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kiko-afkcprov-afk, sou uma mmia. see email.02:04
cprov-afkkiko-afk: I've seen, running new code 02:05
kiko-afkcprov-afk, ah, do you have the output already?02:05
cprov-afkkiko-afk: in a bit 02:05
cprov-afkkiko-afk: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileZMTnvB.html02:08
kiko-afkwhat do you think?02:09
cprov-afkkiko-afk: the arch-all ones are those we did shit ...02:09
cprov-afkkiko-afk: I'm mean we didn't build the arch-indep binary02:09
cprov-afkkiko-afk: is that right ?02:09
kiko-afkcprov-afk, well, not exactly. we try and build /too much/ today02:10
kiko-afkcprov-afk, I'm trying to find out if we can live without binary PAS support.02:10
kiko-afkI'll reply to myself.02:10
cprov-afkkiko-afk: how do you mean ? /too much/02:10
kiko-afkwell, these are binary PAS candidates02:11
kiko-afkbut we ignore binary PAS02:11
kiko-afkso we try to build them everywhere regardless02:11
cprov-afkkiko-afk: they will got rejected, same name & version 02:12
kiko-afkthey won't build02:12
kiko-afkit's not a problem (I think)02:12
kiko-afkit's just that we spam the buildds02:12
kiko-afkI'll call you in a bit02:12
cprov-afkkiko-afk: right02:12
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jameshI wonder if Python 2.5 will make it into edgy04:22
jameshmpt: ping?05:06
mptjamesh, pong05:17
mptlifeless, ping05:17
jameshmpt: what do you think about the wording changes in this patch? https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/file8p1Pvs.html05:18
jameshthis affects the details portlet for people who aren't Launchpad users05:19
mptjamesh, that looks like an improvement05:20
spivjamesh: "I am this person" is a declaration, rather than the name of an action like "Claim this person", so it doesn't "look" so much like an action, if you know what I mean.05:20
lifelessmpt: ?05:20
spivjamesh: maybe this isn't a problem.  I'm happy to trust mpt's judgement anyway.05:20
mptlifeless, can you confirm whether PQM received a couple of merge requests from me in the past 20 minutes?05:21
jameshspiv: "Claim this person" also sounds weird though ...05:21
lifelessmpt: uhh, pqm.launchpad.net ;)05:22
mptlifeless, it hasn't sent me mail, and nor has it included the branch in the queue05:22
lifelessmpt: it looks idle05:22
spivjamesh: "claim" isn't an ideal verb, no05:22
lifelessmpt: then its probably not recieved it05:22
lifelessas in, almost certainly.05:22
spivjamesh: "Claim this account" seems less weird, except there's no account yet05:22
lifeless-or- you've changed your config so its not sending the error to the right place05:22
lifeless'I am this person'05:22
jameshmpt: any thoughts on alternative wording for "I am this person" or "Claim this person"?05:23
mptlifeless, right, I was trying to narrow it down to between (a) it never received my request and (b) it received my request and I never received its reply05:23
jameshlifeless: that's the wording I've got at the moment05:23
lifelessI like 'I am this person' ;)05:23
mptjamesh: "Hey, that's me!"05:23
lifelessgood - 'this is me'05:24
spivjamesh: I'm not making a strong objection or anything, just a passing observation.  I'm more than happy to trust mpt's judgement on this sort of thing.05:24
jameshspiv: sure.05:24
jameshthis also makes the person merge form more visible too05:24
spivMaking the person merge form more visible would be great.05:25
mptMy judgement is currently impaired by lack of sleep05:25
jameshsince there is a link to it on each non-active person page if you're logged in05:25
spivmpt: So you probably only have about 3x as much UI sense as me, rather than your usual 10x ;)05:25
mpt--dry-run looks all correct...05:26
jameshmpt: does "mailq" show any queued messages?05:27
mptthere they are.05:29
mpt(Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=pqm.ubuntu.com type=MX: Host not found, try again)05:29
jameshtry running "sudo sendmail -q"05:30
mptThat retries everything?05:30
mptIt seems to have removed the error message, anyway05:30
mpt... and now it's back05:31
mptthis time for both attempts05:31
mptwhich is silly, because http://pqm.ubuntu.com/ loads just fine in a browser05:31
lifelessdifferent DNS records05:31
lifelesshost -t mx pqm.ubuntu.com (IIR the syntax C)05:32
mpt;; connection timed out05:32
=== lifeless pats mpts shoulder sadly
jameshmaybe DNS takes a bit longer to get to New Zealand, so times out05:35
jameshprobably because of the time zone differences05:35
mptAnd the sunspots!05:36
mptNah, this is probably leftover from the horrible DNS problems I had Monday and yesterday, fixed by upgrading the router firmware05:36
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mpt_so, that sucks05:55
mpt_Sorry for bothering you lifeless, I didn't know about mailq05:55
jameshlifeless: assuming the next lot of product-release-finder tests are successful, we should be able to remove the "Cache" class and associated code06:06
jameshit has a really evil __contains__() implementation that mutates the object.06:07
jameshso that "not_in_cache in cache" will return False the first time and True subsequent times06:08
spivjamesh: ew06:08
jameshthat is, __contains__() adds items to the cache06:09
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lifelessor should I say, freakerydeakerydoo06:10
jameshthe code I've added to cope with existing product releases should also make the cache code unnecessary06:10
lifelessI was wondering if we could without it06:12
jameshlifeless: btw, does bzr do anything special to avoid umask issues like Subversion does?06:15
lifelesssomewhat yes06:15
lifelesswe chmod files if an option has been set06:15
jameshfor reference, Subversion's fsfs backend copies the file permissions from the previous rev when creating a new one06:16
lifelessbut we cant preserve sticky bit over sftp06:16
lifelessbecause openssh' sftp-server masks the sgid bit06:16
jameshthat's not as big a deal for updating existing branches (which is where the problem usually bites)06:17
jameshactually, I suppose bzr would be creating dirs with the hashed subdirs06:18
jameshwell, I suppose an admin could create all 256 weaves/NN subdirs and then chgrp/chmod things appropriately06:20
