kwwii_I do not think that they can do it in the installer legally12:12
Tonio_danimo: not more than an amarok script that installs mp3 support12:12
Tonio_it is exactly the same, and we already do that12:12
zorglu_so the package way seems a good alternative, no ?12:12
danimoTonio_: I was surprised that that was allowed in12:12
kwwii_btw...anyone seen the new amarok theme?12:12
Tonio_danimo: me too....12:12
danimoTonio_: actually, I am surprised that universe/multiverse are hosted by them12:12
Tonio_danimo: but legally there is no difference between the mp3 install script and an installer option to activate universe and multiverse12:13
danimoTonio_: (I don't belive that none of the ubuntu mirrors is)12:13
Tonio_danimo: universe is not a risk12:13
Tonio_danimo: concerning multiverse, I agree12:13
danimoTonio_: isn't e.g. libmad in universe?12:13
Tonio_danimo: hum....... I don't think so12:13
zorglu_"sudo apt-get install universe-repo-config" is easier for the user as he can cut/paste the command and less error prone12:13
Tonio_danimo: haha ;) Filename: pool/main/libm/libmad/libmad0_0.15.1b-2.1_i386.deb12:14
danimoTonio_: and the really "hot" stuff (libdeecss) isn't even in there12:14
Tonio_it is in MAIN12:14
Tonio_my god !12:14
=== beligum [n=beligum@d54C48D09.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoTonio_: wtf?12:14
Tonio_danimo: maybe they bought the mp3 licence....12:14
beligumHi all12:14
danimoTonio_: no, then it would be in the canonical extra repo12:14
Tonio_danimo: nope, since libmad0 is free, which opera isn't for example12:15
Tonio_I think the commercial repo is for proprietary softwares12:15
zorglu_hehe :) ok guys why not let their lawer handle the legal matter and focus on the usuability matter ? what about a package ? :)12:15
Tonio_like for example googleearth, it could go in the commercial repo one day12:15
Tonio_but that's just my feeling, maybe I'm wrong12:15
Tonio_the point is libmad0 is in main12:16
danimoTonio_: does the changelog say something?12:16
zorglu_i am under the impression that such pacakge is trivial to write for people doing package all day, am i correct ?12:16
Tonio_danimo: let me check12:16
danimoTonio_: never touched by ubuntu guys it seems12:17
Tonio_danimo: nope, nothing in the changelog12:17
Tonio_danimo: yes it is a direct sync from debian12:17
danimoTonio_: aren't repo switches recorded somewhere?12:18
Tonio_danimo: look at main inclusion queue on the wiki....12:19
Tonio_danimo: you should see it if it has been included in main12:19
Tonio_zorglu_: nope, not that easy to do, for a simple reason, it is impossible to guess what is the sources.list of the user12:19
Tonio_so it is not that easy of you want something clean12:19
RiddellTonio_: it's always been in main12:20
Tonio_Riddell: ah ? that's surprising, since there are parterns on mp3 I think12:20
danimoRiddell: just not on the cd?12:20
Tonio_zorglu_: that's why the ideal would be to ask that during the installation12:20
Riddelldanimo has it12:20
Tonio_zorglu_: but that'll never happen :)12:20
Riddellmakes do different what repository it's in12:20
zorglu_Tonio_: you dont have to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list, putting a new file in the /etc/apt/sources.d/ will do, no ?12:21
zorglu_Tonio_: yep i understand that modifying the installer wont be accepted, 12:21
RiddellTonio_: however if you want to split out themp3 stuff from akode and tunepimp nobody would complain12:21
danimoRiddell: so is this why is the amarok script acceptable?12:22
Tonio_Riddell: no no, thank you :)12:22
danimoRiddell: and why does it include universe when libmad0 is in main?12:22
Riddelldanimo: libxine-extracodecs is in multiverse12:22
danimoRiddell: ok, but why not decouple mp3 support from there12:23
Riddelldanimo: from where?12:23
danimoRiddell: and why is libmad in main?12:23
Riddelldanimo: libmad is in main because of akode and tunepimp12:24
Tonio_Riddell: yes but you said "no matter what the repo is"12:24
Riddelldanimo: mp3 is in libxine-extracodecs because it can not go in libxine which is on the CD12:24
zorglu_btw would the issue of mp3 patent goes away if everybody start using the fluendo code (which is legal) ?12:25
Riddellif by fluendo code you mean gstreamer, not really12:25
Riddellsince amarok and kaffeine don't currently support gstreamer12:26
Riddelland people would still want to play mp3 files12:26
Tonio_zorglu_: afaik a patent cannot by avoided by any kind of code12:26
zorglu_could they hack some workaround ? like a wrapper ?12:26
Riddelloh, you mean the fluendo gstreamer mp3 plugin12:26
Tonio_zorglu_: since the patent is on the "concept" or the simple access to a file format...12:26
Riddellno, that's not GPL compatible12:26
zorglu_Tonio_: yep but fluendo paid for the patent http://www.fluendo.com/resources/fluendo_mp3.php12:26
danimodoes gstreamer really bye a free-from-jail card for all gstreamer-users with their plugin?12:26
Tonio_zorglu_: if they paid, yes, that's different12:26
zorglu_rhmm too bad12:27
Riddelldanimo: no, it has copying restrictions12:27
zorglu_ok what about my suggestion about a package to ease the configuration of universe/multiverse ?12:27
Riddelland amarok is GPL, so no go there12:27
Riddellzorglu_: that's what we have, Amarok does that12:27
Riddellin Edgy12:27
kwwii_ok, /me goes totally freaky and includes whatever the hell he likes...you'll be recieveing emails including instructions soon!12:28
Tonio_kwwii_: hehe :)12:28
Riddellkwwii_: mind the beta next week12:28
Riddellkwwii_: freeze on 21st12:28
kwwii_oh, no....no response means we'll run the limit :p12:28
Tonio_Riddell: it would be nice to resolve the kdeprint issue before the beta is out, since it'll be widelly tested...12:29
danimoRiddell: the media stuff is totally broken for me btw :(12:29
kwwii_Riddell: after that, no more fun? just serious bug fixing?12:29
RiddellTonio_: true; danimo: true12:29
Riddellkwwii_: in theory...12:29
danimoRiddell: when I insert a USB drive and the dialog opens, it tells me "invalid url"12:29
zorglu_the new concept of freezing :)12:29
Riddelldanimo: talk to _Sime_ 12:30
kwwii_it is practically speaking the last chance to try something a bit different art-wise12:30
Tonio_Riddell: concerning kdeprint, I searched without any success.... just one thing is sure, the issue is not a simple 'foomatic-cleanupdrivers' :)12:30
Riddelldanimo: I guess we'll make a decision shortly after beta on whether we keep in those patches or not12:30
zorglu_ok is worthy for me to retry/rexmit later about the universe config package ? or it is just not a good idea ?12:30
Tonio_danimo: new kdebase upload should resolve this I assume12:30
kwwii_I still think we should use the yellow-purple version of the wallpaper12:31
Riddellkwwii_: current one is more popular12:31
=== danimo likes it more, too
danimomore purple looks too much sun'ish12:31
kwwii_Riddell: I still think I will reduce the saturation of the edges so that people don't think their monitor is broken12:33
zorglu_[00:33]  <Hawkwind> ditte: Your sources list is incorrect12:33
zorglu_[00:33]  <Hawkwind> ditte: You need to add multiverse to the lines that have universe on them12:33
zorglu_10sec ago :)12:33
zorglu_ok i will rxmit later :)12:33
Tonio_zorglu_: yeah I know12:33
Hawkwindzorglu_: Huh ?12:34
Tonio_Riddell: couldn't "add universe and multiverse" be asked by adept at the first launch ?12:34
Tonio_there are options to activate this in synaptic12:34
RiddellTonio_: patches welcome12:34
