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theCoreBurgwork, did send UWN 14 to the mailing list yet?12:29
poningruBurgwork: you know sobby is up and running12:30
theCoreBurgwork, n/m12:38
poningruBurgwork: now saving every 10 mins12:47
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smootherHi everyone :)01:46
Burgworkhey smoother01:46
smootherhey lophyte - nice to meet you :) Been a while since I've been in here... hey Burgwork !01:46
=== smoother is Matt Harwood
Burgworkhmm, indeed01:47
lophyteBurgwork: how do I get involved with the UWN?01:48
Burgworkyou start editing01:49
Burgworkon the wiki, like01:49
Burgworkwhat are you specific interested in?01:49
lophytegood question, lol01:49
Burgworkthe best way to get involved is to find interesting content and write about it01:49
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poningrulophyte: or the gobby02:39
poningruBurgwork: are we getting off gobby officially?02:39
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johnlittleelkbuntu: pong04:08
poningruhehe kinda tardy04:11
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adamant1988nixternal: you here?04:56
nixternalwhats up05:05
adamant1988hey, do you know if there are other "kmenu" buttons I can get? I'm not a big fan of the default one...05:05
nixternalthey are part of icon packs05:06
nixternalhow can you not like the KDE logo for a kmenu ;)05:06
nixternalfind out what icon pack you are using...and then check out /usr/share/icons05:06
nixternalyou can find the kmenu icon image and replace it with one you would like05:07
nixternalhttp://www.kde-look.org has some packs available as well05:07
nixternalor you could do kbfx if you felt like it05:07
adamant1988yeah, well, I want something more "ubuntu ish"05:07
adamant1988have you seen the kickoff menu?05:07
nixternali like default05:10
nixternaleye-candy don't do it for me05:10
nixternalkickoff, the suse panel, all that is utter crap05:11
nixternaluesless waste of ram05:11
adamant1988I think it's nice :)05:11
adamant1988you're just upset05:11
nixternalim always upset ;)05:12
nixternali have an idiot in my chicago channel that annoys the hell out of me05:12
nixternali just wish he would do something i could k/b him for05:12
whiprushyeah he's like that. :p05:12
nixternalstone is my boy05:12
nixternalnever, adam is the man05:12
adamant1988I know I'm the man, no need to remind me :)05:13
nixternalwhiprush: that rr72 and rr73 kid05:13
nixternalhe has to be like 1405:13
nixternalconstantly asking me to help with non-ubuntu related stuff05:13
adamant1988just tell him that it's an ubuntu channel05:14
adamant1988and remind him that he needs a life05:14
nixternalim going to show him my ubuntu-knuckles05:14
adamant1988you can also make a notation that he creates a vacuum.05:14
nixternalCoC style of course05:14
nixternalalrighty..i have doco that has 2 days to be completed by...if ya need me, ping me, and i will pong ya05:15
nixternalsk8 or die05:15
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poningruyarr me mateys06:06
Capt_Blood_Buckeavas me mateys06:08
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johnlittleits not pirate day yet is it?06:37
Capt_Blood_Poninyarrr that it be06:41
Capt_Blood_Poninatleast in this time zone ;)06:41
johnlittlenixternal: ping06:49
johnlittlehey elkbuntu and I are up for membership...you going to be at the meeting?06:49
nixternalwhen is it?06:50
johnlittleum 8am est I think06:50
nixternalholy jesus...that is 7am our time?06:50
johnlittleoh yeah youre central too.. yep :(06:50
nixternalok..i will set my alarm for 7am ;)06:50
Capt_Blood_Poninarrr stay awake me matey06:50
nixternaloh ya, that is just 7 more hours ;)06:51
nixternal10 til midnight here06:51
johnlittlestay up..drink some rum06:51
Capt_Blood_Poninnaay grog be it for us06:51
=== Capt_Blood_Ponin passes the grog around
Capt_Blood_Poninthis captain is ready to go below deck06:52
Capt_Blood_Poninnn guys06:52
johnlittlesounds kinky06:52
