banjooieer, it said to doubleclick the deb to run it12:11
=== cpk1_ is now known as cpk2
banjooieOnce downloaded, double-click on the package to install.12:11
Dr_willisnow ya know why i hage easyubuntu. :P12:11
ubotuEasyUbuntu is a script that automates installation of some items. Use at your own risk. See http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/ ; for help and or discussions about EasyUbuntu please join #easyubuntu.12:11
Dr_willishate. :P12:11
=== rawr [n=rawr@pool-68-239-6-61.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisfor help and or discussions about EasyUbuntu please join #easyubuntu12:12
Dr_willisor install it from the shell. :P sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb12:12
=== SmrtJustin [n=SmrtJust@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Kalisam [n=rawr@pool-68-239-6-61.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== scott_ [n=scott@24-197-186-170.dhcp.dlth.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== mabreaux [n=kvirc@ppp-71-128-198-18.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== EvolucionX [n=joseanto@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
mabreauxhello again12:18
=== ronny_ [n=ronny@217-68-185-242.dynamic.primacom.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== waltico [n=walter@] has joined #kubuntu
=== t [n=t@mail.astrocorp.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== vledder [n=vledder@cc605333-a.wolve1.fr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Riddelltrappist: want to be an op in this channel?12:24
=== tj9991 [n=tslocum@c-67-183-68-252.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pablo_ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
HawkwindRiddell: He just left for home, so it'll be a bit before he responds to ya :)12:25
Dr_willisThats no Excuse! he should haev his laptop going in his car!12:26
=== user___ [n=user@] has joined #kubuntu
=== tonyr [n=tonyr@130-94-160-236-dsl.hevanet.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== NotWired [n=notwired@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisThats the kind of dedication this channel needs!12:26
pierrethhello, how can I import my audio cd in Amarok?12:27
=== amran [n=amran@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Raul12 [i=opera@] has joined #kubuntu
=== amran [n=amran@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== windshear [n=Alain@vpn-wh.rz-zw.fh-kl.de] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisimport? you mean rip to mp3 on the hard drive?12:28
Raul12how can i download java runtime for offline install12:28
ubotuTo install a java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the Multiverse repository12:28
=== skabner [n=skabner@] has joined #kubuntu
windshearseems as kubuntu 6.10 beta doesn't like my soundcard, a c-media AC97 Audio device.12:28
windshearI get error message: Sound server fatal error cpu overload, aborting.12:28
windshearIn kubuntu 6.06 it worked with no problem.12:28
pierrethDr_willis: yes, like in iTunes12:28
Dr_willisHmm..  i always forget the name of that apt-download-to-a-cd tool12:28
Raul12i want to install it offline12:28
Dr_willispierreth,  never used itunes.12:28
Dr_willisin fact.. the extent of my cd ussage.. is pop it in.. run grip.. rip it to ogg format.. put cd away.. :)12:29
skabnerhi i need to paste some files in /usr/share/amsn/skins but it's not possible12:29
skabnercan someone help me12:29
Dr_williswhats not possible? or you mean you dont know how.12:29
pierrethDr_willis: In iTunes, you put the cd in the drive, click import in iTunues and it creates mp3 files and add them to your collection12:29
Dr_willispierreth,  i use grip for that.. i just like how it works.12:29
skabneryes i dont know how12:30
=== cwilkins [n=cwilkins@] has joined #kubuntu
skabnerdr willis12:30
Dr_willisskabner,  sudo cp whatever  /usr/share/amsn/skins12:30
Dr_willisfrom the shell - is one way12:30
pierrethDr_willis: you mean I must do this in 2 steps?12:30
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-145-22.eurotel.cz] has joined #kubuntu
skabnerok i'll try that tnx   Dr green12:30
Dr_willispierreth,  I 'rip' my cds  to my mp3 dir.. then play the files with the player.. i cant say tha ive ever messed with amarok much.12:31
Dr_willisGRIP rips the cd's almost as fast as i can put them in the drive. :P12:31
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-145-22.eurotel.cz] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
HawkwindDr_willis: Thank the lord for GRIP :)12:31
pierrethDr_willis: OK, I will try this avenue12:31
HawkwindOne of my all time favorite apps12:31
skabnertry X-CD roast12:31
=== fateisajester [n=cwilkins@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Search4Lancer [n=redphoen@] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethDr_willis: Amarok don't seems to have an import fucntion12:32
cpk2or how about kaudiocreator?12:32
HawkwindX-cd-roast is a CD burner12:32
Dr_willispierreth,  guess that means it cant be done then. :P12:32
=== kubuntu1 [n=kubuntu1@] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindpierreth: You do realize you can do it in konqueror too.  Put the CD in the drive and navigate to audiocd:/ or media:/12:32
skabnerdvd and cd burner12:33
Hawkwindskabner: Which isn't what he wants12:33
skabnerit's included with Automatix12:33
pierrethHawkwind: I want more than that. I want to add music to my collection12:33
Hawkwindskabner: He's wanting to get the files to his drive and/or an ipod12:33
cpk2does kubuntu come with kaudiocreator?12:33
cpk2that rips cds12:33
skabnerok! ...12:33
Hawkwindcpk2: You can install grip very easily12:33
=== spoopithy is now known as spoop
cpk2Hawkwind: yes, but its even *easier* if something is already installed and in th kmenu12:34
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@134.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== KDEfanboy [n=KDEfanbo@64-17-81-248.nm.warpdriveonline.com] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindcpk2: As I said, you can do it with konqueror12:36
pierrethI have started kAudioCreator, what encoder should I use12:37
cpk2Hawkwind: yeah, i suppose that might be easiest, but you would probably want something that looks up a cddb for track names and stuff as it rips12:37
main2what is the coolest linux program there is? :P12:37
main2(beside 'su' :o O_o :+ )12:38
cpk2is there a way to use kill to nicely stop a proc?12:39
=== GBoS is now known as GBoS|offline
Hawkwindcpk2: kill app or kill PID#12:39
main2kill is nice by default, because it sends a 'sigterm' signal12:39
HawkwindIt gets nasty when you start using -13 and -912:40
=== brandon_ [n=brandon@] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2and that lets the app clean up?12:40
main2if you wanne take down the process hard, use 'kill -9 pid'12:40
cpk2oh i know all about -9 =P12:40
main2cpk2: if its a good program, it should..12:40
HawkwindThough -9 should only be used in a very last resort12:40
Raul12any short cut to view running processes12:40
HawkwindMost apps don't ever require -9 or -1312:40
HawkwindRaul12: top12:40
HawkwindRaul12: Or even ps auxxxx12:41
tonyrTo kill by appname, use pkill12:41
KDEfanboyRaul12: CTLR+ESC in KDE12:41
Dr_williskill -999999999999999912:42
Raul12which services can be terminated for memory savin12:43
Dr_williskill --with-extreme-prejudice12:43
Dr_willisRaul12,  err.. the ones you dont use. :)12:43
Raul12extreme-prejudice  any software ??12:43
Raul12Dr_willis ??12:44
Dr_willisRaul12,  find services you dont need.. stop them12:44
Dr_willisbut dont expect a lot of memory saving that way12:44
Raul12how to get information about running services ??12:44
Dr_willisif you are on a clean install.. then not a lot of services are running12:45
Dr_williscd /etc/rc2.d/   - and see whats normally ran on your system12:45
Raul12still any way to get information on services12:45
Dr_willisfor example i have a -->  S25bluez-utils that i dont really need12:45
=== nex_ [n=nex@] has joined #kubuntu
=== BonBonTheJon [n=jon@cpe-65-27-173-68.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2right now gkrellm is reporting 205 procs =P12:46
=== tackat [n=tackat@pd95b5caa.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2top only says 100 total though12:47
=== minerodoco [n=minerodo@cm147252.red.mundo-r.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== GaiaX11 [n=vagner@] has joined #kubuntu
minerodocobuenas, alguien puede ayudarme, please?12:47
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.12:47
Dr_willisim showing 131 in gkrellm12:47
=== Arlington [n=jonas@c83-248-82-127.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willishtop shows 10312:48
Dr_willisTasks: 124 total,   2 running, 122 sleeping12:48
=== snook353 [n=aak@] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2hrmm i think i might of had a memory leak12:48
cpk2my actual ram is almost full12:49
=== flavioribeiro [n=flavio@] has joined #kubuntu
=== glj12 [n=glj12@] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindcpk2: All depends on how you're reading it12:49
glj12hiya all12:49
=== dogsby [n=paul@i-83-67-43-171.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindcpk2: Remember, linux handles RAM the complete opposite of Windows12:49
