia distribution, Howtoons, etc08:45
jsgotangcoi think the issues are pretty much the same08:45
=== highvoltage nods
jsgotangcoi was told that MS sells its OS for $2.50 per PC with GILAS08:46
jsgotangcobut GILAS still prefers something that is free (in cost)08:46
highvoltagein south africa, MS gives Windows and MS Office for school for free until 200808:46
highvoltageafter that i think they have to pay full price again :/08:46
RichEdhighvoltage: The match between eMedia and Mindset is spot on. From the donor philanthropic aims & funding down to delivery by apropriate technology medium, starting with Newspapers, and moving through Video casettes, standard TV, satellite, and onto streaming content.08:46
RichEdhighvoltage: are you sure about the free Windows ? that's not what HP was exposed to.08:47
highvoltageRichEd: yep, i'm sure08:49
RichEdThe argument from MS was that giving away an operating system is a bad precedent. There is still an OEM charge for Windows, but Office is free. That was the GautengOnline situation.08:49
highvoltageRichEd: although it only applies to schools that own existing windows licenses (win95, win98, etc)08:49
highvoltageschools with brand new equipment (like g-o), will have to pay for new licenses08:50
RichEdSo its free if you already have it and donlt need it. But not free if you need it and want it. That sounds about right for the usual attittude ;)08:50
highvoltagesome of our schools have an additional lab, where they went for the free licenses. unfortunately they couldn't show me the agreement (i'd love to take it apart)08:50
jsgotangcoRichEd: with GILAS, everything is donated, but eMedia sells content08:50
highvoltageRichEd: spot on :)08:50
jsgotangcothe GILAS people also have a project for primary school which is different and geared towards content delivered on satellite, like a tivo08:51
RichEdhighvoltage: I'm offering you free use of a Lamborghini, if you have one already. If not, you are welcome to buy one at retail value.08:51
highvoltageRichEd: i just happen to own a Lamborghini08:52
highvoltageRichEd: when can I fetch my new one?08:52
RichEdGreat. Feel free to use the existing one without paying me royalties.08:52
=== highvoltage scrambles to find an old lamborghini in the cape ads
RichEdNote that you will need the necessary paperwork and an affidavit to prove that you can't spell OpenSource.08:53
jsgotangcoRichEd: i think the premise here is we need something that we could refer to. We can't shoot ourselves by introducing an untested medium that makes the existing one obsolete by all avenues even if its untested08:54
RichEdjsgotangco: Let me get one last positioning statement for Mindset and then I'll leave the topic until I send you the mail08:55
jsgotangcocomputers4kids seem to be fine08:55
RichEdMindset seeks to educate children. Mindset partners with media channels. Mindset's most significant media partner is MNet, a pay TV channel, satellite via decoder, who's footprint is Africa. MNet channels range from entertainment, movies, sport, kids cartoons. MNet will not support any attempt to dilute the standard pay-TV market. Mindset uses computers in schools to primarily to aid the accessability of normal TV education programs i09:00
RichEdn a store for replay setup.09:00
jsgotangcohmm like a tivo09:03
RichEdright ... I have urgent work I need to do ... CD / DVD education opinions for ogra, proposal for russian education project, and education forward plan for mark09:07
=== RichEd is here but busy
highvoltageRichEd: when you have a gap, I have some questions for you too, ping me when you have a gap :)09:08
RichEd(and Mindset mail + suggestions for Jerome)09:09
RichEdjsgotangco: last comment before I bury my head ...09:09
=== cbx33 [n=c2df514b@84-45-197-14.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcoRichEd: im supposed to wait something? or was your last statement the comment itself ;)09:13
cbx33mornin peeps09:15
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RichEdhighvoltage: I got disconnected ... did you see my pvt window ?09:30
