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tritiumAll kernels beginning with 2.6.17-8 break my display completely when gdm loads.  Should I file a bug against 2.6.17-8, or the current version, or what?03:12
gnomefreaktritium: we are on -1003:16
tritiumgnomefreak: I know03:16
gnomefreakoh ok03:17
tritiumNothing beyond -7 works for me03:17
tritiumzul: ah, but of course.  Thanks03:17
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BenCtritium: have you tried without splash loading?04:08
BenCtritium: What exactly is broken about your display?04:09
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tritiumBenC: yes, I have.  I've also booted in single-user mode, and stepped through init scripts in runlevel 2.  Screen goes completely blank when gdm starts.04:10
tritiumThat includes the console.04:11
BenCis the system still alive, or does it lock up?04:11
BenCcan it be pinged?04:11
tritiumStill alive04:11
tritiumWhat kernel is on the beta install image?  Installer fails as well, for the same reason.04:12
BenClatest kernel04:13
BenCtry using vga, vesa or fbdev for your xorg driver04:13
BenCwhat video card are you using?04:13
tritiumhmm, okay.  i81004:13
BenCwhich chipset?04:14
BenC945, 965?04:14
tritiumIt's a Canonical-supplied Toshiba Tecra A2 with Intel 855GM graphics.04:14
BenCok, first see if some alternate video driver works04:16
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tritiumI will try other drivers, look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log files, and ssh into laptop and watch what happens when entering runlevel 204:16
BenCsecond, if you can ssh into when the lockup happens, get the dmesg, lspci -vv, lspci -vvn and /var/log/Xorg.0.log output04:16
BenCtritium: great, thanks04:16
BenCmkrufky: yo04:16
tritiumBenC: thanks for your help.  I appreciate it.04:16
mkrufkyBenC: is the ov511 you just added to ubuntu/media a newer version of the ov511 in drivers/media/video?04:17
mkrufky(just curious)04:17
BenCmkrufky: It's got the decompressors in it that the stock kernel one doesn't04:18
mkrufkyah, ok04:18
mkrufkydo u know if there's any reason that never got to the stock kernel?04:18
BenCtechnically the decompressor should be linux-restricted-modules, but it's a matter of "no one has complained yet" :)04:20
BenCnot sure of the exact details, but it's not something that can go in the main kernel04:21
BenCI wish the main kernel had left the decompressor hooks in, so I wouldn't have to include the whole driver04:21
mkrufkyok, now that i'm looking at it, i think this wouldnt normally be in the main kernel because they would say it belongs in userland04:21
mkrufkyya, i know what you mean...04:22
mkrufkywhy dont you just patch the hooks back in, for the ubuntu kernel?04:22
mkrufkythen it would probably be easier to keep it up to date04:22
BenCnot really, because the hooks are pretty invasive04:23
BenCmkrufky: any comments on the new ubuntu/* driver sub directory?04:23
BenCI'm hoping it makes things easier to maintain04:24
mkrufkyi took a look and only say ov511 inside04:24
=== mkrufky looks again
mkrufkyoh, oops04:24
mkrufkyhehe i was being media-centric ;-)04:24
BenCit's pretty loaded :)04:25
mkrufkyi like the idea04:25
BenCI just started on the media drivers04:25
mkrufkyi think you've also got the hollywood/dxr3 driver in the main tree04:25
mkrufkywhat else is planned ?04:26
BenCI've got a list from edgy04:26
BenCthere's like 40 more drivers04:26
mkrufky40 all media drivers?04:27
BenCacpi stuff, misdn, more media drivers, some input drivers, mmc, couple scsi, bluetooth stuff...04:27
BenCmore net drivers04:27
BenCno, not all media, I only have like 6 more of those04:28
mkrufkyah, ok ... i thought you meant 40 media drivers.... that would be a surprise to know there's that many out of thre04:28
BenCthe debian/changelog is going to be autogenerated using git-log | debian/bin/git-ubuntu-log too04:29
BenCdebian/rules printchanges | less04:29
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zulubuntu/misc is weird04:38
BenChow so?04:57
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zulBenC: well things like xen touch alot of files for one06:03
BenCzul: can't imagine it would touch anything in ubuntu/*06:05
