Plugshawarma: about?12:14
=== Lutin [n=albin@sd-4736.dedibox.fr] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Bye"]
PlugI think I've figured out what needs to be done12:17
Plugbut again it will have to wait till tonight :(12:17
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=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakis there any wiki's/docs on smartpm?12:26
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: what happned to smartpm being the default pm in edgy?12:27
gnomefreakpianoboy3333: it didnt happen yet atleast wont in edgy12:27
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: smartpm doesn't look as nice12:28
LasaerJockanybody use fetchmail with gmail?12:28
gnomefreaksmart pm is only in text form here12:28
gnomefreakhence the reason i ask about docs dapper it was gui12:28
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: you have to run smart --gui fyi12:31
gnomefreaki tried that12:31
gnomefreakoh no i did gksudo smart --gui12:31
pianoboy3333Anyone know any docs on making python programs into debs?12:32
gnomefreakand it didnt start (thinking package manager you need permissions12:32
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: try this12:32
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: gksudo "smart --gui"12:32
pianoboy3333with gksudo you need the quotes don't forgen12:32
gnomefreaksmart --gui started it12:32
pianoboy3333that's werid12:32
gnomefreakpianoboy3333: dont need them12:32
gnomefreakshould use them12:33
pianoboy3333you should need gksudo in order to install them12:33
ajmitchpianoboy3333: does the packaging guide have much on it?12:33
=== ajmitch has packaged a few python apps before, but doesn't have to explain it :)
gnomefreakhmmmmmm gksudo works without the " for everything i do but for some reason smart needs it12:34
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=== lotusleaf [n=lotuslea@unaffiliated/lotusleaf] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: you need quotes when you supply arguments12:40
pianoboy3333gnomefreak: so gksduo nautilus will work fine12:40
pianoboy3333but if you do gksudo smart --gui12:41
pianoboy3333it thinks --gui is a argument to gksudo12:41
imbrandonhrm like i'm gonna take an email serouisly from dfgdfg@0oz.com12:41
imbrandondarn spammers12:41
=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchimbrandon: surely you do?12:45
ajmitchhello hub12:45
FujitsuLaserJock, ping.12:46
FujitsuThe package is indeed completely empty...12:46
FujitsuIt mis-calls pyversions.12:46
LaserJockFujitsu: in Debian too?12:46
FujitsuLaserJock, it's no longer in the archives.12:46
LaserJockoh yeah12:47
imbrandonhahahah zomg , the best thing i've seen yet in a linux "easter egg" of a program .....12:47
imbrandonLaserJock: you run on ppc right ?12:47
imbrandonahh darn12:47
imbrandononly works on a ppc12:48
FujitsuI've got a numpy package of the latest version, so it builds fine now, and a new scipy to go with it, both of which build fine and aren't empty. Care to test that they actually work?12:48
LaserJockFujitsu: yes please :-)12:48
LaserJockFujitsu: are they syncs or merges?12:48
FujitsuLaserJock, scipy is a sync, numpy is a {merge,new version}.12:49
imbrandonLaserJock: if you run "sudo ybin -v" ( equiv of "sudo update-grub" on x86 ) the last thing it spits out is "ybin: Blessing /dev/hdX with holy Penguin Pee ...." before it finishes, thats classic , best thing i've seen so far in an "easter egg"12:50
lotusleafimbrandon: how much does penguin pee go for these days?12:50
imbrandonheh no idea12:50
imbrandonthats just fskin classic though12:50
LaserJockargg, fetchmail want to grab all my gmail emails every time12:50
imbrandonLaserJock: wow , it should only grab the new ones ( thats how mine works )12:51
beligumHi all, someone told me I shouldn't package a binary together with a shared library, but the library depends on that binary and it's actually just a small script anyway, is this really that not-done ?12:51
lotusleafdo penguins pee? I thought it was like birds where everything comes out in one goopy mess12:51
imbrandona penguin is a bird12:51
lotusleafimbrandon: so there is no pee12:52
imbrandonthat soooo wasent the point ;)12:52
ajmitchimbrandon: how is that an easter egg?12:52
lotusleafimbrandon: but logic demanded it!12:52
=== lotusleaf flicks spock ears
imbrandonajmitch: well close to an easter egg, but i guess not really one12:52
lotusleafwhat came first the penguin or the pee?12:53
ajmitcheveryone knows that linux releases are blessed with holy penguin pee12:53
imbrandon;) from Capt'n Linus ?12:53
lotusleafdo the penguin priests bless with the sign of ubuntu and splash the penguin pee in a circle?12:54
imbrandonajmitch: heh did you see the digg about his 2.6.18 changelog thing12:54
imbrandonfrom the 19th12:54
=== chillywilly wisses on some ubuntu CDs
ajmitchimbrandon: no12:54
chillywillywizzes too12:54
tsengchillywilly: ?12:55
imbrandonajmitch: it was full of pirate talk and he signed it "Linus "but you can call me Capt'n" T. "12:55
lotusleafchillywilly: why would you urinate on a holy sacrament?12:55
chillywillyto bless it12:55
chillywillymy nick is named after a penguin afterall...12:55
imbrandonchillywilly: only works if your linus or a penguin12:55
lotusleafchillywilly: but it wasn't blessed by a penguin priest12:56
=== chillywilly is a penguin priest for sure
tsengplease stop/12:56
imbrandonoh jez what did i start , lets kill it now12:56
=== iapx8088 [n=c9@host98-164-dynamic.3-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== imbrandon should have known better
lotusleafcan I get an amen?12:56
chillywillynothing wrong with having some fun, geez12:56
lotusleafchillywilly: no! fun must be stopped before people experience the sin of enjoyment!12:57
chillywillynot my fault you guys didn't catch the reference ;)12:57
tsengwe asked you to move on12:57
pianoboy3333where can I learn about signing packages?12:57
tsengand i know that chilly willy is a penguin, thank you12:57
LaserJockpianoboy3333: debsign?12:57
imbrandonpianoboy3333: it should be covered in the packageguide12:57
tsengbug #6155012:57
pianoboy3333yea.... sure... really?12:57
UbugtuMalone bug 61550 in f-spot "UVF exception request for f-spot 0.2.1" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6155012:57
lotusleaftseng: we?12:58
pianoboy3333imbrandon: I did a find on 'sign' at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Debian-Binary-Package-Building-HOWTO/12:58
pianoboy3333I got nada12:58
iapx8088hi all12:58
iapx8088hi LaserJock12:58
LaserJockpianoboy3333: what are you trying to do?12:58
iapx8088hi tseng12:58
=== LaserJock hates email again
tsenglotusleaf: me, imbrandon12:58
lotusleaftseng: :) oh, thanks12:59
imbrandonajmitch: ever find out when the freeze officialy starts ?01:00
ajmitchimbrandon: no01:00
Fujitsuimbrandon, which freeze?01:00
imbrandonhum ok01:00
imbrandonFujitsu: beta freeze sometimes in the next hours01:00
pianoboy3333LaserJock: well, when you build a package, don't you have to sign it? with gpg?01:00
Fujitsuimbrandon, start of the dev meeting, I think...01:00
iapx8088I'm trying to understand something motu related01:00
pianoboy3333LaserJock: I never quite understood what gpg was, and I'd like to learn more about it01:01
FujitsuNo, it's not like the others :(01:01
iapx8088if a package of mine comes into universe, I will be the mantainer?01:01
imbrandoniapx8088: if you created it and wish to be yes01:01
pianoboy3333iapx8088: only if you like latkas....01:01
iapx8088imbrandon, and if it was a spinoff of a unofficial debian package?01:02
chillywillypianoboy3333: http://www.gnupg.org/gph/en/manual.html01:02
FujitsuCan maintainers upload new versions of their packages in Ubuntu?01:02
pianoboy3333chillywilly: what does gpg do?01:02
chillywillyrtfm :)01:02
imbrandoniapx8088: but that doesnt mean you are a MOTU or can upload it without a sponsor etc etc etc , just like in debian, you can maintain a package ( i do a cupple ) but not a be a DD ( i'm not a DD )01:02
FujitsuAh, OK.01:03
LaserJockFujitsu: if they are a MOTU01:03
FujitsuI thought as much.01:03
LaserJockwe don't really have maintainership in the Debian sense01:03
imbrandonFujitsu: no i maintain a cupple in debian but still have to have sponsors upload for me01:03
iapx8088I see01:03
Fujitsuimbrandon, OK>01:03
pianoboy3333chillywilly: so it encrypts crap01:03
pianoboy3333chillywilly: why is that important to building debs?01:04
imbrandonFujitsu: but in ubuntu its a "group" ( e.g. MOTU or core-dev depending on the packages ) maintainer ship01:04
lotusleafpianoboy3333: the manual outlines the importance of the use of gnupg01:04
Fujitsuimbrandon, noted.01:04
chillywillyit's also a way of verifying identity and creating a "web of trust"01:04
Fujitsupianoboy3333, encrypts, as well as signs. Signing is the important bit.01:05
imbrandonFujitsu: there are just people that stick to one area becouse thats what they are familiar with , like i have the ability to upload a new kernel but i dont dare ;) heh01:05
imbrandonbut they dont /have/ to01:05
Fujitsuimbrandon, obviously.01:05
chillywillytime to make a pizza01:06
FujitsuThe one thing I was unsure on was whether maintainers of packages in Ubuntu could update them without being a MOTU.01:06
FujitsuAnd that's now been clarified.01:06
LaserJockUbuntu and Debian are pretty similar for non-MOTU/non-DD people01:07
LaserJockyou need a sponsor01:07
LaserJockjust in Ubuntu the sponsor is MOTU01:07
imbrandonyup yup01:09
=== imbrandon needs to rope ajmitch into being his debian sponsor
imbrandoni just got an email to that a package went into testing hehe01:10
=== ajmitch knows nothing
imbrandonbut i still have one open bug i need to close01:10
=== imbrandon forgot what it even was
imbrandonanyone else actualy booted into the -8 kernel ? hobbsee said it broke her X but i havent rebooted since the update01:12
FujitsuLaserJock, have you had a look at that {sci,num}py?01:12
ajmitchimbrandon: I think there'd be a few more people complaining if the kernel broke X like that01:13
Fujitsuajmitch, probably.01:13
imbrandonhrm the new console ( actualy tty not term emulator ) is very nice01:14
plugwashdepends how many people it broke it for ;)01:14
ajmitchimbrandon: you mean the font?01:14
imbrandoni should figure out what it is and set konsole to use it01:15
imbrandonajmitch: err yea the font01:15
plugwashif a kernel upgrade broke X for one obscure graphics adaptor then you wouldn't see too many complaints01:15
imbrandonajmitch: you know what font its set to now ?01:15
ajmitchimbrandon: no idea01:15
imbrandonplugwash: iirc hobbsee uses i81001:15
ajmitchit looks like a real 80s throwback01:15
imbrandonajmitch: you dont like it ?01:16
ajmitchimbrandon: I use i810, but I uses 2.6.16 (xen) still01:16
imbrandoni think it looks cleaner01:16
imbrandoneasy to ready imho01:16
ajmitchnot particularly, it doesn't look as clean at 80x25 on my laptop01:16
LaserJockFujitsu: doing it still, sorry. I'm doing a million things right now :-)01:16
imbrandonahh yea probably would look skewed at 80x2501:16
FujitsuOK, no problem :)01:16
ajmitchlast time I booted my laptop with 2.6.17, there was no usplash for my laptop, so I saw it a bit :)01:17
lotusleafwill the kernel selection/other os selection part be revamped sometime? I really like how SUSE's has a nice graphical display01:18
imbrandoni just noticed it yesterday01:18
imbrandonlotusleaf: possibly someday ;)01:18
lotusleafimbrandon: :)01:18
imbrandonyou mean the grub selection menu01:18
ajmitchlotusleaf: not for edgy01:19
lotusleafimbrandon: :)01:19
lotusleafajmitch: k thx ;)01:19
ajmitchfeature freeze, etc01:19
ajmitchso it's out01:19
imbrandonits fairly easy to drop a gziped pixmap in there but its getting the AiC to agree to one ;)01:19
lotusleafI don't mind it but I move a lot of people from windows to ubuntu and they always think it's weird, but they get used to it01:19
ajmitchyou could look at working on it with the appropriate people for edgy+1 :)01:19
lotusleafajmitch: :) good point thx01:20
FujitsuA spec may be a good idea.'01:20
imbrandonthe ability is already there, its just there is no art , but definately something to look at in edgy+101:20
FujitsuAlthough it's very simple.01:20
ajmitchimbrandon: also getting it set to the right resolutions, playing nice with usplash, etc01:21
imbrandonyea i actualy have mine set to one from einstein01:21
gnomefreakeveryones usplash works but mine?01:22
imbrandonajmitch: the grub menu dosent affect the usplash afaik, infact if there is a file named correctly ( have to look up the name ) in the /boot/grub/ dir , it will use it right now01:22
=== gnomefreak needs to figure this out :(
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: what does signing actually do?01:22
lotusleafpianoboy3333: did you see the links I provided you in #ubuntu-offtopic?01:22
imbrandonpianoboy3333: verifys the package was made by you and not tampered with since you made it01:22
Fujitsupianoboy3333, proves that whatever is signed hasn't been modified since it left you.01:22
ajmitchimbrandon: making sure that svgalib doesn't break & die switching from grub to usplash.. :)01:22
pianoboy3333lotusleaf: yes, I'll have to get to those01:23
imbrandonajmitch: ahh yea true01:23
ajmitchstuff can break, it has to be checked01:23
=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lotusleafpianoboy3333: splendid, they answer a number of potential questions you may have about gpg and encryption in general. :)01:23
FujitsuDid that Ubuntu-themed usplash actually eventuate? It hasn't appeared yet as far as I know... But the Knot 3 page says it's there.01:23
=== doko__ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-084-028.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonFujitsu: i se a kubuntu one ever time i boot ;)01:24
imbrandonif thats what you mean , the test card has been replaced01:24
FujitsuHas it? Hm...01:24
imbrandonwith semi-final artwork01:24
=== Fujitsu checks edgy-changes.