jameshI wonder how I got an Unauthorized test failure in a LaunchpadZopelessLayer test06:52
jameshthey're meant to be running with permissive security policy06:52
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BjornTjamesh: if you get an Unauthorized failure in Zopeless, it means that there are no security declarations for the attribute you're trying to get/set08:37
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jameshBjornT: wouldn't that be a forbidden error?08:58
jameshBjornT: this was saying I didn't have launchpad.Edit on the object.08:59
jamesh(I'd updated the security declaration)08:59
somerville32Is launchpad down?09:01
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carloslooks like that...09:02
somerville32Gah - I was in the middle of reporting a security bug :[09:02
spivhmm, it's not down for me, but it is very slow.09:04
spivI seem to recall the same thing happened around this time yesterday.09:04
jameshthis happened a few days ago too09:04
jamesha cron script hammering one of the app servers09:04
somerville32When will the carnage be over?09:05
BjornTjamesh: right. yeah, you probably should have gotten a forbidden error.09:06
jameshBjornT: the security declaration must have worked, since it said I needed launchpad.Edit to write to that attribute.  That's why I found it weird09:07
lifelesslooks like update-cve is using a TONNE of memory09:10
lifelesslet me unSTOP it09:10
lifelesssee if this makes it suck again09:10
jameshI wonder if is doing something stupid09:11
lifelessand look how slow it just got again09:11
jamesh(other than using xml.dom.minidom)09:11
lifelessby tonne, I mean gb's09:11
jameshhow big is the CVE database?09:11
BjornTjamesh: does it work if you do setSecurityPolicy(PermissiveSecurityPolicy) first?09:11
lifelessits the whole nightly scripts doing it I think09:13
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lifelessthem and an archvysn rsync job09:14
lifelesswill ask admins later09:14
jameshBjornT: the tests rely on LaunchpadZopelessLayer, which does execute_zcml_for_scripts(), which installs the PermissiveSecurityPolicy09:14
BjornTjamesh: i know. i just thought it'd be good to know if something else changed the security policy, or if it's the permissive policy that is to blame.09:17
lifelessmpt_: the fancy menu at the top of the lp pages does not honour ctrl-click :)09:18
lifelessis this by design ??09:18
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jameshlifeless: the dynarch menus stuff is designed to act as much like real menus as possible, rather than as a webpage09:19
lifelessthats fine by me, as long as I have all the links for navigation that it replaces, somewhere I can ctrl-click to get a new tab from09:20
jameshfrom what I can tell, that includes making them non-keyboard accessible ...09:20
lifelessctrl-click has nothing to do with keyboard09:20
lifelessit has to do with them being considered links that the browser understands09:20
jameshctrl-click has to do with clicking hyperlinks09:21
jameshI don't think they are hyperlinks09:21
lifeless(in point of fact, real menus *are* keyboard accessible)09:21
lifelessso, replace ctrl-click with 'middle mouse' then ;)09:21
jameshit is code that'd be worth replacing at some point09:21
SteveAgood morning09:28
SteveAlifeless: the dynarch menus are going away very soon09:29
SteveAlifeless: so, expend no effort around them now09:29
SteveAjamesh: the replacement code already exists.  i just need to find time to do the replacement.09:30
lifelessSteveA: ok09:33
lifelessSteveA: the slowdown yesterday in lp happened again today, and coincides with the lp nightly.sh, and an rsync by user archvsyn09:34
SteveAlifeless: that's interesting.  can you say what UTC time the slowness was happening?  maybe matsubara will be able to find something in the list of soft timeouts.09:39
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somerville32If there is a bug that applies to multiple packages, should I create a bug for each one or is there a way to connect them?09:41
jameshlifeless: the CVE database is XML, and 3 megs when gzip compressed09:41
jameshlifeless: so it isn't too surprising to see it using shitloads of memory when loaded with xml.dom.minidom09:41
jameshmoving it to cElementTree would be an improvement.  Moving to an incremental parser would be even better09:43
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SteveAjamesh: are you saying that the nightly cve sync may be slowing things down?09:45
SteveAon account of it making gangotri swap09:46
jameshSteveA: earlier lifeless said that it was using gigabytes of memory09:46
danilossomerville32: you can assign a single bug to multiple packages, afaik09:46
somerville32I think I figured it out <g>09:48
danilossomerville32: great :)09:48
SteveAjamesh: so, a quick fix may be to turn off the appservers on gangotri while that script is running... or turn off that script ;-)09:49
somerville32When linking to remove bug report, do I just put in the bug report number?09:50
somerville32Sorry, it is about 5am here, lol.09:51
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jameshSteveA: the script loads the gzipped cve db into memory, then gunzips it into memory, then parses the XML in memory.09:54
jameshSteveA: I just tried testing these steps independently: I was at 26MB RSS after gunzipping the db (it is 18MB).  When I ran xml.dom.minidom.parseString() it got up to 800MB, at which point I killed it09:55
jameshthere is a lot more information in the new XML format than there was in the old one -- votes and comments09:58
somerville32Can someone tell me if I set this up right? https://launchpad.net/distros/debian/+bug/5816909:58
jameshSteveA: looks like switching over to cElementTree cuts the memory usage from gigabytes to ~ 125MB10:03
carlosdanilos: hi, around?10:03
daniloscarlos: hi, yeah10:04
somerville32If a bug would be fixed by upgrading it, should I mark it is fix released or just confirmed?10:04
carlossomerville32: upgrading a package?10:06
carlosIn that case, I guess it would be 'Fix released' as you already fixed it in a new version of the software that is already available10:07
=== somerville32 nods.
