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knixtechanyone have a template they use to make on the Handbook/edgytasks?05:00
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sbalneavEvening all05:31
bddebianHeya sbalneav05:32
LaserJockhi guys05:33
LaserJockogra: I uploaded a newer and improved edubuntu-menus today05:33
LaserJockI think this one will go ok05:33
ograadressed Kamions concerns ? 05:33
ogracool :)05:34
LaserJockeven added a lintian override for the chmod 640 stuff05:34
ograheh :)05:34
LaserJockrenamed the groups05:34
=== ogra only had to add one linitian override in his life ... for a package he got from debain.org :)
ogralintian simply didnt like upstreams name 05:35
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RichEdhi ogra ... how is it going in detroit ?08:29
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Kamping_Kaiserhi all. do i have to find pxelinux.0 somehwhere special? or should it be part of the install? i dont seem to ahve one :|09:20
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cbx33mornin all09:27
cbx33ogra: supprised to see you here :p09:27
RichEdhello cbx3309:27
cbx33Hi RichEd 09:27
RichEdogra's on detroit time ... and is head down in the ltsp hack fest ... so the nick is here but the keyboard is elsewhere09:28
RichEdcbx33: When will you know about the Chairpersonship ? What's the decision process ?09:29
cbx33um....I think they need to vote at thenext meetin09:29
cafuegoKamping_Kaiser: It's part of `syslinux'.09:31
RichEdAnd when's the meeting ? And what's your confidence level ?09:31
=== RichEd begins the interrogation slowly ...
Kamping_Kaisercafuego, thanks, i'll look09:31
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: just out of my curiosity ... are you one of the people behind eady Ubuntu ?09:32
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, 'behind' no. i just try and look cool ;)09:33
=== Kamping_Kaiser fixes config file to point to correct pxelinux.0
cafuegoKamping_Kaiser: I'm pretty sure the installer should have copied it when setting up chroots and configuring tftp.09:34
Kamping_Kaisercafuego, i'v been having issues with the ltsp installer09:34
cbx33I'm pretty confident09:34
cafuego"issues"? :-)09:34
Kamping_Kaiserinstaller not installing stuff :) i'm trying to work around them atm09:35
Kamping_Kaiser'installer' = ltsp-build-client09:35
RichEdcbx33: you busy there ... or am I in your ignore list ?09:35
Kamping_Kaisercafuego, i'm jsut heading out again, so hopefully catch you in 4.5 hours - 5 hours :|09:36
cafuegoThat'll be 10:30-11pm. I hope to be drunk or drinking by then!09:37
Kamping_Kaisercafuego, well wait a few minutes, and i'll join you then ;)09:37
cbx33RichEd: did you not get my reply09:37
=== Kamping_Kaiser gone
RichEd<cbx33> um....I think they need to vote at thenext meetin09:38
RichEd<RichEd> And when's the meeting ? And what's your confidence level ?09:38
cbx33RichEd: I have to organise themeeting soon, but I'm pretty confident,......I have an email to send to you....it's big....but just to let you know how things re over here09:39
cbx33I've been discussing the use of OSS tools with some people in southampton09:39
cbx33http://www.progbox.co.uk/wordpress/?p=127#comments - Apparently I'm just another linux fan boy....09:39
RichEdOkay ... I'll tell you why the line of questioning ... I've got a guy in Ireland wanting to start with some Edubuntu side-by-side with MS in the local school(s). He's from the council : The "Connect" Project is an initiative of South Dublin Council.09:43
RichEdHe is keen to work with us ... would you consider "twinning schools" for a broader project audience ?09:44
cbx33oooh.....that's an interesting idea09:44
cbx33RichEd: I'm very interetsed in that.....even if I don;t get chair of the panel09:44
=== RichEd is full of interesting ideas ...