imbrandonFujitsu: you'll ahve to go back a bit, it was all done prior to knot 301:25
Fujitsuimbrandon, I've got it going back since the start in my mailbox, I'm searching through there :)01:25
iapx8088night people01:26
=== Fujitsu rebuilds the initramfs.
iapx8088see you tomorrow01:26
imbrandonwow gotta love this ....01:27
imbrandon"Allison Guerra" <imbrandon@kubuntu.org> To:01:27
imbrandonfrom me to me01:27
=== monger [n=peter@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mongerI have a question about building kernel-packages..01:28
pianoboy3333So if I were to make a gpg key for myself, I should use the default and make a DSA and ElGamal key?01:28
mongerI'm having some trouble changing the version number of the packages being built from the source package01:28
Fujitsupianoboy3333, yes.01:28
imbrandonmonger: have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild01:29
chillywillypianoboy3333: this is all in the GPG Hanbook, please just read it for crying out loud :)01:29
mongerWhen I try to change this in the debian/changelog my build-process starts complaining after the kernel compile that there is a version mismatch01:29
pianoboy3333chillywilly: I am, I am, I just prefer someone to explain crap to me, that's all01:30
mongerimbrandon, I have it here on the screen01:30
imbrandonmonger: ( and afaik its all in debian/changelog just like any other package )01:30
mongerimbrandon, thanx I'll try it again01:30
mongerI probably f*cked up something other stupid01:30
pianoboy3333chillywilly: should I make the key never expire?01:31
mongerIt's just a little frustrating that kernel building takes so lonnnggg.01:31
imbrandon!find kernel01:32
ubotuFound: kernel-package, kernel-wedge, klogd, linux-kernel-headers, nfs-kernel-server (and 83 others)01:32
pianoboy3333chillywilly: so what happens if I change my email later on... do I have to make a new key?01:32
imbrandon!search kernel01:32
Fujitsupianoboy3333, just add a new ID.01:33
imbrandon!customkernel is <reply> Information about building your own kernel for Ubuntu ( and the risks ) can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild01:33
ubotuI'll remember that, imbrandon01:33
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandon!custom kernel is <alias> customkernel01:34
ubotuI'll remember that, imbrandon01:34
imbrandon!search kernel01:34
imbrandon!custom kernel01:35
ubotuInformation about building your own kernel for Ubuntu ( and the risks ) can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild01:35
imbrandonstill works, !search is broke01:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about zen - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:36
ubotuxen is a a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. It can be found at http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/xen/01:36
imbrandonwhats zuls wiki page ?01:37
imbrandon!no xen is <reply> XEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenOnEdgy01:38
ubotuI'll remember that, imbrandon01:38
ubotuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenOnEdgy01:38
imbrandonokies , done my bot maint for the day ;)01:39
gnomefreakuniverse freeze is over?01:40
imbrandonuniverse wasent frozen afaik01:40
gnomefreakstill time to add packages?01:40
LaserJockuniverse freeze is the 28th01:41
gnomefreakjust saw a request and i think its a great idea01:41
imbrandonsax2 ftw01:41
imbrandonsuse advanced x config thing or something, i dunno but it rocks01:42
=== lupine_85 [n=lupine@nick.lupine.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandoneven uses framebuffer/vesa if no X is avail01:42
lupine_85is edgy universe frozen yet?01:43
lupine_85(for new packages)01:43
ajmitchlupine_85: 1 week01:43
lupine_85in that case, I nominate 'rutilt' :)01:44
LaserJock!info matplotlib edgy01:44
ubotuPackage matplotlib does not exist in edgy01:44
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:imbrandon] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Universe Repository Maintainers | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseSchedule | Have you Reviewed a package on REVU yet today? | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Documentation | [Edgy MoM] https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | Add yourself to http://tinyurl.com/fgpgy to upload to REVU
LaserJock!info python-matplotlib edgy01:45
ubotupython-matplotlib: python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.82-5ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 47 kB, installed size 112 kB01:45
lupine_85I've been using it in Dapper for a while and it's a wonderful tool - would be especially handy now that Edgy supports all ralink cards OOTB (it's a GUI config tool for them)01:45
imbrandonlupine_85: package it and upload it to REVU ;)01:46
imbrandonor poke someone willing if you cannot ;)01:46
lupine_85I've built basic packages before... I'll give it a go :)01:46
imbrandonlupine_85: if you need a hand feel free to ask in here01:46
FujitsuLaserJock, I was also going to update that.01:47
lupine_85(the current packages I've got for it are checkinstalled, which is... bleh)01:47
lupine_85My problem is likely going  to be that I've only got an amd64 Edgy box01:47
imbrandonarg , dont curse in here though ( checkinstall )01:47
lupine_85I know - I was after something quick :p01:47
=== Fujitsu slays imbrandon!
FujitsuYou said the dirty word!01:47
LaserJockFujitsu: good, because numpy will uninstall our current package01:47
FujitsuLaserJock, noted.01:48
LaserJockhmm, this will be a bit tricky01:48
imbrandonlupine_85: only amd64 shouldent be a problem quite a few developers only have one arch01:48
FujitsuI hate all these tight versioned dependencies :(01:48
FujitsuLaserJock, what?01:49
=== CarlFK [n=carl@c-67-163-39-124.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85So I have to create a source .deb first, I assume?01:49
LaserJockFujitsu: well, the new numpy confilicts with our scipy01:49
lupine_85brb, must boot back into edgy01:49
LaserJockFujitsu: but the new scipy requires numpy01:49
FujitsuLaserJock, does it conflict!?01:49
Fujitsupython-scipy won't install for me now :(01:50
LaserJockFujitsu: for python-numpy : python-scipy (<= 0.5.0-2), python-matplotlib (<= 0.87.4-3)01:50
FujitsuWoops, I didn't fix that dependency...01:50
LaserJockwhy do you need to fix it?01:51
=== Fujitsu looks.
