micahcowanThe post install also seems to do a series of chmods on score files that go in /var/games.12:09
LaserJockit looks to me like gnome-games doesn't do any chmoding on files in /usr/share/12:15
LaserJockwhich is what dh_fixperms will change12:15
micahcowanThis is true: it chmods /usr/games and /var/games files.12:15
micahcowanstill, note the /methods/ it uses for permissions: both an explicit rule, and in postinstall.12:16
micahcowanI can't really think of a more elegant way to do that: debhelper isn't actually meant to handle every situation, just the common ones, right? So I don't get whta's wrong with simply supplementing its behavior with more explicit commands... do you think chmod in rules might fly?12:17
LaserJockwell, I know it is used12:17
LaserJockI'm just a little concern about *where* I'm putting it12:17
LaserJockI've seen it in the install: rule12:17
micahcowanIs there more detailed documentation about debhelper besides the manpages and maint-guide?12:18
LaserJockwell, I'll just put it after dh_fixperms and see if it works and then float that by Kamion12:18
micahcowanyeah, and I'd get more suggestions from him this time if he doesn't like it. Something besides dpkg-statoverride... or an explanation as to why that's better :p12:19
=== jsmidt [n=jsmidt@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Q-FUNK [n=q-funk@dsl-hkigw7-fe10f900-10.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKcould someone sync 'planner' from debian?12:26
Q-FUNKthe build failure reported in ubuntu was fixed in debian ages ago.12:26
FujitsuI'll file a request to have it synced.12:26
Q-FUNKthanks :)12:26
Fujitsu(after checking it does actually build)12:26
LaserJockQ-FUNK: is it a new upstream?12:26
slomoFujitsu: it's in main btw12:27
Q-FUNKwe've had 0.14 for ages12:27
LaserJockah, but we have 0.1312:27
Q-FUNKbulding broke after the new python policy and then was fixed12:27
ajmitchFujitsu: just find a core-dev to convince mdz/kamion of the need for UVF exception :)12:28
FujitsuAre there any major bug fixes in 0.14?12:28
ajmitchno UVF exception required at all12:28
ajmitch   planner | 0.13-4ubuntu2 | http://apt-proxy edgy/main Packages12:28
ajmitch   planner |     0.14-6 | http://apt-proxy edgy/main Sources12:28
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchwe already have 0.14 source :)12:28
LaserJockgood catch ajmitch12:28
FujitsuJust a UniverseFreeze one.12:28
Q-FUNKlast time a build was attempted was in june12:28
=== Fujitsu checks it out.
Q-FUNKso much for manual syncs...12:28
LaserJockFujitsu: it's still a Main package12:29
FujitsuIt is, yes.12:29
ajmitchFujitsu: get a core dev to ACK the sync then12:29
Fujitsuajmitch, obviously.12:29
=== ajmitch is testing the build now
ajmitchwell, once the source is fetched.. :)12:30
ajmitchQ-FUNK: I prefer apt-get12:30
ajmitchsince I have sid :)12:30
Q-FUNKah :)12:30
FujitsuHrm. My changelog parser is dodgy.12:31
FujitsuIt only gave me the last entry of the new ones.12:31
LaserJockhmm, interesting build log12:31
=== nictuku [n=yves@ubuntu/member/nictuku] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchQ-FUNK: ah yes, I recall seeing your blog entries on planet debian :)12:34
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchseems like an international link has gone down in NZ again :)12:39
FujitsuAnd planner actually builds fine this time. That's nice.12:39
ajmitchjust the usual state of internet connectivity in NZ12:39
=== mayday_jay [n=mayday_j@maydayjay.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchsomeone tripped over a cable or something12:39
FujitsuDo I have to get any special UniverseFreeze exception or anything? Or just a core-dev to ack it?12:39
Q-FUNKFujitsu: 0.14-10 ?12:39
FujitsuQ-FUNK, yes.12:39
ajmitchFujitsu: it's in main, why are you talking about UniverseFreeze?12:39
Q-FUNKyup.  it should.12:40
ajmitchit's only a debian revision, too12:40
Fujitsuajmitch, noted, but I believe FeatureFreeze covers that...12:40
Q-FUNKajmitch: ah.  do sheeps eat the dark fiber cables? ;)12:40
FujitsuQ-FUNK, hahaha.12:40
LaserJockFujitsu: FF is for new packages12:41
ajmitchQ-FUNK: tends to be rats :)12:41
ajmitchat least that's the excuse we had last year :)12:41
FujitsuAh, OK.12:41
ajmitchFujitsu: I would ack it if I could build & check it :)12:41
AnAntdoes subscription to ubuntu-devel mailing list require a moderator approval ?12:42
ajmitchAnAnt: no12:42
AnAntajmitch: wierd, why aint I getting a confirmation mail then ?12:42
Q-FUNKgaim-irchelper could probably be synced against the one in experimental, which has the same dependency thightening for gaim 2.0b312:42
LaserJockAnAnt: might take a while12:42
=== clandestino [n=me@c-8173e455.019-305-6c6b701.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== DarkMageZ [n=darkmage@ppp2-104.lns1.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== rmjb_ [n=richard@cuscon10997.tstt.net.tt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjb_do you all have pmplib in the repos?12:50
rmjb_I checked but couldn't find it12:50
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Arrogance [n=aks@ottawa-hs-209-217-66-110.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjb_and my attempts to compile it get errors since the dependencies are listed on the site or the INSTALL or README files12:51
LaserJockargg, does evo mail and evo calendering have 2 different .desktop files?12:54
ajmitchLaserJock: probably12:55
DarkMageZrmjb, i'll give compiling it a shot for ya12:57
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKarf.  I really should get some sleep12:58
Q-FUNKcya guys!12:58
rmjbso you guys, The Masters of the Universe, see programs/libraries like this pmplib, and package it up for Ubuntu, and maintain the packages as new versions are released?12:59
rmjbis that how it works?12:59
LaserJockwell, mostly we maintain differences between Ubuntu and Debian01:00
LaserJockthat is our primary goal01:00
LaserJockso if a new package is introduced into Ubuntu Universe then yes we try to maintain that01:00
rmjbso if there's a package in debian, an Ubuntu user can use that?01:01
LaserJockbut better is to find somebody to maintain it in Debian01:01
LaserJockyes, our packages come from Debian01:01
LaserJockwe only modify if we need to01:01
=== Gervystar [n=alessand@2001:1418:1ce:0:20e:a6ff:fea4:4ab5] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== printk [n=jvaughn@unaffiliated/printk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjbso to become a motu you have to be familiar with the debian packages and process?01:05
rmjboh, slightly higher bar to enter than I thought01:06
LaserJockit's not too bad01:06
zulits not like bootcamp01:06
LaserJockit's just that Ubuntu uses the same packaging policy (basically) as Debian01:07
FujitsuIt's not too bad, though I'm not a MOTU yet.01:07
LaserJockso you need to learn how to create packages that conform to the Debian Policy01:07
LaserJockand you should at least have a general idea of how things work in Debian so when you need to interact with them you know what to do01:08
LaserJockbut that's a part of the learning process01:08
rmjbare there more sessions planned for the #motu-school?01:08
ajmitcheventually :)01:08
DarkMageZrmjb, pmplib depends on libmozjs-dev which doesn't appear to exist in ubuntu01:09
rmjbyou get that error on configure or make?01:10
DarkMageZon the dependency check from pbuilder01:10
rmjbon configure I get a warning about a javascript library not installed, it seems it needs the spidermonkey library which shows up in my synaptic01:11
rmjbbut that's just a warning01:11
ajmitchDarkMageZ: part of xulrunner in sid01:11
DarkMageZajmitch, if i change that dependency to firefox-dev would that be ok?01:12
rmjbi installed libsmjs-dev01:12
ajmitchDarkMageZ: it may work :)01:12
DarkMageZhmm, ok, i'll change that depend to libsmjs-dev then01:12
rmjblater on I had to install libvorbis-dev on a error during the compile01:13
rmjbthat did not indicate itself during the configure01:13
DarkMageZlibvorbis-dev is listed 01:13
rmjbwhere are you seeing this list of dependencies?01:13
DarkMageZrmjb, in the control file in the debian folder.01:15
rmjbhmm... my source package from sf.net doesn't have a debian folder... I guess that's why you guys are the Masters of the Univers01:16
DarkMageZwhich doesn't exist in the 0.12 source package. i pulled pmplib from svn01:16
DarkMageZbut i pulled the 0.12 branch. pmplib doesn't seem to be an active project, last change was 4 weeks ago01:17
rmjbthat's okay, it worked under windows01:17
rmjbjust need the same functionality under linux for my mp3 player01:18
rmjbhey, looks like it worked! I did a make clean distclean and created a separate pmplib-build directory and did everything in there and it worked01:22
rmjbnow the best way to install this is with checkinstall right?01:23
ajmitchFujitsu: ACKed bug 61174 for you01:23
UbugtuMalone bug 61174 in planner "Please sync planner 0.14-10 (main) from Debian Sid (main)" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6117401:23
DarkMageZrmjb, checkinstall is better than make install, but there are alot better ways01:25
=== jinty [n=jinty@195.Red-83-58-178.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuThanks, ajmitch.01:26
rmjbwhat's a better way?01:26
DarkMageZrmjb, http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html01:27
DarkMageZanyone know what i should expect to break if i backport firefox 2 from edgy to dapper?01:37
crimsun"a lot".01:37
FujitsuYes, a LOT.01:38
DarkMageZlike? i've been running it for a week01:38
zuloooh...we have a masochist in our midst01:38
Fujitsuyelp will break, anything else that uses gecko will break...01:38
DarkMageZi'll go test yelp01:38
rmjbone question, do you guys recommend using aptitude or actively recommend against it?01:39
tsengapt-cache rdepends firefox01:39
tsengrmjb: use whatever you want01:39
tsengDarkMageZ: you will break about 180 things01:39
tsengDarkMageZ: +/- a few01:39
DarkMageZok, so add/remove still works, yelp still works01:40
DarkMageZi'll test openoffice, that's listed =D01:40
Fujitsuyelp still works!?01:40
DarkMageZmmhmm, i'll upload the packages to my repo if u wanna see for yourself01:40
FujitsuI'm running edgy :P01:40
DarkMageZnext i'm thinking of trying trunk, hopefully that will break yelp 01:41
LaserJockFujitsu: yelp doesn't work for you?01:42
FujitsuLaserJock, it should break in a Gecko change like that, shouldn't it?01:42
LaserJocklike what?01:43
LaserJockand I have no idea01:43
FujitsuLike Firefox 2 being dropped into Dapper?01:43
LaserJockwell, I guess it would depend on "dropped into"01:43
zulheh...i think you are going to give iwj a conniption if someone did that01:43
DarkMageZok, i'm uploading the firefox 2.0b2 packages for dapper to my repo now. so any non-believers can try for themselfs 01:45
crimsunthe more unofficial crackful package we have circulating, the bigger our headache. Please request official backports instead.01:46
ajmitchespecially when we have to support them01:47
ajmitcheg the number of mono issues I've had with broken dbus backports01:47
tsengDarkMageZ: no offence but you would do well to heed the advice for people who have been doing this for years rather than writing us off as "non-believers"01:48
tritiumHey LaserJock.01:51
FujitsuMorning, tritium.01:51
LaserJockhi tritium!01:51
tritiumHi Fujitsu.01:51
LaserJockargg, has anybody done a binary litian override?01:51
tritiumLaserJock: saw your wondering in my away log01:51
tritiumI've been up to many things, including most recently running a couple 1/2 marathons, and being in the ER for kidney stones01:52
tritiumYeah, no fun...01:52
ajmitchhey tritium01:52
tritiumhey ajmitch01:53
tritiumI'm on vicodin for the pain, so I'm managing01:54
ajmitchstill not nice01:54
tritiumHow are you all?01:54
LaserJockbusy busy busy :-)01:54
=== LaserJock is trying to figure out how to do a binary lintian override
=== kr4z [n=kr4z@stjhnf0111w-142163097183.pppoe-dynamic.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Fujitsu is trying to figure out what the $#*$ is up with python-numpy.