=== cbx33 puts a sock in RichEd's trumpet
RichEdI'll send you the email ... I raised your co-operation as a possibility ... and am waiting for him to bite ... read the mail, but wait for a next step from me before you engage.09:45
cbx33of course09:45
cbx33you got a sec for a pm?09:45
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RichEdcbx33: lost you there for a bit ... well i lost my adsl10:29
RichEddid you see my msg ?10:29
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pygimorning everyone11:30
highvoltagemornign pygi11:31
highvoltageforgot to tell you, burned a dvd with libburn on sunday. works ok.11:31
pygiah, you used that growisofs trick or?11:31
pygiand how exactly have you burned it? using libburner?11:32
highvoltagehmmm... I'm sure I have a text file called 'pygi' where I have exactly how I did it... just a sec11:34
RichEdgreetz highvoltage :)11:34
highvoltagemight be on my home pc (that's where I burned it)11:34
highvoltagepygi: i followed the instructions that you gave me, that's what is in pygi.txt :)11:35
highvoltageRichEd: greetings11:35
pygihighvoltage: ah, ok :) that's the growisofs trick11:35
pygihighvoltage: would you mind checking md5 when you come home pls? :)11:35
pygiwe have one bug before the release, and I'm already hunting that bug for two days, can't fix it :-/11:36
pygiand I know it's trivial =)11:36
pygiwho's willing to fix bugs here? :)11:40
=== cbx33 [n=c2df514b@84-45-197-14.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
pygiwillvdl: ? :)12:03
RichEdcbx33: wassup dude you disappeared12:04
pygicbx33: !!!12:04
pygiHI RichEd 12:04
RichEdhey mario12:05
highvoltagehi willvdl 12:33
highvoltagewhere does woop come from? hlk says it all the time too :)12:33
willvdlshe got it from me I think.12:34
RichEdhello : wiki advice request : anyone who can guide me for a few questions ?12:35
pygiRichEd: shoot as always12:37
RichEdta pygi  12:38
pygi"ta"? :=)12:38
RichEdwhat's the format preference:  wiki.edubuntu.com/education OR wiki.edubuntu.com/Education12:38
RichEdta = thanks before I asked12:39
=== RichEd is a polite boy
pygithe later one12:39
RichEdokay lets go out to a pvt window ... need to paste a chunk ->12:40
RichEdpygi: ping ... questions in private window ... answer at your leisure ... I'm back in 10-15 mins12:45
pygiRichEd: I'm there, and I'm responding :)12:47
RichEdokay ... i'll wait ... no message yet ... hope you are identified ?12:48
pygiRichEd: ergh, right12:50
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
pygiRichEd: sorry, forgot :)12:51
RichEdnow coming through load & clear :)12:52
jsgotangcogood evening all!12:58
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
ograjsgotangco, morning :)01:05
jsgotangcoRichEd: you got something from our gnome? heh01:05
RichEdjsgotangco: ? our gnome ?01:09
jsgotangcoour tiny newsbit yestereday?01:09
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
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knixtechmorning all01:28
RichEdjsgotangco: still don't know what you mean by our gnome ?01:28
cbx33I'm back01:29
cbx33for lunch01:29
knixtechanyone have a template for the tasks page I could use?01:30
cbx33hi pygi 01:30
pygihi cbx33, how are you?01:33
cbx33yeh i'm good01:33
pygiglad to hear :)01:34
pygitired of my lack of knowledge to fix what in the end will be trivial =)01:34
cbx33whats broken?01:35
pygicbx33: one bug in libisofs, I can't fix it :) Two days working on it already01:35
cbx33whats it doing01:36
pygiwell, you cant generate iso with just joliet, or iso is broken01:36
cbx33what's wrong with the iso?01:36
pygiif you generate  rockridge+joliet then it works :-/01:36
pygicbx33: well, it's broken ^_^01:36
pygifiles/dirs are broken :)01:37
cbx33how come01:37
cbx33hi jono 01:37
pygicbx33: don't ask me :) If I would knew what causes it, I'd fix it :)01:41
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #edubuntu
pygicbx33: just you laugh ;)01:54
pygiRichEd: poke, awake pls:)01:54
RichEdhi pygi : busy preparing for a review with the boss ... quick item ?01:58
jsgotangcouh rain01:58
=== Petaris [n=Petaris@] has joined #edubuntu
pygiRichEd: well, continue the window conversation? :)02:02
pygijsgotangco: hey ho jsgotangco ^_^02:02
RichEdin 2 mins pygi 02:02
jsgotangcopygi: hi!02:02
jsgotangcohow are you?02:02
pygiRichEd: sure, whatever you want02:03
pygijsgotangco: quite good, what about you? :)02:03
jsgotangcoim good too its raining hard outside though heh02:04
jsgotangcopretty busy as well02:04
pygiheh, everyone is busy :)02:04
jsgotangcofighting for my software rights at work!02:04
pygijsgotangco: I haven't got my answer from you tommorow, hehe :)02:05
pygijsgotangco: uh, whats the issue?02:05
jsgotangcoim forced to used IE at work02:05
pygijsgotangco: eh :P02:09