zorglu_Hawkwind: nothing personnal, i was just trying to get an easier way for the user to config their unniverse/multiverse12:34
Tonio_Riddell: will think about it, but adept's code is......... complicated for me :)12:34
zorglu_Hawkwind: and you just happened to deal with the Xieme user having this particular issue :)12:35
Hawkwindzorglu_: As in using Adept I assume ?12:35
Hawkwindzorglu_: Ah gotcha12:35
kwwii_ok, tomorrow we can update the k-d-s stuff...I have enough together to make it worth it12:35
zorglu_Hawkwind: more as in 'sudo apt-get install config-universe-repo' i think this is trivial to write such package, not too sure tho12:35
Tonio_mornfall: hehe, highlighting "adept" ?  ;)12:35
=== toma dances around, happily singing
mornfallTonio_: yes, in this channel12:35
mornfalli should stop :p12:35
Tonio_mornfall: hehe12:36
Hawkwindzorglu_: Nice.  That would certainly make life easier and less repetative :)12:36
Tonio_mornfall: so yes, how about an option to activate universe and multiverse ?12:36
zorglu_Hawkwind: push with me :)12:36
Tonio_mornfall: I agree it is the n1 issue for newbies on channels...12:36
mornfallsomeone promised it'll be on by default12:36
tomatabbed email, OMG that is fantastic12:36
mornfallso i didn't care anymore12:36
Tonio_mornfall: ah ?12:37
Riddellyes, it was due to be on by default12:37
mornfallin paris at least12:37
Riddellwhich is why we didn't look at it in paris12:37
HawkwindRepeating that over and over all the time gets a bit old. A simple command such as the one mentioned above would save tons of time for everyone and make life easier for new users12:37
Tonio_well that would be nice, but I'm surprised that could happen12:37
mornfallHawkwind: what's your problem? a little sour? or bitter?12:37
zorglu_'sudo apt-get install config-universe-repo' which would simply add a file in /etc/apt/source.d/ <- how hard it is to write such package ? 12:38
Hawkwindmornfall: Neither actually.  Just suggesting that we should make life as easy as possible when it comes to enabling repos12:38
Riddellit's not hard to enable currently, right click->enable.  writing a howto wouldn't be hard and make answering questions a URL12:38
mornfallgo and do :)12:38
Hawkwindmornfall: I don't mind repeating myself.  But a lot of users have asked how to simplify it if possible and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be such an option12:38
danimodoes anyone see a console symbol when typing "konversation" in minicli?12:39
zorglu_Riddell: people finds it hard :) 12:39
mornfallyeah, the repo manager is screwed12:39
Tonio_Riddell: well you have to know what line to activate.... there are lots and lots of lines in the default sources.list12:40
Tonio_Riddell: for a newbie, that file is non very understandable, although it is not licalized....12:40
zorglu_Tonio_: Riddell: yep i think that usning /etc/apt/sources.d would make the matter easier12:40
mornfallzorglu_: how so?12:40
mornfallappend a line or add a file... sounds about same complexity12:41
Riddellzorglu_: it wouldn't because none of the GUIs support it12:41
mornfallit doesn't make much sense to have it controlled by a package IMO12:41
mornfallit's a setting12:41
HawkwindSince everyone basically needs/wants both universe and multiverse, why not make them default ?12:41
zorglu_mornfall: you only have to copy/remove one file per repository, as opposed to edit a 'large' file 12:41
zorglu_Riddell: this is a real argument :)12:41
mornfallzorglu_: wow, large file :) dozens of lines, am scared :p12:42
Tonio__Sime_: kdebase uploaded (finally...........)12:42
zorglu_Riddell: how many gui read this /etc/apt/sources.list12:42
HawkwindTonio_: I agree.  The file is not all that *user friendly* to a brand new linux user12:42
Riddellzorglu_: all of them?12:42
=== Ingmar^ [n=ingmar@d51A4875A.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_zorglu_: all GUIs12:42
zorglu_mornfall: you are not, but a beginner is :) it is not a impression i got, it is output from #kubuntu12:42
zorglu_Riddell: how many is that ? :) i mean too many to be modified ?12:43
mornfallzorglu_: come on, i was talking about a script12:43
mornfallzorglu_: not about a newbie with an editor12:43
mornfallzorglu_: it shouldn't be hard to script with pyqt or something a small dialog that has maybe some checkboxes in it and enables what needs to be enabled12:43
mornfallor kommander if that's in default install12:43
Tonio_mornfall: it isn't :)12:44
=== Tonio_ remembers he has his python book to read...
=== Riddell beds
zorglu_good :)12:44
mornfallRiddell: good idea12:44
Tonio_Riddell: night !12:44
zorglu_well just wanted to point out this issue :) as a report from #kubuntu. not always easy to find out what is hard for beginner :)12:45
zorglu_ok bed for me too 12:46
Tonio_mornfall: good night12:46
Tonio_mornfall: that could even be done by a shellscript and kdialog I think...12:47
Tonio_mornfall: I'm having a look12:47
=== yuriy is trying out ubuntu gnome
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #kubuntu-devel
kwwii_how does one reconfigure sound??01:01
kwwii_as in,until now my sound does't work01:02
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Jucatohi bddebian!03:15
bddebianHeya Jucato03:15
=== marseillai [n=mars_@AMarseille-256-1-69-163.w90-4.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jdong_*sigh*, no, the kernel update did not break your wine.....03:46
bddebianIs that wine or whine? :-)03:46
jdong_bddebian: I'm just amused what people are blaming on the recent kernel updates :)03:46
jdong_grub errors, dpkg/status corruption....03:46
jdong_you name it :)03:46
bddebianI think the latest kernel update broke my CPU and Canonical needs to buy me a Core Duo system.. ;-P03:47
jdong_yeah, I think that happened here, too03:47
jdong_I keep on typing in apt-get install conroe-extreme and nothing happens03:47
crimsunI'm still awaiting a pony.03:49
jdong_crimsun: your ALSA patches broke my pony :P03:49
bddebianNo longer sounds coming from the appropriate orafices?03:51
jdong_crimsun: I'm messing with you03:51
crimsunI generally don't joke about alsa, so if it broke...03:51
jdong_bddebian: I used to have more mixer channels :)03:52
bddebianjdong_: crimsun doesn't joke in general which is why he hates me :-)03:52
=== jdong_ awaits new edgy kernel to test out alsa fixes
crimsunbddebian and I have history. Apparently he carted a pony intended for me to some animal rights organisation.03:53
crimsunthat coupled with the "no pony for you" picture was just too much to bear03:53
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=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalhiya Hobbsee!04:13
JucatoHobbsee!! :)04:13
Hobbseehey nixternal, Jucato 04:15
=== Hobbsee wonders why her system had trouble booting today
nixternalmine never has problems booting, just rebooting and shutting down04:21
=== Jucato suddenly remembers to update Edgy on VMWare...
=== Hobbsee replaces her long pointy stick with her sword, for the day. ARRRRR!
Jucatoooh.... dangerous04:30
Jucatopirate day?04:31
Hobbseethe guys in #amarok related channels are having fun with it :P04:31
=== Jucato cuts of his left hand and screws in a hook
SwordedHobbseeJucato: yarrr!04:39
Jucatoelow matey! :)04:39
ajmitchoh dear04:41
ajmitchsomeone take it away from her, please04:41
JucatoI'd hate to be the one to do that :P04:42
ajmitchJucato: then you distract her04:44
Jucatohere Hobbsee Hobbsee. here girl...04:44
=== SwordedHobbsee uses her sword on Jucato
=== Jucato runs away
=== Jucato runs away fast...