LaserJockoh nifty01:56
FujitsuIt explodes!01:56
Fujitsu#if (PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x02050000)01:59
FujitsuWhat's that meant to check?01:59
FujitsuIs that >= 2.5?01:59
ajmitchif python >= 2.501:59
ajmitchit fails when building?02:00
FujitsuIt's that section which explodes...02:00
FujitsuThey use an undefined variable in there!02:00
ajmitchmore fun for you to fix02:00
FujitsuNow, said variable is `op', there's an `o' and `obj' around...02:00
=== Fujitsu checks if it should be either of those two.
=== ajmitch will be back later
FujitsuLooks like it should be o...02:01
=== Fujitsu changes.
FujitsuSee ya!02:01
FujitsuBye, Laser_away.02:02
Laser_awayI'll bbl02:05
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=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== reggaemanu [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-144-15.w86-210.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jcape [i=jcape@c-71-194-178-104.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== minghua [n=minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
minghuahello everyone02:34
=== carthik [n=carthik@ubuntu/member/pdpc.carthik] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuHi, minghua.02:39
crimsunargh, whoever keeps assigning stuff to ubuntu-universe-sponsors needs to stop doing it if he's not going to fill in the outstanding information from the sync protocol02:40
FujitsuWho is it?02:41
FujitsuHe's a /member/ of ubuntu-universe-sponsors!?02:43
crimsunapparently there are quite a few non-MOTU who are members of said team02:43
FujitsuThat's a little odd.02:44
crimsunFor coverage's sake, I'm fine with that if they're also checking the actual sync requests.02:44
=== Fujitsu grumbles about python-numpy...
FujitsuA fix for Python 2.5 was committed...02:44
FujitsuBut it seems to break it even more.02:44
minghuaEdgy is still going to have python 2.4 as default, isn't it?02:47
crimsunthe supported versions are 2.4 and 2.502:49
minghuaI saw Fujitsu's message about python-2.5 breaking Debian's python-numpy02:50
minghuaI suppose the problem is that edgy can't build python-numpy from Debian because edgy is building python-2.5 modules?02:51
crimsunhaven't looked yet, still trudging through these u-u-s source packages02:53
minghuaFujitsu: would it possible to just build 2.4 modules?02:53
=== yusufm [n=yusufm@c-24-7-119-114.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== fowlduck [n=nate@68-190-90-101.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchcrimsun: the team ought to be moderated02:57
ajmitchI'll see if I can change it to be so02:58
ajmitchok, changed to moderated, any MOTUs willing to join should poke myself or hobbsee :)02:58
ajmitchI only spot 3 non-MOTUs on there02:59
LaserJockI just joined02:59
LaserJockwhat the heck happened there?02:59
LaserJockisn't that supposed to be MOTUs who are  willing to sponsor non-MOTUs?03:00
crimsunthat was my original thought, too03:00
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchthere's also some duplication with motureviewers03:00
ajmitchwhich leads to confusion, etc03:01
LaserJockwell, I think it came from ubuntu-sponsors03:01
LaserJockfor Main03:01
ajmitchyes, pitti set them both up iirc03:01
LaserJockI would personally consider motureviewers==ubuntu-universe-sponsors03:01
reggaemanuerf, latest ffmpeg/libavcodec/libavformat has broken mplayer03:01
ajmitchI wonder if we can merge teams :)03:01
ajmitch30 assigned, several are stale03:02
ajmitchit's been awhile since I went through the list03:02
=== LaserJock longs for the 48hr day ;-)
LaserJocknot really03:02
LaserJockbut I wish I had time for these things03:02
ajmitch& I had a couple to upload which I should get onto (libcm, gnucash)03:03
crimsunreggaemanu: how?03:03
reggaemanucrimsun, mplayer: symbol lookup error: mplayer: undefined symbol: a52_resample03:03
reggaemanuit's now impossible to play any movie03:03
LaserJockreggaemanu: how new is that mplayer?03:03
reggaemanuhum, the package in edgy is the last version (pre8)03:04
crimsunreggaemanu: that's -from -2 and is completely intentional03:04
reggaemanubut since the ffmpeg/libavcodec/libavformat update around one hour ago it's broken03:04
LaserJockearlier today slomo was taking with a mplayer dev about quite a few changes to the mplayer package03:04
LaserJockso I wonder if that's a part of it03:05
Nafallome, slomo and siretart have been talking quite a while with two mplayer devs today.03:05
crimsunmplayer simply needs liba52-0.7.4-dev added as a build-dependency03:05
LaserJockdarn, I bet Kamion is asleep03:06
slomocrimsun: no03:06
reggaemanuhum ok, so the package should be updated soon03:06
LaserJockor shood be at least03:06
crimsunslomo: what's the issue, then?03:06
slomocrimsun: it's not that easy unfortunately ;)03:07
crimsunanother abi fling?03:07
slomosymbol conflicts because of mplayer's bundled liba52 and the one that libavcodec opens03:07
crimsunah, _excellent_03:07
slomoand mplayer doesn't want our liba5203:07
crimsunwe <3 ffmpeg03:07
slomobut i'll care for this :)03:07
reggaemanuthen, i will use totem -_-' unfortunally i've updated between two movies ^^03:08
reggaemanuslomo, thanks for the informations03:09
=== Nafallo updates the log :-)
slomoreggaemanu: could be worse... you could've uploaded it while watching one movie and restart it in the middle ;)03:10
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Nafallo spanks bddebian
Nafallobddebian: hello :-)03:14
bddebianHeya Nafallo and gang :-)03:14
ajmitchhello bddebian03:14
Nafallobddebian: what's up? :-)03:14
bddebianHi ajmitch03:14
bddebianNafallo: Doing a little work from home and getting ready to review some packages hopefully.  You?03:15
crimsunbddebian's about to fix all the universe+multiverse bugs, hooray!03:15
=== ajmitch cheers
ajmitchcrimsun: he's about to fix up everything on revu, too03:15
bddebianI can't fix anything, you know that :-)03:15
Nafallobddebian: pondering if bed or LP bugs are more important ;-)03:15
bddebianNafallo: LP bugs, you know that ;-P03:16
Nafallobddebian: ;-). was not _that_ much to do for MOTU-IM :-)03:16
=== Nafallo checks if he might have missed some ;-)
Nafallooh. gajim built on x86_64 :-)03:20
bddebianNafallo: Well I can give you another list if you like :-)03:20
Nafallobddebian: :-P03:20
Nafallobddebian: I should probably read my e-mail and then go to bed. it's 3:21 here :-P03:21
bddebianEeks, gnight man03:22
ajmitchbddebian: cleared up REVU yet?03:24
bddebianOh yeah, I'm done03:24
=== bddebian still wonders why everyone scoffs at him
ajmitchsweet, uploaded the advocated packages?03:24
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ajmitch doesn't think there are that many that will have 2 advocates right now
=== amachu [n=amachu@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHmm, maybe I'm doing anything tonight..03:26
ajmitchgo for it!03:28
ajmitchbddebian: you still haven't given your opinion of krb5-auth-dialog03:29
bddebianajmitch: I was worried my machine was dead, but it was just a dead battery.. Whew03:29
=== Nafallo has a battery on the way here
=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== bddebian is soooo behind on bugs :'-(
ajmitchbddebian: you keep up better than I do03:37
=== ajmitch has a mere fraction of the bug karma
bddebianajmitch: Not with bugs man, I haven't done shit yet for Edgy wrt bugs :-(03:38
ajmitchthe numbers lie03:38
ajmitchis that what you say?03:39
=== ajmitch doesn't have time for this
bddebianAlot of my bug karma is from Sync requests03:39
bddebianAre these worth not uploading?  Seem innocuous to me..03:39
bddebianW: rrdweather; Long descriptions contains short description.03:39
bddebianW: rrdweather; File /usr/lib/rrdweather/db_update.sh contained in /usr/lib of Architecture: all package.03:39
Nafallobddebian: are those our changes? otherwise bug debian and sync :-)03:40
bddebianNafallo: No these are a REVU package03:41
bddebiandead air... :)03:42
minghuabddebian: since rrdweather only builds an arch:all package, the second warning is probably upstream issue03:42
minghuaI take that back03:43
minghuain debian/rules:03:43
minghuacp -a db_builder.sh $(CURDIR)/debian/rrdweather/usr/lib/rrdweather03:43
minghuacp -a db_update.sh $(CURDIR)/debian/rrdweather/usr/lib/rrdweather03:43
minghuacp -a weather.cgi  $(CURDIR)/debian/rrdweather/usr/lib/cgi-bin03:43
minghuaI must admit I don't know what is the proper way to package cgi apps03:44
bddebianajmitch: opinions?03:44
bddebianminghua: Me either :-(  Thanks btw03:45
minghuabddebian: you are welcome, I am just trying to help as much as I can without an edgy system :-)03:46
bddebianajmitch: ?03:48
ajmitchbddebian: where did you get this error from?03:49
bddebianajmitch: linda03:50
bddebianajmitch: Think I need to worry about it?03:54
=== ajmitch shrugs
ajmitchsorry, working at the moment as well :)03:57
bddebianHmm, I never trust linda on Dapper for some reason03:57
ajmitchblame StevenK?03:58
bddebiancrimsun: Any thoughts from you, your highness? :-)04:01
bddebianla la la la laaa04:03
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHeya Hobbsee04:05
Hobbseehi bddebian04:06
ajmitchhello miss hobbs04:08
Hobbseehey ajmitch04:09
bddebianwb Toadstool04:10
Toadstoolhuhu, rrdweather issues?04:11
bddebianToadstool: Aye, have an opinion?04:12
Toadstoolhmm, I should have tested the 2nd upload with lintian too...04:12
Toadstoollemme have a look04:13
Toadstoolhmm? how come does/win1504:18
Toadstoolouch :)04:19
=== Toadstool must buy a brain and new hands
Toadstoolbddebian: lintian is happy with the package, linda, well..., I don't care :p04:22
bddebianToadstool: Fair enough for me :-)04:23
bddebianajmitch: I just accidently archived krb5-auth-dialog04:32
Hobbseebddebian: unarchive it?04:32
ajmitchbddebian: that's fine, it's obviously not worth having04:34
bddebianHobbsee: Can I do that?04:35
Hobbseebddebian: sure, go to the archived section, and hit "unarchive"04:35
bddebianOh, duh04:36
bddebiancrimsun: Where'd you go?04:41
Toadstoolhttp://fullcoverage.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060914/hl_afp/afplifestylehealthalcohol <-- haha04:42
Toadstool(sorry but couldn't resist :p)04:42
=== Deaigo [n=biglou@203-206-51-83.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Deaigocan i upload crap i used checkinstall for?04:43
