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Viper550Just gotta make the makefile for my splash theme and it will be all ready!01:44
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Viper550anyone still here?02:03
kwwiibut I do not count02:05
Viper550Did I make this usplash theme right? http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=4664502:06
Viper550As you may have heard, I was porting Dapper's Usplash theme to Edgy02:09
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nysosy1anybody out there? :D02:26
nysosy1Viper550: ?02:26
nysosy1i have created a little preview of my emblems for the human theme02:27
nysosy1will u see it? :D02:27
nysosy1please tell me your mind02:28
Viper550I will...if you also look at the Edgy Usplash theme I made for fun... http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=4664502:29
nysosy1hey, very nice ussplash, i will try it soon :)02:30
Viper550It's for Edgy02:30
nysosy1i know ;)02:31
Viper550I assume you use Edgy02:31
Viper550So, try compiling it02:33
Viper550(you know, for best experience, turn on text02:37
Viper550still there nysosyl?02:48
nysosy1hmm i will recreate my icons first02:50
nysosy1(other colors ect.)02:50
Viper550(but first, maybe you could just compile my splash to make sure it will work?)02:51
nysosy1make: Circular throbber_back.png <- throbber_back.png.c dependency dropped.02:54
nysosy1pngtousplash throbber_back.png > throbber_back.png.c02:54
nysosy1/bin/sh: pngtousplash: not found02:54
nysosy1make: *** [throbber_back.png.c]  Error 12702:54
nysosy1rm throbber_back.png.c02:54
nysosy1i cant compile them02:54
Viper550uh, sudo apt-get install usplash-dev02:54
nysosy1usplash_1024_768.png.c:30861: warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type02:56
Viper550what does that mean?02:57
nysosy1the package works02:57
nysosy1i will reboot02:57
nysosy1wish luck ^^02:58
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nysosymthe package doesn`t work03:00
Viper550what happened?03:00
nysosymonly the "old" bootsplash03:00
Viper550only the "puke background" one?03:00
nysosymthe normal edgy bootlogo03:01
Viper550just the brown background with the gloss logo03:01
Viper550So, it made the .so file?03:02
Viper550I think there may be more steps other than compiling it03:03
nysosymthe .so file is here03:05
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Viper550Okay, on Dapper, you make a new directory (/usr/local/lib/usplash/), copy the file there as root, and run some sort of sudo alternatives command03:07
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Viper550Okay, and all the packages for alternate themes on the repos copy it to usr/lib/usplash03:08
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nysosymhi all09:43
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AnAnthow do I install a splash screen ?10:31
AnAntViper550 made a splash screen & I compiled it using usplash-dev10:32
AnAntthe result is an .so file10:32
AnAntwhat should I do with it ?10:32
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nysosymi have created some new emblems, please tell me your critic! http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshothumanemblemsfilebrowserpp5.png :)11:22
effraienysosym: ther are quite better!11:36
effraiecan you send them to the art-list?11:36
nysosymeffraie: well, but they aren`t complete at moment11:39
effraieif you can complete them, that's cool, but in order to have directions, and maybe be included in default artwork, you have to submit them to the list11:40
nysosymok, i have sent it to the mailing list :D11:46
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nysosymhi andreasn :)12:00
andreasnnysosym: hi there12:00
nysosymhow are u?12:02
andreasnjust fine, a bit tired...need to get something to eat and then get some work done12:02
andreasnhave a deadline creeping closer :)12:02
andreasnwhat about you?12:02