SwordedHobbseea few fast jabs were effective :)04:45
=== Jucato plans on taking Hobbsee's kangaroo hostage
SwordedHobbseeyou cant.  04:45
Jucatohm... a pirate with a kangaroo instead of a parrot...04:45
bddebianI thought it was a wombat?04:45
=== insanekane [n=kane@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternaloh no..quit yielding weapons Hobbsee ;)05:17
bddebiannixternal: Any particular reason for jumping Debian on all these packages?05:24
nixternaljumping them how?05:25
nixternali can't even jump rope05:25
bddebianqucs for example.  Debian has 0.9 and you have uploaded .10 :-)05:25
nixternalhow was i supposed to do it?05:26
nixternalim a no0b at it, i apologize05:26
bddebianI am asking if it was necessary?05:26
Hobbseeprobably get a DD to sponsor you, and sync it :P05:26
bddebianHobbsee: Debian doesn't have the version he uploaded :-)05:26
bddebianOh, a DD..05:26
Hobbseebddebian: well, yes, obviously :P05:26
bddebianDamn, I can't read tonight05:26
nixternalbddebian: in the future, how should i go about this?  so i don't "jump debian"05:28
bddebiannixternal: If there is a valid reason it's fine.  If not, probably best to poke Debian as Hobbsee suggests, if possible05:28
nixternalok, so if there is updates to a version, go through debian first?05:29
bddebianIdeally but not always possible05:29
ajmitchdebian maintainers aren't always responsive05:30
=== bddebian didn't say that
nixternalok..so if it is possible, poke one of their devs on oftc, let them know of the update, wait for them to update, and then request a sync?05:30
nixternalor a merge05:30
bddebiannixternal: Ideally sure.  Or file a BTS bug and point to your diff/packages if you have already done the work05:30
nixternalok, BTS stands for?05:31
nixternalbuild team...05:31
bddebianBug Tracking System05:31
bddebian http://bugs.debian.org05:31
nixternalim there already looking dead at BTS  ;)05:31
ajmitchpoking people on irc may not be the best way at times05:31
nixternalok, so if i do my diff/packages, put them on revu, then i could place a link in the bug..got it...email as well, but im always on irc, so it is my main mode of communications05:33
nixternaleven my x-wife knows she can get me here before i answer the phone ;)05:33
bddebiannixternal: Mine too and it bites me in the ass a lot :)05:35
nixternali hear you05:35
nixternalcuz she will sneak in on me05:35
nixternali stopped using Kopete as it gave me away05:36
nixternalif i didn't ignore or accept i had that popup the entire time05:36
nixternalRiddell: take a look at the latest revision to the release notes on the doc-svn that i just committed when you get a chance05:38
nixternalbddebian: despite the debian stuff, which i will work on in the future, thanks for pointing that out, how is the packaging overall?  I am learning, and with proper "pointy stick" handling im sure I will get it eventually ;)05:40
bddebiannixternal: So far so good but damn, qucs is taking forever to build :-)05:42
nixternalya..i remember that as well ;)05:42
gnomefreakmetabar doesnt install and --force-overwrite dont work either06:21
Hobbseeoh yeah, i was supposed to fix that, iirc.06:23
=== Hobbsee is very lazy
gnomefreakthought i would let you know :)06:25
Hobbseegnomefreak: you could fix it yourself *looks hopefully*06:26
gnomefreakwish i got that far with packaging :(06:27
Hobbseei thought you had06:27
Hobbseewhat was the problem with metabar?06:27
Hobbseeif force overwrite doesnt fix it?06:28
gnomefreaki know why --force-overwrite didnt work :( its a png not a deb06:28
gnomefreakbut it wont overwrite /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/metabar.png06:29
crimsunwhat package currently owns it?06:29
gnomefreakme screwed that up i was supposed to overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/metabar_0.7-0ubuntu2_i386.deb06:32
gnomefreakholy crap it overwrites alot of crap06:32
gnomefreakwith --force06:33
ajmitchgnomefreak: this is why --force is considered bad :)06:42
gnomefreakajmitch: i know :) 06:43
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=== _Sime_ wants to know why konversation still thinks that it can run around with having Cut, Copy and Paste menu items... Grrr
fdovingwhat's the edgy-way of doing cpu-scaling on cpus not supporting the ondemand kernel-thing?08:35
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imbrandonRiddell: ping09:41
Riddellhi imbrandon 09:45
=== hunger_ [n=tobias@pd95b0676.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonmoins Riddell ;)09:48
imbrandonheya is all thats needed for qmake is qt{3,4}-dev-tools ?09:49
imbrandoni'm trying to figure out where dholbach is doing wrong " MESSAGE Qt qmake not found! "09:49
imbrandonCMake Error: Error in cmake code at09:50
imbrandonMESSAGE Qt qmake not found!09:50
imbrandonBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 5), libqt4-core, cmake, qt4-dev-tools09:51
Hobbseedo you have to export the directory or something?09:51
imbrandoni wouldent think so09:52
imbrandonno in an automated build09:52
imbrandoncould be wrong09:52
imbrandonqmake IS in the patch though09:52
imbrandonbrandon@horatio:~/devel/telepathy-qt/telepathy-qt-0.1.0$ qmake -v09:53
imbrandonQmake version: 1.07a (Qt 3.3.6)09:53
imbrandonQmake is free software from Trolltech AS.09:53
Riddellit's finding qmake for qt 3, when it needs qt 4 qmake09:53
imbrandonahh umm ok09:54
imbrandonso can qmake for qt4 be specified ?09:55
imbrandonwould it be easier if i posted what he has so far somewhere for you to look at ?09:55
RiddellI wonder if we should edit /usr/share/CMake/Modules/FindQt4.cmake09:56
Riddelltry swapping around qmake and qmake-qt4 in that line09:56
imbrandonk 09:56
imbrandonsame error09:58
imbrandonand i dont have a qmake-qt409:58
imbrandonbrandon@horatio:~/devel/telepathy-qt/telepathy-qt-0.1.0$ qmake-qt409:58
imbrandonbash: qmake-qt4: command not found09:58
Riddellah, well09:58
fdovingqmake is in /etc/alternatives probably a symlink to qmake-qt309:59
imbrandonwell hrm09:59
fdovingyou should use qmake-qt409:59
imbrandonwelp qt4-dev-tools dosent put qmake-qt4 in the path10:00
Riddellyou need libqt4-dev:10:00
imbrandonok not -core10:00
imbrandonor both10:00
imbrandonwoot , ok now its building , got another error but its building ;)10:02
imbrandonRiddell: http://pastebin.ca/175931 is a code problem not a build deb probelm correct ?10:14
imbrandonThe following packages have unmet dependencies: libdbus-qt4-1-dev: Depends: libdbus-1-dev (= 0.62-4ubuntu4) but 0.92-2ubuntu2 is to be installed10:17
imbrandonE: Broken packages10:17
Riddellneeds dbus10:19
RiddellI wonder if we can fix libdbus-qt410:20
=== Jucato [n=jucato@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellhmm, no10:20
Riddellthe dbus package no longer includes it10:20
Riddellthat's quite silly10:20
ajmitchdbus package has dropped the bindings10:23
Riddellimbrandon: so not much we can do until qt 4.2 comes out10:23
imbrandonRiddell: ok10:24
