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johnnybuoyhey all!04:50
fdsdhey guys, is there a howto on how to disable startup daemons, like gdm..04:50
Keybukfdsd: is gdm being run by upstart, or just by sysv-rc?04:53
Keybukjohnnybuoy: ?04:53
fdsdKeybuk, no idea04:53
Keybukfdsd: which distro?04:54
fdsdKeybuk, i need to turn off everything not need to just boot to the shell04:54
fdsdedgy knot304:54
Keybukyou can disable gdm by renaming the /etc/rc2.d/S13gdm symlink to /etc/rc2.d/K13gdm04:54
fdsdKeybuk, no easy thing like in gentoo rc-update del gdm default?04:55
Keybuknot in Ubuntu, no04:56
Keybuk(this has nothing to do with upstart, of course)04:56
fdsdusplash is a pain in the neck in edgy04:56
johnnybuoywell, yeah...04:57
johnnybuoyit don't work, no?04:57
thom(you could use update-rc.d)04:57
Keybukthom: except that always does exactly the wrong thing04:57
Keybukand results in an upgrade restoring the symlinks04:57
thomright, because there's no way you can signal to make it persist without removing the init script04:58
johnnybuoythat's no good...04:59
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kakaltohas upstart been tried under gentoo yet?07:29
KeybukI believe someone has, yes07:29
Keybukhaven't heard07:32
Keybukeither way07:32
kakaltoany ideas what it would require for me to attempt to work it?07:33
Keybukusual, see the getting-started doc07:33
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Steven_Shiauanyone know how to switch the default runlevel to 1 or 3 or other than 2 when edgy alpha3 boots ?09:15
Steven_Shiausince now it's upstart, and /etc/inittab is no more.09:15
Keybukedit /etc/event.d/rc-default09:16
Keybukthe default runlevel is 209:16
Keybukand 3 is identical to it09:16
Keybuk(assuming you have a fresh install, there's no particular reason you should bother with runlevels at all)09:17
Steven_ShiauThanks. that's true, but sometimes I need special runlevel to do special thing09:17
Keybukso for fresh install, edit /etc/event.d/rc-default and change "telinit 2" to "telinit 3"09:18
Keybukfor upgrades, you will still have /etc/inittab and that will still be used09:19
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Steven_Shiauthanks. The version I am using is:  upstart        0.2.7-109:19
Steven_Shiaubut I did not find /etc/inittab, so do you mean later version or ?09:20
KeybukI mean upgrades from dapper09:20
Keybukif you installed edgy fresh, you won't have an /etc/inittab because it's deprecated09:20
Keybukbut if you upgraded from dapper, /etc/inittab will still be there, and the default runlevel specified in that will still be used09:20
Steven_Shiauoh, ic. actually I did a fresh install.09:20
Keybukyou could also, in edgy, do "echo id:3:initdefault: > /etc/inittab09:21
Steven_Shiaugot it. appreciate that09:21
Steven_Shiauso in the future, upstart will still respect the /etc/inittab ?09:21
Keybukfor edgy it will, yes09:21
Keybukedgy+1 will not respect runlevels as much09:22
Steven_Shiauic. tkx09:22
Steven_Shiauanother question, how can I see more messages when my edgy box reboot or boots ?09:22
Keybuktake "quiet" off the kernel command line09:23
Steven_Shiauyes, I already did that.09:23
Steven_Shiauand no usplash at all09:23
Steven_Shiaubut it seems that the messages are still less than before09:23
Keybukyou may need some updates due today09:23
Steven_Shiaufor upstart 0.2.7-2 ?09:23
Keybukupstart, lsb-base and sysvinit will all need updating09:24
Steven_Shiaugot it.09:24
Steven_Shiaumy last question09:25
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Steven_ShiauI need to run a script (/etc/rc2.d/S99firstboot) when edgy boots so that people can enter some number to choose some config, etc. It works in dapper. However, now with edgy alpha3, I can not do it.09:26
Steven_Shiausince all the service just run, and won't wait for me to enter09:27
Steven_ShiauIs that possible to do that ?09:27
Keybukexec </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1  at the top of the script09:30
Steven_Shiauin my S99firstboot ?09:30
Steven_ShiauThat finishes all my questions. Appreciate that.09:31
Keybukalternately write the firstboot as an upstart job (/etc/event.d/firstboot) run when the rc script finishes (start on rc3/stop) and on the console (console output)09:31
Steven_Shiauthat's the benefit of upstart!09:32
Keybukwell, at the moment we're just using it to replace sysvinit and not do anything extra09:33
Keybukto prove the daemon works09:33
Steven_ShiauBut it will be better in the future09:34
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SeveasKeybuk, there was an impromptu lightning talk session here at EuroOscon - I pimped upstart, hope you don't mind 11:32
Seveaspeople were impressed by it11:32
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Keybukhas anyone had much experience with gtk-doc-tools, linuxdoc-tools, or doxygen, etc.?05:28
=== LarstiQ has some experience with doxyge.