glj12i keep getting this error message when trying to update ANYTHING in adept: "There was an error commiting changes..." blah blah12:50
cpk2it says i have 36000k free12:50
=== irrelevant [n=irreleva@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Arlingtonwhow is windows using it and how linux ise ot?12:50
glj12how do I fix that>12:50
cpk226000 now =P12:50
Dr_williswhen in doubt - use the ram as cache...12:50
Hawkwindcpk2: It's probably mostly cached, which is a good thing12:50
Dr_willisthats the linux way12:51
=== NDPTAL85 [n=ndptal85@207-172-70-240.c3-0.sbo-ubr2.sbo.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
glj12arg, infuriating....12:51
Hawkwindcpk2: So the more you have cached, the faster things will run.  It only frees ram as it needs it12:51
Arlingtonglj12: what was the erro?12:51
=== Delisle_Style [n=MERRRR@] has joined #kubuntu
glj12There was an error commiting changes.12:51
glj12the usual12:51
=== Delisle_Style [n=MERRRR@] has left #kubuntu ["umm]
cpk2ah ok so i guess I am good with 807000k cached? =)12:52
glj12Arlington: do you need the full message? or isn't it fairly generic12:52
Hawkwindcpk2: Definitely12:53
=== irrelevant [n=irreleva@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["peace"]
glj12how about you hawkwind, have a chance to answer a generic error message? :P12:53
cpk2wonder why i have such a big disparity in procs reported by gkrellm and top12:53
Hawkwindglj12: I don't use adept, sorry12:53
HawkwindI use apt-get from the cli which is just known to work where as most GUI package managers don't, or have issues12:53
=== shadowr3d [n=shadowr3@ip68-4-214-163.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindcpk2: gkrellm is always going to be off12:54
shadowr3dim back everyone12:54
shadowr3dhawkwind omg12:54
glj12let me give you that error message hawkwind12:54
Hawkwindcpk2: Just not by that far usually12:54
shadowr3dhello hawkwind12:54
Hawkwindshadowr3d: Hey12:54
shadowr3dremember me u helped me with my sound problem12:55
cpk2well i suppose it isnt really anything to be concerned with12:55
Hawkwindcpk2: For instance, my gkrellm shows 113 and top shows 10312:55
shadowr3dnevermind im meant wine problem12:55
Hawkwindshadowr3d: I did ?12:55
shadowr3dyeah my wine problem12:55
HawkwindAhhh, yeah wine maybe.  I know very little about getting sound to work when it doesn't work :P12:55
cpk2glj12: you could try getting packages with apt-get12:55
glj12Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase/kdebase-dev_3.5.2-0ubuntu27_i386.deb  Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)12:55
glj12E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?12:55
glj12thats what it says with apt-get12:55
cpk2glj12: did you try both of those?12:55
shadowr3dyou helped me manage repositries12:55
Hawkwindglj12: sudo apt-get update12:56
glj12i did12:56
shadowr3dno hawkind12:56
=== yango_ [n=yango@unaffiliated/yango] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindglj12: Can you paste your sources.list to http://pastebin.ulteo.us so we can see it12:56
glj12where is it12:56
Hawkwindglj12: /etc/apt/sources.list12:56
shadowr3donly if they made a buddy list for konversation12:56
=== menace_ [n=menace@adsl-70-232-46-80.dsl.ltrkar.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
menace_!adept fix12:56
shadowr3dhawkwind will so be on it12:56
ubotuadept: package manager for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0ubuntu2 (dapper), package size 3752 kB, installed size 10988 kB12:57
menace_how do i unlock adept? i can never remember the command12:57
Hawkwind!adept crash fix12:57
ubotuIf adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: 'sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a'12:57
shadowr3di like windows now12:57
cpk2shadowr3d: address book via konversation?12:57
menace_thank you hawkwind12:57
Hawkwindmenace_: You're welcome12:57
shadowr3dcpk2 what do u mean12:57
Admiral_Chicagois there a way i can get a script to run automatically every hour or so?12:58
cpk2shadowr3d: add people to "friends" in konversation12:58
shadowr3dhow do u do that12:58
=== admin__ [n=admin@nwblwibas08-pool26-a37.nwblwi.tds.net] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagoi keep having to kill compiz because its got a memory leak and i'd like to just automate that to do it every hour12:58
glj12that right?12:58
shadowr3dplease tell me12:58
=== leileilol [n=Hsi@londonderry-cuda1-68-234-71-44.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
glj12Hawkwind: http://pastebin.ulteo.us/13412:58
cpk2right click a name and go to address book associations12:58
Hawkwindglj12: Looking now12:58
Hawkwindglj12: Hmm, all looks good there12:59
Hawkwindglj12: Can you run a sudo apt-get update   and then if there are any warnings/errors paste the entire thing to the http://pastebin.ulteo.us12:59
menace_libqt-perl-----java keeps asking if this is installed...would it be a good idea to install it?12:59
admin__# xbins12:59
shadowr3di like windows now sorry kubuntu12:59
admin__kubuntu is amazing01:00
shadowr3di havent used kubuntu in 4 months i think01:00
windshearIf you use the install script and you have entered all the requested data you get to the -Ready to install- screen. This shows you the summary of the necessary info you provided to install kubuntu. (Language, Keyboard layout... till grub).01:00
windshearThen there is a note: If you continue, the changes listed below will be written to the disks. [...] 01:00
windshearBut unfortunately there are no changes listed below eventhough I told the script to format 2 partitions.01:00
windshearIn 6.06 the changes were listed correctly.01:00
=== minerodoco [n=minerodo@cm147252.red.mundo-r.com] has joined #kubuntu
shadowr3di finally got my sound to work in xp YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!01:00
admin__does anyone not how I can change channels in koversation?01:00
shadowr3dGoodbye hawkwind and everyone else01:00
menace_later shadow01:00
shadowr3dtype /list01:01
shadowr3dtype /list01:01
shadowr3dno prob01:01
admin__im used to MIRC in windows01:01
shadowr3dnever heard of it01:01
glj12Hawkwind: http://pastebin.ulteo.us/13501:01
pierrethDr_willis: My extraction is on the way01:01
Admiral_Chicagoadmin__, /join?01:01
Admiral_Chicagoor click on the channel01:02
shadowr3dgtg i have dentist appointment im getting my teeth cleaned01:02
Hawkwindglj12: Ok, here's what you need to do01:02
glj12yay, k01:02
Hawkwindglj12: kdesu kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list01:02
admin__thats for servers01:02
=== Skrot [n=magnus@181.84-48-194.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindglj12: Replace kwrite with your favorite editor of choice of course01:02
admin__im talking about channels buddy01:02
shadowr3dsee ya hawkwind01:02
Hawkwindglj12: Then on the sources that have us.archive.ubuntu.com make it just archive.ubuntu.com01:03
Hawkwindshadowr3d: See ya01:03
admin__i cant find one called efnet?01:03
admin__nay ideas?01:04
glj12ok, cool01:04
glj12trying that now01:04
Hawkwindadmin__: What are you looking for exactly ?01:04
glj12nope, same thing01:04
Hawkwindglj12: Did you edit the file ?01:04
=== foo [n=foo@unaffiliated/foo] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindglj12: If so, then you need to do a sudo apt-get update for it to pull down the new information01:04
admin__any help here?01:05
cpk2admin__: /list is only going to show you channels on the servers you are connected to01:05
=== foo is jealous of ubotu
glj12i did all that01:05
glj12i got the same errors01:05
admin__so how can I connect to more?01:05
Hawkwindadmin__: What are you looking for exactly ?01:05
Hawkwindglj12: Then you probably didn't save the file01:05
glj12i replaced all, (8 instances)01:05
glj12i did..01:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about christmas - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:05
glj12ctrl s01:05
glj12and pressed save button01:06
cpk2admin__: same way you connected to freenode01:06
Hawkwindadmin__: http://efnet.org and look on their site01:06
Arlingtongoodnight folks01:06
Hawkwindglj12: You did edit it as sudo/root, correct ?01:06
Hawkwindglj12: Open the file again and make sure your changes took place01:06
glj12i copied and pasted what you had said to type01:06
glj12i just did01:06
glj12just checked again01:07
Hawkwindglj12: You opened the file again and the us.  part is gone ?01:07
Hawkwindglj12: Run sudo apt-get update  again and paste it all to the pastebin01:07
admin__i got it i think01:07
glj12h/o, need to get a connection elsewhere, brb01:07
=== Dannilion [n=danni@cust18-dsl53.idnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== drayen_ [n=drayen@ip-89-168-24-253.cust.homechoice.net] has joined #kubuntu
glj12let me repaste it there for ya bud01:09
=== drayan_ [n=drayan@brn91-1-82-234-1-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
glj12Hawkwind: http://pastebin.ulteo.us/13601:10
=== neomantra [n=ewies@] has joined #kubuntu
=== marcin_ [n=marcin@CPE-70-94-237-50.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
glj12am i even connected01:12
glj12oh cool01:12
SkrotAre you using a proxy or something?01:13
=== neomantra [n=ewies@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
glj12i just disconnected01:13
glj12and i can never tell when i am on or not01:13
SkrotI was thinking about the paste ;)01:14
