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nysosymhi all :)08:28
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nysosymhi aboe :)09:44
aboehi nysosym09:45
aboehow are you09:45
aboetroy_s, are you busy??09:46
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nysosymaboe: ohh i feel fine, thx09:56
nysosymhi andreasn :)09:56
nysosymand troy_s :)09:56
aboehehe, if they are awake...looks like nap time for some people...09:57
andreasnhi there09:57
nysosymaboe: hehe no, i have played with some graphics :)09:58
aboenysosym, I wanted to ask if the murrine-gtk engine could be included in edgy universe or multiverse repo...I think it makes a good addition to ubuntu-looks engine09:58
aboewhat are you working on??09:58
nysosymaboe: nothing special, only a little learning with inkcape10:00
aboeinkscape is a cool program I could never get the hang of it...10:00
Madpilotaboe, there's an excellent manual written for it10:02
nysosymi don`t understand that question (?) Can anyone help me :D10:02
nysosymHow many of these emblems are replacements for existing emblems in the Human icon set, and how many are new (in the sense that there is not already an emblem in Human?)10:02
aboeI know but graphics isn't my thing...I don't have the patients for it or the skills...me just package stuff10:03
aboeand build10:03
aboehe's asking which emblems are being replaced with the human icon set. and which emblem icons are new or added by the human icon set...10:05
aboeI think...hehehe :)10:05
aboeMadpilot, that's a very good manual...like the style it's written in10:06
Madpilotyeah, it's well done10:07
nysosymaboe: hmm i have made these emblems, to match with the human icon theme. For replace all "old" gnome emblem when human in use.10:08
nysosymthats would be my answer ^^10:08
aboehope that's what the question was about....10:08
aboe:) hehe :)10:09
nysosymsure? ^^10:10
aboenysosym, I also got a question...about icon-themes? it's about synaptic, Only the refresh icon is themed....?10:13
nysosymaboe: no, the refresh icon, the properties icon and the apply icon works perfectly here10:16
nysosymonly "mark all" and "search" looks like "old"10:17
aboewhat about update and apply...I'm using the normal tango theme that can be installed with edgy10:17
aboedid I do something wrong when I installed the theme...or maybe there isn't any tango icons for those yet and that's why it goes back to default gnome...10:20
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AnAnthow do I change the gnome splash screen ?10:20
aboenysosym, you're right if I use the human theme the icons in synaptic are changed, but with the tango theme they aren't...10:23
aboehe goodbye everybody got to go to work...bleuh :(10:24
AnAntfound it : /usr/share/pixmaps/splash/10:28
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fschoepHi all12:26
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fschoepHi lapo12:32
lapoyo fschoep12:33
fschoeplapo: How are you doing?12:34
lapodoing fine, thanks12:34
lapofschoep: how is the artwork refresh going?12:36
fschoeplapo: well, we're working with Mark on creating a new GDM and wallpaper12:36
fschoeplapo: so far, making good progress12:36
fschoeplapo: other areas are going well, too - Theme Team work should go in shortly12:36
fschoeplapo: Human iconset expanded, Firefox themes doing fine12:36
fschoeplapo: now looking into adding emblems for the Human theme12:37
fschoeplapo: and lots more :)12:37
fschoeplapo: sounds, too!12:37
laposounds cool12:37
lapoapropos sound the logout sound is way too long :-/12:38
=== mneptok is trying to get permission to use a nifty script that retrieves photos from Flickr based on user-defined tags
mneptokhopefully we can have that in edgy+112:38
fschoepmneptok: have you made a specification already?12:39
mneptokno, waiting until we have permission to use it, and then trying to convince the author to attend the dev summit to work on it12:40
