Ingmar^ati radeon12:08
Ingmar^xserver-xorg-video-ati got an update yesterday, but downgrading & restarting my xserver didn't solve it12:08
Ingmar^got any idea how I can  12:09
Ingmar^got any idea how I can narrow the problem down & find what's wrong ?12:09
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jdubfabbione: ping12:19
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jdubwith the latest kernel/initramfs combination, myu machine stops booting aafter fsck01:08
jdubit boots going back to -9-generic and its old initramfs (haven't tried rebuilding it though, will do now)01:08
=== Ingmar^ [n=ingmar@72.160-201-80.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoehm, dumb question, but how in edgy are you meant to tell firefox to handle file types differently, e.g. not use totem to play video?01:15
_ionEdit  Preferences  Content  File Types: Manage  for each format you don't want a plugin to be used, Change Action and select what suits you best.01:19
_ionThe MediaPlayerConnectivity extension > the Totem plugin. :-)01:19
elmoI don't have a MediaPlayerConnectivity extension?  that dialogue you showed me only lists flash as a Download Action I can change01:21
=== lastnode [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
_ionJust choose e.g. Save to disk.01:23
elmothat's the point dude - I don't get that option in edgy anymore01:24
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_ionOh... Worksforme.01:25
_ionUnless there has been a Firefox update during the last 4 hours or so.01:25
jdub(from above) seems okay after redoing the initramfs for -10-generic01:26
jdubi wonder what was out of sync01:27
jdubduring upgrade01:27
_ionDid you backup the faulty initramfs? Do a diff.01:27
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wasabi_Hmm. I guess it works right, but getting an expense form in .xls is silly. ;)02:14
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simplahi guys02:16
simplaI have a question on development on ubuntu, can I ask that here?  Or is this channel for development of ubuntu?02:17
zuldevelopment of ubuntu02:17
simplaok, is there a channel for development on ubuntu?02:18
zuli dont think so at least i dont know of one02:18
simplaok thanks02:18
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Fadedevelopment on ubuntu isn't any different than development on any given *nix platform.02:19
Fadetoo fast. ;)02:19
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zulheh come to the dark side have we kylem 03:04
kylem? i parted a while ago to reclaim some much needed irc tabs.03:04
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PorkkroPHello =>04:58
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fabbioneTreenaks: you around?07:32
=== imbrandon [n=imbrando@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenaksfabbione: yes07:38
fabbioneTreenaks: yo dude.. i was looking into my irclogs to dig out how to run compiz, but i think they have been lost somehow07:38
fabbioneTreenaks: mind to give me again the cmd line you use?07:38
Treenakscompiz --strict-binding --indirect-rendering gconf07:38
Treenaksand gnome-window-decorator --replace07:38
Treenaks(compiz might need --replace too)07:38
Treenaksand I don't know if 'gconf' is still possible in current edgy07:39
TreenaksAlso, I saw a git commit (23a6f97e08fd49e1cae03cd97cae67a5f06b7634) in xf86-video-ati that might finally fix bug 20283 \o/07:40
UbugtuMalone bug 20283 in xserver-xorg-driver-ati "[fgl v5000]  really bad sync" [Unknown,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2028307:40
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fabbioneTreenaks: i think i pulled that in yesterday in ubuntu3 (edgy)07:41
Treenaksfabbione: it's 11 hours old..07:41
fabbionebut i can't access gitweb on freedesktop for some reasons07:41
Treenaks"FP timing regs required for both internal and external TMDS"07:42
fabbioneupstream didn't push that one to me07:42
Treenaksso how do I test? get a clean copy from git, an put in a debian/ dir, or get the package, and just apply the single patch from git?07:44
fabbioneTreenaks: can you actually access the commitdiff on gitweb?07:44
Treenaksfabbione: yes07:44
fabbioneit hangs here07:45
fabbionewaiting for..07:45
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fabbioneit's a network problem or so it seems...07:48
bronsonIs it possible for mere mortals to download a package from Revu?07:50
bronsonI need http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=3297 but I can't figure out where the .deb is.07:50
ajmitchbronson: revu generally only has source packages07:50
bronsonsource is fine -- I don't mind building it.  All I can find is the individual files that I'd have to wget -r to build.  :)07:51
ajmitch.dsc, .diff.gz, .orig.tar.gz07:52
ajmitchso the first 3 on the page07:52
bronsonok.  ajmitch, thanks.07:57
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dholbachgood morning - HAPPY HUG DAY!08:04
tfheenhello Daniel08:04
Hobbsee_hey dholbach 08:04
dholbachhey Tollef, Sarah!08:05
tfheen'morning Sarah08:05
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pittiGood morning08:11
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bronsonTrying out my new network-manager-openvpn package...08:46
fabbioneTreenaks: that commit won't work in edgy tree and doesn't fix that bug08:46
fabbioneTreenaks: and the fix is post-super-patch-of-death-after-release.. that means chances that it applies are < 008:48
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tepsipakkibefore I file a wishlist bug, why is /etc/mtab a file and not a link to /proc/mounts? Surely /proc is always present on ubuntu..09:03
tfheenbecause mtab includes more information than /proc/mounts09:03
=== Harti [n=Harti@unaffiliated/harti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkitfheen: seems to be the other way around here09:04
tfheen/etc/mtab:/home/tfheen/live/iso/casper/filesystem.squashfs /mnt squashfs rw,loop=/dev/loop0 0 009:04
tfheen/proc/mounts:/dev/loop0 /mnt squashfs ro 0 009:04
=== bronson [n=bronson@adsl-64-161-106-11.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkiok, loop-fs..09:05
tepsipakkibut is that fixable?09:05
tfheenbut it's not fixed09:06
bronsonajmitch: that worked great.  thanks for the hint.09:06
tepsipakkitfheen: that's true ;)09:06
tepsipakkitfheen: now that we are at it, do you know why /proc/mounts lists tmpfs's twice?09:06
tfheentepsipakki: it doesn't for me09:07
tfheen: tfheen@golem ~/live/chroot > grep volatile /proc/mounts09:07
tfheentmpfs /lib/modules/2.6.17-10-generic/volatile tmpfs rw 0 009:07
tepsipakkithat's an exception, yes09:07
tepsipakkibut /var/run etc09:08
tepsipakkiactually three times here09:08
tfheenthey're probably mounted more than once, then09:08
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jdubKeybuk: your website is timing out for me10:05
Keybukwhew, anastacia is looking somewhat sassier this morning10:05
Keybukjdub: blame thom10:05
jdubwell, /blog/ actually10:05
jdubwww appears to be fine10:06
Keybukworks for me10:06
jduboh, but it has moved to blog.10:06
jduband now i don't get dns for it10:06
Keybukno, it hasn't moved to blog.10:06
Keybukclear your cache10:06
Keybukthat was a temporary thing10:06
Keybukmozilla is "helpfully" caching the bogus redirect10:06
jdubyou should fix the link on the front page10:06
KamionKeybuk: anastacia> nice10:07
jdubmmm, /blog/ is still taking time10:07
Keybukjdub: ah, well spotted10:07
Keybuktaking time => ruby on rails is teh suck10:08
tfheenis there a way to list the bugs for a package which are targetted to a particular milestone?10:08
pittitfheen: yes; display the package's bug page -> advanced search -> tick the release10:09
KeybukKamion: btw, always meant to ask ... there's no way to completely fulfill jessica's wishes and assign priority on a per-arch basis?10:09
tepsipakkihow come there are no xfonts-*-transcoded -packages?10:09
tfheenpitti: oh, point.10:09
KamionKeybuk: correct, unfortunately10:10
=== Gman [i=gman@nat/sun/x-9a1a69476c9afd16] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybuk*nods* I tend to just make sure i386/amd64 are right10:11
Kamionyeah, that's reasonable10:11
fabbioneKamion: hey dude.. when you have 10 spare minutes would you mind to help me with a bug in debconf usage?10:11
Kamionactually I think with soyuz you probably can do per-arch priorities10:11
Kamionbut it's not exactly heavily tested10:11
Kamionchange-override.py has an -a option10:12
Kamionfabbione: sure, now's fine10:12
fabbioneKamion: ok great! can you grab redhat-cluster-suite from edgy?10:12
fabbionethe 2 scripts are cman.config and cman.preinst10:12
fabbionei wrote them based on your input10:12
Kamion2.20061002-0ubuntu1 OK?10:12
fabbionefor some reasons that i can't understand when i do dapper -> edgy upgrades, no matter what i answer it fails10:13
Kamionok, got them10:13
Kamionfails how?10:13
fabbioneif i just dpkg -i cman it works10:13
KeybukKamion: it does?  it's not in --help10:13
fabbioneit hits one of the "exit 1"10:13
KamionKeybuk: oh, maybe it doesn't then10:13
Kamionobviously I'm mad10:14
fabbionedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/cman_2.20061002-0ubuntu1_i386.deb (--unpack):10:14
fabbione subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 110:14
=== Spads [n=spacehob@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbione(that was from running apt-get install cman10:14
KeybukKamion: then what does that make the rest of us? :)10:14
=== Lure_ [n=lure@clj46-234.dial-up.arnes.si] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionfabbione: can you run it with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer and put the output somewhere for me please?10:15
fabbioneKamion: sure...10:15
tepsipakkiso, there was the bug #39560 already filed10:18
UbugtuMalone bug 39560 in xfonts-core "The xfonts-*-transcoded packages are missing from Breezy onwards" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3956010:18
fabbioneKamion: i can see now where it hits the exit 110:18
fabbionebut i am not sure why we did it that way10:19
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionoh, your error is in assuming that db_input critical failing means that we're noninteractive10:20
Kamionit might equally mean that the .config is being run second time round10:21
Kamionfabbione: I suggest just moving lines 13 to 19 of the .config (db_input to db_fset) inside the 'if [ "$RET" = false ] ' block just above10:22
Kamionyou don't need to bother asking the question if seen_in_2.0_upgrade is true (i.e. .config being run second time round)10:23
=== fabbione tests
=== Keybuk was having a rising panic reading iwj's dpkg changelog ... until I noticed the "dpkg-source" bit
tfheenKamion: did you just upload a new casper or just commit?10:28
=== jinty [n=jinty@135.Red-80-37-34.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneKamion: thanks10:33
Kamiontfheen: upload10:33
tfheenKamion: ok.10:34
Kamionwanted to fix that KDE bug10:34
Kamionsorry if I got in your way10:34
tfheenyou did, but that's ok.10:34
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A66D15.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionRiddell: is there a reason qt3-designer isn't in main?10:44
AnAntI got a problem in Edgy, I upgraded from Dapper to Edgy, now whenever I boot the laptop when connected to LAN, I first get an IP address, then when the boot completes I lose that address, so I have to unplug & plug again to fix that , why is that happening ?10:50
AnAntnote: i got whereami & ifplugd installed10:50
AnAntoh btw, there is a bug I think in the Ubuntu Help documents10:50
AnAntI mean the System documentation10:50
AnAntsometimes it misses some words10:50
AnAntfor example in the Adding Extra repositories page: in step 1 it says "Open ."10:51