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Tm_Terr, no join on invite, hmm, settings not right11:06
HobbseeTm_T: *g*11:06
JucatoI'm laughing out loud like crazy here :)11:06
HobbseeTm_T: i +i'd you back in :)11:06
Tm_Tyes, but it didn't autojoin when you invited11:06
Tm_Tlike it should, well, that's how I used to keep settings iirc11:06
Tm_Tanyway, off ;) ->11:06
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imbrandonwb Hobbsee 11:26
Hobbseei had slight problems killing off irssi sessions11:26
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=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeimbrandon: what's the new password to your machine?11:27
Hobbseeis it the original, or what i changed it to?11:28
imbrandonumm i forgot to setup your account11:28
imbrandonhold on11:28
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Riddellfabo: going to do a new icecream upload to debian?11:53
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
faboRiddell: yes, 0.7.14-3 fixing init script issue11:56
Riddellfabo: lets request a sync once that's in11:57
faboRiddell: i've got many package to sync11:57
fabocould you create a batch sync for me ;)11:57
Riddell9 days until cut off11:57
Riddellcan't do batch syncs, they have to be each reviewed by the archive admins11:57
faboput me on whitelist :)11:58
Riddellno whitelist I'm afraid, everyone needs to have syncs reviewed11:58
Riddellfabo: do you have source packages?11:58
Riddellfabo: I need to compile icecc now-ish for akademy11:59
Riddellit was the .diff.gz I was after, but I can get it out of svn12:00
faboRiddell: no builded yet, i can do it in 2 minutes ;)12:01
faboRiddell: http://fboudra.free.fr/debian/icecc_0.7.14-3/icecc_0.7.14-3.dsc12:11
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm61.omega22.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellabattoir: are you requesting sponsorship for the developers summit?12:12
abattoirRiddell: I hope to, yes12:15
abattoirRiddell: i'll add myself to the wiki page soon12:15
Riddellinstall -D -p -m0644 debian/icecc.conf debian/icecc/etc/icecc/icecc.conf12:16
Riddellinstall: cannot stat `debian/icecc.conf': No such file or directory12:16
Riddellfabo: hmm ^^12:16
Riddellfabo: there's an icecc.config, should that be renamed or the install command fixed?12:17
faboRiddell: there's icecc.conf and icecc.config12:19
faboicecc.conf must be installed in /etc/icecc/12:19
faboand icecc.config you know the use12:19
faboso the install command must be fixed12:20
fabobut it's strange... i don't understand why the command must be fixed ...12:21
=== mbiebl [n=michael@dslb-084-057-240-002.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellfabo: there's no icecc.conf file in SVN12:22
=== fabo hides
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellbut it is in your package on fboudra.free.fr, so I can use that12:24
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=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
Tonio_hum, that lighttpd rocks !01:26
imbrandonello Tonio_ ;)01:30
Tonio_hi imbrandon :)01:30
Tonio_I'm on a complete apache2 -> lighttpd migration......01:30
Tonio_so I'll not have a lot of free time today01:30
Tonio_it rocks except lighttpd documentation is a bit limited somtimes01:31
imbrandoni dont think there is alot going on01:31
Tonio_but it is REALLY light for the cpu and ram01:31
Tonio_I'm sick of apache201:31
imbrandoncool , support php_5 and python ?01:31
Tonio_okay it has 1000000 functionnalities, but who needs this ?01:31
imbrandoni've run apache for years, guess i'm just used to it heh01:31
Tonio_imbrandon: yes, but the ubuntu package provides a false config, so I had pain to activate php01:32
imbrandonif it has php/python/mysql support i might look at it01:32
Tonio_imbrandon: yes, as companies are used to oracle even they don't need 2% of what it does :)01:32
imbrandonthats all i use really01:32
Tonio_imbrandon: concerning mysql it is in php config, since it runs php with fastcgi01:32
Tonio_concerning python I didn't look at the moment, but I read it was supported01:33
Tonio_I may fix the package for correct config too01:33
imbrandonouch, that will eat some cpu there cgi version of python and php are slow01:33
Tonio_imbrandon: nope ;)01:33
Tonio_fastcgi is really fast and doesn't eat your cpu01:33
Tonio_currently with 200 personns on my website, php-cgi uses 7% of the cpu01:34
Tonio_lighttpd 2%01:34
Tonio_apache2 was running about 35%01:34
imbrandonyea i've been converting all my stuff to python.web lately, seems much more stable that way01:35
imbrandonbut its a pain to setup01:35
Tonio_display looks globally a bit faster too01:35
imbrandonhrm i cant find anything on the website about python support, but i'lll look at it more after i eat, looks cool01:38
Tonio_imbrandon: look for SCGI and lighttpd for python01:42
imbrandonyea i just found a howto01:43
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=== n8k99 [n=nathan@dsl254-078-190.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
n8k99avast ye mateys02:24
=== Hobbsee waves her sword menacingly in greeting
imbrandonheya n8k99 02:30
imbrandonRiddell: i just updated the amarok dapper packages if you wanna make a copy on kubuntu.org ( they are uptodate with edgy now ) still need backports etc etc etc http://www.imbrandon.com/packages/pool/dapper/amarok/02:31
imbrandonall 3 arches btw02:31
n8k99so, i have edgy on my TiBook now - nice work so far02:31
Jucatoimbrandon: nice! you're the amarok man :)02:31
nixternalpeople are still using dapper ;)02:34
imbrandonnixternal: a few poor souls ;)02:40
imbrandonok i'm gonna pop in the shower bbiab02:41
=== nixternal doubles checks to make sure he isn't running Dapper somewhere after that comment ;)
imbrandonwow you know what i just noticed? kmail hasent segfaulted all day, hrmm02:42
=== imbrandon knocks on wood
Hobbseeand *that* is why i dont use it for my email02:42
imbrandonheh well i cant get thunderbir to do what i want02:42
imbrandonBUT this last rebuild of kmail seem to stabize it out, dunno why, guess we'll see over the next few days02:43
imbrandonbut normaly i get 1 or 2 segfaults an hour02:43
n8k99<counts self as very fortunate> kmail has always been very stable on my machines02:44
Lathiatyeh kmail is rock solid for me02:44
Lathiati was using it daily fo rabout 4 months on my work email that saw tonnes of mail02:44
n8k99in fact I live in Kdepim, if only kopete could be tightly integrated into it!02:45
imbrandonwell it always was here till i switched to imap 02:46
n8k99aha! 02:46
Hobbseeimbrandon: hehe, same here02:46
n8k99i have not done that - (thought I remembered you mentioning that yesterday)02:46
imbrandonLathiat: yea i get many thousand emails a day ;)02:46
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonok shower ( /me stinks, ewwwwww ) bbiab02:47
Lathiatmm i dont get thousands02:47
Lathiatprobably hundreds02:48
Lathiatah imap02:48
Lathiati found kmails imap actually to be quite good02:48
Lathiatbut i think thunderbirds beats thema ll02:48