Keybukhow do you find it to use?05:29
LarstiQrather ok, though more burdensome than epydoc with docstrings.05:30
Keybukepydoc is a python thing?05:31
mbieblKeybuk: Since you use binary:Version now in debian/control, you should add a versioned build-dep on dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19)05:34
_iondoxygen is quite nice.05:34
Keybukmbiebl: could you file a bug for me?05:35
mbieblWill do05:36
Keybukon the ubuntu source, obviously05:37
mbieblsure ;-)05:39
Keybukhope to start moving towards 0.5 this weekend05:45
mbieblWhat features are planned for 0.5?05:46
mbieblWe should probably put out some more sophisticated examples then.05:48
mbieblSo that people get a feeling how to write upstart jobs.05:48
Keybukhow do you mean?05:48
Keybukonce 0.5 is out?05:48
mbieblYes, explaining, which features/keywords already work e.g.05:49
Keybukyes, I agree05:49
wasabi__The hardest part of those changes I think will be faking a call stack06:28
wasabi__for event blocking06:28
Keybukevent blocking?06:28
wasabi__Well, if an event can fail, then it must return a failure status.06:28
wasabi__And to do that, it must document which jobs were effected by it06:29
wasabi__And those jobs themselves can emit events that invoke other jobs.06:29
wasabi__Meaning they themselves wait for the results of those events;.06:29
Keybukthat's the question, do we want to wait for resulting events, or just jobs?06:30
wasabi__Well, before the results of an event can be known, all the jobs must complete.06:30
Keybukdefine "complete"06:30
wasabi__transition to the stage that the emitted event caused them to set as a goal06:31
wasabi__or fail.06:31
Keybukright, so that doesn't require event chaining06:31
Keybuke.g. if that job emits an event, then that's not part of the goal or "complete"-ness06:31
wasabi__If I emit do-some-stuff, whcih causes a job to move from stop to start, do-some-stuff's result cannot be known until that job has finished entered started.06:31
wasabi__During which, it might have issued it's own events, which it itself is waiting on.06:31
Keybukyes, that's true06:31
wasabi__So, it's a pretend call stack, managed with a main loop.06:32
Keybukexcept you don't actually need the call stack06:32
wasabi__Yeah. Never said you did. It just behaves as one.06:32
wasabi__Which is interesting from an academic POV. :006:32
Keybukthe job is waiting on an event inside a process06:32
wasabi__Well, for instance, if a job transitions from STOPPED to STARTING, upstart itself emits job-name starting06:33
wasabi__The results of which could fail.06:33
wasabi__And should prevent the job from continuing.06:33
Keybukshould it, why?06:33
KeybukI don't think it should06:34
wasabi__Because being able to write a new job that effects the startup process of another job, is interesting.06:34
Keybukyes, but it's possible by just adding "stop on event-failed job-started job-name" :)06:34
wasabi__Lets you modify the first job without changing its file, resulting in easier management (upgrades to the job's package don't need to deal with changes to the job file)06:34
pepsimanwasabi__: the word is "affects"06:34
wasabi__I'd prefer to make it as unneccassary as possible for an admin who desires to attach conditionals to a job installed by a package, to edit that jobs file himself. Not required, but it seems a worthy goal.06:35
wasabi__Easies package upgrades.06:36
Keybukbut then you have strange problems06:36
wasabi__Well, upstart has or will have an api like thus:06:36
Keybukwhere the author of some job never expects anything to handle its events06:36
Keybukand something does06:36