FujitsuIt /conflicts/ with it. That's fine...01:51
FujitsuLaserJock, just install them both at the same time?01:51
LaserJockbut that'll be interesting for people upgrading01:52
LaserJockif we don't get all three done at once01:52
FujitsuLaserJock, same happened with {,g,s}obby/net6, nobody exploded.01:52
FujitsuThis is a development release.01:53
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: what should I add for the comment?01:53
FujitsuBreakage is permitted.01:53
Fujitsupianoboy3333, nothing is necessary.01:53
pianoboy3333should it be like "Go Pink Floyd!" ?01:53
LaserJockFujitsu: I know, but it's nice to avoid it if possible ;-)01:53
FujitsuLaserJock, it's not really possible, because there's a sync or two which we can't control the time of.01:53
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: can I make it "Go pink floyd!"01:54
PlugPink Floyd, you say?01:54
imbrandonpianoboy3333: for ?01:54
pianoboy3333the gpg comment for the signature01:54
FujitsuBrb, need to do Windows support for brother >_<01:55
=== Riddell [i=jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonheh , well its your gpg sig soooooooo01:55
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== sladen [i=paul@starsky.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonheh 19inch much have been cycled the net connection01:55
bddebianHeya gang01:56
imbrandonello bddebian  , how gos it01:56
bddebianHeya imbrandon.  Busy man :-(  You?01:57
bddebianwb Fujitsu01:57
FujitsuHeya bddebian.01:57
imbrandonFujitsu: did you hand him a Kubuntu LiveCD ?01:57
Fujitsuimbrandon, unfortunately he wants to play The Sims 2 (which that evil little thing torrented, I'd been wondering why our connection was so slow)... And the only computer in the house with a properly 3D-capable graphics card runs Windows, and I'm in no mood to attempt to get Wine working with The Sims 2...01:58
FujitsuHowever, that's the only computer in the house (out of 5) that runs Windows.01:58
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: so now that I made a key, I can sign packages I build with it?02:03
Fujitsupianoboy3333, using debsign, yes.02:03
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: debsign or gnupg?02:06
LaserJockdebsign for packages02:06
Fujitsu(debsign uses gnupg)02:06
LaserJockor debuild automatically does it02:06
LaserJockhmm, can I get somebody to give me a little unicode text?02:08
LaserJocklike with some accents and stuff02:08
PlugI  unicode02:08
LaserJockFujitsu: can you try that once more02:09
Plug(putty needs to default to UTF-8)02:09
LaserJockI've been trying to get my mac to do unicode in irssi02:10
Plugthere are irssi options02:10
FujitsuThere's some nice random accented crap :P02:10
=== TheMuso [n=luke@ubuntu/member/themuso] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== TheMuso [n=luke@ubuntu/member/themuso] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pianoboy3333So when I'm finally ready to build my package, what is the best command to run? debuild?02:27
bddebianor dpkg-buildpackage :-)02:28
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: if I want to sign it, should I do it now, or will debuild prompt me, or do I need an argument to debuild to specify that I want to sign it02:34
Fujitsudebuild should prompt you for the passphrase.02:34
pianoboy3333is there a -rfakeroot argument to debuild?02:35
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: this isn't good:02:37
pianoboy3333Now signing changes and any dsc files...02:37
pianoboy3333 signfile hello_2.1.1-1.dsc Alex Brown <pianoboy3333@juicemedia.tv>02:37
pianoboy3333gpg: skipped "Alex Brown <pianoboy3333@juicemedia.tv>": secret key not available02:37
pianoboy3333gpg: [stdin] : clearsign failed: secret key not available02:37
pianoboy3333debsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....02:37
pianoboy3333debuild: fatal error at line 1151:02:37
pianoboy3333running debsign failed02:37
Fujitsupianoboy3333, make sure your entry in the changelog matches the name on your key. Including comments.02:37
pianoboy3333I can't believe I did02:40
pianoboy3333I forgot my passphrase02:40
pianoboy3333I made it two seconds ago02:40
pianoboy3333I purposly made it really simple02:40
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: what do I do now....?02:41
Fujitsupianoboy3333, delete and recreate the key, I suppose.02:41
pianoboy3333Fujitsu: how do I delete it?02:41
Fujitsugpg --delete-secret-keys [insert key ID here] 02:41
pianoboy3333can I encrypt text files with my gpg?02:46
FujitsuOf course.02:46
pianoboy3333with what tool? gpg?02:47
pianoboy3333--encrypt or --encrypt-files?02:47
Fujitsu--encrypt will ask you for input on stdin, with --encrypt-files you can specify a file.02:48
pianoboy3333so now file.gpg is encrypted?02:50
pianoboy3333and if I want to decrypt it?02:50
Fujitsugpg --decrypt-files...02:50
pianoboy3333ok, thank you02:50
=== pianoboy3333 [n=alex@ool-43567d61.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
FujitsuWhen in doubt, man gpg.02:51
=== amachu [n=amachu@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuLaserJock, what?03:11
LaserJockdarn it, I've been fighting with mutt all day03:11
LaserJockand I'm more confused then when I started03:11
FujitsuAnd python-scipy now installs!03:11
FujitsuAnd I'm going to attack matplotlib with an axe when I get back... Invalid conversions from char * -> const char * and the like.03:11
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=== lupine_85 seems to have a slightly-working package
Toadstoolheya everybody04:15
imbrandonello Toadstool04:15
Toadstoolhey imbrandon04:15
bddebianHi Toadstool04:15
Toadstoolhi bddebian04:16
=== janm [n=jmalonzo@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Toadstoolimbrandon: you're a core-dev now? wow, congrats :)04:23
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@MTL-HSE-ppp193964.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonToadstool: yup, and thanks ;)04:23
=== Toadstool missed a lot of Ubuntu stuff these last 3 weeks :/
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lupine_85argh! it compiles it's paths into the source code04:53
=== lupine_85 spanks rutilt
LaserJockajmitch: ping?04:57
ajmitchLaserJock: pong04:57
LaserJockajmitch: how often are the REVU keys synced with LP?04:58
ajmitchas often as someone asks us to do so04:59
imbrandonLaserJock: when you poke ajmitch  ;)04:59
LaserJockok, that's sort of weird05:00
LaserJockubuntu-universe-contributors is an open team so people can join any time05:00
LaserJockput then they have to go poke and REVU admin to actually be able to do anything05:00
imbrandonajmitch: couldent that .py or what ever it is you run just be put on an hourly cron or something?05:01
imbrandonit is kinda silly to have it open but closed heh, leaste if it was closed you would know when it needed sync'd05:02
imbrandonajmitch: btw is there any way to grant someone ( thinking of myself ) access to run the revu-tools on packages05:03
ajmitchimbrandon: yeah, there was intended to be *some* checking of users for uploads05:04
ajmitchsyncing the keyring takes awhile & uploads get rejected in that time, iirc05:04
ajmitchsome locking could probably be put in05:04
ajmitchto access revu-tools, you need an account on tiber05:05
LaserJockwell, but couldn't it be like an hourly cron or something?05:05
ajmitchI can probably set that up05:05
ajmitchLaserJock: write the code, we'll be happy :)05:05
imbrandonajmitch: that would rock if you could05:05
LaserJockajmitch: well, I don't even know what you guys run05:05
ajmitchit hasn't been done mainly because noone has had time to do it05:05
imbrandonpython ;)05:05
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchLaserJock: source is in bzr on launchpad05:05
ajmitcha mix of python & shell scripts05:05
LaserJockmy problem is I'm trying to finish the packaging guide tonight05:05
LaserJockand I'm not sure what to put for that part05:06
ajmitchit'll never be finished05:06
LaserJockfinish for edgy05:06
ajmitchhello Hobbsee05:06
LaserJockdoc string freeze is todayish05:06
Toadstooluhuh :)05:06
imbrandoni would put that they need to ask in in here after they have joined the team for it to be "ack'd"05:07
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseehi ajmitch, lau05:07
Hobbseehi ajmitch, LaserJock05:07
Toadstoolhey Hobbsee05:07
imbrandonwb Hobbsee05:07
Hobbseehi Toadstool05:07
Hobbseehey imbrandon05:07
=== Hobbsee hopes that todays updates will *unbreak* her X
LaserJockI would think an email to admin at tiber would be better05:08
imbrandonLaserJock: i think there is a revu-admin team , thus email05:08
imbrandonthat woudl send it to them all05:08
imbrandonLaserJock: https://launchpad.net/people/revu-admins05:09
imbrandoneven though it looks like thats not the full list05:09
ajmitchthere should be 4 of us05:10
ajmitchso the members of revu hackers05:11
LaserJockok, I'm going to be done with it05:24
LaserJockI managed to clean up a little and added a chapter from pitti's patch school session05:24
=== seth [n=seth@ubuntu/member/sethkinast] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85anyone still awake? :)05:43
=== lupine_85 is having difficulty transforming a bit of source code using sed
sethdepends on your definition of awake05:44
lupine_85s/$WithSlashes// doesn't work05:44
lupine_85so i'm a bit stuck05:45
lupine_85manpages suggested s\?$WithSlashes?? ... but it doesn't work05:45
=== ajmitch is not awake, but is working his way through some caffeine
lupine_85(this program has it's /path/to/files hardcoded into it)05:46
ajmitchit should be able to use many other characters05:46
ajmitchbut / is just most commonly used05:47
lupine_85sed -i "s./home/lupine/Desktop/build-rutilt/rutilt-0.12/debian/rutilt.." /home/lupine/Desktop/build-rutilt/rutilt-0.12/include/StaticSettings.h = sed: -e expression #1, char 63: unknown option to `s'05:47
ajmitchah, it has a . in it already, of course05:48
lupine_85ah, so it does05:48
lupine_85ah, we have life...05:49
lupine_85thanks :)05:49
lupine_85it "should" now be ready for REVU, unless I've missed something else as well05:50
ajmitchupload it then :)05:50
lupine_85just testing the install05:50
=== rmjb_ [n=richard@cuscon22672.tstt.net.tt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85ok, that works. Now to get added to the keyring...05:54
ajmitchlupine_85: you've joined the group, i hope?05:56
lupine_85Launchpad group?05:57
lupine_85<click> I have now :). Well, pending moderation05:59
lupine_85I tried to join it a week or so back but couldn't find the linky at the time05:59
=== ajmitch checks
rmjb_hello all05:59
lupine_85I'm "Nick" on there05:59
ajmitchopen team, so I don't need to moderate it06:00
=== ajmitch resyncs keyring
rmjb_man, sometimes I don't know why I'm paying for broadband, 10s of seconds of lag in XChat and simple webpages timing out06:01
rmjb_anyhow, I have a question about dapper packages06:01
rmjb_since dapper is LTS, is it's packing policy like debian stable, where if it aint broke don't fix it kind of thing?06:02
rmjb_meaning packages wont generally be upgraded unless there's a security issue?06:02
Fujitsurmjb_, yes.06:02
FujitsuUnless there's a security issue (or sometimes major bug fixes), Dapper is frozen.06:02
Hobbseermjb_: that happens with all the non developmental releases06:03
rmjb_so take mythtv, version 0.18 is in dapper's repos, version 0.20 just came out, that's not going to be packaged for dapper?06:03
=== rmjb_ is now known as rmjb
LaserJockthere is always -backports06:04
rmjbwho decides what gets backported?06:04
LaserJockthe backports team06:04
LaserJockand the archive admins, I believe06:05
Hobbseedepends if hte current edgy version builds for dapper, without changes06:05
rmjbwell with 3 years on the desktop, that could be quite a chore further down the road... in a year or so06:05
Hobbseermjb: likely most people will upgrade to edgy or edgy+106:06
Hobbseei mean, we only see very few users still on breezy06:06
StevenKI saw a post to SLUG with a Hoary box06:06
Hobbseeseeing as that's EOL'd in under a month06:07
StevenKOh, this was just after Dapper released.06:07
Hobbseeahh okay06:07
thomStevenK: yeah, but australia is always years behind06:07
StevenKSo they may have upgraded.06:07
Hobbseethat's not quite so bad06:07
=== Hobbsee kicks thom
=== StevenK kicks thom in the irony
Hobbseethom: you must be a new zealander?06:08
thomspeaking of, i should figure out how many million Eur flights to lca will be06:08
Hobbseeseeing as everybody else is behind us.06:08
=== Fujitsu attacks thom with a Hobbsee.
