BurgworkLaserJock, I am seeing a segfault, but it might be related to our desktop-multiplier02:00
LaserJockin Fullscreen?02:01
Burgworkoh, btw, your dm stuff is rock solid02:01
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LaserJockBurgwork: yeah? cool02:02
LaserJockyou guys get any bug reports?02:02
Burgworknot yet02:02
LaserJockBurgwork: package any more versions? or is the one I did it?02:05
Burgworknope, no new versions yet02:06
LaserJockok, were does gcompris segfaul?02:07
Burgworkat start02:08
Burgworkissue with xrandr02:08
LaserJockhmm, mine doesn't02:09
LaserJockI just ran gcompris -f02:10
Burgworkit is a dm issue02:11
LaserJockas a side effect02:14
LaserJockmy lab mate just walked in and started playing gcompris02:14
Burgworkgcompris needs some serious dev work02:15
Burgworkit is quite crashy02:15
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LaserJockBurgwork: heh, she's still playing gcompris02:38
LaserJockand here I was thinking Edubuntu might not have good apps for universities ;-)02:41
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BurgworkLaser_away, it is all about what sort of mental age range the users have02:53
bddebiandouble heh02:56
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tomveensIn edgy repo there is the new blender03:09
tomveenshow can you get the new blender package into dapper?03:09
tomveenswere can you download the package?03:09
crimsunyou could request a backport03:11
tomveenswhat do you mean by that?03:13
tomveensput the edgy repo in your apt list?03:13
tomveensdoes apt-get upgrade blender working?03:14
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ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports03:25
crimsun(sorry, didn't mean to leave you hanging, just very busy atm)03:26
tomveensThanks I know enought!03:30
tomveensabout the backports ofcource, the rest I am eating03:30
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JavierElectricois there anybody outhere?04:34
bimberihi JavierElectrico04:35
JavierElectricohi bimberi04:35
JavierElectricohow r u?04:35
bimberibit tired actually, you?04:36
JavierElectricommm, actually "investigating" about the edubuntu project04:37
JavierElectricoand also tired:P04:37
JavierElectricowhere are you from?04:37
=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
JavierElectricowhat time is there?04:39
LaserJockearlier than here ;-)04:40
JavierElectricoso where are you from LaserJock?04:40
JavierElectricoand hi =)04:41
bimberi12:40pm Thursday here04:41
LaserJockhi JavierElectrico, and I'm from the West Coast, USA04:41
bimberiie. about time to get lunch :)04:42
JavierElectricohere is 22:4204:42
JavierElectricoWhich city are you from Laser?04:44
LaserJockReno, NV04:45
JavierElectricoa question, what's the main time here in this channel?04:45
LaserJockhmm, I don't know04:46
bimberieverything happens while i'm asleep :|04:46
LaserJockit seems more active in normal western european times I would think04:47
JavierElectricoi thought that you were eating bimberi04:47
bimberinope, procrastinating :)04:47
JavierElectricoyou what?04:47
bimberisorry, avoiding what i should be doing04:48
JavierElectrico(dictionary search...)04:48
JavierElectricoah oki04:48
JavierElectricooh sorry, i haven't introduce myself04:49
JavierElectricoI'm Javier, 21 years old, from Santiago, Chile04:49
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JavierElectricois everyone sleeping?04:51
bimberihi Javier04:51
JavierElectricoor doing something else?04:51
JavierElectricohi bimberi04:51
JavierElectricowhere are you from?04:51
bimberiargh :)04:51
=== bimberi is at work, hence not very chatty, but here to to help with an edubuntu issues i know anything about
bimberiJavierElectrico: Canberra04:52
bimberinow for lunch (finally)04:53
JavierElectricothat is at tje northj04:53
JavierElectricothe north*04:54
LaserJockit's a bit quiet04:56
LaserJockbut this isn't a hugely active channel to start with04:56
JavierElectricook, but im not interested in talk_about_anything channel04:57
JavierElectricoindeed, i'm courious in edubuntu04:58
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LaserJockJavierElectrico: so what are you curious about?05:09