glj12so uh... Hawkwind, ya there?01:14
SkrotWondering why it tries to connect localost:400101:14
NotWiredif i've installed kubuntu from a base ubuntu install, is there an easy way to remove all the ubuntu / gnome related libs and apps i don't need?01:14
BonBonTheJonNotWired: yes, google for kubuntu pure kde, I have seen a site about it01:14
NotWiredthank you BonBonTheJon!01:15
=== DFM_ [n=DFM_Wiza@adsl-068-209-209-011.sip.cha.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethhow can I encode my music to I can read it on an ipod?01:16
=== tobias__ [n=tobias@67.84-48-60.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== tonyr [n=tonyr@130-94-160-236-dsl.hevanet.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
glj12Hawkwind dissapeared. :(((\01:17
pierreththe free audio formats are not supported01:17
BonBonTheJonpierreth: you can rip to mp301:17
zorglu_woiw i love the internet :)01:18
=== Atreyu [n=Darkness@adsl-72-50-40-55.prtc.net] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethBonBonTheJon: I do not have this choice with KAudioCreator01:18
shadowr3dhow do i erase kubuntu01:18
=== bandido [n=bandido@] has joined #kubuntu
shadowr3dubotu erase kubuntu01:18
BonBonTheJonpierreth: make sure to install lame (liblame?), it handles mp3's01:18
zorglu_i need to learn about doing business, and i dont.... but... standford makes video and audio of course about this :) that i can listen to for free from my home01:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about erase kubuntu - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:18
zorglu_how nice if this internet01:18
shadowr3danyone know how to delete kubuntu01:19
Hawkwindglj12: It appears you don't have a net connection on that box or something is messed up somewhere01:19
zorglu_all repeat after me :)01:19
glj12i vote for second idea01:19
shadowr3danyone at all01:19
glj12considering the fact that I am talking to you.01:19
shadowr3dplease help me01:19
Hawkwindglj12: Can you ping the URL ?01:19
glj12it happens at home as well.01:19
glj12um, h/o01:19
BonBonTheJonshadowr3d: what do you mean delete kubuntu, completely delete it, or just remove kde01:19
glj12whats the addy01:19
Hawkwindshadowr3d: Please relax a little bit.  When someone can help you they will01:20
shadowr3ddelete it from this computer01:20
Hawkwindshadowr3d: Install another OS over top of it01:20
shadowr3dok sorry01:20
glj12Hawkwind: I can ping it.01:20
Dr_willisnothing like a vague question demanded to be answered. :P01:20
BonBonTheJonshadowr3d: delete the linux partitions01:20
=== bandido [n=bandido@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
shadowr3di dont really have time to install winxp all over again01:20
Dr_willisshadowr3d,  you mean totally remove linux then ?01:20
Hawkwindglj12: Why is it trying to connect to localhost all the time ?01:20
glj12how should I know. =/01:20
BonBonTheJonshadowr3d: if you delete kubuntu, do you have another OS installed01:21
glj12i am on a college connection atm01:21
glj12does that mean anything?01:21
glj12no vpn though01:21
Hawkwindglj12: Something is messed up in your network settings I'm afraid01:21
Dr_willisboot the xp cd. use its rescue mode  and the 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' commands to remove the grub loader. then fdisk and delete the linux partitions01:21
shadowr3di have xp01:21
shadowr3dhave to brush my teeth nevermind its ok01:22
Dr_willisthen repartition/format the drives to be whatever filesystem you want.01:22
=== dogsby [n=paul@i-83-67-43-171.freedom2surf.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
shadowr3dim a noob01:22
shadowr3dsorry i wouldnt know what u would be talking about01:22
pierrethBonBonTheJon: OK, I am installing01:22
shadowr3dill leave it on01:22
shadowr3di like it still01:22
Dr_willis1) remove grub with fixmbr/fixboot  2) use whatever partioning tools you like to delete the partitions01:22
=== craig_ [n=craig@user-10cmen1.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== radius [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has joined #kubuntu
shadowr3dthnx anyways01:22
shadowr3dill remeber that01:23
shadowr3dnext time i have time to delete it01:23
=== Raul12 [i=opera@] has left #kubuntu []
Dr_willisbed time for anyone else? :)01:24
HawkwindWow, what a character01:24
Dr_willisyea.. seen sevarl like that today01:24
Dr_willissort of odd...01:24
HawkwindHe's like that everytime he comes in01:24
HawkwindStarting to think he's sort of trolling in ways01:24
Dr_willisor a very hyper 12 yr old.01:25
craig_anyway a kubuntu could release a proprietary driver version?01:25
HawkwindHah.  Maybe a combination of both01:25
=== ndp [i=rachael@] has joined #kubuntu
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagocraig_, ?01:28
jammer_anyone have compiz working?(kubuntu dapper and kde)01:28
=== drayan__ [n=drayan@brn91-1-82-234-1-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethBonBonTheJon: Can I add aac instead?01:29
craig_de craig01:30
Admiral_Chicagojammer_, i do01:30
Admiral_Chicagokubuntu edgy01:30
Admiral_Chicagoif you need help ask in #ubuntu-xgl01:30
jammer_k, thatnk you Admiral_Chicago, i do need help - having trouble getting them installed01:31
=== RobNyc|Kubuntu [n=ax@pool-70-23-231-147.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
craig_i'd love to see a Kubuntu version with XGL and Nvidia standard01:34
=== admin__ [n=admin@nwblwibas08-pool26-a37.nwblwi.tds.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== bert_ [n=bert@bertje.kabel.utwente.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== piipoo [n=piipoo@e181053127.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswell if Nvidia would quit being such jerks. :)01:38
=== MotorCityMadMan [n=MotorCit@24-49-32-163.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mabreaux [n=kvirc@ppp-71-128-198-18.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
craig_jerks why?01:39
MotorCityMadManSysinfo for 'Kubuntu': Linux 2.6.15-27-386 running KDE 3.5.4, CPU: AMDAthlon643400+ at 2210 MHz (4426 bogomips), , RAM: 391/1518MB, 104 proc's, 11.50min up01:40
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@94.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
MotorCityMadManRandom Fortune: Anyone who thinks UNIX is intuitive should be forced to write 5000 lines of  code using nothing but vi or emacs. AAAAACK! -- Discussion on the intuitiveness of commands, especially Emacs01:41
NotWiredvi rules!01:41
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=== claydoh [n=clay@] has joined #kubuntu
=== nblit [n=nblit@] has joined #kubuntu
=== craig_ [n=craig@user-10cmen1.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
nblit<<good evening, can anyone assist with a wifi problem?>>>01:43
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:43
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
nblitbeen there01:43
fannagogannai was wondering if anyone has gotten google talk to work with kopete on KDE?01:44
fannagogannai am using Kubuntu 5.1001:44
craig_ok can anyone point me to where i find how to make kubunto see my windows drive?01:44
NotWiredyes fannagoganna, i'm doing that01:44
Dr_willisDefacto NTFS (and works for Vfat as well) guide for your Fstab/mounting of NTFS partitions -->  http://wiki.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfs-en#how_do_i_mount_an_ntfs_volume01:44
fannagogannasorry, by google talk i meant the phone calls from other gtalk users01:45
Dr_willisread there craig_  :) and bookmark that.01:45
NotWiredoh, no... sorry then fannagoganna01:45
nblitany takers on the wifi problem?????  going once01:45
fannagogannahow about a more generic sipphone? Has anyone gotten one to work?01:45
=== enzo__ is now known as enzo_
nblitany takers on the wifi problem?????  going twice01:46
nblitneed assistance01:46
Dr_willistotally depends on the chipset.... :)01:46
=== capnedwin [n=capnedwi@e178122224.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisand then ya got the 'how the #&@&@ do i configure it now"  step 201:46
ubotunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager01:46
nblitDe_willis i installed it and it does not see my card01:47
snook353what is a good dictionary for kde?01:47
snook353i miss stardict :(01:47
=== DFM_ [n=DFM@adsl-068-209-209-011.sip.cha.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== telgos [n=telgos@ppp-82-135-75-89.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
mabreauxnblit: install "hwinfo" and run the command "hwinfo --netcard"01:48
nblitDr_willis when i rght clck network-manager it says "no network devices have been found"01:48
=== ndp [i=rachael@] has joined #kubuntu
nblitmabreaux: what next?01:50
enzo_Can downloading torrents cause issues?01:50
nblitenzo_ yes it causes headaces and pnumonia01:51
enzo_There is something wrong with the torrents I'm getting or something because I seem to lose my GRUB every so often after using Ktorrent01:51
nblitmabreaux: i have the info are we looking for anything in particular??01:51
Dr_willisnblit,  then you are at step #1 - getting the card working.01:52
=== jose__ [n=jose@pc-159-203-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisenzo_,  torrents shouldent be affecting grub.. at all..01:52
=== wheatie [n=alex@unaffiliated/wheatie] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