SteveAjamesh: nice.10:10
SteveAjamesh: probably easier to use cElementTree than to convert it to event-based parsing.10:10
UbugtuNew bug: #58168 in rosetta "Missing upstream translations for ktorrent-2.0.1" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5816810:10
somerville32I'm not sure if this bug report should be private or not. Can anyone clarify if it should be or not?10:11
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smurfCan somebody change katie's Wiki page in launchpad from UbuntuArchiveAutoSync (which doesn't exist) to ArchiveAdministration ?10:31
SteveAsmurf: URL of katie's launchpad page?10:38
smurfSteveA: people/katie ;-)10:40
smurfsivang: likewise10:40
sivangsmurf: ;-) How you been? you have long periods of time where you disappear and then come back.10:41
smurfsivang: s/disappear/need to do some work which actually pays the bills10:41
smurfwhich is why I couldn't com eto Paris or Wiesbaden :-(10:42
SteveAsmurf: this is actually katie's wiki username, not really the homepage10:42
SteveAwhy do you want it changed?10:42
sivangsmurf: eh, well, I wasn't in Wiesbaden, but Paris was really nice. re: bills, I know the feeling, might have to face this in a couple's of months time as well. Make sure you checkout the renovated HomeUserBackup spec :-)10:44
smurfSteveA: because it's a dead link? I could add a redirect page to the wiki instead, of course...10:44
SteveAok, I changed it.10:45
sivangsmurf: we worked hard on it's GUI in Paris with glaztor and the KDE interface specialist.10:45
smurfSteveA: thx10:45
lifelessSteveA: 0800 I think - 10:45
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
sivangsmurf: (and tons of suggestions and minor improvment from whoever cared to share his opinion on the tool)10:45
smurfsivang: cool. (NB: drop the apostrophe ;-)10:45
lifelessjamesh: it was one aspect of the slowdown10:45
lifelessjamesh: but it was still slow after that finished10:46
jameshlifeless: could the memory pressure have caused the rest of the problems?10:46
sivangsmurf: hehe, right. 10:46
lifelessjamesh: I saw it at 1.8gb of ram IIRC10:46
lifelessjamesh: could be related I guess, but:10:46
lifelessthats a fair amount of memory to work with10:46
ddaagood local time of the day10:46
lifelessalso, our launchpad instance is using 1.2gb of ram10:47
SteveAhi ddaa10:47
lifelesserm, 1.4gb now, for each instnace10:47
jameshlifeless: well, reducing the cve-update script's memory usage by an order of magnitude couldn't hurt ...10:47
lifelessjamesh: agreed10:47
SteveAdanilos, carlos, jordi: hi, who's around for a rosetta chat later?10:47
carlosI'm around10:47
jordiSteveA: what time?10:47
SteveAI'm flexible.  10 mins from now earliest10:48
jordiI'll have to leave for 30 mins at 11:30 or so, but I should be sitting here for the rest of the morning10:48
jordi11:30 my time, that is10:49
carlosthat's 09:30 UTC10:49
SteveAi want us to talk through what's currently happening with rosetta, and also to make a plan for the licensing stuff10:50
SteveAso that I can talk about it when I next talk with mark on the phone10:50
SteveAjordi: so, you're available at 10 UTC?10:51
jordiI should be, but if you cont on 10:15, better10:52
SteveAjordi: ping me, carlos and danilo when you're back10:52
jordiI'll sure10:52
jordi"what's currently happening" as in what's being hacked on for 1.0?10:53
SteveAjamesh: I was thinking about the oops summary pages... what if the page also showed against each error the duration that the oopses occured over10:53
SteveAjamesh: this would help to narrow down ones that are due to interactions with cron jobs etc.10:53
SteveAjamesh: what do you think?10:53
SteveAjordi: yeah, current work going on, issues with translators etc.10:54
SteveAserious bugs10:54
carlosSteveA: FYI, danilo and I are maintaining a wiki page with all tasks done to help kiko with his summaries at: https://launchpad.canonical.com/RosettaChanges10:54
jameshSteveA: so a time of day type thing?10:54
SteveAyeah, just to display the datetime of the first OOPS for that error, and the last occuring OOPS for that error10:55
SteveAor maybe...10:55
jameshSteveA: should be pretty easy to get it to put together a histogram, and provide info about peaks10:55
SteveAa separate page showing the timeline for a day top to bottom10:55
SteveAbut anyway10:55
SteveAthe point is for matsubara to be able to glance over the errors, and see easily if the errors only occurred for say 30 mins10:56
SteveAmaybe when there was a network issue in the DC for those 30 mins10:56
SteveAor during the 45 mins when certain cron scripts are running10:56
jordimpt_: I hadn't read your Security snake oil post. Very cool :)11:00
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SteveAmpt_: Security snake oil?11:08
SteveAwhen you're all out of olive oil, gotta use snake oil11:09
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jordiwow, spam with "Ogg Vorbis xm" in the subject11:13
SpadsI've been getting chunks of the GPL in mine11:13
ddaajamesh: can you remind me the specifics of the fix you proposed for urlappend?11:14
ddaaSpads: that's pretty leet spam!11:15
jordiSpads: woa11:16
jameshddaa: make sure that "sftp" is in the urlparse.uses_netloc and urlparse.uses_relative11:16
=== Spads shrugs
Spadsmost spammers use gutenberg project files as their bayes chaff, I find11:16
SpadsI occasionally google sections of spam chaff and find that it's Bullwer-Lytton or something11:16
jameshddaa: basically "if 'sftp' not in urlparse.uses_netloc: urlparse.uses_netloc.append('sftp')" and the same for uses_relative11:17
ddaajamesh: test-wise, just checking that urlappend('sftp://foo/bar', 'gam') == 'sftp://foo/bar/gam' should be enough you think?11:18
ddaaor is there some corner case to cover as well?11:18
jameshddaa: yeah.  You probably want to update uses_netloc/uses_relative in the webapp/url.py module body.11:18
ddaajamesh: yeah, what I was thinking, a simple _function that's called from the module body11:20
ddaaWill get that fix merged in a separate patch today11:22
ddaajamesh: then, can I merge my importd-bzr-native branch?11:23
ddaa(after using urlappend in the appropriate place there)11:23
jameshddaa: yep.11:23
daniloscarlos: is it ok to commit things like https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/danilo/launchpad/trivial/full-diff, or should I wait for stub?11:28
carlosdanilos: go ahead, but please, be sure that it lands on production11:28
jameshdanilos: you don't need stub's permission to update the sample data, but note that the change won't be reflected in production11:29
carlosdanilos: anyway, you can send the request to lifeless, he's the dba while stub is on holidays and it's a quite trivial change11:29
daniloscarlos: it's already in the production11:33
danilosjamesh: yeah, thanks11:33
carlosthen go ahead, as jamesh told you, you don't need to check sampledata changes with stuart11:33
daniloscarlos: ok, it's going in11:34
daniloscarlos: do I use [trivial]  or something?11:34
carlosyeah, [trivial] 11:35
=== jinty [n=jinty@19.Red-83-50-220.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
jameshSteveA: got time for a quick review?11:42
SteveAjamesh: yes11:44
jameshSteveA: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileYqNEig.html <- it moves the CVE updater to cElementTree11:45
