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lifelessif you want to have the batch size, add &batch=50, not ?batch=5012:25
lifelessas salgado said, doh.12:25
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ddaalifeless: I was about to go to bed02:08
ddaawhen I found this02:08
ddaamakes import statements redundant :)02:08
ddaaalso provide lazy importing of selected modules02:09
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=== ddaa -> bed now
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pablofhello, somebody help me  ?04:26
pablofhow can i change the Translation Group of a product ?04:27
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jameshlifeless: could you try doing the bzr-0.11-support merge to rocketfuel again?05:56
UbugtuNew bug: #63898 in launchpad "kill canonical.foaf package" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6389806:15
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SteveAjamesh: how's the bzr-0.11 thing going?08:14
jameshSteveA: yesterday's merge failed, and lifeless said he'd try it again today (I fixed the cscvs test failures I missed before).  I pinged him a few hours ago, but haven't got a response08:15
jameshas far as I can tell, it should successfully merge this time.08:17
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sabdflmorning all08:51
fabbionehey sabdfl 08:51
jameshsabdfl: with a patch we rolled out yesterday, you can do "bzr branch https://launchpad.net/products/bzr" and get a branch of bzr08:54
jameshnot quite lp: URLs, but it is close08:55
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sabdfljamesh: very very cool! i wonder, were we getting any 404's suggesting people were doing that instinctively?10:18
sabdflhey fabbione! you hanging out in our part of town too?10:18
fabbionesabdfl: have been doing it for a long time :)10:19
jameshsabdfl: a few, yes.10:19
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SteveAjamesh: does it do a redirect to do that?10:20
jameshSteveA: it creates a bzr branch reference (the same kind of pointer you get in a lightweight checkout)10:21
jameshSteveA: so it pulls all the branch data directly from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ (and records the bazaar.launchpad.net URL as the parent)10:22
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carlosjordi: hi11:26
carlosso, did you send that email?11:26
jordicarlos: no, I have to ammend according to kiko's comments, and I left LliureX at 20:30 last night.11:26
jordiI'm doing rosetta this evening11:27
carlosI think mpt did those changes based on kiko's input11:27
carlosanyway, don't worry until this evening11:27
jordioh really?11:27
carlosI think so11:27
jordiok, I can send early in the evening though11:27
jordimaybe in a while if I can find the time11:27
carlosI've incorporated your points while copyediting the page.11:27
carlosMatthew Paul Thomas11:27
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AlinuxOScarlos, is it possible in this precise moment translate official gnome in rosetta ?11:36
carlosno, because we don't have a way to sync automatically from GNOME's CVS11:36
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carlosdanilos: ping11:44
daniloscarlos: pong11:44
AlinuxOScarlos, it's only for the moment ? or it's future project ?11:46
AlinuxOSEntrans is still crappy and buggy to use.11:46
AlinuxOSdanilos, privet ;)11:46
danilosAlinuxOS: hi ;)11:46
carlosit's a future project11:46
AlinuxOScarlos, very future ? :)11:46
carlosit's not a high priority right now11:46
carlosand we don't have time to schedule it yet11:47
carloswe have something started by zyga thought11:47
carlosbut he ran out of time11:47
AlinuxOSand search inside a module ?11:47
carlosthat's high priority once we finish our current tasks11:47
carlosdanilo will do it11:47
AlinuxOSfor example I need to search a phrase inside debian-installer ..or I remember a string number :)11:48
AlinuxOSdanilos, wow :) good.11:48
danilosAlinuxOS: bug 4411:48
UbugtuMalone bug 44 in rosetta "Translations should be searchable" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4411:48
danilosAlinuxOS: btw, the workaround people use now is to download a PO file and look for the string there11:48
AlinuxOSguys can I see entire list of high priority bug of rosetta ?11:49
AlinuxOSdanilos, me too :)11:50
AlinuxOSbut it's not so fast.11:50
AlinuxOSand great thing may be... if you have a possibility to search a phrase in original (unicode) language and in english too, not only in a single .po filke but in entire language (Ex: Georgian) project.11:52
carlosAlinuxOS: https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+specs11:52
carlosAlinuxOS: that's the way we are going to implement it, search for translations and english strings11:53
carlosAlinuxOS: our current top priority ones are https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/1.011:53
AlinuxOScarlos, thanks...11:53
AlinuxOSGreat Job! ;)11:53
carlosAlinuxOS: https://features.launchpad.net/products/rosetta/1.0/+specs <- This is the right link11:53
sabdflshouldn't need the last +specs11:54
sabdfl(and won't need the /products soon either11:54
AlinuxOSsabdfl, hello ;)11:55
sabdflprivet :-)11:55
AlinuxOSsabdfl, no in Georgian:  (gamarjoba).11:56
carlossabdfl: well, that's a bug in our navigation links ;-)11:56
AlinuxOSprivet = russian ;)11:56
AlinuxOSsabdfl, I knew about your response to a letter from Ministry of Instruction of Georgia, they are going to use Kubuntu in Georgian schools and that's great!11:58
AlinuxOS(sorry for offtopic launchpaders)11:59
jameshit is unfortunate that we need to keep the /+spec/ bit in the features.launchpad.net URLs if we want to include product series URLs11:59
jameshbe nice to have https://features.launchpad.net/rosetta/spec-name12:00
AlinuxOSI'm just proud of Ubuntu/Launchpad & Co ;)12:00
lifelessSteveA: can we do a voice call ?12:02
SteveAlifeless: I'm in a conf call now12:03
lifelessSteveA: ok, well ping me when you are free. its 2000 here for reference12:03
jameshlifeless: have a chance to try the bzr-0.11-support merge again?12:03
lifelessjamesh: just about to as it happens12:03
lifelessjamesh: we have j-a-meinel here so have been sprinting all day12:04
lifelesspqm is down for manual merge12:05
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lifelessspiv: zope has a wsgi module too01:08
lifelessjamesh: passed01:10
jameshlifeless: great.01:10
lifelessits only lp, cscvs and bzr to update right ?01:12
lifelessand what commit message do you want ? '[r=lifeless]  Update to bzr 0.11' ?01:13
jameshthat sounds good01:13
SteveABjornT: ping01:18
BjornTSteveA: pong01:18
SteveAdid we arrange to have lunch today?01:18
BjornTno, tomorrow.01:18
SteveAok, thanks01:20
SteveABjornT: late lunch, after lp meeting?01:23
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SteveAlifeless: ping01:24
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ddaagood morning01:24
lifelessSteveA: pong01:24
SteveAlifeless: want that voice call?01:24
lifelessin 5 minutes ?01:25
SteveAok, call me when you are ready01:25
lifelessskype ?01:25
SteveAoh, sure.  i'll run it01:25
lifelesswhats the account name to call ?01:25
lifelessjamesh: all done. Can you do submit a merge to dists to remove the bzrtools from the configs ?01:27
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BjornTSteveA: sure, late lunch is ok.01:30
sabdflAlinuxOS: very happy to hear that!01:34
ddaa_thumper_: hello, how's it going today?01:35
_thumper_ddaa: good, mostly reading today01:35
_thumper_wiki pages on launchpad mostly01:36
_thumper_but just looking at launchpad.conf now01:36
ddaalaunchpad.conf does not make very interesting reading01:36
_thumper_not overly01:36
_thumper_but started with the makefile01:36
AlinuxOSsabdfl, ;)01:37
ddaaDid someone suggested that you read launchpad.conf?01:37
=== AlinuxOS is happy too.