fabbionehey BenC 06:06
fabbionehey zul06:06
BenCand the fact that ubuntu/* means I'm touching less in the main kernel should mean xen will be easier06:06
zultrue but i thought the ubuntu/ directory is for external drivers06:06
BenCfabbione: yo06:06
zulhey fabbione 06:06
BenCzul: it is, but xen is an exception...it's not a driver06:06
zulah ok06:06
fabbioneBenC: the new ati driver i uploaded yesterday fixes switching to vt on pb.06:07
fabbioneno more hard locks06:07
fabbioneyou really want to update it06:07
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BenCati driver in the kernel?06:08
fabbionethe free driver06:08
fabbionenight zul06:12
jlduggerreguarding the error tritium brought up earlier, i belive it's related to #6197906:35
jlduggerbasically, toshiba laptops fail to work if they need acpi for video.06:36
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infinityzul: You have a funny way of "fixing FTBFS" bugs. :)  xen-source is still FTBFS.01:00
=== porkpie [n=mark@cpc1-bsfd5-0-0-cust929.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
porkpieHi guy's is there a doc on how to create a custom kernel ....I want to get this Dell 1950 working with the server build01:01
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCporkpie: the short answer: fakeroot debian/rules flavours=server03:02
zulhow is it going?03:04
BenCpretty good03:05
zulgood good03:07
BenCinfinity: ping03:07
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel GIT tree info (updated): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide | 2.6.17-10.27 uploaded. | Daily kernel builds (for debug and testing purposes only) http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels-daily/ | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryKernel
zulBenC: did you have a look at those patches i sent yet?03:08
tfheenBenC: you have the few remaining kernel bugs targetted for 6.10 under control, right?  So we'll have an upload today or tomorrow?03:09
infinityBenC: Yo.03:10
BenCtfheen: Just uploaded this second03:10
tfheenBenC: excellent :-)03:10
tfheenlet's hope it works well and we won't need more uploads, then03:11
BenCinfinity: Are you going to handle the initramfs-tools fix to include the jmicron.ko module (so the cd's have it) or do you want me to?03:11
infinityBenC: I can do it after I mangle LRM a bit, or you can do it if you're in the mood.  I'm very not picky.03:11
BenCtfheen: Well, the FTBFS on ppc is fixed, and the few remaining issues that I wanted for release are included as well03:11
BenCinfinity: With the kernel upload done, I have time, so I'll tackle it03:12
tfheenBenC: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/43531 should probably be against 2.6.17 since it's targetted for 6.10?03:12
BenCinfinity: I can just add it to the ide) under auto_add_modules, right?03:14
BenCtfheen: Interesting, yeah, it should03:14
BenCI'm not so sure that one will make it in03:14
BenCwho changed the target to 6.10?03:14
tfheenunsure; LP doesn't display that information clearly03:15
BenCLast activity was my Matt on Jun 603:15
infinityBenC: Assuming it's an IDE driver, sure. :)03:15
infinityBenC: Keep the list alphabetical, for the sake of my sanity.03:15
BenCtfheen: I'm going to remove it from ubuntu-6.10 target03:15
tfheenBenC: last activity was from Matt on Sept 12th where he said "remember this is targetted for 6.10"03:16
BenCinfinity: muh hah hah...I'll add it in a random spot, and in escaped ascii!!03:16
infinityBenC: I love you too.03:16
BenCtfheen: weird, I don't see that one03:17
tfheenBenC: uh, you don't see it on the URL I mentioned above?03:17
tfheenRe: Kernel isn't very useful without a boot loader, but doesn't depend on one from Matt Zimmerman at 2006-09-12 00:54:50 UTC03:17
BenCtfheen: No, I didn' see it in the activity log, but I guess that isn't for comments03:17
tfheenoh, he targetted it in June03:18
tfheenif you could discuss dropping it for 6.10 with mdz, I'd appreciate.  I don't care deeply either way.03:19
BenCtfheen: I'll try to get it done, but it's going to require a kernel upload, and uploading every boot loader03:19
