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ddaayay, got the new svn changeset expression logic to actually do something useful12:42
ddaanamely, single file additions...12:42
ddaalifeless: it's funny how code refactoring and TDD sometimes leads you to absurdly overcomplicated intermediate states12:43
ddaaWhen you have all the old logic in place, and the skeletal new logic hooked into the old code for some trivial case.12:44
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UbugtuNew bug: #63668 in launchpad "No explanation for "Auto Tested"" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6366803:30
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jameshlifeless: any chance of getting the bzr-0.11 branches merged for launchpad, cscvs and bzr?03:53
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mptGooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!04:09
mptjamesh, ping04:22
jameshmpt: pong04:22
mptjamesh, did you revert the description of bug 63106, or was that a glitch in the matrix?04:24
UbugtuMalone bug 63106 in launchpad "https://launchpad.net/products/+new ignores "Programming Language"" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6310604:24
jameshmpt: I reverted it because it was misleading04:24
jameshmpt: the bug is about the form ignoring the "programming language" field (so it doesn't get set on the resulting product)04:25
mptSo there are two ways to fix that04:26
mpt(1) make the form pay attention04:26
mpt(2) remove the field04:26
jameshwhen I say that the code used to create the product doesn't use the programming language field, I mean that the field input is not used in the createProduct() call (so is ignored)04:26
jameshyour addition was about the programming language attribute on products not being used for anything once the product has been created04:27
mptand which is appropriate depends on what it would be used for04:27
mptDo you think (1) or (2) is most likely? Or something else?04:28
jamesh(1) is what the rest of the initial comment was about -- the field is included on the product edit form, and does cause the product to get updated there.04:29
mptoh, I see04:29
mptSo it does work somewhere, just not in the add form04:29
jameshit just looks like data loss at the moment, since everything else I enter on the +newproduct form appears as I typed it on the +edit form04:29
mpt"it doesn't look like the programming language field is used at all" was a bit vague04:30
mptbut, sorry for misinterpreting it.04:30
jameshno problem.04:30
jameshit is easier to record these sorts of conversations in bug comments rather than description edits though :)04:31
mptthough I think it will be useful for bug report descriptions to acquire sentences of the form "This is not about X, because Y."04:35
jameshyep.  That is good in addition to a conversation.04:35
jameshmpt: btw, I put up a branch to collapse all the registered SourceForge.net trackers into a single entry, which should simplify things a bit04:47
mptThat's excellent04:58
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lifelessjamesh: yeah, should be able to ;)06:59
jameshlifeless: thanks.  I guess we can do bzr-0.11 now rather than 0.11rc207:09
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stublifeless: What would be involved in setting up a launchpad branch that merges changes to launchpad/devel automatically that a) Don't contain new files in the form database/schema/patch-*.sql and b) Don't cause conflicts ?07:53
stuband c) Passes the test suite07:54
lifelessstub: write a make target that does it then its easy to hook into pqm07:59
lifelessand having hooked it into pqm, we can do a cron job to do it07:59
stublifeless: But how do I write a make target that detects if files are newly added or not. Use bzr status | grep | wc ?08:00
lifelessthe target can use bzr status / bzr inventory/bzr diff / bzr status database etc to check file status08:00
lifelessi.e. bzr status database/schema should -> empty output in this scenario08:00
stubDoes pqm automatically reject a merge with conflicts?08:00
lifelesswe're not worried about abuse, we're worried about honest mistakes08:00
lifelessand yes, pqm says fuckoff to conflict containing requests08:00
lifelessstub: so whats the branch for ? (bbs)08:02
stublifeless: edge.launchpad.net - (almost) HEAD code running against the production database08:02
stubIdeally, I would want to cherry pick each launchpad/devel commit onto that branch if the above conditions are met.08:05
stubSo if patches A, B, and C land, and B has a database change, then A and C are the only ones merged to launchpad/edge assuming the tests still pass for each of them.08:06
stubBut the current plan just says stop updating edge.launchpad.net as soon as someone lands a new database patch.08:06
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stubAfter every production rollout, we would need to sync up the launchpad/edge branch with reality though, reverting it to launchpad/production/x.xx and reapplying any outstanding patches or something like that if we did the cherry pick approach.08:08
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lifelessstub: yup, no problems with all of thata08:38
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jameshstub: could you have a quick look over the SQL in https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/jamesh/launchpad/bug-61590/full-diff ?09:26
stubdb patch review, or after comments or something?09:26
jameshstub: it isn't a db patch due to it not changing any schema, but BjornT suggested you might want to look at it09:27
jameshit is a bit of SQL to consolidate all the SourceForge type bugtrackers into a single one09:27
BjornTstub: it's mostly because i remember you complaining about a sql script that wasn't reviewed some time ago. thought it wouldn't hurt to ask you to take a quick look at it.09:28
stubjamesh: looks fine. Make sure running that script is noted on LaunchpadProductionStatus when it lands09:28
jameshstub: thanks.  I'll make sure to add it.09:28
lifelessok, pqm going down09:30
Ubug2New bug: #63699 in rosetta "translation templates in focus-sis don't contain any items" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6369909:30
jameshlifeless: with the bzr update, I don't think we need the bzrlib/plugins/bzrtools symlink anymore09:31
lifelessjamesh: so whats are the branches I need ?09:31
jameshlifeless: jamesh/launchpad/bzr-0.11-support and jamesh/cscvs/bzr-0.11-support and a merge from bzr09:32
jordiSteveA: nope, wasn't around anymore.09:32