ddaajamesh: any clue how I run the doctests in webapp/url.py?11:47
ddaaI tried "./test.py -vv canonical urlappend", but it said "0 tests"11:48
jameshddaa: not sure.11:48
jameshmaybe they arent' being run currently11:49
ddaamy guess too :(11:54
ddaawell, any clue how to get them to run :) ?11:54
ddaalike an existing module with docstrings where I could cargo-cult from?11:54
BjornTddaa: look at webapp/tests/test___init__.py11:59
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
BjornTddaa: look at webapp/tests/test___init__.py11:59
ddaaThank you12:00
ddaastupid gaim gtk bug12:00
ddaasomething to do with and active selection and moving out of the window, but I haven't still figured out how to repeat it :(12:01
SteveAjamesh: just add a decent docstring to getText(elem)12:05
SteveAjamesh: other than that, r=me12:05
jameshSteveA: okay.  Thanks.12:05
ddaajamesh: quick review requested https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileaJXUpp.html12:21
carlosddaa: I think we are supposed to use http://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/ instead the old one on chinstrap...12:23
jameshddaa: looks good.12:24
ddaacarlos: thank you, updated my bookmark12:24
SteveAjamesh: another candidate for inclusion in a URL class for our webapp libraries12:24
SteveAwe were talking the other day about having a more OO URL class in webapp12:27
SteveAbecause the standard library url facilities are quite low-level, and very procedural to use12:28
SteveAand we have higher-level facilities that are important to us, like asking whether one URL is "inside" another12:28
jameshI wonder if we should bypass urlparse completely with the new URL class12:28
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
SteveAthat would be an implementation issue :-)12:29
ddaaI think we should, globally altering stdlib module is eeeeew for a library12:29
SteveAwhat I mean is, the interface to the URL class would be the same in any case12:29
SteveAddaa: yes... although I think the std library is misdesigned here12:29
SteveAas it encourages such alterations12:29
SteveAcompare it to random12:29
SteveAyou have a global random number generator12:29
SteveAbut you can create your own random() object for your application12:30
SteveAand seed it as you need to etc.12:30
ddaaSteveA: agreed, it should probably use factory and method patterns12:30
jameshddaa: the problem is that the stdlib module is written to the old spec, and has useless defaults for unknown schemes.  The newer URI RFC specifies rules for processing arbitrary URIs12:30
SteveAjamesh: think that'll change in python 2.5 or 2.6 ?12:31
ddaajamesh: the biggest problem IMO is that it fails silently for unknown scheme instead of raising.12:31
jameshI haven't checked what's in 2.5 w.r.t. this12:31
ddaaBTW, it appears that the guilty code has a comment saying something like "that's a mess and should be rewritten"12:31
jameshddaa: it doesn't fail.  It just assumes that unknown schemes don't have a netloc section (the "//host:port" bit) and don't support relative references12:31
jordiSteveA, danilos, carlos: here12:32
jameshwhich is a very bad assumption12:32
SteveAhi jordi12:32
danilosjordi: hey12:32
SteveAI can be ready in 10 mins, say at 45 mins past the hour12:32
SteveAdanilos, carlos: okay with you too?12:32
ddaajamesh: well, I call that a silent failure since any default is likely not to do the correct thing. It's not avoiding the temptation to guess.12:32
danilosSteveA: sure12:32
carlosSteveA: yeah12:33
SteveAok, done12:33
jordiSteveA: cool12:33
jameshddaa: yep.  I think it would be good to just implement the rules in the new RFC, which generally does the right thing12:33
ddaaif you say so... I am not familiar with those RFCs12:34
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UbugtuNew bug: #58187 in soyuz "uploads to frozen should land in unapproved, not be rejected" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5818701:07
Seveas(no ubugtu isn't laggy, he was broken)01:08
SteveAmalcc: around?01:10
malccSteveA: Yup01:10
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doko$ tar xf oo-translations-20060808.tar.gz01:51
dokogzip: stdin: unexpected end of file01:51
dokotar: Unexpected EOF in archive01:51
dokotar: Unexpected EOF in archive01:51
dokotar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now01:51
carloshmm, let me check...01:51
carlosseems like there was a problem with the upload01:53
daniloselmo: ping01:53
carlosdoko: I don't have the file around01:53
carlosI will need to do a new download01:53
carlosI will do it after lunch and ping you again, ok?01:53
=== carlos -> lunch
dokocarlos: that's your current file on chinstrap01:56
carlosyeah, I know01:56
carlosI uploaded it from my laptop01:56
carlosbut I removed it so I need to generate a new one01:56
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=== danilos is off to bank
salgadohey mpt_, have you had a chance to update PersonCreationRationale?02:11
=== Kuhrscher [n=jannick@] has joined #launchpad
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KuhrscherHi, which is the right mailing list, to post some thoughts about upstream import to Rosetta?02:45
kikoKuhrscher, rosetta-users@lists.canonical.com02:45
KuhrscherIs it only for the users, or for the devs as well?02:46
kikofor both02:47
Kuhrscherah, thanks02:47
SteveAkiko: hi, how's it going?02:48
KuhrscherDo I have to be a member of the list to post something?02:48
kikoSteveA, pretty good, pretty good02:48
jordiKuhrscher: it'll get stuck for moderation02:48
jordibut I will moderate :)02:48
kikoKuhrscher, I believe so, and I am not list admin02:48
salgadois the librarian down again?02:58
BjornTkiko: hi. have you merged your patch to show a link to the original description, if the bug description has been edited?02:58
kikoBjornT, no, but I can do that today if you like02:59
kikocprov, should I also drop permissions for the *PublishingView classes?02:59
BjornTkiko: that'd be good, thanks.02:59
kikomalcc, how's the testing coming along?02:59
cprovkiko: isn't malcc in charge of this ?03:00
kikomalcc, remember we want to do it /this week/..03:00
kikocprov, well, I can drop it -- just a simple change to security.py03:00
kikoI wasn't meaning to drop the views themselves03:00
cprovkiko: I think if you removed all callsites for {S,B}PPV you can remove the perms and the classes03:00
kikoI think I did I'll check03:01
BjornTkiko: btw, as for the rest of the spec (KeepingBugsConcise), is everything in there a 1.0 goal? i.e, are we going to do comment collapsing?03:01
kikowe can't drop the DB views yet though03:01
cprovkiko: right, they still living on DB but nobody uses it03:01
malcckiko: The testing is coming along fine, blocked right now behind getting a nice fresh database snapshot, will send lifeless an email as he's acting DBA this week03:02
LarstiQkiko: "The Subversion Project only accepts code whose copyright is assigned to CollabNet."03:02
cprovkiko: why not, I used this approach for {S,B}PP ... remove callsites and joins, purge classes and perms03:02
malcckiko: As to /this week/, dude, your humour just doesn't work on IRC, it just comes across as being rude :)03:02
kikoBjornT, I think our comment collapsing is enough... I doubt we should really do the full-fledged optional collapsing03:02
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