cbx33RichEd: anything happeneing on the marketting front? - If you're super busy, put me on ignore mode :p09:31
RichEdcbx33: answered in private window09:40
Burgundaviahey! I can actually make a Edubuntu meeting!09:42
cbx33RichEd: 09:43
cbx33dang it09:43
cbx33I havn't identified and I sent you a bunch of replies09:43
cbx33hang on09:43
=== willvdl [n=willvdl@] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhi willvdl 10:42
RichEdyou leaving tomorrow ?10:43
willvdlhi RichEd10:43
RichEdwill you be at the meeting tonight ?10:43
willvdltomorrow evening yeah10:43
willvdlyip. nice an early one for us :)10:43
RichEdokay ... are you available during the day tomorrow 10:43
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hhheyy hi willvdl 10:45
cbx33hi juliux 10:45
juliuxhi cbx33 10:45
willvdlhehey cbx3310:45
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cbx33ping ogra : only when you have a sec11:50
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flinthighvoltage, that was a very quiet meeting that we were in the middle of eh?02:27
highvoltagei don't think there was an actual meeting02:28
highvoltagebut we clobber up the logs and people sometimes complain02:28
highvoltageit's best not to have long random conversations in  ubuntu-meeting :)02:28
highvoltageflint: and we confuse jsgotangco :p02:29
jsgotangcoi still have to remember that some of our meetings are at 4am HERE02:29
flintjsgotangco, that is a very tough schedule for you to meet personally!!!02:29
highvoltage1-5am is probably the worst times a meeting can take place02:30
=== highvoltage brb
flintjsgotangco, Jerome, I will be continuing to work on the documentation package I shared with (and stole from) Jonathan, once I get my new house in order.  Note that this will take some time.02:31
jsgotangcoyou moved to france?02:35
flintjsgotangco, nah, Vermont.  I got to to go back to working as an electrician.  Bye for now!!!02:40
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=== spiekey [n=mario@p5080B9F2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagehi spiekey 02:53
spiekeydoes someone know a easy to use linux school server?02:53
spiekeyit should have some sort of pdc (samba), too02:54
spiekeysince i have a mixed infrastructure here.02:54
highvoltageyou can do samba on Edubuntu02:54
spiekeywell, yes.02:54
ograits even preinstalled :)02:54
highvoltagealthough it's not automated as much as you'd probably like it to be :/02:54
spiekeycurrently i am using sarge. so whats the diffrence? :D02:54
ograjust not preconfigured02:55
highvoltageedubuntu has much newer packages than sarge02:55
spiekeyi was hoping to find some easy to use web interface so that the teachers can use it too.02:55
highvoltageso you can expect less bugs, more optimised software, and a shorter release schedule02:55
ograare you using sarge with the debian ltsp-server packages ?02:55
=== JanisLee [n=JanisLee@201-35-52-14.ctame704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageare you using ltsp at all?02:55
spiekeythey have a weak server and 4 Windows clients, too.02:57
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #edubuntu
spiekeyi keep bumping into trouble with that M$ crap...every time :(03:00
highvoltagespiekey: i've been there03:01
highvoltagespiekey: what kind of problems to you have?03:01
ograwell, install an edubuntu server, use the existing windows clients as thin client terminals and you wil only have to care for everything in one place ;)03:01
highvoltageand how powerful are those workstations and server?03:01
spiekeyserver is 800MHz and 512MB Ram03:02
spiekeyso are the clients03:02
spiekeyogra: use the windows clients as linux clients you mean?03:02
highvoltagethat's a lot of ram for clients, they should be able to run as full workstations quite easily03:02
spiekeythey do run well. yes.03:03
highvoltagedo you have any edubuntu live cd's?03:03
spiekeyi actually dont have a problem right now. i just wanted to check out if there is a project which covers linux-server, windows clients, linux clients, printing, internet-proxy.03:03
