jendathe plaintext version will need third level titles for the press section.12:12
elkbuntuguys.. 'in this issue' not needed. refer to uwn 14 or 15 for the url for the link to the bugstat graphs12:17
jendaelkbuntu: hm?12:17
jendawe need the 'in this section' for the text version12:17
elkbuntuask Burgwork then. i dont have time to argue12:18
jendabut you're right - no place for it on the wiki.12:20
poningruelkbuntu: thats only for the text version12:23
poningruin this issue I mean12:24
Burgworksorry, what is the issue12:24
Burgworktry and avoid any and all moinisms, excepting headings12:24
jendaponingru: email12:25
jendaBurgwork: done12:25
jendaThe question was if there is a "In this section" on the wiki or not.12:25
jendaI allowed myself the liberty of answering the question with 'none on the wiki, but one in the text version'12:26
jenda(And acted accordingly)12:26
jendaPoningru, ping?12:26
poningruchecking email12:26
jendaWe don't have the new app in edgy thing.12:26
jendaOther than that, it's all done.12:27
BurgworkI will do the new apps in edgy tonight12:27
jendawon't that be too late?12:27
Burgworkno, because in order to send it you need me12:27
jendaI see :)12:27
=== poningru adds the bug stuff to the wiki
jendaOK, I'm dead :) Good night. Looking forward to reading it tomorrow.12:31
=== poningru hugs jenda
poningruthanks for all the work man12:31
jendahappy to12:31
=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
poningruman mountainview is so pretty12:57
Flannelman mountainview -- No manual entry for mountainview12:58
=== gaz00 [n=gaz00@d198-53-178-2.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@Toronto-HSE-ppp3879871.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
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nixternalUWN status?06:55
nixternalwhere is UWN 16?07:01
=== BHSPitLappy shrugs
nixternalit is gone07:02
BHSPitLappybut I CAN tell you that whales are mammals, as opposed to fish.07:02
nixternalinteresting, there isn't anything about it being deleted in the logs either07:02
nixternaljenda's revision was the last saved revision i could get07:03
nixternaloh great, the wiki is trashed with moin crashes07:04
nixternalthis wiki SUCKS!07:04
BHSPitLappywikis are communism07:06
BHSPitLappycode for the government07:07
poningruyou cant be serious07:07
nixternalits gone07:07
nixternali have jendas copy local07:09
poningruthankfully I have a copy07:09
poningruthat he emailed07:09
nixternaloh thank god!07:09
nixternaloh..well i have a list of changes, and the latest change was you, but is blank, and then under that is jenda's and it is good07:09
poningruPage could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?07:12
poningruClear message07:12
poningrunixternal: whats your email?07:14
poningrulet me email it to you07:14
poningrucause it wont let me take it07:14
nixternalthe wiki is uneditable07:14
nixternalit is dead right now07:14
nixternalyou can view, but you can't edit07:14
poningruteh lame07:14
poningruerr wrong channel07:15
Madpilotno, cool pic07:17
nixternalnice...there is old fat arse nixternal holding his sign ;)07:25
nixternalnm, that is not me...that is kevin instead..i had a different sign, same helmet ;)07:26
=== jenda_ [n=jenda@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
nixternalim the one with the arms in the air...towards the back07:27
nixternali must have had 2 questions ;)07:27
nixternalthis is the first i have seen of these pictures07:28
nixternalwe are getting ready to do another one07:28
Madpilotcool pics07:29
nixternalthat picture is right before we all got tickets for being a public neusance07:29
Madpilotall of you, huh? Cool, you got noticed! ;)07:30
nixternala good chunk..there were a hundred total, but we were seperated amongst the different apple stores in chicago07:31
jenda_Good morning07:31
poningrunixternal: big question07:31
nixternalmornin' jenda07:31
poningruwhere did you gett he fracking hazard suits??07:31