thomHobbsee: pfft. chronologically maybe.06:08
StevenKthom: Except when it comes to cricket, since our team seems to be 5 wickets in front all the time06:09
rmjbwell those that want the LTS of dapper will be conflicted... already dapper has preference over edgy in shipit, where they aren't going to ship edgy discs, but continue on dapper ones06:09
thomStevenK: oh. remind me who the current holders of the ashes are, in that case?06:09
StevenKthom: That was a donation.06:09
StevenK"Oh, give it to them, they haven't seen the thing in 20 years."06:09
Hobbseermjb: true, but edgy+1 i'd assume would be a normal release06:10
Hobbseermjb: if we upgraded dapper with everything that edgy has, it'd be edgy.  *shrug*06:10
lupine_85"something" isn't right here06:10
rmjbHobbsee: yeah I know that... just wondering how it would work06:10
rmjbthis means there's a team in place for 3 years to maintain the dapper and dapper-backports repos then?06:11
StevenKNot everything is suitable to backport, you know?06:11
Hobbseethe backports in general, yes06:15
ajmitch3 years doesn't necessarily mean that backports will be there06:16
ajmitch3 years is for security & critical fixes06:16
rmjbI understand, I guess things will be backported by public demand, as they say06:17
rmjbunless the next LTS version comes out before 3 years is up, then that leaves an option open to the LTS people06:17
ajmitchbackports aren't officially supported anyway06:17
StevenKrmjb: Backports may well be stopped when Edgy releases06:17
Hobbseedepends if the people doing the public demanding actually do something to get what they want, i guess06:17
Hobbseeinstead of just asking for it06:17
StevenKWhich people do the public?06:18
rmjbI guess, but people that stay on dapper will generally be those paying cannonical for support, and if enough "request" a new... mysql say, that might be enough insentive06:19
lupine_85for some reason, dpkg-buildpackage isn't automagically signing the files (because it's fakeroot?), and signing them manually (with --sign and --clearsign) isn't working06:19
Hobbseelupine_85: use debsign -kyourkeyid *source.changes06:20
rmjbanyhow guys, thanks for the discussion and clarrification... I'd really like to join this group, and help he-man06:21
rmjboh, and Go Windies! though we lost against India today (06:21
lupine_85that worked - thanks. Easy when you know how :)06:24
lupine_85now let's see it get ripped to shreds ;)06:25
imbrandonokies off to be i am, gnight Hobbsee StevenK ajmitch and *06:39
Hobbseenight imbrandon06:39
lupine_85night :)06:39
ajmitchnight imbrandon06:40
=== lupine_85 breaks the revu website
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yusufmI have a signing question07:54
yusufmI created my gpg key07:55
yusufmand its in my .bashrc07:55
yusufmbut I keep getting07:55
yusufmthis error07:55
yusufmwhen runnign debuild -S07:55
yusufmgpg: skipped "Yusuf M <yusufm@test.com>": secret key not available07:55
yusufmwhy isn't it finding my key?07:56
Mithrandirwhat does gpg output if you run gpg --list-keys?07:56
FujitsuIt means your secret key doesn't have an ID named identically to what you put in the changelog.07:56
yusufmpub   1024D/2CC97543 2006-09-16 [expires: 2006-12-15] 07:57
yusufmuid                  Yusuf M <yusufm@gmail.com>07:57
yusufmsub   2048g/C78F3CC1 2006-09-16 [expires: 2006-12-15] 07:57
Hobbseeyusufm: specify debuild -S -sa -k<yourkeyid>07:57
Mithrandir'Yusuf M <yusufm@test.com>' != 'Yusuf M <yusufm@gmail.com>'07:57
FujitsuThe issue is the test.com vs. gmail.com...07:57
yusufmgot it07:57
yusufmi'll try it again07:57
Hobbseethat too07:57
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-239-162.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
yusufmcool, that worked07:58
yusufmnow I'm trying to do sudo pbuilder build ../*.dsc08:00
yusufmbut I'm getting a bunch of errors, one line is:08:00
yusufmE: failed to find /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz, have you done <pbuilder create> to create your base tarball yet?08:01
FujitsuYou apparently haven't created the base tarball.08:01
yusufmthe directions in the packaging guide did not say anythign about running a create08:01
Fujitsuyusufm, sure?08:01
FujitsuIt probably assumed it.08:01
yusufmI'm in the "building source package" section in https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/basic-debhelper.html08:01
yusufmI may have missed it08:05
Hobbseewe dont link the pbuilder stuff in the packaging guide?  odd08:05
ubotupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto08:05
yusufmI'm running sudo pbuild create now08:05
yusufmpbuilder builds in a clean env right?08:06
Fujitsuyusufm, yes. Are you running Dapper or Edgy?08:06
yusufmhow would I test the new package I create in a clean environemnt?08:06
Fujitsuyusufm, do you want to create packages for Edgy?08:06
yusufmright now I'm just learning this08:06
FujitsuAh, OK.08:07
yusufmI hope to be doing it for edgy going forward08:07
FujitsuOnce you run sudo pbuilder build [whatever] , the binaries will appear in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/.08:07
yusufmand then is there a way to run these binaries in a clean environment?08:08
yusufmwhat i'm trying to get at is that there may be installed/etc. on my current system that may not produce bugs, but08:09
StevenKFujitsu: I usually run pdebuild08:09
yusufmon normal systems they would produce the bugs08:09
FujitsuOoh, I like the look of that, StevenK :)08:10
StevenKFujitsu: You didn't know that one?08:12
FujitsuI'd heard of it, but never looked into it.08:12
=== ajmitch still uses pbuilder build most of the time
Kagouyusufm: please read entire document https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/gs-pbuilder.html08:12
StevenKWow, I may well have doubled Fujitsu's productivity, and he's already filing syncs and merges like a rocket-powered chipmunk.08:12
FujitsuI've not done so much the past few days, unfortunately... School gets in the way of things :(08:13
FujitsuBut in 5 weeks, I'll have more than three months off :D08:13
FujitsuNothing to do but Ubuntu!08:13
FujitsuAnd I like chipmunks :)08:13
Kagoudoko_: take all the cpu time on build farm ...he use pbuilder intensively ;)08:14
FujitsuYay, I've got 71 done sync requests I've filed, and 31 done merges... As well as a number of other bugs I've converted to sync requests :)08:15
FujitsuAnd a couple of bug fixes thrown into the mix as well :)08:16
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-239-162.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuHm... Plus all the merges before the new workflow.08:16
Hobbseeheh, nice08:21
FujitsuNot particularly.08:21
HobbseeStevenK: oh dear.  dont do that :P08:21
StevenKHobbsee: :-P08:21
HobbseeStevenK: the scary thing is, Fujitsu reminds me of myself, before i got MOTU08:22
=== Fujitsu gets back to doing physics work.
FujitsuStevenK, how?08:22
FujitsuHobbsee, how.08:22
ajmitchHobbsee: that's scary08:22
Hobbseeajmitch: rather08:22
=== ajmitch used to be young & enthusiastic as well
HobbseeFujitsu: havent you seen my impressively long list of packages?08:23
FujitsuHow's it scary?08:23
FujitsuHobbsee, I have.08:23
ajmitchnow I get all twisted & bitter & work on a smaller set of packages08:23
Hobbseehalf the time, launchpad times out loading them all :P08:23
Hobbseeajmitch: when we all hit MOTU, we seem to become lazy08:23
ajmitchwork is chewing up too much time at the moment08:23
=== Fujitsu compares his package list to that of Hobbsee's before 2005/07/18...
FujitsuHm. Similar, but yours are all useful, (ie not merges and syncs).08:24
=== ajmitch did a lot more before the shift to launchpad
FujitsuWhen did Soyuz actually come into proper use?08:24
StevenKJust before Dapper, I think08:25
HobbseeFujitsu: heh.  some are undos of my previous stuff08:25
crimsunHobbsee: not everyone. slomo's truckin' away at least.08:26
Hobbseetrue htat08:26
StevenKWhat's a htat?08:26
HobbseeStevenK: hah.  yes, and i made myself look like an idiot by asking who Soyuz was08:26
StevenKIs it like a hat?08:26
FujitsuAnd crimsun's doing all the u-u-s uploads, which must be a bit of a hindrance :P08:27
MithrandirFujitsu: we switched to soyuz in February.08:27
Hobbseeit's a hat, and when you read it, a large saucepan comes and bashes you over the head08:27
StevenKHobbsee: :-P08:27
FujitsuMithrandir, OK, thanks :)08:27
=== Mithrandir tickles Hobbsee and runs off
=== Hobbsee makes a note to do that tomorrow
ajmitchMithrandir: run fast..08:27
=== Hobbsee tickles Mithrandir, makes him stay on the ground, and STOMPS ON HIS FEET!
FujitsuYou can't do that to the release manager!08:27
Hobbseesure i can08:28
MithrandirFujitsu: she just did. :-/08:28
=== Fujitsu attacks Hobbsee.
Hobbseepoor Mithrandir.  would you like a hug?08:28
=== Mithrandir breaks up the fight
=== Fujitsu realises he can't do that to a MOTU either.
=== Hobbsee attacks Fujitsu with her long pointy stick
=== Hobbsee hugs Mithrandir
ajmitchMithrandir: did anything come of that unionfs issue with mono?08:29
tsengomg hugs08:29
=== Fujitsu dodges the stick.
Mithrandirajmitch: I know what the issue is and I think I know how to fix it, but ENOTIME so far.08:29
Mithrandirmaybe today.08:29
tsengMithrandir: there's a hug in it for you08:29
=== micahcowan [n=micah@adsl-69-236-64-195.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseetseng: a hug given by whom though?08:31
tsengHobbsee: me08:31
tsengHobbsee: or you, whoever he finds prettier08:31
StevenKFujitsu: Are you planning on going for MOTU?08:31
Hobbseetseng: hehe08:32
ajmitchtseng: I think the answer to that would be simira08:32
tsengcan be arranged08:32
FujitsuStevenK, eventually... I'm not sure when I'll qualify though...08:33
FujitsuThere's no rigidly defined guidelines, which is annoying..08:33
StevenKFujitsu: I had done far less than you, I recall08:33
FujitsuBut you were a DD!08:33
crimsunconsidering you've hauled the majority of the syncs lately, I'd say you're in a good position to apply anytime. I'd write down some universe plans.08:34
ajmitchlots of small fixes are useful, they may look for more than that08:34
FujitsuWell, are, but you were at the time.08:34
=== StevenK beats Fujitsu with a book on tenses.
