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johnlittlejust added a link to their video wiki to the flash free block12:55
johnlittlein the flash free block12:55
johnlittleim still high on mega doses of theraflu12:56
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livingdaylightMadpilot: hi09:56
Madpilothi livingdaylight09:56
livingdaylightMadpilot: no, pressure - just wondered how you were getting on with the leaflet project   :D09:57
Madpilotstill haven't finished that pamphlet - no time over the weekend... might have some time Thursday09:57
jendaWhat's that, Madpilot?09:58
Madpilotjenda, an Ubuntu version of the Kubuntu leaflet that's in example-content09:59
jendaBTW, I'm thinking of having posters and/or leaflets printed out en masse and shipped out like the stickers10:00
jenda(The stickers were an experimental/proof of concept batch for this reason)10:00
Madpilotlivingdaylight was wondering why there wasn't an Ubuntu version already, I told him to email me the text for it, and I'd do the design work - he did the text, I still haven't finished the layout in Inkscape10:00
jendaSounds good10:02
jendaif it looks good - I'll use it ;)10:02
jendaBut I'm inclined more towards posters, really.10:02
livingdaylightMadpilot: I'm still wondering why there isn't an Ubuntu version!10:03
livingdaylightI must ask Mark next time i see him ^^10:04
Madpilotjenda, basic layout, w/o text: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/ubuntu-pamphlet01.png10:04
jendaAlrighty, I gotta go now though.10:05
Madpilotlivingdaylight, like I said when you first asked, "Because nobody made one" :)10:05
jendaLooks good - could even be made into a poster10:05
Madpilotit could be, actually, although there's really too much text planned for it to be a good poster.10:05
livingdaylightMadpilot: That basic layout is juicy. Me likes. And you did that in like 5 seconds - Amazing!10:05
jendaMadpilot: you think you could tone a bit _from_ pink _towards_ brown? ;)10:05
Madpilotthat layout would work for posters, though10:05
jendayes, that's what I had in mind10:06
Madpilotjenda, you mean the brownish colour in the two large boxes?10:06
elkbuntuits not even connecting for me Madpilot :|10:06
livingdaylightMadpilot: is it now just about copy and pasting the text into text boxes?10:06
jendanah, I meant the background. Looks a little too pink to me.10:06
Madpilotlivingdaylight, when I finish writing the text, yes10:07
livingdaylightbackground is a nice apricot color - not pink10:07
Madpilotjenda, it's orange shading to white - not sure where you get pink from :)10:07
livingdaylightMadpilot: was my text not good?10:07
Madpilotelkbuntu, no? it's my standard webspace, it should work...10:07
livingdaylightMadpilot: i'm getting apricot flavor - yum10:07
jendaMadpilot: must be my eyes ;)10:08
Madpilotlivingdaylight, it's fine, but you left several paragraphs as "identical to original" which means I have to retype them, that's all10:08
elkbuntuMadpilot, i cant say i've ever gotten to warbard.ca and i've oft tried to see the link in your quit message10:08
=== jenda runs off
Madpilotelkbuntu, very strange - I've had the domain for several years now...10:08
livingdaylight Madpilot thought it'd be just a matter of copy and pasting it10:08
Madpilotlivingdaylight, you can't copy & paste out of a png10:08
elkbuntuMadpilot, it gives the timeout error10:09
Madpilotelkbuntu, odd10:09
livingdaylightMadpilot: change png to something else? open in gimp or something?10:09
Madpilotlivingdaylight, wouldn't help - you can't copy text out of a bitmapped image10:09
elkbuntuMadpilot, you dont have any ips/hosts/whatever banned from it do you?10:09
Madpilotelkbuntu, I don't, no, but the provider might, I guess10:10
elkbuntuuntil now i'd figured it was run from a home server that you turned off each night or something10:10
Madpilotnope, I pay actual money for that webspace ;)10:10
livingdaylightMadpilot: are you saying if i typed those texts which i ommitted i.e where the paragraphs are simply replaced with Ubunut, it would make your life alot easier?10:12
Madpilotlivingdaylight, it would have, but I've done most of the re-typing already, so no worries10:12
livingdaylightMadpilot: sorry, man10:12