_thumper_just looking01:37
_thumper_ddaa: where is the initial entry point for lp?01:37
_thumper_the display thereof01:38
ddaainitial entry point?01:38
_thumper_what gets displayed when you hit launchpad.dev01:38
ddaawell... it's built on zope, so if you want to go top down like that it's going to take... a long time...01:38
_thumper_the executive summary should be find01:39
_thumper_I worked on a plone zope2 site before01:39
_thumper_with a big zodb01:39
_thumper_which launchpad doesn't have01:39
ddaaOkay, so in my perception, when you got a page and you want to know what produces it...01:40
ddaaYou start by figuring out what content object this page is displaying.01:40
_thumper_yeah, the object and its view I gess01:40
ddaaConsider https://launchpad.net/people/ddaa/+branch/bzrk/dev01:40
ddaait's displaying a branch01:41
ddaaactually, it's the index page for the branch01:41
ddaathat is it is an alias for https://launchpad.net/people/ddaa/+branch/bzrk/dev/+index01:41
ddaaso you look in lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/branch.zcml01:41
=== sivang also follows the fascinating drill down :-)
ddaahere you'll find an entry for +index with for="IBranch" (or something close to that)01:42
ddaathis element will tell you which template is used for this page, with which view class01:42
_thumper_yep, see it01:42
ddaathe templates are all in lib/canonical/launchpad/templates01:43
ddaaand the view classes are all in lib/canonical/launchpad/browser01:43
ddaathe view class whatever it needs to do, but eventually it ends up talking with content classes01:44
ddaathe content classes are all in lib/canonical/launchpad/database01:44
ddaahowever, the browser classes only talk to content classes through zope security proxies01:44
ddaathat enforce permissions and stuff like that01:45
sivangddaa: those proxies are actually factories ?01:45
ddaasivang: ask someone who actually understand that stuff, will you :)01:45
ddaathe security proxing is done with two important bits of code, the zope interface(s) for the content class01:46
ddaaall zope interfaces are in lib/canonical/launchpad/interfaces01:46
_thumper_what is the facet attribute of <browser:page> ?01:47
ddaaand the permission policies, which are all in lib/canonical/launchpad/security.py01:47
ddaafacet is one of overview/bugs/branches/specification/etc.01:48
ddaait's essentially the class of the pillar of the page01:48
_thumper_is it used for anything interesting or just grouping01:48
ddaait's quite essential to the structure of the site, it's used to generate the action menu and the location portlet01:49
_thumper_getting back to the initial page, what is the root object?01:49
ddaathe two portlets you find on almost every page in the top left01:49
_thumper_the one that the initial page view is off01:50
_thumper_http://launchpad.dev/ is a view on something, what?01:50
ddaathe home pages are special01:50
ddaafor example the /bazaar page is defined with the bazaar.zcml01:51
ddaaI'd expect the root page to be somewhere in launchpad.zcml01:51
ddaathese are so called application pages01:51
ddaabecause they do not have a real database content object to back them01:52
_thumper_makes sense01:52
=== carlos -> lunch
ddaaalso, in the near future, the facet will determine the primary vhost from which the page is served01:53
_thumper_I read a spec about that work01:54
ddaaI do not really know the details of the vhostization plan, though01:54
ddaa_thumper_: if you want to read some boring stuff, I'd like if you had read all the open bugs and specs on the launchpad-bazaar product before the sprint01:55
_thumper_ddaa: will it put me to sleep?01:55
ddaadepends on how strong is your coffee01:56
_thumper_ddaa: I will read01:56
ddaathat should be okay then. None of us has learned writing at MS documentation dept.01:56
=== ddaa is forever amazed by how powerful was the MSWord manual he once tried to read
sivangddaa: you should have tried readin some VB manuals, they take it all, trust me :)01:57
ddaa_thumper_: some bugs and specs tend to be quite high context, so do not hesitate to ask for explanations01:58
_thumper_ddaa: no problems there01:58
ddaaoh, btw, there's some documentation about the various launchpad-bazaar systems I wrote some months ago01:58
ddaait's obsolete of course, but will give you an idea01:59
ddaago to doc/bazaar02:00
ddaaand "make"02:00
ddaayou'll need xsltproc and dia installed02:00
ddaathat will produce a bazaar.html page and the associated png files02:01
_thumper_I installed those this morning after reading the README02:01
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_thumper_doc made, and will read after lunch02:04
_thumper_ddaa: I must be missing something - what is HCT?02:08
ddaaThe Hypothetical Changeset Tool02:11
ddaaI mean, that's a VERY good question02:11
=== ddaa thinks to try sorting out the informational from the ranting in his head
_thumper_Hmm, just checking launchpad to see if a person with a particular id existed, and it oopsed02:13
ddaaThat is a not-yet-implemented (long story there) tool to version-control distro packages as a collection of branches.02:13
_thumper_I don't think it should do that02:13
ddaa_thumper_: there's a couple of bugs open about that02:13
ddaafor one thing the 404 page should look more like a 404 and less like a crash02:13
matsubara_thumper_: which OOPS number?02:13
ddaaand then, when looking for objects like that, it should do a search and give close matches02:13
_thumper_ddaa: makes sense02:14
_thumper_ddaa: do you know if I can change my short name that is currently registered with launchpad?02:15
ddaa_thumper_: so, in HCT, a source package would be represented as a collection of branches, which have a common base in the upstream source code. Merging all those branches produces the final source package tree.02:15
ddaathere would be one branch for each distro patch02:15
ddaaand one branch for the distro-specific data02:15
lifeless_thumper_: yes you can02:23
_thumper_lifeless: don't you ever get away from the computer?02:25
lifelessyes :)02:25
ddaawhen he hears beer02:25
ddaaor smell meat02:25
=== _thumper_ thinks of summertime and BBQs
ddaa_thumper_: when we have HCT, we will have a branches facet on distro objects, like sourcepackages02:27