lifeless_thumper_: you are pqm enabled09:36
_thumper_lifeless: cheers09:41
Ubug2New bug: #63344 in language-pack-pl "[update-manager]  wrong translation crashes application" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6334409:51
jameshI wonder why ubugtu occasionally sends notifications like this to this channel?09:52
=== malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
jordijamesh: maybe "rosetta related"?10:15
jordibut they shouldn't be here10:16
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SteveAjamesh: ping10:28
jameshSteveA: pong10:29
jordicarlos: can you add the kyrgyz team to Ubuntu translators?10:31
carlosjordi: done10:33
SteveAjamesh: is your wiki page on using repositories up to date wrt how you use repositories with developing launchpad?10:34
jordicarlos: great10:34
jameshSteveA: mostly.  These days I've been using checkouts for the branches under sourcecode/10:37
jameshwith a script to create them or update them10:37
SteveAjamesh: would you take _thumper_ through how to do an effective setup for working with launchpad branches?10:38
jameshalso the branch of bzr-pqm it says to use is wrong (since we're using new bzr now)10:38
jamesh_thumper_: where are you up to so far?10:39
_thumper_I am exploding a tarball from SteveA10:39
_thumper_which is rocketfuel-built from yesterday10:39
SteveAjamesh: I talked with martin about getting the bzr-pqm packaged for us10:39
SteveAwe should be using packages10:39
jamesh_thumper_: okay.  Do you have your devpad account yet?10:40
_thumper_the tarball contains rocketfuel-built/launchpad with a lot of files10:42
jamesh_thumper_: first thing first, do you have bzr-0.11 and bzr-pqm installed?10:43
_thumper_I have bzr 0.10.010:44
_thumper_I don't know about bzr-pqm10:44
jameshthat's good enough10:44
_thumper_is bzr-pqm packaged?10:45
jameshnot at the moment10:45
_thumper_should I grab bzrtools?10:45
jameshyou can grab it with the following command: mkdir -f ~/.bazaar/plugins && bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm-devel/bzr-pqm/devel ~/.bazaar/plugins/bzr-pqm10:46
jamesh_thumper_: yeah.  Install the bzrtools package10:46
jameshThe above command will install a plugin locally that gives you a "bzr pqm-submit" command10:47
_thumper_did the branch10:48
_thumper_would be easier if I was running irc on my laptop :)10:49
jameshyou can ensure that it worked by running "bzr pqm-submit --help"10:49
jameshwhich should print a short usage message10:49
_thumper_yep, got that10:49
jameshif you'd prefer to switch over to your laptop, I can wait10:49
_thumper_depends, is there going to be more copy and paste?10:49
_thumper_it is handy working with two screens10:50
jamesha bit.  Some bits from this page: https://launchpad.canonical.com/WorkingWithSharedRepositories10:50
_thumper_I have that up on the laptop10:50
jameshokay.  Lets get on to setting up the local repo.  You should follow the commands listed in the "Creating The Repositories" section10:51
jameshalthough you'll probably only need to create a repo for launchpad at the moment10:51
_thumper_yep, done that10:52
jameshhave you branched rocketfuel into that repo?10:52
_thumper_I have a tarball from SteveA that I have exploded locally10:52
_thumper_what do I need to marry the two?10:52
jamesh_thumper_: okay.  I have the rocketfuel-built/launchpad directory unpacked locally as ~/src/rocketfuel-built10:53
jameshso if you do the following command, it will install the main launchpad history into your repo:10:53
jameshcd ~/repo/canonical/launchpad10:53
jameshbzr branch ~/src/rocketfuel-built rocketfuel10:53
jameshthat will take a while, but will make things quicker later on10:54
_thumper_I'll move mine to the same location as yours10:54
_thumper_to avoid confusion later10:54
jameshwe'll also want to set up a similar repo on devpad.canonical.com10:55
jameshthis will reduce the amount of stuff that needs to get pushed on the initial rsync10:55
_thumper_ok, the branch command is running10:56
_thumper_ok, I'm in devpad too10:57
jamesh_thumper_: on devpad, you'll be putting your branches under /home/warthogs/archives/$USER10:57
jamesh_thumper_: so after ssh'ing in, run the following commands:10:57
jameshcd /home/warthogs/archives10:58
jameshmkdir tim10:58
jameshcd tim10:58
jameshbzr init-repo launchpad10:58
jameshcd launchpad10:58
_thumper_done so far10:58
jameshbzr branch ../../rocketfuel/launchpad/devel rocketfuel10:58
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_thumper_jamesh: fetch pahse 0/410:59
_thumper_I take it this takes a while :)11:00
jameshyep.  There are a lot of history to copy11:00
_thumper_all done, both locally and devpad11:01
jameshwhat are you going to be working on first?11:01
_thumper_no idea11:01
_thumper_probably find out at 10UTC11:01
=== _Nightwish_ is now known as prvul
jamesh_thumper_: at various times, you'll probably want to make trivial changes that don't need to go through review11:02
_thumper_jamesh: right11:02
=== BjornT [n=bjorn@clt-84-32-240-183.dtiltas.lt] has joined #launchpad
jamesh_thumper_: keeping a branch around for these sort of changes can be useful, so we'll set that up11:02
_thumper_jamesh: ok11:02
jamesh_thumper_: so locally, we'll create the branch:11:03
jameshcd ~/repo/canonical/launchpad11:03
jameshbzr branch ~/src/rocketfuel-built trivial11:03
jameshthis command should be very quick because all the history needed by the branch is present in the repo already11:03
_thumper_it was11:03
jameshwe'll create a working tree for this branch under ~/src/lp11:04
jameshmkdir -p ~/src/lp11:04
jameshcd ~/src/lp11:04
_thumper_what's the point of that?11:04
jameshbzr checkout --lightweight ~/repo/canonical/launchpad/trivial11:05
jamesh_thumper_: if you look in ~/repo/canonical/launchpad/trivial, you'll notice that there are no source files for you to edit: only a .bzr directory containing revision control info11:05
jamesh_thumper_: in contrast, the lightweight checkout only contains source files with a pointer to the branch in your repo11:06
_thumper_jamesh: ah, I see11:06
jameshif you've committed all your changes on a branch, you can delete the checkout to save disk space without losing the branch11:06
jamesh(the branch taking up around 300k rather than a few hundred megabytes)11:07
_thumper_~/src/lp/trivial now has 42M of stuff11:07
LarstiQthat's due to the real data being in the repository storage though.11:07
LarstiQbut at least you only pay that price once11:08
jameshokay.  Next you'll need to set up the branches under sourcecode/11:08
jameshI'll grab the script I use to create/update them11:08