spiekeyhighvoltage: i have installed one edubuntu box here,  and its lovly03:04
highvoltagei think i've heard of a school server distribution before, but can't remember what it's called03:04
spiekeyhttp://www.skolelinux.de/ ?03:04
spiekeybut they dont support windows clients i think03:05
ograthey do as we do ...03:05
highvoltageno it isn't skolelinux that I thought of03:05
ograwe're working on quite similar stuff 03:05
ograi.e. i develop th enew ltsp and most external contributions come from the skole people ...03:06
ograso what we have is very similar ... just that we base on ubuntu wih all its advantages03:06
spiekeye.g i am missing some easy tool/interface to change users and add them. So that teachers can do this.03:06
highvoltagespiekey: there's Wizzy, which is a generic school server, but I don't think it does samba03:06
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hi ogra 03:15
=== pygi [n=pygi@89-172-227-28.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcowizzy does things differently03:25
highvoltagewe have wizzy servers in some of our tuxlabs, although they only do mail and web cache and ldap in our labs03:26
RichEdhi ogra ... I'm not having any luck finding a place to poll people for Education opinion on DVD vs CD ...03:27
RichEd#schoolforge is dead ... no members at all today03:27
ograno answer on the k12 mailing list ? 03:27
RichEdI will send a mail to the list ... I haven't sent an introduction to them yet, so will get that both done in one go.03:28
ograah, k03:28
RichEdWe'll be around when they are active, with the late meeting tonight.03:28
RichEdI'll be able to give you feedback then.03:28
=== pygi [n=pygi@89-172-227-28.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
=== RichEd is out for 30 minutes
aspektRichEd: I prefer CD based disty - look at Suse - you can have both and if you ask for packages that are on a different CD it asks you to stick the CD. Bulk of packages are on CD1 which is good for 90% of users....etc03:35
cbx33ogra, did we decide dvd or cd yet03:36
cbx33i thought of a place to save 2 Mb03:36
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavMorning all03:42
cbx33hi sbalneav 03:42
sbalneavHello cbx33 03:42
cbx33howz it all going03:44
sbalneavI'm doing fine.  Hacking, hacking, hacking.  Now that localdev's starting to wrap up, I'm turning my mind towards the future: what we need to do to get polyp/pulse audio into the mix.03:45
cbx33oooh nice sbalneav 03:46
willvdlwhat exactly is polyp/pulse?03:47
sbalneavDistributed and/or network audio daemon.03:47
sbalneavCurrently, all LTSP implementations use esd, but esd's got some.... problems.03:48
cbx33sbalneav, you da man :p03:48
sbalneavFor instance: it can't handle mike input, you can't have any mixer control over it, so you can't set volumes, etc.03:48
sbalneavpulseaudio (they just went through a name change, used to be polypaudio), solves all that.03:49
cbx33sbalneav, :D03:49
sbalneavTies nicely into the gstreamer stack, does QoS monitoring, handles inputs AND outputs, etc.03:50
cbx33sbalneav, would JACK be able to integrate with that ? heheh03:50
sbalneavUmmm, I've heard of jack, not sure.  It's got it's own little thing going, right?  It's not gstreamer aware?03:51
cbx33i don;t think so03:51
cbx33it handles oss and alsa for sure03:51
willvdlah, thanks03:51
willvdlso it's more than just audio streaming?03:52
sbalneavWell, in a short sentance, it basically allows you to put an audio card out at the end of a network cable.03:52
sbalneavWhich is what you need for a thin client: when you run a program on the server, you want the SOUND to come out at the thin client.03:53
sbalneavTherefore, you need something to move the sound from the server, to the client.03:53
sbalneavgstreamer/pulseaudio is that "something"03:53
sbalneavgstreamer's a set of sound libraries.  The old way of doing sound was to simply write sound bits to /dev/audio.  Thats bad, because it means you can only use the sound card locally.03:54