ddaamh... actually, strike what I said before02:27
ddaafacet and pillar are different02:27
ddaathe facet indentify the launchpad sub-application a page belongs to02:28
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
ddaadistro is a pillar02:28
matsubara_thumper_: https://launchpad.net/people/$yourlaunchpadname/+edit02:28
_thumper_ddaa: not too worried about it yet02:28
=== jkakar [n=jkakar@] has joined #launchpad
_thumper_matsubara: thanks02:28
_thumper_matsubara: unfortunately the id I want is owned by someone who is not an active launchpad user :(02:29
ddaathat can probably be arranged02:29
ddaaask a launchpad admin to rename the offender02:30
_thumper_is there an email address for that or channel?02:31
ddaaask people here02:31
ddaaanybody in the admin team02:32
=== _thumper_ going to eat
salgadostub, is staging being rebuilt daily?02:37
stubsalgado: No - it is still running Brads branch from two weeks ago. If this is a problem, we can sort it out with Brad.02:38
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salgadostub, I'd like to do some testing now that person-creation-rationale has landed. hasn't bradb's branch landed already? would it be possible to have staging rebuilt this week?02:40
stubsalgado: I don't know if brad's branch has landed. Can you confirm?02:41
salgadobradb, around?02:42
bradbRM isn't in prod02:42
bradbwon't be for a bit yet02:42
stubbradb: Can we remove the branch from staging for a while? We can revert in a few days if you still need it, but salgado is the second person to have asked about staging in the last day or so.02:43
salgadobradb, well, I was asking if it has landed in rocketfuel02:43
bradbsalgado: sorry, not in rf either02:43
bradbstub: if you can put it back in a few days, it's okay to remove it for now, i think02:44
stubbradb: ta.02:44
stubsalgado: I'll update staging now with fresh code, and we will get a fresh db dump tomorrow.02:44
salgadostub, cool. can you also get the guess-person-creation-rationale.py script running? :)02:45
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ddaahey, what do I need to do to get notified about all spec changes in a given product?03:09
ddaaspecifically, I want to be told if anybody does any spec work in launchpad-bazaar03:09
ddaato avoid being caught by surprise when somebody tells me "there's a spec about that, it's random-name"03:09
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cprovstub: ping03:18
stubcprov: pong03:18
cprovstub: hi, do you have any rescent production DB snapshot ? we need a new copy in mawson. 03:19
BjornTddaa: i'm quite sure it's not possible to do that today, but there's a bug open for it i think.03:19
stubcprov: I'll push a fresh one out now03:19
ddaaBjornT: maybe if I make myself the driver of bazaar-launchpad?03:20
cprovstub: thank you !03:20
BjornTddaa: no. spec notifications get sent only to people directly related to the spec. there's not even a 'new spec' notification.03:21
ddaaCrapity crap :(03:21
Keybukstub: I don't have permission to change one of my own products (grepmap)03:23
stubKeybuk: file a bug, and if necessary me or any of the other launchpad administrators should be able to make the change for you03:25
matsubaraKeybuk: any of the Registry Admin would be able to transfer ownership to you03:28
kikoI am one03:28
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
Keybukwhat should I file the bug on?03:29
Keybukproducts/launchpad ?03:30
matsubarakiko: no, you're not, but you're a lp admin. :)03:30
stubahh... I assumed 'own product' meant you where the owner in the launchpad sense03:30
stubDo we have a claim product feature request open already?03:30
Keybukwell, I'm sure I registered it originally03:30
Keybukbut somebody went through in SQL and reassigned everything I registered to registry admins once03:30
KeybukI just noticed this one03:31
stubKeybuk: I've set you back as the owner anyway03:31
Keybukok, bug #6396303:31
UbugtuMalone bug 63963 in launchpad "No permission to edit my own product" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6396303:31
matsubaraKeybuk: file a support ticket03:31
matsubarahmm too late03:31
matsubarathe fastest "fix released" bug ever!03:33
salgadoflacoste, ping?03:37
flacostesalgado: pong03:38
UbugtuNew bug: #63963 in launchpad "No permission to edit my own product" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6396303:40
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salgadoflacoste, I'm writing the UI to chose the language when searching for a ticket, and since one of the radio buttons will have to have some text and a link (that I can't store in a vocabulary) right beside it, I'm thinking that it may be better to manually craft the HTML and stuff instead of using a Choice field and a vocabulary03:41
salgadounless there's a easy way to achieve that with a Choice and a vocab03:41
BjornTsalgado: what kind of value does the text represent?03:42
flacostesalgado: you could create a custom widget, but it may not be worth the trouble03:43
salgadoBjornT, one of the radio buttons will be labeled "My preferred languages" and then right beside it I need to list the user's preferred languages and provide a link for the user to change the preferred languages03:43
salgadoflacoste, yeah, that's what I thought03:44
BjornTsalgado: so, what value would it have in the widget? if it's None, then you can easily change the _messageNoValue attribute in the widget.03:45
BjornTsalgado: another option is to create a custom vocabulary, which would contain your new value, as well as the original vocabulary items.03:47
salgadoBjornT, the value is not None, so I don't think I can use the former03:48
salgadoBjornT, for the latter, you mean make the vocabulary include the preferred languages and the link?03:48
flacosteBjornT: the actual vocabulary contain three values: English, PreferredLanguages, All03:49
BjornTsalgado: yeah. it depends on what other items you have in the radio widget.03:49
flacosteBjornT: and salgado wants to display a link to change the preferred languages alonside that option (and display the currently selected preferred languages)03:50
flacosteflacoste: but the vocabulary contains basically three values03:50