jenda_Umm... what do you guys see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue1607:31
poningrujenda: I kNOW07:31
jenda_umm... why?07:31
nixternalone of the guys in our LUG has a wife who is in with the Chicago Fire Department I think07:31
poningrumoin crashed07:31
nixternalhe just sent us emails saying he got the suits again for this week07:32
poningrunixternal: we have been looking for these things ever since fsf sent us the emails07:32
nixternaloh shoot, they said we are doing it tomorrow morning07:32
nixternalomg it is the 3rd already..i thought it was still september ;p07:33
jenda_poningru: and was it sent out yet?07:33
poningrujenda_: dont think so07:34
jenda_nixternal: nice :) Go DbD07:34
poningruBurgwork: ping07:34
nixternalhe shouldn't be at work07:34
jenda_poningru: and is there a backup copy? If not, I have one.07:35
Madpilotponingru, it's 22:35 local, Burg is out this evening, not at work07:35
jenda_Nvm, you have it too - I sent it to you by email :)07:35
jenda_poningru: are you editing the page?07:36
poningruits noneditable right now07:37
Madpilotnixternal, any pictures in there of the cops ticketing you?07:38
nixternalnot that i can see07:38
nixternalim sure that ticket is around here somewhere07:38
nixternali never went to court for it07:38
jenda_BTW, I just saw something for the first time in my life: the entire panorama of Prague was edgy-orange because of the _sunrise_. It usually does that only at sunset (my window is to the west)07:40
jenda_Incredibly beautiful.07:40
jenda_!lart tired batteries in my camera :(07:40
BHSPitLappy"the landscape was a warm, edgy orange..."07:41
BHSPitLappy"beneath me the dapper brown soil was cool against my bare feet"07:42
jenda_"against my warty feet"07:42
BHSPitLappy"My hoary sister yelled that it was time to come inside"07:43
=== jenda_ [n=jenda@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendawtf are you doing here, jenda_...07:49
jendaand stay it07:49
poningruwe so need a qdb07:49
=== jenda_ [n=jenda@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendathat's my other edgy session on this computer.07:51
jendaOne I can't get to :(07:51
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaspeak of the devil ;)07:56
jendaBurgundavia: how is the UWN going?07:56
Burgundaviaabout to start work on it07:56
poningrutoo bad you cant07:56
poningrumoin crashed07:56
jendaThere's already a reply on the ML07:56
poningruwork on it privately I guess07:56
jendaBurgundavia: I'll email you a copy if you don't have one.07:56
Burgundaviaplease do07:56
poningruI think I forwarded it to you07:57
Burgundaviabetter yet, put it in that gobby session poningru has open07:57
poningruoh true07:57
jendayou can't connect? I'll try myself07:57
BurgundaviaI have not tried07:57
jendawhat's the password again?07:58
poningruready to go07:58
jenda(why doesn't gobby remember it)07:58
poningruuniversity of florida @ for the win :p07:58
jendaaha :)07:58
poningrueasy to remember ;)07:58
jendaWas just gona ask07:59
poningrumy roomates idea07:59
poningruI put it up already07:59
jendathere are 3 UWN 16s up07:59
Burgundaviaponingru: wasn't the ufl spanked by rutger the other night?07:59
jendawow, a french one :)07:59
poningruno way man we are 5-007:59
poningrujenda: yeah the second one is weird but the 3rd is the french one07:59
poningruBurgundavia: what sports are you thinking?08:00
poningruamerican gridiron right?08:00
poningruyeah we are fifth in nation08:00
Burgundaviaok, why is my cd drive spinning up to full speed when just playing a cd?08:00
jendaBurgundavia: sent08:00
Burgundaviaah, it was rutger vs south florida08:01
poningruah yeah usf isnt that big08:01
poningruthe bulls08:01
jendaBurgundavia: I think teh drive is dancing to the music.08:01
poningruwe are the gators08:01
Burgundaviano, it just being annoying, as I have the laptop on my lap08:01
Burgundaviaponingru: what is that IP again?08:03
poningruhold on I have to whois myself08:04
poningruthats the port08:05