Capt_Blood_Poninthar mind be in the guttaaarrrrrrr06:52
johnlittlenn :)06:52
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Burgundaviaelkbuntu: you around?09:09
elkbuntuBurgundavia, :)09:09
Burgundaviadid you start the Ubuntu counter before you found the marketing team?09:09
Burgundaviawriting your endorsement to the CC and sending it off09:09
elkbuntutechnically no, but i started paying attention to you guys after09:10
elkbuntui'd been lurking09:10
elkbuntui lurk in many places ;)09:10
BurgundaviaI am just writing about your work on the marketing team09:11
elkbuntui dont think we'd even spoken until then09:12
Burgundaviaelkbuntu, johnlittle: endorsement to teh CC sent09:19
Burgundaviagood luck tomorrow morning09:19
elkbuntuthanks corey :)09:19
Burgundaviano worries09:19
BurgundaviaI don't forsee any problems. You and John have done so much for Ubuntu09:20
=== elkbuntu sniffles as she looks at the ubuntu-meeting history
elkbuntuend of an era.. about 4 hours ago :(09:20
Burgundaviawhy so?09:20
elkbuntuping timeout09:20
elkbuntu"connection time out"09:21
Burgundaviasorry, I am lost09:21
elkbuntu* lilo has quit (Connection timed out)09:21
Burgundaviaoh, right09:21
Burgundaviathe world is slightly less bright place09:22
elkbuntui know09:22
elkbuntuim feeling all teary now09:22
Burgundaviawe rock their boat!09:26
Madpilotelkbuntu, I noticed lilo's timeout go past in #ubuntu too :|09:30
elkbuntui wonder.. did he make that plastic gun himself?09:30
elkbuntuMadpilot, sad sad day, but i dont think he'd want us mulling over it too much.09:31
Burgundaviasaved by linux --> http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette/?p=17409:32
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=== Capt_Blood_Ponin hugs elkbuntu
=== elkbuntu hugs Capt_Blood_Ponin
Capt_Blood_PoninI saw him timeout in #freenode-social10:13
Capt_Blood_Poninmatthewrevell: ping10:14
Capt_Blood_PoninI need to talk to you about moving /PressTeam to /MarketingTeam/Pressteam10:14
Capt_Blood_Poninpong me if you get this10:15
Capt_Blood_Poninif not I will probably email you10:15
Capt_Blood_Poninor the entire marketing team10:15
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=== johnlittle needs coffee
elkbuntujohnlittle, hehe.. same. nervous?12:58
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johnlittle_wkmorning potential ubuntu member01:18
johnlittle_wkso can I hijack my other nick while I'm away from my home box?01:19
elkbuntudo /ns help ghost01:20
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johnlittleand I used to be a irc oweruser :/01:21
johnlittlegot your speech ready? :)01:22
johnlittleshould be trivial - they know you01:23
lophyte<-- up for membership too01:38
johnlittleoh cool01:39
lophyteyeah.. Corey recommended me01:39
johnlittlemareting team is representin01:39
lophytegood luck, elkbuntu01:42
lophyteoh damn.. you01:44
lophyteyou're up too, john_little ?01:44
elkbuntuso that's 3 of us today?01:45
lophytewell, good luck to both of you01:48
lophyte*hasn't done a speech yet*01:49
johnlittleI just wrote up a short one.  last meeting people were dropping like 5-6 paragraphs. I got one01:49
elkbuntui stick to 1 but then again my things are sort of .. virally well known01:50
lophyteyou guys should have no problem01:51
lophyteI'm a bit worried about myself, though ;)01:51
lophyteI was actually going to wait another month or so before applying, but Corey suggested it now so I figured might as well go for it01:51
elkbuntucorey knows best01:52
lophyteI hope so01:52
johnlittlesame here01:52
lophyteI just wish he could be at the meeting today to back me up, lol01:52
elkbuntulophyte, unfortunately, im not really familiar with the stuff you've worked on, you could fill me in now though :)01:54
lophytethe biggest thing is the fact that I started the Ubuntu Toronto team, and we organized a big celebration for SFD in a week01:54
lophytehanded out close to 100 CDs and brochures and did a demo for a handful of interested people01:55
elkbuntucool :)01:55