fschoepmneptok: I see, I hope all goes well12:40
mneptokif i can get those 2 things done, i'll have someone else write the spec. i'm kinda buried with other stuff.12:40
fschoepmneptok: the author doesn't necessarily have to attend the dev summit12:41
fschoepmneptok: I also think the deadline for sponsorship has passed12:41
mneptokfschoep: i know, but if he does, *he* can write improvements. two words. "diminished responsibility" ;)12:41
fschoepmneptok: so he would have to pay for the trip and accomodation :)12:41
mneptokfschoep: he lives in the SF area. works at Pixar.12:42
fschoepmneptok: I see, that's relatively close, isn't it?12:42
mneptok~25 miles or so12:44
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nysosymhi all :)01:39
nysosymohh very silent ^^01:41
nysosymhi fschoep :)01:42
fschoepHi nysosym01:42
fschoepnysosym: working on your emblems now, good things do happen you see :)01:42
nysosymsure, by problems, i`m here :D01:43
fschoepnysosym: I've got some comments01:43
fschoepnysosym: The circle aren't entirely round it seems, they more wide than tall01:44
nysosymreally ? *confused*01:44
fschoepnysosym: On top of that I noticed the top gloss gradient doesn't run to white (#FFFFFF) but to some light shade of grey, was that intentional?01:44
nysosymone moment please :)01:46
fschoepnysosym: sure, take your time01:46
nysosymTo the 1. point i have checked some icons and these have the same height and width (in inkscake checked, only the graphic)01:49
fschoepnysosym: odd, let me check again :)01:51
nysosymTo the 2. point, yes this is intentional, because the folder icons although didn't have a white gloss, for the emblems i have uses one to match witch the folders. :)01:52
fschoepnysosym: right01:53
fschoepnysosym: OK, no problem then - I'll work on getting them working first, then we'll discuss details if there are any left01:53
fschoepnysosym: deal?01:53
nysosymsome of my icons works here very good as emblem (24x24)01:54
nysosymdeal :)01:54
nysosymmom *make s screenshot*01:54
nysosymi have checked only a few icons and all works good here :)01:59
fschoepnysosym: looking good, are you sure emblems should be 24x24 and not 32x32? I think the default ones are 3201:59
andreasnis that a eagle?01:59
fschoepandreasn: it's a globe01:59
fschoepandreasn: ;)01:59
nysosymno problem02:00
andreasntook a rough guess02:00
fschoepandreasn: no problem, it's a bit hard to see at 24x24 so that's why I'm proposing 3202:00
andreasnyou need to provide emblems in all sizes02:00
nysosymfschoep: hmm thats a good point, personally i think 24x24 is a good size (on 1280x1024)02:00
fschoepandreasn: tell me more02:01
andreasnfschoep: well, if you use like 4000x3000 (or whatever)02:01
fschoepandreasn: we have scalable SVGs as well, would that be good?02:01
andreasnfschoep: the system should be able to use the scalable emblem and blow that up02:01
fschoepandreasn: right, so we don't prerendered ones?02:02
andreasnand if you have nautilus set to tiny folders (like 25%) you don't want blurry ones02:02
andreasnprerender the small sizes, but supply svg as well02:02
andreasnas prerender is faster02:02
fschoepandreasn: I see, thanks for the advice - I'm going to try and get them working now, then02:03
andreasnthat emblem is 32x3202:06
nysosymandreasn: sure, but the original gnome icon theme, has the main part of emblems only in 48x48. I agree with u, but this let me a little bit confused02:06
andreasnyeah, but in gnome-icon-theme, all icons used to have only one size, and that made the whole system look blurry02:07
andreasnor, well, not all, but most of them02:07
fschoeptroy_s: troy_s02:08
andreasnI'm not 100% sure if nautilus pick the right size all the time though, I've noticed a bunch of bugs here and there when using pixel perfect sets02:08
fschoeptroy_s: speak your mind02:09
fschoepandreasn: nysosym: I'll try to get the basics working first, we can work on retouching smaller versions later on, right?02:11
