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eyequeueis there a quick synopsis (or page) about what -generic -server and -server-bigiron mean in edgy?01:33
eyequeuem guessing this will be a faq, so i'd like to have a page to send people to01:34
eyequeue(will create a factoid, if not)01:34
crimsunhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/020807.html01:36
crimsunthe latter directly addresses your question; the former is nice for context01:37
eyequeuecrimsun, thanks, i figure i'm not the only one that wonders :)01:38
gnomefreakeyequeue: the -i386 is still an edgy kernel01:51
gnomefreakeyequeue: your factoid said they changed to -generic01:51
eyequeueperhaps i need to add that, but dpn't have access01:51
gnomefreakeyequeue: try to add it and i will add it01:51
eyequeuefeel free to edit if you do01:51
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zulhi mdz 01:56
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desrtBenC_; 'sup08:35
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infinityBenC: About to NEW the new kernels for you, do you have an LRM and -meta lined up?02:41
BenCyep, getting them ready now02:41
=== infinity waits for the i386 build to finish..
infinityThere, done.02:46
infinityBenC: Accepted.  If you get LRM up before :03, you get a prize. :)02:46
BenClrm is uploaded02:47
BenCnow where's my prize :)02:47
=== infinity hands you a direct line to Kamion to process it through queue/new.
infinityThat'd be your prize. :)02:47
=== infinity is heading off to bed now.
ajmitchlucky kamion is tied up in a CC meeting :)02:48
infinityActually, I may still be around in the hour or so when all the binaries show up.02:48
infinityWe'll see.02:48
zulajmitch whats the bug number for the ioemu stuff again?02:54
ajmitchbug 6112102:54
zulthanks...uploading now02:55
ajmitchdoes it still have -- in the package name?02:56
ajmitchjust a minor thing :)02:56
zulnope...i386 and amd64 packages are the same now02:56
ajmitchok, great02:56
ajmitchhow'd you go with the headers?02:57
ajmitchjust starting for the day?02:57
zulyeah im just starting fot the day02:57
mjg59infinity: Oh, hey, bug appeared about madwifi suddenly supporting less hardware03:12
zulBenC: : ping03:13
zulis there support for qla2300 hba cards?03:14
BenCzul: I think so03:15
zulwell ill guess ill go find out03:15
BenCinfinity: l-m uploaded now too03:15
fabbionewe do have the driver03:15
infinitymjg59: Is it wrong of my to admit how deeply I don't care?03:15
infinitymjg59: (Is it just missing PCI IDs, or fundamental incompatibilities with the new hal?)03:16
mjg59infinity: hal breakage03:16
infinitys/my to/me to/03:16
infinityhal breakage.  Suck.03:16
mjg59It's almost like we're dealing with some sort of incompetence03:16
infinityI guess we get to A) whine upstream, and B) tell people to not use hardware with binary-only drivers. :/03:16
infinityWe could roll a hacked up madwifi-old for the older cards, but that idea makes me cry many moons.03:17
mjg59Oh, hang on, it's about dapper03:18
thomwouldn't crying a _single_ moon be rather painful?03:18
thommultiple ones just seems masochastic03:19
thommasochistic even03:19
mjg59No, wait, that's not the bug I'm thinking of03:19
infinityClearly not.03:19
infinityThat's just straight up linkage breakage (and I assume, no longer an issue, or we'd have a mess of duplicates)03:20
mjg59I'm getting vast numbers of launchpad mail nowadays03:20
infinityYou can't possibly get as much as I do.03:20
mjg59You're paid03:20
infinityI've turned ignoring LP mail into an art form.03:20
ajmitchyou receive every build log & upload?03:21
infinityDon't get all the logs yet, but I will when that patch lands.03:22
infinityI just happen to also get bug mail for about half the distribution.03:22
=== infinity heads to the store for some meat and cheese for a midnight snack.