wasabi__evt = event_new("job-starting", job.name); wait for evt to exit06:36
wasabi__Well. That's true.06:37
wasabi__I suspect though the interference on the original job would be small, since you'd only be able to attach to built in events.06:37
wasabi__And those would only be able to return success/fail, to abort or continue.  Nothing that can modify the original job's state in any breaking way.06:38
KeybukI just don't think that a job should be affected by other jobs unless it wants to be06:39
Keybukthe worst example I can think of is mount-filesystem ;)06:44
Keybukyou'd end up failing the entire system if a singel job that reacted to that event failed :p06:44
wasabi__Good point.06:45
Keybukanyway, gonna go to sleep :)  been up for 30H or so06:46
wasabi__wow nite06:46
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johnnybuoycan I get help for upstart in edgy here?08:35
LarstiQwhat help would that be?08:37
johnnybuoycan I get ttys working, or is this a known bug?08:38
LarstiQit sounds familiar, let me see if I can find anything08:39
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johnnybuoy/etc/default/console-properties is set properly, i think08:40
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: my ttys seem to be working fine in edgy fwiw, and I don't see anything relevant in my backlog08:41
johnnybuoymany ppl in ubuntu+1 have this prob.08:41
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: you have  startup-tasks and system-services installed?08:41
johnnybuoyLarstiQ, and no messages when booting without usplash08:42
johnnybuoyis it not a dep?08:42
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: I think the messages would be  upstart-logd\08:42
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: a Recommends08:42
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: could you try that and report if it works?08:42
johnnybuoyLarstiQ, upstart-logd is installed08:44
johnnybuoyLarstiQ, ok08:44
johnnybuoywhat if my pc doesn't boot?08:45
LarstiQI doubt that will happen08:45
johnnybuoyI have those packages08:45
johnnybuoyall three ;)08:46
LarstiQI'm out of ideas then08:46
johnnybuoyit's scary, cause what if X fails me?08:46
johnnybuoyi don't even know how to control upstart :(08:46
johnnybuoydoes it have anything to do with08:47
johnnybuoy/etc/event.d/tty* files?08:47
LarstiQyou could install sysvinit for the time being, if that makes you feel safer08:48
johnnybuoycat /var/log/messages |grep tty gives me only one tty...08:48
johnnybuoywhat is LSR safety check?08:49
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LarstiQjohnnybuoy: see /var/log/boot08:51
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: what I've personally also done is remove quiet and splash from the kernel arguments08:51
johnnybuoyLarstiQ, I tried that, but now splash works fine, do you think that splash is responsible for me not having ttys?08:53
LarstiQjohnnybuoy: it does do nasty things with your console, yes08:53
johnnybuoyI'll try with splash disabled08:54
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johnnybuoyhmm :)09:01
johnnybuoyusplash *does* do strange things with the console :(09:01
mjg59What sort of strange things, and what kernel arguments are you using?09:05
johnnybuoyvga=791 splash = silent and quiet are the relevant kernel arguments, I guess09:06
mjg59Lose vga=09:07
johnnybuoyok, brb :)09:07
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johnnybuoythanks! removing vga=* kernel param I get usplash and tty...09:15
=== johnnybuoy very happy
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