nysosymright :)02:12
andreasnah, it seems nautilus picks a good size02:13
andreasnwhen you have emblems in the right size02:13
fschoepandreasn: good to hear, I'll make sure to test around with it once we've got everything set02:13
fschoeptroy_s: ping ?02:14
troy_show you doing fschoep, sorry was checking mail02:14
fschoeptroy_s: fine, thanks. I hope you are well as well02:14
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nysosymwrong button...02:17
nysosymhmm damn, i must go to work at 3 o`clock and it`s 2:18PM...02:18
nysosymworking on graphics use a lot of time....02:18
nysosymfschoep: we should use 32x32 scalable02:23
fschoepnysosym: OK02:24
nysosymsry for many work :(02:24
=== mneptok tootles off for some sleep
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nysosymfschoep: i have testet that nautilus scales svg's very well in every size02:28
fschoepnysosym: OK, good02:28
fschoepnysosym: should I just place your SVGs in /scalable then?02:28
nysosymthe only problem should be the performance, but i can`t reproduce any lags on my machine 2600+02:28
nysosymyes, here all works very well02:28
nysosymi must go to work now02:29
fschoepOK, I'll go and try that02:29
nysosymthx for all :-*02:29
nysosymbye guys!!02:29
fschoepnysosym: cu later02:29
fschoepnysosym: be good :)02:29
nysosymever! :D02:29
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fschoepHey PingunZ03:13
fschoepPingunZ: don't know if Jonathan already told you, but your GDM should be in quite soon I think03:13
fschoepI packaged it on Monday03:14
PingunZfschoep: What gdm .. do I have to make a gdm ?03:14
PingunZOr the one I already made ? :)03:14
fschoepPingunZ: the Blubuntu one03:14
PingunZI already made ?03:14
fschoepPingunZ: it's probably going into Edgy this week03:14
fschoepPingunZ: yes03:14
PingunZSooo .. do I need to do something ?03:15
fschoepPingunZ: no, you already did your part of the work03:15
PingunZExept kiss you cause your incuding it :):D03:15
fschoepPingunZ: you're welcome ;)03:15
PingunZBtw.. sorry for being inactive .. but I don't want to fail on school again ;)03:15
fschoepPingunZ: don't worry, there is more than Ubuntu03:16
PingunZI know :) .. Suse, debian, Gentoo .. :D03:16
fschoepPingunZ: right03:16
PingunZThanks for including it fschoep :) I really like that03:16
fschoepPingunZ: no problem, I hope it gets uploaded soon03:17
PingunZBtw .. Thanks for making me a moderator too :)03:17
PingunZRofl .. all I do is thanking tou ! :)03:18
fschoepPingunZ: ;)03:18
PingunZHow's your appla battery charger going ?03:18
fschoepPingunZ: good, thanks03:19
fschoepPingunZ: got a new one the day after calling Apple03:19
PingunZThat's what they call service .. :)03:20
fschoepPingunZ: I also ordered an Apple keyboard and mouse so I now use my Macbook as the main computer on my main display03:20
fschoepI use Linux over X11 ;)03:20
PingunZLemme guess 20" Lcd ? :)03:20
fschoepPingunZ: that's also the reason why I'm on IRC way more often now :003:20
PingunZWich is great ;)03:20
fschoepYes, I got used to it I think03:21
PingunZWoah this rocks .. My work will be in the default install of ubuntu ? :O03:21
PingunZCan't wait to tell my parents .. rofl ! :03:21
fschoepPingunZ: tell everyone you know. It should be pretty certain it's going to be in there, but the decision is now out of my reach.03:22
PingunZOh ;)03:22
fschoepPingunZ: I packaged and modified it on Monday and asked Daniel to upload it. He's sitting on it now.03:22
PingunZDaniel -> Who ?03:22
fschoepDaniel Holbach, the funny German guy?03:23
PingunZNever heard of .. :)03:23
fschoepPingunZ: now you have, then03:23
PingunZWhat's his nick03:23
fschoepdholbach on IRC and Launchpad probably03:23
PingunZNever heard of ..03:23
PingunZO_o He is like admin of 10 teams ? :D03:24
fschoepDaniel does a lot of different things yes03:24
fschoepHe's a core-dev so he can work on Ubuntu as a job03:25