willvdlright. audio tunnelling over IP03:55
sbalneavRather, what you want to do is call a library function, and then IT can either write to /dev/audio, OR send it over the network, and let something ELSE write it to /dev/audio.03:55
cbx33sbalneav, is it compressed ?03:55
cbx33over the network?03:56
sbalneavthe library bit's gstreamer, and the something that receives the network data, and writes it to /dev/audio is pulseaudio.03:56
sbalneavcbx33: You can turn on or off compression.03:56
cbx33i was just thinking of network bandwidth03:56
sbalneavOn low power clients, with a 100 meg network, you'd be better off to send it uncompresses.03:56
sbalneavon a slow network, with a high powered terminal, compression makes more sense.03:57
cbx33that's cool03:57
cbx33is that gonna be an edgy + 1 feature?03:57
sbalneavLocaldevices gets solved in edgy03:57
cbx33is local apps going in there too?03:57
sbalneavNo, not yet03:57
cbx33LocalApps makes it all a lot more feasible for my setup03:57
sbalneavthat's a big issue, you need lots of bits for localapps03:58
cbx33I would imagine you would03:58
sbalneavi.e. local mounting of home dirs, network authentication, pam tieins, etc.03:58
sbalneavWe'll probably start looking at the problem for edgy +1 03:58
sbalneavbut I doubt the solution will be complete until edgy + n where n >= 203:59
cbx33ahh i see03:59
sbalneavOff to a meeting.04:00
cbx33see ya sbalneav 04:00
cbx33anyone know when knot 3 is due?04:01
RichEdthanks aspekt ... for the input04:05
jsgotangcocbx33: when knot 2 comes out first ;)04:09
cbx33I know04:09
cbx33but something I'm working on didn't make it to knot 204:09
RichEdaspekt: ping for a sidebar ?04:09
RichEdyou there will ?04:10
jsgotangcocbx33: well knot 2 is scheduled this weekend04:10
jsgotangcosince its september next week, we'll probably have knot3 in 2 weeks or not at all ;)04:10
willvdlhey RichEd04:12
RichEdhi ... back to window ?04:13
jsgotangcogoodnight all04:18
=== cberlo [n=berloc@mars.dsbn.edu.on.ca] has joined #edubuntu
cberloHi folks.  Just wanted to drop a note that I just found out about XMing -- basically, a very small X server for Windows.  In conjunction with PuTTY, you can forward your X connection from Edubuntu to a Windows machine.  Makes demonstrating to a Windows user MUCH easier.04:20
cberlo...and it even works under WINE (for the terminally curious tinkerer who would try such things)04:21
cberloogra: Now that that's working, let me revisit a question I abandoned a while back:  do you know of a way to get pam_mount (or any other SMB-mounting mechanism) to work with "standard" ldm connections?  I need to map drives at login.04:22
cberloOkay, I see no one's all there right now... Gotta run.  I'll try send that to the users list.04:23
=== cberlo [n=berloc@mars.dsbn.edu.on.ca] has left #edubuntu []
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #edubuntu
Yagisando we have a list of thin clients that work with edubuntu ?04:47
=== Yagisan is getting complaints that older pc's are too noisy
PetarisYagisan: I have been getting my dumb clients from SolarPC http://www.solarpc.com04:49
=== Yagisan clicks
cbx33hi Yagisan 04:50
YagisanG'day cbx33 04:50
cbx33havn't spoken for a while04:50
cbx33hows tricks04:50
PetarisYagisan: http://katerina.frederic.k12.wi.us/code/naig/index.php?album=SolarPC/04:50
Yagisanhad an intresting feeling today - saw some of my code in a different project04:51
cbx33Yagisan, what was that?04:51
Yagisancbx33, yeah - my cmake build scripts were considered interesting and were included in a collection04:52
Yagisancbx33, usually my code is really awful and no one wants it04:52
sbalneavcbx33: pingy05:03
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdsbalneav: ping 05:27
sbalneavRichEd: pong05:28
juliuxhi RichEd 05:29
RichEdhi juliux 05:30
=== willvdl [n=will@] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxRichEd, did you think we will have edubuntu/ubuntu cds two weeks after edgy ?05:33
