andreasngnome-games might need some new graphics12:08
PingunZandreasn, I was actually more asking what programs / guides / .. to use. I want to learn using free software instead of photoshop.12:10
andreasnPingunZ: ah, I see12:10
PingunZLearn making gtk themes and metacity's :)12:10
PingunZBah, I'm still young so I have got plenty of time -_-12:10
andreasnPingunZ: have you given Inkscape a try?12:10
PingunZNot really12:11
andreasnyou should try it out, it's really12:11
PingunZAnd what about XaraLX ?12:11
andreasnI haven't tried it, but the developers seems like nice guys12:13
PingunZSo I start using inkscape and xaraLX, what is next :)12:14
PingunZI want to be able to make art like you guys do :)12:14
andreasnread some tutorials or create something nice you feel is needed12:15
andreasnlike new stuff for gnome-games (or whatever you pick)12:15
andreasnand ask someone for advice when you feel you need help12:16
andreasnand then just draw, draw, draw12:16
PingunZOk, so once I'm able to use these programs, I learn making metacity/gtk themes ?12:16
andreasnno, that is good for doing mockups and graphics12:17
andreasnI think there are some good tutorials on how to do metacity themes somewhere12:18
PingunZdont search the link now12:18
PingunZI'll ask them once I'm a inkscape-xaralx-gimp master :)12:18
andreasnyou can also visit #gnome-art, there are some people who done a metacity-theme or two in their days in there12:19
PingunZwell, I'm going for a nap. bye all12:20
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troy_swho lives?03:13
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PingunZHmm, what should I learn first ? Inkscape, Gimp or XaraLX ?10:50
PingunZOk :)10:51
Madpilotthen Gimp, which frankly has an awful UI.10:52
MadpilotInkscape's UI rocks10:52
PingunZI'll make a scalable Tux then :)10:52
PingunZI'm used to photoshop10:52
PingunZBut I want to use free software :)10:52
MadpilotVery cool Inkscape textbook online: http://tavmjong.free.fr/INKSCAPE/10:52
MadpilotAlso, Iinkscape's built-in help & tutorials are first-rate10:53
PingunZHow long does it take to learn inkscaping if you know your way around in photoshop ?10:53
kwwii_inkscape is pure vector, photoshop is a bitmap program10:53
kwwii_so it might take a while10:53
Madpilotnot long, it's actually a much simpler program, but you can do stuff easily in it that's very hard/impossible in PS or GIMP10:53
PingunZA while : a week, a month, a year ?10:53
kwwii_but if you are used to adobe illustrator, it isn't too hard to change10:54
PingunZOnly photoshop ..10:54
PingunZI learned a LOT of photoshop by following crystalxp.net 's howto for making a Tux.10:55
MadpilotPingunZ, there's a very good inkscape-users mailing list10:56
PingunZMadpilot: I get enough mail IMO :)10:56
Madpilotheh, I know the feeling.10:56
PingunZGnome-art and Ubuntu-art is kinda enough for me.10:57
Madpilotinkscape-users isn't very busy, and all the inkscape devs post there too, which is nice10:57
PingunZWell I going to unsubcribe gnome-art anyway when their splash is done.10:57
PingunZinkscape is a wierd program.11:06
Madpilotyes, but in a good way. :)11:06
=== lapo [n=lapo@host238-223-static.40-88-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
Madpilotjust keep reminding yourself that it's **not** Photoshop ;)11:06
PingunZhey lapo11:07
Madpilothi lapo11:07
PingunZWell madpilot, I noticed that :D Its nice, probably better then photoshop. I just have to learn use it :)11:07
lapociao PingunZ, Madpilot11:07
MadpilotPingunZ, ya, go thru the tutorial exercises in that tavmjong.free.fr link I gave you, they helped me a lot to get a good grasp on what Inkscape is capable of11:08
PingunZMadpilot: I'm doing that now.11:11
PingunZThe problem is that it is a HUGE book :)11:11
PingunZBut its worth it.11:12
Madpilotskip right to the example/tutorial section, and refer back to the rest of the thing as needed11:17
PingunZI'm making the swedish flag now -_-11:18
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
fschoepcbx33: ping11:31
PingunZhey fschoep11:32
fschoepHi PingunZ11:32
cbx33fschoep: pong11:38
cbx33been waiting for your call bud :p11:38
cbx33got a pm window all ready :p11:38
PingunZcbx33: he's gone ;)11:38
cbx33oh shute11:39
cbx33dang it dang it11:39
cbx33I turn away fro 5 seconds11:39
cbx33if hew comes back11:39
cbx33and I don't immediately reply....tell him I will be back11:40
PingunZok ;)11:40
cbx33i can't beleive I missed him11:42
PingunZHe'll be right back he said.11:42
cbx33is inkscape really that good iyho PingunZ ?11:46
PingunZNot yet :)11:46
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
cbx33i used to run ps6.0 under wine11:47
PingunZcbx33: Are you on photoshop too ?11:47
cbx33fschoep: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:47
fschoepI'm back11:47
cbx33PingunZ: but it's broken under dapper :(11:47
fschoepHey cbx33, sorry I just missed you11:47
cbx33sorry I missed you11:47
fschoepNo problem, got some time?11:47
cbx33I have a pm ready11:47
cbx33PingunZ: what about adjustment layers?11:47
fschoepOK, let's go then (I don't see the PM yet)11:48
PingunZcbx33: in photoshop or inkscape ?11:48
PingunZcbx33: I started inkscape 15 minutes ago :)11:48
cbx33ok np11:48
PingunZI'm kinda learning it :D11:49
PingunZHe's not online on msn either..11:50
PingunZOh, sorry wrong channel11:50
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PingunZWohoo, I draw a swedish flag in inkscape -_-12:09
PingunZfschoep: Can I pm you about the Forum-idea ?12:09
fschoepPingunZ: sure, I might reply slower than usual but go ahead12:09
PingunZOk :)12:10
PingunZping troy_s12:21
=== andreasn [n=andreas@h151n2fls33o839.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
PingunZhey andreasn12:30
andreasnhi PingunZ12:30
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troy_sgo PingunZ --02:22
troy_snot much time here this morning.02:23
PingunZtroy_s: can I pm you about the Forum Idea -- I heard you don't like it at all02:23
troy_snot that i don't like it at all...02:31
troy_slet me stress that.02:31
troy_sI have used forums and all before, but right now, with our current state of artwork team02:31
troy_si think it is most useful to apply occkham's razor02:31
troy_swhile trying to integrate into the rest of the Ubuntu development team as much as possible.02:31
troy_sDoes that make sense PingunZ?02:32
PingunZtroy_s: what does occham's razor mean ?02:32
troy_sGood Google term for you I suppose ;)02:33
troy_sOckham's Occam etc.02:34
PingunZtroy_s: Is it ok if I pm you about it ?02:36
troy_sof course pingunz02:39
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