poningruand ufl@ftw08:05
poningruBurgundavia: bruno?08:05
poningruwhats your nick?08:05
poningrudid you join?08:06
BurgundaviaI did just join08:06
Burgundaviawhich of the 16s are we working on?08:06
Burgundaviaplease avoid spaces at the beginnings of paragraphs08:11
Burgundaviathey cause moin to do wierd stuff08:11
poningruyeah they indent08:12
poningruI think that was done intentionally08:12
poningruthe stuff under In the Press?08:13
poningruerr nm08:13
Burgundaviadid somebody look at the security stuff?08:14
BurgundaviaI am about to dig into the edgy stuff08:14
poningruwhat do you mean by the security stuff?08:15
poningruspeaking of which08:15
poningruplease digg08:15
poningrualso anyone have a reddit account?08:15
Burgundaviaponingru: can you respond to stan jordans message on the 25th to the marketing list?08:28
poningruk reading08:29
Burgundaviaponingru: oh, wait, somebody else repsonded08:30
poningruyeah and I responded too08:31
poningruthen harper came along and solved everything08:31
=== poningru checks revu
poningruwe need revu to be hosted by ubuntu.com08:32
poningrucrap it didnt make it in08:32
poningruerr he hasnt submitted for approval08:32
poningrunn guys08:51
=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviaponingru: you still up09:54
Burgundaviawtf is wrong with the bloody wiki?10:00
elkbuntuit's being itself?10:06
Burgundaviano, deleting pages10:06
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: I had a question to ask you10:07
Burgundaviaand now I have forgotten it10:07
elkbuntuBurgundavia, hehe10:07
elkbuntuwas it something from like 10 hours ago?10:07
elkbuntuto do with UWN?10:08
elkbuntui take it you've sent the UWN off.. but it's not showing up in archives10:10
Burgundaviano, I haven't10:17
Burgundaviano wiki means no UWN10:17
elkbuntudarn :|10:17
Burgundaviawhich is fine, because i am so tired right now10:17
=== elkbuntu comforts Burgundavia
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poningruBurgwork: pong05:59
lophytehe's not answering06:00
BurgworkBurgwork, hmm?06:06
Burgworkponingru, rather06:07
poningruyou called last night?06:07
poningruI went to sleep06:07
Burgworkyes, I went to sleep06:09
Burgworkcannot release with a broken wiki, plus I was dog tired06:09
poningrumeh its allright06:10
jendaI think we should release - wiki schmiki - by email.06:11
jendaWith a written apology and a promise to hang it up later.06:11
jendaNo point releasing the UWN a week late, IMO.06:11
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nixternallophyte: link me to your LP and Wiki pages07:10
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lophyteping nixternal07:33
lophyteping Burgwork07:33
Burgworklophyte, pong07:40
=== mdke [n=matt@81-178-194-123.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== Klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lophytenixternal ?08:07
nixternalactive cc today08:07
lophyteoh heyas08:07
Burgworklophyte, have they got to you?08:07
lophytecoming up next, I believe08:07
lophytethey're just finishing the loco08:07
lophyteand I'm first on the new members list08:08
jendaWhere did the IRC discussion go...08:09
nixternalsabdfl is afk, so it is null w/o him08:12
nixternalwell, if they postpone or go through with it, and the logs get read later, membership is still going to take forever08:13
lophyteit would appear so08:13
jendayep :(08:13
lophytelooks like I'm up, methinks08:14
nixternaloh lord, sabdfl is moderating membership, GOOD LUCK! muhahahah08:18
nixternalhey, don't be using my scooby doo elite laugh, it is Copyrighted, CC-by-RJ ;)08:19
jendaActually, I used a modified version, 'muhehe'08:20
jendaAs you should know, copyright doesn't protect ideas, only specific implementations thereof.08:20
jendaSo, if you don't have a patent, buzz off :)08:20
jenda<--- you can already see the lawyer growing in me :)08:21
nixternali hate lawyers!08:21
lophytewoo, a +1 from the sabdfl08:21
nixternalyougot it hands down lophyte!08:22