lophyte*shrug* I didn't think it was significant enough for membership :P01:56
elkbuntuas we said. corey knows best. if he recommended you to try he would have sent a recommendation in email to the CC01:57
johnlittleKeep on that track and your contribution over time will be huge01:57
lophyteI still plan to do that video project, too01:57
lophyteit'll just take some time01:58
johnlittleglad i broke down and bought a laptop...this is much more tolerable sipping on espresso at the coffeeshop :)02:01
lophyteI'm sitting in my bedroom with my PJs on :P02:02
johnlittlefooties or no footies?02:02
lophytenone.. just socks02:02
johnlittlethats good lol02:02
lophytesoo nervous..02:04
johnlittleThe swimsuit part is the hardest02:05
lophytewhat do you mean?02:05
johnlittlejust a beauty pageant joke02:06
lophyteahh, haha02:06
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lophytethink of it like blackjack, johnlittle02:08
lophytewe're not competing against each other.. its possible for all of us to win :P02:08
johnlittleIm wearing my swimsuit anyway02:09
nixternalit is to early for this02:09
johnlittlethx for showing up nixternal02:09
lophyteI couldn't get Corey to be up at 5am for me02:10
lophyteI tried to bribe him but it didn't work :P02:10
nixternaldon't thank me, thank that stupid alarm clock...i wish i would have never bought it02:10
nixternalmust have been the first time in ages since i used it ;)02:10
lophyteI wish I had a bigger fanclub to back me up.. meh02:10
johnlittleI'm trying to bribe elkbuntus posse02:11
johnlittleshes bigger than in australia thna that croc hunter guy02:11
lophytenixternal: can I bribe you to put in a good word for me? ;)02:11
nixternalwho are you?02:11
lophytethat dude from Toronto02:11
nixternalyou are loco02:12
johnlittlemuy loco02:12
nixternaloh sure mr. texas, just rub your elite spanish skills in02:12
johnlittlel335 espanol02:13
johnlittleer l33t02:13
elkbuntui didnt realise i had such a posse02:13
johnlittlestart sending those peeps your resume02:14
johnlittleyour posse isnt as cool as the brazilians tho...they were pretty funny last meeting02:16
johnlittleit looks like its Indonesia/Australia this time02:17
elkbuntuyou mean the showdown?02:18
lophytehow'd you get one paragraph? >_<02:18
elkbuntulophyte, dont fret too much02:18
lophyteI've got like 302:18
elkbuntuit depends on where irc decides to split it02:18
johnlittleyeah my 1 =2 in irc02:22
johnlittlelots of people up for membership this week02:24
lophytelet's hope the CC is feeling generous ;)02:24
=== johnlittle hopes hes not first or last
lophyteI think they go in the order on the wiki page02:24
lophytemeaning I'm last ._<02:24
nixternalooh, whatever you do, don't paste 3 paragraphs02:25
lophytewhy not o_o02:25
nixternalmake it short and sweet, as most of the info should be on your wiki page02:25
nixternalall you want to do is this02:25
nixternalhey my name is so and so02:25
nixternalhere is my wiki02:25
nixternalhere is my launchpad02:25
nixternalhere are some things i have done02:25
nixternalany question?02:26
nixternalthat definitely makes elmo, mako and seveas happy when you do them like that02:26
=== johnlittle ponders jokes
nixternalwatch, someone will post a big intro, and they will get the "are you done yet" comments while they paste away ;)02:26
johnlittleI sat in last meeting and watched :)02:27
lophytethanks for the tip, nixternal02:28
nixternalno problemo02:28
johnlittleHi my name is john and I know nixternal.02:30
nixternalthat will get you k/b from the chan02:30
lophytehow about "Hi my name is Dave and I know Burgundavia" :P02:31
johnlittlecant hurt :)02:31
johnlittlelophyte and elkbuntu I assume you followed the instructions on applyng for membership?02:33
nixternalelkbuntu: you are good as gold, you have the Hobbsee backin' ya up ;)02:33
johnlittlejust asking..have seen people who havent02:33
lophytejohnlittle: which ones?02:33
elkbuntujohnlittle, i hope i've covered it all02:34
lophyteahh, yeah02:34
lophytethink I've got everything :)02:35