PingunZBtw .. Have you seen my compiz theme .. its rated #1 on gnome-look :)03:25
fschoepNice, looks a bit like Vista I think :)03:26
fschoepYou should make the close button a bit bigger ;)03:26
PingunZYes .. I think vista *looks* nice03:26
fschoepRight, and we've *so* had it with Mac OS X Aqua looks03:26
PingunZYes .. I just used someone else's buttons :)03:26
PingunZI know ;)03:26
PingunZI'll try to make some .. but its not really my err .. speciality :D03:27
fschoepI use Mac OS X aqua borders on my install... of Mac OS X03:27
PingunZBut I'll do my best ;)03:27
PingunZfschoep: When can I propose a themeteam for edgy+1  ?03:28
fschoepPingunZ: probably early next cycle03:29
fschoepPingunZ: I'm not sure who'll be in my position for Edgy +103:29
PingunZAnd .. can themeteams also cover Openoffice, gimp, xara splashes ?03:29
PingunZfschoep: You're the AiC, does it change every cycle ? :|03:29
fschoepPingunZ: we're going to need to take a look at that. We considered that for Edgy, but it's already proven to be difficult to deliver four pieces of artwork for Human.03:29
PingunZHmm .. :)03:30
fschoepPingunZ: Yes, Mark suggested rotating the AiC for each release.03:30
PingunZWhy is that ?03:30
fschoepPingunZ: to have multiple people get experience doing so03:30
PingunZI think you're doing pretty great :)03:30
fschoepthank you03:31
PingunZIf we could vote once .. I'll vote for you ^^03:31
fschoephehe, that's nice to hear, but let's not get ahead of ourselves03:31
fschoepMark will explain his plan soon I think03:31
PingunZOk ;)03:31
fschoephe's already started looking forward for Kubuntu, so Ubuntu'll be next I think03:32
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fschoepHi Cadet, back again?03:32
fschoepHmm, I need to go and get some stuff I ordered for printing, does anyone have urgent matters to discuss right now?03:34
fschoepRight. I'll let my Macbook fall to sleep and disconnect, then. See you guys in an hour or so.03:36
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ppdhello everyone06:01
=== bersace [n=bersace@did75-13-82-243-217-90.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
PingunZhey ppd06:08
ppdhi PingunZ06:08
PingunZtroy_s: You there ? I'd like to discuss your GDM :)06:15
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bersacetroy_s: ping07:02
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fschoepOK, that was just a really long hour.07:07
PingunZfschoep: will my name still be in the GDM description ? :)07:22
fschoepPingunZ: yes07:22
PingunZWohoo :)07:22
PingunZThanks !07:22
fschoepPingunZ: both your real name and nickname07:22
PingunZWhen will I know if it'll be included in Edgy ?07:23
fschoepPingunZ: as soon as I know07:23
PingunZRofl :)07:23
fschoepPingunZ: :)07:23
PingunZNo ETA ? :D07:24
fschoepPingunZ: no, sorry07:24
PingunZok ;)07:25
fschoepRight, I really don't know yet what will happen, but of course I am trying my best to push for inclusion and to have them on the CD.07:29
PingunZfschoep: Thanks m8 ;) I really like appreceate that ;)07:37
PingunZOr however you write that :)07:37
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fschoepHi ppd09:23
PingunZHi ppd & fschoep :)09:23
fschoepHi PingunZ09:23
ppdHi fschoep & PingunZ09:24
=== PingunZ is currently taking a look at Xubuntu edgy :)
PingunZWith the new beryl compiz09:24
fschoepPingunZ: can I give you a task :) ?09:24
PingunZYes you can :)09:25
fschoepPingunZ: OK it's an easy one probably09:25
PingunZOk ;)09:25
fschoepPingunZ: Did you see Eric's mail to the list on the new orange Human emblems?09:25
fschoepPingunZ: I need you to find out how to replace emblems in the Human icon set09:25
fschoepPingunZ: sounds doable?09:25
fschoepPingunZ: I'm a bit busy fixing some other bugs so if you can help that'd be awesome09:26
PingunZI don't really get it ..09:26
fschoepIf you place icons in that folder, they don't seem to get updateed09:26
PingunZYou just extract the emblems into the icons folder09:26