jamesh_thumper_: https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/fileeNDO29.html <- you'll want to change my email address to yours11:10
jameshput it in ~/bin, or somewhere else on the path11:10
_thumper_jamesh: what do you call it?11:11
jamesh_thumper_: I called it setup-lp-sourcecode-dir11:11
jameshIf you run it while in ~/src/lp/trivial, it will fill out the branches under sourcecode/ with checkouts of the rocketfuel-built directories11:13
lifelessjamesh: you dont use config-manager ?11:13
jameshit will also add a small bit of ZCML to make sure you don't spam other people when testing things11:13
jameshlifeless: no.  I've just been doing things by hand.11:14
_thumper_jamesh: running now11:14
jamesh_thumper_: next thing: have your set up postgres according to https://launchpad.canonical.com/DatabaseSetup ?11:15
_thumper_not yet11:15
_thumper_database setup next?11:17
jamesh_thumper_: those instructions are pretty easy to follow.  A few notes: setting log_statement='all' will generate a lot of log data so you may not want to turn that on, and you should definitely set fsync=off since it'll decrease the time tests take to run11:17
jamesh_thumper_: for step (9), $your_launchpad_checkout will be ~/src/lp/trivial11:18
_thumper_jamesh: I'll run through that now11:20
jameshThere is also a bit of local apache setup to do, but it isn't on the wiki.  I'll find the details for that11:21
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_thumper_does the launchpad-database-setup script currently do the right thing?11:25
=== Spads [n=spacehob@] has joined #launchpad
jameshno idea11:27
_thumper_damn, almost worked11:28
=== ddaa rubs his eyes
jameshmorning ddaa11:29
ddaathat much for hacking till midnight yesterday11:29
ddaaSteveA: spiv: jamesh: _thumper_: meeting in 30 mins11:30
cprovgood morning11:30
jamesh_thumper_: how are you going so far?11:36
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_thumper_jamesh: just getting rid of 4 computers11:43
_thumper_the patch in the script for postgresql.conf hit a problem11:43
_thumper_so edited manually11:43
jameshI just followed the instructions on the wiki page when setting up my new laptop earlier this year11:44
_thumper_might have been easier11:45
_thumper_now it won't start11:45
jameshcheck the syslog or /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.1-main.log11:50
carlosdanilos: ping11:50
daniloscarlos: pong11:50
_thumper_it is the certs that it can't find11:50
_thumper_the script makes sym links but not described on the wiki11:50
_thumper_so deleting symlinks11:50
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@] has joined #launchpad
_thumper_I don't seem to have /etc/postgresql-common/postgresql.crt and .pem11:55
jamesh_thumper_: I didn't have to do anything with certs when setting up the db11:57
_thumper_jamesh: damn, now to find out why mine complains11:58
stubDo you have postgresql-contrib installed?11:59
_thumper_but I do have postgresql-contrib-8.111:59
stubSetting ssl=false in the postgresql.conf file should fix it, but not having the postgresql.crt indicates a slightly different environment to us.. hmm...12:00
jameshI'd have thought it'd get created when installing the package12:01
stub_thumper_: Do you have openssl installed? 12:02
_thumper_must have, can ssh12:02
stubIs there an openssl command line tool?12:02
stubie. what the postgresql package installer would have used to generate that certificate12:03
=== stub runs out of ideas
stubpitti might know more12:03
stubOr just set ssl=false and not worry about the cert12:03
_thumper_I'll try that to get things going12:04
_thumper_stub: ssl=false got it started12:05
jamesh_thumper_: next you will need to set up apache so that you can access http://launchpad.dev locally for testing12:07
_thumper_jamesh: still need to create user and run schema script12:07
jamesh_thumper_: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/private/launchpad/2006-June/009808.html contains most of the instructions, but use "features.launchpad.dev" where it says "blueprint.launchpad.dev"12:07
sivangjamesh: there's also Kinnison's hack which releives you from having to use apache12:08
sivang(in order to do the virtual hosts dance)12:09
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lifelesspqm is back12:31
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ddaajamesh: duh!01:03
ddaabad fix in cscvs01:03
ddaathe test case really means it01:03
ddaathe  branch nick must not be set by cscvs01:03
ddaabecause it has nothing meaningful to set it to01:03
ddaaif a branch nick is _required_, it should be something like "Launchpad import"01:07
jameshddaa: Looks like it started getting set when I switched it over to WorkingTree.commit()01:08
ddaajamesh: was that part of the bzr-0.11 compatibility work?01:08
jameshI made the change during that work, but it looks like it wasn't necessary01:09
jameshand the WorkingTree.commit() in 0.11 does less than the version in older bzr, so using the Commit() object directly should be less bad01:10
ddaaI'd be glad if you could fix it soon, so I would not have to pay attention when rolling out importd next time01:10
=== ddaa waits for the branch push
jameshit is pushed01:15
ddaaLooked at it, it's fine.01:17
ddaalifeless: land at your leisure :)01:17
ddaajamesh: thanks a lot01:18
lifelessjamesh: don't use WorkingTree.commit for cscvs01:23
jameshlifeless: it isn't anymore.01:23
lifelessjamesh: its the wrong policy layer01:23
jamesh(in my branch)01:23
=== _thumper_ lunch
ddaawhat is staging status, when will it get the latest code to run?01:41
carlosddaa: I think you should ask bradb01:43
stubddaa: Staging is still running bradb's branch. If that is a problem we need to work out what to do with brad01:57
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ddaastub: no problem, I just made a cherrypick request02:06
ddaaI trust that jamesh got it right, anyway it's difficult to get that feature wrong with the implementation strategy he used, and as long as the code matches the commit message02:08
ddaastub: if you could make that cherrypick soon, that would make some bzr folks quite happy02:08
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubtiming was good - I'm currently waiting on pqm so I can test the current batch.02:08
ddaathat's great, it will be possible to do "bzr get https://launchpad.net/bzr/trunk bzr.dev" and have it just work!02:09
ddaamaybe, even bzr get https://launchpad.net/bzr, actually02:10
ddaawill make communication around bzr branches in launchpad much easier02:11
=== ddaa -> lunch etc.