johnlittleif not theres plenty of time to complete it02:35
lophyteI joined ubuntumembers on launchpad, put my name on the CC Agenda page, did up my wikipage..02:35
lophytewrote an intro for myself..02:35
elkbuntuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MelissaDraper <-- anything missing?02:36
johnlittleshould be good to go then02:36
=== matthewrevell [i=synchron@outbound.silenceisdefeat.org] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
johnlittleas if elbuntu needs a bigger posse :)02:39
nixternalnortheastern US trying to make a LoCo...i didn't even realized they knew what computers were up there02:39
nixternali wasn't going to say that in the chan though, mako would have died02:39
mindspincoward :-)02:39
lophytewhat's considered northeastern?02:40
lophytelike Maine and Rhode Island?02:40
lophyte<-- not American so not exactly familiar with all the states02:40
nixternaloh ya lophyte, like your far from it..you know your tv talks all kinds of crap about us daily ;)02:40
johnlittlethey are cold empty places..like canada02:40
nixternalyou better watch it, we just might start a war with you next ;)02:40
lophytethanks johnlittle :P02:41
=== johnlittle eyes canadas maple syrup reserves
lophytemmmmm maple syrup02:41
mindspinremember 181202:41
johnlittleMy ex-wife is canadain..ive already fought that war02:41
johnlittleer canadian02:41
johnlittleGod..you can't buy a cup of coffee in canada without some paperhatted freak mentioning 1812 :)02:42
mindspinI never knew about it until i first heard the 1812 song from three dead trolls02:43
johnlittlehavent heard that one02:43
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mindspinthats a live version (played in the US?)02:45
johnlittleI cant listen now but i bookmarked it. This coffeeshop is blasting disco for some unknow an inexcusable reason02:46
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lophytewell, this is slow.. so I'm gonna go eat..02:47
=== johnlittle makes a "I know Elkbuntu" bumper sticker
elkbuntuwow.. now look who's there02:52
mindspinno way for elkbuntu , according to jono there are only guys at the meeting...02:53
lophytemy nervous level just jumped a few notches02:53
johnlittlelol yeah02:54
nixternalelkbuntu: was it you who told me about 'mentoring' and the LoCo teams?02:56
nixternalsomeone just told me recently, and I can't remember02:56
elkbuntuum.. i cant remember.. but maybe02:56
nixternali have over 10GB in log files, definitely not gonna grep it ;)02:56
johnlittleif i ask for another coffee refill the peeps here may kick me out02:57
=== johnlittle shakes
elkbuntunixternal, lol02:59
elkbuntui may have mentioned it to corey who may have mentioned it to...02:59
nixternaljohnlittle: i stopped hanging out at Starbucks...i checked my amex, and i was puting over $100 a week into that damn company, and i don't have one share of stock to show for it ;)03:00
johnlittleyeah im in a local indy coffeshop03:01
johnlittlewith free wifi...50 feet from my front door03:01
johnlittleI'd have stayed home but sadly cute girls arent bringing me coffee and blueberry bagels there03:02
mindspinand refilling your cup without any complaints03:03
johnlittlespanish speaking loco teams must get a kick out of that name03:04
johnlittleI'm on the Ubuntu Crazy Team!03:04
johnlittlesabdfl "I'm just here for elkbuntu..not paying attention to anything else" ;P03:06
elkbuntuif only03:06
nixternali just started this muy thai course this week...and we were doing this body and mind conditioning stuff...and this chick, all but 16 or 17 years old, kicked me in my ribs..i have played it off for almost a week now..but i think she broke something03:06
johnlittleyour heart?03:07
nixternalyou ass03:07
johnlittleer :)03:07
nixternalit hurts to breath, to move, to sleep, to think03:07
johnlittlelove is like that03:07
=== nixternal shuts up now
lophytenice one johnlittle03:08
nixternali got owned way to many times in that conversation03:08
elkbuntunixternal, definately go for a scan. fractured ribs can be dangerous :|03:08