cprovkiko: malcc: dudes, deadlines are hilarious by nature, you don't need to fight about it. Maybe, we can do it by the end the week, not sure though.03:05
kikomalcc, I wasn't being humorous!03:05
=== kiko chuckles
kikoseriously though I was implying that a) we shouldn't let it slip and b) keep us informed03:06
BjornTkiko: yeah, i also think that it's not necessary to do full-fledged collapsing. i'll send an email to mpt to see what he thinks about it, though.03:08
cprovkiko: well, "currently blocked on AU TZ" isn't a good status report, anyway. But counting on the fact we will have fresh daily snapshots for free, I'd not be waiting much for this. Can you join ##soyuz for helping us to sort alternative plan ?03:10
ddaaBjornT: thank you for annoying me about the browser/branch.py code in your review. I just found a nasty bug with the validation code.03:11
ddaaThat what one get by writing code using the "hammer the square peg in until it fits" technique...03:12
=== ddaa -> lunch
malcckiko: Dropping the permissions for these views in rocketfuel, is that going to lead to them being dropped from the live db while the old codeline still live on drescher requires them?03:12
kikocprov, uhhh, I can, but I am trying to get the rest of the crap I have pending sorted out.03:14
kikomalcc, no, to drop something from the DB requires a DB patch.03:14
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has joined #launchpad
cprovmalcc: it depends of when we intend to rollout production + soyuz cleanup. Facts point that we can't afford to wait more than next tuesday.03:15
kikocprov, well, we can wait and just cherry pick the policy fix, just that it would be nice to not let the scheduled week slip03:16
kikoanyway let me ignore IRC so I can actually get this stuff done03:16
cprovkiko: why not just finish the cleanup, removing the views and land archive rework next week ?03:17
LarstiQddaa: is there a difference between C:\FOO and C:\\FOO ?03:18
kikocprov, I'd be happy to, but we need the tests to do that. :)03:18
cprovkiko: anyway, it doesn't exclude the need of test env setup03:18
kikono, it underlines it!03:18
cprovkiko: yes yes03:18
ddaaLarstiQ: no idea03:36
kikoLarstiQ, they would accept BSD-licensed translations, though?03:37
LarstiQkiko: I can ask if you want to, but I really get the impression it is a case of copyright assignment.03:37
kikomalcc, btw, will you have time to look at that builddmaster patch?03:37
kikoLarstiQ, it's going to make things harder for them in general if they don't think BSD is okay for their translations I think.. I mean, BSD allows them to relicense as they may desire03:38
malcckiko: Yes, I'm sure I'll have some time later03:38
kikomalcc, thanks, just wanted to check if I should context-switch back to it yet or not03:39
LarstiQkiko: http://svn.haxx.se/dev/archive-2006-08/0946.shtml03:39
LarstiQkiko: ianal, but this same thing with relicensing bsd was very messy in a recent bazaar thread 03:40
kikoI claim ignorance and go back to coding ;)03:41
LarstiQkiko: could you give one look at that archived post I pasted?03:41
kikoLarstiQ, I did, and forwarded it to SteveA :)03:41
kikohe'd seen it03:41
LarstiQI'm going to ask about bsd at least, but I'm nore sure about adressing the 'doubtful' claim03:41
malccOk, as outlined on https://launchpad.canonical.com/SoyuzSystemTest we're about to start flinging database snapshots and codelines around on mawson, tread there at your own peril :)03:48
kikomalcc, ROCK ON!03:53
kikocprov, malcc: I am considering moving builddmaster.py out of c.l.scripts. how about a canonical.builddmaster ?03:59
kikocprov, malcc: with pas.py, buildergroup.py and master.py in it?03:59
cprovkiko: sounds good03:59
cprovkiko: anything in direction to have less the 1K lines files is good at this point04:00
malcckiko: Hmm, I agree c.l.scripts is the wrong place, but I'm not sure about the new location04:00
kikocprov, so who uses builddmaster.py at the moment?04:00
kikomalcc, I'm fine with putting it elsewhere.. if you have a suggestion. :)04:00
cprovkiko: cronscripts/buildd-{queuebuilder, slavescanner}04:00
kikocprov, thanks.04:01
cprovcarlos: ping04:01
carloscprov: pong04:03
kikomalcc, are you suggesting it should be a subdir under archivepublisher?04:03
cprovcarlos: how long will take the lang-pkg process in mawson ? any idea ?04:03
malcckiko: What I want to suggest is that we need to work out what these folder distinctions are supposed to mean and come up with a clear design for where stuff goes04:04
cprovkiko: no, please archivepublisher need to die ... it will end up with diskpool only in a short time.04:04
malcccprov: It will?04:04
carloscprov: one or two hours more04:05
kikomalcc, okay, agreed, but the build master seems to be a pretty significant module in soyuz?04:05
carloscprov: but It's not using mawson's db04:05
malcckiko: Yes it is, it's one of the big three, along with upload handling and publishing04:05
cprovcarlos: yes, I know, only consuming CPU :P04:05
salgadomalcc, I just noticed that the diff of your xx-farming branch is now twice the size of what it was when I reviewed it.  it seems to me that this was caused by a conflict; can you confirm that?04:05
carloscprov: is it too expensive?04:05
kikomalcc, okay. does that not warrant a directory of its own?04:06
carloscprov: then it's generating a tarball, it should finish soon04:06
cprovmalcc: I think so, don't you ? after PipelinePublishing most of publicaion system will end up in content classes 04:06
malcckiko: Maybe we should have three folders for those components, but maybe they all need to be inside a top-level folder for the general not-launchpad-pages parts of Soyuz04:06
malcckiko: Any of these *might* be sensible designs, my point is just that it's hard to tell in a hurry, so perhaps the files shouldn't be moved to a new module in a hurry04:07
cprovcarlos: not that much, but would be nice if we can coordinate run times in advance, how does it sound to you ? 04:07
kikomalcc, I think that reorganization can easily be done later, but the hard work of splitting things up and ensuring they still work could be done now.04:07
kikomalcc, i.e. I've already done it04:07
malccsalgado: Yes, there's a 500-line conflict in publishing.py doubling the patch size04:08
carloscprov: sure, I execute it every day04:08
carloscprov: at 8:30 UTC04:08
kikomalcc, moving stuff between directories is easy, but breaking up files is not so04:08
carloscprov: but it takes a lot of time to complete, as it's for Hoary, Breezy, Dapper and Edgy....04:08
cprovcarlos: right, thx.04:09
carloscprov: I think I can execute it earlier 04:10
carlosbut I have staging's database mirroring as the constraint, my script cannot be executed until that task is done04:11
cprovcarlos: no much helpful, we may run tests on soyuz which can take hours, not easy to organise, it's fine we can just avoid running heavy things 8:30 UTC + 6 hours (wow)04:12
carloscprov: 4 language packs exports .... you know...04:13
carlosanyway, we need to improve its performance04:14
carloscprov: also, it's not too CPU intensive except when the tarball is being generated04:14
carloswell, it's not too CPU intensive in mawson04:14
kikoI/O intensive praps?04:15
cprovcarlos: uhm ... any chance to have a rosetta machine ;)04:15
