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theCorehello all01:17
theCoreI created a new team that I think will help the docteam, https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-helpteam01:19
theCoremy main goal is to identify things that peoples have an hard time with, so the other teams can "fix" those issues01:21
BurgworktheCore, have you seen the new user network?01:22
Burgworkthey are exactly that01:22
theCoreBurgwork, no, what it is?01:22
Burgwork#ubuntu-nun  or ubuntu-nun on LP01:23
theCoreBurgwork, ok I found it01:24
LaserJockhmm, would those be the same though01:24
LaserJocknun is for new user support01:24
LaserJockwereas I would think ubuntu-helpteam would be more "identify the problems"01:25
LaserJockor did I read that wrong01:25
theCoreLaserJock, you're right01:25
Burgworkthey are close enough that it shoudl be folding into nun01:26
theCoreyeah, maybe01:26
Burgwork"background-color:#37b" <-- what does this mean01:26
Burgworkwhat is that in HEX?01:26
theCoreBurgwork, I believe it's equivalent to #37b37b01:27
FireRabbitthats a horrible green01:28
Burgworkhttp://userful.com/ <-- I want the blue colour of that bar01:28
FireRabbitBurgwork: sudo apt-get install gcolor201:28
FireRabbitits got an eyedropper01:29
BurgworkFireRabbit, stuck on my FC4 box at work01:29
Burgworkyum install die-of-old-age01:29
Burgworkit isn't quiet 37bfff, either01:30
LaserJockat least it's FC401:30
LaserJockFC1 is what made my boss switch to OS X :/01:30
Burgworkit could be Gentoo01:31
FireRabbit#3377BB ?01:31
Burgworkyou sir, are a genius01:31
FireRabbitheh np01:32
FireRabbitbtw, check out the firefox dom inspector, you can use it to find colors faster than source hunting01:32
Burgworkright, I use ephy01:34
Burgworkoh, and yum extender blows01:37
Burgworkprobably the worst UI have I seen in ages01:37
FireRabbitgross 01:38
FireRabbithail synaptic :)01:38
Burgworkgnome app install rocks01:38
Burgworkwe just need Fedora to pick it up01:38
Burgworkpart of what I am going to be trying todo at the Boston Summit01:39
LaserJockwow, yum extender is way better looking than when I last tried it01:39
Burgworkcan you try an IP for me?
Burgworkwhat do you get?01:40
LaserJocklike ping you?01:40
Burgworkno, via http01:41
Burgworkok, try now01:45
BurgworkLaserJock, ?01:48
LaserJocksame thing01:51
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mptBurgwork, ping04:21
mptBurgwork, unping04:25
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nixternalkubuntu release notes are starting to kick arse05:16
nixternalhrmm...what is the process of becoming an "author" around here?  i mean, with the release notes I have created a bunch of new stuff ;)05:17
Madpilotnixternal, stick your name in the contributor's section of whatever doc you've worked on, then.05:18
Madpilotdo enough stuff, and you'll get "Maintainer" - lucky you. 05:18
nixternalim leaving jjesse as the maintainer ;)05:19
MadpilotI'm listed (along w/ mdke) as Maintainer of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide - a doc I've not even touched for this release cycle :|05:19
nixternalwe have 3 days left for freeze, get to touchin' 05:20
nixternalthe doc that is ;)05:20
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nixternali just up'd the latest revision to the Kubuntu Release NOtes if anyone wants to look over them05:37
nixternali think thre are still a couple of crude paragraphs, but that will get worked out before the freeze05:37
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crimsunurl would be nice for those of us who don't frequent doc05:40
nixternali bet it would ;)05:41
nixternali will give you a choice... xml docbook style, or i can build the html and upload it somewhere for your to look at if you would like05:41
crimsunif it's in svn, I'll checkout later05:41
nixternalit is in svn05:42
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BurgundaviaMadpilot: you there?09:35
Burgundaviahas your computer been on since about 4/5 today?09:35
Madpilotno, I only got home just past 809:36
Burgundaviahmm, just remembered the logs09:36
Madpilot... ?09:36
Burgundavianeeded an ip09:37
Madpilotfrom someone on irc?09:37
Burgundaviafrom myself, at work09:37
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MadpilotBurgundavia, you're still not making much sense... given that you're cloaked in both your accounts, it's kind of hard to find your IP from Freenode...09:39
Burgundaviano, I wanted to find the routers IP at work09:40
Burgundaviatrying to see if I could get in, but no go09:40
MadpilotI thought you had some sort of SSH access already?09:40
Burgundaviano, I am trying to get port 80 redirection to work and not having much luck09:42
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MadpilotWay to respond to a request that you merge a page you've just started with an existing wiki page: "I shall proceed until threatened with physical violence."10:13
Madpilotfrom https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToUseTheTerminal10:14