AnAntthat seems to be something wrong !10:51
=== heno [n=henrik@ti200720a080-2700.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukdoes anyone know how to either10:52
Keybuka) make sed case-insensitive10:52
Keybukb) lower-case something without using tr10:52
pittiKeybuk: use s/foo/bar/i ?10:53
pittithat replaces foo, Foo, or FOO with 'bar'10:53
Keybukpitti: that doesn't work for /.../ though10:54
Kamionuse sed's y/// command?10:54
KeybukKamion: doesn't accept ranges10:55
KamionKeybuk: there's a GNU extension /.../I10:56
Kamionfor case-insenstivity10:56
KeybukI guess we can rely on those10:56
pittiKeybuk: echo 'Hello' | sed -r '/hello/I d' works fine10:56
=== Rico [n=rjh@chaffinch.netcraft.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukdon't need the -r ?10:59
pittiyes, true10:59
=== quail [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== agutierr [n=agutierr@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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agutierrhello all: I have a problem using  preseeds: process is fine before unpacking language-pack-en: then the installation process becomes slow, and do nothing... I dont know what is wrong. Someone has used an automated install with ubuntu ? Thanks!11:04
tepsipakkiagutierr: it is generating locales, so it takes time11:06
agutierrthe installer log shows: Generation complete11:06
agutierrbut nothing happers11:06
tepsipakkion edgy?11:07
tepsipakkihow long have you waited?11:07
tepsipakkihave you checked what processes are running?11:08
agutierrlet me a moment11:09
agutierrgeneration is complete11:10
agutierrnow the problem is11:10
agutierrthe package isntallation is sooo slow11:10
agutierrnow its installating xresprobe11:10
agutierrbut... every package takes about 5 minutes11:10
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agutierrit isnt usual I think11:11
tepsipakkidoes the machine have enough RAM?11:12
agutierr512 M11:13
tepsipakki(just guessing here)11:13
tepsipakkiok, plenty11:13
agutierri use a debian preseed11:13
agutierrit works fine11:13
tepsipakkiI have ~220 dappers running and havent seen similar11:13
KeybukC-A-F1, then C-A-D twice very quickly ... :)11:14
agutierrFor what ?11:15
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AlinuxOSHello, how can I report a bug for Debian if I use Ubuntu ?11:17
agutierrmy preseed file is: http://paste.uni.cc/1055711:18
pittiAlinuxOS: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting11:18
pittiAlinuxOS: in short, install Debian's reportbug and use that11:18
AlinuxOSpitti, ;) thank yuu and good morning!11:18
pittiAlinuxOS: Good morning, pal :)11:18
AlinuxOSI have reportbug package installed11:19
AlinuxOSis it useful ?11:19
siretartAlinuxOS: yes. just be sure to use the '--bts debian' option.11:20
seb128pitti: do you know if that might be an apport bug11:21
seb128most of the gaim crash bugs look like11:21
seb128" Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.11:21
seb128 #0  0x00002baaa029747b in *__GI_raise () from /lib/libc.so.611:21
seb128 #0  0x00002baaa029747b in *__GI_raise () from /lib/libc.so.611:21
seb128 No locals.11:21
seb128 #1  0x00002baaa0298da0 in *__GI_abort () from /lib/libc.so.611:21
seb128 No locals.11:21
seb128 #2  0x00000000004c0afc in main ()11:21
seb128 No symbol table info available."11:21
AlinuxOSI so I launch it "reportbug --bts" <---that's ok I think.11:21
pittiseb128: well, ATM we catch SIGABRT11:21
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pittiseb128: I agree that this stack trace is useless, though; gaim seems to have its own signal handler?11:22
seb128that's possible, looking11:23
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seb128pitti: right, they have11:25
pittiseb128: and if it catches a SEGV, it calls abort?11:26
pittiseb128: probably priting something to stderr before11:26
seb128case SIGSEGV:11:26
seb128fprintf(stderr, "%s", segfault_message);11:26
pittiok, that would spoil the apport report11:26
seb128so should I just patch that out?11:26
pittiseb128: I think we should prefer proper apport reports over stderr messages, yes11:27
seb128doing that11:27
pittiseb128: so a mini-patch which just disables the sigaction() call for SIGSEGV etc.?11:27
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seb128that explain all the useless bt we get ;)11:27
=== pitti hugs seb128, master of all bugs
seb128just dropping the 11:27
seb128"fprintf(stderr, "%s", segfault_message);11:27
seb128should be enough no?11:27
pittiseb128: no, then you won't get any crash report at all11:28
lifelesshave to drop the handler11:28
lifelessif you catch the exception, you have to processit11:28
pittiseb128: and if you catch a SIGSEGV in gaim, then you need to abort the program anyway11:28
pittiit's pretty dangerous to continue the program after a segv11:28
lifelessunless you are a VM11:28
pittiseb128: the safest thing would be to not catch it at all11:28
lifelessif you are a VM, then segv is sometimes /used/ :(11:29
seb128static int catch_sig_list[]  = {11:29
seb128I'll just drop SIGSEGV from that list then11:29
pittiseb128: right11:29
pittiseb128: so it doesn't intercept SIGFPE, SIGBUS, and friends. good11:30
Keybukpitti: it's not _that_ dangerous11:30
pittiKeybuk: well, true, s/dangerous/fragile/11:30
Keybuknot even fragile11:30
pittiif you examine the situatioon properly, you can probably handle it11:30
pittibut not at all in a general catch-all segv handler11:30
Keybukusually one does something like siglongjmp to a known good point in the execution11:31
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AlinuxOSI've allredy filed a bug against console-setup in rosetta...is it enough for Debian ?11:33
FujitsuAlinuxOS, Malone is the Launchpad bug system, Rosetta just does translations...11:34
AlinuxOSmalone :D11:35
AlinuxOSI meant malone Fujitsu you've right :)11:35
FujitsuGood, I was hoping you hadn't found a way to use Rosetta to report a bug :S11:35
AlinuxOSFujitsu, no, just want to know If I report a bug in malone, is it assigned to Debian too ? Has Debian benefits or something ?11:36
tepsipakkican backports add source packages?11:36
cbx33seb128, did gconf update go ok?11:36
FujitsuAlinuxOS, no, you'd need to report it seperately in Debian.11:37
AlinuxOSor should I use "reportbug --bts debian"11:37
tepsipakkiie. if I'd like to have new versions of xfonts-{base,75dpi,100dpi} which all have their own source now11:37
seb128cbx33: I got swaped with other issues, please stop pinging me every day, pressure is no fun, I'll do it when I've time, thank you11:37
cbx33sorry seb128, wasn't pressurising, just a casual enquiry as to gconf as a whoole11:38
cbx33my apologies11:38
cbx33I'll say no more11:38
seb128yeah, people enquiring every day if they bug is fixed is not really useful :p11:38
seb128np ;)11:38
cbx33point taken11:38
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__keybukwhy does X-Chat SEGV every time it's closed?11:43
lifelessKeybuk: because it can ?11:44
AlinuxOSmmm, I prefer malone then Debian reportbug :/11:44
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FujitsuKeybuk, I noticed that too.... It's /really/ annoying. Any ideas why it does it?11:47
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cbx33who would I talk to about someone sponsoring a teamspeak server for a few hours so we cna have a collaborative sound session?12:00
highvoltagecbx33: I thought anyone can create a room?12:01
cbx33highvoltage: yes, but I need a nice high bandwidth server ;)12:01
cbx33fast and speedy12:02
highvoltageah ok :)12:02
cbx33since I don;t know how many people are going to want to participate12:02
cbx33but I have several people interested already12:03
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=== Keybuk wonders what happens with sysvinit if you press C-A-D while rc6 is running
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sivanghighvoltage, cbx33 : this is for mountain view?12:09
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highvoltageI think cbx33 wants to do this now.12:10
sivanghighvoltage: ah :)12:11
highvoltage(or before MV, at least)12:11
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=== Gman is now known as GmanAFK
cbx33sivang: I was hoping to do it sometime next week12:20
cbx33I have a server in the states but it's not the fastest ;)12:21
popeycbx33: how much bandwidth do you think it would need?12:27
popeyI have a machine in the uk with some bandwidth12:27
=== ogra laughs about the recent debian-gtk-gnome ML discussion
ogra...Option 4: use the Ubuntu logout dialog.12:27
ograIt has a poor UI, but with smaller icons and another ordering, we can make it something good...12:27
cbx33popey: not sure.....I did it once and had a 1.5 hour conversation with someone else and the total bandwidth was 10Mb12:28
cbx33I'm thinking we'd have about 10 people or so12:28
cbx33and the quality would be upped12:28
KamionAlinuxOS: there was already a commit to Debian's console-setup svn repository regarding Georgian fonts; I don't think another report is needed12:29
AlinuxOSKamion, I've done in both places...as some people said to me that I should file bug everywhere.12:30
KamionAlinuxOS: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-kbd/people/zinoviev/console-setup12:31
Kamion  * New mini-font georgian16.bdf to be used for the Georgian letters in12:31
Kamion    Fixed16, author: Gia Shervashidze.  Thanks to Vladimer Sichinava.12:31
cbx33popey: what do you think?12:31
Kamionlike I say, no need for another bug12:31
AlinuxOShm Kamion , so why no one noticed me ? :(12:31
KamionAlinuxOS: because people are not omniscient :-)12:31
cbx33is it a fast connection?12:31
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KamionAlinuxOS: just leave it alone now, one notification is enough; I'll pull the fix into Ubuntu's console-setup12:32
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AlinuxOSKamion, sorry me...just understand me (no communication, no feed back) so I bugging people like you :)12:33
AlinuxOSIf I only knew about it :(12:33
KamionAlinuxOS: yeah, Anton probably just forgot to mail you back12:33
Kamionhe's normally pretty good about that12:33
AlinuxOSdefinitely yes.12:33
Keybukmjg59: around?12:35
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RiddellKamion: re qt3-designer, no reason it's not in main, it just hasn't been seeded12:37
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ograKamion, there is either a bug in germinate or rather the liveFS build scripts or i'm seeding something wrong ... somehow the gcompris-sound packages end up on the ppc liveCD 12:40
cbx33ogra: eeek12:40
ogra(according to the .manifest file)12:40
ograi guess thast my 40MB oversizedness12:40
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popeyhehe cbx33 have you seen 61530 :)12:58
popeythat's bug 6153012:58
UbugtuMalone bug 61530 in ubuntu-sounds "Shutdown sound is truncated" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6153012:58
popeywhy don't you have a launchpad account?01:03
popeysilly rabbit01:03
cbx33yeh the shutdown sound is getting dropped01:03
cbx33of course I do silly rabbit01:03
popeyand :( shutdown sound01:03
popeywhat, completely dropped?01:03
cbx33yup completely dropped01:03
=== popey registers savetheshutdownsound.org
cbx33frank suggested we just drop it completely as a lot of machine shutdown in a few seconds01:04
cbx33and alsa is one of the first things to go :(01:04
popeythey do?01:04
cbx33in edgy that is01:04
popeyit's not alphabetical is it?01:04
popeymake it zalsa :)01:04
cbx33I would have liked to keep it01:05
cbx33and shorten it 01:05
popeyyeah, me too01:05
popeyright, going to shutdown and see how long it takes01:05
cbx33well I have my new sound card now01:05
cbx33so I'll make one up01:05