malccGentlemen, let's wait and see if we have performance problems for real first, before we draw up battle lines over hardware :)04:16
cprovmalcc: aha, good point ...04:17
kikomalcc, it's also a matter of having autonomy on the box. I've seen a lot of friction in this type of interaction in other situations..04:17
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #launchpad
kikoso my wisdom says that separating into dedicated hardware makes the process more efficient04:17
malcckiko: Autonomy, the over-specced search engine system? We definitely don't want *that* on the box, we *will* have performance problems :)04:17
kikoanyway.. back to code04:17
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ddaahelp, I'm under attack by a crazy cuddly kitten!!!04:30
=== carlos [n=carlos@166.Red-88-0-156.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
carlossorry, my dsl line went down04:31
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danilosddaa: (re cat) you deserve everything you get! ha!05:18
ddaaanyway, kittens are perfectly evolved for ballistic flight between the desk and the bed :)05:19
sivangyou are working on forbidden grounds, ddaa :p05:28
sivangthe bad thing about them, is they can take up some beating, and then suddenly, out of the blue, they start to talk back.05:29
sivangand when that happens, you better not be around them :)05:29
ddaaSure, I'd rather not give a cat beating. It's just a matter of teaching them _too_ that when I'm at the computer I'm working and not to be disturbed :)05:30
ddaaSomehow, I think felines are more apt to understanding than some humans...05:32
sivangddaa: I never said I beat them, I try my best to just stay away from them. I just spotted some kid that the cat taught enough is enough :)05:32
=== sivang prefers dogs to be honest
sivangWikitexte_editieren => da schein schon dran gearbeitet worden sein, wie ich an dem von dir genannten Beitrag gesehen habe Smilie super!05:32
sivangBueroprogramme => bersichtsseite zu "Broroutinearbeit" mit Ubuntu (v.a. fr Einsteiger und Windows-Umsteiger) und Kategorie05:32
sivangPodcast => hnlich der Audioplayer eine Programmbersichtsseite05:32
sivangBackup_Uebersicht => bersicht ber Backup-Methoden (in Edgy kommt noch das programm hubackup dazu, dazu evtl. eine Skriptsammlung05:32
sivangSynchronisationsmethoden => mglicher Fall: man hat einen Rechner und einen Laptop und mchte diese Sychron halten. Punkte: rsych-Link, drsynch, Unision, iFolder, WebDAV, Skriptsammlung Wikitexte_editieren => da schein schon dran gearbeitet worden sein, wie ich an dem von dir genannten Beitrag gesehen habe Smilie super!05:33
sivangBueroprogramme => bersichtsseite zu "Broroutinearbeit" mit Ubuntu (v.a. fr Einsteiger und Windows-Umsteiger) und Kategorie05:33
sivangPodcast => hnlich der Audioplayer eine Programmbersichtsseite05:33
sivangBackup_Uebersicht => bersicht ber Backup-Methoden (in Edgy kommt noch das programm hubackup dazu, dazu evtl. eine Skriptsammlung05:33
LarstiQsivang: oi!05:33
sivangSORRY, I guess I need my thinkpad kbd replaced..already.05:33
ddaasivang: dogs are not really an option in a 35m2 flat in Paris...05:33
=== bradb remembers his 35m2 days...
sivangddaa: I agree, I think they're cool, but should be only kept in a garden. My folks have a dog inhouse, it's bad with all the hair falling and the dog just loosing shape.05:34
sivangI mean, kept mostly outdoors.05:34
sivangLarstiQ: sorry :-(05:34
=== LarstiQ remembers his 6.25m2 days
ddaaWell, it depends on the sort of dog. Some small dogs are fine as long have you have a moderately spacious appartment.05:35
UbugtuNew bug: #58220 in launchpad "When an error occurs processing a request another oops is recorded because there's no interaction set up." [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5822005:35
=== ddaa remembers the day when he was living with his extended family in a 2m2 closet
sivangthat one is a boxer breeed with a cocker spinal, not the ideal type for indoors.05:36
ddaaand we had to use our nail clippings for heating05:36
sivangddaa: sersiously? (this is getting offtopic)05:37
ddaasivang: http://www.serve.com/bonzai/monty/classics/TheWeAreSoPoorSketch05:38
ddaasivang: http://geekz.co.uk/lovesraymond/archive/in-my-day05:38
=== sivang tomboys
kikomalcc, cprov-lunch: okay, finished handling cprov's review of the build master fixes, did some refactoring and now waiting for malcc's input.05:44
UbugtuNew bug: #58222 in launchpad-cal "Broken traversal in calendar events" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5822205:45
UbugtuNew bug: #58223 in rosetta "Reject backports pocket's translations" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5822305:50
malcckiko: My feedback sent05:54
kikomalcc! the man!!05:54
kikomalcc, cprov-lunch: with those fixes, can I land this branch?05:59
malcckiko: Yes from me05:59
kikomalcc, thanks. looking forward to seeing this branch in testing, will be fun to catch all the flying sparks <wink>06:00
malcckiko: Compared to all the changes last week, I don't expect this branch to be the rock star of our system test, I suspect it will just quietly work06:00
kikomalcc, well, I hope so too, but it will be nice to see us produce less unnecessary builds.06:00
kikomalcc, of course, I still need to sort out binary PAS -- or better, what to do about it.06:01
kiko-fudlet me go for lunch and will bbl06:01
jameshkiko-fud: all those preferred wordings mix first person with second person, which is pretty confusing.06:01
kiko-fudjamesh, "I'd like to claim"?06:01
kiko-fudjamesh, though I don't know if it's that confusing -- in avoiding the "Click here" text it often happens on the web, doesn't it?06:01
jameshkiko-fud: I mean mixing "I" with "you" or "your"06:01
kiko-fudhmmm. is it really that confusing?06:02
kiko-fudanyway those were suggestions, I just found "This is me" to be totally weird.06:02
jameshit would be better if it was all first person or all second person06:02
malccI am this person (merge him into *my* account) etc. seem more clear06:02
kiko-fudgood suggestion06:03
kiko-fudjamesh, so if you think it's an improvement.. 06:03
malcckiko-fud: Not mine, I'm just explaining what jamesh was on about :)06:03
=== kiko-fud really goes for fud though
jameshkiko-fud: I'll talk with mpt about it tomorrow06:04
kiko-fudmalcc, now now no need to try and undeserve credit06:04
kiko-fudjamesh, cool06:04
jameshWe also need text for the case where the user isn't logged in06:05
jamesh(in which case the link goes to the forgotten password page)06:05
flacostejamesh: do you have a moment to discuss the validation problem with LaunchpadFormView?06:07
jameshflacoste: a short moment.  I was planning on going to sleep soon06:07
flacostejamesh: ok, I'll be brief06:07
flacostejamesh: I updated the TicketAddView to use LaunchpadFormView (after adding support for action handlers returning the rendered page)06:08
flacostejamesh: that went fine06:08
flacostejamesh: after that I even tried using a custom schema which didn't required the description to try to use only one validate method06:09
flacostejamesh: since that made the use of custom error messages cleaner06:09
flacostejamesh: the problem I have is that even with description not required, i get a validation error: FormError: ('No input', 'description')06:10
=== flacoste just flashes that using an hidden empty widget might work...