JavierElectricoactually, about the support for teachers05:10
LaserJockanything in particular?05:10
JavierElectricobecause, as i have investigated and search on the wikis, there's a lot of kids apps, but i couldn't find anyone (guess one, maybe) for teachers05:10
JavierElectricoi mean, some db for the pupil's scores05:11
LaserJockhmm, there are some apps for creating tests I think05:11
JavierElectricoyes, for that05:13
JavierElectricobut to manage the class?05:13
JavierElectricoor to have some stadistics about the class05:14
bimberi!info schooltool05:14
ubotuschooltool: common platform for school administration. In component main, is optional. Version 0.11.4-1build1 (dapper), package size 31 kB, installed size 180 kB05:14
JavierElectricowait, gonna google it05:15
bimberiJavierElectrico: i'm not sure how much there is in schooltool at this stage but i believe it does have ambitions to cover that sort of need05:15
bimberiJavierElectrico: Canberra is in southeast Australia, about 300kms SW of Sydney.05:15
LaserJockI think there was a Summer of Code project for some more admin stuff05:16
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JavierElectricohi P3L|C4N005:21
JavierElectricobimberi, did you eat?05:23
bimberiJavierElectrico: lol,  yes05:25
JavierElectricodo you know if is another aplication, more oriented to teachers?05:25
JavierElectricoto manage grades?05:27
LaserJockhmm, I don't really know of one05:28
LaserJockI've always used openoffice calc05:28
JavierElectricoso, gonna start one05:28
JavierElectricobimberi, how old are you?05:30
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bimberiJavierElectrico: too old :)05:45
bimberi(and busy)05:45
JavierElectricodo you work?05:47
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LaserJockhi jbrefort 07:17
jbreforthi LaserJock 07:17
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RichEdback in a bit - reboot09:24
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cbx33best way to upgrade a dapper machine to edgy?09:59
cbx33i tried the update manager -d -c but it didn't do anything10:00
ogracbx33, ask mvo, i'm not sure thats still supposed to work that way10:01
cbx33ogra this is the test you wanted how do you want me to proceed10:01
cbx33change sources file and dist-upgrade?10:01
RichEdhi cbx33 ogra ...10:01
cbx33or ask mvo for the end user way?10:01
cbx33hey RichEd 10:01
ograplease ask mvo for the preferred method ... else sources.list should do ...10:02
ograbut i'm sure thats *not* the preferred one 10:02
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RichEdogra: last one for now ... knut has some technical requirements / suggestion targets for open source in education ... what is the best place for us to discuss these to see if we need to bring any of them to put on the table at UDS ?12:53
RichEdwill we have an internal #edubuntu session for spec. input from our community12:53
ograyep, we should12:58
ograbut discussing that specific issue should go on the ML12:58
ogra-devel i'd say12:58
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highvoltagethis channel is quiet today05:15
ogramake some noise then :)05:15
highvoltagewe should actually be making noise for you ogra :)05:16
highvoltagemy day was so bad and yet I'm in a good mood. unexplainable!05:16
ograare you using edubuntu atm ?05:16
highvoltageI was stuck in traffic for 2.5h this morning, my mail server died this morning and the admin is still working on it (so all my mail has been bounsing today) and the people who installed my home internet made a mistake so it's still not working.05:17
highvoltageyes, I am using edubuntu on my laptop, but it is still dapper05:17
highvoltageat the schools we use Xubuntu + the edu tools, but we tell them it's edubuntu :)05:17
ograwell, but there you have your reason for the good mood ;)05:17
highvoltageof course05:18
highvoltageI shoudl make a bill board of myself with a big smile and a thumbs up and an edubuntu logo :)05:18
highvoltagegeez, then our users would run away quickly05:18
highvoltagewe'll have to get some hot girl instead :)05:18
ograsend it to me, i'll put it on an highway if we go to MV ;)05:18