flacosteBjornT: ^^^03:50
BjornTif it's only three values, it's probably easiest to simply construct the vocabulary on the fly, or something like that.03:51
salgadoBjornT, something like constructing the DBSchema on the fly and feeding it to vocab_factory?03:53
flacostesalgado: no, simply create a vocabulary using SimpleVocabulary03:54
flacosteflacoste: for validation purpose, but you'll have to code the UI by hand (or in a widget, but no point in writing a widget for only one use)03:54
BjornTyeah, i was referring to using SimpleVocabulary03:55
BjornTflacoste: how will the UI look like?03:55
salgado( ) English03:55
salgado( ) My preferred Languages03:55
salgado( ) Any language03:55
BjornTwhy would that have to be coded by hand, rather than using RadioWidget?03:56
flacostesalgado: actually you said the second one would look like: ( ) My preferred languages (Portuguese, Spanis) Click here to change your preferred languages03:57
flacosteBjornT: ^^^03:57
salgadoyeah, I forgot that03:57
BjornTflacoste: it's possible to include links in vocabuarly term labels03:57
salgadothat's the main reason why we're having this discussion. :)03:57
salgadoBjornT, but we can't include the user's preferred languages, can we?03:58
flacosteBjornT: you mean, include the HTML in the vocabulary label?03:58
flacostesalgado: we can if you build the vocabulary yourself dynamically03:58
BjornTsalgado: well, that was why i suggested constructing vocabuarly on the fly03:58
BjornTflacoste: yeah, HTML03:58
flacosteBjornT: won't it get escaped?03:59
salgadoright, I thought you were suggesting that we shouldn't need to build the vocab on the fly03:59
salgadolooks like there's an example on browser/bugtask.py03:59
salgadoa SimpleTerm whose label contains a hyperlink04:00
flacostethen it should work04:00
flacosteso simplest thing is to build the vocabulary at run time04:02
flacosteyou can either register your vocabulary by name or use a IContextSourceBinder to create it using a SimpleVocabulary04:03
flacoste(you can find a IContextSourceBinder example in interfaces/buglinktarget_browser.py)04:04
bradbjamesh: When I move an @action into a base class and inherit from that in my view, rendering that @action breaks with an error like "TraversalError: (<zope.formlib.form.Actions object at 0x338c5430>, 'field.actions.submit_bug')". Any idea why actions seem not to work with inheritance?04:04
flacostebradb: it's because you defined other actions in your descending class?04:05
salgadoflacoste, I'll do that04:05
salgadoflacoste, BjornT, thanks a lot. I'll pester you guys again if I have any problems. :)04:05
flacostebradb: and the @action decorator doesn't cooperate well across classes04:05
flacostebradb: that's should probably considered a bug04:05
flacostebradb: there is probably a workaround, hold on04:06
bradbflacoste: is this the code that breaks it?04:06
bradb        caller_locals = sys._getframe(1).f_locals04:06
bradb        if actions is None:04:06
bradb            actions = caller_locals.get('actions')04:06
bradb        if actions is None:04:06
bradb            actions = caller_locals['actions']  = Actions()04:06
flacostebradb: yep04:06
flacostewell, probably04:06
flacosteyou could try declaring actions yourself in the base class:04:07
flacosteclass Base:04:07
flacoste    actions = Actions04:07
flacostethat might work04:07
flacosteactualy, actions = Actions()04:07
=== sivang [i=sivan@ubuntu/member/sivang] has joined #launchpad
flacostehmm, no04:07
bradbhm hm hm04:07
flacostethat won't work04:07
flacostethe problem is that it is trying to find the actions for the lexical scope and not from the instance04:08
flacostejamesh suggested that should be rewritten to use class advisor04:08
flacostethe @action works that way is because the class doesn't yet exit when it does it's job04:09
bradbflacoste: so the lex scope of a decorator is the stuff inside the class statement, before the decorator?04:09
flacostebradb: yep04:09
flacosteyou could probably do in your subclass: actions = BaseClass.actions04:10
flacosteand stuff would automagically work04:10
bradbah, hm hm04:10
bradbI wonder if it would have that attr at that point. /me tries.04:10
SteveA +1 for rewriting using a class advisor04:11
SteveAany workaround should be marked with an XXX04:12
SteveAso it can be removed later04:12
bradboh yeah. neon sign on this hack.04:12
bradbi think it's working, but i'm testing it a bit more04:12
bradbflacoste: seems to work, thanks04:13
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elmois the fact that LP redirects-of-death if you paste a leading # into the "Jump to a bug" button, known?04:31
kikoelmo, no, it's a bug. can you file it and assigne it to me?04:32
matsubaraelmo: fwiw, bug 44390; it's not the same issue though04:40
UbugtuMalone bug 44390 in malone "Bug number entries should allow "#n"" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4439004:40
salgadoflacoste, to get the browser languages I need the request... is it possible to get it from my vocabulary factory which implements IContextSourceBinder?04:42
=== jelmer [n=jelmer@a62-251-123-16.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: hmm, not really, IContextSourecBinder takes only a context argument04:43
flacostesalgado: and it's the same thing for the Vocabulary, its factory only takes a context object 04:45
salgadoflacoste, yeah... would it be possible to construct the field on the fly, using a LaunchpadFormView?04:45
flacosteprobably in setupFields()04:46
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=== matid [n=matid@ubuntu/member/matid] has joined #launchpad
kristogwhat is the best way for ask a feature?04:46
flacostesalgado: and modify the vocabulary attribute of the Choice field there04:47
flacosteunless that's a read-only attribute...04:47
=== flacoste checks
kristogopen a bug on LP?04:47
carloskristog: yeah, that's a good way04:48
matidHello. I've got a question regarding the preferred email address in Launchpad. I know that all email coming to launchpad-id@ubuntu.com are delivered to your preferred address. How does Launchpad handle it if you set your preferred address to launchpad-id@ubuntu.com ?04:48
carlosmatid: I guess you will stop getting email04:49