=== Starting logfile irclogs/ubuntu-motu.log
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-motu: Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Universe Repository Maintainers | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseSchedule | Have you Reviewed a package on REVU yet today? | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Documentation | [Edgy MoM] https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | Add yourself to http://tinyurl.com/fgpgy to upload to REVU
=== Topic (#ubuntu-motu): set by imbrandon at Thu Sep 21 01:45:30 2006
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dholbachgood morning09:15
dholbachdid anybody announce a REVU day?09:15
Hobbseeno, i'm conveniently ignoring it :P09:17
shawarmaPlug: I am now..09:17
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Plugshawarma: nm, I think I found out how you did it from the packages09:39
shawarmaPlug: Did "it"?09:47
PlugChanged the source to put things in the right directories09:48
Plugfor the nm-pptp plugin09:48
shawarmaPlug: Ah. Yes, it's quite simple, actually.09:50
shawarmaPlug: I changed the makefile.am, the .name file and lastly the .c or .h file that referenced it.09:51
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fatal__is the MOTU organisation similar to the sponsoring process in Debian? A maintainer for a package can't upload it himself?10:12
Hobbseefatal__: only MOTU's can upload packages to universe, and only core devs can upload packages to main.  you dont have to be the maintainer to change a package10:13
fatal__ok, thanks. :/10:15
FujitsuSomebody care to reupload convertall (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=3202), it was just rejected from NEW due to something going screwy with debian/copyright.10:17
=== ubuntu-es [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088imbrandon,  should all new packages in edgy have debhelper>5.0.0?10:22
iapx8088imbrandon, I read so debian/control build-dep debhelper should be >=5, not >=410:22
iapx8088in http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=320210:22
iapx8088and moreover, where can i find all those guidelines10:22
=== xerxas [n=R67894@AGrenoble-257-1-77-160.w86-211.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Nafallo [n=nafallo@ubuntu/member/nafallo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuHi ivoks.10:40
ivokscan someome give me a hand with cdbs?10:42
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Gervystar [n=alessand@host52-173-static.120-81-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksdholbach: ping :)10:47
dholbachivoks: pong10:48
ivoksdholbach: could you help me with cdbs? :/10:48
dholbachI can try10:48
ivoksi have one bin, couple of libs and one -dev in source10:48
ivoksi did everything ok, but i just can split files to packages10:49
ivoksi've created .files for every package10:49
dholbachcreate   .install    files10:49
ivoksbut cdbs just ignores that10:49
dholbachthey work good for me10:49
ivoksdoh.. :)10:49
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-239-162.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachif it goes wrong, feel free to tell me10:49
dholbachrunning    dh_install --list-missing    is usually a good idea too10:50
dholbach(if you split things up)10:50
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@94.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuAny MOTUs around that can review a small change to convertall on REVU?11:03
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dholbach [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/dholbach] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== micahcowan [n=micah@adsl-69-236-64-195.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-250-59-127.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksnow it's ok11:32
ivoksdholbach: one more tiny question :)11:32
dholbachfire away11:32
ivoksdholbach: linda reports The .la file /usr/lib/libburn/libburn.la contains a libdir which is different to its path11:32
dholbachsounds like an upstream problem11:33
dholbachdoes it use .pc files?11:33
dholbachthen you don't need to install the .la files11:33
iapx8088why dpkg-buildpackage needs -k? I have my keyid in export as the motu guide says11:33
ivoksok, thanks11:33
dholbachiapx8088: -k if you build the package for somebody else11:33
dholbachiapx8088: (and are planning to upload it for somebody else)11:33
xerxascan someone review my package for pymsn, it's here:11:33
iapx8088dholbach, dholbach, no I want just to sign with my key11:34
xerxasto test it , there is cocoon , an msn client11:34
xerxascocoon can be found at http://projects.collabora.co.uk/~asabil/bzr/cocoon/11:34
iapx8088I just followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto11:34
dholbachiapx8088: debuild -S should suffice11:34
iapx8088let's try11:34
iapx8088mmh secret key not available11:35
iapx8088it's there, everything is fine if I specify with k11:36
Fujitsuiapx8088, make sure the ID you listed in the changelog is indentical to that on your GPG key.11:36
=== reggaemanu_ [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-170-69.w86-214.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuNo problem :)11:38
=== geser [n=michael@dialin111168.justdsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088Fujitsu, by ID you mean the email? I don't remeber the right place to put the key in Changelog, nor I see it in the official package changelog (in the source of cours)11:41
Fujitsuiapx8088, the ID, like mine is:11:41
FujitsuWilliam Alexander Grant <william.grant@ubuntu.com.au>11:42
FujitsuThat matches an ID on my key.11:42
iapx8088I have it, maybe it's not identical11:42
FujitsuIt needs to be indentical :)11:42
FujitsuI keep making that same typo :(11:42
iapx8088ok it's going11:43
iapx8088it was Giuseppe Dia (Dia) <giusedia@libero.it>11:43
iapx8088the comment was wreaking havoc11:43
iapx8088that (Dia)11:43
FujitsuYes, it does that.11:44
=== cassidy [n=cassidy@host-213-189-171-21.brutele.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== iapx8088 [n=c9@host98-164-dynamic.3-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088sorry I closed11:45
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088I did ask that before, where can I find a guideline to questions like (why I should put debhelper>5 and not >4) in the wiki?11:46
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
iapx8088or (should I put debhelper>5 even if I have a dapper drake but I usual use an edgy pbuilder?)11:46
=== fatal__ [i=gem@gamezone.fjortis.info] has left #ubuntu-motu []
dholbachthat's stuff that *should* be in the packaging guide11:46
dholbachor in MOTU/FAQ11:46
dholbachor rather point to the relevant bit of the debian policy11:47
=== Gervystar [n=alessand@host52-173-static.120-81-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Tonio_any revu admin there please ?11:50
Tonio_dholbach: hey ;)11:50
Tonio_dholbach: I'm trying to upload transkode (package from fabo) to revu, but upload fails, is that possible to nuke existing stuff ?11:51
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachTonio_: I'm no REVU admin.11:51
Tonio_dholbach: ah...11:51
Tonio_siretart: ping ?11:51
Tonio_or raphink ?11:52
raphinkbusy phonr11:52
Tonio_raphink: okay ;)11:52
iapx8088mhmh rather confusing11:53
FujitsuAny MOTUs able to upload a small debian/copyright change from REVU? convertall was rejected from NEW because I managed to mangle it accidentally.11:54
iapx8088https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources it says: to put the target suite to be dapper ( I would expect edgy)11:54
Fujitsuiapx8088, yes.11:54
iapx8088yes edgy?11:54
dholbachFujitsu: looking11:54
FujitsuThanks, dholbach.11:55
iapx8088Fujitsu, i did not catch it :D.11:56
=== Q-FUNK [n=q-funk@dsl-hkigw7-fe10f900-10.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
xerxasis there a motu here that can review my pymsn packaging ?12:05
xerxaswhat the name of the RFP for ubuntu ?12:06
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i577B169F.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
xerxasother question: is there a MOTU planet ?12:07
Nafallono, just Ubuntu Planet AFAIK12:07
iapx8088mmh I cannot find it everywhere12:11
iapx8088nor in the deb maint guide, nor in the policy12:11
FujitsuIt should be there!12:11
iapx8088if I should put edgy or dapper (and this has nothing to do with debian) and the version of debhelper to put (5 or 4)12:12
iapx8088Fujitsu, here nothing (or wrong, regarding the target) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources and no other info12:12
iapx8088of course the deb maint guide knows nothing about edgy :D12:13
iapx8088oh, anyway it's never going to go into universe.12:20
=== iapx8088 [n=c9@host98-164-dynamic.3-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cassidydholbach: i'm looking your mail to ask a UVF break. How can i get "attach diffstat, changelog and build-/install-log (as files)" ? :)01:05
dholbachcassidy: it's not UniverseFreeze yet01:06
dholbach(if you ask for Universe)01:06
cassidydholbach: ohhh nice !01:06
dholbachSep 28th01:06
cassidydholbach: i have to fill a bug ?01:06
dholbachafter Sep 28th01:07
dholbachmain is frozen already, universe not yet01:07
dholbachubuntu-release for main, motu-uvf for universe01:07
cassidyi have to fill a bug to request a sync with Debian ?01:08
dholbachthat too yes01:08
dholbachand subscribe ubuntu-archive01:08
cassidyok ok, thanks !01:08
cassidyet hop https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/apt-proxy/+bug/6163501:09
UbugtuMalone bug 61635 in apt-proxy "Sync request" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed] 01:09
=== jrib [n=jasonr@c-71-232-45-169.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088dholbach, am I to put edgy or dapper as a target (faq says dapper!) and should debhelper be 5 even if I'm not using PY?01:09
dholbachwe can only upload new stuff to edgy01:11
dholbachso 'edgy'01:11
dholbachdapper is closed01:11
dholbachdapper-updates, maybe, but rather edgy01:12
=== pianoboy3333 [n=alex@ool-43567d61.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
iapx8088I see01:12
iapx8088let's go for edgy01:12
iapx8088and what about debhelper?01:12
iapx8088I believe it should be 5, if we are going for edgy01:12
iapx8088am I right>01:14
=== ryanakca [n=ryan@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
PlugNew changes have caused my NM VPN plugin to die :)01:14
Plugbut I have a rough idea why, at least01:15
=== Goshawk [n=vincenzo@d83-176-72-13.cust.tele2.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Plugjust its soooo late01:15
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Plug can't convince libraries to move out of /usr/lib :(
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Yagisan takes the plunge, and updates his desktop to edgy.
=== twilight [n=twilight@ubuntu/member/twilight] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Fujitsu crosses his fingers for Yagisan.
YagisanFujitsu, thanks mate. already noticed it forgot all my evolution passwords01:35
=== Yagisan wonders why universe upgrades are smoother ...