pygijsgotangco: so where's my answer? :)02:09
jsgotangcoanswer to what?02:09
Petarisjsgotangco: You could use portable firefox :)02:10
jsgotangcoPetaris: yeah, ive got to do it02:10
jsgotangcoexcept the proxy seems to only want IE02:10
Petarishow would a proxy care?02:11
jsgotangcothats what i would like to know myself02:11
jsgotangcohence they will report tomorrow ;)02:11
Petarisunless of course its a microshaft product02:11
pygijsgotangco: why have you said "mighty pygi" :)02:11
jsgotangcoi wont be surprised if its ISA Server02:11
jsgotangcopygi: oh its probably because i will have to bug you soon on gtk stuff heh02:12
jsgotangcopygi: like if its possible to have something like totem, epiphany in one gtk app02:12
pygijsgotangco: lol, I knew there was something behind that statement, lol :)02:13
jsgotangcoor something that does like that02:13
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=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu
Kamping_Kaiserhow can i discover what the ltsp installer is doing? i cant get clients booting, and i'm wondering where i need to look for info on configing the location of pxelinux.002:35
=== Kamping_Kaiser pokes broken edgy ltsp buildchain
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=== Trevelyan` [n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan] has joined #edubuntu
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=== Kamping_Kaiser pokes his tftpd server
PetarisKamping_Kaiser: Careful it doesn't poke back03:10
Kamping_KaiserPetaris, if it pokes like it serves files, i have nothing to worry about but timeouts ;)03:11
PetarisTetris for the ipod03:13
PetarisThe end of productivity is neigh03:13
knixtechanyone on here part of the doc team?03:14
Kamping_Kaiseri need to know /before/ next mon if i can get netbooting happening :( its not working still :(03:14
=== Kamping_Kaiser slaps random objects about
pygihighvoltage: poke?03:15
highvoltagepygi: ouch03:17
pygihighvoltage: what media have you used? +R, +RW, -R or -RW?03:18
jsgotangcopygi: so you haven't answered my question too ;)03:19
pygijsgotangco: ^_^03:20
jsgotangcopygi: like if its possible to have something like totem, epiphany in one gtk app03:20
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcoor something hackable like hta03:20
pygijsgotangco: I saw that :) What exactly do you want to acomplish, lol? I'm not sure I understand03:20
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has left #edubuntu []
jsgotangcopygi: well something like encarta i guess03:20
pygijsgotangco: if they have their respective libs, then I don't see why not03:22
highvoltagepygi: I can't remember, it must've been either +R, or -R03:22
pygihighvoltage: well, that's kinda important :)03:22
highvoltagepygi: I can check that too when I get home03:22
pygihighvoltage: oki, that and MD5 would be great :)03:22
highvoltagepygi: well, those discs were a Christmas gift so I don't have an idea what they are :)03:23
pygiI assume it's -R, but I can't be sure :)03:23
willvdlhighvoltage, power cut...haven't seen one of those in a while03:23
highvoltagewillvdl: where?03:23
highvoltagewillvdl: somerset west?03:24
highvoltagewas fine here in newlands though. I hope it's not starting again :/03:24
willvdlnormally this would mean I would go home03:25
willvdlbut then I just realised, I am home...03:25
willvdlah back on03:26
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bddebianHowdy folks03:43
pygihowdy bddebian 03:46
bddebianHeya pygi03:47
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TeePOGafternoon all03:56
Kamping_Kaiserah... edgy ltsp server=teh borked03:59
Kamping_Kaiserdapper seems to be installing great03:59
TeePOGthanks for sharing, Kamping_Kaiser... I was about to upgrade my ltsp server to edgy04:00
Kamping_Kaiserlol. hope it helps :|04:00
=== Kamping_Kaiser has spent 2 days on it so far (probably ~6 hours)
TeePOGno worries.... only thing i'm missing is the amazing Sabayon ... me keeps crossing fingers for a backport04:01
=== Kamping_Kaiser needs to be working by monday - wonder if i can find time to go to work and test tehre...
=== Kamping_Kaiser knows the answer is no
TeePOGlol, know the feeling04:03
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
TeePOGhi ogra!04:09
cbx33hey ogra 04:11
Kamping_Kaiserhi ogra 04:11
ograhi and bye ...04:12
cbx33bye dude04:12
=== ogra has to go to the airport soon
cbx33you coming home04:12
cbx33ooooh yay04:12
cbx33we've missed ya bud ;)04:12
=== Kamping_Kaiser has to sleep soon :(
ogracbx33, we'll need to talk about the artwork ... i had some feedback here 04:13
jsgotangcodon't be so hard on yourself there's no such thing as bad art04:17
Kamping_Kaiserhm. ltsp-manager wont launch :( damn missing file04:21
Kamping_Kaiserbut oh well. bedtime04:21