jendalophyte: nothing to worry about now :)08:24
jendanixternal, poningru you are ML mods now.08:24
jendapassword in PM08:24
nixternalya, got that email ;)08:24
nixternalpm away homey08:24
lophytenice words from Corey08:25
lophyteBurgwork: thanks :D08:25
jendalophyte: Congratulations :)08:29
lophytethanks :)08:29
jendaAnother member in the Marketing Team :)08:29
nixternalwelcome to planet hollyubuntuwood08:30
Burgworklophyte, congrats and no worries08:31
lophyteI suppose I'll have to bug Seveas for a hostmask08:40
lophyteer, cloak raher08:40
nixternalyou got it08:44
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=kgoetz@easyubuntu/docteam/kgoetz] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lophyteoh, do I?08:44
jendaBurgwork: I'd like to update one more thing in the UWN once it gets changeable.08:54
Burgworkis the wiki up?08:57
Burgworkcan you copy over from gobby?08:57
jendathe entire thing? sure.08:59
Burgworkand leavea  not in gobby about where it is08:59
jendaBurgwork: not sure what you mean09:03
Burgworkleave a note in gobby that we are editing back in the wiki09:04
jendawill do09:06
=== samurai [n=samurai@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaBurgwork: argh09:09
jendagobby contains the unwikified version09:09
Burgworkoh joy09:10
jendaI hope we won't change much anymore... right?09:10
jendaBurgwork: what are the things to be added yet? Why don't we call it closed with specific exceptions and carefully add those to both versions?09:10
BurgworkI am adding a bunch of edgy stuff09:11
jenda(Obviously... the wiki crashed and the version I dewikified was the only copy available)09:11
jendaBurgwork: ok, can you add it to both?09:11
jendaor ping me when it's done, I'll add it to gobby if it's a problem.09:11
BurgworkI will be working on it in about 6 or 7 hours09:12
jendaok... and?09:12
jendaI'll add a notice to both gobby and wiki about the situation.09:12
jendaI'll have to re-wikify the entire thing :(09:13
Burgworkah, bugger09:15
=== jenda groans
jendaHeh... we have the CC meeting which is happening now in there...09:25
Burgworkwhiprush, ping09:27
jendaBurgwork: done, all yours.09:29
whiprushBurgwork: thanks for the heads up, I'm going to become this guy's best friend.09:58
Burgworkno worries10:01
=== MagicFab [n=magicfab@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
whiprushBurgwork: wow, someone caring about working on n-m too10:14
Burgworknixternal, ping10:24
Burgworkwould ubuntu chicago have use of a pull up banner?10:25
nixternalwould be nice to have one10:26
Burgworkwhiprush, for that matter, would Ohio and Detroit have use of one10:26
whiprushwe could share one for the midwest I bet10:26
whiprushmore Ohio though10:26
Burgworkjane and i are talking about a banner, like the one at LWE for NOrth America, or at least the midwest10:26
whiprushthey actually have a big fest, and we can probably borrow it from them.10:27
nixternalor give some out to the Predominant Official LoCo's ;)10:27
nixternalthere are only a few in N. America10:27
Burgworkwe are talking one right now10:27
Burgworkas they are quite pricey10:27
whiprushwe won't need one until this time next year though10:27
Burgworkjust wanted to make certain we have demand, and then we wouldneed to figure out where to put one10:27
nixternalit would be nice to have one in a few weeks for the Ubuntu Chicago meeting to post in front of hte building10:28
Burgworknixternal, about about 2' wide and 5' tall10:28
nixternaloh jeesh, thats nice10:28
Burgworkthis would be for inside, beside a table10:28
nixternalor at the entrance of the meeting room10:28
nixternalin the lobby is more like it10:28
nixternalshould attract attention10:28
Burgworkwhiprush, I am thinking one identical to the one that the Ubuntu booth  (in the .org ) had at LWE10:29
Burgworknot the huge back banner, just the pull up one10:29
whiprushI know the one you mean10:29
whiprushyeah that'd be cool.10:29
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