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AnAntBenC here ?08:16
sn9[09:32:52]  <BenC> ok, time to do some boot testing08:17
sn9[09:32:54]  <-- BenC has quit ("bbl")08:17
sn9not since then08:18
AnAntsn9: what time is it now (according to you that is)08:18
sn9Tue Aug 29 23:18:53 PDT 200608:18
AnAnthmmm, that's many hours ago08:19
sn914 hrs08:19
AnAntanyone knows if he applied the ipw2200 inject patch ?08:19
sn9i don't know, but i would presume not until he says so08:20
crimsunwhat patch, what tree?08:20
AnAntcrimsun: err, what do you mean by tree ?08:20
AnAntcrimsun: a week or two ago, I sent him a patch that enables injection on IPW2200 cards08:21
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crimsunAnAnt: what source tree is the patch targeted against?08:22
crimsunand what patch are you referring to?08:22
AnAntcrimsun: well, 2.6.17 I assume08:22
AnAntcrimsun: well, I sent him an emailing asking for 2 things: 1. update the ipw2200 driver to the latest version (1.1.3) that is available on http://ipw2200.sf.net08:23
AnAnt2. applying a patch to that driver that enables injection , the patch is available at http://tv.latinsud.com/ipw2200/08:24
AnAntcrimsun: it patches ipw2200.c08:25
crimsunplease don't asume08:25
crimsunassume, even08:25
crimsundid you ask him to apply it 2.6.15 or to 2.6.17?08:25
crimsunthe trees that you ask him to apply it to affects the answer 08:25
sn9i.e., he won't apply to .15, right?08:26
AnAntwell, I wasn't explicit about that when I asked him08:26
crimsunAnAnt: that doesn't help, I'm afraid08:26
AnAntbut when we were chatting I was refering to Edgy08:26
AnAnthence, I meant 2.6.1708:27
AnAntbut I dunno if he understood it like that08:27
AnAntlemme check the chat logs08:27
crimsunthis is 2.6.17's: http://www.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/bcollins/ubuntu-2.6.git;a=history;h=e202ae6a9c185b85f95309bf5513233db143d372;f=drivers/net/wireless/ipw2200.c08:28
AnAntyes, I didn't mention it in the email, but we were talking about 2.6.17 in the chat08:28
crimsunanswer's pretty definitive there.08:28
crimsunand this is 2.6.15's: http://www.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/bcollins/ubuntu-dapper.git;a=history;h=54e90a8d2d90a3217f4022ca63546661852b0b45;f=drivers/net/wireless/ipw2200.c08:29
AnAntwell, it doesn't seem he added it08:29
crimsunagain, fairly definitive.08:29
crimsunif he has, he hasn't pushed the change. Please do state unequivocally which tree(s) to apply it to in the future. :)08:30
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ivoksthere is a new version of driver for highpoint SATA controllers12:56
ivoksany chance of it getting into edgy? it supports rockertaid 152012:56
ivoksi'll try to create a patch for edgy kernel source12:57
zuldo you have a reference?12:58
nigel_cEvening guys.12:58
ivoksi didn't know there is one, untill i needed it :/12:58
nigel_cAnyone got any suggestions when it comes to gcompizthemer being unable to apply any themes?12:58
nigel_cI tried an strace, and nothing jumped out at me12:59
nigel_cAnd tried googling12:59
ivokszul: it builds and works nicely; problems happens when you insmod older hpt driver while this one is allready in - RAID collapses and kernel doesn't boot :)01:01
zulshouldnt be too hard to include it open a bug in launchpad so we can track it01:04
ivokszul: ok01:04
ivoksno need for that :)01:20
zulok im going to work then :)01:22
nigel_cAh. Oops. Wrong channel. Sorry.01:22
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omeowThe latest nvidia-glx for kubuntu edgy requires linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-6-386, will the k7 modules be available later or am I doing something wrong?03:25
infinityomeow: "apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r` nvidia-glx"03:26
infinityomeow: You're running across an apt bug, that's all.  Smarter package managers (like aptitude or dselect) would resolve the path of least resistance for you.03:27
omeowI use adept.03:27
omeowOr well, try to use it anyway...03:27
omeowPiece of shit.03:27
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omeowinfinity: I ran that command you told me to run, both packages are already installed.03:52
infinityomeow: Err, then I'm not seeing the issue? :)03:53
infinityomeow: You already have the latest nvidia-glx, so what could possibly be telling you that it requires some other package?03:53
omeowthe fact that I can no longer start X and looking at the log tells me that it cannot initialize the kernel module 03:54
infinityDid you reboot at any point after all this?03:55
omeowX starts when I load the i386 kernel, but when I start the k7 one it won't launch X03:55
omeowYes, trice. :)03:55
infinityOh, err.  What kernel were you booted into when you ran the above command? :)03:55
infinityCause "`uname -r`" would have expanded to 2.6.17-6-385, if you were booted to the 386 kernel. :)03:56
infinity"apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-6-k7" and see if that wants to do something.03:56
omeowI was booted in i386 at that point, but I understood that that wouldn't work since I wanted the k7 one to be installed, so I rebooted and ran the command again.03:57