cbx33and we'll see what frank thinks01:05
cbx33ou have a fairly kickass machine don't you01:06
popey~20+ seconds :(01:06
popeynot today, today I'm on a 1.1GHz celery01:06
popeybut yes, I do have a kick ass machine :)01:06
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popeyhttp://gallery.popey.com/gallery/misc/DSC02495 :D01:06
cbx33grr our DNS servers are still down I can't see it01:07
=== cbx33 saves for later
cbx33what proc is in there?01:07
popeyCore 2 Duo 6700 2.66GHz01:07
popeytwin NVidia cards in SLI mode01:08
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Kamionogra: it's another side-effect of arch-specific task headers not working yet01:08
Kamionogra: infinity's working on an apt-utils backport for drescher, after which I'll fix up cron.germinate01:08
Kamioninfinity: (how's that going?)01:09
cbx33popey: nice01:09
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ograKamion, ok, thanks01:10
=== crispin_ [n=crispin@grotto.flowerday.cx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cbx33mdz: I do have an LP account - I just subscribed01:10
cbx33to that bug01:11
infinityKamion: Doing now, will hand it off to soyuz and the admin team before I head to bed.01:11
Kamioncool, thanks01:11
infinityShould cook it on mawson for at least a couple of days before we go break drescher, so I'd expect a rollout and invalidating the cache on drescher early next week (or the weekend, if we're lucky)01:11
infinityInvalidating the cache will take like a day, so would be nice to do it on a weekend.01:12
ograinfinity, we still need to talk about the ltsp tarball generation (sigh) can you dedicate some time for that tomorrow ?01:12
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityogra: Sure thing.  My tomorrow, or yours?01:12
infinityogra: Like, give me an "in X hours" thing, or a UTC time. :)01:12
ograyours ?01:12
tfheenogra: how's your ltsp fix coming along?01:13
ogratfheen, which fix ? 01:13
tfheenogra: 6275001:13
tfheenyou're aware the RC is merely two weeks away, I presume01:14
Treenaksfabbione: remember that X bug I told you about this morning? I got a reply (through upstream bugzilla).. I have to send my bios (and they're working on it)01:14
ograoh, thats fixed locally already i just need some other tweaks that should also go into the next upload01:14
fabbioneTreenaks: i know.. i reported to Ben and Dave directly on irc :)01:14
=== ogra sets the bug to "in progress"
fabbioneTreenaks: but read about the patch.. it won't work on our ati driver01:15
tfheenogra: ok, good.01:15
ajmitchtfheen: what package should I open a bug task on for the mono issues on the live cd?01:15
ajmitchI've got it open against f-spot at the moment01:15
ograKeybuk, would you mind me fixing 62036 ?01:16
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AnAntwhy doesn't edgy accept this redirection:  >&    ?01:16
ogra(not sure if thats enough though)01:16
sivangAnAnt: probably since it uses dash or so01:16
AnAntwhy doesn't edgy accept this redirection:  >&    from shell scripts ?01:16
sivangAnAnt: the default is dash now which is a stricter POSIX shell, IIRC01:17
Treenaksfabbione: ok, nice to know01:17
tsengyou shell scripts should have #!/bin/bash if they are going to be bash specific01:17
ograAnAnt, 2>&1 works fine here ...01:17
AnAntogra: thanks01:17
ograeven with dash01:17
AnAntogra: I didn't but 2 & 1 before, thanks01:18
AnAntbut that doesn't work fine !01:18
AnAntI don't get redirection !01:19
KamionAnAnt: see http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/xcu_chap02.html#tag_02_0701:19
Kamion2>&1 not "2 & 1"01:19
AnAntKamion: yes, I meant that I didn't put 2 nor 1 before01:20
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Kamion">filename 2>&1" is the usual way to redirect both standard output and standard error to filename01:20
Kamion(2>&1 redirects standard error to standard output)01:21
Kamionthe order is important01:21
AnAntk, it worked01:21
ogra2 & 1 would append 2 to the first command and background it and then try to execute 1 (which is no command)01:21
AnAntI used to do >& filename01:21
Kamionyes, that's a bashism01:21
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sivangAnAnt: sart bash and try it , it will work again01:23
AnAntsivang: yeah, it worked, thanks01:23
Kamionor just fix the script, it's usually not hard01:23
Kamionand makes your script a lot more likely to be portable to other systems01:24
AnAntKamion: did that 01:24
AnAntk, now something else, the networking01:25
Keybukogra: I was holding off on that for some reason, but I've forgotten why -- so sure01:26
AnAntmy laptop is connected to LAN, when I boot the laptop it gets an IP at the beginning, but for some reason, it loses that IP when the booting finishes01:26
ograKeybuk, do you think that suffices to get the right lenght of the progressbar ?01:27
Keybukogra: that should fix it, yes01:27
Keybukassuming you call usplash start from that init script, it would kill usplash anyway :)01:27
Keybukso it certainly can't go further01:28
Keybukcbx33: I'd argue to get rid of the "startup" sound too ;)01:29
Keybukor, at least, change where it's played01:29
Keybukinstead of being "music to listen to while you wait" have it as a "sound that alerts you that your machine is now ready"01:29
cbx33Keybuk: I agree with you on the where01:29
cbx33thought this isn't possible to be changed is it?01:30
cbx33not now anyway01:30
Keybuknot now01:30
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infinityKeybuk: What's the point of your fglrx.modprobe?01:38
infinityKeybuk: If it's mean to prevent hotplug auto-loading, it probably belongs in lrm-common, not in xorg-driver-fglrx, if it's meant to prevent autoloading from the X driver, that makes no sense at all, since the driver will only try to load fglrx if it's in xorg.conf to start with.01:39
Keybukah, I did ask whether there was a "common", but got a "no"01:40
Keybukshould the nvidia equivalent be moved there too (from nvidia-kernel-common) ?01:40
infinityKeybuk: Well, it clearly doesn't belong with the X driver, it belongs with the module.01:40
infinityKeybuk: Yeah, there's already some nvidia modprobe stuff in lrm-common.01:40
infinityKeybuk: Or.. Wait.. Is there?  No, my crazy nvidia hack is in nvidia-glx-legacy, for other sketchy reasons.01:41
=== agutierr [n=agutierr@251.pool80-103-136.dynamic.uni2.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityKeybuk: May want to look at that to make sure yours isn't stepping on toes.01:41
infinityKeybuk: Anyhow, again, is there really a point to all this?01:41
infinityKeybuk: fglrx.ko doesn't autoload on my box unless I'm running the fglrx X driver.01:41
Keybukmjg59 whinged a lot01:42
infinityIt's only loaded by the X driver, not via hotpluggy stuff.01:42
Keybukah, then it differs from the nvidia one, which is loaded by udev01:42
infinityWell, fglrx.ko has no modalias or PCI IDs or anything.01:43
infinitySo, perhaps we should drop that hack altogether.01:43
gnomefreakinfinity: you got minute? bug 45705 was fixed wasnt it?01:43
UbugtuMalone bug 45705 in ia32-libs "Error in Dist-upgrade on Dapper" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4570501:43
Keybukyup, agree01:43
infinitygnomefreak: Erk.  It might not have been, actually. :/01:43
Keybukinfinity: you want to drop it, or shall i?01:43
Kamioncjwatson@drescher:~/germinate-test/ubuntu-misc$ egrep 'gcompris-sound-(de|en)' more-extra*01:43
Kamiongcompris-sound-de/i386  Task  edubuntu-desktop01:43
Kamiongcompris-sound-en/i386  Task  edubuntu-desktop01:43
Kamiongcompris-sound-en/amd64  Task  edubuntu-desktop01:43
Kamionthat's more like it01:43
Kamionnow with any luck apt-ftparchive will understand that once it's upgraded01:43
infinityKeybuk: You should look at nvidia-glx.postinst.in and see if your nvidia hack is going to wreak havoc with that.01:44
infinityKeybuk: I can drop the fglrx thing in the upload I need to do right now, but first look at the nvidia thing and tell me if the world is going to explode.01:45
Keybukyup, the hack will break that entirely01:45
doko_keescook, pitti: wrong upload queue for python2.4 hoary-security01:45
Keybukwhy the hell do you do that in postinst, instead of shipping a conffile?01:45
infinityKeybuk: Because I want to remove it in prerm, even if the package isn't purged.01:47
pittidoko_: yeah, I noticed, I uploded it into the correct queue afterwards01:47
infinityKeybuk: Too many people remove without purging, which would cause module loading to just explode.01:47
doko_pitti: thanks!01:48
Keybukhmm, so how do we attack this01:48
Keybukmjg59 doesn't want nvidia drivers loaded if the X server isn't going to be used01:48
Keybukthe X server can't be trusted to auto-load the driver01:48
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
doko_pitti: will you upload the package I prepared for dapper (the one with the extra fix)?01:48
infinityKeybuk: The X driver WILL (and does) autoload the nvidia module.01:48
Keybukinfinity: no, it doesn't01:48
Keybukit kernel panics, crashes the machine, etc.01:48
pittidoko_: yes, that's what I did; thanks for preparing it01:48
infinityKeybuk: If we remove the modalias from the kernel module (can we?), the problem goes away.01:48
=== crispin__ [n=crispin@grotto.flowerday.cx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukit appears to be directly related to SLI01:49
infinityKeybuk: Err, come again?  It always used to autoload it.01:49
=== infinity shrugs.
Keybukif you have SLI, you get crashes, etc.01:49
infinityKay.  So it needs to be loaded by udev if you have SLI?  Cute.01:49
Keybukand given that I have that configuration, I'm not about to upload anything that breaks my X server ;)01:49
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityLooks like it's time for a little shell script instead of a hideous modprobe line.01:49
Keybuk"little shell script" ?01:50
infinitySomething clever enough to detect A) if you're using the nvidia driver, and B) if it's legacy or non-legacy.01:50
infinityThen use that as our install target.01:50
Keybukinstall that at S08?01:50
Keybukoh, I see01:50
Keybuksure, if you like01:52
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infinityKay, I guess I'll just do that too in this upload.01:53
AnAnthow can one do field splitting in dash ?01:53
=== givre [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-17-251.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityAnAnt: read?01:53
infinity(Or any of a dozen other tricks)01:54
Keybukinfinity: be sure to put nvidia-kernel-common back to how it was?01:54
AnAntread ?01:54
infinityKeybuk: Well, it might belong there anyway.  But whatever I do, I'll end up uploading both LRM and n-k-c, yeah.01:55
Keybukecho foo bar baz | read FOO BAR BAZ01:55
Keybukinfinity: cool01:55
AnAnthow can one do field splitting of a variable in dash ?01:57
Keybukecho $VAR | read FOO BAR BAZ01:57
Keybukanant: http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Shell-Programming-Extensive-Collection/dp/013451494701:58
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KamionRiddell: FYI I'm doing a keyboard variant selector for KDE ubiquity now02:11
Kamion(hence fighting with qt3-designer)02:11
RiddellKamion: let me know if you want me to take over02:12
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@94.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionI think I've got the hang of it, just fighting with the bizarre layout stuff02:12
Kamionand its excessive application of fixed geometries02:13
=== Kagou [n=Kagou@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionit's good for me to be able to do this stuff, anyway02:15
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=== Keybuk wonders what happens if you press C-A-D while the machine is halting
=== Fujitsu gets a feeling of deja vu.