tfheenBenC: why isn't it enough to make a no-bootloader package and making the kernel depend on it or grub or lilo or yaboot or ... (as appropriate for platforms, naturally)?03:22
BenCtfheen: The idea was for every boot loaded to provide "boot-loader", so the kernel could just depend on "boot-loader"03:23
tfheenoh, ok.03:23
tfheenanyway, if you can get it done, great, if not, please talk to mdz about it.03:23
tfheenand if he doesn't allow you to drop it, tell me so we can find out what we should do.03:23
tfheenthanks :-)03:24
BenCtfheen: do you have teh bug # off hand for the jmicron ide module?03:24
tfheenseems to be the one03:24
BenClp's searching sucks03:25
BenCI search for jmicron, and it can't find jmicron.ko03:25
tfheenyeah. :-/03:25
tfheenI just found it because it's targetted for 6.1003:25
=== BenC starts singing "And another one bites the dust"
BenCinfinity: How often do you go through the modules to update initramfs-tools auto lists?03:29
infinityBenC: Once or twice per release cycle.  ie: Not often.03:30
infinityBenC: Feel free to do so yourself whenever you like.  It's kernel-related, after all, and you have a better idea of what drivers you ship than I do. :)03:31
BenCshows how much I know about initramfs-tools...I figured it pulled drivers/ide/**.ko03:32
BenCinfinity: for edgy+1 it needs a makeover...since there's not a drivers/ata/ directory for all of sata and libata based pata, and we are switching a few drivers over to that03:33
BenCno one's complained much about the livecd not having drivers, so I assume we are ok for edgy03:34
infinityBenC: When Jeff first wrote it, he automated the driver listing, and apparently that ran into some snags, so he reverted to static lists.03:36
infinityBenC: I've not examined automating it due to not wanting to repeat the mistakes of those more clever who have gone before me. :)03:36
BenCinfinity: hmm...sounds like something not to be messed with03:37
BenCinfinity: If you're doing lrm, are you handling the ppc64 ftbfs too?03:43
BenCintinify: basically, just disable madwifi on the powerpc64-smp flavour03:44
infinityYeah, that's what I was uploading for, just getting some other stuff at the same time.03:47
BenCinfinity: Any ideas on bug #60938?03:49
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hubI just reported a few serious bugs in the kernel in Edgy03:57
hubtotal regression from dapper03:57
infinityBenC: Curious.03:57
BenChub: bug numbers?03:57
hubone is actually reported to grub03:59
infinityBenC: I have no idea how that could happen, off-hand.04:00
BenCinfinity: Odd that it's somewhat random04:00
infinityAll good bugs are. :/04:00
BenCinfinity: "Support for binding and unbinding console drivers"04:06
BenCthat's in the next kernel04:06
BenCso you can unload vesafb and load i810fb, for example04:06
infinityThat sounds like a world of pain.04:06
BenCor unload vga16fb and go back to reular console04:06
infinityIf it works, though, woohoo.04:06
BenCit's not labeled experimental, so here's hoping for honest documentation04:07
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tonfaare they known problem for laptop not rebooting (shutting down instead)04:22
tonfai think it used to work04:22
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KeybukBenC: ping04:42
zulstupid firmware...infinity ill upload a fix tonight, and i know it works04:43
infinityzul: While you're at it, can you do some package renaming?04:43
zulsure...what do you want?04:44
infinityzul: xen-headers-2.6.17 should be xen-headers-2.6.17-$(abinum)04:44
Keybuko cdrom-modules-2.6.17-10-generic-di linux-image-kdump  {linux-source-2.6.17}04:44
Keybukwhy are those there?04:44
zulinfinity: ok ill fix that04:44
infinityzul: And xen-headers-2.6.17-$(abinum)-$(flavour) should depend on xen-headers-2.6.17-$(abinum), obviously.04:44
BenCKeybuk: pong04:48
BenCKeybuk: why are they where?04:48
KeybukBenC: in anastacia output04:49
Keybukshould I demote those packages, or remove them?04:49
Keybukor do they need seeding?04:49
BenCKeybuk: the kdump image was discussed in germany, it should be made available. I guess it's been silently dropped for some time now04:50
BenCthe cdrom-modules have alway been there I though04:50
Keybukalways been where?04:50
BenCwell, not for -generic, but should be04:50