nysosymyes, i feel fine too :)12:10
nysosymthx for question12:10
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AnAntis there a way to install a compiled usplash.so ?12:39
AnAnt56 ?01:06
AnAntwhat's that ?01:06
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fschoepHello everyone!02:04
AnAnthow do I install a usplash.so ?02:08
AnAntViper550 ported Dapper splash to Edgy02:08
AnAntI compiled it (after installing usplash-dev)02:08
AnAntand I got a usplash.so02:08
AnAntso how do I install it ?02:08
fschoepCopy it to /usr/share/usplash02:08
fschoepOr something like that02:08
fschoepDoes that exist?02:08
fschoepThen use update-alternatives02:08
fschoepSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto02:09
nysosymhi fschoep :)))))02:09
fschoepAt least. that's how we did it back in the old days :)02:09
fschoepHi nysosym I saw you did some emblems!02:09
nysosymjop ^^02:09
AnAntfschoep: no /usr/share/usplash02:09
nysosymi was a little bit bored yesterday evening.. ^^02:09
fschoepAnAnt: /usr/local/lib/usplash then?02:10
fschoepAnAnt it should be in the HowTo, sorry to be terse :002:10
AnAntfschoep: yeah, right02:10
AnAntfschoep: without the local/ though02:10
fschoepAnAnt: OK, no problem02:11
fschoepYou need some magic after that though02:11
fschoepType in the following rune:02:11
AnAnthuh ?02:11
fschoepsudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)02:11
fschoepI'm not really at home with those runes, but it should rebuild the initramfs02:12
nysosymhmm, i will wait for the official usplash :D02:12
AnAntk, the howto is fine, thanks02:12
nysosymfschoep: how do you think about my icons?02:15
fschoepnysosym: need to take a closer look and try them in real life first, first impression is good though02:15
fschoepnysosym: I'm not sure if I can shuffle them in right now, but it's something we can address for Edgy +1 definitely02:16
nysosymfschoep: k, thx :)))02:18
fschoepnysosym: k :)02:18
nysosymfschoep: my first idea was, all emblems in orange (only white and orange), but in IRC nobody want them ^^02:21
fschoepHehe :)02:21
fschoepI think you took the right choice in using color02:21
nysosymsure, but i like me "one-color" version too :D02:22
fschoepnysosym: well, try sending it the ML as well, maybe Mark will pick up on it02:22
fschoepnysosym: the Human icon set uses orange badges throughout so it might not be a bad idea after all02:23
nysosymhttp://img101.imageshack.us/my.php?image=emblemspreviewjl5.png << here is it :D02:23
nysosym(a very first version) ^^02:23
fschoepNot bad, not bad at all :)02:23
fschoepOne thing I noticed is the gloss02:23
fschoepCould you try to take another look at the Human folder icon and try matching the gloss line with it? I'm not quite sure if it fits in right now02:24
nysosym, sure i will try it :)02:24
nysosymnp ^^02:26
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AnAntfschoep: it worked, thanks02:29
fschoepAnAnt: you're welcome02:29
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AnAntfschoep: the problem is that text messages don't appear, how do I make it appear ? I got the source code02:31
fschoepAnAnt: maybe ask Viper? I have no idea what he has done to make it work :)02:31
fschoepAnAnt: I'm sorry but I have other matters to attend to :)02:31
fschoepAnAnt: once the heat is off I'll gladly help you out02:32
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fschoepHi effraie, how are you?02:32
effraiefine, thanks02:33
effraiei just have a problem with my email server...02:33
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fschoepeffraie: oh dear, anything small I can help with?02:34
effraiedid you receuved my email about your adress book?02:34
fschoepYou can PM it to me if you want02:34
effraieno, franck, it's a mutualized mailserver, and we have been spammed..02:35
fschoepeffraie: BTW thanks so much again for the moderation sprint :)02:35
fschoepeffraie: I see, that's unfortunate02:35
