porkpie1I think I need to exit and go back in12:06
ivoksentering and exiting shell won't fix kernel and mounts12:07
porkpie1OK  ...go throught the exersise again12:08
ivoksumount -f /mnt12:08
ivokstry that12:08
ivoksthen insert stick and mount it12:09
porkpie1forced umount of (null) failed!12:09
ivoksporkpie1: what failed?12:09
ivoksdoes 'mount' show that your stick is mounted?12:10
ivoksthen just mount it12:10
ivokshopefully, filesystem isn't destroyed12:10
porkpie1OK shall I email them to you12:13
porkpie1you should have them 12:16
porkpie1what are you looking for in those files12:18
ivoksideas for solution12:22
ivoksit detects disk beforce it detects PERC12:24
ivoksthat's odd, don't you think12:24
porkpie1I noticed in the dmesg12:24
porkpie1yeah ..why does it do that12:25
ivoksthis dmesg lacks first part :/12:25
porkpie1do you want me to run it again12:25
ivokshow many disks do you have in there?12:25
ivoksbut it detects 3...12:26
ivoksi assume sdc is raid12:26
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ivoksit shouldn't detect sda and sdb12:26
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ivoksthis dmesg isn't enough12:27
porkpie1It does say Driver sd needs updating  please use bus_type methods12:27
ivoksthat's not the problem12:27
porkpie1tell me what you need12:28
ivoks /var/log/syslog if it exsist12:28
Hobo_JoeHi Guys, I am trying to set-up a static IP address on Ubuntu Server 6... I have just installed using LAMP. What is the file I need to edit to do this?12:29
ivoksor /var/log/kern.log12:29
ivoksHobo_Joe: /etc/network/interfaces12:29
porkpie1OK ....I will need to run the install again ...I switched the server off  ..it was giving me  a headache12:29
Hobo_Joeivoks: Thanks I will give that a try12:29
ivoksHobo_Joe: man interfaces12:29
ivoksporkpie1: but hurry up... it's 00:30AM here12:30
porkpie1OK 12:30
porkpie1doing it now12:30
Hobo_Joeivoks: tnx12:31
porkpie1no kern.log12:35
porkpie1only syslog12:35
ivoksok, syslog then12:35
Hobo_Joeive edited interfaces, how do I make the changes apply?12:36
porkpie1ivoks:you have it12:36
ivoksHobo_Joe: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart12:36
ivoksporkpie1: lol, how many CPUs are there? :)12:37
porkpie12 dual cores12:37
ivoks2 dual core with ht enabled :)12:37
ivoksthat makes 8 of them :?)12:38
porkpie1with VT enabled12:38
Hobo_Joebleh, I know that by default you cant login as root on Ubuntu, but is there an easy way to do this?12:38
Hobo_Joe(loging in as root)12:38
ivoksHobo_Joe: sudo passwd12:39
stu_what happens if you do try and login as root?12:39
stu_cos if you can login, sudo passwd root12:39
ivoksporkpie1: ok, could you do modprobe -r megaraid_sas12:39
ivoksthat probably woudn't work12:40
Hobo_JoeYAY root rules12:41
ivoksporkpie1: ?12:42
ivoksmodprobe -r megaraid_sas12:42
porkpie1ivoks:it returned nothing12:42
ivoksgreat, then it worked12:43
ivoksnow try going to partitioner12:43
porkpie1what worked ?12:43
ivoksremoving megaraid_sas module from kernel12:43
porkpie1I can't get to the patitioner12:43
ivokshow come>12:44
porkpie1looks like the kernel has crashed12:44
porkpie1I'm there12:44
ivoksso, any discs in partitioner?12:44
porkpie1hmm! it hasn't loaded12:45
porkpie1I have a blue screen12:45
ivoksi'm cluless12:46
ivoksit looks like megaraid_sas detects both disks and raid12:46
porkpie1ivoks:I think I am doomed :(12:46
ivoksyou should talk to someone from ubuntu-kernel12:48
porkpie1I have a message that reads partman: Reading all physical volumes   this may take a while ...thats when I did alt+f412:48
ivoksbasicly, partitioner crashed12:49
ivoksthat was rather rude...12:51
ivoksbye all12:51
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grandyhello... i'm having trouble with the megaraid driver on dapper and i'm wondering if anyone can help...   it won't recognize the drive... (neither will gentoo) but i checked my hardware version and it's supposed to be supported by the megaraid_mbox module, which is being loaded06:58
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TJWorldAny ServerTeam members about?03:25
TJWorldHmm, I meant, any Server^Testing^Team members about?03:25
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grandyhello:  I'm wondering if anyone knows the last version of Ubuntu use a 2.4 kernel for the livecd... 08:28
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shwagmysql-administrator should be pushed out as a new version. 1.1.6 is way borked. http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=1787908:38
shwag1.1.10 fixes.08:38
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psycosei'm looking for user experience about a Sun blade 150 - sparc install, if you know some great url/docs i've not found that much on google thanks11:07
psycoseAnyone has any experience about Ubuntu server on Sun blade 150/Sparc ?11:25
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