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sbalneavheh, finally got the chance to /join here05:35
ograxchat has autojoin modes ;)05:35
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juliuxhow can i start the tftp manual?06:01
ograyou shouldnt ... its an inetd service06:02
juliuxbut i get an tftp connection failure on the client06:02
ograbut look in /etc/inetd.conf for the parameters if you urgently want to do that ...06:02
juliuxah i have a problem with the inetd 06:02
juliuxargh i am so stupid06:05
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cbx33hey LaserJock 06:14
LaserJockhi cbx33 06:16
highvoltagehey LaserJock and cbx33 06:17
cbx33is ther ea bug in dappr06:17
LaserJockno bugs06:17
cbx33when I sithc apps06:17
LaserJockdapper has none06:17
cbx33switch apps06:17
cbx33it takes a second or 2 to swtich06:17
cbx33only since yesterday when I did an update06:17
ogradont switch apps then ...06:17
ogramust be you, there are no bugs in software ...06:17
ograthats a myth brought up by *users*06:18
cbx33and when I move my mouse over the bottom task bar..my screen flashes06:18
cbx33ha ha ha06:18
juliuxogra, i starte ltsp-build-client, but why it installs additonal software from repos which are not in my sources.list?06:29
juliuxi use an internal mirror06:29
ograit defaults to archive.ubuntu-com06:29
ograand only uses main/restricted from there06:30
juliuxyes but why? i have a traffic limit per week 06:30
juliuxso it cost me traffic06:30
ograthen use the --mirror arg06:30
ograltsp-build-client --mirror http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu 06:30
juliuxgood to know06:31
ograreplace de.archive.ubuntu.com whth what you like06:31
ograltsp-build-client --mirror file:///cdrom06:31
ograif you have the edgy CD mounted06:31
ograthats even faster06:31
juliuxi have a mirror in my local network06:32
ograstill CD is faster than http ;)06:32
ograthe fastes is loop mounting an iso ;)06:32
cbx33GISOMOUNT :p06:34
juliuxbut i don't know where my edgy beta cd is06:34
LaserJockRichEd: ping?06:37
lucasvoogra: how can I change my hostname?06:38
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ogralucasvo, use the network gui tool ...06:44
lucasvoogra: ok...06:44
LaserJockogra: no known bugs?07:08
ograi dont know any atm07:09
bddebianDamn, go ogra07:09
LaserJockis that gcompris in fulscreen bug still open?07:09
ograi'm sure there will come up some the next 7 days :)07:09
ograLaserJock, there is a gcompris bug for edgy ?07:09
LaserJockwell, I'm not sure for edgy07:10
LaserJockbut somebody was reporting that gcompris in fullscreen segfaulted07:10
LaserJockbut it didn't happen for me07:10
LaserJockthey were probably running XGL ;-)07:10
ograright and dapper07:11
ograthats an oldf one ...07:11
ograxgl and gcompris dont like each other07:11
LaserJockbtw, do you want to add more apps to the edubuntu-bugs ?07:11
ograbut i refuse to care about xgl ... thats something motu may do ;)07:11
LaserJockI noticed that edubuntu-bugs is not the initial bug contact for quite a few apps we ship07:12
LaserJockI was going to add some the other day but thought I should ask you first07:13
ogradoit :)07:24
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rodarvusI used gcompris with full screen just yesterday07:42
rodarvusit it worked flawlessly07:42
LaserJockI was testing it real quick07:43
LaserJockand my lab mate walked in and started playing it ;-)07:44
LaserJockok, well I added a few more packages to the edubuntu-bugs initial contact list07:44
cbx33anyone know of an http proxy for gobby?07:45
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rodarvushmm, no07:47
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juliuxogra, did you teste edgy with the bt100 thinclient i send you?08:55
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LaserJockcbx33: what time is it there? should you be going to bed?10:18
cbx33interested in hearing a sound session test :p10:18
cbx33get teamspeak and I'll point you in the right direction10:18
cbx33I'm playing to Frank hehehe10:18
LaserJocksorry, little busy here and I don't have teamspeak on me (stupid OS X)10:18
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