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Jak08question, I am not able to use ubuntu right now, because well it doesn't work with my harddrive in my imac, it doesn't recognize the free space, but in what ways can I contribute?12:27
Jak08I am hoping that the new version of ubuntu will have complete support for the new intel macs, I can use it on another computer, but it only has dialup, which I am not fond of12:30
kwwii_Jak08: well, in a virtual desktop, it certainlyl works12:31
kwwii_not sure how well on the actual machine12:31
Jak08ok, but is there anyway I can contribute then? and is there a by chance a better sollution to a virtual desktop besides vmware?12:32
kwwii_well, we need work everywhere12:33
kwwii_pick what you can do best and do it12:33
kwwii_well, on macbooks there is a program (paralells, or such)12:34
Jak08can I have an example of such work? I'm sorry but I am rather new to OS graphics and am not sure what there is all to do12:34
Jak08yeah, I should look into paralells12:35
Jak08hmm not bad only 80 bucks12:37
kwwii_well, it is all in the source code12:39
kwwii_installing it is kinda important12:39
kwwii_you can check the wiki12:39
Jak08but can I have some example of work that can be done without the actual OS? for the meantime12:40
kwwii_we are currently in the process of making the artwork for 6.1012:40
kwwii_the wiki might be the best place for you12:40
kwwii_at the bottom of each page is a list of sub-pages12:41
kwwii_that is important12:41
Jak08do you know, about how much experiance wise do you lose by using a virtual desktop?12:41
kwwii_depends on the computer12:41
kwwii_on a macbook, little12:42
Jak08also besides photoshop what are some other usful tools that you can name for me to get?12:43
kwwii_well, a vector program is very important...12:43
kwwii_on linux I would suggest inkscape12:44
Jak08ok, what exactly is a vector program?12:44
kwwii_it runs on win and mac too I think12:44
kwwii_it makes vector pics, which can be scaled12:44
kwwii_the important thing to know is SVG12:44
kwwii_Scalable Vector Graphiccs12:44
kwwii_check wikipedia or such if you don't know it12:44
Jak08and besides inkscape what other usful tools should i get?12:45
kwwii_in addition to the pixmap programs like photoshop or GIMP those apps will be the most important12:45
kwwii_I use imagemagick a lot12:45
kwwii_a whole lot12:46
Jak08what is imagemagick per say?12:46
kwwii_it is best used in the bash shell (so the terminal)12:46
kwwii_it is a program for graphics12:46
kwwii_but it is best used in scripting12:46
kwwii_anyway, as a normal user...inkscape on linux, Adobe Illustrator on a prop. system like win or mac12:47
Jak08so imagemagick is like an alternative to photoshop and gimp?12:47
Jak08ok, I have illustrator for mac12:47
kwwii_hehe, no..it is just as powerfull, but in a different way...you can do things with scripts on pics with it very effeciently12:48
kwwii_illustrator is good12:48
kwwii_save things as svg12:48
kwwii_do not use too many filters12:48
kwwii_like negative multiply, etc.12:48
Jak08so is it completely fesable to do the graphics in os x and then port them to linux?12:49
kwwii_yes, definitely12:51
kwwii_I do quite a lot of work in osx12:51
kwwii_I do have to earn a living :-)12:51
Jak08haha, yeah12:51
kwwii_although atm I do earn most of my money working for canonical doing graphics and it is 100% linux and inkscape12:53
kwwii_for a good artist, the tool is not the problem12:54
kwwii_funny to say, but good art can be done with any tool12:55
kwwii_it is more a matter of intent and will12:55
Jak08ok, well i will definitly get the tools you suggested, and do a bit of research and try my damndest to get ubuntu installed, but for now I have to go, hopefully I will get to speak with you again soon, with better news on my end12:57
kwwii_cool :-) have fun!12:57
kwwii_hope to see you here again12:58
Jak08oh i'll be back, don't worry01:01
Jak08hey a bit off topic but have you been able to use vista?01:01
kwwii_I only have ppc at home, so I haven't checked it out at all, actually01:03
kwwii_funny, but as a mac user, who does linux vista is some screenshot festival that I do not even get into01:04
Jak08ahh, it is a lot better than xp but in a lot of ways it falls short01:04
kwwii_I think that linux can surpass all that01:05
Jak08oh definitly especially with the rapid growth and developement it has seen recently01:05
kwwii_it comes down to leadership01:06
kwwii_in some aspects01:06
kwwii_and kubuntu and ubuntu have it...a goal01:07
Jak08I have never used kubuntu how does it compare with normal ubuntu?01:07
kwwii_I think it is even better oriented for the "normal Windows" user01:08
kwwii_it is powerfull, yet simple to use01:08
Jak08yeah, well anything else you say to me i'll just have to read in the logs couse i really need to go now01:09
kwwii_me too01:09
kwwii_see you01:09
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gigaany1 here?11:52
kwwii_just me it seems11:58
gigais this channel ever active? Does it serve a purpose?12:01
kwwii_of course it does12:01
kwwii_and yes, it is often actice12:01
kwwii_at certain times12:02
kwwii_it is more a channel for direct contact12:02
gigaWhat do you do though?12:05

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