matidcarlos: Really? I don't think so. There are some people with @ubuntu.com email set as their primary one04:49
flacostesalgado: no, you can probably override the vocabulary in setupFields by storing it in the schema Choice 04:49
flacostesalgado: kind of hacking to modify the schema at runtime, but an XXX will do :-)04:50
carlosmatid: you will need to check that with elmo or Znarl (our admins) but that would be just canonical people, I'm not sure whether it's handled the same way in that case04:50
carlosperhaps their sync script detects it and the email alias is not changed04:51
matidcarlos: Ok, thanks04:51
matidcarlos: I'll make sure to contact one of the guys04:51
salgadoflacoste, so, I overwrite setUpFields(), call the parent's setUpFields() and then change the vocabulary of the field I want?04:51
BjornTflacoste, salgado: i think creating a new Choice field in setupFields would be better.04:52
flacostesalgado: you should change the schema before calling the parent setupFields04:52
salgadoyeah, that's what I had in mind04:52
doko_kiko: I rejected jerichorivera from a group in LP, because I didn't know him, and I couldn't send him an email. would it be possibe to get his email address somehow?04:52
flacostesalgado: because, the parent uses the schema to create the fields04:52
kristogcarlos: thank you.04:52
kristogbye ;)04:53
=== kristog [n=ballio@energ63.energ.polimi.it] has left #launchpad []
salgadoflacoste, ah, right.  what do you think about BjornT's suggestion?04:53
BjornTsalgado: how many fields will there be in the schema?04:53
salgadoBjornT, 404:54
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #launchpad
elmomatid: if you set your preferred email to be ubuntu.com, your @ubuntu.com email will disappear04:54
flacostesalgado: creating a new CHoice instead of setting the vocabulary attribute, yeah, that's more obvious04:54
matidelmo: So people with @ubuntu.com emails as their preferred ones are the ones with ubuntu.com mailboxes?04:55
matidelmo: I can list dholbach as the example04:55
elmomatid: this only applies to community people04:56
matidelmo: Ok, thanks. I guess I'll have to revert the changes I've just made04:57
elmomatid: this is how it works:  any ubuntu member who has signed the CoC and has a preferred email gets launchpadid@ubuntu.com04:57
elmothere are a couple of exceptions: (1) if their launchpadid is inappopriate in someway (e.g. 'root' or something), it'll be ignored.  (2) if their preferred email would create a loop in any way (e.g. is launchpadid@ubuntu.com), it'll be ignored04:58
matidelmo: Ok, thanks for explaining it05:01
matidelmo: I guess I have to do my best to become Canonical's employee to get the @ubuntu.com mailbox, not an alias :)05:01
=== tepsipakki [n=tjaalton@replicant.hut.fi] has joined #launchpad
elmomatid: you absolutely can get an @ubuntu.com forwarding address, your launchpad preferred email just has to be something else05:08
=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #launchpad
tepsipakkicarlos: hi! gnome-screensaver is not set up for accepting translations in LP05:09
matidI know, I already have the alias05:09
matidI was just joking that I have to be an ubuntu employee to set it as preferred ;)05:09
carlostepsipakki: yes, it is....05:10
carlostepsipakki: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/gnome-screensaver/+pots/gnome-screensaver05:10
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable077.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
tepsipakkiok, I went via g-s product page05:10
carlostepsipakki: the links between products and distro packages are not always up to date05:11
=== _malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
kikocarlos, but people can add them!05:20
carloskiko: right, but you cannot remove them....05:21
carlosI think that feature sucks right now..05:21
salgadoflacoste, I'm guessing I need to add a new Choice field to self.schema on setUpFields(). is that right?05:21
=== _Nightwish_ [n=qazwsx@MDM-84-248.beotel.net] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: hmm, there is a kind of problem with that05:22
flacostesalgado: because a schema is a global object05:22
flacostesalgado: so in theory we could get problems if two clients accessed that same code path at the same time05:22
salgadoahhh, I see05:23
flacostesalgado: better would be to create a new schema altogether05:23
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=== tepsipakki [n=tjaalton@replicant.hut.fi] has left #launchpad []
flacostesalgado: probably by exending the base schema which would define the common fields05:23
flacostesalgado: something along: self.schema = type('randomname', bases=(BaseSchema,), choice_field=dynamic_choice)05:24
flacosteactually, that third parameter should be a dict: type(randomname, (BaseSchema,), dict(choice_field=dynamic_choice))05:25
salgadoflacoste, ah, cool! I'll try that05:26
_thumper_ddaa: ping05:28
flacosteBjornT: looks like you're the poor^W lucky fellow who's been assigned to review my big tt-workflow branch05:29
_thumper_ddaa: going through launchpad-bazaar features - what is importd?05:31
jamesh_thumper_: ther system used to import CVS and Subversion branches into Bazaar (using cscvs)05:31
salgadoflacoste, hmmm. looks like I got a metatype conflict. :-(TypeError: metaclass conflict: the metaclass of a derived class must be a (non-strict) subclass of the metaclasses of all its bases)05:31
_thumper_jamesh: thanks05:32
_thumper_jamesh: so cscvs does svn and cvs?05:32
jamesh_thumper_: yes05:32
flacostesalgado: hmm05:32
_thumper_what does it stand for?05:32
jamesh_thumper_: "change set cvs", iirc05:33
_thumper_jamesh: ok, thanks05:33
flacostesalgado: what did you use exactly?05:33
salgadoself.schema = type('foo', (self.schema,), dict(languages=languages_field))05:33
jameshit originally only handled CVS, and let you group the commits into tree wide change sets (rather than revisions to individual files)05:34
flacostesalgado: a ok05:35
flacostesalgado: self.schema metatype is zope.interface.interface.InterfaceClass05:36
flacostesalgado: so you probably need to create the class using that instead of type()05:36
=== flacoste opens up zope.interface...