tfheenSeveas: you've been doing a bit of usplash hacking, haven't you?02:17
SeveasI have02:17
Seveasbut only the non-difficult parts02:17
simiramvo: I dig update-manager!02:18
mvosimira: hello! what do you mean exactly?02:19
Seveastfheen, for edgy+1 I have some more usplash plans02:19
cbx33Seveas: cool02:19
tfheenSeveas: I need somebody to bounce ideas off, basically, so if you have a bit of time?02:19
tfheenSeveas: this is for casper; I'm trying to fix https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/6153502:20
UbugtuMalone bug 61535 in casper "usplash progress reporting is not very accurate for casper" [Low,Confirmed]  02:20
tfheenif I try to use PULSATE, that ends once I call log_end_msg02:20
tfheen(which is done half a zillion times in casper)02:20
Seveaslog_end_msg calls PROGRESS?02:21
tfheenlog_end_msg calls update_progress which calls usplash_write "PROGRESS", yes.02:21
tfheenalso, it seems like it doesn't actually increase PROGRESS_STATE at all?02:22
SeveasI'm not too familiar with what log_*_msg do currently02:22
Seveaslet's see02:22
tfheenlook in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions02:23
Seveasah, in initramfs log_*_msg is different than in /lib/lsbinit-functions?02:24
tfheenseems like it, yes.02:25
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simiramvo: it asked me if I wanted to do a dist-upgrade02:27
Seveastfheen, you might just want to disable the entire progress updating code in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions if you want to pulsate02:29
Seveasinit will reset the progressbar when it takes over02:29
tfheenSeveas: does anything use pulsate ATM?02:30
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KamionRiddell: is there a way to stop qt designer sticking fixed geometry properties all over the place? your .ui file only seems to have them at the very top level02:30
tfheenany reason why we can't have PULSATE START and PULSATE STOP or something then?02:31
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tfheenhi Henrik02:31
Seveasforcing people to be careful 02:31
kristoghello 02:31
simirahi heno, how's living in Norway?02:31
RiddellKamion: you place them roughly where you want them as fixed geometries then click the layout buttons to put them into horizonal/vercial/grid layouts02:32
henosimira: Hei! Still a bit chaotic, but nice overall :)02:33
KamionRiddell: I think I'd broken the top grid layout by accident. It still wants to assign a fixed geometry to the topmost grid layout (the one with the WidgetStack, back, next, cancel, etc. in it), though02:33
Kamionis there a way to say "just use the whole window"?02:33
simiraheno: yes, all that nice weather and stuff must feel comforting, almost like Bergen :p02:33
RiddellKamion: click on the widget background and click the grid layout button in the toolbar and it should put it into a layout again02:34
henoheh, almost as nice ;)02:34
tfheenSeveas: well, sure.. I wouldn't consider that a problem, though02:34
Kamionoh I *see*02:34
Kamionit didn't occur to me that clicking on the background would be useful02:34
=== heno goes to do some more RL admin, bbl
Kamionah yes, that works a *lot* better02:37
Seveastfheen, making usplash ignore PROGRESS between PULSATE START and PULSATE STOP is trivially implemented though, I can do that in < 10 minutes -- but you may want to run that past mdz/mjg59, now that Ubuntu is rather deep frozen02:38
tfheenSeveas: sure, it's not the implementation I'm asking about.  I can do that trivially myself.02:39
tfheenSeveas: do you have another suggestion for how to fix it for the bug I mentioned?02:40
Seveassemantically I would prefer that initramfs doesn't call PROGRESS if it doesn't want it to be displayed02:40
tfheenSeveas: oh, true, but my scripts really just call log_msg_end, which they have to for the SUCCESS prompt to be displayed properly.02:41
Seveascould this work:02:43
Seveassource initramfs-tools/scripts02:43
Seveasupdate_progress() { }02:43
Seveas(aka, turning that into a noop)02:44
tfheenSeveas: yes, it's possible to work around it.02:44
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sivangcbx33: let me know if you managed to get a hold of pygi03:00
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tfheenfabbione: uh, why is https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/62485 assigned to me?03:07
UbugtuMalone bug 62485 in linux-source-2.6.17 "[SPARC]  - Regression - Niagara does not reboot properly" [High,Confirmed]  03:07
ogratfheen, because that validates you to get some of this nice HW as well ;)03:08
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tfheenKamion: does ubiquity currently mount the squashfs-es by itself?  I'm looking at fixing https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/6275603:14
UbugtuMalone bug 62756 in Ubuntu "mono confused by the desktopCD" [High,Confirmed]  03:14
Kamiontfheen: ye03:14
Kamionwell, if they aren't already mounted03:15
tfheenok, goodie.  I'll just remove that code bit from casper, then03:15
keeblerWhat would the command be to install usplash-dev on dapper, other than make/make install? dpkg something, iirc.03:22
KamionDo any developers object to drescher (the archive publishing machine) being taken down for upgrade at some point on Friday? archive.ubuntu.com will remain available as usual, but there'll be a period when uploads won't be processed.03:27
keeblerLet me rephrase. I downloaded the Usplash-dev source from the FTP. I'm looking to build it on my system, but as I understand it, the conventional method of build won't work. Now I'm confused.03:27
keeblerI'm trying to "backport" it to Dapper, if possible. And mjg59 is afk or somesuch.03:27
Kamionuh, if you're not familiar with dpkg, I'm not sure that backporting usplash is a good idea, to be honest ...03:27
Kamion'dpkg -i foo.deb' is the command to install a single .deb03:28
keeblerKamion: You're probably right. But I'm trying to learn.03:28
Kamionthat won't process dependencies, unlike apt03:28
Kamionor at least it won't go and fetch dependencies for you03:28
keeblerKamion: Well, I'm not looking to install a deb.03:28
tfheenKamion: do we have any idea about how much downtime?  I'm fine with it.03:28
Kamionkeebler: sure you are03:28
Kamionkeebler: you asked what the command would be to install usplash-dev; usplash-dev is a .deb03:28
keeblerNot a .deb, trying to build it from source.03:28
Kamionoh, dpkg-buildpackage -b03:29
keeblerThats the one!03:29
Kamiontfheen: couple of hours03:29
tfheenKamion: ok; I don't mind (with any of my hats)03:29
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Kamionwell, an hour or two for the dapper upgrade, then about a day for apt-ftparchive to rebuild its cache03:29
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keeblermjg59: Told me, but I lost my last system after getting it to install/build. I'm currently reading the man page, but I was trying to take a shortcut by asking here.03:29
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Kamionthat day will probably stretch over into the weekend03:29
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tfheenbetter then than closer to RC03:30
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keeblerWell that rocked. usplash-test.sh (usplash-dev) worked pretty swell on Dapper.03:45
keeblerOr, atleast I think it did what it was supposed to. :) Mostly red and blue, with a progress bar in the middle and various numbers and gradients?03:46
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Kamionkeebler: you'll probably want a theme as well03:54
Kamionrather than the testcard - say usplash-theme-ubuntu03:54
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bddebianHowdy folks04:03
jdonghowdy, bddebian04:04
bddebianHeya jdong04:04
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infinitymvo: clean targets that call configure are evil.04:16
ogragave me headdaches often enough ... and are used way to often in debian04:17
infinityWell, I use it in Debian, but only in a semi-intelligent "if we're not unpatching, don't run configure" way, so it's skipped over on a pure source build.04:18
infinityapt just unconditionally runs it on every clean, afaict.04:18
infinitys/configure/autoconf/ rather.04:19
infinityPeople running configure on clean should REALLY be shot.04:19
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ograthere are a lot of them ...04:20
mvoinfinity: apt?04:20
ograi guess you'd need a machine gun :)04:20
ogramvo, apt-get source -b04:20
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infinitymvo: apt runs autoconf on clean to get the version in the configure script.04:20
mvoinfinity: right04:21
infinitymvo: Not a huge deal, just annoyed me briefly to have to wait for autoconf to get installed before doing a source build. :)04:21
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mvoinfinity: I think apt should just get a build-system that is not so "special" ... 04:22
=== mvo puts it to his todo
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityErr, it also doesn't build-dep on autoconf for that feature.04:23
Kamionjust to get the version? is that all?04:23
KamionI did this in ubiquity:04:23
KamionVERSION := $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog | awk '/^Version:/ { print $$2 }')04:23
KamionAC_VERSION := $(shell grep -w '^AC_INIT' configure.ac | cut -d' ' -f2 | \04:23
Kamion                        sed 's/[] [,] //g')04:23
Kamionifneq ($(VERSION),$(AC_VERSION))04:23
Kamion$(warning Version $(VERSION) in debian/changelog does not match $(AC_VERSION) in configure.ac!)04:24
doko_infinity: what happended to the gcc-snapshot build on floe(ia64)=04:24
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infinitydoko_: Looks like floe's having problems with life.  I'll fix.04:27
janimoseb128: hi, ping re python-gnome204:28
seb128janimo: I'm working on it for some days, python-support and random packages are broken making impossible to build python-gnome04:28
seb128janimo: I've just sorted pyorbit and rebuilt python-gnome 5 min ago04:29
seb128s/are/were rather04:29
janimoseb128: ah ok, nice :)04:29
seb128your patch had some issues, I've fixed them04:29
seb128like your Conflicts,Replaces was on version 2.6.1604:29
=== janimo must have looked at the kernel version for too long before or something
janimoinfinity, tfheen: hi, is anything using stacked filesystems on the liveCD ATM? I'd like to see if that can be used for xubuntu a11y04:35
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infinityjanimo: No, there isn't currently.04:36
janimoinfinity: is the code done though? Is this a buildd side thing only?04:37
infinityjanimo: I failed to deliver it in time for beta, so now I'm running an internal "do I defer it, or try to convince people to let it in after the weekend" debate.04:37
infinityjanimo: The casper code is there and appears to work, the buildd side is buggy and not rolled out, and got side-tracked when I missed the beta deadline and had other pressing stuff to attend to all week.  It's a solid day of debugging and work to get it rolled out, I suspect.04:38
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janimoinfinity: thanks. I'll have a look at the casper part, in case the buildd side will get done as I see no other way to optionally install a few packages on the liveCD depending on boot menu selection04:39
henorodarvus, fabbione: did either of you make changes in xorg relating to wacom tablets? I need some help with this gok bug: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gok/+bug/4807404:39
UbugtuMalone bug 48074 in gok "gok gives an X Window System error" [Medium,Confirmed]  04:39
Keybukjanimo: you need to file MIRs for gxine and pyxfce04:39
Keybukseb128: likewise for meanwhile04:40
janimoKeybuk:  I have04:40
janimoKemaybe not for pyxfce though04:40
=== janimo looks
Keybukjanimo: have you asked pitti to review them?04:40
seb128Keybuk: pitti approved meanwhile on monday04:40
Keybukseb128: so he did, I ken't spel04:40
janimoKeybuk: yup, he said he'd get around to it04:41
Keybukseb128: promoted04:41
seb128thank you04:41
seb128will gaim automatically retry?04:41
KeybukRiddell: kiosktool04:41
Keybukseb128: I thiiiink so04:41
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infinityseb128: Yes.04:42
RiddellKeybuk: what about it?04:43
KeybukRiddell: you need an MIR for it04:43
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Keybukor you need to remove it from your supported seed04:43
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RiddellKeybuk: ok, I'll remove it from the seeds for now, it still needs a root password04:44
jdongKeybuk: your sed script for fglrx doesn't work04:46
Keybukjdong: ?04:46
jdongjdong@jdong-laptop:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf 2>/dev/null | sed -n -e '/^[ \\t] *section[ \\t] *"device"/I,/^[ \\t] *endsection/I{/^[ \\t] *driver[ \\t] */I{s/^[ \\t] *driver[ \\t] *"*//I;s/"*[ \\t] *$//;p}}'04:46
jdongjdong@jdong-laptop:~$                 04:46
jdongKeybuk: it's not matching anything04:46
jdongKeybuk: and my xorg.conf does use fglrx04:46
janimoseb128: do you know if onboard is still in the plan? it's still in universe04:46
Keybukjdong: hmm04:46
Keybukyou need to escape it04:46
Keybukmodprobe drops one set of \s04:46
infinityBeing replaces in a few minutes anyway. :)04:47
jdonglet me take a look then04:47
Keybukquest scott% sh04:47
Keybuk$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf 2>/dev/null | sed -n -e '/^[ \t] *section[ \t] *"device"/I,/^[ \t] *endsection/I{/^[ \t] *driver[ \t] */I{s/^[ \t] *driver[ \t] *"*//I;s/"*[ \t] *$//;p}}'04:47
Keybuk-- 04:47
jdongthere, that works04:47
jdongnow, why didn't it work the last time I booted...04:47
jdongstupid dpkg04:48
jdongok, rebooting, will come back to yell at you again if I don't get fglrx loaded :D04:48
janimoKeybuk: removed python-xfce from seeds, as it's not needed by anything essentuial after all04:48
Kamionjdong: is there something that doesn't ignore .dpkg-old?04:49
Kamiondamn, too late04:49
henopitti: about janimo's question, can you (or someone) review onboard?04:50
pittiheno: ok, if it's urgent04:51
henopitti: it is rather yes, thanks04:52