imbrandonyea about 2.5 to 2.8 a day avg02:48
imbrandonthundirbird is quite slow compared and dosent do all the stuff i'm used to in kmail02:48
imbrandons/2.5 to 2.8/2.5k to 2.8k/02:49
imbrandondepends on how much spam slips though ;)02:49
n8k99the only thing i wish were availble in kmail is a plugin that allow you to stack the folders and email windows to allow the message to be full window02:49
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellbah, KGlobalAccel doesn't work in pykde02:51
nixternal<Hobbsee> <offtopic>I want the email address longpointystick@ubuntu.com too </offtopic>03:01
nixternalnow this is getting out of control scary style03:01
=== nixternal hides and cowers
Hobbseehey!  it can match my hostmask :P03:02
nixternalyou can send email from that address03:02
Hobbseethe meeting's going slow enough...03:02
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm61.omega22.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tm_Tooh, nixternal is apllying to membership?03:11
Tm_Tignore mistyipng03:12
nixternalwhat membership?03:12
Tm_Tbah, more coffee ->03:12
nixternaldid i click "join" on another launchpad page and don't remember ;)03:12
Tm_Tnixternal: nah, I''m having messy head, ignore me totally =)03:13
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=== Hobbsee throws rotten eggs at nixternal
nixternaloh lord03:31
nixternalwhat did i do now?03:31
=== n8k99 [n=nathan@dsl254-078-190.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Kopete]
nixternali don't know whats worse, the eggs or that damn stick03:31
Tm_Tnixternal: I assume you dared to smile03:31
nixternalim tracing my steps right now, i don't see a ;) anywhere ;)03:31
nixternalwhoa, 2 of them right there..belay my last03:32
Hobbseenixternal: i'm watching this CC, and trying to push it along.03:32
nixternalbut why do i get the rotten egg attack?03:32
Hobbseeyou were the last to speak03:33
nixternal<steve erkle voice>did i do that?</steve erkle voice>03:33
=== Hobbsee throws rotten eggs at Tm_T so that nixternal doesnt feel left out
nixternalthrow them at jono, he took over the meeting03:33
nixternali didn't do anything ;)03:33
Hobbseehe's having the best attempt at chairing, yes03:34
nixternalwe are in #ubuntu-locoteams making fun of it03:34
=== hunger_ [n=tobias@pd95b0676.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
bddebianHowdy folks03:43
sebasHowdy me dear buccanneer!03:44
Jucatoyarrr matey bddebian! :)03:44
bddebianHmm did I not get the memo about Pirate day? :-)03:45
bddebianHello sebas, Jucato03:45
Hobbseebddebian: it started with the amarok people03:46
JucatoI received the rss feed about it a few hours later after Hobbsee told me about it03:47
bddebianHi Hobbsee03:48
imbrandonbddebian: http://amarok.kde.org/blog/archives/240-guid.html03:48
Hobbseehi bddebian 03:48
bddebianOh brother :-)03:49
imbrandonbddebian: you have to get the planet.k.o feed if you wanna hang out with us ;) ( just teasin )03:50
Jucatoand if you wanna get a glimpse of imbrandon's face everytime he blogs about something03:50
imbrandonJucato: thats planet.u.c ;)03:51
Jucatooh yeah03:51
Jucatoimbrandon: why aren't you aggregated on  planetkde?03:51
imbrandonplanet.kde.org ;) ( almost all projects have a planet )03:51
imbrandonJucato: never emailed and ask to be i guess03:51
imbrandonsides i dunno how much a kubuntu developer would look, but i guess suse develoeprs are there03:52
imbrandondunno , i might sometime03:52
imbrandonoh lord03:53
Jucatoimbrandon: Riddel and mdz (he's martin meredith right?) are there03:53
=== Czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-048-233.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonJucato: but they are also both upsteam kde develoeprs ;)03:54
imbrandonJucato: yes thats mez03:54
imbrandonJucato: i dont have a upstream "home"03:54
imbrandon( other than apt-mirror and pytunes but neither are in the kde svn and apt-mirror isnt even kde based ) heh03:55
=== Jucato has still a lot to learn about this "upstream" stuff. :)
imbrandonits pretty simple, look at it like this, ok a mountain peek, where a river starts right ?03:56
=== claydoh [n=clay@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonkde , linux kernel , etc are all at the "peek" of the mountain ( or where the river starts )03:56
=== dholbach [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/dholbach] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Jucato listens attentively
imbrandondebian, is a little downstream and catches those parts and puts them togather, they are down stream03:57
=== andrunko_ [n=andrunko@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
andrunko_dholbach: :)03:57
Jucatooh. and Ubuntu's further down?03:57
imbrandonthen we are a little further downstream and catch debians parts ( and also some of kdes ) and re-put them togather diffrently03:57
imbrandonso debian is our upstream, kde is our upstream:upstream03:58
dholbachandrunko_: made an observation wrt to qt-copy and kde4 - I hope somebody can help03:58
imbrandondholbach: sure , shoot03:58
dholbachthat should be "andrunko_ made an observation wrt to qt-copy and kde4 - I hope somebody can help" :)03:58
andrunko_hi guys, i am trying to compile telepathy-qt on edgy, it depends on libqt4-debug-dev-kdecopy~svn20060818-0ubuntu. but qt-copy (kde svn) is already updated03:58
andrunko_and they changed qdbusconnection.h03:58
Riddellandrunko_: so our qt-copy package is out of date?03:59
Jucatoimbrandon: so Riddell and mez are like salmon that can swim upstream :)03:59
andrunko_Riddell: yep03:59
imbrandonahh thats a Riddell poke ( well i /could/ do it but he is WAY more familiar with it )03:59
imbrandonJucato: exactly03:59
Riddellit's fiddly03:59
andrunko_Riddell: so should i create a debian/patch dir, and fix telepathy-qt to compile and depend specifically on the version on edgy? 03:59
Jucatook... why on earth did I compare them to salmon.. :)04:00
Riddellandrunko_: that's probably the quickest thing04:00
Riddellandrunko_: I can put updating qt-copy on my todo list but I don't know when I'll get round to it04:01
imbrandonoh wow installing libqt4-debug-dev-kdecopy wants remove 3/4 of the desktop , i ahte this new apt04:01
andrunko_Riddell: nice, i will do it04:01
=== dholbach hugs andrunko_ and Riddell
dholbachyou guys rock04:01
dholbachimbrandon: I doubt it's apt's fault04:01
Riddellhopefully qt 4.2 will be out soon then we can get rid of the -kdecopy lark04:01
Jucatoapt-get still using autoremove by default?04:01
=== Riddell out for lunch for half an hour
dholbachJucato: it never did04:02
imbrandondholbach: well its that apt wants to remove everything once *-desktop is gone04:02
JucatoI thought in Edgy it did?04:02
dholbachimbrandon: you use apt-get?04:02
imbrandondholbach: yup04:02
imbrandondholbach:  hold on , lemme pastebin04:02
dholbachit auto-removes, if you run   apt-get autoremove04:03
imbrandonlook at all the stuff apt wants to remove after *-desktop is gone http://pastebin.ca/17619004:03