=== SwordedHobbsee waves her sword at Deaigo for the questoin
Deaigothought so ;)04:44
=== bddebian breaks out the katana
SwordedHobbseebddebian: now you be careful, else i'll make you WALK THE PLANK!04:44
Deaigoi was just instaling http://btg.berlios.de/ and thought it would be nice ot save others the pain in the ass process04:44
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchit's just a recipe for more pain04:45
=== suppressingfire [n=burner@cpe-24-24-95-18.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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Deaigois making a .deb package complex...?04:51
=== Deaigo [n=biglou@203-206-51-83.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
ajmitchvery complex if people don't stick around for an answer...05:00
bddebianAye, that is potentially a problem :-)05:01
=== ajmitch blames SwordedHobbsee for scaring people off
ajmitchbddebian: your verdict?05:01
=== SwordedHobbsee blames aj
=== SwordedHobbsee blames ajmitch
Fujitsuminghua, I too think it might be a good idea to just build python2.4 modules, at least until upstream fixes it.05:02
FujitsuHey, SwordedHobbsee.05:02
SwordedHobbseehi Fujitsu!05:02
minghuaFujitsu: glad that we agree :-)05:03
=== Fujitsu continues to read over the log from the past 2 hours.
FujitsuYes, what's with motureviewers? Isn't it completely obsolete now?05:03
SwordedHobbseeit's the same thing as ubuntu-universe-sponsors i suspect05:04
ajmitchnot while some people are still assigning bugs there05:04
FujitsuSwordedHobbsee, it looks like it.05:04
FujitsuSaid people need to be informed of the new process.05:04
ajmitchit existed long before hobbsee's little team :)05:04
=== SwordedHobbsee obviously wasnt informed. or didnt know anyone actually did anything with it
=== Fujitsu doesn't like SwordedHobbsee, she's purple rather than her normal yellow.
SwordedHobbseebesides, i didnt create it05:05
SwordedHobbseeheh, guess i am05:05
SwordedHobbseei'm still authed05:05
FujitsuYou changed your real name!05:05
=== Fujitsu applauds.
SwordedHobbseea couple of days ago, yeah05:06
ajmitchsomeone get me some caffeine05:06
=== Fujitsu throws some coffee over to NZ.
=== Hobbsee hands ajmitch a rocket launcher
ajmitchHobbsee: not helpful05:07
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jlkenyon2012hey, this is where the universe maintainers hang out?05:22
Fujitsujlkenyon2012, yes.05:23
Hobbseeer, yep05:23
jlkenyon2012cool, I didn't get lost this time05:23
jlkenyon2012so if I were interested in making packages for distribution via apt, I would need the blessing of someone here05:24
bddebianapt does not create packages05:25
Fujitsubddebian, distribution via apt.05:25
bddebianOh hehe, I misread that05:25
jlkenyon2012yeah, although I do need to learn how to make packages first05:26
jlkenyon2012I am still torn between gentoo and ubuntu, and leaning towards gentoo just because portage has more of the obscure packages that I require at times... but with any open project, a failure remains only because the users allow it05:27
bddebianjlkenyon2012: So get them in the Ubuntu repositories :-)05:27
jlkenyon2012and that is not too difficult to do?05:28
Fujitsujlkenyon2012, I've done it twice, so it's not too difficult, no.05:29
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: don't  you have some sysadmining to do? ;-)05:30
jlkenyon2012hey Jordan05:30
jlkenyon2012yeah... I but I usually stop sysadmining after about 705:30
jlkenyon2012usually that is about when drinking begins, and I have found that the two don't mix well05:31
bddebianBah, sysadmining gets better the more alcohol is infused :-)05:31
LaserJockbddebian: don't encourage him05:32
=== _jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchbddebian: that explains a lot05:32
LaserJockI need him to keep my wiki alive :-)05:32
bddebianLaserJock: :-)05:32
bddebianajmitch: What are you trying to say? ;-)05:32
ajmitchnothing.. nothing at all05:32
LaserJockbddebian: you know what he's saying05:32
jlkenyon2012hehehe... I've written some pretty inspired code while under the influence, but when my finances are at stake, I tend to err on the side of caution05:33
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: if you want to figure out how to package then check out the Ubuntu Packaging Guide05:35
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources05:36
jlkenyon2012so this topic asks "Have you Reviewed a package on REVU yet today?", what does mean? is REVU a means by which the community can verify the integrity of packages in the repositories? (speculating?)05:36
LaserJockit's a reviewing system05:36
ubotuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU05:36
jlkenyon2012this bot is pretty good05:37
LaserJockso basically, you create a source package and upload it to REVU05:37
LaserJockthen MOTU review it and give feedback, etc.05:37
=== fowlduck [n=nate@68-190-90-101.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockif a MOTU is ok with it going into Universe they give it a vote05:37
LaserJock2 votes and it's in05:37
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: oh, the bot's even better then that05:38
LaserJock!info ghemical edgy05:38
ubotughemical: A GNOME molecular modelling environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.01-2 (edgy), package size 1790 kB, installed size 3028 kB05:38
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchubugtu is better05:38
ajmitchbug 5916605:38
UbugtuMalone bug 59166 in f-spot "Mono segfaults in dbus_pending_call_get_completed()" [Unknown,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5916605:38
jlkenyon2012now I am more interested in the bots than I am in the packaging process05:39
ajmitchoh dear05:39
ajmitchLaserJock: don't distract him with shiny things05:39
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-104-74.ip.rixbredband.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jlkenyon2012well, now that I have a place to start reading, I am gonna book mark it and get back to working on tomorrow's lesson plan05:40
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: what are you teaching?05:40
jlkenyon2012LaserJock: although this is somewhat unofficial, I am teaching an SP topic in programming languages over in SEM05:41
jlkenyon2012LaserJock: Tomorrow is MySQL05:41
AnAntYourSQL ?05:42
jlkenyon2012something like that...05:42
jlkenyon2012ideally, it would be taught by one of the normal teachers, but the teacher I had for networks was stuck in the age of token ring and coax ethernet05:43
jlkenyon2012much to my dismay I had to apply some of that knowledge to the systems in the basement in chemistry :-(05:44
ajmitchah, modern technology05:44
ajmitchthat's scary05:44
LaserJockajmitch: you don't want to know05:44
bddebianWhat, no arcnet?05:45
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: on one of the clusters?05:45
LaserJockbddebian: well, the morse code machine broke :/05:45
=== rmjb [n=richard@cuscon22802.tstt.net.tt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianLaserJock: :)05:46
jlkenyon2012LaserJock: one of the old Sun machines interfaced with its TOF laser unit via AUI which fed into an AUI to Coax adapter, and fed Coax into the machine05:46
ajmitchjlkenyon2012: fragile?05:46
jlkenyon2012LaserJock: And that adapter was not set right, one of the little dipswitches was set wrong05:47
LaserJockoh jeeze05:47
jlkenyon2012I have never felt so confused by a network setup... when I flipped the "50 Ohm" switch and everything suddenly "just worked" I called it a miracle05:47
LaserJockah well05:48
LaserJocknow we just need to take over the CIL05:49
jlkenyon2012that would be nice05:50
jlkenyon2012what do you think of them putting Dr. Woo in charge of that?05:50
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: you think lew would mind if we replaced all the NMR computers with Ubuntu boxen?05:50
LaserJockjlkenyon2012: really?05:50
LaserJockargg, I gotta go05:51
jlkenyon2012LaserJock: later05:51
LaserJockgood night MOTU land05:51
FujitsuWith bug #58852, I think an archive person just needs to send it back to the buildds...05:51
UbugtuMalone bug 58852 in kismet "Kismet in edgy still depends on ethereal-common " [Untriaged,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5885205:51
FujitsuGoodnight, LaserJock.05:51
LaserJockbe nice to jlkenyon2012, he keeps my computers running05:51
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bddebianGnight folks06:48
chillywillybddebian always runs off to bed ;P06:51
chillywillyI'll sleep when I'm dead06:51
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superm1hey all - is it the end of REVU day, or would a MOTU be willing to fit in one more?07:16
=== mwolson [n=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-213-192.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseesuperm1: where's the package?07:18
superm1the mythtv package I put on revu07:18
superm1its a diff from one I put up about a week ago07:18
superm1that was accepted07:18
superm1I changed two small things with it07:18
=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseedidnt imbrandon upload that?07:25
superm1he uploaded it to edgy07:26
superm1I uploaded it to revu07:26
superm1I'm looking to become a MOTU myself, actually going to be in a community council meeting tomorrow to start the process, and then I can say that I personally uploaded some things :)07:27
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Fujitsusuperm1, the meeting is in 6.5 hours.07:27
superm1yea I know I need to get some rest.....07:27
superm1my roomate keeps telling me that too07:28
FujitsuGood idea.07:28
FujitsuGo to bed! :P07:28
superm1just finishing my wiki page ;)07:28
FujitsuYay :)07:28
ajmitchsuperm1: you have a consistent number & quality of contributions?07:28
superm1well I have recently started to contribute to REVU in the last week or two.  prior to this, its been a lot off record stuff.  I ran my own repo with packages for myth and such07:29
superm1well off record in the sense that I never pushed for them to be included07:29
superm1ajmitch: you can take a look at my wiki page as of now if you'd like to see what I have:07:30
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dholbachgood morning09:13