Kamping_Kaisernight all04:21
knixtechnighty night, dont let the bed bugz bite04:22
Kamping_Kaiserheh. later mate04:23
cbx33jsgotangco: by the look of the statement above it's gonna be negative ;)04:28
RichEdrodarvus: did you get an email done for me ?04:33
=== TeePOG is gone, bye guys
rodarvuslast part is tricky04:33
RichEdokay :)04:34
rodarvus(specfically, "web site and infrastructure")04:34
rodarvusI hadn't seen this part in advance04:34
rodarvusand am trying to figure it out04:34
RichEddon't worry about that for specifics now ... mark goes through my 1st draft today ... we identify what he actually wants ... and then I get 2 weeks to focus it04:35
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #edubuntu
rodarvusok, I'll send what I have now, and resend the rest in a few minutes, when its finished04:37
RichEdthanks ... mark is reading my 32 page ... give it a scan will you ? it's changed a lot in the last hour04:38
rodarvusI've seen a version from about 30 minutes ago, let me reread it04:39
=== paolob-parroquia [n=paolob-p@pri-214-b7.codetel.net.do] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcohey sabdfl04:39
jsgotangco32pages from RichEd must be hard for the eyes04:40
paolob-parroquiaHi guys! What's happening with ogra? I haven't seen him here for many days04:40
highvoltagejsgotangco: not with all the pictures he has in there :)04:40
RichEd32 is a concept ... not a number :)04:40
rodarvuspaolob-parroquia, ogra is in a LTSP hackfest this week04:40
jsgotangcohe was at an ltsp hackfest04:41
rodarvuswell, yes, was :)04:41
rodarvushe will be back tomorrow, likely04:41
paolob-parroquiarodarvus, jsgotangco, when should be back?04:41
paolob-parroquiarodarvus, ah, ok04:41
jsgotangcohe just quite irc almost 10 minutes ago, about to go on his plane04:41
jsgotangcohighvoltage: pretty pictures i hope heh04:42
highvoltagejsgotangco: we can only hope ;)04:43
jsgotangcoheh in other news, the raw footage of codebreakers is coming my way04:44
jsgotangcoim told its a ton of cc licensed stuff04:44
jsgotangcothat can be remixed and mashed04:44
jsgotangcoalthough it must be in betacam format or something that broadcast-only media04:44
jsgotangcoyou never know it might have a goldmine like rms picking his nose or something hah04:45
=== paolob-parroquia [n=paolob-p@pri-214-b7.codetel.net.do] has left #edubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-251.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagehey willvdl 05:03
willvdlgot a funny story for you05:03
highvoltagedid the power behave itself the rest of the afternoon?05:03
willvdlone sec05:03
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSw up ?05:11
knixtechDEINOS, how did you make out?05:11
DEINOSi reinstall everything05:11
DEINOSnow im gona make the boot disks05:12
knixtechdhcp work?05:12
DEINOSim going to buy an amd athon 64 to do this job05:12
DEINOSi think yes , 05:12
=== jono [n=jono@88-107-0-133.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOShey what is the best way to boot by lan ?05:13
DEINOSpxe or otherboot ?05:13
DEINOScan u explain me how i o that ?05:13
knixtechworks amazing if everything is setup correctly05:13
DEINOSget rom in rom o matic ? then i configure to boot by
knixtechyou need the dhcp server running on edubuntu,  the thin client boots to the server05:13
knixtechthe nic card needs to be the first bootable device05:14
knixtechon the client side05:14
DEINOSso how i do to see what services are runig ?05:14
DEINOSon the server machinhe05:14
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSim a noob05:14
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSso how i do to see what services are runig ?05:15
knixtechDEINOS, sys - admin - system monitor05:17
DEINOSi do that05:17
knixtechDEINOS, its quite ok, we were n00bs one time05:17
PetarisDEINOS: ps -A05:17
DEINOSand the thcp is not there05:17
knixtechdo this05:17
knixtechsudo /etc/init.d/dhcpd3-server status05:18
DEINOSps -A means all process ?05:18
DEINOShum 05:18
Petarisps -A | grep dhcp05:18
Petarisor ps -aux | grep dhcp for more details05:18
knixtechPetaris, ty05:19
knixtechPetaris, or 'top' right?05:20
Petarissure, you could use top05:20
Petaristhat will tell you how much mem and cpu its eating05:20
knixtechya, 05:20
DEINOSroot@edubuntu:/# /etc/init.d/dhcpd3-server status05:21
DEINOSbash: /etc/init.d/dhcpd3-server: No such file or directory05:21
DEINOShum 05:21
knixtechtake out the pa and d05:21
knixtechso sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server start05:22
=== knixtech apologizes
DEINOSitfail to start05:22
DEINOSim gona see the conf05:23
knixtechits your config05:23
knixtechin your dhcp.conf05:23
cbx33hey all05:24
cbx33hi knixtech did you wnt somting?05:24