RichEdjuliux: I'll need to check the process through Marilize, but I think 2 weeks is a bit optimistic ... 05:34
juliuxRichEd, ok05:35
RichEdI'm presuming they will want to test before burnring by the thousand ...05:35
juliuxRichEd, sure05:35
RichEdAnd then deliver image to pressing & prinmt company05:35
RichEdAnd then ship to SA, and then ship to you05:35
RichEdI'd say this is more that 2 weeks of process (in my estimation)05:35
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
ograRichEd, two weeks would be fairly late after release day05:38
ograwhat should they test ? thats what we do *before* we release :)05:39
juliuxogra, hi, but is the image also tested?05:39
RichEdogra: I thought there may be some sort of window for bug catches before commiting. And Shipit promises : Normal mail, 4-6 weeks.05:40
ograwell, usually the release is a release ... we test the CDs two weeks all day05:42
sbalneavogra: find your 22 megs, BTW?05:43
ograsbalneav, see yourself: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20060830.1/05:44
sbalneavw00t :)05:44
sbalneavWhat did you take your sharp knife to?05:45
=== Yagisan does a little dance
Yagisanhmm. I really need to get off my arse and apply for my edubuntu membership05:50
juliuxgo Yagisan go ;)05:50
Yagisanjuliux, thanks. time to document, apt-get dist-upgrade and start hacking again05:51
Yagisanthen I can bother ogra like I used to when I had more free time05:52
ograsbalneav, a sharp knife and a grain of luck ...05:52
ograwell, rather a bolder 05:52
sbalneavThere a meeting today?05:52
ogra20:00 UTC05:52
=== Yagisan will not be at the meeting - but I'll try to log it
=== willvd1 [n=willvdl@] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33ogra, I'll be unable to attend the meeting tonight05:59
cbx33I'm fighting with pessulus now05:59
=== RichEd is out for dinner now ... but back for the meeting
=== heart [n=zippetto@lugbari/people/heart] has joined #edubuntu
ogracbx33, i assume AliasVegas wont attend as well ?06:04
ogra(would be nice to hear something about artwork progress)06:04
cbx33no but she has some tiem tonight to work on more artwork06:04
ogragreat 106:04
cbx33we will probably get back after meeting ends06:04
cbx33ogra, I've spoken with vuntz06:05
cbx33and I'm trying to sort out pessulus06:05
ograi know06:05
cbx33but I'm trying to find some docs on some undocumented functions he's using06:05
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=== willvd1 [n=willvdl@] has joined #edubuntu
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cbx33Hi LaserJock 06:25
LaserJockhi cbx33 06:26
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=== airjump [n=MZ@p508AC878.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
airjumpThin client server08:15
airjumpsearch some infos08:15
sbalneavairjump: Are you looking for information?08:17
airjumpi have a old sun sparc ultra 508:21
airjumpbut no solaris08:21
airjumpi will install ubuntu server on it08:21
airjumpnext step is i will install a thin client server08:22
airjumpi have 2 sun ray's08:22
airjumpThat can be done ???08:22
airjumpHave you some links?08:23
sbalneavI'm not sure if sunrays can be used as ltsp thin clients.08:24
sbalneavI have no experience with them myself.08:24
airjumpi found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuOnSunRay08:24
sbalneavWell, that seems to indicate it can be done.08:26
airjumpIn two weeks I take the time to try myself 08:27
airjumpWhere do you come? 08:27
sbalneavMyself?  I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada08:28
airjumpoh, i am from germany08:28
airjumpwhat local time is it08:28
sbalneavHere's where I'm sitting right at the moment :)08:29
sbalneavso it's 13:30 here.08:29
airjumpUTC + 208:30
airjumplocal 20:3008:30
sbalneavThat's where the big high speed rail crash was a few years ago, right?08:31
airjumpIn close proximity to Eschede 08:32
sbalneavAh, sorry08:32
airjumpi have a blog http://zille.wordpress.com If you have times 08:33
sbalneavI'll have a look.  I might have to use babblefish, looks like :)08:34