nblitDr_willis: the card is working01:52
Dr_willisnot much should be affecting grub.01:52
nblitDr_willis: it just wont do any encryption01:53
Dr_willisnblit,  no clue then.. prove its working..  read up on the other configuration tools I guess.01:53
=== ndp [i=rachael@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisnblit,  cant even do wep eh>?01:53
=== jose__ [n=jose@pc-159-203-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== zero [n=zero@] has joined #kubuntu
nblitDr_willis: iwlist [card name]  scan shows me the network01:53
Dr_willisnow you got the problem clarified and refined at least. :P01:53
nblitDr_willis: when i disable encryption on my wrt54gs with dd-wrt i get an ip address01:54
=== Raven301 [n=raven301@London-HSE-ppp3547603.sympatico.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
=== raven301_ [n=raven301@London-HSE-ppp3547603.sympatico.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
nblitDr_willis: its only when i try to use WEP or WPA the darn thing does not get an IP address01:54
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nblitDr_willis: any thoughts?01:55
Dr_willisnblit,  possibially you are just geting the info entered wrong.. seems to me that some router makers use the various wireless terms a bit loosely.01:55
Dr_willisfor example  one calls a  64bit key a 40 bit key01:56
Dr_willisanother called the key a 64bit hexdecimal key.. or a 64bit ascii key..01:56
enzo_Dr_willis, I'm getting screwed by it01:56
enzo_no more GRUB... and apparently no more HDD01:56
nblitDr_willis: are you familiar with the dd-wrt firmware for linksys wrt54gs?01:56
=== Search4Lancer [n=redphoen@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dr_willis i was entering my key in the ascii area when i needed it in the hexidecimal area.01:56
Dr_willisI got a Linksys Mini router.01:57
Dr_willis not sure if its the same or not01:57
nblitDr_willis: well i burnt a linux os to my linksys router01:57
Dr_willisWRT54GC - is what i got.01:57
nblitDr_willis: called dd-wrt01:57
Dr_willisI hgad a wrt54gs and it kept dropping the signal.. so i took it back. :P01:57
Dr_willisreally ticked me off.01:58
nblitDr_willis: do u have the linksys web pages?01:58
nblitDr_willis: well if you wouls have used dd-wrt os for the device you wouls not have returned it01:58
nblitDr_Willis: check this out >> http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/index.php01:59
=== soulrider [n=mauro@r200-40-218-183-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
soulridererr, im trying ot empty my garbage bin02:00
soulriderbut it wont free up any space02:00
soulriderand it needs to free up space02:00
=== moparisthebest [n=mopar@cpe-24-210-246-235.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
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enzo_HDD is cold02:02
Dr_willisthe extent of my wireless needs are minimal.. 1 machine.02:02
enzo_GRUB is back02:02
=== Tonio___ [n=tonio@40.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisone machine thats rarely needed to be on the wireless network. :)02:03
Dr_willisI did put linux on my NSLU2 unit. :)02:03
soulriderNSLU2 ?02:03
enzo_Dr_willis, from your level of expertice (sp) would you say that I need a new HDD or that I may have a conflict with the way I have Kubuntu setup?02:03
Dr_willisenzo_,  sounding like a HD issue02:04
Dr_willis NSLU2 - a 'fileserver' that uses external usb drives.02:04
Dr_willisNeat little toy.02:04
enzo_can the live cd reimage everything as I have it on another HDD if I got a replacement?02:04
enzo_MotorCityMadMan, I'm listening to More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi in the King's Harem) from the Covenant soundtrack on my mp3 player02:05
enzo_I want to copy everything that I have on my 250GB HDD to a bigger HDD02:07
Dr_willistar can do that with the right options..02:07
Dr_willisor just install the 2nd hd. and move /home to it. :) simplier02:07
enzo_but I have hda1 as winxp and hda6 as Kubuntu02:07
=== marijn [n=marijn@pc-33-63-214-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willismoving from hda6 to hdb1 - will take a few changed in the various files. like fstab and grubs boot menus02:08
enzo_newbie question, but I wanna know... If I move /home  what will happen to everything that I have in my other locations ( /usr )02:09
enzo_I mean such things as my games, installs, etc02:09
Dr_willisnothing.. you moved /home02:09
Dr_willisthe system wont even notice the differance if you do it right.02:10
Dr_willisneither will the users02:10
enzo_but the other things would still be on hda02:10
enzo_and I'm getting rid of hda all together, right?02:10
=== ace [n=andrew@cpe-069-132-097-055.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
acehello can someone help explain to me how to edit the grub menu when my computer boots up02:12
=== langostino [n=langosti@113.pool85-48-107.dynamic.uni2.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== langostino [n=langosti@113.pool85-48-107.dynamic.uni2.es] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
enzo_ace, open up the run command and type    kdesu kate /boot/grub/menu.lst02:13
=== soulrider [n=mauro@r200-125-20-177-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
soulridererr, i need some help02:13
soulrideri had some free space, i deleted 2 DVDs02:14
Dr_willisenzo_,  totally NOT...02:14
soulriderthey wer eon another partition02:14
Dr_willisenzo_,  you are moving /home to the other hard drive02:14
soulriderbut now its like they movied to my root02:14
Dr_willisenzo_,  thats it.02:14
soulriderand i cant free that space02:14
=== fildo [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willissoulrider,  look in the .trash dirs?  whever they are at...02:14
enzo_I want to get rid of the HDD that I have now02:14
soulriderbut my trash sais its empty02:15
Dr_willisenzo_,  why?02:15
Dr_willismore hds are more fun02:15
Dr_willisand can give better performance02:15
enzo_bad HDD02:15
tackatSomebody willing to try the instructions in my blog http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2429 with Kubuntu?02:15
enzo_I have 302:15
=== Milchmann [n=david@DSL01.] has joined #kubuntu
enzo_This one in particular is not doing its job02:15
enzo_at least not at the same level of performance as before02:16
Dr_willisenzo_,  id reinstall to the new HD.. and copy the /home over to it then..  however removing/adding hd's can confuse grubs config02:16
enzo_Done it already02:16
Dr_willisif you are sure that hd is going bad.02:16
enzo_seems that way, doesn't it?02:17
=== tur803 [n=tur803@] has joined #kubuntu
soulridercan i use * as a wildcard in seach >02:17
=== infornography [n=mojo@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswhat search?02:17
soulridersearching for a .trash folder02:18
soulriderbecause kde sais my trash is empty02:18
Dr_willisi did locate .trash02:18
soulrideronly get kmail02:18
soulriderand unused02:18
soulriderbut its a .trash file02:18
Dr_williscould use some of those 'file size' viewer addons and see what dirs are so huge02:19
soulriderlike what tool02:20
soulrideri dont know any =(02:20
=== dartmolx [n=dartmolx@] has joined #kubuntu
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
Dr_willisi got one in the kde menus under the views..02:21
Dr_willisnot sure what installed it.. or if its in by default02:21
infornographyCan someone help me with my resolution and refresh rate? I want 1024x768@75Hz. I added the modeline "Modeline "1024x768" 81.54  1024 1064 1168 1352   768  768  770  804 -HSync +VSync" to the monitor section of my xorg.conf file, but when I restart x, nothing happens.02:21
Dr_willistheres about 3 differn tones i know of.02:21
=== ace [n=andrew@cpe-069-132-097-055.carolina.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dr_willisRadialMapView, FilesizeView.. and one other.. that i never can rember02:22
Dr_willisfilelight is another02:22
Dr_willismust be a few more out there that i cant rember02:23
=== dartmolx [n=dartmolx@] has joined #kubuntu
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@] has joined #kubuntu
=== DFM_ is now known as DFM
=== mabreaux [n=kvirc@ppp-71-128-198-18.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has left #kubuntu []
=== mabreaux [n=kvirc@ppp-71-128-198-18.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2infornography: when nothing happens you mean you cant select it from the gui?02:25
=== TheBearded1_ [n=cyle@CPE-24-163-150-201.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== TheBearded1_ [n=cyle@CPE-24-163-150-201.kc.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
infornographyYeah exactly, it's not selectable02:25
soulridergod that app rocks!02:26
soulriderand friggin KDe didnt delete lots of stuff i deleted a long time ago02:26
=== TFrog [n=frog@adsl-4-95-252.cae.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2infornography: sometimes you dont need a whole modeline you can just add a mode02:26
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
soulriderwhat an awesome app filelight is02:26
cpk2infornography: were there already modelines in xorg?02:27
soulriderdoe shte red represent my trash Dr_willis ?02:28
Dr_willissoulrider,  not sure. :P02:28
Dr_willisyour trashcan icon is showing empty eh?02:28