knixtechi did, but it has been taken care of, so ty05:25
cbx33sorry knixtech 05:25
knixtechcbx33, quite ok ^_^05:25
knixtechwere all family here, hehe05:25
knixtechDEINOS, what is your email? Ill email you my fresh dhcp3.conf05:27
DEINOSthe dhcpd conf is in the init.d/dhcp3-server ?05:28
DEINOSor denatus@ig.com.br05:28
knixtechits, /etc/dhcp305:28
DEINOSim a dumb05:28
knixtechDEINOS, no your not05:29
knixtechjust replace your .conf with mine ok?05:29
cbx33DEINOS, some of this stuff takes a while the first time round05:30
knixtechcbx33, exactly05:30
knixtechDEINOS, sent05:30
knixtechDEINOS, once you do it a few times, it will become much easier05:30
=== neurogeek [n=neurogee@] has joined #edubuntu
knixtechhello neurogeek 05:32
neurogeekhello knixtech, how are you?05:32
DEINOSi hope soo05:32
knixtechi have had better days05:32
knixtechDEINOS, it will05:32
DEINOSthis is an test if works fine im gona instal this ltsp on an athlon 64 05:33
knixtechmake sure on the thin client side, that you boot directly to the edubuntu server05:34
DEINOSwhat is the command to rename ?05:35
knixtechcp dhcp.conf dhcp.conf.backup05:36
knixtechcp = copy05:36
DEINOSdell comand ?05:39
DEINOSdelete ?05:39
DEINOSthis distro 05:39
knixtechdelete = rm05:39
knixtechyou want to delte a file right?05:40
DEINOSy 05:40
knixtechwhat file?05:40
DEINOSa conf.old 05:40
knixtechso then do rm conf.old05:41
knixtechsudo rm conf.old05:41
DEINOSserver fail05:41
DEINOSmy machine ip is
DEINOSi have activated the root acount05:42
knixtechthen your going to have to change it to the dhcp.conf or make your machine like,
knixtechorsomething on that scheme05:42
knixtechmake it 0.205:43
DEINOSbut my router is on
DEINOSand dont have dhcp runing on it05:43
DEINOSso i configure dhcp to 1.2 ?05:44
knixtechok, then change the op scheme in dhcp.conf05:44
knixtechgot me?05:44
DEINOSmore or less05:45
DEINOSop scheme ?05:45
knixtechip* scheme05:45
DEINOSso i put my conf to work on 192.168.1.xxx ? thas is right ?05:46
DEINOShum 05:46
DEINOSim gona meke it now05:46
knixtechhum?  are you humming05:46
DEINOShum , im smoking05:46
knixtechnews to me, ^_^05:47
knixtechDEINOS, your from brazil right?05:47
DEINOSsorry for my very bad english ok05:48
knixtechits ok05:48
DEINOSso subnet netmask {05:49
DEINOS  range;  ?05:49
knixtechtry it05:49
knixtechnetmask might be
knixtechif it fails try that05:50
knixtechbrb, going to smoke05:50
knixtechglhf = good luck have fun05:50
DEINOSsubnet netmask {05:55
DEINOS  range;05:55
DEINOS10 to 20 ?05:55
DEINOShhhhheeeeeeelllllpppppp please05:55
cbx33sabdfl was here?05:56
DEINOSim trying to configure my dhcp 05:56
DEINOScan u help ?05:56
cbx33I can try05:57
cbx33though it's not my strong point05:57
cbx33what's wrong05:59
cbx33are there no logs giving you more information?05:59
knixtechDEINOS, make your ip address on your sewrver
=== knixtech found how to install this on the wiki ^_^
DEINOSok im gona d thid05:59
knixtechcbx33, nice approach there, i like that05:59
cbx33knixtech, in what way ? 06:00
knixtechcbx33, checking the logs, i always forget that06:00
=== pygi [n=pygi@89-172-235-158.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey pygi just the man I was looking for06:09
cbx33I've been pulling my hair out with this one my friend06:09
cbx33got time for one little question?06:09
knixtechDEINOS, hows it going?06:14
cbx33it's ok06:14
cbx33I found it out06:14
knixtechcbx33, what was the beef?06:18
cbx33oh, it was a python query06:18
cbx33was having trouble understanding someones coe, but I figured it out now06:18
cbx33I was being stupid06:18
knixtechcbx33, gotcha, i am going to learn that real soon06:18
cbx33python rocks06:18
cbx33doing graphical stuff in python is sooooo easy06:18
cbx33I guess he didn't solve it then :(06:18
knixtechhow did you learn it?06:19
cbx33knixtech, python gtk is soo nice06:19
cbx33well....pygi sent me three small exercises06:19
cbx33which I'm sure I could pass onto you06:19
cbx33I rea dthe python tutorial on their website06:19
knixtechplease do , 3@knixtech.com06:19
cbx33and then I started programming my first graphical app06:19
cbx33which is now in the ubuntu universe06:19
cbx33in edgy 06:19
cbx33it's not in dapper06:19
knixtechso the 3 gthings he sent you helped you?,   wow06:19
cbx33called gisomount06:19
cbx33they were so simple but they gave me what I needed06:20
knixtechgraphical mouting?06:20
cbx33I can tell you one now06:20
cbx33mount iso images06:20
cbx33in a nice graphical gui06:20
=== willvdl_ [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-251.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
=== knixtech is getting excited
cbx33calculate md5sums06:20
knixtechcould you email me the 3 please06:20
cbx33it may have been 206:20
knixtechthats fine, will it get me off the ground?06:21