PingunZWell refresh your theme in theme manager ;)09:27
fschoepReally? I had no luck doing so.09:27
PingunZThat's how I would do it ;)09:27
fschoepShow me a screenshot you managed to change 'em then :)09:27
PingunZOk :)09:27
=== PingunZ sniffs for the mail
fschoepPingunZ: If you manage to do it, you'll get a cookie :009:27
PingunZYay ! :D09:27
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7B75D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymgooood evening :)09:31
PingunZfschoep: Cookies ready ?09:32
fschoepPingunZ: yes, apple cake even09:32
PingunZNice :)09:33
fschoepGet it - "Apple" cake09:33
fschoepnysosym: PingunZ is proving me it's easy to add your emblems09:33
PingunZI just did09:33
PingunZI'm uploading the screenie :)09:33
PingunZSay I'm 1337 :D09:34
nysosymahhh cool :)09:34
nysosymnice work :)09:34
PingunZAin't my work :)09:34
nysosymwe use the color ones now? :D09:34
PingunZI just extracted them into the emblems dir09:34
PingunZI prefer them :)09:35
fschoepPingunZ: right?09:35
fschoepPingunZ: it's that easy?09:35
fschoepPingunZ: I've been trying like mad to get them working09:35
PingunZfschoep: I'll guide you trough it :)09:35
PingunZYou on gnome/kde/xfce ?09:35
fschoepGNOME, Vanilla Ubuntu09:35
fschoepvanilla means "clean"09:36
PingunZAltF2 -> gksudo nautilus09:36
PingunZI know ;)09:36
fschoepOK, good :009:36
fschoepCan you give me the short story?09:36
PingunZThere .. copy the emblems.tar.gz into your /usr/share/icons/tango/scalable/emblems/09:36
fschoepLike put the SVGs in /usr/share/icons/Human/scalable/emblems09:37
PingunZand right click -> Extract here :)09:37
fschoepin Tango?09:37
PingunZYup .09:37
PingunZI did it in tango .. I'm a tango-fan09:37
PingunZAnd then just remove the .tar.gz09:37
PingunZWorked here :)09:37
fschoepCan you also get it working for Human :) ?09:38
fschoepI'd rather not put Human emblems in Tango09:38
PingunZYes ..09:38
PingunZMust be same :)09:38
fschoepIs there a magic rune for updating the list of emblems09:38
PingunZfschoep: Are you trying to use the orange or colored ones ?09:38
fschoepPingunZ: orange09:38
fschoepPingunZ: I like orange(s) and Apple(s)09:38
PingunZOh .. maybe the tar is corrupt ?09:38
PingunZrofl fschoep09:38
fschoepNo I do get the SVGs alright09:38
PingunZI'll try to put the oranges into the Human :D09:39
fschoepOK, go ahead and let me know if it works.09:39
nysosymhmm this action doesn`t work here09:40
PingunZbrb need to check something09:42
=== PingunZ [n=kristof@253.181-240-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
PingunZfschoep: Something wierd is happening with those orange emblems09:48
fschoepPingunZ: tell me more09:48
PingunZThe colored ones work .. the orange ones don't09:48
fschoepPingunZ: right so unpacking the colored ones into emblems works for Human as well, but orange doesn't?09:49
nysosymi have found a good way, gimme some minutes please :)09:49
PingunZnysosym: A good way ?09:49
nysosymyes, to work with the orange ones09:49
nysosymgimme some time :)09:50
fschoepnysosym: I'm looking forward to it09:50
nysosymi will send frank an new tar.gz :D09:50
fschoepnysosym: almost peeled out every hair on my head because I couldn't get them working09:50
fschoepnysosym: j/k ;)09:50
PingunZadd pingunz@gmail.com09:50
PingunZI told you .. the tar was corrupt :)09:50
PingunZDo I get a cookie now ?09:50
nysosymfschoep: stop!!! :D09:51
fschoepPingunZ: not yet, if it works afterwards, both you and nysosym'll get one09:51
nysosymPingunZ: not corrubt, but a :D09:51
nysosyma later09:51
nysosymi will final my worm :D09:51
PingunZCan I set my icons back to tango now ? :)09:52
PingunZHmmm .. tango :)09:52
PingunZSweetest icons ever made !09:52
PingunZnysosym: You're the one who made the emblems right ?09:55
PingunZOh :)09:56
PingunZJust wondering ..09:57
PingunZI was interested ..09:57
PingunZIn who made the emblems ..09:58