airjumpDo they work?  Or going to the school? 08:34
sbalneavMe?  I'm a sysadmin.  I've been working for 17 years.08:34
sbalneavI'm also and LTSP developer.08:34
sbalneavin my spare time :)08:35
airjumpWhat is LTSP?08:35
airjumpI try to write on English 08:35
airjumpin my blog08:35
sbalneavThin Clients for Linux08:35
airjumpHave you a link08:35
sbalneavI've been working with ogra for the thin client implentation in Ubuntu/Edubuntu08:36
airjumphave you a jabber account08:38
airjumpExcuse my bad English 08:39
sbalneavNo, I don't.  I do all my communicating either via irc or email.08:39
airjumpyou? https://launchpad.net/people/sbalneav08:40
airjumpWere they on the Ubuntucon? 08:41
airjumpSorry UBUCON08:41
sbalneavairjump: That's me.08:41
sbalneavI wasn't at ubucon, but I've been at the last 3 ubuntu developers meetings.08:42
sbalneavWhere they do the speccing.08:42
airjumpcan you explain "speccing"08:43
sbalneavA "spec" is a specification.  Its where the features that will get included in the next version of Ubuntu get defined.08:46
airjumpok thanks08:46
Burgworkairjump, I was at Ubucon08:47
airjumphave you a link with photo's08:48
Burgworkhttp://whiprush.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/img_6478.jpg <-- only picture I can find08:50
LaserJockwahoo! Ubucon08:51
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airjumpWhat do you mean? wahoo! Ubucon08:59
=== jinty_ [n=jinty@132.Red-83-55-196.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
airjumpok i say n809:02
=== xipponk [n=knoppix@CPE0080c6ea8139-CM014510002488.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #edubuntu
xipponkhello, i would like to use a live cd in a lab that has machine running win2000. i don't want the students to be able to access the HD or the win2000 network. does edubuntu allow access to write to the local machine?09:09
LaserJockhmmm, if the Windows partition is NTFS then it wouldn't be writable I don't think09:10
xipponkif it is fat32 (i don't know i'm not there right now)09:11
xipponkdoes edubuntu have gcc or java sdk installed? pythin?09:11
LaserJocknot sure about gcc09:12
LaserJockand I doubt java09:12
xipponkdoes edubuntu have a packages.txt file?09:12
xipponki am at the download sight and all i see are the iso's09:13
xipponkwait i found the pkg list09:13
xipponkclever, it's called : edubuntu-6.06.1-live-i386.list09:14
xipponksorfry about the dumb question09:14
xipponkthat's a short list09:14
xipponkLaserJock, are you running edubuntu now?09:14
xipponksorry, scratch that i found the manifest09:15
xipponkgcc-3.3-base 1:3.3.6-1009:15
xipponkgcc-4.0-base 4.0.3-1ubuntu509:15
xipponkok gcc is ther09:15
xipponkjava-common 0.24ubuntu209:16
xipponkjava-gcj-compat 1.0.56-0ubuntu109:16
xipponkdoes edubuntu live have jdk ?09:16
xipponkit has python too.09:17
LaserJockxipponk: no, not at the moment09:20
LaserJockthe live cd is different than an installed Edubuntu though09:20
=== yvesC [n=yves@zenobi.ycombe.net] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockxipponk: no, edubuntu doesn't have jdk. Sun's java still has license issues I believe09:21
xipponkLaserJock, do you know what is in these pkgs: java-gcj-compat 1.0.56-0ubunt and java-gcj-compat 1.0.56-0ubuntu109:21
=== jinty_ [n=jinty@132.Red-83-55-196.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockxipponk: ah, those are free java stuff, I'm not sure what exactly those are though, gimme a sec09:22
LaserJock"java-gcj-compat is a collection of wrapper scripts, symlinks and jar files.  It is meant to provide a Java-RTE-like interface to the GIJ/GCJ tool set."09:23
xipponkthanks for your help09:24
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willvdlevening all09:31
RichEdhello 09:32
LaserJockhi RichEd and willvdl 09:32
highvoltageevenin' willvdl 09:33
highvoltageand RichEd and LaserJock 09:33
highvoltagewillvdl: guess what. telkom phoned today to say that they're installing my adsl line tomorrow, let's hope they get it right this time :)09:34
=== RichEd greetz all around ...