flacostesalgado: yep, self.schema = zope.interface.interface.InterfaceClass('foo', (self.schema,), {...}) should do the trick05:37
salgadoyay. it works05:38
salgadothanks again, flacoste!05:38
stubcprov-lunch: mawson:~stub/launchpad_prod.20061004.dump05:41
stubsalgado: staging updated, and the script running now. Might be some time...05:41
stubsalgado: I'll run it again tomorrow too after the db update05:41
jameshsalgado: you'll find it easier to get your code through review if you use a real class ...05:41
salgadostub, great, thanks05:42
stubsalgado: (The database is two weeks out of sync right now, so hopefully 15:38:39 INFO    Profile with id 76 and name 'name76-merged' has references from the POSubmission or SourcePackageRelease tables and could also have been created by the bugzilla import of Ubuntu bugs.05:42
stubis spurious05:42
jordihey ho05:43
salgadojamesh, I need to build one of the fields of that schema on the fly.  do you have any suggestions on how to do that instead of doing what flacoste suggested?05:44
salgadostub, hmmm. if the database is that old it may even be that it already includes the updates from the last time we ran the script on staging... not sure05:45
stubsalgado: I reset the new column to NULL05:45
stubsalgado: Tomorrow will be a clean run anyway.05:45
flacostesalgado: you could also use exec with string substitutions, but that's slower (that's how we did that kind of thing before new style class)05:45
salgadoexec? that's much more worst, IMHO05:46
jameshsalgado: try overriding setUpFields, chain to parent and then do "self.form_fields += form.Fields(Choice(...))"05:46
jameshsalgado: with "from zope.formlib import form" in the imports at the top of the file05:47
jameshstub: while you're testing things, could you try running the database/schema/pending/jamesh-collapse-sourceforge-trackers.sql script on staging?05:48
=== salgado tries it
salgadoyeah, it works fine. thanks jamesh!05:50
stubIsn't there a way to just grab the thread-local request without a reference? The vocab could just do that.05:50
stubget the interaction, get the request, determine languages, generate the set of allowed values05:51
jameshwe've got a get_current_browser_request() helper in canonical.launchpad.webapp if that05:52
jamesh's what you need05:52
stubjamesh: Done05:52
flacostesalgado: the exec suggestion was a joke, but jamesh suggestion is more straightforward05:53
salgadoflacoste, and how about stub's suggestion? I could use get_current_browser_request() to get the request and ILaunchBag to get the user in the vocabulary05:55
flacostesalgado: yep, that would also work05:55
salgadothat would make things a bit simpler, but I'm not sure if it'd be safe to assume that the request would never be none05:55
Ubug2New bug: #63990 in malone "Entering a # (hash) in the 'jump to a bug' form leads to redirect-of-death" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6399005:55
flacostesalgado: well, i think jamesh suggestion is the simplest because it has the least indirection05:55
ddaa_thumper_: this sort of question ("what is importd?") is well covered in the doc/bazaar documentation. Maybe you should read that first to get some context for the specs.05:56
jameshsalgado: so the vocabulary might be empty if there is no request ...05:56
flacostesalgado: the vocabulary is built at a place where a) it will be used, b) all the information required to build are available directly05:56
_thumper_ddaa: I found it05:56
stubsalgado: I think that is a perfectly fine invariant if you document it. Developers who use it in non-browser code will just get a StupidProgrammerError05:57
_thumper_ddaa: reading TheBazaar05:57
flacostesalgado: c) that vocabulary is very specific to that view05:57
stubI think we already have vocabularies that do similar for person name changing (or at least we did at one point?)05:58
ddaa_thumper_: mh, that page is quite outdated too... the illness of wikis05:58
ddaathey accumulate old cruft nobody cares to maintain or update05:58
salgadoI never heard of such a thing before05:58
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
salgadowhat I have now (jamesh's suggestion) doesn't look too bad and is working fine, so I'll stick with that for now. already played a lot with this thing06:00
flacostesalgado, kiko: in SupportTrackerViews, we have a view called 'My Queue', and in the Unresolved issues section there is a comment to the effect that My Queue isn't a good name because of the context issue. 06:00
flacostesalgado, kiko: we have 'Worklist' and 'Needs attention' as better suggestion, which do you prefer?06:00
=== flacoste prefers Needs attention
jameshddaa: you see that the bzr-0.11 stuff landed?06:01
ddaajamesh: I do not think I received a commit notification about it06:01
ddaanah, it does not appear landed06:02
salgadoflacoste, I think I do prefer Needs attention too, although Worklist may be a better choice in that it makes clear that it's that person's worklist and not yours06:02
ddaajamesh: I see your branch in pqm though06:02
jameshddaa: the changes did, but the revision lifeless committed didn't have any merges -- I've just done a trivial commit to merge the history06:03
salgadoflacoste, maybe changing the title if you're looking at your own page could make it less confusing?06:03
flacostesalgado: do you think we could name it 'Requests that needs my attention' in the product/distro context and 'Requests that needs attention' in the person context?06:03
kikoflacoste, what does the list present?06:03
ddaajamesh: the last commit in sftp://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/home/warthogs/archives/rocketfuel/bzr/dev/ is dated 2006-07-13 AFAICT06:04
jordihm, no mpt06:04
flacostekiko: the requests that needs an action on the part of the user (logged in user in the product/distro context and that user in the person context)06:04
jordihmm, no danilo06:04
ddaarocketfuel-built parents are not set right06:04
carlosjordi: he had a power problem a couple of hours ago06:05
ddaaokay I see a new bzr has landed in rocketfuel06:05
carlosjordi: I sent an email to warthogs06:05
kikoflacoste, Requests needing attention?06:06
jameshddaa: perhaps the email didn't go out because it was a manual merge?06:06
jameshddaa: and the bzr update appears to be a pull rather than a merge06:06
ddaait's a pqm post-commit thing that sends the emails AFAIK06:06
flacostekiko: what about Requests needing my attention in the product/distro context?06:06
kiko"Requests needing my attention in Ubuntu"?06:07