NafalloYagisan: those are in gnome-password-manager now :-)01:36
Nafallognome-keyring actually01:36
YagisanNafallo, oh - so they are in the application that didn't get installed o_O01:36
Q-FUNKbug #6162601:37
UbugtuMalone bug 61626 in cups-pdf "Please sync cups-pdf (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6162601:37
NafalloYagisan: :-)01:37
FujitsuQ-FUNK, nononono.01:37
=== Yagisan installs missing app
FujitsuQ-FUNK, you need to subscribe, not assign, ubuntu-archive, and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors, so they can approve it.01:38
FujitsuAnd don't confirm them yourself, unless you became a MOTU while I wasn't looking :P01:38
Yagisannice to see everything else is going well so far01:39
FujitsuGood, Yagisan :)01:39
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Yagisannot like my brrezy -> dapper upgrade01:39
FujitsuWhat happened there?01:39
Q-FUNKhm.  how do i subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors ?01:39
Yagisandamm uni eating all my time01:39
FujitsuQ-FUNK, `Subscribe someone else'.01:39
YagisanFujitsu, it wasted the system completely01:39
Yagisanheh firefox had a name change01:40
Q-FUNKthose modal menus in launchpad really take some getting used to.01:42
FujitsuQ-FUNK, please see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2006-August/000181.html.01:42
FujitsuThere are a couple of other things you need to take care of.01:42
Q-FUNKFujitsu: hm?  such as? the ony item I see there is the changelog excerpt01:45
Fujitsuubuntu-archive is still assigned, and that.01:45
Q-FUNKBug #6142701:46
UbugtuMalone bug 61427 in upgrade-system "Please sync upgrade-system (universe) from unstable (main)" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6142701:46
Q-FUNKcomapre with this one.  done with pitti's script01:46
Q-FUNKFujitsu: who does it get assinged to then?01:46
Yagisan:( no OO.org for me01:46
FujitsuQ-FUNK, nobody.01:46
FujitsuQ-FUNK, the archive admin will assign themselves when they do it.01:47
FujitsuAnd don't confirm them yourself.01:47
=== lucas [n=lucas@ubuntu/member/lucas] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuIf you do, they'll not get acked by a MOTU, so they won't be synced.01:47
Q-FUNKwell, pitti's script auto-confirms, so...01:49
FujitsuQ-FUNK, it's probably meant for MOTUs.01:50
Q-FUNKyou remind me that I should porbably add myself to the next meeting's agenda.01:50
FujitsuWhich meeting?01:51
Q-FUNKcommunity council, iirc01:51
FujitsuFor doing what?01:51
=== Q-FUNK parses thru his bookmark for the list of tasks to perform to join motu
FujitsuYes, membership is one...01:51
Q-FUNKright.  that would be membership first, then prove yourself, then be consdered for motu.01:52
=== lupine_85 spots his mistake
Q-FUNKanyhow. I'm mostly interested in eliminating the delta between versions f my packages at debian and ubuntu.01:53
lupine_85could a nice admin resync the keyring? :) I (tried to) join the wrong group this morning (ubuntu-dev, not ubuntu-universe-contributors!).01:53
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Plugtry THAT one on for size01:53
lupine_85I assume that's why the package I uploaded hasn't shown up in revu yet01:53
Fujitsulupine_85, I noticed you'd attempted to join today :)01:54
FujitsuQ-FUNK, prove yourself, then membership, then prove yourself more, then be considered for MOTU.01:54
lupine_85that's what I get for trying to work at 5am, I guess :)01:55
=== hikenboot [n=hikenboo@c-24-218-84-234.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Q-FUNKFujitsu: 1st step is already done with over 2 years of package maintenance at debian.01:55
FujitsuBut contribution to Ubuntu?01:55
lupine_85will I need to re-upload to revu or do things uploaded by people it doesn't recognise get held for a while?01:56
Q-FUNKadding to that merging Ubuntu patches01:56
PlugFujitsu: thats the part he's trying to do now, you see. :)01:56
Fujitsulupine_85, you'll need to reupload.01:56
Q-FUNKFujitsu: reading my homepage on Launchpad might be useful to you at this point. ;)01:57
=== Kagou [n=Kagou@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuQ-FUNK, what about it?01:58
Q-FUNKFujitsu: did you read it?01:58
FujitsuQ-FUNK, yes...01:59
Q-FUNKdid you also ead the wiki page?01:59
FujitsuAh, OK, there's a little more on there :)02:00
hikenboothello all---I was suggested that ubuntu edgy (6.10) would have germinate-update-metapackage...it does not and it doesnt appear to be available in its apt-sources list (which is exceptionally short with only 4 entries) was the information I was told wrong?02:00
Q-FUNKand that "little more" has been there for a long time, if you check the changelog :)02:00
YagisanWTF?! alleyoop just dumped a /debian dir in my root directory02:01
FujitsuYagisan, fun.02:01
YagisanI hope no one here touched it last02:02
=== Yagisan off to lp so check for bugs on it
FujitsuThere was an upload of it today...02:03
FujitsuOr yesterday, it appears.02:03
FujitsuI remember it...02:03
FujitsuAlthough it was just adding a .desktop.02:03
Q-FUNKFujitsu: I was on the community council agenda, ages ago.  However someone (jdub or mako - I forgot which one) said that my wiki page was too sketchy, but would not say on which aspects.02:04
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuQ-FUNK, you need to document what contributions you've made to Ubuntu.02:04
Q-FUNKI think that's already there.02:05
PlugI think he's trying to contribute now. ;)02:05
YagisanFujitsu, I see. crimsun touched it last o_O02:05
Q-FUNKPlug: I think you're tryng to be funny now. ;)02:06
FujitsuChanged-By: Matti Lindell <mlind@cs.joensuu.fi>02:06
PlugNo, seriously02:06
Plugit's not very clearly laid out (or it is, but its somewhat odd for outsiders)02:06
Plugthat you contribute to MOTU first by not actually being a MOTU :)02:06
Q-FUNKreverse fuzzy logic.02:07
YagisanPlug, I thought it was clear when I first came here02:07
FujitsuYagisan, as did I.02:08
ajmitchprobably because you contribute to ubuntu, not to MOTU02:08
PlugI know how it works02:08
Yagisanajmitch, hows it going ?02:08
PlugI'm just saying that you shouldn't try and scare good DD candidates off. :)02:08
ajmitchalright, how are you?02:08
ajmitchif they're DDs, they can't be scared off by a little bureaucracy02:09
Yagisanajmitch, not bad. zero free time recently though :(02:09
Yagisandon't even have time to tinker at the moment02:09
Yagisanright bug #61644 filed.02:12
UbugtuMalone bug 61644 in alleyoop "Alleyoop dumps a debian directory in /" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6164402:12
ajmitchsomeone did a broken upload02:12
=== Fujitsu looks at.
StevenKFujitsu: You've done enough, get off!02:13
FujitsuI've only fixed like 3 package bugs, the rest have been merges/syncs :P02:13
StevenKFujitsu: Tough!02:13
Yagisanand now to reboot because update-manager is bugging me. brb02:14
FujitsuErm: Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>02:15
FujitsuIndeed, it does put crap everywhere...02:16
StevenKFujitsu: Feature.02:16
ajmitchoh, they changed the maintainer field finally?02:16
StevenKajmitch: Yup.02:16
FujitsuStevenK, why?02:16
StevenKFujitsu: There's a spec about it.02:16
FujitsuGlobal change?02:16
=== ajmitch knew it was on launchpad, wasn't aware it was switched on this week
StevenKFujitsu: The short story is because most DD's *hate* Ubuntu.02:17
FujitsuStevenK, noted.02:17
StevenKFujitsu: And yes02:17
FujitsuI knew there was a spec about it...02:17
FujitsuI didn't know it was actually being done, though,.02:17
StevenKFujitsu: If you file bugs in the Debian BTS with an Ubuntu address, you may be told about a few fire trucks.02:17
Q-FUNKajmitch: or maybe they come here because they loathe Debian bureaucracy in the first place...02:18
=== ajmitch remembers to use his ubuntu address for all subsequent debian bug activity
FujitsuI hear that a lot of maintainers eat Ubuntu people.02:18
StevenKajmitch: :-P02:18
StevenKI came here because I like Ubuntu and want to help.02:18
=== iapx8088 [n=c9@host98-164-dynamic.3-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKSince then, I've discovered that Ubuntu is better...02:18
=== ajmitch is also a bit of a debian refugee
FujitsuStevenK, yay :D02:19
=== Goshawk [n=vincenzo@d83-176-72-13.cust.tele2.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomo_StevenK: i'm maintaining stuff in debian with my ubuntu address... and nobody killed me yet ;)02:19
StevenKslomo_: Exercise patience.02:19
StevenKFujitsu: I have a rant about Debian on my personal wiki.02:20
FujitsuStevenK, nice! I'm sure they love you for it.02:20
StevenKNo one else has seen it.02:20
StevenKWhen I say personal, I mean _personal_02:20
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchwhat good is a rant if noone sees it?02:20
Q-FUNKStevenK: ditto.  or well, ubbuntu is still debian, but a debian that if infinitely more usable out of the box than the stadad one.02:21
Yagisanhmm. that was one very long, very slow boot02:21
=== ajmitch mainly finds working on ubuntu more enjoyable
StevenKajmitch: Ditto.02:21
=== Yagisan ++
StevenKajmitch: Um. I wanted the stuff off my chest02:21
StevenKOh yeah, I need to add to it02:22
Q-FUNKIt's probably a question of attitude, more than anything.  The situation at Debian reminds me a lot of what's going on in several LUGs in Finland, right now.02:23
=== Fujitsu test-builds the fix.
Yagisan:'( why do I get "ILLEGAL EXTENDED X86 OPCODE" messages from the kernel02:24
Yagisanwhen booting02:24
=== lupine_85 [n=lupine@nick.lupine.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Goshawk_ [n=vincenzo@d83-176-72-13.cust.tele2.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85ah, the joys of t'internet#02:33
FujitsuDebdiff uploaded to bug #61644.02:36
UbugtuMalone bug 61644 in alleyoop "Alleyoop dumps a debian directory in /" [Untriaged,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6164402:36
=== Fujitsu chastises self.
FujitsuThat took 25 minutes... Most of that attacking pbuilder, though.02:37
Q-FUNKSomething tells me that the wiki host might be overloaded.02:38
ajmitchso it was a change that slipped through in the last couple of days that broke alleyoop02:38
Fujitsuajmitch, yesterday.02:38
FujitsuQ-FUNK, it's been doing that over the past few days.02:38
Yagisanhmm. does bootchart still work with edgy - I don't see any pretty charts that say I have a slow system02:40
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKFujitsu: Have you got a debdiff?02:47
FujitsuFor what?02:48
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchHobbsee: hi02:49
Fujitsu<Fujitsu> Debdiff uploaded to bug #61644.02:49
UbugtuMalone bug 61644 in alleyoop "Alleyoop dumps a debian directory in /" [Untriaged,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6164402:49
FujitsuHi, Hobbsee.02:49
StevenKFujitsu: It looks wrong02:49
FujitsuDoes it?02:50
StevenK1) Does it build, and 2) Does the dpkg -c output look sane?02:50
Hobbseehey ajmitch02:50
Hobbseehi Fujitsu02:50
FujitsuStevenK, it builds, and yes, it is sane, and yes, it actually gets displayed in the menus.02:50
ajmitchStevenK: it is sane, but it's dh_install02:51
ajmitchso it adds debian/alleyoop to the dest path anyway02:51
xerxasis there a motu here that can review my pymsn package ?02:51
StevenKOh right.02:51
FujitsuYup :)02:51
StevenKFujitsu: I'll upload it, if you want.02:51
FujitsuThanks :)02:51
ajmitchthis is why I always build with DH_VERBOSE on my packages :)02:51
xerxasit's at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~telepathy/pymsn/ubuntu/02:51
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FujitsuI don't generally request crackful uploads... I always check that the fixes I make actually work :P02:52
xerxashowcome there is no bug on edgy ? https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+bugs ?02:52
FujitsuBecause they're on Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Edgy.02:53
ajmitchxerxas: because most bugs are filed against the package in ubuntu, not in ubuntu edgy02:53
FujitsuHas the maintainer been set for just packages with Ubuntu changes, or everything?02:53
StevenKEverything, except for Maintainers who have request to not have theirs mangled02:54
FujitsuAha, nice.02:54
=== ajmitch is tired, the guiness earlier may not have been so good for trying to do work :)
zulewww...warm beer02:54
Q-FUNKajmitch: it's a good way to enforce leaxation, though. :)02:54
ajmitchzul: eww no02:54
=== StevenK buggers off for ten minutes or so
ajmitchwe're not english02:55
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=== Q-FUNK is getting tired of the Linux kernel's hard-disk drivers distrupting keyboard operation
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lupine_aok, I try to upload using dput and it says "Uploading via ftp rutilt_0.12-1.dsc: Error '553 Could not create file.'"...03:03
lupine_athat's with command dput -f revu *_source.changes03:04
ajmitchlupine_a: you probably cancelled a previous upload, or did a binary upload03:04
=== ajmitch clears it on tiber
ajmitchtry now03:04
lupine_aaha, life! :) Thanks03:05
lupine_aI uploaded it when not joined to the launchpad group by accident (I thought I'd registered, but that was actually ubuntu-dev)03:06
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Yagisanany other amd64 users getting  "ILLEGAL EXTENDED X86 OPCODE" on VT1 during boot ?03:10
lupine_85I get that to - in edgy03:10
FujitsuStevenK, you are going to upload that at some point, aren't you?03:11
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Yagisanlupine_85, thanks for confirming it's not just me03:11
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lupine_85Yagisan: it's probably just because it's still a debug kernel03:15
Yagisanlupine_85, I hope so. It's not something I'd want to see in a release build.03:16
lupine_85hmmm, /me thinks that the keyring still doesn't have him on03:16
zullupine_85: have you considered opening a bug report about it so the kernel team or some other team knows about it?03:17
iapx8088it's just me that I'm having huge problems with internet03:17
iapx8088or anyone else?03:17
=== lupine_85 is, but since it's caused by his ISP, he doubts they're related
iapx8088lupine_85, I'm thinking that too, but it's strange03:18
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Q-FUNKhub: :)03:22
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bddebianHeya gang03:26
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=== Fujitsu runs off to bed.
