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mbvoI'm trying to install jre, how do i get the mutiverse thing on synaptic package manager on edubuntu?05:51
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omarhi guys I installed frostwire and it dowsn't open , what can I do06:21
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=== cbx33 yawns
cbx33did anyone find out about MV yeT?07:38
highvoltagewhat does MV stand for again?07:39
cbx33Mountain View07:39
highvoltageah right07:39
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RichEdhi Burgundavia you awake ?08:47
BurgundaviaRichEd: yes, but quite busy09:10
RichEdNo problem ... just checking in to see we are all okay after the passionate debate the other day :)09:11
Burgundaviaoh yeop09:12
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RichEdhi willvdl ... how's big bad jo'burg ?09:40
willvdlHi RichEd. I am now exhausted :)09:41
RichEdIt's been quite productive so far :) What's on the cards for today ?09:42
RichEdAnd when do you see Edward ? Did you read his comments in the KDE mail blip.09:43
willvdlHaven't had a chance to se Edward yet unfortunately09:48
willvdlToday and tomorrow involves a lot of door-knocking again09:49
RichEd[Did you read his comments in the KDE mail blip ?] 09:51
RichEdIt would be good for us to chat about an approach to him before you see him ... 09:51
willvdlyeah I did09:52
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DeMoNSeEdi wanted to know, if you know of someone who would be willing to write up a little user review/ experience tpye of deal on Edubuntu10:22
DeMoNSeEdi would like to feature it as a distro on our site and that type of thing always goes along well with it10:23
BurgundaviaDeMoNSeEd: the -marketing team can help you with that10:23
RichEdThat's great ... I'll do or manage that for you ... what's your site ?10:23
DeMoNSeEdwithin the next couple weeks we're adding a L.I.E section10:24
RichEdDeMoNSeEd: I'm Education 1st list contact, and I need to develop links like the one you are offering ... so I'll hold your hand through this one, and liaise with marketing if we need it.10:24
RichEd*1st line contact10:25
RichEdchecking out your site now ... brb10:25
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DeMoNSeEdcool, the L.I.E is still to come, i want to set it up right, to hilite the abilities of Edubuntu  and linux as a whole in the edu enviro10:26
DeMoNSeEdit's lacking right now, i've just this eve deleted some stuff on front page to make way for new tomorrow10:26
tomveensHave you read the articles saying that there is a need on school for educational games?10:27
tomveensI have read the dutch version so I don't know where there is an english one10:27
RichEdAhhhh ... right on target with my current pitch ... do you have any Ubuntu contact / help / info yet ?10:28
DeMoNSeEdread it, i live it, i've been trying for months to get it in our local schoo;, i get so very very close, but apparently, there's a certain degree of resistance, for a person up the line, but i know i will win out10:28
DeMoNSeEdnope, actually kinda ticked in a way10:29
RichEdHow about we work towards a font page story for the Edgy release on October 26th ?10:29
DeMoNSeEdi had ordered via my shipit some edubuntus, i never got them10:29
tomveensit takes six weeks10:30
RichEdI can give you a good picture of Ubuntu and Edubuntu and how they fit together ... and our plans for the next year.10:30
DeMoNSeEdsure, i'll gladly just put fluff up there till then10:30
RichEd(for the education programe)10:30
RichEdCheck this out for a quick ref: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuSchoolAdvocacy10:31
DeMoNSeEdand if it's cool with you as i bring my Linux in Education section online, i'll keep in touch with you?10:31
RichEdYou can cull some good stuff from there ... without much tweaking. Use that in the meanwhile.10:31
RichEdDeMoNSeEd: great -> off to msg window for a quickie10:32
tomveensIs there a game development section of edubuntu? 10:34
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RichEdtomveens: no, but we're busy making a space where people can discuss this and share learnings / research / collaborate10:41
DeMoNSeEdg'night everyone, take care10:52