infornographycpk2: You mean the modes in the screen section? There are seceral of those, one for each colour depth. But they don't mention the refresh rate02:28
=== raven301_ is now known as Raven301
soulrideri cant believe this, my trash is 14 gb!!!02:29
KrAmMeR_so i still cant play music02:29
KrAmMeR_: (02:29
MotorCityMadManhow to clean orphaned files kubuntu ?02:29
soulriderDr_willis: aparently this doesnt delete anything, it just moves it02:30
soulriderhow am i supposed to actually erase everything02:30
MotorCityMadManold, usless files02:30
Dr_willissoulrider,  never noticed the problem.   mine deletes stuff02:30
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about orphan - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:30
cpk2infornography: it will hopefully use 75Hz, just add "1024x768" into the color depth you use02:30
soulrider14 gb of trash in my system02:30
soulridertells eme mine doesnt :P02:30
Dr_willisPEBKAC :)02:31
soulriderif i use rm it will not use the trahs right >02:31
soulriderit will actually delete02:31
=== craig_ [n=craig@user-10cmen1.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
soulriderim gonna start deleting with rm then02:31
=== h3sp4wn [n=samw@unaffiliated/h3sp4wn] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about clean - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:31
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@40.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
soulridercan i use * as a wildcard in rm ?02:31
=== bimberi [n=dave@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #kubuntu
infornographycp2k: It's already present in all the colour depths02:31
Dr_willissoulrider,  i think you REALLY should read up a few bash tutorials and how the wildcards work..befor you totally trash the system02:32
cpk2infornography: and you cant use 1024x768@75hz?02:32
Dr_willissoulrider,  such a question is a scary one the way you phrased it. :P02:32
Dr_willisand * does work02:32
cpk2soulrider: if you press shift delete it will delete with out using trash in gui02:33
infornographyI can select from anything up to 1280x1024. But always at 60Hz. My monitors ideal setting is 85Hz, but I prefer 7002:33
soulriderahh, cool02:33
soulriderthanks cpk202:33
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
soulrideriim a bit dangerous witht he CLI :P02:33
MotorCityMadManmaybe this will work: sudo apt-get autoclean02:33
Dr_willisi tend to just 'empty the trash :)02:33
Dr_willisthat deletes it.02:33
cpk2infornography: I dunno, i gave up trying to get my monitor to use something higher than 1024x768 because it only used 85hz and it hurt my eyes02:34
MotorCityMadManmabe sudo apt-get autoclean --thehouse02:34
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu
=== kraus [n=kraus@srvo1.blissfulidiot.com] has joined #kubuntu
MotorCityMadManor --backofthehouse02:35
poseidonmotorcitymadman: but you'd have to do sudo apt-get install robo-maid first.02:35
MotorCityMadManmabe sudo apt-get autoclean --dogpoop02:36
=== DaveQB [n=david@] has joined #kubuntu
infornographyYeah it's frustrating. It worked perfectly in Slackware using this exact method. Makes no sense to me02:36
poseidonsudo apt-get remove dog02:36
Dr_willissudo apt-get  me a beer02:36
MotorCityMadMansudo apt-get run --cat02:36
=== brian_ [n=focker@c-69-243-247-115.hsd1.mo.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== TFrog thinks some people have had too much caffiene
poseidonsudo apt-get install 30tb-hardrive 50gb-ram02:37
=== snook353 [n=aak@] has left #kubuntu ["*leaving*"]
=== menace [n=menace@adsl-70-232-46-80.dsl.ltrkar.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
menaceWhen i click the frostwire icon to try to open it, it starts off like its gonna run...then it just stops trying....it wont run....i have the same problem with adept, how can i fix this?02:38
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=== zipp68 [n=zipp68@wlcl-dh-226.bcwireless.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== moparisthebest [n=mopar@cpe-24-210-246-235.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
MotorCityMadManmenace: increase priority02:39
MotorCityMadManmake it the top dog02:39
menacei know that dude02:39
menacebut how can i do it!?02:39
MotorCityMadManinter into run and look for priority increase02:40
menacethat makes no sense.02:40
menacehow do you enter into run?02:40
MotorCityMadManicon right click02:41
bimberiman renice02:41
menacethanks motor02:41
menacebimberi: ?02:41
MotorCityMadManmenace: work ?02:41
menaceim working on it02:42
bimberimenace: nvm - that's the cli way ;)02:42
MotorCityMadManor run in shell02:42
=== radius [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has left #kubuntu ["../../../"]
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== luis_lopez [n=claudia@ip216-239-84-195.vif.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Celeste [n=Celeste@] has joined #kubuntu
=== MHazem is now known as CVirus
menaceit still isnt working02:43
MotorCityMadManmenace: right clk/put into run dialog/options02:44
CelesteDoes anyone of you know a _really_ cool KDE desktop (maybe a screenshot) and how to make it?02:44
CelesteI have no idea how it could look like,  but all my friends at work should say WOW we also want to get linux02:44
Celesteit should look damn sexy02:44
Celestejust a great desktop02:44
Dr_williskde-look.org has screenshots of various themes/setups02:45
Dr_willisand live cd's are very handy for testing things out02:45
=== radius [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has joined #kubuntu
menacei did motor02:46
MotorCityMadMansuper grub iso 4MB http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/tiki-index.php02:46
menaceand i put the priority to full02:46
=== JRH3K5 [n=elyas2k@12-207-81-148.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
MotorCityMadManmenace: is RAM low by chance ?02:47
=== enzo_ [n=enzo@] has joined #kubuntu
menacebut it just started this02:47
menaceand i only have konq, armarok,and konversation up02:48
MotorCityMadMani have every program running and my sys is smoking02:49
MotorCityMadManSysinfo for 'Kubuntu': Linux 2.6.15-27-386 running KDE 3.5.4, CPU: AMDAthlon643400+ at 2210 MHz (4426 bogomips), , RAM: 921/1518MB, 110 proc's, 1.21h up02:49
menacei with i knew more about amd02:50
menacethe only amd i used was 8 years ago02:50
=== fatejudger [n=fatejudg@c-24-5-49-160.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
menaceand i was 7 then so i dont remember much about it02:50
fatejudgerso what exactly does Zeroconf do?02:50
menaceit was like 300mhz02:50
Dr_willisfatejudger,  heh - ive seen that also.. not sure what the heck its for.02:50
fatejudgerI know it's supposed to do things like detect network printers02:50
fatejudgerand ssh servers02:50
fatejudgerand ftp servers02:50
Dr_willisor open ports on routers  Perhaps?02:50
=== TFrog [n=frog@adsl-4-95-252.cae.bellsouth.net] has left #kubuntu ["Do]
=== Avdi [n=avdi@] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgerbut I can't really get it to do anything02:51
Dr_willisno wait - thats Upnp02:51
fatejudgerI know Apple's implementation, Bonjour, allows people to connect printers to their mac and have it automatically set up on the network02:51
fatejudgerbut as far as I know, my Kubuntu PC does nothing liket hat02:51
fatejudger* like that02:52
BonBonTheJonanyone know how to extract audio from a .mov file02:52
=== CaptainMorgan [n=CaptainM@] has joined #Kubuntu
=== bLaZeD [n=wls@unaffiliated/blazed] has joined #kubuntu
MotorCityMadManmenace: i have a 10GB swap | maybe adding more swap my help your machine02:52
=== martalli [n=bryan@cm-ilsttn236.madisontelco.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisthe ubuntu devs sort of HATE that idea of anything auto going out to the network.. they like the systems to be as locked down as it can.. so they may have tuff disavled for zeroconf02:52
Dr_willislets read up on it. :)02:53
menaceswap is memory on a harddrive used as ram right...or is that shadowing ram?02:53
CaptainMorganif startx returns the errror: XIO: fatal IO error 104 and restartx is a command not found.. an ctrl-alt-bs doesn't do anything... what do I do? (after the login screen it goes to a failsafe terminal or the whole screen is black with only a command prompt)02:53
fatejudgerDr_willis: well they did some nice additions to network config for Zeroconf in Edgy02:53
Dr_willismenace,  unused stuff in ram gets swapped to the hd. then swapped back when needed (i think)02:53
Dr_willisIt is important to understand that the purpose of zeroconf is not solely to make current personal computer networking easier to use, though this is certainly a useful benefit. The long-term goal of zeroconf is to enable the creation of entirely new kinds of networked products,02:53
=== _dragonkh [n=kings@dr4g0nn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== mabreaux [n=kvirc@ppp-71-128-198-18.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
menaceok, i have an 80gig harddrive for linux. how can i check how much swap i have?02:54
Dr_willis'free' command02:54
MotorCityMadManmenace: kinfocenter02:55
Dr_willisdid you make a swap partition?  :)02:55
fatejudgerwhy can't we have cool functions on Zeroconf like Bonjour has02:55
fatejudgerI want my easily connected network printers02:55