lophytea broken heart isn't healthy either03:09
mindspinelkbuntu: you cannot do much for fractured ribs, and unless you spit blood, there is no need for scan imho03:09
nixternali haven't spit blood yet, but im sure if i do, it will be love ;)03:10
elkbuntumindspin, best to know whether there's splinters though, is my point03:10
lophytethats too funny03:10
johnlittlefunny how many people peek over your shoulder when you run Ubuntu in public03:11
lophyte"huh, that looks weird.. that's not Windows"03:11
=== MenZa [n=menza@0x535de899.kd4nxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
johnlittlethis is gonna be a long meeting03:13
lophyteI'm gonna go eat03:14
lophyteunfortunately I don't have cute girls bringing me coffee and blueberry muffins03:17
lophyteI'm not so lucky, johnlittle :(03:17
johnlittlekenya loco...cool03:19
lophyteI'm not gonna bother trying to get toronto recognized as a loco...03:20
lophytewe'll just work under the ubuntu-ca umbrella03:20
johnlittlemaybe later on03:21
lophyteyeah, perhaps03:22
lophytewe'll see how things go03:22
lophyteanyway.. I'm going for real now...03:22
=== matthewrevell [i=synchron@outbound.silenceisdefeat.org] has left #ubuntu-marketing []
=== johnlittle should have slept in
lophyteyeah, seriously03:30
lophyteI got up at 7:30am for this.. its now 9:30am03:30
johnlittleat least it wasnt at 3am or something03:31
lophytewell, maybe there's still time for Corey to show up and back me up03:31
johnlittlemaybe by the time he gets off work for the day lol03:32
lophytehopefully before he goes to bed tonight03:32
johnlittlemeetings would probably benefit from a designated facilitator03:33
johnlittleto keep things moving03:33
lophytehave you tried out the USP yet, johnlittle?03:38
lophyteubuntu system panel03:38
johnlittledont think so03:38
lophytebasically a knock-off of the SLED menu03:38
lophyteits really nice03:38
lophyteif you use gnome, that is03:38
johnlittleIve tried slab..same thing?03:39
lophytenot sure, I haven't tried slab03:39
elkbuntuFlannel ping03:40
johnlittlecool..its different..but same concept03:40
elkbuntuFlannel ping x 203:41
elkbuntueep, our moments are arriving, johnlittle03:41
lophyteoh no :(03:45
lophyteits getting closer03:45
elkbuntuyay corey!03:46
elkbuntuits going dead slow :(03:46
Burgworkelkbuntu, lophyte, john_little it still going?03:46
BurgworkI am going to be busy for the next hour at work03:46
johnlittlei should be up soon03:46
lophyteI'll be up last03:46
Burgworkwhy is it taking so long?03:47
johnlittlelots of loco teams03:47
johnlittleand general disorganization :)03:47
lophyteand it didn't start until 8:3003:47
BurgworkI need to put up Canada, now that we have organized an SFD03:47
lophyteubuntu-ca isn't official?03:47
Burgworknever gone through the steps at the CC meeting ot make it one03:48
elkbuntuBurgwork, i think anything with your name next to it would be pretty much a shoe-in03:48
Burgworkhowever, I have enough cachat in the community to just get stuff03:48
lophytewhat are the benefits of being an 'official' loco team?03:51
mindspinpride and a cloak and an e-mail addy ;-)03:51
Burgworkno, that is for people03:51
Burgworkloco teams can get cds, etc.03:52
mindspinsorry, my fault indeed03:52
Capt_Blood_Ponintime for this capn to head to FreeYourPC03:52
Capt_Blood_Poninbye guys03:52
Burgworkagain, it does not really matter too much in U Canada sense, because I can simply get the stuff03:52
Burgworkelkbuntu, lophyte, john_little even if I am busy, CC has my endorsements via email03:53
elkbuntuyep, thanks :)03:53
lophytethanks :)03:53
=== lophyte crosses fingers
johnlittleso much coffee...shaking like a chihuahua03:58
nixternala wet chihuahua03:58
elkbuntujohnlittle, that's called 'nerves'03:58
johnlittlelol..and 5 large coffees03:58
lophyteyeah, not coffee :P03:59
johnlittleim much more nervous about my 4 hour conference call after this03:59
nixternalit's gas, not nerves03:59
lophytenice, an update for gnome-pilot03:59