=== jkakar [n=jkakar@] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos -> lunch
=== AlinuxOS [n=alinux@d81-211-228-83.cust.tele2.it] has joined #launchpad
AlinuxOShello launchpadders ;)02:29
AlinuxOSI would like to ask, is it possible to visualise more then 10 strings on rosetta ? maybe 50 or more ? Can I setup that ?02:30
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
AlinuxOSsalgado, hi02:38
AlinuxOS is it possible to visualise more then 10 strings on rosetta ? maybe 50 or more ? Can I setup that ?(maybe you know...)02:39
salgadohi AlinuxOS.  what's the page where you're seeing them?02:41
AlinuxOSfor example debian-installer02:41
AlinuxOSincrease from 10 to 50 for example...02:42
AlinuxOSsalgado, maybe it's not implemented yet.02:42
salgadoAlinuxOS, that should be possible; I just need to find out how02:45
salgadohere we go... just add an "?batch=50" at the end of the URL. (e.g https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/debian-installer/+pots/debian-installer/ka/+translate?batch=50)02:45
AlinuxOSsalgado, ok... (it's just some users request....)02:45
AlinuxOSsalgado, mmm02:45
=== jml_ [n=jml@ppp105-240.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #launchpad
AlinuxOSsalgado, and to have that everytime ? :)02:47
AlinuxOSI understand you but...translators are poor mortals :) (me too)02:48
AlinuxOSIt's quite tricky...02:48
salgadoit's not yet possible to have this without hacking the URL02:48
AlinuxOSsalgado, ok :)02:48
AlinuxOSI hope it's will implemented with a common button ;)02:49
AlinuxOSThank You!02:49
salgadospiv, around?02:58
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braverockddaa: (or anyone else) can you help debug an import failure on registering a sourceforge cvs repository with bazaar?03:05
braverockImport status: Test Failed doesn't give any useful feedback to help me fix the problem03:06
ddaabraverock: look at https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImportRequests03:08
ddaaI have written down the status of xrms03:08
ddaait looks like the default branch setting of of xrms/include/adobd/pear/readme.Auth.txt confuses our import tool03:09
ddaamaybe other files have the same problem03:09
kikomatsubara, did we cherry-pick request bug 59975?03:09
UbugtuMalone bug 59975 in malone "Edit bug tag form needs to cope with invalid values in tag field." [High,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5997503:09
ddaabraverock: I do not think that bug is going to have any attention soon, we are focusing of svn support now03:09
braverockok, well did I do something wrong, or is this a bazaar bug?03:10
matsubarakiko: nope, it's not on the list.03:10
braverockI believe that the repository root is correct03:10
kikomatsubara, why don t we?03:11
ddaait's a bug in cscvs03:11
ddaathe tool we use to magically create changesets out of CVS repository, and apply them03:11
braverockok.  can I change anything on the " the default branch setting of of xrms/include/adobd/pear/readme.Auth.txt" to unconfuse your tool?03:12
ddaabraverock: if you have write access to the cvs repo, you could fix it so no file in has a default branch set03:12
braverockand could you consider maybe adding a link to the full import report to the "import Failed" error?03:12
ddaawe do plan to do that03:12
ddaathe wiki page is a stopgap measure03:13
ddaaI maintain manually.03:13
matsubarakiko: just added to the list03:13
braverockI don't think we've set branches on anything, but I'll check03:13
kikomatsubara, +++03:14
braverocksomeone else registered xrms in launchpad, and then abandoned it.  I picked it up, and hoped to get it in, because broader exposure on ubuntu would be good for xrms (even though xrms is already a very popular project)03:15
ddaabraverock: when you do "cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xrms.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xrms/ rlog xrms/include/adodb/pear/readme.Auth.txt you should see a "branch" line in the heading (before individual revisions), it's that setting that is causing us trouble03:15
ddaaI do not know cvs very much, so I cannot help you much more, though.03:15
braverockunfortunately, this is an Attic file03:16
braverockso it's already been deleted from the repository03:16
braverockperhaps you could ignore all Attic files03:16
ddaawhat makes you say it's an attic file?03:16
braverockfrom your error03:17
ddaathe error message reads Attic because cscvs tries to look up file there if there are not found at the expected location03:17
ddaait's not an attic file, it's present when you do a checkout03:17
lifelessddaa: cvs import creates a default branch03:17
ddaalifeless: look at the error03:18
ddaaI looks like the default branch was reset after the initial import03:18
braverockyes, adodb is a database abstraction library, and was probably created using cvs import03:18
ddaathough I'm not too sure about it03:18
lifelessddaa: uel to the error ?03:18
ddaalook at https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImportRequests for some diagnostic info03:19
ddaabraverock: lifeless is the guy who wrote the default branch support code. I leave you in his capable hands03:20
=== ddaa -> back to lunch etc.