RichEdbusy with an email from a mentalist ... listen to this: "Edubuntu is very similar to Moodle but has some added features and I'm considering switching. "09:35
willvdlhighvoltage, which kidney did they ask for?09:35
BurgworkRichEd, "attention kmart shoppers. Clue can be found in aisle 6 and is on special today"09:38
LaserJockRichEd: hmm, "Ubuntu is similar to Firefox but has some added features"09:39
=== ryanpg [n=ryanpg@c-24-13-248-42.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
ryanpghi all... anyone able to suggest lessonplanning and grading software?09:41
RichEdBurgwork & LaserJock : he introduces himself as "the founder of an Internet Ministry" do I need to say more ;)09:48
LaserJockRichEd: which one?09:48
=== willvdl_ [n=will@vc-196-207-41-252.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
rodarvusEdubuntu meeting in 5 minutes, right?09:56
RichEdyes ... 4 minutes ...09:56
rodarvusogra, ping09:57
rodarvusogra was silent most day, must be quite busy with Knot-209:57
RichEd===== Edubuntu Meeting in #ubuntu-meeting ====== 3 minutes09:58
crimsunrodarvus: hi, did you receive my query regarding the headphone jack?09:58
rodarvuscrimsun, yes! but forgot to answer09:58
rodarvusactually, I'm not using a headphone09:58
crimsunok, np09:58
crimsunare there two output jacks, though?09:59
rodarvusbut thanks for caring, anyway :)09:59
rodarvus*nods*, yes09:59
rodarvusas you said, in front of the laptop09:59
highvoltagehey rodarvus 09:59
crimsunso is this an inaudible speaker problem or an inaudible jack(s) problem?09:59
RichEd===== Edubuntu Meeting in #ubuntu-meeting ====== Now !10:00
crimsun(feel free to follow up later, I'm in a meeting myself)10:00
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highvoltagewillvdl: vodacom 3g can be flakey hey? my connection also just dropped10:12
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peanut7836could i upgrade from kubuntu to have a working ltsp server?10:55
=== peanut7836 [n=paul@c-67-171-42-23.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has left #edubuntu ["Leaving"]
highvoltageegh, peanut should've just stayed a bit longer11:00
=== highvoltage goes to bed
highvoltagegoodnight edubuntuland!11:03
pips1highvoltage: you still here?11:13
highvoltagepips1: i was just about to log out :)11:14
pips1I was wondering what is happening with the website... 11:14
pips1will we do a handover? and if so, when?11:15
highvoltagepips1: i understood that you would own it now?11:15
highvoltagepips1: your account has admnistrative access11:15
highvoltagewhat can't you do atm?11:15
pips1ah, well, RichEd said you would send an email to make it official, introduce me to the sysadmin or smth?11:15
highvoltageah, right11:16
RichEdhi ... 11:16
highvoltageok, we can do that tomorrow morning?11:16
=== RichEd blushes and makes a note
highvoltagepips1: until that's complete, you can start working on it immediately, the formalities doesn't have to cause a delay11:16
rodarvusguys, since the meeting is closed, then, I'll turn off my computer (thunder storm is really strong, though this is not amazonia :) )11:17
highvoltageyou have full creative control :)11:17
highvoltagerodarvus: ok, keep well!11:17
rodarvussee you guys later :)11:17
pips1highvoltage ok, I'll go wild :-D11:17
highvoltagepips1: great!11:18
highvoltagegoodnight pips1 and ogra and RichEd and LaserJock 11:18
=== highvoltage falls over
RichEdnight all11:18
pips1goodnight highvoltage!11:18
ogranight all11:18
RichEdpips ... email address again please ... too tired to do a search on launchpad 11:18
pips1outch, I just got myself some more spam too ;-)11:19
RichEdthanks ... will send you the email in the morning ... with my coffee ...11:20
pips1have a good night everyone11:20
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=== jamesg01 [n=jgoff@207-118-233-68.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #edubuntu
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RichEdhi mhz ... we missed each other on monday11:51
RichEdAnd I am on my way to bed now ... it's midnight here after a long day11:52
mhzRichEd: hey!!11:52
RichEdI've been through your emails ... and digested.11:52
mhzI never expected you to be here11:53
RichEdLet me give you a quick outline of where I am with this ...11:53