ddaajamesh: indeed, looks like a pull06:07
kikoor "Requests in Ubuntu needing attention"?06:07
ddaajamesh: lifeless: well done, thank you06:07
jordicarlos: okay. I think mpt's changes are good.06:07
carlosjordi: go, go, go06:08
jordicarlos: should I send to kde, gnome and our two lists?06:08
jordicarlos: or should I post this in the public wiki and point people at it?06:08
flacostekiko: that's fine for a title, but not for the action menu06:08
carlosjordi: I think we should have in our website so we can point people to it later06:08
jordicarlos: which website? :)06:09
jordiThere's so many06:09
carlosjordi: also, check with Riddell how to send the answer to KDE06:09
carlosjordi: I don't know... wiki.ubuntu.com ?06:09
flacostesalgado: tt-workflow has a conflict because of the merging of PersonCreationRationale06:09
flacostesalgado: what's the code I should use?06:09
carlosjordi: that document is quite Ubuntu specific06:09
=== jkakar [n=jkakar@] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: (for the janitor robot)06:09
carlosjordi: about GNOME, I guess danilo should handle it, he asked to do it06:09
salgadoflacoste, ah, the creation_rationale, you mean?06:09
flacostesalgado: yep06:10
=== bradb & # lunch
jordicarlos: aha. I actually thought he prefered someone else doing it.06:10
carlosjordi: me too, but we talked about it and he said that he will handle that request06:10
salgadoflacoste, you can use UNKNOWN for now, I think. can you also file a bug asking for a new rationale to be created for our bots and assign it to me?06:11
salgadoI'll take care of updating any existing robots when I get to fix it06:11
flacostesalgado: ok, UNKNOWN is what was used for the bugwatch updater?06:11
salgadoflacoste, I didn't use any rationale explicitly, but since it won't be updated by the guess-rationale script, that's the rationale it'll end up with06:12
jordicarlos: okay.06:13
jordiI'll mail 3 lists.06:13
jordicarlos: either wiki.ubuntu.com or features.lp.net. I don't know what kind of stuff is supossed to go in features.06:14
jordiis there any other public wiki about launchpad?06:14
jameshjordi: help.launchpad.net06:14
jordihelp, yeah06:14
carlosjordi: dude, that's the spec website06:14
=== salgado needs to eat
jordiI know06:15
carlosjordi: that's not a wiki...06:15
jordiI mean, there's so many places I get in trouble trying to make sense out of it :)06:15
jordiok :P06:15
carlosjordi: well, help.launchpad.net is for help about launchpad06:15
carlosthis is an answer about the concerns related to Ubuntu translations06:15
jordiis this a "help" document? I don't think.06:15
carlosit affects Launchpad but also the way Ubuntu teams work06:16
jordiok, let's go wiki.ubuntu.com then06:16
jordicarlos: ok, posted in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RosettaKDECollaboration06:19
jordijust after pressing Send, I realised we could have used a more generic name. I think I should rename it.06:19
carlosthat's what I was going to ask you06:20
carlosjordi: thanks06:20
jordiok, announcing06:21
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=== _Nightwish_ [n=qazwsx@] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: bug 64010 is the missing enum value07:42
salgadoflacoste, you need to subscribe the launchpad team to that bug07:48
salgado(I have no rights to see it)07:48
flacostebradb: how come that wasn't done automatically when I turned the confidential flag on?07:48
bradbflacoste: I'd have to be able to read the bug report to see07:49
flacostesalgado, bradb: done, I subscribed Launchpad Developers 07:50
matsubaraflacoste: there's a explanation from jamesh here: https://launchpad.net/bugs/5984607:52
UbugtuMalone bug 59846 in malone "We need a script to fix the subscribers of private bugs" [Undecided,Confirmed]  07:52
flacosteok, then it's a new bug07:53
matsubarabut apparently when you report a bug as private no one but yourself is subscribed to it07:53
flacostematsubara: i didn't report it as private07:53
flacostei filed it as a public bug, and then change the visibility07:53
flacostebradb: is this a new bug? I though implicit subscribers were subscribed explicitely when the visibility was changed?07:54
bradbflacoste: hrm, I'm trying to figure out why launchpad-security wasn't subscribed to it07:54
bradboh, you turn the flag on after the fact...07:54
flacostebradb: what I did was: i) +filebug (didn't check the security flag'; ii) change status/assignee; iii) marked bug confidential07:55
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flacostebradb: so should I file a bug about this?07:58
bradbflacoste: yeah, that is weird07:58
=== rraphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
bradbflacoste: i think i know what it is...08:00
bradbflacoste: the forms were converted to LaunchpadEditFormView08:01
bradband SQLObjectToBeModifiedEvent got lost in the shuffle08:01
bradbthe subscriber that listens for that doesn't get fired08:01
bradbso, no implicit -> explicit conversion08:01
bradbthe tests publish that event when they test it08:02
bradb(make_subscriptions_explicit_on_private_bug is the subscriber in question)08:02
bradbthe simple fix would be to publish SQLObjectToBeModifiedEvent in the base edit form view, like our previous base edit form used to do08:04
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=== fjlacoste is back after wireless decided to just stop working
UbugtuNew bug: #64015 in launchpad "mail on new packages uploaded" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401508:10
carloscprov: hi08:11
carloscprov: around?08:11
cprovcarlos: yes08:11
carloscprov: just for your information08:11
bradbflacoste: basically, the bug edit form was converted to LaunchpadEditFormView, and stopped publishing SQLObjectToBeModifiedEvent along the way, so the relevant event sub is not getting fired.08:12
carlosproduction had the required conditions to debug the problem between Rosetta and buildd since yesterday08:12
carloscprov: we got a new OO.org build08:12
bradbflacoste: the tests publish that even when the test it08:12
carloscprov: did you see any buildd breakage?08:12
flacostebradb: ok, so I should file a new bug08:12
bradbflacoste: the easy fix should be to just publish that event in LaunchpadEditFormView08:12
bradbflacoste: yes please!08:13
flacostebradb: a better fix is to use a mutator and remove the SQLObjectToBeModifiedEvent hack08:13
cprovcarlos: no, but were the fixes rolled out ?08:13
carloscprov: hmm that's a good question...08:14
carloslet me check08:14