effraiethe situation is now under control, but the spamm queue is big..02:35
effraieso, i've a big lag...02:35
fschoepeffraie: I see, I'm very patient though02:36
nysosymfschoep: better? http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=newhumanglossai5.png02:36
fschoepnysosym: the top one is the new one?02:36
fschoepnysosym: then yes, it's a LOT better :D02:37
fschoepnysosym: really, it fits in so much more02:37
nysosymi will make the rest with the "new gloss" :)02:37
fschoepGreat, be sure to let the mailing list know, maybe Mark will pick it up02:37
nysosymyes, mark although like the "old" one :D02:38
fschoepI'm sure he'll love the new ones then02:39
effraiefschoep: what does mean 'BTW'02:39
fschoepeffraie: it's an abbreviation for By The Way02:39
effraieok, thanks02:39
fschoepyou're welcome02:39
effraiei've got to improve my english...02:39
fschoepthere's a lot of those around on the internet: you probably know most ones already02:39
fschoepIf you're ever in doubt use Google:02:40
fschoepjust type define:BTW or something else and it'll list you the possibilities, then you can just choose the one that fits in most02:40
effraieeh, that's a great trick02:41
fschoepnysosym: those new ones are definitely good, watch out for the overlap though02:41
fschoepnysosym: in the example you sent, the gloss doesn't run all the way through on the left side02:41
nysosymfschoep: sure, i will fix this, only a short make preview :D02:43
fschoepnysosym: I see, that's what I thought - just giving a tip for the final version :)02:43
nysosymhey nooooo problem, critic make work better and i have no problem with critic :)02:45
fschoepnysosym: OK, good to hear you won't flip out :)02:46
nysosymgive me 15min and all i new :D02:46
fschoepThe timer is counting down, I'm watching you!02:47
nysosymhehe :D02:48
nysosyma big failure....02:50
nysosymplease give me 10min more ^^02:50
fschoepTake your time, quality over quantity!02:50
nysosymhehe, i know, it`s only funny ^^02:52
nysosymbtw. is it okay that i spam the mailing list with my releases? :-/02:53
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fschoepnysosym: well, not really02:54
fschoepnysosym: maybe you'd better try sending it in tomorrow02:54
nysosymok, no problem :)02:55
fschoepnysosym: also, try to mention my name in your mail02:55
nysosymsure :)02:55
nysosymmy lovely little sunshine ^^02:55
fschoepCan I PM you nysosym ?02:56
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nysosymsure :)02:56
cbx33hey all02:56
fschoepnysosym: can you read my PMs I sent already?02:56
cbx33ping pign ping fschoep02:56
fschoepHi cbx33 right man right time02:56
cbx33what have I done this time ;)02:57
fschoepcbx33: how are you doing, brother?02:57
cbx33I'm doing great fschoep02:57
nysosymhi cbx3302:57
cbx33can't wait till I get my new sound card02:57
cbx3310ins/10 outs02:57
fschoepcbx33: I can't wait either ;)02:57
nysosymfschoep: yes i can02:57
cbx33I know wsorry for the delay02:57
fschoepcbx33: did you reply to Mark already about the request02:57
cbx33All I can do now is to wait02:57
cbx33I did02:57
fschoepnysosym: OK, great02:58
fschoepcbx33: thanks02:58
cbx33fschoep, np02:58
cbx33I didnt really expect them to anyway02:58
cbx33just hoped02:58
fschoepcbx33: as you probably saw I put in a good word for you02:58
cbx33and in light of the techincal problems I was having it was in dire straights02:58
cbx33tahnks Frank02:58
fschoepcbx33: did you get my e-mail reply about dropping shutdown sound and shortening login?02:59
cbx33yes :(02:59
fschoepcbx33: what did you think of it?02:59
cbx33if it must then it must02:59
cbx33can we not just have a really shot logout02:59
fschoepcbx33: problem is, my machine and Keybuk's and several others' all shut down in like one or two seconds03:00
fschoepALSA gets stopped almost right away03:00
cbx33then drop it it is then03:00
fschoepcbx33: there is no way we can guarantee any sound to play for any given time03:00
