johnnybuoydoes anyone know about a good documentation for upstart?12:40
Seveasjohnnybuoy, the source code ;)01:02
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!alindeman:*! Hi all. A rotation server just hiccuped; we're looking into it04:37
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thomKeybuk: you sly dog, sneaking gratuitous self-agrandisement onto linux.com ;-)06:05
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smlgb1Hi there. Did anybody of you try to install upstart on gentoo yet?06:12
Keybuksmlgb1: I believe there have been several attempts, at least one of which was successful06:12
Keybukthom: and getting paid for it, too ;)06:12
smlgb1is there some online resource to check it out? I am trying for over a day now, but i cannot get it to do the right thing...06:14
thomKeybuk: you can buy me a beer at uds then06:15
Keybukthom: you're definitely coming?06:16
Keybuksmlgb1: no idea, I don't know if anyone's written it down yet06:17
smlgb1ok, thanks. gotta keep trying.06:18
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wasabi_Keybuk: sponsorship accepted. ;006:21
wasabi_Yay for me!06:21
wasabi_I'm going to start writing up a ton of various use cases of complicated upstart event stuff, and start blowing out flow charts.06:22
Keybukwasabi_: yeah, I saw a few weeks ago06:22
KeybukI guess the mails finally went out then06:22
wasabi_whiprush sent in another recommendation because I'll be working on some directory integration stuff too06:23
wasabi_He didn't know you already had.06:23
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madduckKeybuk: can you do s@/boot/grub/menu.lst@& (or if using grub2 - /boot/grub/grub.cfg)@ in the README?07:09
madduckbounce from a user forthcoming07:09
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Keybukmadduck: err, -v ?07:18
madduckKeybuk: yeah, this is 0.1.107:18
madduckKeybuk: if it does not apply anymore, all the better07:18
KeybukI didn't understand the sed07:19
Keybukand yeah, there's no README.Debian anymore in 0.2+07:20
KeybukI suspect Debian will want to keep it though, unless you install upstart as /sbin/init07:22
madduckkinda. i am not maintainer anymore, it's up to mbiebl now. :)07:23
mbieblKeybuk: 0.2.7 is currently in NEW again because of the new binary packages.07:23
Keybukoh right, fair enough07:24
mbieblIt also replaces /sbin/init.07:24
Keybukhow did you package it?  ubuntu-style?07:24
mbieblIt's based on your packages.07:24
mbieblI want to keep it as close as possible.07:24
mbieblsysvinit has been split up and other packages which still depedended on sysvinit have mostly been fixed.07:25
Keybukcould you use -Xdebian1 in your revisions, not just -1 though07:25
madduckyeah, this was pretty painless. i meant to blog about the whole process.07:25
mbiebl(bluez-utils being the most important one which still remains)07:25
Keybukotherwise I'll have to blacklist it from the Ubuntu sync/merge process07:25
Keybukwhich won't do either of us favours07:25
madduckKeybuk: why not try to stay in sync?07:25
KeybukI don't mind if they don't differ07:26
madduckmbiebl: ?07:26
mbieblGood question, still debian/control has to differ because of the different replaces.07:26
madduckmbiebl: then i guess it should really be -Xdebian107:27
mbieblAlso pere chose to name sysvutils sysvinit-utils.07:27
madducki think ubuntu will follow this choice of name, right Keybuk ?07:27
Keybukwe will in edgy+1, yeah07:27
Keybukobviously we're frozen now07:27
mbieblKeybuk: I already thought about naming them -Xdebian1. But I don't always copy debian/ on a new release of the Ubuntu package.07:28
mbieblI copied them for 0.2.5 and then only synced in the necessary changes.07:28
Keybukthe main problem is if you, for what ever reason, race ahead of us07:29
Keybukyou do 0.3.0-1, so do we, but they differ07:29
Keybukand you need to fix something, and do 0.3.0-207:29
KeybukDebian now has a higher version than Ubuntu, so our sync process will try and override our version with yours07:29
Keybukwhich would be bad07:29
Keybukthe sync process recognises XubuntuY and XdebianY07:30
mbieblHm, right.07:30
Keybukthe former as an "Ubuntu patched version of a Debian-maintained package"07:30
Keybukand the latter as a "Debian patched version of an Ubuntu-maintained package"07:30
Keybukso it'd know not to override our version with a XdebianY07:30
mbieblI just found it odd to name them -Xdebian1 also if they are not directly based on the corresponding Ubuntu version.07:31
Keybukwithout that, I'd need to blacklist upstart from the sync process to avoid us suddenly ending up with the debian packages07:31
Keybukname them -0debian1 then?07:31
Keybukwe use that in Ubuntu when we don't base things on the Debian version07:31
Keybukit's not important though, if you don't want to use patches/merge.ubuntu.com etc.07:32
Keybukor get diffs from the PTS07:32
mbieblHow do you usually handle syncs between Debian/Ubuntu?07:33
mbieblDo you copy the Debian changelog?07:33
mbieblEven if the packages evolve differently for some time.07:34
Keybukif we branch the package, we add our entries to the top of the changelog07:35
Keybukso you see -2ubuntu2, -2ubuntu1, -2, -1 etc.07:35
Keybukthen if we merge in Debian again, we add the new Debian at the top07:35
Keybuk(and a ubuntu1 for the merge)07:35
Keybuk-3ubuntu1, -3, -2ubuntu2, -2ubuntu1, -2, -107:35
Keybukif we abandon our patches, we sync the Debian version and drop the changelog diff07:35
mbieblOk, then I'll try to adopt a corresponding versioning scheme with -XdebianY for the Debian package.07:38
Keybukif not, don't worry too much :)07:39
KeybukI'm the guy that does the sync/merge stuff, so I'd quickly hit a button if I saw upstart in there ;)07:39
mbieblKeybuk: The only issues I currently have with upstart on Debian is, that console-setup/console-tools don't work properly during boot up.07:41
mbieblI know that you had the same problems on Edgy already, so maybe you could give me some pointers how you fixed that.07:41
Keybuk"don't work properly" ?07:42
mbieblFont and keyboard are not setup during bootup.07:42
Keybukwith usplash?07:42
KeybukDebian uses setupcon?07:42
mbieblI can, it's optionally.07:43
Keybukdoes adding "console output" to rcS/rc2 help?07:44
Keybukit "just works" here, don't really know much about it07:44
KeybukI know Kamion spent ages transitioning us to setupcon07:44
KeybukI assumed Debian had done the same before, he tends to prefer to keep us matched to Debian07:45
mbieblI'll check that. I just know, that /etc/init.d/console-setup works when run from sysvinit, but not from upstart.07:45
Keybukassuming you just copied the ubuntu jobs, you've probably got a silent startup with no console output07:46
Keybukif whatever sets the console up just uses fd 0/1/2, then it won't do anything07:46
mbieblAh, so why does it work on Ubuntu then? It also uses the silent startup.07:47
mbieblHave the changed the init scripts/setupcon?07:48
Keybukwe just call "setupcon -k --force"07:48
Keybukit seems to dtrt here07:49
Keybukoh, the -k is just if usplash is running07:49
Keybukanyway, gym time, gotta run07:50
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