jameshflacoste: what do you think of Steve's idea of splitting the workflow into two forms though:06:11
flacostejamesh: i answered that and it doesn't work06:11
=== glatzor [n=sebi@ppp-82-135-7-215.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #launchpad
jameshthe first being a action="get" form that directs to the second URL06:11
flacostejamesh: I tried that and it doesn't simplify things a bit, in fact, it just makes it more complicated06:12
jameshthe second URL uses the title to display the natural language ticket search results and has a self-posting form for adding the ticket06:12
flacostejamesh: yeah, the problem is that you still need the title validation in both views06:12
LarstiQis launchpad achingly slow for anyone else?06:13
flacostejamesh: and in the second view case, there isn't any validation hook for the first display06:14
jameshhow much validation needs to be done on the title before it can be used for the ticket search?06:14
flacostejust testing that it is non-empty06:15
flacoste(the problem is hooking the validation in the machinery)06:15
jameshI suppose that could be done with two self-posting forms, the first of which passes the title on to the second in the query string06:16
jameshI mean redirects to the second06:16
flacostewell, that was the original idea, and you still need to validate that a title was posted in the query string and redirect to the first one when missing06:16
flacostetrust me, one view for the whole process is the simplest thing to do and with the current code it is also very simple06:17
flacosteanyway, i think you can go to sleep, i'll fix my FormError by using an empty hidden widget and you'll have the result in your INBOX tomorrow morning for review :-)06:18
jameshflacoste: okay.  To get round the missing widget problem, you could try overriding setUpWidgets() to trim description from the form in the case where the widget wasn't shown.06:19
flacostejamesh: right, that is another alternative... thanks, I'll see what is simpler06:20
jameshif the formlib code doesn't know about the description widget then it can't error out on missing input06:20
bradbman, i ate 540 bugmails this morning and now i'm hungry06:20
flacostejamesh: actually, I think i'll override setUpFields06:20
=== bradb & # lunch
jameshflacoste: okay.  I did something like that in BranchEditView06:21
flacostejamesh: thanks a lot for this discussion, have nice dreams!06:22
=== jonlandrum [n=jonlandr@adsl-227-19-206.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #launchpad
jonlandrumI need help setting up an account. I've tried three times, but each time I go to log in I'm told the email address and password don't match. When I tried to recover the password I was told there is no information on that email address.06:32
=== lifeless [n=robertc@ppp245-86.static.internode.on.net] has joined #launchpad
=== jonlandrum [n=jonlandr@adsl-227-19-206.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #launchpad
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carlosjonlandrum: hi, from what you wrote, seems like the email address you are using is not registered in our system...06:46
jonlandrumThanks, Carlos. What did I do wrong?06:47
carlosjonlandrum: well, first of all, from where did you get that login information?06:47
jonlandrumI've tried the whole process from scratch a number of times; it seems kind of dummy-proof, but I keep having problems.06:47
jonlandrumI registered.06:48
jonlandrum...so I thought.06:48
carlosdid you got an email to confirm your account?06:48
jonlandrumYes, and followed the link supplied.06:48
carloshmm, could you give me the email address where do you got the confirmation email?06:49
jonlandrumJust tried it with Opera and got a 500 message.06:50
carloshmm, I see your account created06:51
salgadojonlandrum, have you tried entering your email address at https://launchpad.net/+forgottenpassword and submitting the form?06:51
jonlandrumYes, and the message I got was the email address didn't exist in the database.06:53
carlosjonlandrum: I just did it for you06:53
carlosand I didn't get such error...06:53
jonlandrumJust noticed that I'm all-of-the-sudden logged in. When I tried the process this time I got a yellow box saying the email address had already been confirmed.06:53
jonlandrumPerhaps Apache was flooded or something.06:54
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has left #launchpad []
jonlandrumThank you, carlos and salgado. I appreciate your help.06:55
carlosYou are welcome06:55
carlosenjoy your account ;-)06:55
salgadojonlandrum, you're welcome!06:56
jonlandrumI will! You guys have a great day.06:56
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #launchpad
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kikoahoy there07:20
kikocprov, r=cprov for that landing?07:20
cprovkiko: yes (I thought r=cprov doesn't count anything, though)07:21
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
kikocprov, thanks. kinda unfortunate the filechunks thing in nascentupload.py, eh?07:22
cprovkiko: btw, please join ##soyuz, we need your help.07:22
cprovkiko: yup07:22
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@ubuntu/member/ajmitch] has joined #launchpad
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=== carlos -> out
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kikois launchpad responing to your requests?09:06
kikotiming out for me..09:06
kikobut connectivity is fine.09:06
kikomatsubara, salgado?09:07
matsubarakiko: last time I tried it worked09:08
matsubarakiko: but now it's not working anymore09:08
kikosame here09:09
=== jdub [n=jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #launchpad
jdublaunchpad down?09:12
kikosomething weird's going on there09:13
kikosomebody's looking into it (ps auxww tells me)09:13
bradbit's slow as teeth over here too09:13
jordisounds great when you can say this -- i'm up to date on activity reports again09:14
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=== somerville32 [n=somervil@fctnnbsc15w-156034073036.nb.aliant.net] has joined #launchpad
UbugtuNew bug: #58246 in malone "The textarea's for bug descriptions/comments should use a fixed-width font" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5824609:35
kikodoesn't it?09:36
kikooh, it doesn't. mmm.09:36
SeveasWhy is there a delay between bzr push to bazaar and the changes actually appearing?09:36
=== bradb & # bbiab
=== jdub [n=jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has left #launchpad []
jelmerSeveas: AFAIK to make sure the launchpad bazaar isn't used for generic hosting but only for bzr branches09:45
Seveasjelmer, ah ok09:46
Seveasas long as it's intended I don't need to file a bug ;)09:46
=== jonlandrum [n=jonlandr@adsl-227-19-206.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: ping09:54
salgadoflacoste, pong09:54
flacostei have a problem merging my tt-buglinktarget09:55
salgadoas in, a test failure?09:55
flacosteno a conflict09:55
flacostei merged RF in my branch and everything is fine but there is a conflict merging to RF:09:55
flacostebzr: WARNING: Conflict adding file lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/cve-portlet-bugs.pt.  Moved existing file to lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/cve-portlet-bugs.pt.moved.09:55
UbugtuNew bug: #58250 in launchpad "Unofficial distribution releases should not be allowed to use milestones" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5825009:56
flacostethis happen because I removed the file in my tree and decided later on to add it back09:56
flacosteany idea how should I resolve that?09:56
salgadoand I guess somebody else touched this file in the meantime?09:57
salgadoflacoste, I don't know how to woraround that.  I'd suggest asking on #bzr09:58
salgadobut maybe ddaa can help you here09:58
flacostewill do, thanks09:58
kikoflacoste, wait up09:59
kikoflacoste, hmmm. you can uncommit 09:59