BenCin the build04:51
Keybukok, so it's a seed issue04:51
BenCI'm guessing04:51
BenCkdump can be in universe04:52
Keybuk * Kernel-Version: 2.6.17-10-generic04:52
Keybuk * /^.*-firmware-.*-di/ [amd64] 04:52
Keybuk * /^.*-modules-.*-di/ [amd64] 04:52
Keybukfor everything except04:53
Keybuk * Kernel-Version: 2.6.17-10-38604:53
Keybuk * /^.*-firmware-.*-386-di/ [i386] 04:53
Keybuk * /^.*-modules-.*-386-di/ [i386] 04:53
KeybukI'll ask Kamion04:53
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=== BenC shoots for his first 2.6.19-pre kernel build
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zulgoody...ill get xen working with it ;)05:46
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BenC  MODPOST 1869 modules06:15
BenCour module list is getting huge06:15
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BenCLinux gullible 2.6.19-1-generic #4 SMP Wed Oct 4 12:24:59 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux06:40
BenCfound a very interesting bug though...setting essid (either network-admin or iwconfig directly) truncates it by one character06:41
BenChad to add a trailing character to get it set right06:42
porkpieBenC:hi   what kernel is the livecd running ?06:49
porkpieBenC:I want to build a custom kernel to support the Dell 1950 ...06:50
BenCporkpie: edgy?06:51
porkpieBenC:I thinks it dapper amd6406:52
porkpieBenC:we want to use ubuntu ...I have tried to install the server cd amd64 but it just doesn't happen ....problem with the initramfs ...it fails to load the megaraid_sas  ....06:54
mdzBenC: milestone changes aren't recorded in the activity log; there's already a bug open.  I try to remember to add a comment whenever I change a milestone so that it's clear06:55
BenCmdz: Do you still want me to do that bug for edgy? It's trivial and non-invasive, but requires a lot of uploads06:56
BenCI can add the no-boot-loader package to linux-meta06:57
BenCporkpie: Just grab the latest linux-source-2.6.15 from dapper-security06:59
mdzBenC: if it's non-invasive, please go ahead.  it's not critical functionality, but the sab would surely be disappointed07:03
BenCI'll have it done by the end of the day then07:05
=== BenC also puts up a few sticky notes for tonights 3am meeting
zuloh yeah totally forgot about that07:07
mdzhmm, reminder didn't go out?07:12
=== mdz checks
BenCI got one from sfllaw07:12
zulyes it did07:12
mdzyep, there it is07:12
zuli just checked07:12
BenCcool, now I have an excuse to go out fishing tonight...high tide is at 7pm07:13
BenCthe creek in my back yard only has 2 inches of water till the tide comes in...hard getting a 14 foot john boat out in a 2 inch deep and 6 inch wide stream07:14
mdzBenC: what kind of fish do you find there?07:15
porkpieBenC:how much would you charge me to build a custom kernel for the 195007:16
BenCmostly croaker, but rock started running too...supposedly there's puppy drum, and blue around, but I haven't seen any07:17
BenCporkpie: If you have a patch, I'll upload a new dapper-updates kernel with it, and you can just download the .deb07:17
porkpieBenC:I need to get this box in production ....with ubuntu server amd64 07:19
BenCporkpie: do you have a patch, or know why it isn't working?07:20
porkpieBenC:let me find the problem ...07:20
BenCporkpie: If it's just a missing PCI ID in the module's device table, there's a quick one-liner command you can run after the system is booted (and then make sure to add it to initramfs stuff) so it works07:20
zulBenC: have you seen this error before?07:21
zulERROR got an error from dpkg for pkg: 'linux-image-2.6.17-10-386': 'subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 12807:21
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zulah mvo is here07:22
porkpieBenC:I has been fixed in edgy07:22
zulBenC: he'll give you more background on the problem07:22
porkpieBenC:but edgy is no good for production ....07:22
BenCis this the "raid drives show up in scsi probe"?07:22
BenCah, yep, it is07:23
BenCeasy fix07:23
porkpieBenC:maybe easy for you  but not for me ....07:23
porkpieBenC:I would like an ISO that installs and reboots OK ....is this possible 07:24
BenCI can't do ISO's07:25
