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cbx33mornin all07:45
highvoltagemorning see bee ex07:53
cbx33mornin sparky07:54
highvoltagedo you perhaps know what the keyboard shortcut in evolution is to mark a message as read / unread?08:03
highvoltagei used to use 'm' in thunderbird and I still keep pressing it in evolution :/08:03
cbx33sorry nope08:05
=== highvoltage starts pressing random buttons
highvoltagecool, comma and point navigates between unread messages08:06
DeMoNSeEdhighvoltage, 08:09
DeMoNSeEdmaybe this will help08:09
DeMoNSeEdthat help any?08:11
=== highvoltage looks
highvoltageno, it doesn't have such a shortcut08:14
=== highvoltage misses the 'm' button in thunderbird
highvoltageno problem, found some other useful ones :)08:14
DeMoNSeEdthis just in;  highvoltage started a hunger strike today, when asked what his goal was, he replied.."i just want my M back'.....more to come at 11:0008:15
DeMoNSeEdwhy you using Evo anyhoo?08:16
=== highvoltage will never give up his M
highvoltageit has a nice to-do list :)08:17
DeMoNSeEdkk, makes sense08:17
RichEdgreetz :)08:31
RichEdI'll see your 5greetings and raise you 2greetings08:39
highvoltageyou're on08:39
RichEd:) how are you doing ?08:39
highvoltagedoing well, except that amobia couldn't install my internet yesterday :(08:41
highvoltagethey can see their highsite from my place, but it's pointing in the other direction, so they'll put up another antenna on their highsite early next week.08:42
RichEdWell I gues that disappointment comes from trusting a single celled organism. Even Telkom is a more advanced life form.08:42
highvoltageI think I'll crack a joke about them about that. :)08:43
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TeePOGmorning all09:02
RichEdhi TeePOG :)09:03
TeePOGmorning RichEd09:04
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RichEdSeveas: ping10:58
SeveasRichEd, pong10:58
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h70someone listening?12:19
RichEdindeed ... welcom h70 12:19
h70RichEd: Hi!12:20
cbx33hey RichEd 12:20
cbx33hi h7012:20
RichEdcbx33: hi ho !12:21
RichEdh70: Got a question, or just feeling the need to say hi & chat ?12:21
h70RichEd: i try to install edubuntu, client is booting but i cannot login. someone an idea?12:21
cbx33h70 have you changed it's ip address since installation?12:21
RichEdcbx33: ^^ thanks ... this seems to be the most frequent question we have.12:22
cbx33and it's fixed in edgy I beleive12:22
h70i've 2 nics, but the second nic was not configured auto. i rewrote etc/ltsp/dhcp.conf and configured the second nic 12:23
cbx33try running 12:24
cbx33ltsp-update-sshkeys I think the command is12:24
=== RichEd wonders if a full sprint is needed, or just a jog ...
ograh70, are you using the edgy beta preview ? or dapper ?12:28
h70ok, that was it. btw. the thin-client got its IP (  over dhcp and ltsp-update generated a key for this IP. do i've to run ltsp-update-sshkeys if i add a client?  12:29
ograno, only if you changed the ip range in the dhcpd.conf12:29
ograin dapper that didnt automatically update the ssh keys ... in edgy it does (thats why i asked which version you use)12:30
h70how to find out: edgy or dapper ?12:31
ogratype: lsb_release -a 12:32
ograin a terminal window12:32
ograCodename should have the value you look for12:32
cbx33ogra: cool I never heard of that12:32
ograthen its a) normal that you have to configure the second NIC manually and b) that you have to run ltsp-update-sshkeys afetr changing the IP12:33
ograboth features are in edgy ... but not in dapper12:33
h70thank you. after dinner i will try to setup pxe-booting for special hardware. bye bye! 12:36
cbx33bye h7012:37
ograjust come back if you have questions :)12:37
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ogra******* REMINDER Edubuntu Meeting (and EC) in ~30min in #ubuntu-meeting ********01:35
cbx33ogra: I'm not goign to be able to make this one01:36
cbx33going to doctors 01:36
cbx33about my sleeping disorder ;)01:36
ogradont worry ...01:36
cbx33anything you need to say to me01:37
cbx33did you getthat 640x480?01:37
ograpackaging it now ...01:37
cbx33please check it works....01:37
cbx33the palettes should be the same01:38
cbx33Iused the same palette file01:38
ograi'll try it ... will be in today ... 01:39
ogra******* REMINDER Edubuntu Meeting (and EC) in ~15min in #ubuntu-meeting ********01:45
ogra******* REMINDER Edubuntu Meeting (and EC) in ~5min in #ubuntu-meeting ********01:55