cbx33the first was.... write a piece of code which takes a string and reverses it06:21
knixtechim assuming you knew code before that?06:21
cbx33knixtech, http://www.progbox.co.uk/wordpress/?p=5806:22
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
knixtechDEINOS, and??????06:22
DEINOSmy ip is now 192.bla.bla.25406:23
knixtechand the conf says?06:23
cbx33so, yeh i did know a little coding before ;)06:23
DEINOSsubnet netmask {06:23
DEINOS  range;06:23
knixtechcbx33, wow06:24
knixtechDEINOS, netmask to
knixtechso what are the 2 things?06:24
DEINOSwhen i put give me an error 06:24
cbx33DENIOS what ip range are you trying to do06:25
cbx33the netmask should only be shuldn't it?06:25
DEINOSConfiguration file errors encountered -- exiting06:25
DEINOSdhcpd self-test failed. Please fix the config file.06:25
DEINOSThe error was:06:25
DEINOSInternet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.306:25
DEINOSCopyright 2004-2005 Internet Systems Consortium.06:25
DEINOSAll rights reserved.06:25
DEINOSFor info, please visit http://www.isc.org/sw/dhcp/06:25
DEINOS/etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf line 36: subnet netmask bad subnet number/mask combination.06:25
DEINOSsubnet netmask
DEINOS                                       ^06:25
DEINOSConfiguration file errors encountered -- exiting06:25
knixtechok then 255 then06:25
knixtechmy bad06:25
DEINOShuming again ?06:26
knixtechrestart it with the right subnet and see what the logs say aka - cbx33 06:27
=== pygi is back
pygicbx33: how may I help you?06:27
knixtechDEINOS, look on the wiki, it shows you how to do everything06:28
DEINOSin the UBUNTU LTSP quick install guide ?06:29
cbx33pygi, all fixed06:29
cbx33I was getting confused06:29
DEINOSim too06:29
knixtechDEINOS, not sure06:29
knixtechbut it is on the site06:29
cbx33pygi, got a sec in pm?06:29
DEINOSi folow his instructions but i cant put this up06:30
cbx33DEINOS, do the logs say anything now?06:30
DEINOSwhere are the log ? 06:31
knixtechcbx33, ^_^06:31
DEINOShum im gona see 06:31
DEINOSmay samba conflict whit dhcp ?06:32
knixtechhey DEINOS 06:32
cbx33do you already have a DHCP server on this network?06:33
knixtechthere ya go06:33
knixtechrobbie found it06:33
cbx33knixtech, thought you'd already done that ;)06:33
knixtechw00t w00t06:33
knixtechcbx33, i have06:33
knixtechcbx33, you mean setup the server and all?06:34
cbx33no....show DEINOS that page06:34
knixtechno i didnt06:34
willvdlyou just did? :P06:34
knixtechDEINOS, are you using 2 nic cards06:34
cbx33no earlier willvdl :)06:34
cbx33willvdl, any progress on ESA?06:35
DEINOSno , just 106:35
DEINOSi need 206:35
knixtechthat might be your issue06:35
cbx33knixtech, should work with one06:35
willvdlyes. bit slow as my NEPAD stuff got preference over the past two days06:35
cbx33willvdl, that's fine....not pressuring just asking ;)06:35
knixtechya but he is trying to enable dhcpd on the same nice that is recieving it06:35
pygicbx33: ofcourse06:35
cbx33yes that will cause problems06:36
willvdlgoing to draft an idea tonight for comment06:36
DEINOSthat is the problem ?06:36
=== knixtech thinks so
knixtechDEINOS, thats tht only doffernce betwwen yours and my setup06:36
DEINOSso ask me something , this distro recognise the other nic if i put in the pc06:37
cbx33DEINOS, should do06:37
DEINOSok i come back son ok , im gona put the other nic here 06:37
DEINOSso it wil be 1 for router and other for dhcp 06:38
willvdlcbx33, have you ever come across an actual template for use cases?06:38
cbx33willvdl, no06:38
cbx33is that holding us up?06:38
willvdlnot too sure there is such a thing actually06:38
knixtechDEINOS, yes06:38
DEINOSok 06:38
willvdlit was kinda. just wanted to do things right06:38
DEINOSi came soon06:39
willvdllooks like we might forge the way06:39
willvdlhe went soon too06:39
cbx33I think he meant06:40
cbx33he'll be back soon06:40
willvdlI'll guess we'll know when he comes back :P06:40
willvdlurk. got to move a washing machine quickly. brb06:41
knixtechi came soon too,,,, ^_^06:41
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSim back06:56
DEINOSim gona get some food and came again 06:57
DEINOSknixtech ?06:57
knixtechDEINOS, 07:05
knixtechcbx33, is it worth buying a book on python?07:10
Petarisknixtech: The man or the programming language?07:14
knixtechprog lang07:15
knixtechgotta go to college, be on later07:16
cbx33ping pygi 07:27
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p54AEE41B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== pygi does a happy dance
=== paolob [n=donpaolo@pri-214-b7.codetel.net.do] has joined #edubuntu
=== corey_ [n=corey@d64-180-214-139.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== corey_ [n=corey@d64-180-214-139.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