pittiheno: quality-wise you are happy?04:52
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-devel
henopitti: I am. Less features but more stable than gok04:52
KeybukKamion: yo04:53
Keybukinstaller seed04:53
jdongKeybuk: k, works well, nvm04:53
Keybukwhy does the regex for the i386 kernel modules have .*-386-di in it04:53
Keybukwhen all the others just have .*-di ?04:53
pittiheno: ok, deb and packaging looks fine, I'll approve04:53
henopitti: \o/ thanks!04:54
rodarvusheno, I haven't made any changes related to wacom tablets04:54
KamionKeybuk: workaround for a germinate bug that was sucking -generic-di onto the seeds and I didn't know wy04:54
Kamionat the time I did that, I didn't have time to investigate properly04:54
Keybukdon't we WANT -generic-di in the seeds?04:54
Kamionwell, maybe soon :-)04:54
henorodarvus: ok, any idea how that config issue can be worked around?04:54
Keybukext2-modules-2.6.17-10-generic-di | 2.6.17-10.26 | edgy/main/debian-installer | i38604:54
Keybuk^ so how come that's in main, and not in anastacia04:54
Kamionbut not right now - the default kernel for the alternate install CD is still -38604:54
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukcdrom-modules-2.6.17-10-generic-di | 2.6.17-10.26 | edgy/main/debian-installer | i38604:55
pittiheno: doing p-virtkey now, too04:55
Kamionplease leave them in main04:55
Keybuk^ that _is_ in anastacia04:55
KamionI'll sort them out and figure out what crack germinate/anastacia are smoking soon04:55
rodarvusheno, I wasn't here at the time wacom tablets started being automatically added to xorg.conf, but I'd say the fix is not to add them to *every* configuration, as its done currently04:55
KamionI don't know exactly what the problem is at the moment, and IIRC it's a bit confusing04:55
rodarvus(I mean, this happened on dapper development cycle)04:55
KeybukI don't want to end up accidentally removing things next time there's an ABI dump ;)04:55
Kamionjust dump the whole kernel into main every time04:56
Keybukthere'd be in the ultra-long-list that I never read <g.04:56
henorodarvus: ok, is that a change we can make now or is it too late04:56
Kamionat the moment though, I'm trying to beat the string freeze with a few bits and pieces04:56
henoI think it's the non-core pointer stuff they both do (gok and wacom) that causes the problem04:57
rodarvusheno, not sure. I'll ask fabbione when he is around (I'm unaware of the implications touching this part of the config might have, and how many users it might affect)04:57
henorodarvus: ok, will do, thanks04:57
rodarvusheno, I subscribed to this bug report, and will talk to fabbione about it - wacom tablets seem to be a source of problem to other users too04:58
dholbachjanimo, Gloubiboulga: did you think about having new gnumeric and new goffice?04:58
dholbachjanimo, Gloubiboulga: it seems to have lots of fixes04:58
pittiGloubiboulga, janimo: @ gxine MIR: can you please use the standard template in the future? this report is very short04:58
pittiGloubiboulga, janimo: gxine *did* have security issues in the past, too (the report claims not)04:59
janimopitti: ok, sorry about that04:59
henorodarvus: as does gok. I think we should remove it from main for Edgy+104:59
janimodholbach: you mean a sync from debian? I'll have alook04:59
dholbachjanimo: not sure if debian has it already05:00
dholbachI don't think so05:00
dholbachit was just released or a day ago05:00
janimodholbach: hmm it needs an UVF exception I assume?05:00
janimoeven if its not on the ubuntu CD05:00
dholbachI suppose so - is it on the xubuntu cd?05:01
janimoit is, yes :)05:01
=== mdeslaur [n=mdeslaur@modemcable196.26-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
janimodholbach: just that I am entirely unfamiliar with gnumeric source and devs to asses if it's better to have this except by lookign at the changelog05:02
dholbachjanimo: and new goffice and gsf too05:02
janimobut it;s a point release so I guess it ihas to be better :)05:02
dholbachjanimo: I just saw it on the ftp-release list and saw the list of things it fixes (from the news file)05:02
dholbachjust as a headsup :)05:02
=== malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittijanimo: what do you use right now as media player in xubuntu? (any chance we can drop a package in favor of gxine?)05:03
pittiKeybuk: can you please approve the langpacks in dapper-proposed?05:03
janimopitti, it was xfmedia and is no longer in the seeds05:03
pittiah, nice05:04
janimodholbach: thanks ;)05:04
pittijanimo: ok, approved; I'll process this dict-plugin now, then the queue is reasonably clean again05:04
janimoseb128: are you going to look at python-gnome2-extras or should I make a patch for similar breaking out binaries?05:05
janimopitti: \o/05:05
seb128janimo: I doubt we are going to split extras for edgy05:05
seb128janimo: what to split will not be that easy to decide for it05:05
janimoseb128: at least the gtkhtml2 part, it is needed by gnome-app-install. 05:05
seb128not for edgy05:06
janimothe main reason why I started the discussion05:06
Keybukpitti: do you have bugs for each, with debdiffs?05:06
janimogconf was worked around in u-m05:06
janimothat is not possible with gtkhtml205:06
janimonot all the small bits, but this single gtkhtml2 so05:06
janimoas simole as gconf and canvas05:06
pittiKeybuk: mdz was fine to special-case them :)05:06
Keybukpitti: *shrug* I'm not going near them if they break the policy05:07
pittiKeybuk: but he wanted to use the proposed->updates staging05:07
Keybuknot unless you have signatures from mdz and sabdfl in triplicate :)05:07
seb128janimo: I understand that you want to split gtkhtml2, we might want to split other parts too, needs some discussion05:07
janimoseb128: so to not make it too compliated when we converge with debian when they split,05:07
janimowe can just take a single package out whioch they will surely split as well05:07
seb128I'll think about it later05:07
janimoseb128: ok, I only said the single one to keep it as simple as possible05:08
janimoseb128: ok, thanks05:08
Keybukpitti: sorry to be silly; but there's a written policy, and threats of dire consequence to one's employment if it's not obeyed05:08
pittiKeybuk: ok, can you then please approve cupsys (bug 54277) and hal (bug 56484) uploads?05:08
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elmouploads and builds are going to be down for an hour or so while the ftp-master machine is upgraded05:09
elmoapologies for the inconvenience05:09
Keybukpitti: err. in an hour, apparently ;)05:10
pittiKeybuk: I can forward you mdz's mail about that topic, or do you want to ask him yourself?05:10
pittiKeybuk: heh, ok :) bad timing05:10
Keybukpitti: I probably won't catch him this evening (gym day)05:10
KeybukI'll e-mail him for confirmation05:10
pittiKeybuk: ok, thanks05:10
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pittijanimo: '#!/usr/bin/make -f\ninclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/xfce.mk' <= that's the whole debian/rules? remarkable :)05:13
=== dholbach hugs CDBS
Keybuksfllaw: errr, ping05:14
jdongdholbach: I put diffstats and changelogs on the wine uvf request05:14
dholbachjdong: cool05:14
dholbachjdong: it says so on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Processes/UVF - else it's always hard to judge05:15
jdongdholbach: yeah, I noticed that document after filing that UVF05:15
jdongdholbach: my 2nd one (x264) was much more thorough :)05:15
janimopitti, yup I chuckled when I saw that as well :) (Gauvain packaged that one)05:17
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bddebianGawd I hate my freakin' life somedays.. :'-(05:22
bddebianOops, wrong chan, sorry05:22
pittibddebian: indeed, in this channel it is required to be happy when writing 05:22
jdongbddebian: stop trying to package azureus!05:23
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bddebianpitti: It's the second happiest place on earth? ;-)05:23
zulpitti: heh like shiney happy people05:23
bddebianjdong: Heh, I WISH that was what I was working on..05:23
seb128what is the first one?05:23
=== _malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bddebianseb128: DisneyWorld, of course :-)05:23
henoBenC: did you have to do a lot of code cleanup to get the speakup stuff into the kernel? (I'm trying to nudge the speakup people to try to get it into the default kernel)05:23
BenCheno: Not really...I cleaned up the keyboard.c changes so it was a bit cleaner, but other than that, it was pretty straight forward05:24
henoBenC:  Coding style was ok too?05:25
BenCheno: I didn't really review it that much05:25
=== crispin_ [n=crispin@grotto.flowerday.cx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
henook, thanks05:26
BenCbut that's what the lkml is for...if they send a patch for inclusion, they'll get a lot of feedback05:26
BenCjust the little bit of code review I did found one bug with the locking of the prov file, I'm sure the lkml will find others, and generally improve the code05:27
henoBenC: yep, seems they did that got some constructive feedback but didn't take it very well and ran away05:27
henoThey might just need some guidance through that process05:27
BenCheno: you have to have pretty tough skin to get through that process05:27
BenCbut it's worth it, if only for the code and the users of it05:28
henoYep, that's what I'll be telling them :)05:28
=== mbiebl [n=michael@dslb-084-057-238-120.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenChell, I've been trying to get a single document in the kernel, not even code, and I've been in the process for months now05:28
BenCmostly due to me not having time between edits, but still :)05:29
zulheh excuses excuses :)05:31
zul..ill shut up and get back to what i was doing05:31
Chipzz17:33 <@Chipz> I go back upstairs, announce a reboot of defcon1 in 10 minutes, and do sleep 300 ; shutdown -r 005:33
Chipzzwrong channel05:33
Ngok folks, uploads and builds should be going again, the ftp-master machine upgrade is done.05:34
thomChipzz: are we allowed to laugh at you for doing sleep... shutdown anyway?05:34
Chipzzthom: you lack some mathematecial skills my dear friend ;)05:35
thomwell, no05:36
thomyou lack some manpage skills _and_ some mathematical skills05:36
Chipzzthom: you obviously never read http://bofh.ntk.net/bastard.html05:36
Chipzzwhich that was actually a parody of :P05:37
thomparody is supposed to be funny. anyway, i still intend to laugh at you for using sleep then shutdown05:37
sfllawKeybuk: errr, pong?05:37
jdonggrr, how do I get pbuilder to do some make parallelism?05:37
Chipzzthom: then again, it was torn out of context, and never intended to be pasted here05:38
jdongI'd love for my second core to be doing some work05:38
Keybuksfllaw: you were inventing times for the team meeting?05:38
sfllawKeybuk: I was?05:40
sfllawOh, I misread the time, didn't I?05:40
=== wasabi_ [n=wasabi@ubuntu/member/wasabi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybuksfllaw: 19:00Z ?05:40
Keybukyou mean 0700 UTC05:41
sfllawWell, 07:00Z is fine as well.05:41
Keybuk(the Z is a curiously american thing that most people probably won't recognise, btw)05:41
popeyI thought it was a Military thing05:41
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sfllawUhm, that's obviously me being super archaic by accident.05:42
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-250-59-127.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sfllawI'll resend.05:42
KeybukI could be extremely pedantic at this point, and go on to point out that Zulu time, GMT and UTC are not the same thing05:43
Keybukbut I won't ;)05:43
Kamion_I always assumed that zero => Z => Zulu, but evidently not05:43
sfllawZ is the zero time zone.05:44
sfllawWhich is GMT.05:44
sfllawWhich is UT1.05:44
KeybukZ is UTC05:44
Keybukwhich is almost, but not quite, precisely the same as GMT05:44
Keybukthey can be different by as much as 2-5 seconds05:44
infinityEither way, Zulu isn't an "American thing".05:44
Keybukusually no more than 1-2s though05:44
infinityIt's used for military and aerospace all over the world.05:45
Kamion_sfllaw: as the above link notes, it's a mapping of letters of the alphabet to zones, rather than z => zero05:45
Keybukinfinity: either way, it's not that appropriate for a u-d-a mail ;)05:46
sfllawKamion_: I think the timezones start from Z at Greenwich and are split in two by it.05:46
sfllawSo it really is zero.05:46
=== zjohnson is now known as Zuc
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DB80E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
henosfllaw: so east and west london are in separate time zones? :)05:47
KeybukWhen a positive leap second occurs, it is denoted as "23:59:60" in UTC05:49
KeybukI wonder how many millions of lines of code fail to parse that? :)05:49
=== Harti [n=Harti@unaffiliated/harti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoheno: next time I'm late to the office, that's so going to be my excuse05:51
elmo"I had to cross a timezone to get here!!"05:52
popeythere was a leap second last new year05:53
sivangheno: I have a certificate that I stood up on the 0 degree line :-)05:53
Keybukpopey: there was05:53
KeybukUTC is now 0.4 seconds ahead of GMT05:53
Keybukor is it behind?05:54
Keybuksivang: the 0 degree line goes through my dad's old house05:54
Kamionelmo: how do you define "late to the office"? :-)05:54
KeybukKamion: turning up on Tuesday morning, bright and fresh for work on Monday05:55
sivangKeybuk: wow cool, I was really amazed by the green park straight off Greenwich pier and the excellent mushroom soup serving tea house in it's middle.05:55
Keybukthere's a little statue on the south coast where the meridian enters the UK05:56
pittiargh, whoever designed the banshee UI deserves a hit on the head05:56
=== HiddenWolf points pitti to rhythmbox
pittiHiddenWolf: that's what I'm using usually, I just installed banshee to debug an apport issue ;)05:56
=== HiddenWolf hugs pitti
HiddenWolfGood luck. :)05:57
=== dholbach_ [n=daniel@i577B3C82.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneheno, rodarvus: no, i made no changes. the wacom stuff comes from mjg59 05:57
=== sivang searches for a photo on the line.