omeowlinux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-25-k7 is already the newest version.03:58
infinityErr, you realise what you just said, right?03:59
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infinityBut we're talking about edgy kernels (2.6.17-6-$arch)03:59
infinity"apt-get install linux-k7"03:59
infinityAnd never again worry about being up to date.04:00
omeowWhat do you mean with that? 04:00
infinityYour k7 kernel is a 2.6.15 kernel from dapper.04:01
infinityInstall the "linux-k7" package, and it will pull in the latest.04:01
infinity(And keep it current)04:01
ivoksproblem is that ubuntu-minimal|desktop|standard doesn't depend on linux-xxx04:01
infinityivoks: How could it?04:01
ivoksit's hard to achive, i know04:01
infinityivoks: People install linux-foo after the fact.04:02
infinityivoks: We install linux-386 during the installation.  What you choose to do after that isn't up to us.04:02
ivoksthat's right04:02
infinityivoks: This is all being sorted by just unifying the whole lot into one uber-kernel, hopefully, but we're not quite there yet.04:02
infinity(I think Ben's next upload will reduce us to two kernels on i386, though)04:02
ivoksinfinity: as soon as I get time, I'll do the tests on my machine too04:03
omeowOk, let me give that a try.04:04
ivoksright know, i have to buy new disks for ubuntu-hr.org and see what will be out of my office, since the building was on fire :)04:04
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omeowThanks infinity. It looks to be working again. :)04:32
omeowHowever, one thing I still need to do is re-compile the module for my xbox 360 controller. 04:32
omeowBut I'll do that later.04:32
omeowThanks a lot for your help.04:32
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omeowNew problem. I think I may have broken something when I tried to install that Xpad 360 driver. If I boot the k7 kernel, I have no sound and if I boot the i386 one, I do have sound.07:09
BenCinfinity: I have you lrm changes merged into mine now07:17
crimsunBenC: apologies regarding attachments; I'm still trying to beat Thunderbird into properly inlining patches07:18
BenCcrimsun: no sweat, I've been using a hand made mutt rule to flatten them out :)07:18
infinityBenC: Up to and including the upload I did ~12 hours ago?07:21
BenCyou did another?!07:21
BenCoh wait, yeah, that's the one I mean :)07:22
infinityBenC: Yeah, had to roll a new .orig, I got the wrong package from NVIDIA. :/07:22
BenChrmm..uh, no I grabbed the .3-107:22
BenCis it just a new nvidia shar?07:22
infinityAnd some changelog dicking, yeah.  Should be the same, otherwise.07:23
infinityJust debdiff them on chinstrap or sometihng, and apply the patch to yours.07:23
infinityAnd then put the orig together.  Or whatever. :)07:24
infinityOr upload your stuff to chinstrap, and I'll merge it all.07:24
infinityCause I have l33t sk1llz, and bandwidth to spare. :)07:24
BenCyou are ub3r cool infinity :)07:24
=== infinity grins.
BenCuploading is the hard part, it's nothing to download, so I'll merge your changes and do a .5-107:25
BenCguess I can do the kernel upload in the meantime07:26
infinityErr, wait.07:26
infinityPerhaps best if you don't.07:26
infinityWe're mid-freeze for a Knot release.07:26
infinityNo one's going to be very keen on kernel uploads right about now.07:26
BenCuh...I sort of need to07:27
BenCunless we want Knot-2 to be virtually the same kernel as Knot-1 :)07:27
infinityWell, I'll let you discuss that with Mithrandir then.07:28
BenCwho's handling the freeze/knot07:28
BenCMithrandir: ping07:28
mjg59BenC: kernel doesn't seem to compile at the moment07:29
mjg59unionfs bitches07:29
BenCmjg59: Just pushed my stuff to fix it07:29
mjg59BenC: Cool07:29
mjg59BenC: I've got a shitload of ACPI patches for you that take us up to mainline07:29
mjg59Just compile testing to make sure I've merged correctly07:29
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mjg59BenC: It's about 100 git commits07:30
mjg59ACPI's been busy07:30
mjg59Plus there may still be some stuff from mm we want to pull in07:30
mjg59I love git's three-way merge madness07:31
mjg59It only too me an hour07:31
BenCgit has pretty good merge strategy07:32
BenConly too me a day to merge 2.6.17 into our dapper tree07:32
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mjg59BenC: Ok, 154 patches for you - can I send them as a gzipped mbox so you can throw it through git-apply-mbox? :)08:19
mjg59Builds and boots, so it can't be that bad08:22
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smorning_Does anyone know if bug #46510 has been fixed ?08:29
MithrandirBenC: hiya08:32
BenCMithrandir: unping about kernel08:32
BenCwill hold off08:32
MithrandirBenC: thanks.08:33
zulhey ben did you have a look at my patches?08:33
smorning_Opps, I am in the wrong place sorry to bother you all08:34
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crimsunhmm. Isn't #46510 an initramfs-tools issue anyhow?08:40
crimsunspecifically /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions::auto_add_modules()08:40