lupine_acan cany admin types check that my gpg key is in the keyring? Because I think it isn't :(03:32
lupine_a(I followed the instructions, but slightly disjointedly ;) )03:32
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lupine_85ajmitch: I think I'm not in the keyring, still :(03:37
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chantrahi, could someone point me out to the categories available for .desktoip files03:47
Hobbseechantra: debian maintainers guide lists them all, and what they're fore03:49
chantraokie dokie, cheers Hobbsee03:50
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faboTonio_: i have uploaded exiv2 to revu, could you take a look :)04:17
faboor any other MOTU ;)04:17
Tonio_fabo: not available at the moment, but ping me in an hour, I'll do it04:17
faboHobbsee: :)04:18
Tonio_ping me since I will forget this :)04:18
=== Hobbsee hides
Hobbseei'm not reviewing anything at this time of night :P04:18
fabominimal changes :)04:18
hubfabo: I don't see it04:18
hubfabo: any link?04:19
fabohub: uploaded right now, will be refreshed in some minutes04:19
hubwhich the latest upstream version?04:19
faboyou can find it here too -> http://fboudra.free.fr/ubuntu/exiv2_0.10-1.2ubuntu2/04:19
hubfabo: why not providing the latest version instead04:20
fabohub: because it was a quick fix to a Debian RC bug04:20
fabohub: but you're right, i can update to lates04:20
hubwould make more sense as digikam 0.9 requires it04:21
fabohub: quick fix because i need it for kphotoalbum04:21
fabobe back with 0.11 ;)04:21
hubwhat fix?04:22
=== sorush20 [n=sorush20@82-43-184-143.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
fabohub: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=38689904:22
UbugtuDebian bug 386899 in libexiv2-0.10 "libexiv2-0.10 ships a wrong shlibs file" [Important,Open] 04:22
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo04:23
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sorush20gnucash packge is very old please update it04:28
slomo_sorush20: 2.0.1-3ubuntu3 seems to be pretty new04:29
sorush20slomo_: oh I see its been updated recently then..04:31
sorush20how about that is that updated?04:32
fabosorush20: i'm on it atm04:33
fabosorush20: need to fix a bug before the upload04:34
sorush20fabo: great..04:35
sorush20I would just love to have some sort of eta in adept or synaptic for other packages.. but I think that is just being too fussy..04:36
=== Mirrado [n=Mirrado@20150047186.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
fabosorush20: ask mornfall (adept)04:37
Adri2000archive admins: please empty the queue !! :p04:38
sorush20what repository did you see gnucash in ?04:39
sorush20slomo_: is that backported to dapper?04:40
sorush20slomo_: so I can't use it in dapper..04:40
siretartslomo_: Nafallo: http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mplayer/etch/04:40
siretartAndrea Mennucc has prepared a new mplayer upload for debian, currently sitting in new04:41
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=== Nafallo looks
sorush20there is a .deb package for dapper in the ubuntu forums .. could you guys add it to the repositories ?04:44
Nafallosiretart: looks like he haven't talked to upstream about his package yet ;-)04:45
fbondsorush20, stable releases typically don't get a lot of updates ... ask in #ubuntu about using the backports repository, and if gnucash isn't there, you might need to get in touch with the backports maintainer04:46
fbond* addendum: stable releases usually get security and critical updates only04:47
slomo_Nafallo: i would assume "she"... but maybe it's only weird italian naming again or something :) and mplayer upstream said they talked with him/her04:47
siretartNafallo: at linuxtag diego told me that he was working closely with him/her04:47
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sorush20fbond: well I can't get my head around that.. if there is a newer version available people want it, even if the previous was stable or not,04:48
slomo_sorush20: that's why the backports exist... ask them to backport gnucash to dapper04:48
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sorush20slomo_: so where do I ask?04:50
sorush20slomo_: is there a channel?04:50
slomo_sorush20: https://launchpad.net/products/dapper-backports/+filebug04:51
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Nafallointeresting that they have --enable-{win32,real,xanim} then :-)04:54
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fbondsorush20, it looks like someone has already filed a bug to backport GnuCash04:56
UbugtuMalone bug 52486 in Baltix "GnuCash 2.0.0 " [Untriaged,Unconfirmed] 04:56
fbondYou can add your +1 there if you'd like04:56
Nafalloehrm. Baltix?04:58
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fbondNafallo, bug is listed as affecting both Dapper and Baltix05:05
fabohub: http://fboudra.free.fr/ubuntu/exiv2_0.11-0ubuntu1/05:06
hubfabo: REVU05:06
faboi definitely have a problem to upload to revu05:06
fabomy previous upload wasn't on REVU05:07
hubmake sure your dputrc is okay05:07
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fabohub: my .dput.cf is ok, i have uploaded 0.11 right now05:19
faboSuccessfully uploaded packages ...05:19
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chantrahi, could someone help me out finding the .desktop application entries from debian maintainer's guide :s05:55
chantracan't find it so far :p05:55
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sharmschantra: can you rephrase?06:16
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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kmrhello, I had a question about a bug a filed on launchpad about a universe package. any MOTU around?06:23
sharmsmight as well post the link?06:24
kmrsure, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/xmlrpc-c/+bug/6168206:24
UbugtuMalone bug 61682 in xmlrpc-c "Please upgrade to new upstream, current version very old" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed] 06:24
kmrI'm aware that edgy is in a feature freeze, but the debian package has an open wishlist bug for 15 months now (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=317979)06:25
UbugtuDebian bug 317979 in libxmlrpc-c3 "New xmlrpc-c upstream version available" [Unknown,Open] 06:25
kmris there a policy about upgrading packages that the debian maintainer is unresponsive to?06:25
kmroh, I see a launchpad reply "do it myself" -- that was quick!06:26
kmrI did create an updated .deb package and offered to comaintain (I'm a debian developer) the package with debian maintainer, but he never answered my email06:27
kmrhmm, seems to upload a package I'd need to be in the REVU keyring. Is that the best way to go about things or to submit an updated package to some group of MOTUs?06:27
kmrthat question goes further that I maintain about 20 of my upstream packages in debian. would it be worthwhile to upload my periodic updates to ubuntu as well? I imagine most/all of my packages are in the universe category06:29
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-104-74.ip.rixbredband.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sharmskmr: one of the MOTU guys can upload it for you06:34
sharmskmr: there is a devel meeting going on right now, I am sure one will be viewing this channel shortly06:34
kmrsharms: very good, thanks very much for the info. in the meantime, I'll make a new .deb with the current upstream version06:35
Gloubiboulgakmr, if your packages build/install/works fine on ubuntu, a sync is enough06:38
kmrGloubiboulga: what do you mean by sync? I've considered doing a NMU of this package on Debian for a long time, but since I'm using ubuntu in a production system, I'm thinking of bypassing the debian NMU procedure06:39
Gloubiboulgakmr, I have not read everything you wrote, I was just talking about the packages you maintain in debian06:40
kmrGloubiboulga: I see. yes, I keep my upstream in debian well sync. But, this is for a neglected package in debian which I'm using in a production system06:41
Gloubiboulgafor the new release there's no NMU in ubuntu, so if you have a new package you just need to ping a MOTU to get it uploaded06:41
kmrok. I did send email as suggested about adding my key to REVU. From there an MOTU will review the upload, is that right?06:42
Gloubiboulgayou need to add yourself to the ubuntu-universe-contributors on launchpad06:43
Gloubiboulgathen ask for an update of the gpg keys database06:44
Gloubiboulga(see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU)06:44
kmrGloubiboulga: thx. joined the launchpad team and emailed by signed key to keyring@tiber.tauware.de -- thanks for the info06:46
kmrGloubiboulga: assuming this goes fine for the package that I'll prepare a NMU, should I also send my new upstream versions I upload to Debian to REVU, or just wait for Ubuntu to periodically sync from debian before a new release?06:47
Gloubiboulgakmr, it will be synced06:48
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kmrGloubiboulga: got it, thx06:50
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phanaticgood evening07:03
Gloubiboulgaevening phanatic07:04
phanatichi Gloubiboulga07:04
Nafallono meeting anymore?07:05
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hubI hate when package depends on a specific version of dpkg-dev07:44
Q-FUNKthey tend to do that to ensure support of some new feature, such as enhanced package relationship wildcards.07:53
hubI know07:54
hubit just  makes it painfull to backport07:55
hubwhen I come back from aKademy, I'll dist-upgrade to edgy07:55
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kagouhub, could you considere Bug #61709 ?!07:59
UbugtuMalone bug 61709 in ufraw "[Edgy]  An ufraw update is needed since the update to libexiv2-0.10." [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6170907:59
hubkagou: working on it already08:00
hubkagou: there was a merge waiting08:00
hubshould fix it08:00
kagouNice !08:00
hubthe reporter emailed me first08:01
hubbut if it does not, it'll have to wait until october08:01
hubbecause I'll leave for aKademy soon and I'm not upgrading the laptop to edgy now08:01
kagouhub, you have patched ufraw or exiv2 ?08:03
hubjust  a merge from MoM08:04
hubfor ufraw08:04
kagouhub,  what's "MoM" ?08:04
kagouhub, is there a link to see this on launchpad ?! Just to put as comment for the bug and to pass it on "in progress"08:06
hubjust marked as fixed08:07
hubit should appear soon in edgy08:08
hubit has been "accepted"08:08
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AnAntseen bddebian08:32
AnAnt!seen bddebian08:32
ubotuI last saw bddebian (n=bdefrees@ 2h 38m 47s ago, quiting: "Leaving"08:32
AnAntping lionelp08:32
AnAntping dholbach08:32
AnAntdholbach: btw, no one yet replied the elinks-full email08:33
slomo_siretart: beta freeze... :/08:39
AnAntwhat is beta freeze ?08:40
NafalloAnAnt: freeze for beta :-)08:40
AnAntNafallo: when is that ?08:41
AnAntand does that freeze means that no other packages can be added to universe ?08:41
Nafallohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseSchedule :-)08:41
slomo_AnAnt: "now" :) and only affects main08:41
AnAntoh ok08:41