Keybuksivang: og?05:58
rodarvusfabbione, thanks for clearing this up05:59
rodarvusmjg59, ping :)05:59
sivangKeybukkyou know me, can't type and can barely walk :-)05:59
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
henomjg59: I know you would recommend people use dasher, but could you help us unbreak gok anyway? :)06:00
=== bronson [n=bronson@c-71-198-75-160.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionok, this should be a worthwhile ubiquity change, for those who watch its bug list06:03
Kamion+  * Catch ENOENT, EIO, ENOTDIR, and EROFS while copying files, try to figure06:04
Kamion+    out what filename they relate to, and display a useful error message06:04
Kamion+    explaining that this is probably a CD or hard disk fault (as06:04
Kamion+    appropriate) and how to deal with this. Closes about a million bugs.06:04
Kamionwon't catch all the weirdness, since after all ubiquity is running off the CD, but ...06:04
sivangKeybuk: http://muse.19inch.net/~sivan/P1030888.JPG my gf standing next to the line, better put her's photo then my fat self :-)06:04
Keybukof course, the absolute best thing about the zero meridian is that it doesn't run through Paris ;)06:05
sivangKeybuk: how so?06:05
thomsivang: geography?06:06
=== thom apologises
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangs/how so/why so/06:06
sivangthom: ^^06:06
NgKeybuk: the current one at least ;)06:09
Keybuksivang: France wanted it to go through Paris, and even after it was decided it would go through London, sulked and for decades continued to ignore that and use one that went through Paris on all of their maps06:11
Keybuksivang: of course, the line you stood on is actually just over 100m from the modern meridian ;)06:16
=== iwj goes climbing. G'night all.
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== HiddenWolf is tempted to tell half the development team to take it to -offtopic, just for kicks
=== HiddenWolf hides
=== jdong|laptop [n=jdong@d192-24-235-141.try.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdong|laptopKamion: what are your thoughts towards a ntfsprogs 1.13 sync from debian?06:26
jdong|laptopKamion: 1.13 adds support for dealing with hardware faults06:26
jdong|laptop(bad sectors, IO errors)06:26
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionjdong|laptop: feel free to send me a mail06:28
jdong|laptopKamion: will do06:29
=== LaserJock_ [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== JB[away] [n=as@d002208.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
JB[away] moin06:34
sivangKeybuk: ah, so *where* is the modern meridian? :-)06:35
JB[away] pitti are you here ?06:35
pittiJB[away] : yes06:36
=== sivang yays for instant curry rice out of the box
Keybuksivang: like I said, about 100 metres to the east06:37
JB[away] pitti: you know my bug report?06:37
=== twb [n=twb@CPE-155-143-208-25.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
twbIs 6.10b known to (not) work under Qemu (with kQemu loaded)?06:37
JB[away] https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/6282006:37
Ubug2Malone bug 62820 in apache2 "RPC over HTTP" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  06:37
pittiJB[away] : the apache2 one with mod-proxy?06:37
JB[away] yes06:37
JB[away] i read on the changelog06:38
JB[away] Add 048_reverse_proxy_fix, to resolve a regression in 2.0.55 with06:38
JB[away]       mod_proxy, mod_ssl and HTTP POST requests (upstream bug #37145)06:38
Ubug2Malone bug 37145 in linux-source-2.6.15 "UniChrome Pro IGP not shown in lspci; X doesn't work" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3714506:38
JB[away] that is fix ?06:38
pittiJB[away] : maybe06:38
pittiI didn't check06:39
JB[away] for me dont work 06:39
JB[away] i think adam do a mistake06:39
=== BenC [n=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomhrm, how does one teach ubugtu that apache's bugzilla is at http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/ ?06:42
HiddenWolfthom: one talks to Seveas06:43
thomJB[away] : those two look unrelated at first glance06:44
=== twb [n=twb@CPE-155-143-208-25.vic.bigpond.net.au] has left #ubuntu-devel ["rcirc]
thomin fact, see http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=37145#c23 and c2406:45
Ubug2issues.apache.org bug 37145 in mod_proxy "data loss with httpd-2.0.55 reverse proxy method=post" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]  06:46
thomSeveas: apache's bugzilla is at http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/ ; please could you do the correct magic to teach ubugtu about it?06:47
JB[away] thom @ Ubug2 see my Bug Report on https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/6282006:47
Ubug2Malone bug 62820 in apache2 "RPC over HTTP" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  06:47
thomJB[away] : yes, i have seen that one06:48
thomthat is why i said "those two look unrelated"06:48
JB[away] the bug is fixed on 2.0.5606:48
=== hunger_ [n=tobias@p54A6196D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang Keybuk we quite fell for the UK I must tell you, especially the river banks in London and Scotland's low and midlands ( we didn't manage to see the high lands as well)
=== holycow [n=a@mail.wjsgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
JB[away] but not in ubuntu apache packages06:48
sivangKeybuk: ^^06:48
JB[away] today i read the changelog and the bug was fixed but not really06:49
sivangKeybuk: that's lots of greens very different to our lots of brown and yellow landscape.06:49
thomJB[away] : no, the patch that fixed 37145 was applied. THAT IS NOT THE BUG YOU ARE SEEING06:49
JB[away] ???06:50
JB[away] you mean the problem is not fixed?06:51
pittiJB[away] : that's why the bug is still open06:52
thomthere is no reason that the patch that was applied would fix the bug you are reporting06:52
JB[away] is this a apache problem or ubuntu guys?06:53
thomit could just as well be a connectivity issue between the proxy and the upstream server06:53
thomsince the errors are saying "we timed out trying to get content from blah"06:54
JB[away] on debian sarge with 2.0.54 works fine06:54
JB[away] with same config06:54
thomon the same machine? with the same networking?06:58
JB[away] same network config06:58
JB[away] but not same machine06:58
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== givr1 [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-87-212.w86-205.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A67956.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pradeep [n=pradeep@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Seveas@bugtracker add apache bugzilla http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/ Apache07:16
Seveasapache bug 3714507:16
UbugtuApache bug 37145 in mod_proxy "data loss with httpd-2.0.55 reverse proxy method=post" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]  http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=3714507:16
Seveasthom, --^07:17
JB[away] Critical,Resolved: fixed :)07:17
thomSeveas: grazi mille07:17
thomJB[away] : it's still NOT the same bug07:17
JB[away] than i must to create a new bug report to apache?07:18
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm62.omega21.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomno, please don't07:20
JB[away] thom why not?07:23
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== eczarny [n=eczarny@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomyou have filed the bug on your distribution of choice07:31
thomlet them sort out whether it should go upstream or not07:31
JB[away] i dont think that ubuntu fix the bug :)07:32
BenChow do I check on the build status of a dapper-proposed upload of linux-source-2.6.15?07:32
BenCKeybuk: it doesn't show up in there07:33
Keybukoh, that's missing  proposed07:33
BenCI uploaded it awhile back07:33
Keybukdid you have it approved yet?07:33
BenCguess not :)07:33
Keybukthat would be why then07:33
BenCcan I get it approved?07:34
BenCmdz: Can I get approval on the dapper-proposed upload of 2.6.15?07:34
jdong|laptopBenC: how's my favorite kernel guy doing today :D07:38
BenCjdong: so far, great...how about you?07:38
BenCjdong: I have your patch ready for a final kernel upload tomorrow07:39
jdong|laptopBenC: awesome. i'm doing just fine. edgy's looking really nice now :)07:39
BenCfeh, edgy's old news :)07:40
jdong|laptopcrimsun: are you around?07:40
BenCLinux gullible 2.6.19-1-generic #4 SMP Wed Oct 4 12:24:59 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux07:40
jdong|laptopBenC: LOL wow07:40
jdong|laptopBenC: is that recommended? ;007:40
mdzBenC: is there an email somewhere in my inbox about it?  it's a bit full at the moment and I didn't see it07:40
mjg59BenC: Uh. You want to do the final kernel upload tomorrow?07:40
BenCmdz: No, I wasn't aware that we needed approval for proposed, thought it was only for -updates07:41
jdong|laptopcrimsun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27067607:41
BenCmjg59: Near final...I'm almost sure we'll have some last minute stuff..I uploaded bcm43xx patch today though07:41
mdzBenC: the procedure is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates07:41
mdzI emailed about it but only to -devel07:41
jdong|laptopcrimsun: this user seems to report that the acer alc883 probleem still exists in dapper07:41
BenCmdz: I saw it, and read it, but I guess I misunderstood that part :)07:41
mjg59BenC: There's still several regressions that need fixing up07:42
BenCmjg59: Yeah, there's quite a few07:42
BenCthere's at least one suspend regression from dapper07:43
mdzBenC: maybe it could be more explicit07:43
jdong|laptopmjg59: are you aware of but 61711?07:44
jdong|laptopbug 61711 even07:44
UbugtuMalone bug 61711 in usplash "no boot splash and very slow booting" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6171107:44
mdzwe want to have some discussion about the update ideally before it's prepared07:44
jdong|laptopmjg59: that nabbed me on my other amd64 box07:44
mjg59jdong|laptop: Yes07:44
mjg59jdong|laptop: Nvidia?07:44
jdong|laptopnforce mobo07:44
mjg59jdong|laptop: Yes, so it's the same one you told me about before?07:44
jdong|laptopmjg59: no07:45
jdong|laptopmjg59: each of my 3 boxes has a different usplash bug :)07:45
=== jdong|laptop feels lucky :D
Kamionhmph, bug 61576 is going to be a bit of a pain to fix07:45
UbugtuMalone bug 61576 in kickseed "Disk selector appears with kickstart " [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6157607:45
Kamionfinding the first device is easy - list-devices disk | head -n107:45
BenCmdz: Why is it so hard to get stuff into proposed...I would have expected -proposed to be a little slack, and -updates to be difficult07:45
Kamionbut you can't assume that hard disk devices are available until after hw-detect has run07:45
Kamionand IIRC there's no hook between hw-detect and partman07:46
mjg59jdong|laptop: Ok. It's almost certainly the same thing.07:46
BenCmdz: I never want to migrate my kernels from -proposed to -updates, for example...it's just an "official" testing facility for me07:46
KamionI think I might have to have kickseed install its own partman script ...07:46
mdzBenC: the idea of -proposed is to stage the update; we don't want things to go into -proposed unless there's certain to be a corresponding -updates upload07:46
mdzBenC: so we need to agree in advance about the appropriateness of the upload07:46
=== givre [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-35-148.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCmdz: because of the -updates/-security weirdness, that'll surely never happen for me07:47
jdong|laptopmjg59: ok, if you say so07:47
jdong|laptopmjg59: would you know why my vt's are corrupted on my ATI?07:47
