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dilingerare there plans for dapper switching to a newer kernel, or will it stick w/ 2.6.15?12:39
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
ivoksit will stay with 2.6.15, of course12:48
ivokswelcome to enterprise :)12:49
dilingerok, just curious12:50
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dilingeri noticed a rejected request to backport 2.6.17 for dapper-backports12:50
ivokstime to go to bed12:52
ivoksbye all12:52
porkpie3hi ....I have been working with ivoks from ubuntu-server and he has recommended I talk to you guys.  I am trying to install ubuntu 6.0.6 tls on a dell 1950 which is using the PERC 5/i raid controller but we are having issues12:52
porkpie3Can anyone help with this issue .... unbuntu partitoiner is seeing 3 drives instead of 1 logical drive ...12:54
=== porkpie3 is wondering if anyone is a wake
porkpie3Ok what is the best way to get some help here  ....can I post the syslog and dmesg so where .....I want to use ubuntu but it seems to have a problem with the Dell 195012:58
porkpie3Guy's this is kernel development ....01:03
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gnomefreakdilinger: ubuntu doesnt backport kernels too big of a change and can render things usless or unstable at best01:10
gnomefreakporkpie3: this is not a support channel01:10
zuli think dilinger knows that01:22
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=== ilmari prods Someone[tm] about bug #33950
mjg59ilmari: I believe the tablet bit of it to be wrong03:50
mjg59Independent confirmation would be good03:51
ilmarithe plain X41 bit is definitely right. I don't know anyone with the tablet version03:52
ilmaridoesn't anyone on the laptop testing team have one?03:52
mjg59I know someone who does, though. I'll try to get it checked.03:53
mjg59Is it still a problem with edgy?03:53
mjg59The driver has changed quite a lot there03:53
ilmarijust tested03:54
infinityzul_: Around?03:54
mjg59I need to sleep now, but I'll check later03:54
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porkpieHi ....I am trying to build a Dell 1950 with a PERC 5/i raid controller but the kernel seems to be detecting the scsi drives be the raid controller.  This is causing problems when installing the base system as I see 3 drives instead of the 1 logical drive.  I have been testing with ivoks on the ubuntu-server channel and he has suggested I talk to you guys.  09:23
porkpiehere is the link to the syslog http://pastebin.com/79917609:29
porkpielink to dmesg_log http://pastebin.com/799179   Any help would really be appreciated 09:32
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AnAntwhy does edgy use UUID=XXXXX instead of /dev/XdY# in menu.lst & fstab ?10:41
tonfaso that it's stable10:42
AnAntstable ?10:42
tonfaand doesn't change if you plug another drive10:42
tonfaor if you use the libata driver for example10:42
tonfawith the libata driver ide devices change from /dev/hdX to /dev/sdX10:43
tonfabut I think they won't be used in edgy10:43
tonfabut might in edgy+[12] 10:44
tonfaI hope they do the same for network devices names10:45
tonfapersistant names are good :)10:45
ajmitchwe alreayd have /etc/iftab for that10:45
AnAntbut that's hard to maintain10:45
tonfaajmitch: why don't you use udev ?10:46
ajmitchtonfa: I do10:46
tonfa/etc/iftab uses udev for renaming ?10:46
=== tonfa hasn't explored the udev configuration files
ajmitchsee /etc/udev/rules.d/25-iftab.rules 10:46
ajmitchwhich is a bit OT for this channel :)10:47
tonfayup, sorry10:47
AnAntajmitch: but that UUID thing is really wierd if one wants to change configuration10:48
ajmitchyou just need to know how to get the UUID of a filesystem then10:49
tonfaUse dumpe2fs(8) to display a journal devices volume label   and   UUID.10:51
ajmitchor /sbin/vol_id <device>10:51
AnAntajmitch: thank10:53
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porkpieHi ....I am trying to build a Dell 1950 with a PERC 5/i raid controller but the kernel seems to be detecting the scsi drives be the raid controller.  This is causing problems when installing the base system as I see 3 drives instead of the 1 logical drive.  I have been testing with ivoks on the ubuntu-server channel and he has suggested I talk to you guys.  11:30
porkpielink to dmesg_log http://pastebin.com/799179   Any help would really be appreciated 11:30
porkpiehere is the link to the syslog http://pastebin.com/79917611:30
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=== porkpie can anyone here shed any light on this problem ...why would the kernel detect the hard dirve be the raid controller ??