menaceunless the initial installation did it, i dont have a swap partition02:55
Dr_willisfatejudger,  i cant even figrure out what all its doing..02:55
fatejudgerit doesn't matter if I already know how to set them up, it's the cool factor that matters02:55
Dr_willisfatejudger,  cups works very well for me in that area02:55
Dr_willisbut the Ubuntu guys sort of have cups locked down.02:56
fatejudgerI'm tired of network printers02:56
fatejudgerWindows never wants to detect CUPS run printers02:56
fatejudgeror print servers02:56
Dr_willisi got a whole.. 1 network printer..02:56
fatejudgeror anything for that matter02:56
=== padla [n=padla@adsl-89-217-15-36.adslplus.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisMy printserver shares the printer as a Samba printer also. :P02:56
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindtrappist: You around yet ?02:58
Dr_willisCaptainMorgan,  ive NEVER heard of 'restartx' --  'startx' yes.. but not 'restartx'02:59
CaptainMorganDr_willis, yes, but startx returns that error02:59
fatejudgerDr_willis: I have THE most trouble sharing Samba stuff02:59
fatejudgerDr_willis: and the Ubuntu devels refuse to allow anonymous network browsing03:00
Dr_willisfatejudger,  it can be tricky.. but ive messed with it so much - ive learned all the tricks03:00
fatejudgerDr_willis: they try and extol the virtues of password protecting your shares03:00
Dr_willisfatejudger,  edit the samba.conf - do what you want03:00
fatejudgerDr_willis: yeah, it SOUNDS easy03:00
Dr_willisfatejudger,  :) i do it all the time..03:00
Dr_willisthat 'using samba' book thats avial online. is about the only samba referance ive read.03:00
fatejudgerDr_willis: bah, samba.conf is like my ex-girlfriend, annoying and tempermental03:00
Dr_willisand a LOT of time spent twiddling with the samba.conf file03:00
Dr_willisi rarely hae problems with it.. i slapped it down a few too many times03:01
fatejudgerDr_willis: I think I'm going to buy one of those fancy printers with built-in print servers anyway03:01
fatejudgerI love those things03:02
Dr_willisfatejudger,  i got a $30 printserver adaptor for my old laser parrallelport printer.03:02
Dr_willisdlink is the brand..works ok.03:02
Dr_willisonce i learned the right info to put into the gnome/kde printer config tools03:02
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgerI work at Best Buy, so I get a discount on those fancy wireless print server things from Linksys03:02
Dr_willisip# and port 9100  - and away it goes03:02
fatejudgerbut those printers are pretty tempting03:03
Dr_willisfatejudger,  so you get them at the cost that i can go somewhere OTHER then B.B and get them.. :P03:03
Dr_willisB.B here in town - is such a rip-off its nasty.. sad to say.03:03
Dr_willisand tell your boss's i said that. :)03:03
=== krups [n=arthomps@pool-70-21-20-78.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgerDr_willis: heh, it's not really that bad03:05
fatejudgerDr_willis: except for USB cables03:05
CaptainMorganno one?03:05
Dr_willisfatejudger,  it depends on the item.. but just last week.. they had a DVD-DL burner.. that was 2x the cost i could get it elseware.. :P03:06
Dr_willisIt pays to watch for sales. :P03:06
fatejudgerthey have them all the time03:06
Dr_willisI did manage to get 2 rebates on my laptop from there.03:06
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgerwe don't do rebates03:06
Dr_willis and they had a much nicer return policy03:06
fatejudgerat least not on computers03:06
=== nex_ [n=nex@c-71-199-164-140.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgeryeah, our return policy is amazingly nice03:07
Dr_willisThey had them when i got my laptop.. and HP had one also.. so i got 2 :)03:07
Dr_willisthen it broke..  returned it.. got a new.. and new rebate forms.. sent them in again! :)03:07
fatejudgerI've had customers return $1500 desktop systems, just because they "didn't have good luck with it"03:07
Dr_willisheh. :)03:07
fatejudgerand exchanged it with the exact same computer03:07
fatejudgerthe exact same one03:07
fatejudgerno joke03:08
Dr_willisLol. :)03:08
fatejudgerthere was nothing wrong with the original one03:08
Dr_willisits a "built on monday' computer.03:08
Dr_willisI had a stroke of bad luck with my prev laptop..03:08
fatejudgerso now they have the same computer, and we have open box items03:08
fatejudgersomething broke?03:08
Dr_willis#1 had bad NIC conector.. #2.. the Hinges kept breakng...  got a different brand.. it SUCKED for linux..  first was great...03:08
Dr_willistook IT back..  wanted my $$ back.. got stuck with the restocking fee..  so for $100 or so i 'rented' a laptop for over a year.03:09
Dr_willisThen realized they  managed to give me extra rebates..03:09
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisand dident charge me for some acessories.03:10
Dr_willis*doh* heh heh03:10
=== caronte [n=caronte@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisGOt a Little Turion Based Compaq laptop here now.. its decent at linux.03:10
fatejudgercompaqs suck...03:11
=== nkRush [n=nkRush@e177181153.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williseverything sucks in one way or another.03:11
fatejudgereh, I'd be more inclined to buy a Toshiba or HP03:11
Dr_willis$500 laptop..03:11
fatejudgershit dude03:11
Dr_willisi dont expect much..03:11
=== tk [n=tk@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisit does its job.03:11
fatejudgerare you really that poor that you can't pay an extra 200 bucks and get something much better?03:11
=== kalisam [n=kalisam@pool-68-239-6-61.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisIt was More.. $500 was price after all the rebates03:12
Dr_willisor coruse its also a 1 1/2 years old now.03:12
Dr_willisone of the first Turions out03:12
Dr_willisits lasted longer then my other laptops so far.03:12
fatejudgerwe had a Toshiba Core Duo with a gig of RAM on sale for 729 the other week03:12
fatejudgerthat's probably the best deal I've ever seen there03:13
Dr_willisthis was befor core duos were even  known :)03:13
Dr_willisim seeing advertised laptops with 12+ hrs battery life now.03:13
Dr_willisLaptops and notebooks come and go like flies at a garbage dump, sometimes with less apparent reason than the flies.03:13
fatejudgerI'm just waiting for those Core 2 Duos to become cheaper before I go and blow 1k on one03:13
Dr_willis----> artical on laptops at -->  http://www.mobilityguru.com/2006/10/02/who_designed_the_latest_model/03:13
Dr_willisi dont plan on getting another laptop for some time03:14
fatejudgerI've got this shitty Dell laptop right now03:14
fatejudgerthe battery lasts a whopping 40 minutes03:14
fatejudgerby the time the damn thing boots up, its battery is almost half dead03:14
Dr_willisLol. thts my old HP HUGE laptop with a 9700 video card...  and 16 lb weight.03:14
=== rpagatpatan [n=rpagatpa@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisI went 'lighter' this time.. about  7 lbs  i think03:15
fatejudgerI just use the computers at my college's library now03:15
fatejudgerwith a USB flash drive in hand03:15
fatejudgerand my copy of OO.o installed03:15
fatejudgerI bet I could even boot Linux off of it03:15
menacewhats OO.o?03:15
=== brandon_ [n=brandon@] has joined #kubuntu
=== bLaZeD [n=wls@unaffiliated/blazed] has joined #kubuntu
=== CheeseBurgerMan [n=chatzill@24-247-185-68.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #Kubuntu
=== radius [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has left #kubuntu ["../../../"]
fatejudgerI'm just waiting for KOffice to get ported over to Windows03:17
fatejudgerthat'll be the day03:17
fatejudgerprobably the same damn day Amarok is ported03:18
foohm, my sound stopped working. Any ideas? I tried to restart alsa-utils but that didn't do anything. lsof|grep dsp returned nothing. hmm03:18
fooHawkwind: help me!03:19
Hawkwindfoo:  I thought you ran Ubuntu and not Kubuntu :P03:20
fooHawkwind: f ubuntu03:20
HawkwindHuh ?03:20
fooHawkwind: What I said03:20
CaptainMorganis there dual monitor support for K/Ubuntu?03:20
foof ubuntu.03:20
gnomefreakHawkwind: F ubuntu he said as in fudge ubuntu03:21
=== infornography [n=mojo@] has left #kubuntu ["thanks"]
foooh, err... no03:21
fooFluxbox ...03:21
fooFluxbox Ubuntu :P03:21
HawkwindCaptainMorgan: Certainly.  I'm using Nvidia and TwinView right now03:21
fooAh, no, I didn't mean it that way03:21
HawkwindHe runs Ubuntu03:21
HawkwindHe's playing and trolling :P03:21
CaptainMorganHawkwind, what about ati 9800 pro?03:21
fooYeah, ubuntu with fluxbox03:21
CaptainMorganHawkwind, out-of-the-box?03:22
foogah, an alsa problem should be the same. *shrug*03:22
HawkwindCaptainMorgan: Best of luck to ya there.  ATI is nothing but a pain.  But you want Xinerama03:22
HawkwindCaptainMorgan: Simple edit of the xorg.conf file if you have Nvidia03:22
=== CheeseBurgerMan [n=chatzill@24-247-185-68.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #Kubuntu
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm62.omega21.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindabattoir: Good evening!03:22
CaptainMorganHawkwind, but a simple edit of xorg.conf for ati doesn't work?03:24
CaptainMorganI assume03:24
HawkwindCaptainMorgan: Getting ATI drivers installed is nothing but a pure pain.03:24
HawkwindI know nothing about ATI since I won't touch them since they really don't have native drivers03:25