braverocklifeless: I'd be happy to remove the default branch tag there too, if you've got an idea on the cvs command to do that with03:21
lifelessddaa: Attic should not be in the request line03:22
ddaalifeless: it does fix some imports03:23
lifelessddaa: for this specific one03:23
ddaaright, but it's a fallback03:23
ddaafirst it try in the normal location, then if it does not find the file, it looks into the attic03:23
lifelessso heres the glitch: there is no revision
lifelessthe branch 1.1.1 is fine03:23
ddaaand if the attic lookup fail, the error bubble up03:24
ddaaso it's entirely an error reporting issue, not a logic issue03:24
lifelessddaa: sure. but look closer : rlog of xrms/include/adodb/pear/readme.Auth.txt03:24
lifelessthere is /no/
ddaalifeless: I looked03:24
ddaaI know the revision is not there03:24
ddaabut I have no clue why cscvs tries to make a filler cs 1.1->
lifelessis that what its trying to do ?03:25
lifelesswhats in changeset MAIN.416703:25
ddaayes, It's explained in https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImportRequests03:25
ddaaMAIN.4167 is a filler cs 1.1->
lifelessyour sentence that begins 'in other words' on the help. page appears to be pure speculation.03:27
ddaayes it is03:27
ddaa"it might be"03:27
lifelessso fillers appear when the branch changes03:27
lifelessI'd do a search in the file revision table for that file, all revisions, see what cscvs is thinking happened to it03:28
ddaathat's more than I know about cscvs03:28
ddaabut thanks for the advice03:28
ddaayou suggest it might be a problem in the log parser and checking the catalog contents would help narrowing the cause of the problem?03:29
lifelesssomething is inventing the .203:33
lifelessif its in the catalog then the catalog generator can be checked03:33
lifelessif its not in the catalog then the application-of-changesets can be checked03:33
lifelessit will narrow it down03:33
lifelessAs its a very small rlog I'd make a test case from it03:34
ddaathank you03:34
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braverockI've recorded the relevant parts of this conversation on the bug report https://launchpad.net/products/bzr-register/+ticket/193603:43
=== Digital-Pioneer [n=The@h132.206.255.206.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com] has joined #launchpad
braverockand for the record, I'll note that there are far more projects still using cvs (especially large established ones like xrms) than using svn03:44
braverockso I hope you can spend a little more time on it to get this resolved.  I'll do anything I can on this end to assist03:44
braverockthanks for spending the time.03:45
Digital-PioneerHello, all. I just registered with Launchpad, so I figured I'd swing by here and see what's happening. :)03:45
kikohey Digital-Pioneer 03:47
kikoit's a busy tuesday03:47
kikoas all tuesdays appear to be03:47
Digital-PioneerYes... Sever contrast to the activity on #uira (I'm assuming you mean channel population)03:48
kikowhat's #uira?03:50
Digital-PioneerChannel for UIRA. ;)03:50
Digital-PioneerUIRA: UIRA Isn't a Recursive Acronym.03:50
Digital-PioneerStupid name, but I use it. We're working on a OSS flash IDE.03:50
ddaabraverock: we are aware of that, but the fraction of cvs using projects is decreasing over time and the svn import code does not work nearly as well as the cvs import code. It's quite rare for a new CVS impont to fail (failure later when people do history-destroying surgery on the repo is another matter...)03:50
Digital-Pioneerkiko: It used to be FFL.03:51
ddaabraverock: if you look at the VcsImportRequests page, you'll see that almost all failures recorded there are on SVN.03:51
Digital-PioneerBut some problems arose, so now it's UIRA. :)03:51
ddaabraverock: I'm not dismissing the importance of CVS, I'm just explaining why the priorities are what they are03:52
braverockddaa: yes, i see that.  I'll happily change anything I can, but it would be nice to get this resolved, as xrms is one of the top few hundred projects on sourceforge, so getting it in launchpad/bazaar would be a nice additional boost03:53
braverocki understand, I run a big project too ;)03:53
ddaabraverock: you know how to make your case :)03:54
ddaaonce we have the python import done to satisfaction, I'll try to fix you03:54
braverockI'll leave you alone for a week or so ;)  I really do appreciate the time so far03:55
=== Digital-Pioneer is now known as Digital_Pioneer
Digital_PioneerFinally. :)03:57
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kikothanks stub, I appreciate that.04:15
salgadokiko, my person-creation-rationale branch is blocked because of some unused authserver API. I mailed spiv asking him if it'd be okay to remove that API and he said yes. I added a branch which does that to his queue on friday but apparently he didn't have the time to review. can you review it for me? (it's the kind of diff you like to review: 7 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 462 deletions(-))04:21
SteveAsalgado: I ca review it04:21
SteveAkiko: I'll take this one04:22
salgadoSteveA, cool, thanks a lot. :)04:22
kikothanks SteveA!04:22
SteveAsalgado: r=me04:24
salgadothanks SteveA!04:25
=== jelmer_ [n=jelmer@a62-251-123-16.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #launchpad
_thumper_SteveA: ping04:39
ddaa_thumper_: how's it going?04:41
_thumper_ddaa: good04:41
_thumper_ddaa: db all set up (I think)04:41
_thumper_code branch set up04:41
_thumper_now I just need the magic invokation to start it all04:42
ddaagot the virtualhosting setup?04:42
_thumper_ah, nope04:42
_thumper_jamesh mentioned that just before going to sleep04:42
_thumper_ozzies, what are they like?04:42
jamesh_thumper_: did you see the mailing list archive page I pasted the link to?04:43
ddaaI have set it up with apache here, but some people have setups that do not involve using several hundred thousand lines of C04:43
SteveA_thumper_: hi04:43
_thumper_hmm.. launchpad private archives04:44
_thumper_SteveA: just working on the virtual hosting04:44
SteveAok, any problems?04:44
jamesh_thumper_: you log in using your email address plus the password you chose when joining the list04:44
ddaaonce you have that set up, go to your launchpad tree, then "make schema" (if not already done) and "make run"04:44
_thumper_I'm in... 04:45
ddaafinally, you should have your toy launchpad at http://launchpad.dev/04:45
jamesh_thumper_: so remember to write "features.launchpad.dev" wherever it says to write "blueprint.launchpad.dev"04:45
_thumper_why the change?04:45
ddaabrand consolidation04:46
jameshbecause we moved the content that appeared at blueprint.launchpad.net to features.launchpad.net04:46
jamesh_thumper_: you'll be happy to know a lot of this stuff you've been doing is one-off04:47
_thumper_I did a lot of apache config hacking in my last job04:47
_thumper_so not phased by that04:47
ddaawell, if we needed to do it every week, there would at least be up-to-date documentation :) I think that goes without saying04:48
ddaajust consider it's part of an initiation ritual :)04:48
_thumper_at least I don't have to run through a tunnel of you guys armed with paddles :)04:49
jameshddaa: I noticed that the viewvc import says "test failed".  I guess it is suffering from the same directory move issue other svn imports have been?04:49
ddaanaw, paddles are for wuss04:49
ddaawe use klingon painsticks here04:49
ddaajamesh: bingo04:49
ddaaif somebody wants to do the bazaar meeting minutes for me, I'd be glad to be back at fixing it!04:50
jameshlooks like the fake .bzr dir patch has been cherry picked into production04:51
kikojamesh, surprisingly so!04:53
kikojamesh, could you blog about it I wonder?04:53
ddaakiko: this email is definitely scary04:54
kikoddaa, waaah04:54
ddaaI need to read it more carefully, but apparently the guy claims to be amnesic and to be the victim of some kind of con job.04:54
kikowhat does it have to do with ubuntu?04:55
ddaait does not make a lot of sense though, it might be just a nutcase04:55
ddaaI'll try to make sense of it and send you a reply.04:55
kikoheh. okay.04:56
_thumper_ddaa: apache config done, runlaunchpad.py fails with no command line params05:03
ddaa_thumper_: make run05:03
ddaa"make run" that is05:04
_thumper_ddaa: thanks, it is doing something now05:04
jameshso you have a local Launchpad instance up and running?05:05
_thumper_ddaa: got it going05:05
matsubaracarlos: ping05:06
=== Digital_Pioneer [n=The@h132.206.255.206.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com] has left #launchpad ["Whatever."]