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cbx33ping ogra12:02
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
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sirexI'm planning to install edubuntu in all computers of a school.12:41
sirexBut that school has computers not very fast.12:41
sirexSo I planing to install Xubuntu.12:42
sirexAnd vanted to know is there are a way to get all dep packages in one place, that I could install it in Xubuntu?12:43
RichEdhi sirex ... I am a bit busy now ... but I could help if you sent me an email ? riched@ubuntu.com12:44
RichEdsirex : No mail as yet ... please send even a short query mail ... I am going in to a meeting now ... and don't want to lose your request. I need to understand and solve your problem !12:54
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sirexOne minute..01:06
sirexRichEd: already sended it01:09
AmaranthSo if I didn't get an email or anything that means I didn't get sponsorship to go to mountain view, right?01:29
rodarvusUDS emails were sent this morning?01:33
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p54AEE3BA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
Amaranthsupposedly they were sent yesterday01:34
Amaranththat's what the wiki says01:34
Amaranth"Notification of those chosen for sponsorship will be notified on Mon 2nd Oct 2006."01:35
juliuxwhy is the next uds in the usa?01:40
RichEdsirex ... you there still ?01:44
ograjuliux, because it was about time to ... we have many users in the US 01:46
juliuxogra, but very strict laws if you travel from europe in the usa01:47
juliuxogra, and you need a new passport ;)01:47
ograi didnt two weeks ago01:47
juliuxhm 01:48
=== juliux will never travell to the usa
ograafter i was there recently i can just say its way less scary than everybody thinks :)01:48
rodarvusUSA is scary, but not for (most) europeans01:49
rodarvusAmaranth, afaik, no email has been sent (yet)01:49
ograapart from having a horrible long biarding time in frankfurt it was like any other travel i did the last yers01:49
juliuxi think if they want my personal data they should come to me not i am to them01:49
ograwell, right, they take your fingerprints and a pic if you enter and exit the country01:50
ograbut they could do that secretly as well very easy ... so whats the point... at least they tell you 01:50
juliuxyes but if they do it secretly it cost them money01:51
RichEdjuliux: do you selectively control the right of access to people who arrive at your front door, asking to visit ?01:52
ograjuliux, why ? they have observation cameras on airports anyway .. 01:53
sirexRichEd: yep01:53
juliuxogra, cameras but no fingerprints ;)01:53
ograi guess it would have been cheaper to use these instead of setting up dedicated ones01:53
juliuxogra, and they have the picutre but not more01:53
RichEdNot that I am supporting the US or its policies ... but it their crib, and you want to visit, so they screen you.01:53
RichEdsirex ... the machine spec you sent me is great for Edubuntu LTSP workstations ... have you considered that option ?01:54
juliuxogra, and don't forget, they need the money you spend there so, why should give them my fingerprints ?01:54
ograwell, its their rule 01:55
juliuxand my rule is not to go there;)01:55
ograyou dont need to agree ... but then you cant go :)01:55
juliuxi dont want to go to the usa01:56
ogranobody forces you :)01:56
juliuxthere are enough countries who loves to get my money01:56
sirexRichEd: no havn't considered it, LTSP is like a server? Now im searching the web about it..01:57
juliuxfor example Czech Republic01:57
RichEdsirex ... hang on 2 mins and I will give you a quick intro and links01:57
ograjuliux, thats so german ... " countries who loves to get my money"01:58
juliuxogra, i know01:58
RichEdsirex: LTSP is a LAN based configuration allowing low spec machines to boot directly & run off a central LTSP server.02:03
sirexbut for I needs one big server?02:04
RichEdsirex: Edubuntu LTSP Server is installed on one decent spec hardware box, and the remaining workstations all run off this server. The desktop configuration is standardised, with a single central point of admin.02:04
RichEdogra will be able to tell you the spec of the box ... ogra ?02:04