AnAntuniverse freeze is next week ?08:42
Nafallo28:th, so yes08:42
AnAntafter that anything still in REVU won't be REVU'ed for Edgy?08:43
AnAntwhat about those in queue ?08:43
pirastchances that bug 57360 gets fixed in Edgy?08:44
UbugtuMalone bug 57360 in video-dvdrip "[debian-multimedia]  Sync dvdrip" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5736008:44
AnAntafter that anything still in REVU won't be REVU'ed for Edgy?08:50
AnAntwhat about those in queue ?08:50
LaserJocksort of08:52
LaserJocknew packages won't be able to get in unless they can get an exception08:52
LaserJockbut bug fixes that don't introduce a new upstream version or a new package can be uploaded08:52
=== selinuxium [n=selinium@82-34-235-84.cable.ubr02.sout.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
AnAntLaserJock: so even those in queue won't get in ?08:53
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@MTL-HSE-ppp193964.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockAnAnt: which queue?08:53
AnAntLaserJock: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+queue08:55
AnAntLaserJock: btw, how about REVU'ing a package ?08:55
dholbachAnAnt: sorry to hear that - it just proved in earlier times that duplication of source is problematic and the ftpmasters are not that fond of it08:55
AnAntdholbach: ok, got my email ?08:55
LaserJockI believe only "accepted" packages will actually make it in08:55
dholbachAnAnt: didn't check yet08:56
AnAntLaserJock: you mean accepted by REVU or by what ?08:56
LaserJockbut I'm sure the archive admins will try to clear out the queue by Universe Freeze08:56
LaserJockaccepted by the archive admins08:56
dholbachAnAnt: I won't get around to review it today08:56
dholbachAnAnt: I'm very very busy with other stuff08:56
AnAntLaserJock: can you REVU a package ?08:58
LaserJockAnAnt: probably not today08:58
LaserJock:/ I mean ;-)08:58
AnAntLaserJock: well, when you can, here's the upload: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=320408:59
AnAntwell, got to sleep09:00
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lucastetrinet anyone ? tetrinet.debian.net09:17
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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ArcusNice = - )09:32
pirasthi, i'd like to have 3 packages from debian multimedia in edgy09:32
ArcusReplace Microsoft all ready + - )09:32
LaserJockpirast: heh, ok. are they on REVU already?09:33
pirastLaserJock: yeah I am  - so revu is the best way?09:33
ArcusThis Server is Crazy Legit09:33
ArcusI didnt know there was a legit IRC server09:34
LaserJockArcus: what?09:34
LaserJockpirast: I think so, although you might want to ask the MOTU Multimedia team09:34
ArcusLaserJock I was Checking out a Microsoft Game and Found myself here09:34
pirastLaserJock: mhm i ll do it via revu.. thanks09:35
ArcusMicrosoft Closed Support for MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries09:35
Arcusso I was looking at replacing there Zone match server09:36
Arcusand then I found they use Apache Tomcat/4.1 For the Zone haha09:36
Arcusthat led me to this server09:37
Arcusand I guess Apache can use Ubuntu OS09:37
ArcusCrazy or What = - )09:37
=== zul_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockArcus: apace is a web server09:38
LaserJockand it runs mostly on Linux and Unix OSs09:38
ArcusYes = - ) for HTTP09:39
LaserJocklike Ubuntu09:39
ArcusYup = - )09:39
ArcusI trying to replace09:39
Arcus[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\MechWarrior Mercenaries] 09:39
ArcusSo I am going to make a server on my other Box09:40
ArcusI just need to figure out how they are distribthing the server list09:40
ArcusGood Bye and gread job on the ***** star os09:42
pirastLaserJock, okay, i think ill contact the motu multimedia team..09:42
pirasthow can i ask them?09:42
LaserJockwell first you need to figure out who they are :-)09:43
zul_well...that was interesting09:43
ajmitchwe get all sorts :)09:43
pirastLaserJock: :-) comeone, tell me who they are :-)09:44
LaserJockpirast: https://launchpad.net/people/motumedia/+members09:44
pirastokay thanks :-)09:45
LaserJockso that would be crimsun or slomo or Nafallo perhaps09:45
=== ajmitch wonders if stuff in the data centre has gone AWOL
ajmitchsome stuff is working very slowly09:49
ajmitchlike planet, and some things on launchpad09:49
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pirastwhat is the fuss about ubuntu-main-sponsors?10:00
pirastwhat are ubuntu main sponsors?10:01
tsengpeople who can upload to main on behalf of someone who cant10:01
pirastah ok thanks10:01
tsengmost developers can only upload to universe10:02
pirastLaserJock: is it okay that I subscribed motumedia to the report?10:02
LaserJocksounds fine to me10:03
pirastthanks :-)10:03
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Bazzislomo: thanks for the monodevelop update, very much appreciated10:06
slomoBazzi: np :)10:06
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Yagisanah crap :( jamie@doomguy:~/COIT12170_Data_Comms$ *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin terminated10:21
Yagisanright in the middle of an exam too10:21
=== marcin_ant [n=marcin@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
marcin_anthi guys10:25
LaserJockYagisan: that sucks dude10:25
YagisanLaserJock, indeed it does10:26
marcin_antcould someone here tell me why webmin was dropped in ubuntu and there is no package with this software?10:26
Yagisanmarcin_ant, no one maintained it10:26
=== philwyett [n=philip@80-195-142-67.cable.ubr02.wiga.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Yagisanmarcin_ant, it's not trivial either10:26
marcin_antYagisan: ubotu on #ubuntu says: "webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. Please avoid using it."10:28
marcin_antYagisan: do you know what is the reason why ubuntu users should _avoid_ this software?10:28
LaserJockwhat Yagisan just said10:29
Yagisanmarcin_ant, sure - it f*cks up your system files as it has not been updated to cope with the many many changes since it was last maintained10:29
marcin_antYagisan: hmm right that can be a reason10:30
Yagisanmarcin_ant, ;) glad I could clarify it.10:30
LaserJockit was removed from Debian10:30
marcin_antok, now I understand, I just thought that there is some ugly security issue or something...10:32
Yagisanno, no one looked after it, it started eating systems, and debian dropped it10:32
marcin_antbtw do you know some good alternative for webmin?10:34
lupine_85ah, so that's the reason :)10:34
lupine_85hacking it's apache plugin to edit my apache2 config wasn't a good idea, then?10:35
marcin_anthi lupine_85 :)10:36
lupine_85hi :)10:36
marcin_antso, we know why webmin was dropped but I still don't know if is there some good alternative10:37
lupine_85the package I uploaded to revu still isn't showing up, by the way...10:37
marcin_antpropably there is nothing simmilar or better10:37
lupine_85marcin_ant: what sort of things are you trying to do?10:37
lupine_85if it's simple stuff, a very well-protected cgi-enabled apache dir full of bash scripts would do, at a pinch10:38
lupine_85or you could take up maintaining webmin ;)10:38
marcin_antlupine_85: well currently I would like to have something to replace squirrel mail and I use webmin to manage postfix server10:39
lupine_85:( only a week left to get this package into the repos... I really don't want to have to keep hosting it if I can avoid it at all10:39
marcin_antlupine_85: on some freebsd machine10:39
=== lupine_85 uses squirrelmail :)
lupine_85that + courier10:39
marcin_antlupine_85: but I would like to replace this machine with some debian/ubuntu and well I would like to10:40
marcin_antlupine_85: do something usefull trying to write alternative to webmin using python and some ajax technologies10:40
Yagisanthe motu that fixes Bug #61742 is my personal hero10:41
UbugtuMalone bug 61742 in openoffice.org "Crashes with *** stack smashing detected *** message" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6174210:41
marcin_antlupine_85: so I'm not too worried that webmin is dropped - I just would like to know if is there some replacement for webmin10:41
lupine_85I don't know of one :(10:41
Yagisanin the meanwhile - abiword gets pride of place10:41
marcin_antlupine_85: if there isn't I would like to try to write some10:41
lupine_85sounds fun :)10:42
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dholbachgood night fellas11:08
pyginight dholbach11:08
dholbachnight pygi11:09
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LaserJockcya dholbach11:09
dholbachnight LaserJock11:10
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=== ajmitch twiddles thumbs
ajmitchseems there are a few chroot problems11:18
ajmitchcausing builds to break11:18
StevenKajmitch: And the fact that doko has taken over them? :-P11:19
ajmitchthat's minor :)11:19
lupine_85hi ajmitch :)11:20
lupine_85my package still isn't showing up in revu :(11:20
lupine_85I think it's the keyring11:20
lupine_85can you resync it (again, again!)? :)11:21
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ajmitchit just checks every 5 minutes, so you probably tried to upload in that time11:32
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@c58-107-60-250.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85(I got told last night/this morning that I'd have to reupload)11:32
lupine_85yep, I've found it :)11:32
=== lupine_85 is proud
lupine_85thanks for your help11:33
lupine_85now it just needs ripping to shreds :)11:33
ajmitchfirst thing - version number :)11:33
=== stealf [n=stefan@c83-253-16-192.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lupine_85so I edit the changelog (and control?) for that one?11:34
Hobbseenot control, just the changelog11:36
FujitsuHey Hobbsee.11:36
pygiHobbsee: you have a sec?11:36
Hobbseehi Fujitsu11:36
Hobbseepygi: sort of11:36
pygiHobbsee: ah, nothing then11:36
ajmitchmorning Hobbsee11:37
lupine_85edit the existing changelog entry? (since the 'new' version number would come out lower)11:37
ajmitchyou're unnaturally early11:37
ajmitchlupine_85: yes11:37
Hobbseehi ajmitch11:37
Hobbseeajmitch: indeed11:37
FujitsuYes, you're /very/ early!11:37
StevenKFujitsu: Got my memo?11:38
FujitsuStevenK, yeah, thanks :)11:38
FujitsuI'd never used MemoServe before, I suppose it's quite useful :)11:38
FujitsuYeah, same thing :P11:38
StevenKFujitsu: I mainly use it for you people who aren't permanetly connected to IRC.11:39
Hobbseenot that early...11:41
FujitsuWhat's this? The third or fourth OOo build in 48 hours?11:42
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Sp4rKyLaserJock: hi11:44
Sp4rKyLaserJock: i've talked with you about REVU pbuilder process11:44
Sp4rKyand i've again an answer :11:44
Sp4rKywith wrapper, does motu need to put their password for sudo start ?11:44
lupine_85heh, revu's lintian doesn't seem to like the package... all seem related to it being for edgy, thoughh11:45
=== Fujitsu installs German support and starts a new session to test out bug 61698.
UbugtuMalone bug 61698 in lyx "no unicode in menu" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6169811:46
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