mvoBenC: I got some reports about kernel postinst failures on dapper->edgy upgrades (e.g. bug #63074). 2006-09-29 22:15:20,104 ERROR got an error from dpkg for pkg: 'linux-image-2.6.17-10-386': 'subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 12807:25
mvo (from main.log). do you have any idea what might go wrong there?07:25
BenCmvo: maybe disk full?07:26
porkpieBenC:OK ....so if you fix the kernel for the dapper server amd64 build how would I apply this as an install ISO07:26
porkpieBenC:Who can create an install ISO for me ???07:27
BenCmvo: post-install creates initrd, and that might have caused a disk full07:27
BenCporkpie: Can you net boot?07:27
porkpieI have the function 07:28
BenCporkpie: I suggest checking the wiki...there's tons of docs on how to create bootable media07:28
mvoBenC: that makes sense, thanks07:28
porkpieBenC:OK ...what files do I need for the ISO ....can you provide me with a fixed kernel ...please07:29
BenCporkpie: The 2.6.15-50.50 kernel in dapper-updates has this fix07:29
porkpieBenC:do you have a paypal account 07:29
porkpieBenC:OK ...where do I get this from 07:30
BenCerr, dapper-proposed07:31
BenCFor some reason, it isn't there07:32
BenCporkpie: Checking on the status of that07:35
BenCporkpie: do you have an existing ubuntu amd64 system?07:37
porkpieI have debian install working on the 1950 but it's not an smp kernel07:43
porkpieAlso it's a backport !07:43
porkpieBenC:I tried to update the Kernel but I get a Kernel panic when I try to use the smp version also we don't want to use Debian 07:45
porkpieBenC:do you want access to the server .....???07:46
BenCporkpie: hold on a minute07:52
porkpieOK boss07:52
BenCporkpie: I'll get you a kernel build by tomorrow...the CD creation you'll have to handle on your own (or try net bootable media)07:53
BenCboth methods are found on wiki.ubuntu.com07:53
=== kylem [n=kyle@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
porkpieBenC:thanks for your help ..... how much do I owe you07:54
porkpieCan you send the link to mark.lindley@systemcms.com when it's ready for download please07:55
BenCporkpie: like many before you, you owe me a beer which I'll probably never be able to collect on :)07:55
=== svu [n=svu@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
svuBenC, ping?07:58
porkpieBenC:will you send me the link the kernel ??08:05
BenCsvu: pong08:07
BenCporkpie: Check with me on here tomorrow08:07
porkpieOK ....thanks again08:07
svuBenC, do you remember - you were going to build restricted modules for ppc64?08:09
svuBenC, trying to update kernel I get this:08:10
svulinux-powerpc64-smp: Depends: linux-restricted-modules-powerpc64-smp but it is not going to be installed08:10
svuPackage linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-10-powerpc64-smp has no installation candidate08:10
BenCsvu: Will be fixed soon08:11
BenClrm was ftbfs, and infinity is uploading a new version08:11
svuBenC, thanks!08:11
=== hub [n=hub@moodiegate.xandros.com] has left #ubuntu-kernel ["Leaving"]
zulBenC: there is no vars.generic in 2.6.19 is there suppose to be one?08:44
BenCzul: isn't in 2.6.17 either...it's in debian/config/vars.generic08:45
BenCshared for x86/x86_6408:45
zulah gotcha08:45
BenCcrimsun: ping08:49
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zulright im going home..10:02
=== BenC [n=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
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[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:09
[Pitcher] hi all, new server of support to ubuntu /server -m irc.ubuntuzone.org:6668 ;)10:12
=== [Pitcher] [n=Dany@148.Red-83-35-113.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu-kernel []
BenCthat's pretty dumb10:28
jwest-first time i've seen that on freenode10:29
gnomefreakBenC: you might want to ban that ip they spent good part of day in all other #ubuntu-* related channels doing that10:59
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
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zulspam spam spam spam11:48
zulshitty there isnt a sharks game i want to see while being there11:55
=== kylem [n=kyle@cabal.ca] has joined #ubuntu-kernel

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