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandondholbach: yea but if you dont it spams you with a big list every time04:03
dholbachthat's interesting04:04
dholbachimbrandon: you should have a chat with mvo.04:04
imbrandonis he alive/awake atm ?04:04
jdongare we talking about autoremove again?04:04
imbrandon /join #ubuntu-devel04:04
dholbachcf #ubuntu-devel04:04
Jucatojdong: yes :P04:05
jdongimbrandon: holy crap you beat my record :)04:05
imbrandonjdong: thats a default edgy install04:06
jdongimbrandon: yeah, what metapackage(s) did you remove?04:06
=== claydoh [n=clay@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonjdong: kubuntu-desktop04:09
Tonio_dholbach: hey ;)04:12
dholbachhey Tonio_04:12
Tonio_Yeah we discussed that with imbrandon and I must say I agree...04:12
imbrandonmoins Tonio_ 04:12
Tonio_dholbach: lots of people are removing kubuntu-desktop and then the ouput of apt gets very annoying :)04:12
=== Tonio_ plays with eaccelerator and lighttpd and is very impressed
Tonio_time to forget apache once and for all :)04:13
=== jdong testing depoyment of lighttpd on the forums
Tonio_jdong: vbulletin forums ?04:14
Tonio_jdong: cause I had a very annoying issue04:14
jdongTonio_: yep04:14
Tonio_jdong: be sure to remove the "standard http headers" in vbulletin config04:14
Tonio_that setting is not compatible with lighttpd04:14
jdongah, ok, thanks for the heads-up :)04:14
Tonio_jdong: you're welcome :)04:14
Jucatojdong: please test it on our beloved you-know-what  :)04:15
Jucatosee if it takes it down :P04:15
Tonio_jdong: that causes redirections on search.php and post.php to fail04:15
jdongTonio_: yeah, that can get annoying :)04:15
Tonio_jdong: also, espacially on the forums, using eaccelerator improves the speed and reduces cpu usage a lot04:15
jdongalright, let's get off the topic of the f-word before you-know-who gets you-know-what :)04:15
Tonio_jdong: only problem is that we don't have a package for this.......04:15
jdongTonio_: yeah, we wanted to use it but our apache segfaults when we tried :)04:16
jdongwhich is kind of bad04:16
jdongapparently it wasn't built with DSO support or something along those lines04:16
Tonio_jdong: works here, like a charm with lighttpd04:16
=== Hobbsee looks at jdong's statement, and raises an eyebrow
jdongHobbsee: you missed the forums debate... :)04:16
Hobbseejdong: when was that on?04:17
Hobbseejdong: i think i was busy poking the meeting into order04:17
jdongHobbsee: a few days back04:17
Hobbseei thought i was there :P04:17
jdongoh, were you?04:17
jdongwell, you kept pretty quiet then :)04:17
=== jdong suddenly notices python 2.5 tarballs on python mirrors
Tonio_jdong: I just finished my migration, so if you have any question, please ask04:18
Hobbseejdong: yes, i know when to keep my mouth shut, usually :P04:18
jdongTonio_: absolutely, you'll be our #1 contact if we decide to go down that path :)04:19
Hobbseejdong: you learn pretty quickly when you're with people who are a lot bigger and stronger than you are :P 04:19
jdongwhoa, would you look at that? python finally supports try/except/finally04:20
jdongwithout double-nesting try blocks04:20
jdongit only took them like 10 releases to get it!04:21
=== jdong ducks
imbrandonjdong: fwiw py 2.5 is in the edgy repos afaik04:21
jdongimbrandon: rc2 :)04:21
jdongimbrandon: but final was out 1 hour ago... why isn't it in edgy yet :P04:22
=== jdong bets our python junkies already have the upload going
imbrandonRiddell: is there a howto/doc/something about importing streight UI files in py apps instead of pyuic ? or a simple-ish app i can disect ....04:23
Jucatoguys, what happened to the DVD download pages?04:23
imbrandonjdong: dir irl kthxbye ;) ( if you dont know thats a joke between me and Hobbsee )04:23
=== Hobbsee looks around for Riddell
imbrandonRiddell: is there a howto/doc/something about importing streight UI files in py apps instead of pyuic ? or a simple-ish app i can disect ....04:24
imbrandonwhoops sorry04:24
imbrandonwrong paste04:24
imbrandonHobbsee, Riddell seems really busy today , heh ( if there is something we can help with let us konw Riddell ;P )04:25
imbrandonits getting crunch time ;)04:25
Jucatoer.. I thought he went out for lunch?04:25
Hobbseeoh goody, then i can kick you without gettign told off :P04:25
imbrandonnot /ME/ , Jucato yea he is at lunch atm but i mean in general04:26
imbrandonHobbsee: leaste not in here save that for u-offtopic ;)04:26
imbrandontoo bad you dont come into k-offtopic ;)04:26
JucatoHobbsee: would you happen to know why the DVD download pages are down?04:26
Hobbseewe've been using that to discuss the CC meetings04:26
HobbseeJucato: none at all.  i dont even know where they are :P04:27
Jucatohttp://www.kubuntu.org/download.php scroll to the bottom04:27
imbrandonJucato: the dvd images are only for stable releases afaik ( eg breezy dapper )04:27
Jucatoimbrandon: yes for Dapper. 04:27
Jucatothe download page for Dapper DVD's...04:28
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm61.omega22.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonthat was easy ;)04:28
Jucatowell, because you knew where to look :P04:28
imbrandoncdimage.ubuntu.com ;)04:29
Jucatopoor soul in #kubuntu didn't even know where to start04:29
imbrandonwell thats for edgy04:29
Jucatorawr... 04:29
imbrandonlooks like daily builds too04:29
Jucatonone for Dapper?04:30
imbrandonummmbrowse cdimage, i'll look too04:30
jdongwhy do I get the strange feeling that a kernel update will break my laptop today?04:30
imbrandonjdong: becosue you have no faith ( and you obviously changed the default grub then becouse it will hold old kernels so no biggie )04:31
Jucatoimbrandon: I got this, can you very if it's correct? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/dapper/release.1/04:31
=== andrunko_ [n=andrunko@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jdongimbrandon: my faith is greatly outshadowed by update paranoia :)04:32
jdongimbrandon: mainly because of how flaky my setups love to be04:32
imbrandonJucato: yea there ya go04:32
Jucatoimbrandon: thanks! the "cdimage" part of the url is a bit misleading :P04:33
imbrandonjdong: yea you seem to have more problems than the avg joe, stop messin with things of the unknown ( and pickup an apple ) ;)04:33
imbrandonJucato: its been cdimage since the early days of debian ;)04:33
jdongimbrandon: I don't think a mactel would have any easier a time....04:33
Jucatoimbrandon: so now I learn a new thing. :)04:33
jdongimbrandon: compared to a centrino duo04:33
imbrandonjdong: it woudlnt be flackey hardware issues then ;)04:33
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jdongimbrandon: not flaky hardware.. flaky drivers for bleeding edge hardware04:34
jdongimbrandon: you should've seen how much last-second nagging I had to do for my laptop to be supported by dapper :)04:34
=== Jucato just tries to be careful with all updates in general after what happened last time...