ogra256M for the server itself, 128M per client you attach ...02:05
RichEdsirex has got 20x: CPU: 233 MHz /  RAM:    64 MB - 92 MB / HDD:    5 GB - 8 GB02:05
ograi.e. with 1G memory you can run 6 clients02:05
ograand indeed the clients need no HD 02:06
sirexhm, this LTSP thinkg sounds dificult.. :)02:06
RichEdhe was looking at Xubuntu and adding Edu apps, but his life would be some much easier with an Edubuntu LTSP install ?02:06
RichEd*so much02:06
ograit isnt ... edubuntu sets it up for you on install (at oleast in edgy, which will release in 3 weeks)02:06
RichEdsirex: I'll find you a link ... you can read it up for yourself ... it is easy to install and use, much easier than maintainnig a "custom xubuntu" install !02:08
ograright, the big advantage is that everything you have to maintain is the server ... all user sessions run there02:08
sirexogra, do you mean that on edgy edubuntu alsow comes with witch xfce?02:08
ograso /home and userdata is in a central place ...02:08
ograas well as all maintenance 02:08
ogranope ... we didnt have the space on the CD for xfce 02:08
ograwe'll tra to target that for edgy+102:08
ograthere is a spec thats approved, but the space constraints kept us from implementing it yet02:09
sirexhm, so then for LTSP I will need an server with at least 256Mb of ram and big hdd, and all I need is to set up one server?02:10
ograsirex, right, then rip out the HDs from the clients and make them netboot ... 02:11
ograthats all02:11
RichEdhttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDocumentation <- start here02:11
sirexogra one LTSP server can handle only 6 clients?02:11
RichEdhttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook <- then here02:11
ograsirex, the ltsp server needs 256M to run the server processes and 128M for every running client ... so with 1G main memory you can run 6 clients02:12
ograwith 2G you can run 14 ... etc etc02:13
ograsince the clients share stuff in ram on the server i guess even 20 would be possible with 2G02:13
RichEdand detail is here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook/ThinClient02:13
ograthe clients themselves can be very low spec ...02:14
ogra CPU: 233 MHz / RAM: 64 MB would totally suffice here ...02:14
ogra(and no HD)02:15
sirexNow I undertood every thing.. :) Well its realy nice thing!02:17
RichEdSirex ... it is way easier to sort out your one big box, and stick with Edubuntu, than build a custom install. You will then be welcome in the Edubuntu community with a standard install each release - 80% of our Education focus is around Edubuntu.02:19
RichEd( Xubuntu is not a big focus for us we have far more LTSP users in Education )02:19
=== highvoltage uses Xubuntu in schools :)
=== ogra goes back to his bank holiday ... since he's not supposed to be here at all today and GF starts throwing evil looks
RichEdso, mr highvoltage, whaich is easier for a newish user to install and maintain (and get support): xubuntu + manual install of edu applications, or a standard edubuntu LTSP ?02:23
=== RichEd wishes ogra some good time off :)
highvoltageRichEd: about equally. edubuntu takes about 10 minutes faster to install, probably. Xubuntu is faster on the actual network, though.02:24
highvoltageRichEd: the installation of the edu stuff is just an apt-get install away :)02:24
=== RichEd defers to expert opinion ... and asks higvoltage to answer the original user question as follwos:
RichEdSo I want to know is there a way, that I could get all educational packages02:25
RichEdfrom Edubuntu in one place as .deb files? 02:25
RichEdThen I be able to do this:02:25
RichEd    % cd edubuntu_debs02:25
RichEd    % sudo dpkg -i *.deb02:25
highvoltageRichEd: sorry, I didn't see your original question :)02:27
highvoltageRichEd: yes, you can do that02:27
highvoltageRichEd: except it should be sudo dpkg -i *.deb if your shell prompt ends with a % ;)02:28
RichEdhighvoltage: [1]  it was in the mail ;) [2]  where does he find the files (archive)02:28
highvoltageRichEd: [1]  what was the subject of the mail? I don't think I got it.02:28
RichEdI will forward on ... it was a one-to-one request from IRC interaction because I was in a meeting and the channel was quiet.02:29