carlosmatsubara: pong05:06
matsubarahi carlos, could you take a look at: https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+bug/63236 ? Is there any reason for that page at all? Can I change it to a BrowserNotification instead?05:07
UbugtuMalone bug 63236 in rosetta "Change the +export page message to a BrowserNotification message." [Low,Unconfirmed]  05:07
matsubaras/to a/to use a/05:07
carlosI thought I already answered it...05:08
carlosmatsubara: the answer is yes, you can05:08
matsubaraokie, thanks carlos 05:09
carlosyou are welcome05:09
ddaa_thumper_: congrats05:09
=== ddaa is busy translating literally brain-damaged blabber
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #launchpad
kikosalgado, I love incremental diffs05:10
=== _thumper_ getting cup of tea
=== _thumper_ happy
salgadokiko, so do I... did you know they can be generated with interdiff? :p05:11
kikosalgado, or bzr -r X..05:12
salgadoonly if you've committed05:13
kikoi've learned to commit05:13
salgadobtw, now it's time to commit because the pending-reviews page is telling me I have a conflict with rocketfuel05:14
kikoheh heh05:14
salgadodo you want the interdiff? (even for this pretty small diff)05:18
flacostesalgado: what happens to emails sent by a script run in a test subprocess?05:18
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-229-117.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
kikosalgado, not really05:18
salgadoflacoste, they should be stored in stub.test_emails, I think.  IIRC I do check that in some places05:19
flacostesalgado: really!?! how does execute_zcml_for_scripts knows it is running inside a test harness and should run the particular ftest.zcml file?05:20
salgadomaybe it uses the testrunner config?05:21
salgadolet me see if I can find an example05:21
ddaakiko: sent mail05:23
kikoddaa, thanks a mil05:23
ddaaI believe this guy is _actually_ brain-damaged and delusional05:23
ddaaand he is probably being abused too05:24
ddaawe should make sure we do not have any support contract or other for-pay service05:24
ddaathen ignore him05:25
kikoddaa, I'll forward it on. :)05:25
ddaakiko-fud: there is actually a low probability that somebody is abusing him and posturing as Canonical05:28
ddaabut we won't be able to find out unless we get to talk with somebody more articulate05:29
salgadoflacoste, hmmm. looks like I was wrong. we don't seem to have any tests that check stub.test_emails after running a script as a subprocess05:30
flacostesalgado: i think they are just dropped05:30
flacostesalgado: because execute_zcml_for_scripts loads script.zcml and in there the email stuff is configured outside the tree ("../*-email.zcml")05:31
salgadomaybe you need to include package-includes/mail-configure-testing.zcml05:33
salgadoin script.zcml, that is05:33
flacostehmm, maybe. anyway, I don't need that, I was just wondering what would happen with the notifications messages05:34
flacostesalgado: thanks for your help!05:34
salgadoflacoste, you're welcome. :)05:34
salgadomalcc, around?06:17
=== bradb & # lunch
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
=== jkakar [n=jkakar@] has joined #launchpad
salgadocprov, help! (got another nascentupload failure)06:40
cprovsalgado: where ?06:41
cprovsalgado: hope in test env, not in production ;)06:41
salgadocprov, yeah, locally. it's in test_uploadprocessor06:42
salgadocprov, https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/fileZOUWDC.html06:42
salgadocprov, and https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/fileA6oyfF.html contains my changes to nascentupload.py06:43
cprovsalgado: well it was aborted earlier than expected, changes_maintainer isn't filled06:43
cprovsalgado: does person = getUtility(IPersonSet).ensurePerson raises something ?06:44
cprovsalgado: I think we already discussed it, no ?06:44
salgadocprov, no, it's self.distrorelease.displayname that is raising something other than UploadError06:44
salgado(I think)06:44
salgadocprov, yeah, we discussed it but at that time I was missing the except UploadError06:45
cprovsalgado: yes, could be06:45
salgadoit looks like now I'm missing an "except BrokenUploadPolicy:"06:45
cprovsalgado: let me check the code06:45
salgadoat least that is the exception being raised by self.distrorelease06:46
salgadoah, great. that exception only exists for testing purposes and is defined in test_uploadprocessor.py06:46
cprovsalgado: yes, it's for testing the exception handler06:47
salgadooh no, it does a raise Exception("Exception raised by BrokenUploadPolicy for testing.")06:48
cprovsalgado: anyway, in order to make that code pass (actually send the email) you need to call verify_changes before this time.06:49
=== carlos -> gym
carlossee you!!!06:51
carlosdanilos: do you need anything from me before leaving?06:51
daniloscarlos: no, I am fine, I'll be working for another half an hour or so06:51
daniloscarlos: thanks06:51
salgadocprov, why does BrokenUploadPolicy raises an Exception? can't it be an UploadError?06:52
carlosdanilos: ok06:52
cprovsalgado: no, check uploadprocessor, there is a bare exception which is what we are trying to test06:52
salgadocprov, it looks like unless I add a bare except (or an except Exception:) to parse_address, we'll keep having problems on this code forever06:57
cprovsalgado: I have this feeling too, something looks wrong with that multi exception handler in uploadprocessor.06:58
salgadoit shouldn't be a problem since the self.distrorelease is not /really/ required there and will be issued in many other places that are crucial to the processing of the upload06:58
cprovsalgado: well, try it.06:59
salgadoyeah, it works as expected07:03
cprovsalgado: what exception are you getting ?07:09
salgadocprov, I'm getting an Exception, which is raised by BrokenUploadPolicy.setDistroReleaseAndPocket()07:10
cprovsalgado: uhm, test is wrong, decided to raise a test exception where we already expect UploadError07:11
salgadoyou said it had to raise an Exception07:12
cprovsalgado: I was wrong, we do not expect any exceptions other than UploadError, to happen via that path, it looks like a simple test convenience for me07:13
salgadocprov, okay. then I can change the test to raise UploadError?07:14
cprovsalgado: of course, the purpose of the test is to verify if we handle a unexpected exception, but it's imporssible to happen in this path07:14