imbrandonheya dholbach09:15
imbrandonello Fujitsu09:15
FujitsuHi imbrandon.09:15
Hobbseehey dholbach, Fujitsu, imbrandon09:16
dholbachheya Hobbsee, hey imbrandon09:16
FujitsuHi Hobbsee.09:16
dholbachimbrandon: I didn't get telepathy-qt building - I'm not clever enough for the new kde world09:17
dholbachimbrandon: I hope andrunko will come to #kubuntu-devel and figure it out with you guys09:17
=== StevenK [n=stevenk@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachimbrandon: he's upstream for it and would love to see it in edgy09:17
imbrandondholbach: sure ;)09:17
imbrandondholbach: if you can point me to a website i can poke at it a bit too09:18
dholbachimbrandon: the packaging is in bzr on launchpad, the source is aaaaat: ...09:18
dholbachhttps://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tapioca-voip/trunk/telepathy-qt (svn)09:20
dholbachi'm sure he'll show up on irc sooner or later09:20
dholbachand maybe he has another idea how to get it going :)09:20
imbrandonok, sounds great ;)09:20
imbrandonbzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~telepathy/telepathy-qt/ubuntu09:21
dholbachit seems to be a matter of build-depends09:21
imbrandonerr doh09:21
dholbachbut i'm not sure09:21
imbrandondident alt+tab to the right window09:21
dholbachahh :)09:21
ajmitchhey imbrandon, dholbach09:23
imbrandonheya ajmitch09:24
ajmitchhow'd your revu day go? :)09:24
dholbachhey ajmitch09:24
dholbachit was quite ok, although I wished I'd have managed to do more09:25
dholbachhow was yours?09:25
dholbachmaybe we can do another one at the end of the week?09:25
=== matiu [n=matiu@222-154-238-83.adsl.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachmatiu: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/REVU is the process for getting packages included09:25
dholbachmatiu: but for edgy we have to be quick... Sep 28th is UniverseFreeze09:26
dholbachand to be frank, we have a constant lack of reviewers :)09:26
dholbachI was just saying09:26
dholbachmaybe we can do another one (REVU day) at the end of the week?09:26
imbrandondholbach: sounds good to me09:26
imbrandonfriday ( anyday ) heh is good, maybe a revu weekend fri-sat too to catch the people that work durring the week09:27
imbrandonbut i dont have that problem sooo.09:27
imbrandona 48 hours one last pull before universe freeze09:28
=== vud1 [n=vud1@unaffilitated/vud1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchdholbach: or we just keep reviewing as long as we can :)09:31
=== ajmitch will be away for the weekend
=== vud1 [n=vud1@unaffilitated/vud1] has left #ubuntu-motu ["chapo]
imbrandondholbach: ping10:03
dholbachimbrandon: pong10:03
imbrandonok got it building, there are a few more errors to work out10:03
imbrandonbut the main thing is the build-deps10:03
imbrandonBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 5), libqt4-core, cmake, qt4-dev-tools, libqt4-dev10:03
dholbachoh nice10:03
imbrandon^^ needs to be that10:04
dholbachok cool10:04
dholbachyou see that I have no clue :)10:04
imbrandonhehe well i had a bit of help from Riddell too ;)10:04
ajmitchdholbach: you'd be the last person we could say that about10:05
=== ajmitch has a broken kiwi :(
dholbachimbrandon, Riddell: thanks a lot10:05
ajmitchseems that changes in python-twisted have broken epyrun10:06
imbrandondholbach: past that it looks to be an error in the svn code is all thats holding it up10:06
ajmitchwhich is unlikely since it hasn't had any changes for awhile10:06
=== ajmitch keeps digging
imbrandondholbach: one sec i'll pastebin for you to see10:06
=== Gervystar [n=alessand@host52-173-static.120-81-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandondholbach: looks like an error in the channel.h in svn , but the package attempts to build now ( with those build-deps ) http://pastebin.ca/17593110:08
dholbachI'll tell andrunko to look at it10:14
dholbachthanks for your efforts10:14
imbrandondholbach: np, still messing with it too , it might be a qt-bus dep , i dunno without really knowing what all the code uses, i'm trying a few diffrentinthgs10:20
imbrandondholbach: it looks like a qt-dus thing and ..... 03:23 < Riddell> imbrandon: so not much we can do until qt 4.2 comes out10:24
dholbachI'll tell him10:25
imbrandonnota  problem with the telepathy10:25
dholbachi wonder what he uses to build it10:25
imbrandonheh watch it be gentoo ;)10:26
dholbachno no, he uses ubuntu too10:26
dholbachbut he must have upstream cvs or something10:26
matiuwould anyone adopt my package?10:27
imbrandonmatiu: what package ?10:27
matiuthere's a build script in the svn source10:27
dholbachwe should have that kind of stuff in ubuntu though10:27
dholbachas part of the "make upstream happy" spec10:27
matiuI build packages, but I'm not too hot with ubuntu, don't have much time y'know10:27
imbrandondholbach: definately10:27
ajmitchmatiu: good to see more kiwis involved anyway :)10:28
matiuit's not in ubuntu offiial yet...10:28
ajmitchdoes it use the new python policy yet?10:28
matiuIs there someone who would maintain it and get into ubuntu official and ed-ubuntu.. ?10:28
matiuajmitch: I don't know what the new python policy is...10:29
imbrandonmatiu: your in the right room/place to ask ;)10:29
matiuOur ubuntu package is the most popular linux download10:29
matiusecond only to windoze10:29
ajmitchquite a large source tarball :)10:29
matiuovertook rpm this year...10:29
matiuyeah, it's a bit mucky, including twisted, nevow and formless10:30
matiuI can take them out (except nevow)10:30
ajmitchit can't build with an external python-nevow?10:30
matiutrouble is we depend on an older version that's not available in dapper onwards10:30
matiuWe tried 3 times to upgrade it, but get wierd slowing down problems10:31
ajmitchthe debian packaging isn't in the source tarball I see, which is fine (and probably preferred)10:31
matiuthe webserver gets slower and slower after each request. Haven't been able to fix it10:31
matiuajmitch: really, it's just a super hack, to make ubuntu users happy. But I'd really like to see get into edubuntu official10:32
ajmitchso it may need done from scratch?10:32
matiubut I'm the lead developer and have too much on my plate to work out how to make packages.10:32
ajmitchis it a python extension or a python module?10:32
matiuSome people voluteered to do it, then dissappeared. about 3 times now :(10:33
matiuIt's really an app10:33
matiudoesn't actually install in /usr/lib/python2.410:33
ajmitchah right10:33
matiujust all goes into /usr/share/exe10:33
ajmitchand some stuff in /usr/bin?10:33
matiuyeah, one file10:33
matiucalled 'exe'10:33
ajmitchnaming is a little difficult :)10:34
matiuyeah. Try searching for it!10:34
matiuwe're moving to exelearning name. better10:34
matiujust twisted really10:35
ajmitchstandard distutils install?10:35
matiuand formless, perhaps. If twisted doesn't already depend on it10:35
matiu(also it includes a cusomised firefox)10:35
=== matiu winces
matiuThat's another reason for bigness10:35
matiuDo you think there's any chance of getting it in official? or too evil?10:36
ajmitchthe customised firefox would probably be the main killer10:36
matiuWe could probably make it work with normal firefox10:36
matiuonly there would be two menus...10:37
matiunot very professional looking10:37
matiuactually we could make a server only app10:37
matiuaw. I don't know. Maybe not10:38
matiuour ff has some chrome edits and accepts some undocumented command line options10:38
matiuthat ubuntu firefox sometimes does and sometimes doesn't10:38
matiudepending on each release of it10:38
matiuthe command line opts allow us to launch a special profile with special low security settings allowing our "localhost" web server to write files etc...10:39
matiuI'm sorry. I have to fly. I'll see if I can catch up again tommorrow ajmitch. Thanks for your help.10:40
ajmitchalright, see you later10:40
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\shhow long does it take nowadays for a sync to happen?11:08
ajmitchdepends on how often you nag kamion/keybuk11:08
ajmitchbut it seems to be a few days at least11:08
ajmitchI think it's keybuk's archive day today11:08
ajmitchshawarma: what are you doing uploading nm plugins?11:11
PlugNM plugins you say?11:11
ajmitchvpnc, openvpn, & pptp11:11
=== Tonio__ [n=tonio@137.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shajmitch: thx...so I wait until universe UVF11:15
ajmitch\sh: or you bug them mercilessly11:15
\shwell, after I file some more sync reports ,)11:16
=== ajmitch has some more also :)
ajmitchthough I've got to update some of my debian package first11:16
\shI'm waiting for my hp blade enclosure to deploy ... DC has some problems with giving me MACs and ILO PWs11:16
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Yagisandumb question time, do we have packages of nvidias cg compiler ?01:35
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phanatichello everyone02:05
ajmitchhi phanatic02:05
phanatichi ajmitch02:05
FujitsuHi phanatic.02:05
phanatichey Fujitsu02:05
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AnAntping dholbach02:21
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dholbach<andrunko> dholbach: /home/brandon/devel/telepathy-qt/telepathy-qt-0.1.0/./include/QtTelepathy/channel.h:21:25: error: QtDBus/QtDBus: No such file or directory02:30
dholbachimbrandon: <andrunko> dholbach: strange, can you pastebin dpkg -L libdbus-qt4-1-dev02:30
tseng /nick imdholbach02:30
slomodholbach, imbrandon: wrong package name... should be liqt4-core-kdecopy-dev or something like that02:33
imbrandondholbach: lemme finish eating ( breakfast time hehehe ) then i'll look02:33
imbrandondholbach: ohhh thats what i was saying earlier , libdbus-qt4-1-dev isnt installable atm, Riddell  said we would have to wait for the qt4.2 update02:35
imbrandonslomo: wha ?02:35
dholbachimbrandon: ok, right02:36
slomolibdbus-qt4-1-dev is to be removed rsn02:36
slomothe dbus qt4 bindings moved to qt4 upstream and are in the qt4-x11-kdecopy package02:36
imbrandonhrm ok lemme try it with that02:36
imbrandonguess i should have known heh02:37
imbrandonslomo: you sure thats the right package? ......02:37
imbrandonbrandon@horatio:~/devel/pytunes$ sudo apt-cache search qt4-x11-kdecopy02:37