lophytemaybe it'll finally work03:59
=== lophyte kicks it
nixternaljohnlittle deals with top US officials, a small CC shouldn't tweak him like this...definitey has to be gas ;)04:00
nixternalkpilot has been rocking and got updated today as well04:00
johnlittlegas...coffee...bagels...woo not good04:00
johnlittlei wish i could watch the CC backchannel04:02
johnlittlemembership process is tough today04:04
mindspinthe given sources are vague imho04:04
johnlittleyeah they are04:04
Burgworknixternal, are you up as well?04:05
johnlittlethe pushback is justified04:05
lophyteyeah, they haven't been specific about what they've done04:05
nixternalya Burgwork, this is nuts ;)04:05
Burgworkyou should have emailed me, I could have given a recommendation04:05
nixternaloh wait04:05
nixternalim up as in awake04:06
nixternalim already a member ;)04:06
nixternalim here to talk up elkbuntu, johnlittle, and lophyte04:06
Burgworkah, excellent04:06
nixternalthey got lucky, they pinged me right before i planned on sleep last night04:06
BurgworkUbuntu is not a truck, it is not something you can dump something on04:08
Burgworkmy staff sent me an Ubuntu at 7am and by 10am I was still waiting04:08
lophytenice one, Burgwork04:09
nixternalBurgwork: wth did that one come from?04:09
Burgworksheer boredom04:10
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lophytejohnlittle: you're up next, methinks04:11
lophyteoh, after evand04:11
lophytenixternal: have you seen my wikipage yet?04:15
nixternali have all of them open ;)04:15
nixternali see everything on our wiki ;)04:15
nixternaleven dead people04:16
johnlittlei hope i dont have to bug out for my other meeting04:16
lophyteyou're coming up, don't worry ;)04:16
lophytemy gf wants me to go to the library with her at 11.. I hope I'm done here04:17
elkbuntujohnlittle, we will speak for you and make it quick04:17
johnlittleshould be ok as long as it doesnt spin off much04:17
mindspinlophyte:if your gf is more important than ubuntu, you should not have applied ;-)04:18
johnlittlejust having one is  a disqualification04:18
johnlittleunless shes online :)04:18
mindspinor a member already04:19
lophyteshe uses ubuntu.. that's gotta be worth something ;)04:19
mindspinnot enough04:19
lophyteshe prefers it over Windows, too04:19
mindspinand why library, we have the internet04:19
lophytebooks :P04:19
mindspintechnophobian ?04:19
lophyteyou can't take ebooks on the subway04:19
nixternal <johnlittle> just having one is  a disqualification04:19
nixternalyes, but 4 of them qualifies you as master CC pimp04:20
=== lophyte taps fingers
johnlittleum yeah04:21
elkbuntucorey might be un-busy by the time we come up :-/04:21
nixternali might be dead04:21
johnlittleor retired04:21
nixternalhaha ya04:21
lophyteevand, johnlittle, Lie_ex, elkbuntu, superm1 then me04:22
lophytethat's a lot04:22
lophytetell me that you two will be quick04:22
johnlittleI wanna start mine off with that famous line for The Jerk04:22
elkbuntuwe've been assured04:22
lophyteslap him on the grill and move on04:24
lophyteI might actually have a job by the time they get to me04:24
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johnlittlei might be running edgy04:24
lophytei AM running edgy :P04:24
johnlittlei wanna submit a shipit request..so i can have the cds by the end of the meeting04:25
Burgworkno, I am not really here, just just a quick moment04:25
lophytespeaking of shipit, I had my shipment of CDs get here in like 3 days04:25
lophyteI was blown away04:25
Burgworkwelcome to the inside track04:25
Burgworkknowing the right people counts04:26
lophytethey probably saw "Corey Burger" in my request description and went "send! hurry! go!"04:26
elkbuntumy goodness, i was not wrong04:26
elkbuntuhe'd be un-busy04:27
Burgworkno, I am still waitinig04:27
BurgworkI will be busy very shortly04:27
lophyteI'm gonna have to leave by the time they get to me04:29
lophytethere's no way they'll get through 5 people in half an hour04:29
johnlittlei have 30 minutes left04:30