cprovcarlos: I guess we were lucky ;)08:14
bradbflacoste: yeah. i just suggested the one-line fix. .setPrivate would take somewhat more effort.08:14
carloscprov: yeah... dammit...08:14
bradbwell, "one-line", plus 30 more to test it08:14
flacostebradb: a page test would catch that bug08:15
bradbthat's the 30 lines i'm thinking of, mostly narrative08:15
cprovcarlos: it's fine, if I have the change I try it in dogfood tomorrow, but as far as it doesn't break, we won't be blamed (much)08:16
carloscprov: ;-)08:17
flacostebradb: bug 6401708:17
UbugtuMalone bug 64017 in launchpad "Setting a bug confidential after its creation creates a ghost bug" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401708:17
=== bradb heats up his smallfixes branch
=== carlos -> gym
UbugtuNew bug: #64017 in launchpad "Setting a bug confidential after its creation creates a ghost bug" [Undecided,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401708:26
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salgadokiko, don't forget me! (and my diff :-)08:46
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jdonghow are manual uploads for dapper-backports set up?08:53
jdongare core-devs able to manually upload to dapper-backports?08:54
salgadoflacoste, have you noticed that after doing a search for tickets you get kicked out of the support facet (meaning that the "Support" link is not greyed out in the menu)?08:58
flacostesalgado: yeah08:58
salgadodo you know what causes that?08:58
flacostebecause of the extra params08:58
salgadoit doesn't seem to happen in production08:58
salgadoor am I crazy?08:58
flacosteit doesn't?08:58
flacosteit does also in production08:59
salgadonot for me08:59
flacosteit does here08:59
salgadoweird... in production the link gets greyed out but it's still a link08:59
salgadoin staging it's not greyed out09:00
flacostesalgado: here, it's not greyed out in production, it is highlighted though09:00
flacostethat one is greyed out and highlighted09:00
flacostethe other is just highlighted09:00
salgadoyeah, that's what I meant. :)09:01
flacostesalgado: i assume it is quirks of the facet recognition code09:03
kikono gcc on devpad?09:08
kikothat kind of ruins my plans09:08
elmowhy would you want gcc on devpad?09:08
kikoelmo, well, launchpad depends on some C modules that need to be compiled first.09:08
kikoelmo, I was hoping to write a script that used launchpad to query the staging database from devpad09:09
kikosince it's the only box I have access to that can query asuka09:09
kikoI used to be able to do it on mawson so I was assuming it would work09:09
elmomawson's a dogfood/trash box, it has half the known world installed09:09
kikoyeah :)09:10
elmoanyway, your use case is reasonable, I just don't want devpad turned into a general LP compile box for developers09:10
elmoif you RT it, I can install launchpad-dependencies09:10
kikoI'll do so.09:10
SteveAflacoste: please file bugs and tell me about bugs in facet code09:18
SteveAor bugs in facet display09:19
flacostesalgado: ^^^09:19
flacosteSteveA: i'm not sure it's a bug actually09:19
SteveAI'm working on this code for the 1.0 UI09:19
SteveAif someone files it as a bug, I can look into it and find out09:19
salgadoI think it is09:19
salgadowill file09:19
SteveAif it's weird, it's probably a bug :-)09:19
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salgadoSteveA, bug 6402609:29
UbugtuMalone bug 64026 in launchpad "Menu links seem to get disabled only if request.URL == menuitem.url" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6402609:29
UbugtuNew bug: #64026 in launchpad "Menu links seem to get disabled only if request.URL == menuitem.url" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6402609:35
bradbBjornT: do you have time to review a small, but critical patch?09:39
kikosalgado, how does localhost.dev work for you if it lacks a port number?09:41
salgadokiko, iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d $LPIP --dport 80 -j DNAT --to$LPPORT09:42
kikoyou have got to be joking09:42
kikosalgado, and you run that for all boxes?09:42
kikomy box has a local apache09:42
kikoI guess it's just LPIP that's affected09:43
salgadoLPIP=$(grep launchpad.dev /etc/hosts | perl -pe's/^([^ ] +).*$/$1/')09:43
bradbkiko: do you have time for a quick review to fix bug 64017?09:44
UbugtuMalone bug 64017 in launchpad "Setting a bug confidential after its creation creates a ghost bug" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401709:44
kikobradb, not right now, perhaps after 6.09:45
UbugtuNew bug: #64029 in launchpad "XML/RSS of cdimage mirror status" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6402909:45
bradbok, i'll just put it up for review and nag people after the meeting tomorrow09:45
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kikomatsubara, I'm having a hard time changing a foaf test 11:23
matsubarakiko: I touched 1 foaf test today11:24
kikohave you ever written a test for posting to +member/ ?11:24
matsubaradamn it!11:24
kikomatsubara, I'm trying to convert 27-*11:24
matsubaramine was 2211:25
kikomatsubara, so I can't seem to deactivate the user!11:25
kikoanyway, bbiab, meeting now11:25
matsubaraare you fixing the same bug as I am?11:25
UbugtuMalone bug 57300 in launchpad "AssertionError while approving a team membership with a expiry date in the past." [Low,Confirmed]  11:25
ddaayay, the new svn changeset logic just gave support for all the simple cases of replacement, with no additional logic!11:26
matsubarakiko: well, I converted and reproduced that bug in foaf/22-*11:26
matsubaraand was trying to fix it, but...11:27
ddaawhen you write a test for the simplest case, then realise that you do not need any more test because it covers it all by design, you know you've got it right!11:27
ddaasvn imports that actually work, soon in all the best Launchpads near you11:27
flacostea user posted a request for merge in launchpad-support-tracker11:35
flacostekiko, or anybody else with admin power ^^^11:36
matsubaraflacoste: good catch, altough I can't do the merge I'll subscribe the qa as the support contact for the lp-support-tracker11:38
flacostematsubara: great11:38
flacostematsubara: who has the privileges to fix that request?11:38
matsubaraanyone on launchpad.net/people/admins11:40
matsubarabut usually SteveA or kiko handles that11:40
matsubaraflacoste: ^11:40
flacosteok, thx11:40
matsubarakiko: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileJjDXi9.html11:42
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