crimsundoesn't seem like it's even referenced there at all, so it's not being added to the initramfs, which causes the symptom described in the bug report08:41
crimsunyeah, it doesn't seem like a linux-source-2.6.x issue at all, reassigning08:44
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mjg59BenC: Have you fixed the console switching stuff on resume from disk?09:11
BenCmjg59: yeah09:13
Mithrandirmjg59: my x40 is unhappy when resuming after StR.  I guess "doesn't work" isn't very useful for you, so what is.  It seems to generally get to the "make suspend light blink", then stops.  alt-Sysrq-s doesn't generate disk activity, so I don't think the kernel is running.  (Or the keyboard driver isn't reloaded)09:15
mjg59Mithrandir: Can you boot with acpi_sleep=s3_bios?09:17
mjg59That ought to get you a console earlier09:17
Mithrandirlet me see if I can provoke it here.09:17
Mithrandirsince it works sometimes.09:17
mjg59BenC: Pushed yet, or just locally? It doens't seem to be in tree09:19
BenCmjg59: Should be pushed09:20
BenCI didn't use your patch, I did it up a little different09:20
BenCadded a config option to disable it09:20
mjg59BenC: Oh, sorry, I see it09:21
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AnAntBenC: u there ?09:27
BenCAnAnt: yep09:28
AnAntBenC: remember I sent you a request to use ipw2200 driver version 1.1.3 (from ipw2200.sf.net) and I also sent you a patch for it09:29
AnAnta patch that enables injection09:29
BenCAnAnt: It's updated in git09:29
BenCthe inject patch I wont use09:29
BenCI don't like what it allows you to do, by default09:29
BenCif it can be changed to only be enabled with a module parm, I'd accept it09:29
AnAntwhat do you mean by "by default" ?09:30
BenCthe injection code is enabled when the module is loaded09:30
BenCI don't want that09:30
BenCsounds too anti-security09:30
AnAntI understand that it has a rtap_iface parm09:30
BenCjust like ethernet devices aren't in promiscuous by default09:30
AnAntyou mean, that if the rtap_iface is not enabled, the injection code is enabled ?09:31
BenCthat's what it looked like to me, but maybe I need to read it better09:31
AnAntBenC: yes please, thanks 09:31
BenCis the inject ioctl only on the rtap device?09:31
AnAntBenC: dunno09:32
omeowSo I upgraded to 2.6.17-6-k7 today. And my "mounting root filesystem..." step takes 33 seconds. Is this a known problem?09:38
BenComeow: launchpad would know09:38
BenCalso, wait till -7, since it has a crap load of fixes09:38
AnAntBenC: btw, you said that you updated it in git , you did that today ? we are talking about kernel-2.6.17, right ?09:39
omeowOk. I'll have another look when I updated to that version then. 09:39
mjg59BenC: And I've just tested the dock driver - I can dock and undock my Dell without stuff exploding now09:47
mjg59STR still seems happy09:48
mjg59All in all, a succesful experiment09:48
thommjg59: shiny09:50
zulmjg59: cool beans09:53
omeowYeah, I was just at a site where they had two dell laptops. Things were crazy hot.09:54
omeow(not really linux related =P)09:54
zulargh...stop the jmicron emails09:55
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mjg59HP seem to have designed their docking aesthetics pretty well10:19
mjg59The angle the machine makes with the floor is quite pleasing10:20
mjg59The Dell, on the other hand, looks pretty shit10:20
mjg59But if I press the eject button, it flashes and then the eject lever lights up!10:20
thomthe eject lever lights up?10:22
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Luremjg59: yes, new HP docs are nice - also good for air flow10:27
Luremjg59: but travel battery closes the air-in hole for CPU - so it overheats even faster :-(10:28
mjg59Lure: Suck10:31
mjg59thom: Ha10:31
mjg59thom: It's pretty typical, to let you know that the OS has disassociated with the machine10:31
thomthe ibm dock gives you a nice green arrow10:31
mjg59thom: Want my patch set?10:32
mjg59Should pretty much apply to current git10:32
mjg59And provide great docking justice10:32
mjg59You want m for acpi docs10:33
mjg59Not sure whether the IBM hotplugging stuff is for big IBM hardware or for the laptops10:33
thomgunzip and git-apply-mbox it?10:34
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mjg59thom: That's the one10:39
=== thom waits for dapper kernels to finish before he builds edgy
mjg59You are using -jwhatever, right?10:42
mjg59kernels build damn fast on the Sony10:43
mjg59Which is only a 1.66GHz Core Duo10:44
thomi think the limit here is the disk in the x60s10:44
thomoh. and the fact it's building on an encrypted partition, sadly10:44
thomCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=4 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us  3945.30s user 1100.81s system 107% cpu 1:17:52.62 total10:46
mjg59Oh, are you building all archs?10:59
mjg59That would explain the difference11:06
mjg59I usually only do 68611:06
thomi need to build an installer after, so i need udebs and the whole shebang :/11:07
thomand it doesn't work11:16
mjg59The build?11:17
thomwell, what i was trying to make work11:18
thomand i don't get why11:18
thomoh well11:18
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