cprovsalgado: no, the right thing to do would be find another path where a Exception could occur and use it, instead of the current one, which already transform the NotFound in UploadError and deal with the remaning data. But as you can see, it's not your problem, it's something that is getting worst and worst as more as we try to workaround it.07:17
kiko-fudsalgado, yeah07:18
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=== danilos [n=danilo@cable-89-216-150-189.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #launchpad
salgadocprov, so, for now, changing BrokenUploadPolicy to raise UploadError() is okay?07:23
cprovsalgado: it will produce different result, test will fail.07:25
=== BjornT_ [n=bjorn@clt-84-32-240-183.dtiltas.lt] has joined #launchpad
salgadocprov, so, what should I do, then?07:27
kikosalgado, change it and fix the test?07:28
salgadothat is done already07:28
salgadobut by cprov's last message I assumed this wasn't acceptable07:28
cprovsalgado: well, you want the distrorelease to create a person, but last malcc's fix assume person is created and able to recieve email to handle unexpected exceptions07:30
cprovsalgado: by invoking self.distrorelease.displayname you cause an *unexpected exception* too earlier for the current implementation.07:34
salgadounexpected exception or an UploadError?07:35
cprovsalgado: the BrokenPolicy emits a Exception.07:38
cprovsalgado: which is caught as an unexpected expection in uploadprocessor (this is utterly confusing)07:39
salgadonow it emits an UploadError, as you said it'd be okay to do07:39
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #launchpad
Burgworkhow do I get from that page to the main product page?07:40
cprovsalgado: but it's not, you will break the test.07:40
salgadocprov, you mean, it won't give the expected output or it won't exercise the code path that it's expected to?07:42
cprovBurgwork: there is no way, file a bug and/or use this instead: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/desktop-multiplier/2.2-3-0ubuntu107:42
Burgworkcprov, so the UI currently doesn't support those kinds of linkage?07:43
Burgworkhttps://launchpad.net/people/support-userful <-- and how do I create this team?07:43
cprovsalgado: if it gives the same result it's only for luck, because UploadError is caught and treated in different way than a Exception07:43
salgadocprov, no, it doesn't give the same output, but that I can fix easily. (already done that even)07:44
cprovBurgwork: it does support it, we are just trying to organize the pages better, fewer pages easier info in fewer steps.07:45
cprovsalgado: the test became pointless if you do so. I would preffer to disable it instead of the modification.07:46
Burgworkcprov, can I get you to merge two teams?07:47
salgadoBurgwork, that's not possible07:47
Burgworkoh, joy07:47
cprovBurgwork: see if the page I pointed you has all the info you need, if not, please file a bug in soyuz we will address it soon07:47
Burgworkok, I want to shoot LP right now07:50
Burgworkcprov, https://launchpad.net/products/soyuz/+bug/6380807:51
UbugtuMalone bug 63808 in soyuz "/distros/$distro/+source/blah page links badly" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  07:51
cprovsalgado: can't you create a person w/o the distrorelease name for while ? 07:51
Burgworksalgado, then can I get a team deleted?07:51
cprovBurgwork: thanks07:52
Burgworkcprov, general feedback: what LP really sucks at right now is showing the relationship between the same product in different places07:53
Burgworkwhich ironically, is supposed to be its strong point07:53
salgadoBurgwork, no, that's not possible either. :/07:54
salgadocprov, that would defeat the whole purpose of PersonCreationRationale07:54
=== Burgwork wonders if the LP bit off more than they could chew
Burgworksalgado, let me tell you what I want and then you can tell me if it is possible. https://launchpad.net/people/support-userful <-- I need to create this team, which is autogenerated, with myself as the admin07:56
Burgworkand then I need https://launchpad.net/people/userful-support to go away07:56
salgadoBurgwork, so, the first issue is that https://launchpad.net/people/support-userful was created as a person and thus it won't be possible to turn it into a team without manual DB hacking07:57
Burgworkoh bloody hell07:57
salgadoBurgwork, the email address associated with that person should be something like support@userful.tld07:58
=== salgado checks
Burgworkit is07:58
salgadoBurgwork, do you have access to that email address?07:58
Burgworksalgado, I don't directly, but I can07:58
cprovsalgado: uhm, knowing it was motivated by an upload (dbschema), it is a text field, we have timestamp and we only deal with ubuntu should suffice, IMO. The bigest problem is that we don't have distrorelease info at the time we create person and it will require huge changes in NU workflow, but is your call.07:59
=== mdke [n=matt@81-178-194-123.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #launchpad
UbugtuNew bug: #63808 in soyuz "/distros/$distro/+source/blah page links badly" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6380808:00
salgadoBurgwork, then one option would be to merge the support-userful account into yours, then delete the support@userful email that will be assigned to you and register that email as the email address of https://launchpad.net/people/userful-support08:02
salgadothis way future uploads mentioning the support@userful.tld domain will be assigned to that team08:02
salgados/domain/email address/08:02
Burgworksounds good08:03
salgadobut the existing upload will be assigned to you08:03
=== lfittl_ [n=lfittl@85-125-229-117.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
salgadoactually, you'll be listed as the maintainer of desktop-multiplier08:04
salgadocprov, okay, I think that hardcoding "Ubuntu" for now will do the job08:05
cprovsalgado: nice, big xxx and we can improve it when fixing NU workflow08:06
Burgworksalgado, I still want support@userful.com to be the maintiner08:06
Burgworkis there a bug out there for "auto created people should be able to be turned into teams"?08:07
Burgworkbecause this is not the last time you are going to be dealing with thtis, I am sure08:07
salgadoBurgwork, no, I don't think there's a bug for that08:07