slomoimbrandon: that's the source package name02:38
slomoimbrandon: libqt4-dev-kdecopy / libqt4-core-kdecopy02:38
imbrandonright, ok , sorry eating and not thinking ;)02:38
AnAntdholbach: did you get my email ?02:39
dholbachAnAnt: yes02:39
dholbachAnAnt: I diffed the two debian/ dirs02:39
dholbachAnAnt: it seems you changed the debhelper build-depends version02:40
AnAntdholbach: yup02:40
dholbachAnAnt: I couldn't see why that was necessary02:40
AnAntdholbach: because when I leave it as it is, the REVUers tell me that : compat should be set to 5, debhelper to >= (5.0.0), Standards-Version to 3.7.202:40
dholbachthen you should tell them: this is a package update - I want to keep the diff small02:41
AnAntwhat diff ?02:41
dholbachthat's a valid and good argument02:41
dholbachdiff ubuntu debian02:41
tsengHobbsee: man it takes forever to build ethereal02:41
AnAntwhy would this make the diff big ?02:41
dholbachnot big02:41
dholbachbut it's an unnecessary change02:41
Hobbseetseng: *g*02:41
Hobbseetseng: what do you have to build it forthis time?02:42
tsengHobbsee: i am trying to build it with gtk 1.2 to spot a "regression"02:42
tsengHobbsee: this is infuriating02:42
tsengHobbsee: ...we run it over remote X11 to windows clients02:42
dholbachAnAnt: nevermind - it was a sidenote - I uploaded it anyway... it's just a difference, if it's a package YOU maintain or if it's a package you have to merge every now and then02:42
tsengfor network staff02:42
tsengHobbsee: now that it was running good for awhile people will not believe that remote X is shit and this was a bad idea from the onset02:43
tsengHobbsee: it must be fixed!!!!102:43
AnAntdholbach: yeah, I know it was a sidenote, but I needed to understand02:43
dholbachAnAnt: sure02:43
AnAntdholbach: I didn't understand that "if it's a package YOU maintain or if it's a package you have to merge every now and then" part02:43
dholbachAnAnt: you didn't or you still don't?02:43
Hobbseetseng: hehe, ouch, yes02:43
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AnAntdholbach: still don't02:45
dholbachAnAnt: ok. setting the Standards-Version is nice - so if it's a package where you write the packaging and you maintain it, you should have it.02:46
dholbachAnAnt: if it's a package that we sync from debian and it's the easiest way for us to have good quality software, it's nice if we can just sync it02:46
dholbachAnAnt: if there are changes, we can't sync, we have to check the changes02:46
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AnAntdholbach: ok, I noticed that Debian hasn't done any apcalc packages since Jan, so did they stop ?02:47
dholbachAnAnt: if changes are not necessary, one has to contemplate how much the change is02:47
dholbachAnAnt: that's something you need to ask the maintainer of the package - I don't know02:47
AnAntdholbach: ok, thanks02:47
dholbachOk, super.02:48
AnAntdholbach: ok how about this question02:48
AnAntdholbach: sometimes if I use the Debian diff as it is, the resulting binary debs got some lintian/linda issues02:48
dholbachif you forward the diff to the debian maintainer, that's cool02:49
AnAntdholbach: like in the case of apcalc, the .menu file is in the apcalc-common instead of the apcalc package, and the FSF address is old02:49
dholbachto me "making linda happy" was only important for my packages02:49
AnAntdholbach: ok, that's better idea indeed02:49
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FujitsuThanks, \sh.02:54
AnAntdholbach: ok, thanks for the info02:55
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lophytedholbach: you got a minute?02:55
dholbachlophyte: yes02:56
lophytedholbach: you mentioned in your email to take a look at broken edgy packages and fix them.. I was just wondering, how do I know that someone else isn't already working on a particular package?02:56
dholbachlophyte: we have a lot of packages ;)02:56
lophytehaha, I noticed02:57
dholbachlophyte: if there's a specific bug you work on, you can simply add a comment "working on it"02:57
lophytewhere would I add that?02:57
dholbacha comment on the bug?02:57
lophyteahhh, okay02:58
dholbachlophyte: if it's a package of a "working list", you could just say "looking at <something>" in the channel - that's good enough02:58
dholbachwe can't fully circumvent clashes, but they don't happen that often02:58
lophyteso should I check the launchpad for bugs first, or use apt-cache -i unmet as a guide for finding packages to work on?02:59
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dholbachlophyte: there's a lot to do: if you find something that interests you, just go ahead03:00
dholbachwe should definitely set up some working lists soon again03:00
dholbachand maybe have a motu meeting to discuss objectives until release03:01
dholbachlike getting lists of packages that don't build anymore, etc03:01
FujitsuYeah, that'd be good.03:01
dholbachUnfortunately I'm very busy atm or I'd take matters in my own hands.03:01
lophyteI'm still working on going through the packaging guide03:01
ajmitchthe rest of us can tackle it03:02
=== Fujitsu will do anything he can.
ajmitchdholbach: I'll check with infinity to see if he can do a test build & give us the results03:02
dholbachIf somebody comes across an easy package to tackle for lophyte, please do so.03:03
lophytethanks :)03:03
dholbachlophyte: you ROCK! :)03:03
ajmitchdholbach: what lists do we want this time? FTBFS, out of date, etc?03:04
Hobbseedholbach: good idea03:04
dholbachajmitch: unmetdeps too03:04
ajmitchunmetdeps should be easy enough03:04
dholbachand of course our bugs03:04
dholbachit'd be great to get a big picture of stuff we should really fix03:04
FujitsuIt'd be very nice, yes.03:05
ajmitchyou managed to get a response on setting motu as bug contact for everything in universe?03:05
dholbachno, I sent the mail - no reply yet03:05
ajmitchthe problem is that some packages are more equal than others, so to speak03:05
ajmitchso maybe hooking it up to popcon again03:05
dholbachyeah, I have the same feeling03:05
ajmitchgoody, soyuz is missing the feature03:06
FujitsuI love having Launchpad being its useless self.03:08
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ajmitchdholbach: for example, I found that kiwi doesn't build anymore - it's nice to catch these errors03:09
ajmitchhi Q-FUNK03:09
dholbachajmitch: yeah, that'd be very good03:09
FujitsuIt would be nice... Anybody feel like doing it manually? :P03:09
dholbachajmitch: after UniverseFreeze we should really look at our bugs and give them prios03:09
ajmitchFujitsu: sure03:10
ajmitchwe have the technology03:10
ajmitchdholbach: will we have some people to approve universe freeze exceptions again?03:10
ajmitchI think mdz won't mind if there are some trusted people doing that03:11
dholbachslomo, siretart and I will do it - same process as last time03:11
jsgotangco"we have technology" - reminds me of spongebob03:11
dholbachI think it worked quite well03:11
tsengjsgotangco: the 6 million dollar man03:11
ajmitchas long as you're not all too busy03:11
jsgotangcoinflation has drowned the cost of the 6 million dollar man03:12
tsengbut prosthetic knees have gone down in price03:12
slomodholbach: maybe with only 2/3 votes necessary this time to get things done a bit faster03:12
dholbachslomo: sounds good to me03:13
dholbachsiretart: ^ agree?03:13
ajmitchslomo: please03:13
slomoajmitch: hm?03:14
ajmitchslomo: I think it's a good idea not requiring all 303:14
slomoajmitch: ok :)03:14
ajmitchsince it puts pressure on you all to be on top of them :)03:14
Q-FUNKajmitch: hi.  I saw your sync request added to the package. thanks!03:15
ajmitchno problem03:15
lophytedholbach: should i post to the mailing list that I'm looking for easy packages to fix? ;)03:16
siretartdholbach: I got my connectivity back, so I in theory I should be able to handle that.03:16
dholbachsiretart: do you have objections to a 2/3 vote being ok?03:16
siretartdholbach: let's try, but if I get too slow, it might make sense to replace me. for now, I'm willing to do so03:16
ajmitchhey siretart03:17
siretartdholbach: I think 2/3 vote is very ok, unless the third one strongly objects ;)03:17
siretarthuhu ajmitch03:17
dholbachsiretart: I'm fully confident in you03:17
dholbachsiretart, slomo: ok, agreed.03:17
dholbachlophyte: sounds like a good idea - we should make that a nice big thread with ideas for the next weeks until release03:17
dholbachlophyte: thanks for doing it03:18
=== ajmitch will get onto writing up some lists
ajmitchinfinity is working out something with wanna-build & getting us build results03:19
slomosiretart: any idea when you will have time for liba52? :)03:19
siretartajmitch: testrebuilds like in hoary?03:19
ajmitch:1:> apt-cache -i unmet |grep Package |wc -l03:19
ajmitchsiretart: yes03:19
siretartslomo: ask me again tonight :)03:19
ajmitchwe've got a few unmet deps according to a quick count there03:20
slomosiretart: ok :)03:20
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phanatichey raphink03:21
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raphinkhi phanatic03:22
=== Arbiter is now known as arbiter
\shwhy can't hp deliver blades with pxe boot enabled by default...*gnarf*03:23
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siretartdholbach: do we want to use tags for uvf approval this time?03:29
dholbachwhy not 'motu-uvf'?03:29
siretartdholbach: I think we can track uvf request more easily after they got approved03:29
dholbachslomo: what do you think?03:30
siretartdholbach: the current process is, that after it got approved, the task gets assigned to someone.03:30
siretartand after that reassignemt, we loose the track that it once was an uvf request03:30
dholbachsiretart: we can stay subscribed to it and track the status, no?03:30
slomosiretart, dholbach: i don't care... subscribing worked fine last time but tags would probably work fine too03:30
slomosiretart: that's why we don't assign but subscribe03:30
siretarttrue as well. hm03:30
ajmitchkeep it consistent, subscribe03:31
ajmitchevery other team works by subscribing03:31
siretartso this is the authoritative worklist for the uvf team: https://launchpad.net/people/motu-uvf/+subscribedbugs03:35
siretartluckily only one request so far :)03:35