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
tfheenBenC: remember the kernel freeze in two days.12:06
porkpietfheen:I have a kernel issue  ....can you help ??12:23
tfheenporkpie: probably not, I'm not a kernel hacker12:24
porkpieI need to find a fix for the Dell 1950 PERC 5/i problem12:25
lfittlBenC: ping12:45
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zulsomone pinged me?01:32
BenClfittl: pong01:34
lfittlBenC: could you take a look at bug #63054 and bug #63553?01:35
BenCporkpie: Which version of ubuntu are you trying?01:37
porkpieBenC:version LTS amd6401:40
BenClfittl: I can do he sdhci patch easily. The sleep problem is going to require someone with the ability to use git-bisect to rebuild hte kernel a bunch of times to find the commit that started the problem01:41
BenCporkpie: Known issues, fixed in Edgy01:42
BenCwill be backported to dapper, but don't expect it soon01:42
lfittlBenC: ok, will try to work together with the person who has the sleep problem to find the commit, would be great if you could merge the sdhci patch01:42
porkpieBenC:can I download Edgy ?01:43
BenCporkpie: You can download the Beta CD's01:44
porkpieBenC ...are they iso 01:44
porkpiewhere from01:44
BenCporkpie: http://releases.ubuntu.com/6.10/01:46
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porkpieBenC:thanks ...I will feedback on issues I find 01:48
porkpieBenC:is there a list of fixes for edgy 01:55
porkpieBenC:does it fix the network card issue as well ?01:57
tfheenBenC: re 63085; I think you meant to file it against initramfs-tools adding jmicron to the list of ide modules, didn't you?02:08
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BenCtfheen: No, initramfs tool does the job on my computer02:28
BenCtfheen: I don't think initramfs tools creates the initrd on the livecd02:29
BenCtfheen: After install, everything works fine02:29
tfheenBenC: trust me, initramfs-tools creates the initramfs on the livecd.02:29
BenCtfheen: Then it isn't doing the same thing as it does on a normal system02:30
BenCtfheen: Are you sure there aren't special scripts in the casper build that tell initramfs tools what drivers to include?02:30
tfheenBenC: yes, it is, but on your system it probably sees that you have it loaded and therefore includes it.02:30
tfheenBenC: there are a couple of modules added, but none removed, no.02:30
BenCtfheen: Re-assign as you think is required02:31
tfheenlook at auto_add_modules in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions02:31
BenCmy first through, given the circumstances was that it was casper, but if you're sure it's initramfs-tools, please re-assign there02:31
tfheencasper adds unionfs, squashfs, loop, vfat, ext3, nls_cp437, nls_utf8, nls_iso8859-1, sr_mod, ide-cd, sbp2, ohci1394 and the net modules02:32
tfheennone other02:32
porkpieBenC:the beta iso install is not working :(  I can't create a user ..it doesn't allow you to type the name ????02:41
porkpieBenC:I know this is not the right place to ask these question but I am desperate to get this server built 02:41
BenCporkpie: Use the alternate install CD then02:42
BenCinstead of the livecd version02:42
porkpieOK  ..I don't want to install the desktop though02:43
mjg59#/win goto #assassins02:43
BenCporkpie: Then use the server install02:43
BenCmjg59: you've been outted...I knew you were undercover for some foreign goverment02:44
porkpieBenC:I am 02:44
BenCporkpie: As in #ubuntu, maybe there's a workaround02:44
BenCporkpie: You can try an edgy daily ISO to see if it's fixed, cdimage.ubuntu.com02:44
porkpieOK cool02:44
porkpieBenC:one more question ...where can I find a list of the fixes ??03:03
=== porkpie1 [n=mark@cpc1-bsfd5-0-0-cust929.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCporkpie: /usr/share/doc/linux-source-2.6.17/changelog.Debian.gz03:25
porkpie1BenC:edgy hangs after install when trying to load kernel :(03:43
BenCporkpie1: Start it without "splash quiet" options, and give it a few minutes to be sure it isn't just slow03:54
porkpie1BenC: how do i do that 04:09
porkpie1I am used to FreeBSD  ...bit  stuck with ubuntu 04:09
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
tonfaesc to have the grub menu04:11
tonfaand then go to the entry04:11
tonfatype 'c' to edit the line04:12
tonfaenter when you are finished04:12
tonfahum that's 'e' to edit the line04:12
tonfa('c' is a cmd line prompt)04:12
tonfaand at the end 'b' to boot04:12
porkpie1BenC:Ah ...OK ..I have an error now ALERT! /dev/sad1 doesn't exist. Dropping to a shell ! BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-2ubuntu) Built-in shell (ash)   04:12
porkpie1'/bin/sh:can't access tty; job contol turned off'04:13
porkpie1I am at the (initramfs)04:13
porkpie1tonfa:any ideas 04:15
tonfashouldn't it be /dev/sda1 ?04:15
tonfa(or did you mistype it)04:15
porkpie1tonfa:thats how I feel :)04:16
porkpie1yeah it's a typo sorry04:16
tonfamaybe ls /dev can help04:16
porkpie1I have been trying to build this server for 5 days solid no04:17
tonfa(to see what devices are there)04:17
tonfadmesg might be helpful too04:17
zulsweet i got invited04:17
porkpie1I can't find the | to do a more04:18
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porkpie1I can't find a dmeag04:20
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mhbhello, have you modified the skge driver in the Edgy default kernel?04:46
mhbit is not working correctly with the current Edgy kernel (send_packet: Message too long) although it works fine in Dapper04:46
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lamontzul: wth is xen-source packaged as a native package?05:29
zulumm...because i probably made a mistake05:30
lamontzul: sigh05:30
lamontmind you, fixing it requires a new upstream version number, so that you can have an orig.tar.gz to upload05:30
zulso like or something like that05:31
lamontxen-source-2.6.17_2.6.17.0.orig.tar.gz for example05:31
lamontwith a version in debina/changelog of
lamontwhat it really means is that when you packaged 2.6.17-1, you didn't have a .orig.tar.gz in the parent directory05:32
zulcrappers...ill try to fix that thanks05:33
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