mjg59infinity: https://launchpad.net/bugs/2760403:22
mjg59No idea what's going on there03:22
zulwhoot...new file server is going to be ubuntu03:28
infinitymjg59: Fun.  At least that's new hardware, and not "we accidentally dropped support for old hardware", which is what I thought you meant.03:29
mjg59infinity: Well, doesn't it claim that it used to work?03:35
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Petarisajmitch: I don't suppose yoru awake ATM?03:49
Petariser, your03:49
infinitymjg59: Yeah, but it also claims it stopped working without a reboot, which is pretty sketchy.03:49
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doko_BenC: the names/descriptions for the kernel packages are confusing: -i386 -> "Supports alternate x86 (486 and better)", generic -> "Supports generic processors"06:52
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BenCdoko_: I'll try to clean that up some07:29
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ernstpis usplash supposed to work on amd64? with edgy?08:24
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HiddenWolfHey guys.08:27
HiddenWolfBenC: around?08:27
HiddenWolfI've got a possible bug wrt acpi/cardbus cards, and I need some help figuring out how to file a good bug.08:32
BenCHiddenWolf: yeah08:41
BenCis this in edgy?08:41
HiddenWolfBenC: yeah08:42
HiddenWolfBenC: I recently took an old laptop and put dapper on it. Internet over a cardbus pmcia ethernet card. Worked flawlessly. After a dist-upgrade to dapper this broke.08:43
HiddenWolfto edgy08:43
BenCtry 2.6.17-8 before filing a bug08:43
BenCwhat driver was it using?08:44
HiddenWolfOn dapper I have no clue. 08:44
HiddenWolfon edgy all I get is:08:44
HiddenWolf Sep 19 22:21:12 ubuntu kernel: [  123.452379]  pccard: card ejected from slot 108:44
HiddenWolf Sep 19 22:21:44 ubuntu kernel: [  156.219006]  pccard: CardBus card inserted into slot 108:44
HiddenWolfBenC: is 2.6.17-8 on a daily, or will I have to wait?08:48
BenCshould show up in the archive any time now08:48
gnomefreakHiddenWolf: it should hit repos shortly08:48
BenCalready uploaded and built08:48
gnomefreakjust got the pre packages08:49
HiddenWolfI'll burn tomorrow's daily then. I don't feel like shuttling kernel debs on a usb-stick. ^-^08:50
Mithrandirzul: did you get to hack on the amd64 problems yesterday?08:53
zulMithrandir: no i was trying to fix the xen-ioemu bug report, i have access to an amd64 box now so i will do it tonight08:54
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HiddenWolfBenC: same problem with -809:07
mjg59HiddenWolf: Please do lspci before and after inserting the card09:07
BenCHiddenWolf: Please file a bug report with lspci (with card inserted), and dmesg, and tag the bug edgy-regression09:08
BenCyeah, before and after would be helpful09:08
HiddenWolfat least one bug was fixed by -8 tho09:09
HiddenWolfI can now force acpi09:09
gnomefreakHiddenWolf: you installed -8 from upgrades?09:14
HiddenWolfgnomefreak: I put the deb on a usbstick and dpkg -i did the trick09:15
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HiddenWolfBenC: mjg59: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/6129109:24
HiddenWolfif there is anything else you need I'm happy to provide it, else I'll toss in a dapper xubuntu disk and be done with it.09:25
BenCI'll check on it when I get that far in my bug list :)09:27
BenCI'll let you know, thanks09:27
NafalloBenC: rt61 still broken, just updated the bugreport :-)09:27
HiddenWolfBenC: no problem, I'd be happy to help.09:27
Nafallort61pci even09:27
BenCNafallo: still broken because the package isn't uploaded yet09:27
BenCI just put it into git09:28
mjg59HiddenWolf: That's a dmesg without having inserted the card, right?09:28
NafalloBenC: oh? There is another coming? :-)09:28
Nafallohehe, I thought it was this one that I just rebooted to :-P09:28
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HiddenWolfmjg59: seems like it.09:29
BenCno, not yet09:29
NafalloBenC: if you have a daily kernel or something I would be happy to try it out.09:29
BenCNafallo: none built right now, but I'll get one up tonight09:30
NafalloBenC: nice. could you add that to the bug-report when it's available?09:31
Nafallo(the url)09:31
HiddenWolfmjg59: putting up a dmesg with card inserted now09:33
zulless mmc.c09:35
BenCNafallo: it's in the topic09:37
mjg59HiddenWolf: It appears to be identical09:42
mjg59Oh, no, sorry09:42
HiddenWolfifconfig shows lo only, pppoeconf offers to run modconf instead of picking it up.09:43
mjg59What sort of card is it?09:43
mjg59Yes, what sort?09:44
HiddenWolfIt's in one of the comments09:44
HiddenWolfunex corp MD010C09:44
mjg59And it's cardbus rather than pcmcia?09:45
HiddenWolfI wouldn't know the difference, honestly.09:46
HiddenWolfIt says cardbus on it, so yeah09:46
mjg59When it's in, what does pccardctl status print?09:48
HiddenWolfof course he asks that just after I shut it down. One moment. =)09:49
HiddenWolfsocket 0; no card, socket 1; no card09:51
HiddenWolfah, wait09:53
HiddenWolfafter inserting it again, socket 1: 3.3V 32-bit PC Card09:53
mjg59And lspci now?09:53
HiddenWolfno difference09:54
mjg59And nothing else in dmesg?09:56
HiddenWolfdmesg: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2402409:59
HiddenWolflscpi: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2402510:00
HiddenWolfmjg59: ^^10:08
HiddenWolfThat's with the card picked up (as per /var/log/kern.log and pccardctl)10:09
zulright im heading home..10:09
BenCzul: later10:30
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mjg59BenC: #53910 - it gets taken care of on amd64, it doesn't get taken care of on x8612:06

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