pygiwb LaserJock ;)08:04
willvdldid you get your visa?08:04
pygiwillvdl: lol, I haven't even applied yet ^_^ I'll do so when I am sure that I get sponsorship :) But it's good now that I know I need only one day for visa08:05
willvdlus dodgy third-worlders need longer08:06
DEINOSknixtech 08:06
DEINOScan help now ?08:06
LaserJockhi pygi 08:07
DEINOSanione can help me to conf my dhcp ?08:07
DEINOSpygi ?08:07
LaserJockI'm not sure that you really  need to do much08:08
DEINOSwhy ?08:08
LaserJockit should be more or less automatic08:08
pygiDEINOS: what exactly is the problem?08:09
DEINOShum , but last time i try toi start dhcp i get fail mesage08:09
pygiDEINOS: sudo :)08:09
DEINOSi trying to make my LTSP server work , but lats time im trying to make it whit just 1 nic , and i cant start my dhcp , now i have instaled another nic 08:10
DEINOSdont need more sudo , i have activated the root acount08:11
DEINOSsudo everytime sucks08:11
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSso now i have to conf my dhcp in and my other nic to ( gateway to net router) 08:13
=== DEINO1 [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
DEINO1im back08:16
DEINO1what i do to start dhcp ?08:17
LaserJockyou should just restart dhcp08:18
DEINO1what is the command line please !08:18
LaserJock /etc/init.d/dhcpd restart or something like that08:18
DEINO1fail again08:20
cbx33LaserJock, !!!08:20
LaserJockDEINO1: I really don't know what you're trying to do08:21
DEINO1folowinhg the quick instal guide , i have to : install ltsp , build a client env. and later upate the ssh keys !08:24
DEINO1an then conf the dhcp08:25
DEINO1that is right ?08:25
cbx33how are you LaserJock 08:29
DEINO1laserjock can u help me ?08:30
LaserJockDEINO1: that looks right08:31
LaserJockcbx33: argg, busy08:31
cbx33sory L08:31
DEINO1so i do that , and now i dont know why my dhcp dont start08:33
LaserJockDEINO1: all I can think of is that something is wrong with your dhcp configuration08:34
LaserJockunfortunately I've never run dhcp so I don't know what it really *should* be08:34
DEINO1im using 1 nic and other nic to , the defalt dhcp conf is pointed to
DEINO1the ip is from my server to my router gateway and the other nic to dhcp server08:36
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockand why did you put in the other NIC ?08:37
DEINOSanyone can help ???????08:38
DEINOSi think that i now what is the problem , eth0 and eth108:38
DEINOSknixtech told me to put , he think thats is my problem , make the server dhcp , and my router work in same ip08:42
DEINOSim gona call some pro to help me to conf this thing08:44
DEINOSbye guis , i came later 08:44
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has left #edubuntu []
=== ninety [i=drvrh@] has joined #edubuntu
ninetyHello, is anybody here?09:04
ninetyhello hello?09:05
ninetyWhen are there people here? Anyway, I'm trying to figure out whether Edubuntu is recommended for computers that will be used mainly by kids, in addition to school computers09:07
ninetyI'm going to install Linux on a computer that got completely by spyware and crap circa 2003, and I suspect that it will mainly be used by my 6yo brother09:08
=== Rawplayer [n=kevin@braadharing.oom-killer.org] has left #edubuntu []
ninetywould edubuntu be especially good for him, or is it tweaked for the classroom, rather than for little kids?09:15
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
Rondomninety: both09:18
Rondomthere are apps for both younger and older children09:19
Rondomninety: I bet your brother will like gcompris, if I remember it correctly the gcopmris-homepage has a lot of screenshots09:20
Rondomgcompris is a good example for a game for younger children09:20
ninetythank you09:23
ninetyhaha, j'ai compris09:24
=== Rondom doesn't know french
ninetyoh, the title is a joke in french09:28
ninety"i understood"09:28
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
RondomI know09:30
ninetyoh, ok.  So you do know french :)09:31
Rondomno, I read that on gcompris.sf.net09:36
=== corey_ [n=corey@d64-180-214-139.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33LaserJock, if you get a chance "checkout" my branch of gallium09:42
cbx33I added a date timeline like kalzium has ;)09:42
=== danielhedblom [n=daniel@h20n2c1o945.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #edubuntu
danielhedblomhi there09:43
=== blue-frog [n=bluefrog@dyn-88-121-66-154.ppp.as12876.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== maxamillion [n=Administ@] has joined #edubuntu
maxamillionhighvoltage: you around?09:56
LaserJockcbx33: where is it?09:57
danielhedblomhave anyone of you a separate DHCP on another box than edubuntu ltsp?10:00
danielhedblomi cant get edubuntu ltsp to boot properly, it stalls on nfs mount10:00