kikountil the file is readded09:59
kikoI had the same problem a while back09:59
kikothe trick is to uncommit the revisions you did that09:59
flacosteaargh, i would have to uncommit ~30 revisions09:59
kikoand then commit the final fix09:59
kikocan't you just uncommit those single changes?10:00
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #launchpad
flacostekiko: maybe... i'm getting help on #bzr now, I will report back10:02
flacostekiko: bzr uncommit -r revno while uncommit all commits until that revision10:14
kikoI see.10:14
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #launchpad
BjornTflacoste: there might be an easier solution, but you should be able to do this. create a new branch, branching from the revision before you deleted the file. then you merge in the rest of the old branch, reverting the file deletion before commiting.10:17
BjornTi'm not sure it will actually work, though.10:17
=== jonlandrum_ [n=jonlandr@adsl-227-19-206.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #launchpad
flacosteBjornT: actually, i though about something similar: create a new branch from RF, merge and reconcile my branch and try to merge that into RF10:18
BjornTflacoste: right, that should work as well.10:19
flacosteand the commit log will be preserved10:19
=== siretart [i=siretart@ubuntu/member/siretart] has joined #launchpad
flacosteaargh, that didn't work I now have two conflits!!!10:25
=== flacoste tramples bzr
=== teolemon [n=famille@car75-5-82-234-128-149.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
teolemonjordi, would it be possible to ok the clamwin .po files ?10:29
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #launchpad
zygacan anyone help me with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu10:31
zygamy key is rejected and I got no idea why, it's been in lp for ages and I'm a member for just as long10:31
teolemonare you an ubuntero ?10:32
teolemoni think you need to be one to be able to be included on the planet10:32
zygaif that's an ubuntu member then yes10:32
zygaI'm listed in https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntumembers10:33
teolemonwhat's your pseudonym ?10:34
zygamy name is ZygmuntKrynicki10:34
teolemonyes that's ok on this part10:35
salgadoBjornT, do you know if we run (or plan to run) cronscripts/update-debwatches.py or launchpad/scripts/debsync.py?10:35
teolemonzyga: i can't say for sure what it might be all about10:37
zygabah, I got it\10:38
salgadoBjornT, I'm asking because MessageSet.fromEmail() has a create_missing_persons argument that is only used there, and the fact that it may create new accounts kind of fucks me over10:38
zygaI use zyga as my nickname but zkrynicki as my launchpad id10:38
zygaI'll update the wiki to be more explicit about that10:38
BjornTsalgado: we certainly don't run them. and i don't think we'll run them in the future either. basically, what's useful in there should be moved to the bugwatch code.10:42
BjornTsalgado: if we do start pulling in comments (or assignee) from remote bugs, though, we'll need a way of representing the owner in the db.10:44
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flacostehow can I list the files added/removed/modified by a given revision?10:55
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flacostei worked around bug 58257 by renaming the file in my tree, I'll rename it to the original name in a trivial landing afterwards11:15
UbugtuMalone bug 58257 in bzr "Spurious conflicts when removing and adding back a file." [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5825711:15
=== jprieur [n=johann@ARennes-356-1-45-62.w86-214.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
jprieurhi there11:25
jprieurIs it possible to drop bzr branches? Because I've locally done a bzr init and I would put that instead of the old one.11:26
lifelessdo a bzr push --overwrite11:27
ddaanot yet, there's a bug open on that, but you you can push --overwrite11:27
jprieurit doesn't work11:28
jprieurwait, i get the error message11:28
jprieurjohann@pc-rbs1101:~/projects/cocoon$ bzr push --overwrite http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jprieur/cocoon/cocoon11:28
jprieurbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock: transport is read only: <bzrlib.transport.http._pycurl.PyCurlTransport url=http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jprieur/cocoon/cocoon/.bzr/branch/>11:28
ddaalifeless: can you handle that, I have to leave for the night now11:29
ddaajprieur: I do not really understand what you want to do11:29
=== lifeless [n=robertc@ppp245-86.static.internode.on.net] has joined #launchpad
jprieurthis morning, I set a branch, ok?11:29
ddaais the branch you are talking about hosted on Launchpad (via SFTP) or is it an external branch?11:30
jprieurhosted on launchpad11:30
LarstiQjprieur: you can't push to an http branch11:30
ddaathen why not push to the sftp url?11:30
LarstiQjprieur: so try bzr push --overwrite sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jprieur/cocoon/cocoon instead11:30
LarstiQ(and launchpad will mirror it over to http://)11:30
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has left #launchpad []
jprieurthanks a lot11:31
jprieurI didn't realized that11:32
kikoLarstiQ, is that bug finally fixed?!11:32
ddaakiko: there never was a bug preventing that as far as I remember11:32
ddaaand AFAIK, when the existing sftp url is not a bzr branch, you are still screwed11:33
=== LarstiQ feels things are mixed up.
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-149-213.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQkiko: the bug I have in mind, no, I suck. But that isn't relevant for jprieur?11:34
kikoLarstiQ, yeah, I realize now. I guess I was reminded of it though.11:34
LarstiQkiko: I have a branch that sort of helps, but I'm deeper in than I had hoped11:35
=== LarstiQ continues writing his mail about that
LarstiQkiko: not being able to delete branches on launchpad makes it harder11:35
=== jprieur [n=johann@ARennes-356-1-45-62.w86-214.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #launchpad ["Connection]
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ddaaLarstiQ: I raised the importance of that bug to Hard just today.11:38
LarstiQddaa: the launchpad-bazaar one I guess, since I'm not seeing any bugmail on it?11:39
ddaaLarstiQ: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/3454011:39
UbugtuMalone bug 34540 in launchpad-bazaar "cannot delete a branch" [High,Confirmed]  11:39
LarstiQah yes11:39
LarstiQddaa: High importance you mean?11:40
ddaaYeah, sorry11:40
ddaait's not Hard, actually11:40
LarstiQjust a long story?11:40
ddaanope, should be pretty easy to get the user-visible result11:41
ddaaI'll try to push that as the next UI improvement. But, as usual, there are a lot of tasks competing for little hands :(11:42
LarstiQwasn't there extra help coming in?11:45
kikothere is supposed to be.11:46
ddaayeah, but I'm concerned that extra traction is not going to be applied on fixing existing problems, but creating some new features the company cares about11:46
kikoddaa, well, a-bit-o-both.11:46
ddaaif jamesh and spiv are to be relieved of some of their launchpad-bazaar work (which I understand would be useful because they also have a lot of infrastructure work to do), and some large new things like private branches are started, I do not expect to get a net increase in traction on the existing features11:48
ddaaWhich I understand makes sense from a company development perspective, but is a bit disappointing for me.11:49
ddaaanyway, we'll see how it goes11:50
ddaabut I do not want to promise that things are going to be fixed faster11:50
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ddaaGood night11:57
sivangnight ddaa 11:57
LarstiQhmm, I doubt the problem is lack of interested coders?11:58
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