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Madpilothttp://img175.imageshack.us/img175/8581/ubpamphletprogress2pi2.png <-- WiP shot of the Ubuntu leaflet; got the first half of the text done11:31
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jendaLooks very good, Madpilot11:33
Madpilotthanks - and it's on imageshack this time so even elkbuntu can see it ;)11:34
elkbuntuwow.. probably better than i could do. im not so good at doing "glossy" stuff11:36
elkbuntualthough.. what about some justified alignment?11:36
=== jenda doesn't like justified ;)
jendaBut I'm in the minority on that.11:37
elkbuntuit makes some things more readable11:37
KenSentMejenda: thanks for sending the Ubuntu Stickers11:38
jendaKenSentMe: thx for support ;)11:38
KenSentMejenda: they arrived within a few days, perfect11:38
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Madpilotelkbuntu, Inkscape currently can't do fully justified alignment :|11:55
elkbuntuMadpilot, o.O11:55
elkbuntuhow rude11:55
=== elkbuntu gives inkscape a good ol' spankin'
Madpilotwell, 0.43 can't; 0.44 might be able to, but I haven't installed it from backports yet11:56
jendaI'm quite sure it can...11:59
jendaIt can even justify along curves :)11:59
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elkbuntuwhat did i miss?12:07
jendaummm... some silence12:11
elkbuntuwhat was the last thing you guys saw from me?12:11
Madpilotelkbuntu, your comment about doing rude things to inkscape ;)12:12
elkbuntu<elkbuntu> gah.. i just realised how far behind in constructing the surveys this awful flu has put me12:12
elkbuntuthats what i said after that12:13
Madpilotnot here, you didn't12:13
elkbuntulast i saw from anyone was jenda saying it can justify along curves12:13
elkbuntubut that was before i said the last bit.. oh well.. flu still messing with me12:14
elkbuntui considered the possibility but after 5 minutes of nothing even from #ubuntu i decided to reconnect :P12:14
Madpilotelkbuntu, my quit message link on imageshack, because my domain doesn't like you: http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/3285/cthulhubuntulogooj7.png12:15
elkbuntui discovered i can use a web proxy to see the site but those things are annoying12:16
Madpilotelkbuntu, which country are you in?12:17
MadpilotI'm going to fire a trouble ticket off to my webspace provider, asking why you can't see my site12:17
elkbuntubefore you do, would you like me to check with some other people with the same isp?12:18
Madpilotsure - is internode a nation-wide ISP down there?12:19
elkbuntunot sure about nationwide but it certainly covers more than one state12:20
elkbuntuif Kamping_Kaiser would stop installing windows and novell we might be able to ask him here12:20
Madpilotwell, if I bug my space provider, we can at least find out if the problem is them or your ISP - ie, which end the blocking/filtering is happening at...12:21
elkbuntu(speaking of webspace) MitchM, ping12:22
Madpilotelkbuntu, I'm going to crash - it's past 0300 here - but let me know tomorrow if other internode users can see my site12:25
elkbuntuyep sure. sleep well12:25
Madpilotor get my email address from my wiki.u.c user page12:25
elkbuntuim sure we'll speak tomorrow12:25
MadpilotI'm usually around :)12:26
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Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, node is national01:09
Kamping_Kaiserand i havent had blockiing issues01:09
=== Kamping_Kaiser hugs elkbuntu . dont blame me, i need them for tafe
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mitchesehey all... im looking for ubuntu pamphlets which i can hand out to family members / friends ... something along the lines of openoffice's marketing found here: http://marketing.openoffice.org/2.0/marketingmaterials.html06:24
mitcheseare there any ready-made ones (all I could find on the wiki was presentations)06:24
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Burgworkmitchese, DIYMarketing has some and madpilot has also been working on one06:46
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mitcheseah thanks for that :)06:54
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MitchM ping elkbuntu07:38
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