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== amachu [n=amachu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
CaptainMorganthanks Hawkwind ;)03:26
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
=== TheHighChild [n=Pinter@unaffiliated/thehighchild] has joined #kubuntu
TheHighChildHey folks, anyone have a widescreen LCD?03:29
=== chewinnnng232 [n=stevebal@modemcable151.119-80-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== Sydox [n=andrew@dsl-206-251-3-138.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
fatejudgerTheHighChild: yes, 24 inches03:30
=== Sydox is now known as Kr4t05
chewinnnng232hi guys, anyone knows a website equivalent to the "fedora core installation notes by stanton finley" for the kubuntu distro?03:31
TheHighChildfatejudger: nice! I just got a Samsung 20"03:31
fatejudgerTheHighChild: cool03:31
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
TheHighChildNot sure how to best configure it03:31
fatejudgerTheHighChild: is it not displaying the proper resolution?03:31
TheHighChildfatejudger: Everything works great. Just wondering how I can get the best settings. If there's an app or anything03:32
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
chewinnnng232which websites are the best about installing additional software on kubuntu? for instance to install mplayer with all the codecs?03:33
fatejudgerTheHighChild: as long as it's displaying at the proper resolution, that's all you need to do03:33
fatejudgerTheHighChild: if it looks stretched, then it's not displaying at the right rez, and you'd have to change it03:33
=== coreymon is now known as coreymon77
=== coreymon77 is now known as _coreymon
TheHighChildfatejudger: Yeah but I'd like it to be the best as to prolong the life as long as possible03:34
=== _coreymon is now known as coreymon77
TheHighChildfatejudger: That's how it was at first but I googled someone's xorg with working settings and it works fine, but they didn't seem too confident about the accuracy of the settings03:34
=== foo [n=foo@unaffiliated/foo] has left #kubuntu []
TheHighChildIt's at the proper 1650x105003:35
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== coreymon is now known as coreymon77
chewinnnng232I am currently looking for websites with detailed instructions on how to install additional software. any suggestions? anyone?03:37
=== david__ [n=david@] has joined #kubuntu
jsubl2chewinnnng232: check out the faq in the /topic03:38
chewinnnng232jsub12: thanks i'll check it out03:38
=== secleinteer [n=scl@adsl-70-237-228-203.dsl.stlsmo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
chewinnnng232jsub12: what is /topic, is it on the kubuntu.org site?03:39
jsubl2it is an irc command just type /topic03:40
chewinnnng232ok thanks03:40
jsubl2"/topic" without the quotes03:40
chewinnnng232jsub12: the command seems to work but nothing comes up03:41
jsubl2chewinnnng232:  http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions03:41
chewinnnng232jsub12: ok thanks i'll sure check it out03:42
Hawkwind[ 8:41pm]  The Topic For #kubuntu Is Kubuntu Support Channel | Edgy Beta Released | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuDapperKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ | Large pastes go here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage03:42
Hawkwindchewinnnng232: You should have seen that as soon as you joined the channel03:42
=== jkl [n=qwerty@] has joined #kubuntu
chewinnnng232Hawkwind: thanks03:42
=== Kr4t05 [n=andrew@dsl-206-251-3-138.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
david__can i set xwindows to log out after a certain amount of time?03:45
Hawkwinddavid__: With a cronjob you could03:45
=== nkRush [n=nkRush@e177183053.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== mister_roboto [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
david__is that a service i need to run?03:46
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
HawkwindNo.  man cronjob for tons of info or read this page on my forums:  http://www.linuxfordummies.org/index.php?topic=179.003:47
david__ok thanks03:47
david__you gonna write book?03:47
david__Linux for dummies?03:47
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #kubuntu
david__guess ill have to get cronjob03:48
david__i don't seem to have any information on it03:49
=== freeflying|away [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #kubuntu
=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@CPE000f663685cd-CM0011e67c2935.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== bLaZeD [n=wls@unaffiliated/blazed] has joined #kubuntu
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TheHighChildfatejudger: What font/s do you use?03:52
=== Spooned [n=thekikin@d137-186-221-70.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== freeflying|away [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #kubuntu
=== mister_roboto [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
nukuany hints getting flash player to work under edgy? i installed flashplugin-nonfree but opera/konqueror just show a gray box and firefox crashes...03:55
=== AWOSDev [n=awilcox@67-22-96-243.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #Kubuntu
=== drayan__ [n=drayan@brn91-1-82-234-1-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevI want to play MIDI files but can't.  First it said "no such device /dev/snd/seq", so I modprobed snd-seq.  Now it says its playing but I don't hear any sound.  I can hear the KDE sounds (Waveform) but not MIDI.  What could the problem be?03:58
=== canllaith [n=dessa@kde/jhall] has joined #kubuntu
canllaithHeya, is there some kubuntu user here I can get a default kopeterc from ?04:00
AWOSDevcanllaith sure04:00
AWOSDevcanllaith where is it?  ~?04:00
canllaithDepends on how they do things. It's either in `kde-config --prefix`/share/config/kopeterc04:00
canllaithOr it's in ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc04:01
=== hayden_ [n=hayden@203-219-130-10.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
nukucanllaith: edgy uses this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25708/04:03
nuku(its /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/kopeterc :-)04:03
canllaithahhhhh [ChatWindowSettings]  is where the tabs option lurks04:03
=== CheeseBurgerMan [n=chatzill@24-247-185-68.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #Kubuntu
canllaiththanks, as far as I'm aware kopete hasn't been kconfig xt'd yet so finding those options requires grepping through the sources :)04:04
=== marty [n=marty@ppp-70-251-72-119.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
nukuisn't there some kind of documentation for this?! :/04:05
=== freeflying|away is now known as freeflying
=== Vouksh [n=vouksh@oh-69-34-21-231.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
canllaithNo, not really - until I get around to kconfig xt'izing kopete04:05
canllaithOr someone else does04:05
canllaithI started it, someone else started it, I'm not sure if anyone finished it.04:06
canllaithAll these config file only settings are only documented in the source04:06
nukuwonder why kconfig was not used in the first place :)04:06
VoukshI'm having a little bit of trouble installing Xubuntu on my Thinkpad laptop. You think you guys could help me out?04:06
canllaithBecause it didn't exist.04:06
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
=== Vouksh [n=vouksh@oh-69-34-21-231.sta.embarqhsd.net] has left #kubuntu []
nukuthats a point04:07
canllaithanyway, thanks. Got the option I wanted :)04:07
nukusure np04:07
=== dr0ne [n=fn@CABLE-72-53-45-212.cia.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== unix_infidel [n=blue@unaffiliated/unixinfidel/x-8383745] has joined #kubuntu
nukuhm at least kopete 0.12.2 in edgy seems to use kconfig ;)04:09
canllaithNot kconfigxt.... at least, I don't think so04:10
=== canllaith asks the lead dev
=== jammer_ [n=jammer@] has joined #kubuntu
canllaithnah it's not04:11
canllaithSince I said I'd do it about a year ago I'm not surprised04:11
nukuwell have to look into the difference of kconfig and kconfigxt :)04:12
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
nukuat least read.*Entry gave me 453 hits ;)04:13
=== MHazem is now known as CVirus
BlackenO-kay...strangeness..xorg.conf has DRI *enabled*, but direct rendering is NOT enabled. ATI Radeon x1300. Anyone know why that may be?04:14
canllaithnuku: kconfig xt starts with an XML file that defines all of those configuration classes and then it generates the c++04:14
canllaithfor an example take a look at kicker.04:14
canllaithI drew up the xml files for that about 2 years ago04:15
nukucanllaith: yeah just found some nice introduction.. looks sweet :)04:15
=== Spooned [n=thekikin@d137-186-221-70.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cahuez [n=root@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Blacken [n=ed@roppleer4.umeres.maine.edu] has joined #kubuntu
=== smaggard [n=smaggard@66-168-157-180.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== bLaZeD [n=wls@unaffiliated/blazed] has joined #kubuntu
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=== _thumper_ [n=tim@tpsoft.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Blacken [n=ed@roppleer4.umeres.maine.edu] has joined #kubuntu