cbx33LaserJock, sorry10:11
cbx33danielhedblom, yes I have done that10:11
cbx33a windows box actually10:11
=== maxamillion [n=Administ@] has left #edubuntu []
=== lol [n=lolsd@Me1e1.m.pppool.de] has joined #edubuntu
=== lol [n=lolsd@Me1e1.m.pppool.de] has left #edubuntu []
cbx33LaserJock, http://progbox.co.uk/gallium10:12
=== corey_ is now known as Burgwork
willvdlBurgwork, got a sec?10:29
Burgworkwillvdl, yep10:30
cbx33hey Burgwork 10:32
Burgworkhey cbx33 10:32
cbx33just saying hey :p10:32
danielhedblomcbx33: i have a BSD dhcp but i cant get it working, i assume i have to pass more parameters 10:32
cbx33willvdl, from my POV is there anything I can do to help10:33
cbx33danielhedblom, I'm not familiar with BSD dhcp at all10:33
=== knixtech [n=stormcha@] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlam about to drop some ideas on use cases with you...10:33
Burgworkcbx33, well thanks. Tired, been at work since 630 am10:33
willvdltea time...10:39
LaserJockBurgwork: uggg10:41
BurgworkLaserJock, on two hours of sleep, yes10:42
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlcbx33, email yeah10:46
LaserJockhmm, is Mattias Hemmingson on?11:01
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has joined #edubuntu
DEINOSim tired11:11
DEINOSwhat i have to do to make this dhcp work !!!!!!11:12
DEINOSok i am the most stupid gui in this planet , i dont have activated mi 2 nic  !!!!11:14
cbx33DEINOS, I'm sorry I have to go now11:14
DEINOSok dhcp is now working !!!11:14
cbx33I was goona say I'll help you out tomorrow11:14
cbx33peace out all11:14
knixtechhello DEINOS 11:15
knixtechDEINOS, what fixed it?11:16
DEINOSo finish , the dhcp is now runing !11:16
DEINOS1st , i put another nic , and now i have activated him 11:16
knixtechwhat fixed it?11:16
knixtechcbx33, see that11:17
knixtechcan you boot pxe to it? DEINOS 11:17
DEINOSi willl test it now11:17
DEINOSbut fist i have to make the boot disk11:17
knixtechglad to hear you did alright!!!!11:17
DEINOShow i do to make this boot disk ?11:19
DEINOSpxe , what i need ?11:19
=== willvdl_ [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-251.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
knixtechyou dont need a boot disk, can the thin clients boot from the nic card11:19
DEINOSbut im using pc 13311:20
DEINOSthese machines dont have bios suport to do that , so i need to make a disk , whit a rom , to emule the nic rom 11:20
DEINOSteoricaly is this11:20
=== knixtech never have done it
DEINOS1st time in linux11:21
DEINOSbrb means ???11:21
LaserJockbe right back11:21
knixtechits always your first time11:21
knixtechwhen is it ever going to be your second time11:22
DEINOSno , it is my first linux instalation , im learning now how it works11:22
DEINOSwhen this ltsp instalation works fine 11:22
DEINOSso what i have to do ? 11:23
DEINOSron o matic , get rom , configure and boot ?11:23
knixtechi have never done it that way11:23
DEINOShow i do ?11:24
DEINOShow you do11:24
knixtechi booted from pxe11:24
DEINOSset in the bios to boot by nic ?11:24
DEINOSi dont know pxe11:24
DEINOSthis is basicaly PXE ?11:25
=== knixtech smacks his head
knixtechcan you boot from a nic?11:25
DEINOSjust in one machinhe , an amd k6 2 50011:25
DEINOSi will try , brb11:26
=== willvdl_ always forgets what afk stands for...
bddebianAway From Keyboard11:27
DEINOSdont work11:27
DEINOSany ideas ?11:28
willvdl_Away from Komputer sounds a bit Germanic11:28
DEINOSi go to ron-o-matic.net11:28
willvdl_what version of pxe?11:28
DEINOShow i do to see what services are runing , a command line ?11:28
DEINOSi dont know , it came on EDUBUNTU 6.0611:29
willvdl_ah, should be fine then11:29
DEINOShow i do to see what services are runing , a command line ?11:30
DEINOSd u know 11:31
DEINOSa command line to show runing process11:31
DEINOSknixtech ?11:31
DEINOSa command line to show runing process11:35
LaserJockplease don't spam the channel :-)11:35
LaserJocktop or ps will give you running processes11:35
knixtechDEINOS, ps -a11:36
knixtechand top11:36
DEINOSok thats it , now im gona leave to resolve the etherboot questions , 11:39
DEINOSanybody here know how it works ?11:39
DEINOSand can help ?11:39
DEINOSObrigado a todos11:40
DEINOStnx to all11:40
=== cbx333 [n=prochat1@84-45-238-195.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx333hi again 11:44
cbx333just can't stay away11:47
willvdlyou're about to get a mail that will out you to sleep :)11:56
willvdlokie, I'm dogfood. big one tomorrow.12:03
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-251.3g.vodacom.co.za] has left #edubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== DEINOS [n=marcelo@wl4.starweb.com.br] has left #edubuntu []

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