cbx33I mean we did have soe problems03:00
cbx33with it from a composition POV03:00
cbx33so if you guys want to drop it03:00
cbx33that's fine with me03:00
fschoepcbx33: OK03:01
fschoepcbx33: and shortening login?03:01
cbx33I'll do my best03:02
fschoepGreat, as I suggested maybe doing only one drum loop would make sense03:02
fschoepcbx33: I'm sorry we need to cut and drop sounds03:03
fschoepcbx33: but I think it'll make the distro better03:03
cbx33fschoep, it's fine03:03
cbx33just sad from my POV03:03
cbx33but that's just me being selfish ;)03:03
fschoepcbx33: I can understand03:03
fschoepcbx33: you know, I have a short story03:04
fschoepcbx33: two months ago when recording my bands new CD03:04
fschoepcbx33: our "producer" cut up songs, rearranged parts and shortened them03:04
fschoepcbx33: I felt bad at that time, but when I listen to the takes now, it makes a lot of sense to make more compact versions of songs and sounds03:05
cbx33yeh I knopw03:05
fschoepcbx33: so I hope the shortened login sound will make this really nice impression as that's its purpose03:05
cbx33fschoep, that'll be fine03:06
cbx33edgy + 1 will enable a much broader range of sounds to be created03:06
fschoepcbx33: Indeed, and we can focus on sound from the start as well03:06
effraieeh, fschoep, your musician?03:07
fschoepcbx33: r'you going to California?03:07
fschoepeffraie: yes indeed03:07
fschoepeffraie: well, I try to be anyway - I can play the guitar03:07
effraieif it where not a working channel...03:07
cbx33I'm hoping so fschoep03:08
cbx33still waiting to hear03:08
cbx33I thought it was supposed to be yesterday03:08
fschoepeffraie: if you know The Edge from U2 - that's about the style I play03:08
effraiei see03:08
fschoepOur new EP with four new tracks is out next week, I'll make sure you guys can listen to it then03:09
effraiecool! (even if i'm jazz addict)03:09
fschoepeffraie: Oh, we (mostly our singer) put in some detuned notes now and then and call it freeform jazz, so you'll like it :)03:09
fschoepeffraie: http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=771650537312840945103:14
fschoepThat's from our early days, we're a lot different nowadays03:14
effraieeheheh.. i'll see in later.. on ubuntu/ppc, only free things03:15
fschoepRight ;)03:15
fschoepI'm going away for a moment now, see you later today!03:18
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Viper550Guess what, I ported Dapper's Usplash Artwork to Edgy!06:18
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nysosymhi all :))08:31
PingunZhey nysosym08:32
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7AF7B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7AF7B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymhmm sooo silent ^^08:51
PingunZTrue :09:06
nysosymhi PingunZ  :)09:09
nysosym!seen fschoep09:10
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7AF7B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymanyone here?09:23
PingunZyes :)09:23
nysosymi have here 300kb of date for the mailing list, is this allowed?09:24
PingunZdate ?09:25
nysosymi will upload them09:25
nysosymthats my package ^^09:25
nysosymis this okay?09:26
PingunZDunno .. I'm pretty new .. but I guess it is09:26
nysosymokay thx :)09:26
PingunZnysosym: Are you the emblems guy ? :)09:29
PingunZnysosym: They rock .. your emblems .. I suggest you put them on the wiki09:30
nysosymhmm i don't know how :(09:30
PingunZHmm ..09:31
nysosymand thx :D09:31
PingunZNo, thank you ! :) I really hope they get included in edgy ;)09:31
nysosymhmm i think they would be integrated in edgy+1 ;)09:32
PingunZping troy_s09:32
PingunZAsk him to put it on the wiki :) He knows his way around ;)09:33
nysosymgood to know, thx a lot :)09:33
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Viper550Did I do this usplash theme for Edgy properly? http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=4664510:00