PingunZfschoep: If you have any blubuntu-gdm news or other jobs like that to be done .. just mail me .. I'm kinda tired so .. cya ! :)10:01
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
cbx33ping fschoep10:01
fschoepPingunZ: cu10:01
fschoepcbx33: right man right time10:01
fschoepPingunZ: will mail you10:01
cbx33hey dude10:01
PingunZOki fschoep , night all10:01
cbx33just got in10:01
cbx33gonna do some sound work today10:02
cbx33and then if I don;t get it all done tomorrow too10:02
cbx33fschoep, I was thinking10:02
cbx33instead of ...10:02
fschoepcbx33: take your time, it looks like you're out of breath now :)10:02
cbx33dum da dum ba ba da-dum | dum da dum ba ba da-dum | dum da dum ba ba da-dum | dum dum dum dum10:02
fschoepOK, weird as it sounds I understand what you are saying10:03
cbx33dum da dum dum | dum da dum dum | dum da dum dum dum10:03
cbx33mush shorter10:03
fschoepThat's an option indeed, I was thinking of trying just "dum da dum ba ba da-dum krsshh"10:04
cbx33wow even shorter10:04
cbx33our problem lies in where thr sound is initiated10:05
cbx33but its too late to chagne now10:05
fschoepwhat do you mean exactly?10:06
cbx33for the startup10:06
cbx33I'm talkign abotu startup10:06
cbx33the sound needs to start before the gnome splash10:07
cbx33but the way it currently is means it's played after10:07
cbx33or starts half way through10:07
cbx33so instead of....here's a song while your computer loads10:07
cbx33it's more like here's the sound that your computer has finished loading10:07
fschoepOK, I see - you're right yeah10:07
cbx33get me?10:07
cbx33but it's too late in release to change now10:08
nysosymfschoep: all works very fine here10:08
nysosymi have packaged my "Human Folder"10:08
fschoepcbx33: get it10:08
nysosymhow can i send u these package?10:08
fschoepnysosym: DCC send?10:08
fschoepright click on me10:08
nysosymi will try it10:08
fschoepI hope10:08
fschoepI accepted it, but it's not really moving10:09
nysosymhmm okay10:09
fschoepFine with me10:09
cbx33fschoep, where do yo ustand next release?10:10
fschoepcbx33: where do I stand?10:11
cbx33well, me and some other guys are hoping to have an online music sharing session next week10:11
cbx33to try out some music ideas for edgy +110:11
fschoepcbx33: that sounds pretty cool10:11
cbx33wanna come along?10:12
fschoepcbx33: if I can make it, sure10:13
cbx33I'll record the session so I can put it online afterwards10:15
fschoepcbx33: record, as in "audio"?10:15
cbx33gonna blog about it later10:16
fschoepSo we're going to use VoIP or something?10:16
cbx33to see who else is interested10:16
cbx33i think wer're goign to try teamspeak10:16
cbx33unless anyone else has better ideas from my blog post10:16
fschoepOK, keep me posted on it10:18
fschoepI'm going to fix some bugs now and try nysosym's emblems, be back in a few minutes10:18
cbx33I'm just gonna eat10:20
fschoepcbx33: OK10:20
=== sharperguy [n=sharp@88-111-93-247.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
sharperguyis the egdy usplash finished?10:21
fschoepsharperguy: not yet10:22
sharperguywill it have messages about whats happening like the previous ones?10:23
fschoepsharperguy: probably not10:23
sharperguyits jsut handy to know where things crash10:24
fschoepsharperguy: use the diagnostic boot option10:24
sharperguythough it could be totaly different with upstart anyway10:24
fschoepYou can also use ALT+F1 to switch to console10:24
fschoepnysosym: you put the orange emblems in scalable/emblems and added .icon files, right?10:26
fschoepnysosym: is there anything else to it?10:26
nysosymfschoep: no, the icons in scalable are a little bit useless. I have putt, all emblems in 48x48 emblems and it works perfectly ^^10:28
fschoepnysosym: prerendered ones?10:28
nysosymi don't understand completely how, but it works ^^10:28
nysosymfschoep: no, *svgs10:29
fschoepnysosym: right, so SVGs in 48x48 and .icon files?10:29
nysosymno .icon files :)10:29
nysosymhave a look on it ;)10:29
fschoepYes, hold on10:30