lophyteI might as well just go to the library now04:32
lophytethey might be getting to me by the time I get back04:32
elkbuntumoving now... who's after dude04:36
elkbuntusoc good04:36
lophytejohn, you're up next04:37
elkbuntuready john?04:37
johnlittleoh yeah04:37
johnlittlei was ready 3 hours ago :/04:37
lophytedon't you mean days?04:37
lophyteor is it weeks04:38
elkbuntufeels that way04:38
lophyteI can't remember now04:38
lophyteaaaand its dead04:39
elkbuntulike kamion wouldnt have said something before he went...04:40
=== johnlittle watches the clock
lophyte20 mins04:40
lophytego john!04:40
elkbuntuBurgwork, if you're here?04:41
lophyteping nixternal04:42
johnlittlethx guys04:43
=== lophyte thinks johnlittle will be quick
lophyteugh, still 4 people before me04:44
lophytethat's not going to happen in 15 minutes04:44
johnlittlenever seen /cry04:46
johnlittlelol nixternal04:47
johnlittlenot yet lol04:48
lophyteit appears I've been wasting my time04:48
nixternal1 down 2 to go04:48
nixternallophyte: you started Ubuntu-Toronto correct?04:48
nixternalthat is far from wasting your time04:48
lophyteno, I mean04:48
elkbuntuhe means waiting for the meeting04:48
nixternalit shows leadership, and they like that04:48
lophyte<lophyte> Seveas: if I'm up for membership but have to leave before it gets to me, what happens? :P04:48
lophyte* lastnode (n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic04:48
lophyte<Seveas> lophyte: you're not on the agenda04:48
nixternalya you are04:48
johnlittlenow its official04:49
johnlittleThanks for the testimonials04:49
lophyte<Fujitsu> Seveas, lophyte is right.04:49
lophyte<Seveas> ah, you added yourself 15 MINUTES before the meeting04:49
lophyte<nalioth> yet another meeting i've missed04:49
lophyte<Seveas> that doesn't give us time to prepare at all04:49
lophyte<lophyte> actually, I added myself yesterday but when I checked this morning I wasn't there04:49
nixternalDaveSullivan lophyte (September 18)04:49
lophyte<lophyte> :\04:49
lophyte<Fujitsu> Lucky, nalioth.04:49
lophyte<lophyte> so I re-added myself04:49
johnlittleoh no04:49
lophyteSeveas said I'll be up anyhow04:51
lophyteif they get to me in 10 mins04:51
lophytewhich isn't likely04:51
lophytenixternal: can I have someone speak on my behalf?04:53
nixternalyou gotta do it04:53
lophytethat sucks04:54
lophyteI guess I'll have to wait until next one then04:54
elkbuntuthe word 'paste' gets lost in translation between english and chinese it seems04:54
lophytecongrats john_little04:56
lophyteand good luck elkbuntu04:57
elkbuntusorry lophyte :(04:57
johnlittleyou cant make it lophyte?04:57
=== lophyte is a little bummed that he got up at 7:30am for nothing
lophyteno, I'm leaving now04:57
johnlittleoh bummer. :(04:57
johnlittleAnother one in 2 weeks right?04:58
lophyteheh, yeah :(04:58
lophytenixternal: you sure someone can't speak for me? >_<05:00
nixternalthey need to hear it from the horses mouth05:00
nixternalyou old horse you05:00
=== johnlittle offers lophyte a carrot
johnlittlethe language barriers make this difficult05:01
johnlittlethey should probably suggest bringing a translator if needed05:01
elkbuntuthese guys here -are- the translators05:02
lophytealright.. later guys.05:02
nixternalwow, you know what i did while waiting05:02
nixternali watched grass grow05:02
johnlittlesee ya..sry lophyte05:02
johnlittlelol nixternal05:03
elkbuntunixternal, youprobably saw more happen05:03
nixternal [CTCP]  Received CTCP-PING request from Seveas to channel #ubuntu-meeting, sending answer.05:03
=== johnlittle watched grass grow old and die
nixternalwrong chan..i was gonna have him get the kline message ;)05:03
=== johnlittle holds breath
=== johnlittle basks in the glory of being an Ubuntu member 5 minutes longer than Elkbuntu
johnlittlej/k ;)05:10
johnlittleshe pass out from relief?05:11
elkbuntuum.. do we know this person in there now?05:13
johnlittlei dont05:13
elkbuntumako does, good enough for me05:13
nixternalheh, seveas cracked a joke about -marketing support05:14