nysosymi think so10:02
Viper550(you got it to work?)10:02
nysosym no, but i haven`t try it again10:06
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ppdtroy_s are you here?10:26
=== lapo [n=lapo@host33-138-dynamic.61-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
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fschoepHello everyone11:07
fschoepHi ppd how are you doing?11:08
ppdvery well. you too?11:08
fschoepYes, thanks11:08
fschoepppd: Are you following the artwork team or interested in what we're doing?11:08
ppdyes I'm interested in what you're doing and for the moment especially in troy_s's wallpapers for edgy ;)11:09
fschoepppd: right, we're creating some new designs based on Mark's directions11:10
fschoepppd: do you like the current wallpaper by Troy?11:10
ppdis the default one by troy?11:10
fschoepppd: yes, it is11:11
ppdyes. very much. much better than the old one11:12
fschoepppd: right, we're going to make some new designs which will please Mark a bit more than the current one11:12
fschoepppd: I might try to keep the current wallpaper by Troy in there though11:13
ppdI like that style with glossiness and that plastic feel11:17
fschoepppd: we're going to make some new designs based on gloss, so you'll probably like them as well11:18
ppdfschoep: some with brighter colors would be nice too11:19
ppdbut in general I think you're doing great work11:19
fschoepppd: watch Edgy the next few days, there will be three new community wallpapers to enjoy11:19
fschoepppd: if all goes well, you get three new fully customized themes ranging from GDM to GTK theme11:20
ppdhow many wallpapers will you ship with the final release?11:20
fschoepppd: I advise you to check out "Blubuntu" when it's in there11:20
ppdI will11:20
fschoepppd: probably eight11:20
fschoepppd: Dawn of Ubuntu, Simple Ubuntu, Wave, Blubuntu, Peace, Tropic, Default and Default Widescreen11:21
cbx33hey fschoep11:21
fschoepHi cbx3311:21
cbx33guess what a rrived a little while ago11:22
fschoepcbx33: you're not kidding, right :)11:22
cbx33it's in and has been tested11:22
fschoepcbx33: this chat is useless without pics ;)11:22
cbx33we're talking like 0 noise11:22
cbx33fschoep, I have pics11:22
cbx33will be going on blog tinight or tomorrow11:22
fschoepcbx33: great11:22
fschoepcbx33: does it work with your software already?11:22
cbx33fschoep, yup11:23
fschoepcbx33: good to hear, great news man11:23
cbx33yup I hope to start on the sounds tomorrow11:23
cbx33got to goto the doctor first11:23
fschoepcbx33: that would be awesome, I'm looking forward to it11:23
fschoepcbx33: nothing bad I hope?11:23
cbx33well....the fact that I seem to be suffering from hypersomnia for the past 2 years11:24
cbx33I've finally had enough11:24
cbx33I can fall asleep anywhere....it's not as bas as narcolepsy11:24
cbx33but I can fall asleep mid conversation with someone sometimes ;)11:24
fschoepcbx33: I see, I'm sorry to hear that - I hope there is a proper cure11:24
cbx33it worries me11:24
cbx33it's ok11:25
cbx33as long as I'm front of a PC11:25
cbx33i never sleep whilst on a pc11:25
fschoepcbx33: so you carry a laptop around ;) ?11:25
fschoepcbx33: ping me on IRC or mail tomorrow if you've got news11:26
fschoepcbx33: I'm going to log off now11:26
cbx33seriously there is like 0 noise11:26
fschoepThat is awesome11:26
cbx33just nothing11:26
cbx33it's scary11:26
fschoepI never had any equipment that good11:26
cbx33my mixer makes much more noise than the card11:26
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cbx33I took some samples11:26
cbx33and normalised them11:26
cbx33they were at like 40% before11:27
cbx33after no noise11:27
cbx33I mean nothing11:27
fschoepcbx33: amazing11:27
cbx33I'll let you get off11:27
cbx33I'm off to bed too11:27
fschoepcbx33: OK, thanks :) See you tomorrow I hope!11:27
fschoepGood night everyone11:27
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