=== bronson [n=bronson@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdong|laptopmjg59: bug 6355807:47
UbugtuMalone bug 63558 in usplash "Latest usplash leaves my consoles corrupted" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6355807:47
jdong|laptopmjg59: it used to work before the last usplash upload :)07:47
=== geser [n=michael@dialin111001.justdsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCmdz: I don't think -proposed is what I want for these kernels, but that leaves me with no place to have them available for broad testing07:48
mdzBenC: what kind of things do you want to publish?07:48
BenCmdz: What I want is to be able to patch up kernels with a lot of simple, but important fixes (missing PCI ID's, sound fixes, patches backported from edgy, etc...)07:49
BenCthe jmicron thing for example, so people can install dapper on these new core 2 duo's, and the scsi_slave fix like what porkpie in #ubuntu-kernel needs07:50
elmoKamion: dude, will edgy on powerpc let me do root raid?07:50
mdzBenC: -backports?07:51
mdzeither -backports or a PPA07:51
BenCPPA == personal package archive?07:51
infinityWe don't do direct uploads to -backports, and PPA doesn't exist. :)07:51
jdong|laptopbackports probably won't work too well for this purpose07:52
BenCinfinity: how does -backports work?07:52
jdong|laptopBenC: a script automagically pulls an edgy source package, mangles the version, and sends it to build07:53
jdong|laptopno source modification is allowed, etc07:53
=== kylem [n=kyle@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCoh, yeah, that's not what I want07:54
BenCI need -proposed-never-send-to-updates07:54
=== jdong|laptop senses dapper-bleeding-edge repo :)
BenCit's not even that bad :)07:54
infinityBenC: What you really want is PPA, mdz is right, it just doesn't exist yet.07:54
mdzinfinity: we can do direct uploads to -backports07:55
Kamionelmo: I've heard reports of broken RAID in the edgy installer, so at the moment I can't say for sure07:55
=== rraphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzwe had a policy against it, but the last time this came up the consensus was that modified source uploads from -core-dev were OK for backports07:56
infinitymdz: Does the upload policy actually allow for it currently?07:57
jdong|laptopmdz: I've recently heard that soyuz was locked down to disallow even core-devs?07:57
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== infinity goes to check the source.
infinityAt any rate, this hardly qualifies as a "backport", so still feels like a bad fit.07:57
jdong|laptopinfinity: can you still check the source for me?07:57
jdong|laptopinfinity: I got a few backports up my sleeve if that's the case07:58
=== rraphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzinfinity: that part is unknown08:01
mdzinfinity: (the upload policy)08:01
mdzI'm not sure whether the upload policy for -backports actually enforces the way we have been using it, to be honest08:02
mdzinfinity: from Ben's description, it sounds like select backported fixes08:02
mdzit's actually the "backported support for new hardware" channel that has been discussed but is not properly specified yet, much less implemented08:02
BenCbasically it is backported patches08:06
BenCbut they are also patches that I want migrated eventually into dapper point releases08:06
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm62.omega21.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCsome of them need installer/cd rebuilds in order to test (like jmicron)08:07
BenCthis is only something I would need for dapper too08:07
mdzwe don't yet have a proper plan for how to provide updated installer/cd builds for new hardware support in older releases; it's something we should talk about in november08:07
BenCedgy isn't going to be as important for this08:07
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm62.omega21.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCmdz: Can I get my kernels blindly accepted into -proposed for now given that they aren't going to be considered for -updates, and I have no other channel? Until november where we can discuss a better plan?08:08
=== evand [n=evand@ubuntu/member/evand] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzBenC: they will be clobbered by later uploads destined for -updates anyway08:09
BenCmdz: Not really, I had setup the ABI for these as -50, so that -security never clobbers them08:09
BenCbut I will be merging -security stuff into these kernels as they come out08:10
mdzBenC: they're built from the same source, though, no?08:10
BenCseperate git branch08:10
mdzwe can't have two versions of the same source package in -proposed08:10
BenCsame .orig.tar.g08:10
BenCthere will only be one version in -proposed08:10
=== dous [n=dous@ubuntu/member/dous] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzyou have 1) a kernel which isn't destined for -updates, but which you want built and published for testing, and 2) a kernel which is destined for -updates, fixing regressions in dapper08:11
BenCmdz: Because of the -updates/-security cross version brokeness that I've been warned about, the updates would eventually migrate to -security uploads with a security release08:12
=== Kamion [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCso dapper has two git tree's (same .orig.tar.gz base)...the -security is just the same kernel we've always had08:12
jdong|laptopmdz: does dapper-updates take universe packages?08:13
mdzbut non-security changes should be staged in -proposed now08:13
mdzjdong|laptop: sure08:13
mdzat the discretion of MOTU08:13
=== crispin__ [n=crispin@grotto.flowerday.cx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCmdz: That's where I wanted to stage them08:13
mdzBenC: we're talking about two different sets of non-securiy changes, though, right?08:13
BenCmdz: But when they get enough testing, and are approved, they would have to be migrated with a security upload08:14
BenCso nothing ever goes into -updates08:14
BenCdo you want to discuss this over the phone?08:14
BenCmight be easier to explain08:15
zulmaybe have a edgy-git kernel in universe08:15
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflmjg59: really love the new usplash!08:26
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BenCmdz: StableReleaseUpdates is updated08:37
jdongsabdfl: yeah, it really does rock (when it works!)08:39
jdongsadly, each of my 3 boxes has a unique usplash bug :)08:39
mdzBenC: thanks, will have a look08:41
LaserJockdoes StableReleaseUpdates apply equally to Universe?08:42
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LaserJockmdz: ^^? or do you want MOTUs to decide that?08:47
mdzLaserJock: the latter08:48
mdzthough I strongly recommend using StableReleaseUpdates or something very close to it08:49
jdongmdz: so currently does backports allow core-dev to do manual uploads?08:49
jdongI'd like to do a backport of edgy's readahead08:49
LaserJockmdz: should we be using -proposed too? or is that too much archive-admin work08:50
jdongI've tested it well, and the only source mod it needs is to have Dapper's boot.list put back in08:50
mdzjdong: I do not know whether that is the case08:50
mdzbut that is how it should work08:50
mdzit will need a Launchpad admin to confirm08:51
jdonghmm, what would happen if a core-dev uploads, and it's not the case?08:51
jdongwoudl it just get rejected?08:51
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mdzjdong: same answer; I'm not sure08:53
mdzit depends on exactly how it's set up on the launchpad side of things08:53
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KamionI'm not sure either, but chances are either a reject or dropped-on-the-floor in such a way that only archive admins can find out why08:59
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jdongmdz: would you be OK with a backport of https://launchpad.net/products/dapper-backports/+bug/6327509:02
UbugtuMalone bug 63275 in dapper-backports "readahead-list " [Undecided,Confirmed]  09:02
jdongmdz: I have tested it very extensively on my machines09:02
jdongI've made this procedure as a forum howto and received no negative feedback on it09:02
mdzjdong: it only changes the file list, right? absolutely09:05
jdongmdz: well, my only modification is to revert the file list to dapper's list. Edgy's list doesn't make sense on dapper09:06
mdzjdong: oh, so you want to backport edgy readahead minus the list changes?09:06
mdzI'm OK with that as well09:06
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jdongmdz: correct09:06
seaLnedoes anyone know whether encrypted root should work in edgy?  i've seen some debian bug reports but not sure if they effect us09:07
jdongmdz: we all love faster bootups :)09:07
jdubargh, python-2.509:10
LaserJockanybody seen jono today?09:11
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jdongseb128: do you have a moment?09:39
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jdongKamion: Tonio_ uploaded the readahead-list backport... does anything appear to be happening at your end?09:47
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KamionListing ubuntu/dapper-backports (UNAPPROVED) 1/109:49
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Kamion  104064 | S- | readahead-list       | 1:0.20050517.0220-0u | nine minutes09:49
jdongooh, so it worked and landed in unapproved?09:49
jdongKamion: can you approve it? :)09:49
Kamionjust done09:51
seb128jdong: pong09:51
Kamionseems to have worked perfectly09:52
jdongseb128: the nautilus 100% CPU usage bug has been really plaguing me recently09:52
Kamion(famous last words)09:52
jdongseb128: I can perfectly reproduce it... how can I help you get more debug info about it?09:52
seb128jdong: ah, I didn't hear of it for some time09:52
seb128jdong: describe a way to get it09:53
seb128the issue is that I don't get it, so not easy to debug09:53
jdongseb128: open up a nautilus to your home folder or somewhere else09:53
jdongseb128: in the same folder, do " mencoder test.avi -o test2.avi -oac copy -ovc copy"09:53
jdongto create a new avi, and slowly stream some data into it09:53
jdongrefresh nautilus a few times09:54
jdongand watch CPU usage skyrocket09:54
_MMA_Hello room. My name is Cory. (MetalMusicAddict on the forums) Im heading the Mubuntu Project: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mubuntu Is there someone I can speak with who is good at creating meta-packages?09:54
seb128_MMA_: "good at" is not easy to determine, better to ask your question09:55
seb128I assume a bunch of people there know about how to do one09:55
sivang_MMA_: essentially a meta package just exists to depend on other packages09:55
_MMA_I dont know how to make them. I need someone to help me on my team. :) I guess thats the short of it.09:55
sivang_MMA_: you can take as an exampl eubuntu-desktop09:55
jdongseb128: using that procedure reproduces the bug 100% of the time for me....09:55
UbugtuMalone bug 100 in rosetta "uploading po file overwrites authors list" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/10009:56
_MMA_I know.09:56
sivangsorry, ubuntu-desktop09:56
jdongseb128: it's really irritating when it causes a 12-hour encode to take twice as long :)09:56
sivangsee how it was built, and try to immitate, replacing the package name and switching in your dependencies09:56
_MMA_Honestly, Im looking for a team member. I have so much to do myself now as it is. Im good at figuring things out if I have the time. Time is the one thing Im lacking.09:57
_MMA_Im here "recruiting". If someone has the time.09:58
seb128jdong: spatial or browser mode, icon or list view?10:00
seb128jdong: no issue with a few tries on my box10:00
jdongseb128: spatial mode, icon view10:00
jdongrefreshing a few times while the avi is generating leads to the problem10:00