=== ogra goes to make some meeting coffee
=== highvoltage gets some orange juice
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-32-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlOw, my ears02:02
ogra******* REMINDER Edubuntu Meeting (and EC) now in #ubuntu-meeting ********02:03
=== willvdl_ [n=Will@vc-196-207-32-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagewillvdl: http://duke.za.net/cgi-bin/cgiirc/irc.cgi02:22
willvdlcool. will try02:23
willvdlworks. is duke.za yours?02:24
highvoltageit's a friend's.02:25
highvoltageI asked him if he could change his cgi irc setup for us for the next hour or so.02:25
highvoltageI'll get him to put one up that works permanently as well.02:26
willvdlcool. some companies have very strict policies on comms02:27
willvdlfor HP to get on irc is difficult, would have to change "global" policy02:28
highvoltagesome people are very good at getting around them :)02:28
highvoltagemany IRC server listen on ports like 22, 25, etc. so you can just connect trough a port that is not blocked :)02:28
highvoltagealthough... vodacom does quite a lot more to block you off, and their policies are strict.02:29
highvoltageI wonder what the policy says about using IRC on your laptop through your phone.02:29
willvdlI connect through my card obviously02:30
highvoltageogra: today I looked at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/index.html for the first time, there should be a 'howto configure ltsp' section too, right?02:56
highvoltage(didn't want to ask in -meeting since it's not edubuntu-specific enough)02:56
ograsbalneav is working on that02:56
ograltsp.org will also soon have our docs02:56
ograand we'll have theirs 02:56
ograhe's merging them02:57
highvoltagegreat :)02:57
RichEdI was about to raise that in the meeting ... does sbalneav need any help ... with formatting or style for integration into cookbook / handbook etc.02:57
ograwe can ask him if he shows up :)02:57
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rodarvusreboot, I'll be right back04:07
=== jbrefort [n=jean@mar44-2-82-227-215-241.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograRichEd, try to use Capital letters for every word in a link04:14
juliuxthat is a long reboot ;)04:14
ograhttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/Education/Planning would have been the right wiki syntax for example 04:14
carstenedu.kde.org has a new layout04:15
RichEdogra: I've has long debates about the wiki CamelCase autolink and what people expect to find out in the web in general ...04:15
ogra(but indeed that means your pages need to be created with such names)04:15
ograwell, its a convention we all use :)04:15
RichEdFor example, I would never dream of typing http://www.ubuntu.com/Education/Solutions ... 04:15
ograusers would :)04:16
ograatleast if they have used a wiki before04:16
RichEdI would always use lowe case ... not a mix04:16
ograwell, people familiar with wikis expect it like that04:16
ogracarsten, thanks for the notification :)04:16
RichEdYes. But I'd say that 80% of our users haven't. Again, I am not expecting anyone to change, I am really using the wiki only for planning for the end space.04:17
RichEdSo I am just trying to fit my structures around what people would expect to find out in the wild on the web04:18
ograright, but i assume more than 60% of our users have wikipedia experience :)04:18
ograits simply the way wikis work ...04:19
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdNot to labour the point, but my thinking approach was for all the following to be a natural "guess and type and load" landing page:04:20
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
ograwell, people familiar with wikis would use Education04:21
ograand even better EducationPlanning :)04:21
ograor EducationPlanningtopics04:21
ograbut anyway do it as you like, you will just run into problems with others if you do that 04:22
RichEdBut then on www.ubuntu.com with a natural folder and file structure, it would be www.ubuntu.com/education/planning/topics04:22
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
ogranobody can force you to do it differently than you like ;)04:23
ograits not a website, its a wiki04:23
ograso people expect wiki annotation ... because they typed wiki.xyz.com04:23
ograthe annotation indicated that i'm allowed to change it for example ...04:24
RichEdYes, but I am trying to get one structure that works on all ... and it's a temporary holding zone for planning docs which will disappear.04:24
