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nixternalalrighty...time to start planning documentation for the Ubuntu 7.04, The Fantastic Ferret12:50
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Plugnixternal: is that name announced?01:38
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nixternalPlug: sorry for the late answer, no, i just made that up ;)03:13
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poningruanyone know what the debian's working codename for firefox is?04:25
poningruis it really iceweasel?04:25
Madpilot"Copyfox" ;)04:25
jjessehaven't heard04:25
=== poningru heards rumours about discussions on -private
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froudWhat's the difference between Ubuntu-installer and Debian-installer? Sometimes I see the installer referenced as debian and othertimes ubuntu.04:56
Kamping_Kaiserubuntu uses debian-installer04:57
Kamping_Kaiserif its referencing debian, i think thats a bug04:58
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=== mdke looks desparingly at his nick highlight log
trappistmdke: wb :)05:58
mdkethanks :)05:59
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mdkedoes anyone know if the pot templates are all up to date?06:13
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LaserJockmdke: I think so06:26
LaserJockmdke: hello! welcome back!06:27
LaserJockmdke: Things sure weren't the same without you :-)06:28
LaserJockmdke: I pushed back the doc string freeze to the 21st as we needed more proofreading time, etc.06:28
LaserJockmdke: we updated .pots06:29
LaserJockgot new packages uploaded06:29
LaserJockand I got ahold of carlos and worked out the .pot naming stuff for Rossetta06:29
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mdkeLaserJock: the pot naming stuff should already have been working fine as there had been uploads with pot files before I left... but sounds like everything is under control, nice work :)09:08
LaserJockmdke: well, carlos said the pot naming on Rossetta was from dappers uploads09:09
LaserJockI don't know09:10
LaserJockI'm terrible with this stuff09:10
LaserJockbut we sort of managed09:10
LaserJockwe also managed to somewhat diffuse the russian bomb ;-)09:10
mdkeyeah, that's the only thread I've read so far, I'll reply to that09:11
mdkethe ubuntu desktop guide needs a new pot09:11
mdkenice work for doing it with xml2po -k though09:12
LaserJockanyway, the universe didn't explode09:13
mdkeI saw some updates to the dapper branch too09:14
LaserJockah, not sure what that was for, Kubuntu stuff?09:14
mdkepackaging guide translations?09:14
mdkesome packaging changes too09:14
mdkei haven't looked at the commit logs though09:15
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LaserJockI've been pretty swamped with stuff too09:21
=== mdke nods
mdkeI start a new job on Monday too :/09:27
LaserJockwhat kind of job?09:29
mdkelawyer job09:29
LaserJockare you excited?09:37
mdkeLaserJock: well... I'm happy to have a job, not exactly excited09:41
mdkeI'll get into it I'm sure09:42
LaserJockwill it mean less Ubuntu time do you think?09:44
mdkeLaserJock: yes, I would think so09:44
mdkealso I'm going to be fairly busy with other stuff, but I'll certainly be around09:45
LaserJockyes, I think it will be good for you09:46
LaserJockthis Ubuntu stuff is fun, but terribely addictive ;-)09:46
mdkeyes indeed.09:47
mdkeit was a tough wrench to carry on being a lawyer, but the right thing for me, I think09:47
LaserJockyes, I've had to look at my carrer as a chemist as well09:47
mdkeLaserJock: what was the outcome?09:51
nixternalwb mdke!09:52
mdkenixternal: thanks09:54
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hairytoesEvening all.10:00
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mdkehi hairytoes 10:01
hairytoesI wonder if someone can tell me if I've found an error in the documentation or if I'm just dumb...10:02
hairytoesI was looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo and something there doesn't make sense to me.10:02
mdkego ahead10:03
hairytoesHere's the section... I'm not clear what it's meant to say. Quote: You should always use gksudo or kdesu to run such programs, otherwise new login attempts may fail. If this happens and at login an error message reports: "Unable to read ICE authority file", log in using the failsafe terminal and execute the command below substituting user for your username.     rm /home/*/.{ICE,X}authority 10:04
hairytoesI don't see 'user' anywhere in there. Am I missing something?10:04
LaserJockmdke: I'm still wondering ;-)10:04
LaserJockmdke: I'm going to finish my PhD for sure and I'd like to stay with chemistry, but I've been thinking a bit about scientific software development10:05
mdkehairytoes: quite right. it should read "rm /home/user/.{ICE,X}authority10:05
mdkeI suppose10:05
nixternalLaserJock: im going to be taking some scientific software courses here in teh next year...kind of excited truthfully about that10:05
mdkehairytoes: you can correct it is you like10:06
mdkeis -> if10:06
hairytoesok.. will do. You may laugh if I screw it up - I don't do wikis :)10:07
mdkeyou do now :)10:08
hairytoesok, done.10:08
LaserJocknixternal: I've often thought about creating an opensource scientific software development community/platform "sciforge"10:08
hairytoesI've been looking for an excuse to do some work on the docs. Looks like I just found one.10:09
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nixternalLaserJock: let me get some background first with these c++ scientific courses, and i will be more than happy to help you out ;)10:20
mdkenixternal: was that you adding packaging guide translations?10:29
mdke(sorry, haven't had time to read commit mails still)10:29
mdkeok, no worries10:29
nixternalhehe, no problem10:29
mdkedamn, can't find the commit message anyhow10:30
=== mdke goes to bed
nixternalg'nite mdke!10:45
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