slomodoes universe freeze start today already? i thought 28th september03:36
ajmitchit should be for people who have packages ready, not for random requests03:37
=== Nafallo thought so to
ajmitchslomo: you're right, but we want stuff in place before then03:37
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ajmitchnight all03:43
bddebianHeya gang03:43
bddebianGnight ajmitch03:43
dholbach sleep tight ajmitch03:43
dholbachhey bddebian03:43
bddebianHI Daniel03:43
Nafallognight ajmitch03:43
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faboi have uploaded transkode 0.6b2 and always nothing on revu.tauware.de04:08
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fabothere's a previous version 0.5b already on revu but not uploded by me04:09
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fabono revu admin around ?04:15
Hobbseefabo: is yours listed further down that page?04:16
fabopackage yes but not my version on revu.tauware.de04:16
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bddebianDoh, what time is meeting today?04:58
FujitsuWhich meeting?04:58
FujitsuCC started 3 hours ago...04:59
lophyteand is still going.04:59
bddebianOh fuck04:59
Fujitsubddebian, still going for quite some time.04:59
Hobbseehaha, yeah04:59
Hobbseethey're still not oone :P04:59
FujitsuWhy, bddebian?04:59
Q-FUNKwell, not today for me04:59
bddebianI was going to speak for someone...04:59
FujitsuAnd there's a fair bit to cover.04:59
Q-FUNK-> sauna04:59
Fujitsubddebian, who?05:00
FujitsuCurrently doing Lie Ex, people before that have been done.05:00
bddebianFujitsu: I don't remember.. My mind is mush lately :'-(05:01
bddebianI hate my freakin' life right now.. :-(05:09
Nafallobddebian: aye! me as well.05:10
Nafallobddebian: but my own...05:10
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Nafalloajmitch: ping :_)07:52
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AnAntdholbach: no one answered the elinks-full email08:06
xerxasis there some logs of the chan ?08:07
LaserJockxerxas: which channel?08:08
LaserJockthis one?08:08
xerxasthis one , and also desktop08:08
xerxasif there is08:08
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crimsunAnAnt: most people are fairly busy. I'll look in a bit.08:09
Q-FUNKhowdy!  if a DD is available to sponsor the upload to Debian, I have fixed a couple of bugs specific to Ubuntu on one of my packages.08:09
AnAntcrimsun: thanks08:10
crimsunQ-FUNK: err...specific to Ubuntu but you want uploaded to Debian?08:10
crimsun(you're probably better off asking in debian-mentors)08:11
Q-FUNKit changes nothing for the debian package and makes it finally work on ubuntu, just by changing the permissions on a file.08:11
crimsunright, a sync08:11
Q-FUNKfirst a sponsored uploa,d then a sync.08:11
xerxasLaserJock:  thanks !08:11
xerxasI found what I need :)08:11
Q-FUNK* Changed backend permissions to 6700 for Ubuntu (LP #36093, #42147).08:12
crimsunQ-FUNK: again, debian-mentors08:12
Q-FUNKwrong place to ask08:17
Q-FUNKtoo many ubuntu haters there08:17
AnAntdebian ppl hate ubuntu ?08:17
Q-FUNKsome do.  thank goodness, not all of them. :)08:18
crimsunsigh, it has nothing to do with Ubuntu. If you want a package uploaded into Debian, you'd ask in the channel(s) relevant to Debian.08:18
hubhow do I exclude somme documentation files with cdbs?08:18
hubhey Q-FUNK08:18
AnAnthub: is cdbs easy to use ?08:18
Q-FUNKhub :)08:18
hubAnAnt: yeah08:19
=== Q-FUNK loves CDBS
AnAnthub: easier that debhelper ?08:19
hubAnAnt: it uses debhelper08:19
=== LaserJock still has reservations about CDBS
LaserJockit looks cool though08:19
LaserJockand I didn't think debian-mentors had very many Ubuntu haters08:20
crimsunmeaning "it can use debhelper if you include the .mk"08:20
LaserJockI found sponsors pretty quickly08:20
hubLaserJock: I don't create a new package without using CDBS08:20
hubLaserJock: I'd rather not have to maintaine rules08:20
Riddellhub: DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_package = -Xfoo08:20
hubRiddell: ah ok08:21
RiddellI'm guessing :)08:21
AnAnthub: is there a quick tutorial for using CDBS ?08:21
hubAnAnt: https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml08:21
=== stratus [n=stratus@cronopio.rits.org.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKLaserJock: I've had bad experiences there in the past.  you own mileage may vary :)08:22
AnAnthub: so I still must use dh_make to create the debian/ directory08:24
=== reggaemanu [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-158-241.w86-214.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubAnAnt: I copy stuff over08:26
=== thom sighs at blind use of cdbs
Riddellthom: where?08:30
thomRiddell: everywhere.anywhere08:31
hubRiddell: will you be at aKademy?08:31
LaserJockof course08:31
Riddellhub: sure08:31
RiddellI need to learn how to run akademy for next year08:32
LaserJockit isn't a magical black box if everybody knows how to use it properly ;-)08:32
=== Mirrado [n=Mirrado@20150111161.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubRiddell: in scottland?08:32
thomLaserJock: right, but i don't like magic at the best of times08:32
hubRiddell: see you there anyway. I arrive Sunday08:32
hubI have to remember how to get to the tcd08:32
hubI did for Guadec 2003 :-)08:33
=== Mirrado [n=Mirrado@20150111161.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #ubuntu-motu []
thomi remember very little of guadec 2k308:33
LaserJockthom: me neither, that's why i don't use it much yet08:33
hubthom: well, it was a last minute attendance, sort of08:34
hubthom: I was job-less08:34
thomi think http://www.flickr.com/photos/rossburton/234077202/ sums up gu4dec very well for me08:36
thomhub: i was just mostly drunk08:36
hubthom: I was nively drunk too08:36
hubmjg59 looks funny08:37
hubI have heard that he is coming too08:37
thomhe was amazingly hung over08:37
thomto akademy? yeah, think he and robot101 are08:37
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubthom: will you be there?08:38
=== hub is going there not for his employer
thomnope, i have a release to do for work this week so the weekend is gonna be busy08:39
hubah ok08:39
hubwho do you work for?08:39
hubI think I know a friend who work for them08:42
hubwell he didnt' tell me who the company was nor the project08:42
hubwell it is. got confirmation08:43
=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-motu
thomsmall world08:44
hubthom: you work for them?08:45
Adri2000hello all08:47
Riddellthom: mjg59 is going to akademy?08:47
thomRiddell: yeah, afaik08:49
hubRiddell: I have seen him on the wiki of departure08:49
hubmore crazy people08:49
hubwith free beer, it is dangerous08:49
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iapx8088I would need some clarification about revision09:09
iapx8088I did upload my package, and now?09:09
iapx8088I must wait for someone to review it?09:11
tsengyou can revise it any time09:12
iapx8088mmh i see09:12
iapx8088I cannot revise a package I made, it's better if someone else does09:12
iapx8088of course if I find an error, I could reload the update.09:13
iapx8088omg my english is awful in those two rows.09:13
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@Toronto-HSE-ppp3879916.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengrevise is not the same as review09:17
iapx8088haaaa ok I see09:17
tsengyou cant review your own package09:17
tsengyou can revise it :) update it with  fix09:17
iapx8088no at the moment I would need someone to review it09:18
iapx8088the legal part, especially09:18
lfittliapx8088: which package is it?09:18
iapx8088I had some useful links to previous debian discussions in the comment09:19
iapx8088the ones that the form allowed me to put into09:19
=== FliesLikeALap [n=Ryan@eggplant-05.dynamic2.rpi.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088of course I already did the dirty work for the person that will threat the legal questions.09:22
iapx8088myself, I'm an engineer and not very fond of licences and stuff09:22
=== Nafallo [n=nafallo@ubuntu/member/nafallo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlwhere exactly did you find the license in the upstream tarball? (the source files don't seem to have complete license headers)09:24
iapx8088lfittl, the licence I saw was in debian/ and was here due the fact that it's a spin-off from the unofficial debian port09:26
iapx8088but I believe there's a copy in the upstream tarball09:27
iapx8088I'm searching09:27
lfittliapx8088: ok, this seems to be a very complicated situation, have you talked to the debian port maintainer already?09:27
iapx8088lfittl,  no answer from it09:31
iapx8088sent two emails09:32
lfittlk, maybe I will take a look at it later this week, as it would require some time to review it09:33
=== andrunko [n=andrunko@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i577B12AB.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088lfittl, I understand that spice is under the oldest BSD licence, so no GPLed code may be linked against it, so Debian refuses to package it.09:35
iapx8088but basically, the licence is very free09:36
iapx8088and if you asks berkeley, they don't answer, the ngspice team already pleaded them to change the license.09:36
iapx8088anyway, my package like the debian one, is sort of a wrapper, it works only if You provide the source09:38
lfittliapx8088: basically, apart from being non-commercial, it is free, but the source files don't have the correct license headers, which means the chance that this will get into ubuntu is very small09:38
iapx8088I understand09:38
Q-FUNKany comment on bug #58392 ?09:38
UbugtuMalone bug 58392 in upgrade-system "Could not calculate the upgrade..." [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5839209:38
iapx8088I feared that09:38
iapx8088I believe it will end like the Debian port, staying unofficial.09:38
lfittlstill better than having no package available at all, just promote it somewhere so that people can find it ;)09:39
iapx8088no problem for me, but it's a pity, SPICE is the mother of all simulators.09:39
iapx8088and quite a reference.09:39
iapx8088well, shame on berkeley and their attitude09:39
=== Tutenstein [n=ask@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlyep, at least their attitude concerning licenses09:40