ograi'm not allowed to change a website ...04:24
ograbut can trash your docs on the wiki as i like04:24
AmaranthWell, I won't be going to Mountain View.04:24
ograAmaranth, :(04:24
=== RichEd out -> 20 mins collection
AmaranthI could definitely pay for my plane ticket but I don't think I want to sleep in a park. :P04:39
Amaranthhmm, $486 for a roundtrip flight from omaha to san jose and a hotel in fremont for a week04:42
Amaranthbut i have no idea where these places are and i don't drive :P04:42
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-32-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
lucasvowho's being sponsored?04:43
Amaranthno idea04:43
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willvdlhighvoltage, ping04:56
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sbalneavMorning all05:42
highvoltagehey sbalneav!05:50
gnomefreakogra: do you have a minute. i was told to attach the output of gnome-screensaver --no-daemon --debug  and i cant output it to a file its something that keeps going it seems it doesnt end. this is for the webcollage g-s bug06:01
gnomefreakdo you need this output to fix?06:01
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LaserJock_did RichEd get the required votes?06:34
=== th1a [n=th1a@pool-70-109-199-148.prov.east.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageLaserJock_: indeed06:41
LaserJock_I just say the LP email06:41
LaserJock_and wondered06:41
LaserJock_very cool06:41
highvoltageJaneW voted by e-ail06:41
highvoltageso it was 3/5 votes06:41
LaserJock_no jerome?06:42
highvoltagehe still has access problems06:42
highvoltagethe next phase is to vote riched in as an EC member, we will need a 100% vote for that.06:42
highvoltageJaneW will then terminate her EC status.06:43
highvoltageso we'll vote on that at next EC.06:43
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJock_well, the next one should not be 5am for me ;-)06:45
LaserJock_ok, I'm off06:48
LaserJock_just wanted to make sure RichEd's confirmation wasn't waiting for me or something ;-)06:48
RichEdhi ... been watching my name pop up all over ... was on a con call ...06:58
highvoltagehey hey leave your con jobs out of #edubuntu ;)06:59
RichEdGoing out for dinner now with one of the EC member in question above ;)06:59
highvoltageplease thank her from us for this afternoon07:00
RichEdwill do :)07:00
RichEdHave a good day / evening / morning / all-nighter <- delete whichever is not applicable for your time zone or energy level07:00
highvoltageyou too07:03
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PetarisI just restarted my server and now winbindd will not start08:38
PetarisIs anyone avaliable to help me debug?08:38
Petaristhis is quite criticle as no users can logon without winbindd running08:39
sbalneavPetaris: I'm not at all familiar with it, but I can help you look for obvious problems.08:40
sbalneavDoes it produce anything in /var/log?08:40
Petarisin samba.log it says08:40
Petaris[2006/10/04 13:36:12, 0]  nsswitch/winbindd.c:main(1071)08:40
Petaris  unable to initalize domain list08:40
sbalneavWas there an update? that seems to indicate that something with nsswitch changes.08:42
sbalneavWhat's in the nbd log?  Could there be another samba/CIFS server out there that's claimed master?08:44
sbalneavPerhaps pasting your smb.conf file to the pastebin might help.08:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:44
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)08:45
Petarisnot sure, its not set to be master browser08:48
PetarisI'm checking nss config now08:48
Petarisok I think I got it08:55
Petarisnot sure what the issue was though08:55
Petarisit could have been a DNS issue on the win2k servers side08:56
sbalneavWhen in doubt, I usually find it safe to blame Microsoft products :)08:56
Petarisme too09:00
Petarisbut I'm still seeing odd things so I better look deeper into it09:00
Petarisfor the momment it seems to be working though09:01
tomveensIs there an irc channel voor the people of ubuntuvideo.com09:03
sbalneavLaserJock: Did I miss the edubuntu meeting?09:04
LaserJockI did09:04
LaserJock5 am here09:05
LaserJocksbalneav: did you miss it?09:05
sbalneavYeah, I thought it was at 20:00, but that's next week.09:06
=== HedgeMage [n=HedgeMag@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavHello HedgeMage09:16
HedgeMagehi sbalneav 09:16
Burgworktomveens, ubuntuvideo is done by johnlittle, who hangs out in #ubuntu-marketing09:22