nysosymremove all svgs in 48x48 and put them in scalable/emblems works although10:31
nysosymfine :)10:31
nysosymthats would be a better way10:31
fschoepBut there's also those .icon files which I don't have on vanilla Ubuntu10:31
nysosymremove all ^^ :D10:31
nysosymthese only for different languages10:32
fschoepAll SVGs are in scalable/emblems10:32
fschoepNow what do I do?10:32
nysosymdelete everything in 48x48/emblems10:33
fschoepEverything, even the existing desktop emblem?10:33
nysosymthe emblems should work although :D10:33
fschoepThey don't, do I need to logout?10:33
nysosymthey don`t nedded anymore10:33
fschoepStill no luck.10:34
fschoepI unpacked your tarball10:34
fschoepCopied your scalable/emblems/*.svg to my scalable/emblems10:34
fschoepErased 48x48/emblems/*10:34
nysosymreplace alhtough the index.theme with mine, BUT i have found some bugs10:35
fschoepOh dear, tell me10:35
nysosymin my package are some icons in System>Administration like the old gnome ones10:36
nysosymi will try to delete these bugs10:37
fschoepI found out how to get the emblems to work10:38
fschoepBut I'm missing a few it seems10:38
fschoepIn the index.theme I removed references to the smaller emblems10:39
nysosymfschoep: can u send my the vanilla index.theme of human?10:39
nysosymplease :)10:39
fschoepnysosym: one moment please10:40
nysosymno problem :)10:40
fschoepTrying DCC10:43
nysosymok :)10:44
fschoepnysosym: see anything?10:44
nysosymhmm no :-/10:44
fschoepE-mailed it to you10:44
nysosymthx :)10:46
nysosymfschoep: woot, 128x128 i doesn't have these folders :D10:47
fschoepscalable does10:48
nysosymhmm okay, the adminstration menu bug is away10:49
nysosyma lot of emblems working although, but "stockmail-priority-high" "photos" and "unreadable" make some problems10:50
fschoepIndeed, I didn't see photos and unreadable10:50
nysosymvery strange10:58
nysosymi have a possible answer for that problem11:03
nysosymonly a "name" failure, renome "emblem-photo.svg" to "emblem-photos.svg"11:03
fschoepnysosym: right, and the others?11:04
nysosym"embleam-unread.svg" to "emblem-unreadable.svg11:04
nysosymbut i don`t have an answer for stockmail-priority-high11:05
nysosymbecause i don't know how i can make a underlined "m"11:05
fschoepno problem, maybe we can borrow a symlink from another theme11:05
fschoepnysosym: I would be very very happy if you could send me a tarball containing all properly named SVGs11:06
nysosymsure, but i doesn`t have the "stockmail" one11:06
fschoepwhat's the naming problem exactly?11:06
nysosymthe name must be "emblem-stock(underlined "m")ail-priority-high.svg"11:07
fschoepcan't you cut-n-paste it from nautilus?11:08
nysosymno, thats the problem :(11:08
fschoepit should be stock_mail_priority-high.png11:08
fschoepJust use underscores _11:08
nysosym*svg ;)11:08
nysosymi will try it11:09
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymhmm damn, this doesn't work :(((11:12
nysosymwhy does the dialog expect these icon?11:13
nysosymi don't understand this11:13
nysosymhe should only usw, the icons in scalable11:13
fschoepnysosym: can you send me a tarball with the best working version you can produce? I'll work from there.11:17
fschoepI'm going to log out soon, going to bed.11:17
nysosyma little mom please11:18
fschoepnysosym: no problem, just drop me a mail with the stuff you can get working, I'll make sure we get that tested and in Edgy11:22
nysosymplease go to sleep no11:22
nysosymgood night11:23
nysosymcu later :)11:23
nysosymsending e-mail :)11:24
nysosymi will go to beed no although11:24
nysosymgood night my friend, and sry for all work that i made.. :-/11:24
fschoepnysosym: thanks and don't worry - this is my job :)11:25
nysosymno, i will thank u11:26
nysosymbye bye11:26
fschoepgoodnight all11:26
=== andreasn [n=andreas@h151n2fls33o839.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork

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