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nixternaloh its definitely way to early02:29
jsgotangcono its not02:29
jsgotangcoyou just woke up too early02:30
nixternalpeople requested i speak about them for membership02:30
jsgotangcohey someone got lost here02:30
Jucatoheh :)02:30
=== Jucato hides in a corner and stays silent :)
jsgotangconixternal: so what's keeping you busy lately?02:31
nixternaljsgotangco: i like that quote from Amador about software patents..he rocks02:31
nixternalschool work, doc work, packaging, ubuntu chicago, lug work02:32
jsgotangcohe's a cool guy, BSD hacker by day, guitar player at night02:32
jsgotangcohe works at this IPV6 company02:32
jsgotangcothey only do BSD nothing more02:32
nixternalno thank you...i tried that once02:33
nixternali couldn't take an all BSD atmosphere02:33
jsgotangcoIPv6 is north america is a dead issue, but for us countries deprived of IP addresses, we're jumping on it02:33
jsgotangcoas well as high requirement countries like korea, japan and china02:34
jsgotangcowell its a good OS for sure but not for my laptop02:34
nixternalya, i can't wait for ipv6 to bite us in the ass, but if it doesn't make us money we don't want it...us fat lazy ass americans only want it if it will make us money..which im sure you know this already since you have lived here ;)02:35
nixternali worked for a major ISP recently, and they didn't have 1 IPv6 device02:35
jsgotangcothat's not thinking forward for sure02:35
nixternalnone of their engineers could even tell you how it works02:35
jsgotangcoheh maybe they will after 10 years02:36
jsgotangcowhen it becomes the next Y2K phenom hah02:36
nixternalya right02:36
nixternalyou know what..i made a lot of my cash from Y2K..so I won't complain if IPv6 becomes the next Y2K issue here ;)02:37
nixternali worked for a company that was greedy..they brainwashed everyone int he company with that y2k garbage02:42
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wmatnixternal: I say we brainwash companies with a new Y2K-like scare and make gobs of money again ;)02:58
nixternalim ready for that02:58
nixternalim broke seeing as I decided to do this school thing all over again, and full-time at that02:58
nixternaldouble majors stink02:58
wmatnixternal: really? at what age? I've considered going back occasionally but can't seem to justify it financially.03:00
nixternalfunny thing is...im one of the youngest in these classes03:01
wmatreally, what are you taking?03:01
wmatand is it an adult ed thing or something?03:01
nixternalnope..full out college... finishing my MBA, and I am taking a CompSci course with an emphasis in C (++ and #) for Unix...trying to knock the rust off of my not-so-elite programming skills03:03
nixternal15 credit hours this semester03:03
wmatwow, i'm surprised the age of the students in >30 03:05
wmati'm 36 with kids and a mortgage, so it'd be difficult for me to do03:05
wmatperhaps if i win the lottery ;)03:05
nixternalya, well my plans were this..i sold my house in January, why?  i bought one in cabo san lucas mexico...oh, the owners received the down payment, burnt the house down, and double collected with insurance03:09
nixternalso i had quit my job and everything...so i said the hell with it..i have a little bit of money saved up, plus I have the GI Bill and stuff helping me out03:09
nixternalbut child support is killing me03:09
wmatdid you get your downpayments back?03:10
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nixternalhiya mgalvin04:11
mgalvinhey nixternal 04:11
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Alan__can i request documentation here?05:09
nixternalwhat are you looking for?05:12
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Alan__an egroupware install & config guide or another recommended groupware system05:15
Alan__with the guide assuming mail is also processed by the same server05:15
Alan__also, whilst im here, is there an index for the wiki?05:17
nixternalya there is..let me see if i remember how to get to it05:20
nixternalfor the groupware stuff, i reallyd on't know05:22
nixternali know kolab has a decent one through their site05:22
Alan__thanks for the index link05:26
Alan__it's a tough one on what to try with the groupware... do you know which one is the most feature complete?05:27
nixternali have used kolab in the past, i know the suse server is good as well..but overall i could't tell you which was best05:28
Alan__ok, i know egroupware has a lot of feature, but i think it relies on php4...is that bad?05:28
nixternalnot at all05:29
nixternalit iwll run with php5 as well05:29
nixternalcitadel is also supposed to be pretty good from what i have heard05:29
nixternalyour top 4 would probably be Kolab, SuSE OpenExchange, eGroupware, and OpenGroupware.org, not in any order 05:30
Alan__oh, great. i'll have a look. thank you.05:32
nixternalno problem05:33
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