imbrandonand that is plain wrong ...04:34
jdongimbrandon: psssht, sabdfl was doing the same for ipw3945 support04:35
jdongbut then again, he has the right to :)04:35
imbrandonugh sleep time bbl04:36
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=== el [n=konversa@port-83-236-238-37.static.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Riddellk3b getting backported I see05:16
=== el [n=konversa@port-83-236-238-37.static.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Tm_Thmm, I see second or third set of kde packages today05:25
jdongRiddell: k3b backported? really?05:30
=== jdong thought that was on hold due to soyuz being stupid :)
=== Kuhrscher [n=jannick@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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imbrandonRiddell: scratch copying amarok to kubuntu.org, looks like backports is fixed ( and it just hit the buildd's for dapper )06:54
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imbrandon OK: amarok_1.4.3-0ubuntu6~dapper1.dsc06:55
imbrandon     -> Component: main Section: kde06:55
imbrandon OK: amarok_1.4.3.orig.tar.gz06:55
imbrandon OK: amarok_1.4.3-0ubuntu6~dapper1.diff.gz06:55
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Riddellfabo: icecc -2 got into ubuntu :)07:12
imbrandonoh wow , i dont think i should be seeing the accept/reject buttons on the NEW queue on LP07:21
=== imbrandon go's to talk to the guys in #launchpad
faboRiddell: request another sync or -2ubuntu1 :)07:21
Riddell_Sime_, sebas: it looks like mountconfig needs some fixes for the UUID changes07:30
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Riddell"OSError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/usr/local/lib/wine'"  hmm, wineconfig not too functional07:33
Riddellyuriy: wineconfig should do something sensible when wine isn't available07:34
Riddellyuriy: and does it only look in /usr/local?07:34
kwwii_ummm, is krita not a part of edgy defualt?07:38
Riddellkwwii_: it does seem to have wandered07:39
Riddellkwwii_: however koffice is broken on ppc just now07:39
Riddellyay, taskjuggler got into the archive07:40
kwwii_Riddell: ok, thanks07:41
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zorglu_root      4993  1.1 28.8 312576 129864 tty7    Ss+  03:20  11:40 /usr/bin/X <- 128mbyte of rss for X.org on a unupgraded install from 6.06.1 cd, and growing with time, aka memory leak. is it a known bug ?08:04
Riddellzorglu_: we don't maintain X here08:06
zorglu_ok you mean this is not the proper place to do bugs and stuff ?08:06
Riddellzorglu_: not for X, we just do KDE08:07
hunger_zorglu_: How much video ram do you have? IIRC that is included in the mem requirements of the X server.08:07
zorglu_hunger_: not sure, 64mbyte taken from the main ram (aka not included in the video card), but the fact this is consistently growing with time, seems to show a memory leak. its is cool, i can reboot X once or twice a day as a manual garbage collector :)08:09
hunger_zorglu_: Closing your apps does not help?08:10
hunger_zorglu_: X uses shared mem with apps... that is reported for both X and the apps. So X seems to grow with the number of apps opened.08:11
hunger_zorglu_: ... or it might just leak memory like mad;-)08:13
zorglu_yep, about that, i was wondering about the 'funky stuff' done by kde to speed up the apps launch... are the apps actually closed/terminated as in freeing their X memory ? or are they kept in a idle state somewhere ? (even if no window of it appears anywhere)08:13
zorglu_like i have a 'konqueror --silent' process using 21mbyte of rss when i have no konqueror running08:14
hunger_zorglu_: From what I understand it just plays tricks with dlopen/mmap to speed up loading. It should not effect terminating apps (but I am no expert).08:14
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imbrandonokies i'm off for a while, i think the backport issue was just only with k3b , amarok is officialy in the archive now ( https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/247050  <-- success build log for i386 )08:20
zorglu_hunger_: before rebooting X (with all apps closed) i had 237mbyte free with swap+ram, after rebooting X, i have 570. i definitly got a leak :)08:21
zorglu_ok sorry for the offtopic08:22
hunger_zorglu_: Where do you get those numbers from? The ram measurement tools are somewhat unreliable.08:22
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JohnFluxHey al09:16
JohnFluxall also09:16
Riddellhi JohnFlux 09:16
Riddelleveryone welcome our newest Kubuntu developer, JohnFlux!09:17
JohnFluxIn amarok, when you play an mp3 it offers to download the packages for you09:17
JohnFluxhowever it needs to set the focus correctly09:17
JohnFluxfocus stealing preventation stops the user from usually seeing the dialog box it pops up09:18
Riddellnot sure how to get round that09:18
JohnFluxwell how is the program launched?09:18
JohnFluxyou just have to set the user timestamp to that of the program that launched it09:19
JohnFluxfull details in the kwin/ directory09:19
JohnFluxbut it's fairly straightforward09:19
JohnFluxquite a few programs in kubuntu suffer this problem09:19
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JohnFlux kdebase/kwin/README09:20
RiddellJohnFlux: it's in /usr/share/services/amarok_xine-mp3_install.desktop09:20
Riddellwhich runs /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp309:20
Riddellwhich just uses kdialog09:21
Riddellwell, and kdesu and adept09:22
=== mornfall wanders by
mornfallwhat's the default terminal text editor in kubuntu?09:25
gnomefreakRiddell: koffice 1.6 is named 1.5.91-0ubuntu1?09:25
gnomefreakmornfall: terminal is konsole09:25
gnomefreaktext ed. is kate i think09:25
Riddellgnomefreak: so far09:25
mornfalli mean09:25
Riddellmornfall: nano09:25
mornfallRiddell: yes! thanks09:25
mornfallthat's what i was asking :)09:25
gnomefreakok ty Riddell 09:29
JohnFluxRiddell: hi09:32
Riddellhi JohnFlux 09:32
JohnFluxRiddell: okay the best way to do this is:  install-mp3  needs to take an argument - the winid of amarok09:32
JohnFluxRiddell: kdialog  should then use   --embed <winid>09:33
JohnFluxRiddell: the .desktop file when called from amarok needs to pass this info09:33
Riddellhmm, tricky, we'd need to get the amarok winid somehow09:34
JohnFluxwell ideally this should be done from amarok09:34
JohnFluxbut we can cheat09:34
JohnFluxand use the cookiejar d09:34
Riddellhow do we use that?09:35
JohnFluxRiddell: how does amarok call the desktop file?09:36
Riddellnot sure, I'd guess it reads it in KConfig for the Exec line and uses KProcess to use it, but I don't kow09:37
JohnFluxRiddell: I think this really needs to be passed at the amarok level09:42
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RiddellJohnFlux: look like we need to find mxcl09:44
=== Mez pokes JohnFlux
RiddellMez: could you put the spellcatalogue into the next release of katapult09:46
RiddellMez: and the edgy display09:46
MezRiddell: It's in the bzr branch already ;) but - no problems ;)09:52
Mezthough I'm still waiting for BT to come out and install my phone line so I can get internet at home09:52
JohnFluxRiddell: does mxcl come on occasionally?09:54
RiddellJohnFlux: occationally, or we could e-mail him max.howell@methylblue.com09:55
RiddellJohnFlux: note that he only does the amarok side, the install-mp3 script is our doing09:55
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MezTonio_, ping10:09
Tonio_Mez: ping ?10:12
GNUrapt-get give me a segfault error... it's a new bug?10:12
GNUrit'a my apt-get bug?10:12
jdongGNUr: haven't you had this problem before?10:12
jdongor was it someone else?10:12
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jdongand none of my apts are segfaulting :)10:13
JohnFluxRiddell: related to chris howell?10:13
Tonio_Mez: I'm there10:13
GNUrjdong: this is the first time... i've just upgraded my box10:13
jdonghmm, don't know what to tell you10:13
jdongother than I've heard someone else having this problem before10:14
jdongand nobody else seems to have it :)10:14
jdongtry reinstalling apt, I guess?10:14