Tutensteinhi, what is the first step to getting involved in development...I have got much free time nowadays...09:41
iapx8088lfittl, what i don't understand very well, is how ngspice (a spinoff) is in the repos...09:42
iapx8088I mean, you take someone else code, you tweak it, and then it's ok?09:42
iapx8088there's something weird in the situation09:43
=== Mez [i=Brummi3@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlit seems very weird to me, are there many people interested in having this packaged?09:44
iapx8088mmmh I believe so.09:44
iapx8088Imho yes, pratically all the el* engineers09:44
iapx8088they resort to wine+ltspice actually09:45
lfittlcan't they use the spinoff?09:45
iapx8088probably, but the good in spice is that it's a reference, while in the spinoff they tweaked a little the algorithms, so you can't no longer say SPICE says so.09:45
lfittlah, I see09:46
iapx8088if you say ngspice says so, you are to be answered, and who the hell is it the guy behind ngspice?09:46
iapx8088spice, old and crusty, bad and slow, is a safe reference,09:46
Q-FUNKmorning ajmitch09:46
lfittlmorning ajmitch09:47
iapx8088but I would have to see better the work under ngspice, who knows? maybe they didn't tweak the algos09:47
iapx8088anyway I see the point.09:47
iapx8088If there's a way to put spice in ubuntu, I would be more than eager to mantain it.09:47
iapx8088if not, long live ngspice :D09:48
=== Tutenstein [n=ask@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lfittlsure, and maybe there is a way to get it in, but it will take some time, so don't expect it to be in edgy09:48
iapx8088we have time, we waited 100 years for SPICE09:49
iapx8088the ngspice situation is more than interesting for me, I'm developing internally a spice on steroids and it would be great to put it on ubuntu09:50
iapx8088I mean, I'm leaving alone the algos, and trying to settle the little big problems around.09:51
iapx8088it would be a great thing, but what's the point of making it if I cannot relase it and the distros cannot package it...all lost work09:51
iapx8088maybe I should drop a note to them09:52
Mezsiretart: ping09:53
siretartMez: pong09:53
Mezsiretart: one sec - iot's regarding tiber09:54
Mezsiretart: can you install automake1.9 on tiber please?09:56
bddebianMez!!!!!! :-)09:58
bddebianHey siretart09:58
Mezhey bddebian09:59
Mezsiretart: ignore last message10:00
MezI forgot to set the path to autoconf on the commnand line10:00
siretartMez: done10:01
siretarthuhu bddebian10:01
LaserJockhi siretart10:01
ajmitchhello siretart10:01
LaserJockhi bddebian10:01
LaserJockhola ajmitch10:01
siretartn'evening LaserJock and ajmitch10:02
bddebianHeya LaserJock and ajmitch10:02
ajmitchone big round of introductions...10:02
=== Q-FUNK is slowly coming up to speed on launchpad usage
=== Q-FUNK wonders what to do with bug #58392
UbugtuMalone bug 58392 in upgrade-system "Could not calculate the upgrade..." [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5839210:03
siretartQ-FUNK: I had a friend who told me that launchpad was quite confusing at first. I think you get used to it after some time..10:03
ajmitchQ-FUNK: it also doesn't have nearly enough info10:03
Q-FUNKsiretart: the modal menus are what's confusing.  they are considered a big no-no of UI design, usually.10:03
Nafallofabbione compared it to doom :-)10:03
ajmitchNafallo: a monster on every page?10:04
siretarthas anyone heard about a command 'lessdif'? (note the one 'f')10:04
Nafalloajmitch: hehe, something like that ;-)10:04
LaserJockhmm, well I count ~10 less packages on REVU after REVU day :/10:05
ajmitchLaserJock: plus a  number of comments & updates10:06
LaserJockwell sure10:06
ajmitchLaserJock: we just have to keep reviewing until freeze day10:06
LaserJockI'm wondering more about efficency though10:07
ajmitchin what way?10:07
LaserJockare we putting a lot of work into stuff that isn't making it into Universe?10:07
ajmitchfeel free to suggest how we can see what won't make it into universe :)10:07
LaserJockwell, we'd need to analyze the problem first10:08
LaserJockis it that we just have low quality packages10:08
ajmitchlow barrier of entry10:08
LaserJockor is it that we are hitting a lot of copyright/license  problems10:08
ajmitchpeople upload packages, expect instant feedback, and don't update10:09
LaserJockor is it that people aren't getting feedback fast enough and give up10:09
ajmitchfar more quality issues than licensing, from what I've seen10:09
Q-FUNKajmitch: that would be them missing the part about droping by here or to -devle to ask for feedback10:09
ajmitchQ-FUNK: which they don't always get10:09
Q-FUNKajmitch: why not?10:09
ajmitchbecause people aren't always around & available10:10
Q-FUNKso impatience10:10
ajmitchsure :)10:10
ajmitchwe can't do much about that10:10
iapx8088I'm new, but I expect to start reviewing, not just sit here and wait for someone to slash my ill-driven package.10:11
Q-FUNKis there any way we could incorporate some sort of mentoring in a more systematic way, so that true bleu beginers get a helping hand for their first few packages?10:11
ajmitchwe've tried, there's a list of willing mentors10:12
Q-FUNKat debian, the systematic feedback I get from sponsors and from my AM have helped me increase the quality of my packages really quick.10:12
ajmitchin debian, there are a lot more people to sponsor & give feedback10:12
Q-FUNKcall me silly, but I think that forcing people to first go thru sponsored uploads with sponsor's feedback turns out to have benefits, on that aspect10:13
LaserJockthat's what we do10:13
Q-FUNKwhere it goes silly is that right next to it, the step towards DD via NM is huge10:13
=== ajmitch has the experience of debian as well :)
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKI'm wondering if there's any way to find a better balance betwen the sometimes lax quality of packages due to poor feedback and the 3-year queue in NM?10:14
LaserJockmentors.debian.net currently has about the same number of packages as REVU10:15
LaserJockQ-FUNK: I thought that was called MOTU ;-)10:15
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@MTL-HSE-ppp194093.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-239-162.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
shawarmaajmitch: (about the nm plugins) I had them in my own repository and I noticed that they were referenced all over the place, so I figured I might as well upload them, so people can just get them directly from the universe goodness instead of adding my repository. They really shouldn't trust people like me. :-)10:16
ajmitchshawarma: uploading stuff over what other people have packaged isn't polite :)10:16
iapx8088can I say something, the word of a brand new-blue?10:16
shawarmaajmitch: Oh, shit, they were already there?10:16
Q-FUNKbetween the (percieved but not always true) low quality that sometimes slip into universe and the black beret hazing of debian, there's gotta be a middle ground10:16
LaserJockcreating better MOTUs :-)10:17
=== Q-FUNK notices an appetizing nickname on the channel
shawarmaajmitch: I didn't even notice. I was reading the NetworkManager FAQ and saw them referenced, so someone clearly wants/needs them.10:17
ajmitchwe try & keep the quality bar high enough for universe10:17
Q-FUNKshawarma: gotta admit that your nickname rings of delicious grilled meat ;)10:17
ajmitchsure, some people may be stricter on quality than others, but I'd hope that we're not letting through obvious crack :)10:18
iapx8088I believe that the stuff should be on a single website, the wiki and all;  I believe there should be just one registration for everything.10:18
shawarmaQ-FUNK: One of these days, I'll make up a silly story about it meaning something obscene in Danish. :-)10:18
ajmitchiapx8088: give it time10:18
Q-FUNKshawarma: some religious cartoonish reference comes to mind :-P10:18
shawarmaajmitch: I actually think crack has an easier time sneaking into Debian.10:18
ajmitchiapx8088: we're limited in what we can work with, and the time it takes to develop stuff10:18
iapx8088ajmitch, yes I understand, of course there were suggestions :D10:19
shawarmaajmitch: Have you seen the axiom package? I still wake up screaming sometimes after merging that one.10:19
ajmitchshawarma: no, I don't touch most packages10:19
=== Q-FUNK points out that he's been on #debian-ubuntu for the last while and is a willing candidate to help bridge the gap
ajmitchQ-FUNK: bridge the gap in what way, though?10:19
=== ajmitch has seen efforts to help bridge the gap come & go :)
Q-FUNKajmitch: I'm mostly interested in uploading as much as possible directly into debian, to thin down on the amount of ubuntu-specific diffs if possible10:20
=== LaserJock isn't fond oof thouse
iapx8088why don't starting categorizing people? I mean, I'm an electronic eng, I could test both the package and the program itself for all the elettr* packages. So could a graphic, and so could a med.10:20
LaserJockiapx8088: we have those10:20
iapx8088I don't know if presently there are el programs in revu, the name doesn't always speak. If I'd know, I'd be reviewing them just now.10:21
ajmitchQ-FUNK: I'm fairly sure that all of my packages in Ubuntu are also in Debian10:21
shawarmaajmitch: Well, to be fair, only the network-manager-pptp has been touched since back in April.10:21
Q-FUNKajmitch: as my lp page says, I'm doing NM and yet i've been handing out ubuntu CDs for the last couple of years.10:21
ajmitchshawarma: that was the main one I was asking about, since I was reviewing it with plug :)10:21
Q-FUNKajmitch: there's still tons of packages that receive useful patches in buntu that don't make it in debian10:22
ajmitchof course10:22
shawarmaajmitch: "with plug"?10:22
ajmitchah, you still have T&S to go :)10:22
ajmitchshawarma: Plug, aka Craig Box10:22
Q-FUNKI subscribe to madduck's idea of sympathetic DDs doing everything they can to help merge and upload10:23
ajmitchQ-FUNK: and I do that10:23
LaserJockI don't think there should be teams for that10:23
ajmitchI was uploading stuff to debian until late last night :)10:23
shawarmaajmitch: Hmmm... assume that I've just stumbled in from the street and don't know anything about anything... What is Craig Box?10:23
shawarmaajmitch: I'm totally lost here.10:23