jdong(you gotta catch it while the avi is generating)10:00
seb128_MMA_: not the right change to recrut, most of people here are already overworked, better trying #ubuntu-motu10:00
seb128jdong: ok, thank you, I'll try to get it that way10:01
jdongmencoder test.avi -o test2.avi -oac copy -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=40010:01
jdongthat should give you ample time :)10:01
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seb128is nautilus having the thumbnail update clock when you get the issue?10:01
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Kamion_jdong: I must say I'm not overly convinced that the "only ubuntu-core-dev can upload directly to backports" rule is implemented; it looks like just the normal component checks are applied10:01
Kamion_jdong: however, that's ok, because it all lands in unapproved anyway and we can check it10:02
Kamion_(sorry, not sure if you saw me say that earlier because I think I had already dropped off)10:02
_MMA_seb128: Ok. I thought that channel was more for maintaining Universe. Ill give 'em a ring, see what happens. Thank you.10:03
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seb128_MMA_: it is for universe, the point is than most of people on #ubuntu-devel are already doing lot of things and not likely wanting to step to work on a new subproject10:05
jdongseb128: yes, I get the thumbnail update clock10:06
jdongKamion: ok, thanks for the heads-up10:06
seb128jdong: you should not while it's working10:06
seb128it tries to thumbnail only if the file didn't change for 5s10:06
jdongseb128: well, I do.... :(10:06
seb128which should not happen while mencoder is running10:06
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jdongseb128: it is indeed a clock icon10:08
[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:08
seb128the standard clock icon?10:08
[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:08
seb128or the icon it's using while generating a thumbnail?10:08
Tonio_mdz: talking about backports, I was thinking about proftpd10:08
Tonio_mdz: the mysql part doesn't work at all with the current dapper version, see bug 5935910:09
UbugtuMalone bug 59359 in proftpd "proftpd-mysql-1.2.10-27ubuntu3 has stopped authenticating with mysql" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5935910:09
jdongseb128: oh wait, never mind10:09
jdongseb128: the bug happens with an incomplete avi it seems like10:09
Tonio_mdz: that's pretty annoying for a 5 years (server) supported version...10:09
jdongseb128: let me try to get you better instructions on reproducing it10:10
seb128jdong: ok10:10
_ionIs [pitcher]  a spambot?10:10
Tonio_mdz: I attempted to backport the edgy version and it works like a charm.... interested in an upload to dapper ?10:10
tseng_ion: i dont think so10:10
tsengTonio_: 5 year server support doesnt apply to universe10:10
mdzTonio_: backports -> jdong10:10
tsengTonio_: its a best effort by the community10:11
jdongseb128: ok, with nautilus open looking at the directory, do the mencoder command10:11
jdongseb128: while that's running, press F5 like 5 times10:11
jdongseb128: now, CTRL+C on the mencoder10:11
Tonio_tseng: yes I know, but proftpd is a major component on the server part, especially for people using LAMP10:12
tsengTonio_: you could argue alot of things are a major component of something or other10:12
Tonio_tseng: heh, true :)10:12
tsengTonio_: there is a clear line in the sand between main and unvierse, proftpd is currently out10:12
[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:12
[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:12
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Tonio_tseng: that doesn't prevent to close the bug by a backport afaik10:13
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jdongTonio_: does proftpd build in a pbuilder?10:13
Tonio_jdong: yup10:13
tsengTonio_: not at all.10:13
_iontseng: Still think it was not a spambot? :-P10:13
tseng_ion: dunno, it's gone10:13
jdongTonio_: then I've got no issue with it... let me verify first10:14
jdongTonio_: open that ticket as also affecting upstream dapper-backports10:14
seb128jdong: nop, no bug, maybe my box is too fast or something, do you have a slow box?10:14
jdongseb128: happens on my core duo and amd6410:14
tsengjdong: both smp?10:15
jdongtseng: nope, one smp10:15
seb128jdong: I think it's http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35770410:16
UbugtuGnome bug 357704 in Monitoring (inotify) "Infinite loop in monitoring code" [Critical,Unconfirmed]  10:16
seb128jdong: no really idea on how to fix it for now though10:16
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jdongseb128: could be.... :-/10:17
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jdubi think it might be time to upgrade my linode to edgy10:42
tsengjdub: mine is staying on dapper10:42
tsengjdub: i dont see the impetus to move forward10:42
tsengLTS rules10:42
jdubperhaps in that case, we should've stuck with breezy, the best release yet ;)10:43
tsengbreezy wasnt developed with LTS in mind10:43
HiddenWolfseriously, what's the drive to go to edgy?10:43
tsengand a guarantee of security updates10:43
jdubtseng: no, but it was better than dapper :)10:43
HiddenWolfDapper does pretty much everything, unless you run into a bug.10:44
HiddenWolfjdub: how so?10:44
gnomefreakis edgy defaulting to python2.5 now?10:44
infinitygnomefreak: No.10:44
jdubHiddenWolf: breezy was a better release in general, dapper got messy (next time, hopefully we know an LTS will be an LTS at least 12 months ahead, instead of six)10:45
gnomefreakon a basicly clean install (other than heldback poython packages i just got updates for python-minimal2.510:45
jdubgnomefreak: some python-gnome packages were built against it - probably a buildd / conflicts problem10:45
gnomefreakah ok10:45
gnomefreakwell i will file bug on the syntax errors10:47
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seb128jdub: dude, breezy was not better than dapper10:48
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HiddenWolfseb128: well, that depends. Dapper has a bug that bugs me that wasn't in breezy. ;)10:48
jdubseb128: it so was :)10:48
seb128HiddenWolf: that's not a troll chan, thank you10:48
seb128jdub: thank you for assuming the 6 weeks I spent fixing desktop bug were useless10:49
seb128jdub: we did fix a lot of small glitches and bug for dapper we didn't have time to fix with any previous version10:49
jdubseb128: i'm not -- just in general, i felt breezy was more solid, and that applies to everything from upstream, installer, etc.10:49
seb128really not my feeling10:49
jdubseb128: i also think gnome 2.12 was more solid than 2.1410:50
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seb128not to speak we pushed lot of fix to dapper-updates compared to previous -updates10:50
jdongseb128: my  dapper box does not exhibit the 100% cpu bug10:50
seb128jdub: you must think that 2.16 is a joke then :/10:50
jdubseb128: yeah, the amount of updates has influenced my appreciation of dapper too10:50
seb128jdub: 2.12 had gst0.810:50
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seb128jdub: how can you consider it better than gst010:51
jdubseb128: i don't10:51
seb128I think 2.14 was good10:51
seb1282.16 is not10:51
seb128gtk2.10 has issues, the gnome-vfs etc switch to dbus has issues too10:51
jdubbut again, i felt breezy was a better release *in general* (not specific to gnome, etc)10:51
seb128k, I disagree ;)10:51
jdubyeah, some biggish changes that haven't had much testing10:52
seb128jdub: you should compare breezy installer to dapper alternative, not ubiquity :p10:52
jdubbut Real Users wouldn't :)10:52
seb128real users would think dapper has the same old good text based installed and new cool desktop CD one ;)10:53
infinityseb128: Is there a new pygtk on the way that reverts to python2.4 instead of python2.5?10:54
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128infinity: what python2.5?10:54
infinityseb128: apt-cache show python-gtk2 | grep python2.510:54
seb128infinity: $ dpkg -L python-gtk2  | grep python | grep gtk.so10:55
seb128infinity: ?10:55
seb128infinity: you know, we have that new policy things10:55
seb128several versions of python to the same package10:55
infinityDepends: python2.510:55
seb128balem python-support? :p10:55
AmaranthProvides: python2.5-gtk2, python2.4-gtk210:55
AmaranthDepends: python (<< 2.6), python-support (>= 0.3.4), python (>= 2.4),10:55
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seb128infinity: what arch is that?10:56
seb128I've "Depends: python (<< 2.6), python-support (>= 0.3.4), python (>= 2.4)" on my edgy amd6410:56
infinityseb128: i386... I have what you show for 2.10.3-0ubuntu1, but have python2.5 for 2.10.3-0ubuntu210:58
seb128infinity: ah, I've not apt-get updated yet, will have a look on it10:58
infinitySo, yes, I'd guess python-support 0.5.2 was the culprit.10:58
infinityOr not... Both were built with that version.10:59
sbalneavIs fuse-utils now putting the fuse module into /etc/modules?  Seems that way from the logs.11:00
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AnAntanyone knows where to get info (other than dash manual) about field expansion in dash ? the problem is that I got a variable VAR=foo1 foo2 ... , and I need to access a certain field (either foo1 or foo2 , ...)11:02
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sbalneavSeems so, from dpkg -e.  OK, I don't need to do that in ltspfs then.11:04
infinityseb128: Hrmph.  Scanning edgy-changes, I don't immediately see anything uploaded/changed between ubuntu1 and ubuntu2 that sticks out as a scapegoat.11:04
seb128infinity: the new version installs /usr/bin/pygtk-demo which uses "#! /usr/bin/python2.5"11:05
seb128infinity: I'll fix that11:05
infinityOh, duh.11:06
infinityThat'd do it alright. :)11:06
seb128thank you for pointing it11:06
seb128and sorry for the bug ;)11:06
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Kamionseb128: I'd very much rather have built ubiquity over two releases, the first one as non-default, rather than blasting it straight in as the default11:09
Kamionseb128: but commercial pressures meant that wasn't possible11:09
seb128not speaking about ubiquity I find the dapper polish level better than for previous versions11:11
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jdubKamion: what's marc brockschmidt's nick? (is he an ircer?)11:27
elmojdub: HE11:28
=== currios [n=currios@i577A060F.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubthanks elmo 11:29
jduboh, that means i have to oftc or something11:29
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jdubahr, here, but not here11:30
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AnAntwifi-radar daemon ends after a short while, I think it is a bug11:37
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illovaeohayo :)12:02
illovaefirst sorry for my english, but it's not my native langage12:03
illovaei know there is an option -g for cp who make a progress bar avalaible while copying big files12:03
illovaewhen i test it on my dapper, it doesn't work12:04
illovaeis it possible that the option is not integrated in the coreutils in the dapper version ?12:04
illovaei can give you my source on linuxfr.org but it's in french12:05
illovaei don't know if the coreutils are developed by the UbuntuDevels12:06
illovaeor if it's just a port from debian12:06
illovaei ask here anyway12:06
seb128illovae: we sync the packages on Debian, version might mismatch though12:06
seb128illovae: is that a new cp feature?12:06
illovaei don't know, i was just seaching for a tool who give a progress bar while copying files like wget12:07

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