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tmarblefabbione: ping08:41
fabbionetmarble: pong08:42
tmarblei have just booted T2000 rev2 with your image08:42
tmarblelast part from log was 08:42
tmarbleStarting system log daemon: syslogd, klogd.08:42
tmarbleFATAL: Module usbkbd not found.08:42
tmarbleFATAL: Module usbhid not found.08:42
tmarbleFATAL: Module usbserial not found.08:42
fabbionei need all of it please08:42
tmarbleThen I'm in the choose language screen08:42
tmarbleI assume that I stop here, right... no install08:43
fabbionethe most important bits are the scsi controller discovery08:43
fabbioneyou can also try to install if you want08:43
fabbionebut it might hang at partitioner08:43
fabbioneif the bug report is real and you have the same hw, it will hang08:43
fabbione(good to test)08:43
tmarbleI did upgrade ALL the firmware to latest/greatest08:43
fabbionebut i need to see log from the kenrel booting08:43
fabbioneactually.. you won't be able to install with that image08:44
fabbioneit was a quick hack08:44
fabbionesend the logs to me and David08:44
fabbionenext monday is hack fest day on sparc08:44
tmarbleyes.. I'm planning on it -- just wanted to confirm that I'm done08:44
fabbionei assume you can keep the hw around for a bit to test a fix and a test install?08:45
tmarbleBTW -- I actually *do* want to try an install... so, what image *should* I try -- (which kernel version, Dapper/Edgy, etc.)?08:45
tmarbletwo weeks08:45
tmarbleand I'm super swamped -- but this is all i've got08:45
fabbionetry both :)08:45
fabbionethey might both fails equally08:45
fabbioneedgy does install on standard sparc08:46
fabbionei didn't test Niagara yet, but it should work just fine08:46
tmarbleOK.. can you please point me to install image(s) you would recommend (or like me to test)?08:46
fabbionethe ones on archive are just fine.. let me dig the url for you08:46
tmarblethanks... I could find it, but I'd feel better with your recommendation08:46
fabbionedapper ^^08:47
fabbionejust change dapper-updates to edgy for well.. edgy :)08:47
fabbioneedgy kernel *might* show a bit more instability on niagara08:48
fabbionei found on the log some CPU #XXX soft lookups08:48
fabbionethat i didn't see in dapper and for a long time08:48
tmarbleso -- any vote for which one to do first?? ;-)   edgy vs. dapper?08:49
fabbionestart with dapper08:50
tmarbleis NOT valid08:50
fabbionedapper-updates -> edgy08:50
fabbionei didn't write edgy-updages :)08:50
tmarbleIS valid (my bad )08:50
tmarblegreat, grazie!08:51
fabbioneno problem08:51
fabbionei am in urgent need of food08:51
tmarblebuon appetito !!!08:51
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