johnlittlelol yeah05:14
elkbuntuah ok.. its too late to read a hugeass lump of text like that05:14
johnlittleok i have to run...thanks and congrats05:15
elkbuntusame bedtime, thanks guys grats johb05:15
johnlittleanything happen next?05:31
=== johnlittle wants to learn the secret handshake
nixternalnope, you continue on with your boring life05:31
=== johnlittle sobs
Burgworkjohnlittle, elkbuntu congrats!05:32
Burgworklophyte, too bad you had to go05:32
nixternali was going to say, poke Seveas and lilo about your membership cloak...but given recent circumstances, maybe check with Seveas about it05:32
johnlittleThanks for the testimonial :)05:32
Burgworkentirely self interest ;)05:33
lophytethat sucked05:41
johnlittleso close05:41
lophytewhat a waste of a morning05:42
johnlittleat least you got a chance to see what will fly and what wont...some of those were brutal05:42
lophyteI guess05:42
lophyteI feel like an ass cuz I sat here for 3 hours doing nothing05:42
lophytecongrats to you two, though.05:44
lophyteI have to wait until Oct 3 it looks like05:47
Burgworklophyte, it missed you by about 10 minutes05:47
lophyteI tried to get back as fast as I could05:47
lophytewell, look on the bright side I guess.. I have another 2 weeks to do more work05:48
BurgworkI am planning a hackfest on the UWN tomorrow afternoon and night05:49
lophyteI'm still not sure where to find info to put in there..05:50
Burgworklook around05:54
Burgworkfollow the forums much?05:54
Burgworksomebody needs to write an SFD article as well05:54
lophyteperhaps I need to dive into the forums a bit more05:55
lophytehas anyone done an article on USP05:55
johnlittlenews breaking everywhere..revolution in thailand, an object may have hit the space shuttle..yikes05:56
lophyteubuntu system panel05:58
lophyteits a SLED-esque menu05:58
Burgworkinteresting, but not really UWN material05:58
lophyteoh, okay..05:58
Burgworkwell, you could write an aritcle about people working on it to integrate it to Ubuntu05:59
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poningrudo we have two new ubuntu mateys?06:08
lophytewe do06:08
poningrucongrrrrrrratulations to elkbuntu and johnlittle06:08
johnlittlethx :)06:09
=== lophyte ponders starting his system over from scratch
MenZaAnd johnlittle too :)06:12
johnlittlethx :)06:12
johnlittleshe passed out i think06:13
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lophytehey all07:51
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Flannelelkbuntu: what did you need?09:21
lophyteFlannel: you missed the CC meeting this morning09:22
Flannellophyte: oh, right.  5am my time ;)09:23
lophytethe longest damn CC meeting in history09:23
=== lophyte is still slightly bitter about it
FlannelWhy so long?09:24
lophytegeneral disorganization and slowness09:25
Flanneland, anyone know how to do an altGr on a mac?  /window is getting old ;)  lack of backspace too, for that matter.09:25
lophytethey spent almost 30 minutes on a membership candidate before deciding to say "come back later"09:25
Flannelwow.  I always figured they looked over members before even coming to the meeting09:26
lophyteapparently not09:26
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johnlittleThat meeting was brutal09:49
lophytebrutal is an understatement09:49
lophyteI'm pretty sure I would've gotten approved if I had stayed :\09:49
johnlittleI was in another virtual meeting after that...6:30am-2pm nonstop09:50
lophyteI completely formatted my system and started from scratch09:52
lophyteI removed Windows while I was at it09:52
=== johnlittle claps
lophytemy system is now partitioned to handle 3 installs09:53
lophytewith a shared swap, /opt and /home between the 309:53
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n8k99avast ye mateys!11:39
Burgworkscurvy dog!11:39
n8k99It's International Talk like a Pirate Day!  q%)11:40
n8k99So, what is there to be done here about marketing?11:42
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