=== mhz is all ears
RichEdAll sections heads have to prepare a 1 year strategy plan for Mark to review by end of tomorrow11:54
RichEdIt's a full plan: mission, objectives, goals, actions, deadlines11:54
RichEdIn order to give focus and prioritise effort.11:54
RichEdWe have 2 main target sections:11:55
RichEd1. adoption - become #1 or #2 in linux in education - within 12 months11:55
RichEd2. show value to Canonical - by opening doors for Ubuntu & Services11:56
RichEdwith me so far ?11:56
Burgworksounds like a good plan to me11:56
mhzRichEd: 100%11:56
=== mhz won't interrupt unless asked
RichEdOnce this is done, I'll be able to take your territory overview, and map against target sections.11:57
RichEdI will probably ask you to help me wth this ...11:57
Burgworkhttp://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=linux+education&btnG=Search <-- only distro mentioned is RH11:57
=== mhz tabs
Burgwork#1 clearly drives #2. Do you have specific plans for #1?11:58
RichEdBurgwork: will be back in a sec11:58
RichEdseen this ? : http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT5816278551.html12:00
mhzRichEd: well, I got good and not so good news12:01
RichEdyes Burgwork : lots of plans :)12:01
=== RichEd listens to mhz /
Burgworkhey nixternal 12:02
nixternalwell hello there sir12:02
mhzRichEd: with the current/new Chilean Gov, a good friend of mine as been designated as Director of FONADIS (national funding for 'accessibility')12:02
RichEdthat sounds like the good news12:03
mhzRichEd: that is good news. I have already had a meeting with him and he has promised to help me on whatever I need12:03
=== RichEd waits for the bad news
mhzBUT... he just can't help mhz (one person) but an organization12:03
mhzand such organization has to have good background12:04
Burgworkright, so we need to find a partner12:04
mhzat least 2 years of life ;)12:04
RichEdunderstood ... and from our side, we can't just focus on one person, but a territory ... similar situation12:05
mhzRichEd: Next week, I'll have a meeting with FONADIS Director of Education12:05
mhzshe is willing to see EDubuntu on action12:05
RichEdbut if we can show how actions can help to meet objectives ... then we get interest & support12:05
RichEdFONADIS Director of Education <- what do they use now ?12:06
mhzSo far, all I need is some kind of 'commitment', 'written agreement'  I am not alone in front of FONADIS12:06
RichEdm$ in schools ?12:06
mhzRichEd: nothing. That is why they are soooo interested12:06
mhzthere are lots of people with a11y needs12:07
mhzand FONADIS has been receiving many 'temptations' from MS12:07
RichEdokay ... i am too tired to get creative now ... but we need to find the bridge step12:07
mhzso the FONADIS Director (my friend) has agreed to wait and see what I can offer12:07
RichEdand we can discuss this together to find that bridge12:08
mhzbefore he takes any MS product or services12:08
mhzRichEd: sure!!!12:08
RichEdhow do you fit with the chilean Ubuntu loco team ?12:08
mhzRichEd: tomorrow, I will be busy all morning untill 17 UTC12:08
mhzRichEd: so far, I am the 'leader'12:09
RichEdI will be busy until midnight ...12:09
mhzbut we are only 6 to 7 guys12:09
RichEdgood ... loco news ... mail me your url12:09
mhzand 5 of them do not contribute on dauily basis, more in two-weeks basis12:09
mhzRichEd: okys12:09
mhzRichEd: firday?12:10
mhzfriday good for a 'meeting'?12:10
RichEdbut as ubuntu community loco leader, this makes you more than just a user12:10
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hi all12:11
RichEdafter 17 UTC is 7:00 pm for me here ... family time ... 12:11
RichEdweekend ?12:11
cbx33how was the meeting12:11
mhzRichEd: sure, but Gov does not care unless they see something 'written'12:11
mhzFONADIS, as all other Gov orgs, play by Gov rules12:11
RichEdwhen is the meeting ? what day ?12:12
mhzRichEd: Friday... 16 UTC ?12:12
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdfriday after 6:00 pm is difficult12:12
mhz15 UTC ?12:13
cbx33hey ogra 12:13
cbx33sorry guys looks like the bot didn't manage to log this evenings meeting12:13
cbx33so minutes are out12:13
RichEdyes ... weekend is better ... sunday evening ?12:13
RichEdcbx33: i can send you my local log12:13

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