GNUrjdong: sorry for my bad english =)10:14
GNUr~] >apt-get install apt-get --reinstall10:15
GNUrSegmentation faulta dei pacchetti in corso... 0%10:15
GNUrit's impossible O_o10:15
MezTonio_ - you said that you're using edgy with amarok1.4.3 and katapult launching tracks works ?10:16
yuriyhi Riddell10:17
yuriyit looks in /usr/lib, then in /usr/local/lib10:17
Tonio_Mez: yes it works here10:17
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imbrandonMez: i'm not on my kubuntu box atm but it works for me too10:18
yuriyand umm yeah i guess i need to fix that. still trying to get a patch in for winebrowser (what a pain)10:18
Mezusing >=1.4.2?10:19
imbrandonmez yea10:20
imbrandonedgy and 2:1.4.3-0ubuntu610:20
Mezwhat version of katapult ?10:21
MezTonio: what was with the tarball rebuild for katapult ?10:21
imbrandoncasnt check atm but latest edgy as of last night10:21
MezTonio_ *10:22
Mezweird ...10:22
Mezimbrandon - do this10:22
imbrandonmez i'm in osx atm ;(10:22
Mezdcop amarok collection query "SELECT url from tags LIMIT 1,1"10:22
imbrandonrember i did that 10:23
imbrandonit returned a track10:23
Mezyeah - and back then it didnt work ...10:23
Mezsome reason it's now working10:23
imbrandonyea it returned a track from /media/server/brandon/.....10:23
Riddellyuriy: but if it's not installed in either it should still start up10:24
Ingmar^GNUr: I fixed a segfaulting apt-get by deleting the /var/cache/apt/*bin files ( there's 2 of them) then apt-get update -ing10:24
Tonio_Mez: yeah strange, but that's it10:24
Tonio_it works here10:24
jdongGNUr: hehe, of course, can't use apt to install apt if apt is segfaulting.... sorry about that silliness10:26
MezTonio_, can you do his10:27
Mezdcop amarok collection query "SELECT url from tags LIMIT 1,1"10:27
GNUrIngmar^:  now works! =) my solution is: run apt-get with all entry commented in source.list 10:27
jdongwhat did you have in your sources.list that could make apt choke that badly?10:27
GNUrIngmar^: thnx however! =)10:27
MezRiddell: with KDE's SVN - how do I get the admin directory checked out so I can build ?10:28
Ingmar^GNUr: you're welcome :-)10:28
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Tonio_Mez: 10:29
Tonio_tonio@kubuntu:~$ dcop amarok collection query "SELECT url from tags LIMIT 1,1"10:29
Tonio_object not accessible10:29
GNUrjdong: i'm using a default source.list with all entry uncommented!10:29
GNUrIngmar^: =)10:29
Tonio_Mez: oups, needs to be launched maybe ;)10:29
MezTonio ;)10:29
imbrandonsvn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/KDE/3.5/kde-common/admin10:29
Tonio_dcop amarok collection query "SELECT url from tags LIMIT 1,1"10:29
Tonio_./Datas/Musiques/Albums/Ben Harper/Burn To Shine/01 - Alone.mp310:29
imbrandonmez ^^10:29
MezTonio_, why did you have to rebuild the katapult tarball10:29
Tonio_Mez: no pb10:29
MezTonio_, now try using katapult to launch that track10:30
GNUrthe segfault was in a stat64(bad_file_argument)10:30
Tonio_Mez: okay10:30
Tonio_Mez: yeah I launched the file with katapult10:31
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Mezand plays ?10:31
Ingmar^could someone tell me what script checks for the available cpu frequences, when you boot with upstart ?10:31
Ingmar^if i boot, i only get the max freq, so apparently I need to manually load those modules each boot :(10:31
Tonio_Mez: yes, it works as it is supposed to be10:31
jdongIngmar^: /etc/init.d/powernowd.early10:31
MezTonio_ weird10:32
jdongIngmar^: what kind of CPU are you working with?10:32
Tonio_Mez: hehe10:32
Ingmar^intel Pentium M 1.6 gHz10:32
jdonghmm, strange that doesn't work out-of-the-box....10:32
MezTonio_, and still you havent answered ...10:33
Tonio_Mez: which question ? Why i rebuilt it ?10:33
Ingmar^jdong: indeed, and i'd like to make / have a fix for edgy final :-)10:33
jdongIngmar^: does powernowd.early start properly?10:33
Ingmar^let me see10:33
jdongIngmar^: my core duo worked out of the box, which uses the same cpufreq modules as your P-M10:34
imbrandonIngmar^: best to poke keybuk when he is arround in #ubuntu-devel he handles most all of that10:34
Ingmar^alright, i'll do that10:34
jdongIngmar^: mjg59 was real helpful the last time I had powernowd issues, too10:34
MezTonio_, yes10:35
Ingmar^someone told me how to manually load those modules, so it's not that bad for me10:35
jdongIngmar^: the thing is, you should never ever have to do that on a pentium M10:35
Tonio_Mez: hum, I could have patched cvs.sh yes :)10:35
jdongIngmar^: so something's wrong.. either with powernowd.early or with your edgy install :)10:36
Ingmar^jdong: true, but i haven't found anyone else with the same problem :)10:36
Tonio_Mez: that's true, but well.... it is always better when autobla is used to use a modern admin folder10:36
jdongIngmar^: in that case, you'll have better luck poking mjg59 than keybuk :)10:36
MezTonio_, oh, the admin dir wasnt consistent with KDE's SVN ?10:38
imbrandonsvn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/KDE/3.5/kde-common/admin admin10:38
Ingmar^jdong: will do10:38
Ingmar^jdong & imbrandon : thanks10:39
GNUrmy audio card don't work properly with the 2.6.17-7-generic (snd_via82xx). if i reboot edgy with a old dapper kernel (2.6.15-23) all wark fine...10:39
Ingmar^GNUr: lsmod | grep snd10:40
GNUrIngmar^: i can hear the sound, but it's is not "continous"... i've tryed mplayer and xine based application, like amarok... and the bug persist.. it's a kernel problem10:43
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Tonio_Mez: nope it was an old version10:46
=== Mez wonders why katapult/amarok now suddently works
kwwii_arrr...y'er luck, matey10:57
MezRiddell: ping10:57
MezTonio_, want to try out some new debs ?11:00
Tonio_Mez: hum, no time today, possible tomorrow ?11:04
Tonio_Mez: sorry but I'm on a server migration, so it is a bit hot now ;)11:04
_Sime_Tonio_: hi, is ubuntu22 the latest kdebase version?11:04
Tonio__Sime_: yes11:04
MezTonio_, no problems11:04
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_Sime_Tonio_: I just did a apt-get source kdebase and saw that kubuntu_73_nomediaioslave_mounthelper.diff is the old version.11:05
Mezbug 5817811:05
UbugtuMalone bug 58178 in katapult "Opening config dialog gives segfault on edgy" [Untriaged,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5817811:05
Mezbug 5691811:05
UbugtuMalone bug 56918 in katapult "doesn't produce anything on edgy" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5691811:05
Tonio__Sime_: hu ?????????,11:06
_Sime_Tonio_: -rw-r--r-- 1 sbe sbe 15882 2006-09-19 22:07 kubuntu_73_nomediaioslave_mounthelper.diff11:06
_Sime_Tonio_: does the length match what you have locallly?11:06
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_Sime_Tonio_: 15882 byte11:06
Tonio__Sime_: I put the V4 patch yesterday.......11:06
_Sime_Tonio_: was the source uploaded? 11:06
Tonio__Sime_: yes.......11:06
_Sime_Tonio_: my patch was bad. sorry.11:07
Tonio__Sime_: ........ ;)11:08
Tonio__Sime_: instead of keeping all patches version11:08
Tonio_remove them all and just have one online11:09
Tonio_and possibly name them like in kdebase11:09
_Sime_Tonio_: man, all theses patches and versions piss me off.11:09
Tonio_that will avoid errors in the future :)11:09
Tonio__Sime_: shoot them all11:09
Tonio_just keep the last11:09
_Sime_Tonio_: it is hard because I try test on the same version as what edgy is using.11:10
Tonio__Sime_: yes I understand........11:11
Tonio__Sime_: should I upgrade the patch once again ? I can do it tomorrow11:11
_Sime_Tonio_: and with the debian stuff patching things all the time makes it hard too.11:11
Tonio__Sime_: sure......11:12
Tonio__Sime_: well can you put the new version online ? I'll prepare kdebase packages11:12
andrunkoRiddell: you there?11:13
_Sime_Tonio_: the v5 patch is on the wiki. Once you have made the packages, just quickly test them by inserting a CD or USB stick etc. :-/11:17
Tonio__Sime_: okay, will do, thanks11:27
gnomefreakis it possible to add webboard to kicker? i cant find it in any of my menus11:47
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