highvoltage[2]  the simplest way is to install all the things you want on a clean system and then find the files in /var/cache/apt/archives02:29
RichEdI'll mail it to the user and CC the mail lsit, so that all can benefit from your wisdom in one sweet answer !02:30
highvoltageaah, I understand :)02:30
highvoltageI thoght you were refering to an e-mail you sent to me!02:30
sirexI thought bout it too, that it is probably esiest way to install all packages through apt-get and then tar -czf it from /var/cache/apt/archives02:32
sirexBut NTLS way is better.. :)02:34
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highvoltageb b bd b b bb02:37
highvoltagehi bddebian 02:37
bddebianHeya highvoltage :-)02:38
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highvoltagewillvdl: wb02:41
willvdldo you know how to get firefox language packs?02:51
willvdltranslate.org.za haS packs for sepedi02:51
highvoltage"apt-cache search firefox | grep language" will show you a list02:51
highvoltageoh translate.org.za packs... hmmm... I'm not sure you currently get them for Ubuntu02:52
willvdlthey have xpi files for firefox02:53
willvdlon their website02:53
willvdlbut our firefox version is .0.5 ...02:54
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willvdl_one bar on my 3g card...02:57
cbx33hey willvdl 02:58
cbx33any news on MV yet?02:58
RichEdhey CharlieBravoXylophonethirtythree03:00
RichEdany news on the ICT Chairpersonship yet ?03:01
cbx33not yet03:02
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=== RichEd -> collection 30-45 mins
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Petarisogra: ping03:52
PetarisIs there any other way to specify the screen res on the clients other then specifying the horizontal and vertical sync rates?03:54
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=== RichEd brb - reboot ... dead mouse
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sbalneavMorning all04:24
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RichEdhi DeMoNSeEd04:43
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willvdlping RichEd05:35
RichEdhi willvdl 05:37
willvdlseven kinds of busy here prepping for internal launch05:37
RichEdHPX you mean inside HP ?05:38
RichEdor NEPAD ?05:38
=== lguerra [i=lguerra@] has joined #edubuntu
lguerraRichEd: ping05:57
RichEdpong lguerra 05:59
DeMoNSeEdRichEd, i have to run out for a bit, i'll bbl06:20
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LaserJockmorning Edubuntu people06:26
Burgworkmorning LaserJock 06:26
highvoltagemorning LaserJock and Burgwork 06:28
willvdlanyone know of a cgi:irc server that will get to #edubuntu?06:28
LaserJockRichEd: still up?06:32
Kamping_Kaiserhi LaserJock  :)06:34
Kamping_Kaiserhi all otehr people active at 2 am :)06:34
LaserJock9:30 am here ;-)06:34
highvoltageKamping_Kaiser: 18:37 here :)06:37
Kamping_Kaiserhighvoltage, 02:08 here :)06:38
Kamping_Kaisergah, wish it was 1800 here  - it would mean i hadnt wasted another 6 hours of my life ;)06:38
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageheh :)06:41
LaserJockhi cbx33 06:45
cbx33LaserJock, dude !!06:46
cbx33LaserJock, my new sound card came06:46
cbx33w0h yeh06:46
cbx33taken soem pics for the blog06:46
cbx33just trying to get it working with jack06:46
Petarisjack can be confusing to setup at times06:50
cbx33and it's done06:50
PetarisI've played with it a few times06:51
cbx33I was setting the channel count06:51
cbx33to get it to work with my old card06:51
cbx33however with this stonking new card I dont need to06:51
PetarisWhich card?06:51
cbx33an M-Audio Delta 1010 LT06:51
cbx3310 in 10 out yeh it's nice ;)06:51
PetarisI have always like Turtle Beach cards, but they just don't have many jacks06:52
cbx33well someone funded me this card06:53
Petarisare you doing audio editing or studio recording or something?06:53
cbx33and I am so totally stoked06:53
cbx33Petaris, I'm doing the startup sounds for edgy06:53
Petarisand you need a card like that?06:53
PetarisWhat software are you going to use?06:54
cbx33well, it was recommended to me and bought for me06:54
cbx33ardour naturally06:54
Petarisplayed with that too06:54
cbx33it rocks06:54
Petarisaudacity is also quite good, but has less functionality06:54
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