ajmitchshawarma: someone who has his package on revu10:23
LaserJockthis should be DD and MOTU wide thing10:23
shawarmaajmitch: Ah...10:23
LaserJockDDs should be open to looking at Ubuntu patches, and MOTUs should be open to sending them10:24
LaserJocktraining is a part of that10:24
shawarmaajmitch: I thought you were reviewing it with plug as in "I'm using this new magical wand called "plug" to review it".10:24
shawarmaajmitch: I see what you mean now.10:24
shawarmaajmitch: Will anything be messed up if you nuke my uploads of that package?10:25
ajmitchyes, it'll take out the whole package10:25
shawarmaajmitch: upload no. 3190 and 319210:26
shawarmaajmitch: Ah, ok.10:26
ajmitchiirc nukes don't just work on uploads now10:26
shawarmaajmitch: Ok. I'll send plug an e-mail asking him to reupload. I don't want to step on anyone's toes.10:27
ajmitchhe'll probably be on irc later10:27
=== ajmitch has to head out to work, bbl
=== micahcowan [n=micahcow@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-motu
phanaticgood evening10:32
lfittlevening phanatic10:33
phanatichi lfittl10:33
=== Bazzi [n=Bastian@p50803A5C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== fredix [n=fredix@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Plugshawarma: got your e-mail10:40
Plugno prob wrt toes10:40
PlugI worked with ajmee to make the thing actually go for me :)10:40
ajmitchmight be worth seeing what can be picked out of both packages10:42
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
PlugI started with Soren's original package as a base10:46
ajmitchI see the recent change http://revu.tauware.de/diff.py?upid1=3190&upid2=3192 seems to get stuff out of being placed directly in /usr/lib10:47
bddebianHeya phanatic, lfittl10:49
iapx8088I gotta go10:49
iapx8088lfittl, let me know if there's any news10:49
phanaticheya bddebian10:49
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=== redguy [n=mati@adv42.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezsiretart: ping10:54
shawarmaPlug: so... Do you want to "keep it" or should we just leave my updated package there? I don't mind either way.10:54
siretartMez: yes?10:55
Mezsiretart: any chance of updating the sources.list on tiber so that it pulls the sources from edgy when you apt-get source ?10:56
PlugI'd like to keep it at this point10:59
Plugbut I'll check the differences out with you11:00
Plugcos at this point I have no idea what you've done11:00
siretartMez: you could use an apt-get option to use a custom sources.list. would that help you?11:01
Mezsiretart: I was just wondering-  as that how you used it before..,it's not  aproblem to get it manuallyt11:01
LaserJocksiretart: will *only* adding a deb-src line allow you to do that?11:01
MezLaserJock, it did before ;)11:02
shawarmaLaserJock: What else would you add?11:02
shawarmaLaserJock: No need.11:02
LaserJockbut we don't want that on tiber ;-)11:02
shawarmaLaserJock: Oh, no. Is it still running Breezy?11:02
LaserJockI'm just wondering if you put in a deb-src line for edgy11:02
LaserJockand you run apt-get source11:02
LaserJockwill it grab edgy11:03
shawarmaLaserJock: Yes.11:03
LaserJockisn't there a way to set it up so you can specify the repo?11:03
shawarmaPlug: Ok. I've noticed a bug in my most recent upload, but if you're reworking it, it doesn't matter.11:03
shawarmaLaserJock: apt-get source -t distro packagename   ?11:04
LaserJocksomething like that11:04
shawarmaLaserJock: No, exactly that. :-)11:04
LaserJocka waaaay long time ago I remember trying something like that on Fedora11:04
LaserJockseemed like you didn't need the -t though, like it was after the packagename11:05
shawarmaLaserJock: It works here. My build server has both dapper and edgy configured and I can do it like that.11:05
siretartI'd like to get tiber updated to breezy first11:05
LaserJockI thought it was running breezy?11:05
siretartbut I'd like to do this with sistpoty11:05
Plugshawarma: are you still working from the 'released' 0.6.2 source?11:06
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockis the machine actually located with you guys siretart?11:06
siretartLaserJock: no, it is hosted at serverpronto.com11:06
FujitsuOh no...11:06
FujitsuI've got bad memories of upgrading Breezy->Dapper with them.11:07
siretartFujitsu: so?11:07
ajmitchsiretart: we can probably manage that in steps :)11:07
shawarmaPlug: "released"?11:07
shawarmaPlug: My starting point was a checkout of the vpn directories of the gnome cvs with the RELEASE_0_6_3 tag (or something like that).11:08
shawarmaPlug: ...since edgy uses 0.6.3. The dapper package uses
Plugthere were lots of fixes committed to HEAD that I don't think are on a release branch yet11:09
Plugbut we made sure the package worked with the dapper version as a priority11:09
shawarmaPlug: Are the dbus interfaces compatible?11:09
Plugthey haven't changed11:09
Plugthe dict stuff is in NM HEAD11:09
shawarmaPlug: Yes.11:09
Plugbut we have also got some nice detection stuff that will use the right interface for the right version11:09
=== Kyral [n=kyral@ubuntu/member/kyral] has joined #ubuntu-motu
shawarmaPlug: At least the interface for passing ip configuration info from the vpn plugin to networkmanager has changed since 0.6.3 release.11:10
shawarmaPlug: incompatibly so.11:10
Plugput it this way, my package should work for 0.6.2 and 0.6.311:10
Plugand possibly for anything higher, but that wasn't a current concern11:10
Plugas edgy is (I assume) sticking with 0.6.311:11
shawarmaPlug: Right. the same probably goes for mine. I don't think there were any changes in this area between 0.6.2 and
shawarmaPlug: It will not work with anything after 0.6.3, I think.11:11
KyralLaserJock: ping11:11
Plugyour original package didn't work for me as I needed to specify 'refuse-eap' to connect to my (Windows 2003) VPN server11:11
Plugand there was no way of doing this, or specifying extra options, from the interface11:11
PlugThat's one of the many things we fixed :)11:12
shawarmaPlug: About a week after 0.6.3 was released rml committed a change to the dbus interface for passing ip configuration. Not the dict stuff, but just an extra parameter for the method call.11:12
Plugshawarma: accounted for11:12
Plugit was mss, iirc?11:12
shawarmaPlug: Oh, cool! You made actual changes? :-)11:12
PlugHell yes! :)11:12
shawarmaPlug: Might be.11:12
PlugI spent a good number of hours with the author, working in CVS11:13
Plugwe fixed all number of nasties11:13
shawarmaPlug: Just for that plugin or general networkmanager crap?11:13
PlugJust for that plugin.11:13
Plugin saying that, some of the rest of the bugs are fixed in newer NMs11:13
ajmitchPlug: great, so the remaining fix before it gets uploaded is probably just moving files from /usr/lib11:13
Plugsuch as "if you click save, you can't then click edit on the same connection - you have to quit the dialog first"11:14
shawarmaPlug: Well then. Please upload your shiny, new, nicer plugin to revu again. The changes to move the stuff out of /usr/bin is really simple. I can make a diff just for that stuff if you want it.11:14
ajmitchand then we can advocate it & bug someone else to review it11:14
Plugthe usr/lib thing is a build parameter I believe11:14
Plugits marked on another package anyway11:15
PlugI just need to turn that PC on (which probably means after 5pm tonight, in ~8 hours)11:15
shawarmaPlug: Ok. How did you manage to work around the added parameter in the dbus method call?11:15
Plugcommented out the line in a patch in the package, I believe11:19
Plugwould need the source in front of me to confirm11:19
shawarmaPlug: Oh. :-) I thought you cast an introspection spell and figured out if networkmanager wanted the extra parameter and passed it depending on that.11:21
Plugnothing quite that smart I'm afraid! :)11:22
shawarmaPlug: Yes, i see it.11:22
shawarmaPlug: Not quite as magical as I thought it would be.11:23
shawarmaPlug: :-)11:23
zul/win 1311:23
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-229-117.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartNafallo: welcome to MOTUMedia :)11:33
Nafallosiretart: yay! thanks :-)11:33
siretartslomo: around?11:34
slomosiretart: yes11:34
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartslomo: I'm just talking to panthera, a52dec maintainer in debian. he tells me  that he would like to update it to something newer, but sam didn't commit anything since may11:35
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@MTL-HSE-ppp194093.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomosiretart: too bad... look at mplayer then, they have their diffs in the a52 directory11:36
lophyteanyone have a palm pilot?11:36
siretartslomo: I'd rather suggest to compile against the internal a52 for now11:36
slomosiretart: then we have to take the internal ffmpeg too11:37
slomoNafallo: ^--- so change mplayer back to compile against internal ffmpeg please11:37
siretartI'd rather like to have a working mplayer. we have tons of other stuff to do as well11:37
siretartthe xine merge gets more interesting than I thought.. *sigh*11:39
NafalloI comment it in case we change our mind about that.11:40
slomoso let's hope that gstreamer takes over the world ;) it's always fun to update/merge the packages because of almost no work :P11:40
Nafallohmm, we _are_ using bzr, I might aswell remove it ;-)11:40
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=== joejaxx [i=jadaz87@outbound.silenceisdefeat.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKmust we always sync from unstabl eor can it also be from incoming?11:50
bddebianYou can ask for experimental/incoming I think but I don't know how common that is11:51
ajmitchQ-FUNK: by the time they get to the sync, it may be in the pool anyway11:52
Q-FUNKexperimentla would make sense for another one of my packages, actually11:52
bddebianLater folks11:53
Q-FUNKfor gaim-irchelper, ubuntu already thinghtened up the build-depends to gaim-dev 2.0beta3 a while back11:58
Q-FUNKi did the same for debian, but only for experimental11:58
Q-FUNKgetting ubuntu to use my experimental package would eliminate the need for a manual sync11:58
=== joejaxx [i=jadaz87@outbound.silenceisdefeat.org] has left #ubuntu-motu []
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