PetarisI was wrong09:22
Petarisit isn09:22
Petariser, it isn09:22
Petarisit isn't fixed09:22
Petarisall user logons authenticated through ads are broken09:23
Petarisand I'm now fairly certain its on the edubuntu side09:24
Petarissome update or other to smaba or nss09:24
tomveensBurgwork: Thank you!09:27
PetarisI'm pretty sure the issue is with dns09:50
Petarissomething modified /etc/resolv.conf and removed the win2k DNS server09:59
Petaristhat seems to have been the root of the problem09:59
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cbx33evenin all10:00
LaserJockhi cbx33 10:05
cbx33hey LaserJock 10:05
Petarisseems to be all working fine now10:09
Petaristime to go home10:09
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cbx33ogra, you aroud buddy10:10
rodarvusogra, if you are around, go get a life :D10:23
rodarvuscbx33, speaking seriously now, ogra has a meeting in ~ 10 hours, in theory he should be preparing to go to bed by now10:26
LaserJockrodarvus: hi10:28
rodarvushi LaserJock!10:28
LaserJockrodarvus: how have you been?10:31
rodarvusbusy :)10:31
LaserJockI bet10:31
LaserJockbeen doing much OLPC stuff?10:31
rodarvusI've just found out I'll be host for three different groups in UDS :D10:31
rodarvusolpc, desktop-effects and another unnamed group10:32
Burgworkrodarvus, you involved with landscape?10:32
rodarvusbtw, I noticed the invites were mostly sent already10:32
rodarvusBurgwork, no10:32
LaserJockrodarvus: should be all sent, I think10:33
rodarvusnot really, we are still adding more people to the queue10:34
rodarvus(not for edubuntu though, I think :/ )10:34
rodarvusedubuntu has pretty much used all of its slots10:34
lucasvoogra: about that hostname bug, tell me then, how I can change it after the install?10:36
lucasvocbx33: you go to MV?10:36
sbalneavWhat's the best way to search for all specs targetted for edy plus 1?10:38
LaserJockI don't think there are any yet10:39
LaserJockspecifically targeted to edgy+110:39
sbalneavCan I target a spec for +1?  Or is that something that "someone special" has to do?10:39
rodarvussbalneav, no specs are targetted for edgy+1 (this version of ubuntu doesn't exists on launchpad yet)10:39
sbalneavah, ok10:39
rodarvussbalneav, but you can search for specs targetted for discussion at UDS Mountain View10:40
rodarvusthis is were most (all?) specs targetted for edgy+1 will come from10:40
sbalneavAh!  And how does one do that?10:40
rodarvussbalneav, https://features.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-mtv10:40
rodarvussbalneav, also https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+specs has all specs for Ubuntu, and their current state10:41
LaserJockdo we have a list of ideas to spec yet?10:41
rodarvusI'll send an announcement to the ubuntu-devel@ and ubuntu-users@ mailing list today, talking in depth about the subject (specs for discussion on UDS Mountain View, and edgy+1 work)10:42
sbalneavHow does one add, say, https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/edgy-plusone-thinclient-sound, to the discussion lists?10:43
rodarvussbalneav, I've just did it for you :)10:43
rodarvus"Propose for meeting agenda" -> "UDS Mountain View"10:43
sbalneavAhh HAH10:44
sbalneavgot it.10:44
sbalneavOK, I've got a couple of things I'd like to put on the table.  I'll spec a bit tonight then.10:44
rodarvuswhen we get near the meeting (say, on the week before) all specs will be prioritized10:45
rodarvusthe higher the priority, the bigger the chance of the spec to be allocated time10:45
rodarvusin other words, all 'essential' and 'high' priority specs are talked for sure. Most 'normal' specs are talked too (but may be delayed to the end of the week, depending on how the high priority specs go)10:46
rodarvuslow priority specs usually are only discussed if you (and interested people) have free time and are willing to brainstorm it informally10:46
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rodarvusI need to take my daughter to the doctor (routine check), will be back in a few hours10:51
=== bdoin [n=coudoin@home.gcompris.net] has joined #edubuntu
bdoinis GCompris really broken, I saw an email from edubuntu-users list11:53
Burgworkbdoin, just a sec12:01
LaserJockbdoin: it's not broken for me12:11
bdoinok, I suspect a fullscreen issue for this person12:13
LaserJockI wonder what the issue is12:13
bdoindid you tried the fullscreen mode ?12:14
LaserJockI don't think so12:14

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