Burgworkwhat shoudl I file it against?08:07
salgadoBurgwork, it may be trivial to implement it.  file it against launchpad08:08
salgadoBurgwork, actually, if you're not in a hurry it may be a better idea to wait until I fix the bug08:09
Burgworknot really08:09
UbugtuMalone bug 63812 in launchpad "Autocreated people should be trivially turned into teams" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  08:10
Burgworksalgado, is there a bug for "people <--> teams should be trivial"?08:11
matsubara-lunchbug 3696608:12
UbugtuMalone bug 36966 in launchpad "Convert person to team" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3696608:12
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #launchpad
matsubara-lunchBurgwork: I think yours is a dupe of 3696608:13
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable077.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
UbugtuNew bug: #63812 in launchpad "Autocreated people should be trivially turned into teams" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6381208:16
salgadoyeah, it looks like a bug indeed08:16
salgadobut I don't like the title08:17
salgadoI'm not sure we actually want to turn persons into teams.  on the other hand, an auto-created person is only called a person because we don't know if we should have created a person or a team08:18
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-229-117.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
=== BjornT [n=bjorn@clt-84-32-240-183.dtiltas.lt] has joined #launchpad
salgadokiko, any chance of some review love today? ;)08:38
kikosalgado, sure. 08:38
SteveAI have room for more love in my life08:49
SteveAparticularly tonight08:49
SteveAwhat do you want reviewed?08:50
=== guibis [n=guibis@bxj243.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #launchpad
salgadoSteveA, it's salgado/launchpad/mirror-management-tweaks, which kiko already reviewed. it's just a review of the last changes I've done that is missing08:58
guibisHi i have a problem to log in launchpad ...09:00
kikoguibis, what's up?09:00
guibisI try to log in order to report a bug about edgy, and i give my right mailaddress my right password, and after i come back to the page where i were like a none registred ...09:02
kikoguibis, you need to already be logged in to file a bug.09:02
guibisI know but evenif i am on this page https://launchpad.net/, i can't log in .09:06
BjornTguibis: do you have cookies enabled?09:07
guibissorry to disturb you, i am a big shit ! now i can give my bug about black screen just after the x .... thks !09:09
bradbguibis: Don't worry, it's our fault that the page doesn't remind you to see if you have cookies enabled.09:11
kikoor detect it09:11
guibisyes, but a simple problem like that, i would be aware about it !09:12
bradbbug 3067909:12
UbugtuMalone bug 30679 in launchpad "Login requires cookies, but does not say so" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3067909:12
guibisok i add a comment on it.09:16
SteveAsalgado: so, I'm confused.  What exactly should I review?09:18
salgadoSteveA, well, I guess it's better to leave it for kiko, since he already reviewed the branch. (that's what I tried to say in my last message)09:20
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SteveAsalgado: ok09:21
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matthewrevellkiko: ping10:05
kikomatthewrevell, pong10:05
matthewrevellHi :) I'm just summarising the Launchpad news for The Fridge.10:06
matthewrevellA URL seems to be broken.10:06
matthewrevellGives OOPS-276C49010:06
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matthewrevellApologies, I've just seen your post in launchpad-users10:08
elmomatthewrevell: that should be +cdmirrors10:08
matthewrevellelmo: Thanks.10:08
elmoJOOI, where did you get releasemirrors from?10:08
kikoI sent it10:20
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=== flacoste puts out tt-workflow up for review
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flacosteanybody wants to do a quick review of my 8600 lines branch? (jjust oking)10:47
flacoste(just joking, that is)10:47
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mptGooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!11:29
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salgadokiko, I know you're going to read it anyway, but my last email to launchpad@ (subject Re: Direct Person Creation) could do with some input from you.11:48
kikoyeah, I know.11:49
salgadoI'm reminding you because I just sent another one11:50
kikoI know.11:50
ddaaAh, I get to delete the first big chunks of old cscvs code replaced by the new svn changeset logic :)11:51
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AlinuxOSTo get 50 strings per page I do: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/debian-installer/+pots/debian-installer/ka/+translate?batch=5011:59
AlinuxOSbut after some string translation I get this message:11:59
AlinuxOSSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. Weve recorded what happened, and well fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience. 11:59
AlinuxOSIf this is blocking your work, let us know on the launchpad-users mailing list (requires subscription). Include the error ID OOPS-276A553 in your message.11:59
AlinuxOSWhat's wrong ?11:59
ddaaapparently, the URL query part confused launchpad12:03
ddaaand it tried to lookup a language by the name 'ru?batch=50'12:03
ddaaapparently it redirected you to:12:04
salgadoAlinuxOS, basically, when you already have an "?" in the URL, you should add an "&batch=50" at the end, instead of the "?batch=50"12:04
salgadoAlinuxOS, but this is not supported, so you may experience other similar problems12:05
ddaaand of course, it crashed trying to parse that12:05
ddaaI think that should be considered a bug, but as salgado points it, hacking the batch size is unsupported, so it would be a low priority bug12:06
ddaaIn the meantime, it's a case of "don't do that".12:07
jordiMy friend josep had 3 launchpad identities, and has merged them using the "josep" launchpad id12:11
jordibut when trying to change his wikiname, lp says that "josep" is already owned by some other user.12:12
jordiwhich is also him12:12
jordihm, nm, I think he solved it12:12

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