BlackenEr, okay. Situation: I have an ATI Radeon x1300 graphics card. I just ran aticonfig --initial. It SAYS that DRI is enabled. But direct rendering remains off.04:37
=== hitmanX [n=andrew@60-234-156-68.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardthere is no such thing as direct rendering, thats why its off04:38
=== hitmanX is now known as xhitmanX
Blackensmaggard: ...04:38
Blackensmaggard: Come again?04:38
=== xhitmanX is now known as xhitmanx
smaggardiunno i was just makin somethin up04:39
Blackensmaggard: Then STFU, please.04:39
BlackenDoes anyone have any experience with this issue?04:39
BlackenI've run through the HOWTOs with no success.04:39
AWOSDev!language > Blacken04:40
smaggardhahaa ur an idiot because you cant figure out how to enable direct rendering, what a shame04:40
smaggardever heard of google?04:41
Blackensmaggard: FOAD, troll. Unlike most of the folks who come in here, I do my homework before asking for help.04:41
smaggardso you are saying no one else has had your problem before? wow congratulations04:42
=== tk [n=tk@] has joined #kubuntu
=== torchie [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== caseyomah [n=caseyoma@ip70-160-11-150.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== brydenn [n=brydenn@] has joined #kubuntu
BlackenLook, nitwit. I ran through the bloody howtos, I've done my research, and there's an issue further down the line that I can't seem to locate. Now, like all good GNAA rejects, get back in your cardboard box.04:44
BlackenNow--might there be anyone who might have experience with dealing with uncooperative ATI cards and DRI?04:44
caseyomahOkay, I'm trying to setup smb shares in KDE, but no users (evidently not even root) have rights to do so (or make more users able to do so)04:44
=== phreak_ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
caseyomahMy help from System Settings for file sharing gives an error.04:45
=== mister_roboto [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
Blackencaseyomah: Any specific error? Might help out those in the know a bit more.04:46
caseyomahThe file sharing module never ungrays.04:46
smaggardi have an hp zv6000 laptop with ati and linux i know exactly what your going through04:47
smaggard:D its a little tricky, but not hard at all to figure out04:47
brydennok i have a bizzare problem. When i open anything and minimize it, it doesnt appear in the kicker bar04:47
brydenni cant maximize it04:47
brydennanyone know what's going on with that?04:48
smaggardusing default theme?04:48
AWOSDevbrydenn, try ALT+TAB04:48
caseyomahsmaggard: Yes.04:48
brydennit works if i do ALT+TAB04:48
AWOSDevbrydenn, hold down ALT while pressing TAB04:48
brydennbut the boxes dont appear in the kicker bar04:48
AWOSDevbrydenn do you have the task thing on there04:48
brydennthe task bar?04:49
brydenni have my KBFX button and a kicker bar04:49
AWOSDevbrydenn yeah04:49
brydenni have your normal quick launch buttons too04:49
AWOSDevbrydenn, panel menu->add applet->task bar.04:49
brydennlike muahaha04:50
smaggardyeah you may not have the taskbar applet actually enabled04:50
brydennthere it is04:50
brydenndamn musta accidently removed that04:50
brydennthanks AWOSDev04:50
=== kbee [n=root@adsl-065-006-144-253.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevbrydenn no problem :)04:50
AWOSDevbrydenn if you have kids or pets they might have done it :)04:50
brydennhaha no no04:51
brydennno kids, but i have a cat04:51
smaggardlol its ok we all do stuff like that04:51
brydennyah it's cool04:51
brydenni'm just a windows guy trying to move away into linux :)04:51
brydennkubuntu seemed to be the right thing04:51
smaggardwhat distro you using04:51
smaggardah kubuntu im guessing04:51
brydenni'm using Kubuntu Edgy04:51
brydenni know it's beta04:51
brydennbut i like it04:51
brydennand i'm starting to add some nice eye candy to it hehe04:52
smaggardi used gentoo for a long time and i tried out kubuntu and ubuntu server and it was like OMG can it really be this easy!??04:52
=== twisted_ [n=twisted@d38-233-253.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
brydennwell you're smarter than me04:52
brydenni really wanted to give Gentoo a shot04:52
brydennbut the F'n thing never installed right04:52
brydenni literally tried maybe 30 times04:52
brydenni gave up04:52
=== _ubuntu [n=ubuntu@c-71-224-138-55.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _ubuntu [n=ubuntu@c-71-224-138-55.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #kubuntu
brydennwith gentoo you get good stability and good optimization (from what i hear)04:53
smaggardyeah, gentoo can take even linux masters a LONG time to get going04:53
brydennbut i'll pass on the optimization for something that "just works" hehe04:53
smaggardwith gentoo, you get a distro that uses you instead of you using IT04:53
brydennyah well04:54
smaggardi mean you literally have to compile EVERYTHING04:54
brydenni dont wanna fight it04:54
brydennya i know04:54
AWOSDevI'm not really wanting to go to Gentoo because of that04:54
brydenneverything is from source04:54
AWOSDevI've been with computers since the early 90s, ah DOS...and it scares me.04:54
BlackenGentoo is painful. Nice for optimized servers, though. Especially if you've got a rack of identical ones.04:54
brydennyah i can see its purpose in that arena04:55
brydennbut for the day to day user? probably not04:55
=== Blacken compiled Gentoo on one of his school's 16 blade servers. Imaged the rest from the first.
smaggardif you need absolute performance and have days to configure it then yeah its good, but updating is another nightmare04:55
BlackenWe had maybe twenty minutes of downtime.04:55
=== AWOSDev wishes he could do what Blacken did :)
BlackenThey used RedHat. They are insane.04:55
smaggardlol redhat04:55
BlackenAWOSDev: It's not that bad, really.04:55
BlackenAWOSDev: You just start it...and go away.04:55
BlackenFor a long time.04:56
smaggardif you just start to read the gentoo manual you will see how complex it is.04:56
AWOSDevNo I mean install it not image it :)04:56
=== Dodger [n=dodger@c-67-188-187-43.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== brydenn hearts his debian based kubuntu ;)
brydennok i'm gonna get back to adding some window decorations04:56
=== doombox [n=doombox@ip72-193-63-55.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardfiguring out what use flags you need or dont need is another BS part of gentoo04:56
brydennbe back in a few04:56
BlackenKubuntu has a home on my desktop, even if ATI's drivers suck the big one. But Ubuntu...not for servers. Debian's a good server distro--my personal server runs it. But the boxes at school get something on the order of a million (obviously not unique) visits per day.04:57
smaggardubuntu is based off debian..............04:57
Blackensmaggard: Yes, but its packaging and distribution channels are a wee bit more unstable.04:57
smaggardur effn crazy04:57
=== milkspank [n=Pinter@unaffiliated/thehighchild] has joined #kubuntu
brydennglad i'm not in on this one ;)04:57
smaggardcome back when you learn something04:58
=== Dodger is now known as Dodger73
Blackensmaggard: Neg, Not crazy. there are odd, odd changes that sometimes come out of Ubuntu's repositories that the corresponding Debian ones don't have.04:58
BlackenWell, no. Crazy, but not crazy in that regard.04:58
smaggardubuntu has had no problem as a server hosting 16 websites so far04:59
BlackenI'm not saying it can't do it.04:59
smaggardthen what are you saying?04:59
BlackenBut Debian tends to be a more reliable platform in my experience.04:59
BlackenAs a desktop user I can handle the occaisonal "whoops, something went casters up" moment.04:59
BlackenOn a server, I won't take that chance.04:59
smaggardthats great05:00
BlackenIs it *likely* that something will break? Naw. Is it more likely, though? Probably.05:00
BlackenGentoo was the choice for the servers at school because it's fast, not 'cause anyone liked compiling it.05:00
smaggardif your school chose gentoo as servers they are idiots.05:01
=== sergio_ [n=sergio@] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardgentoo is the LEAST recommended distro for serving, because of its multiple options, configurations, and setup can easily lead to mis-configuration05:01
Blackensmaggard: There's a very simple solution to that. Don't misconfigure it.05:01
smaggarddont take my word for it, just look on the internet05:01
=== fateisajester [n=cwilkins@] has joined #kubuntu
BlackenAnd where the hell are you getting these numbers? "LEAST recommended distro". By you, maybe. I've never seen any serious statistics to back up that position.05:02
BlackenThis is going to devolve into "omg my distro better than all others," so I'm going to go back to work now.05:03
smaggardof course there arent any numbers what do you think they have a poll?05:03
=== Blacken is now known as Blacken[Working]
=== fateisajester [n=cwilkins@] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardtoo many extra steps to get regular apps like sendmail installed05:03
smaggarddepositories are crap05:03
doomboxfor server ? /vote slackware05:05
doomboxif you can't run slackware you shouldn't be doing a server..!05:05
brydennok questions05:05
brydenni'm trying to install a window decroation05:05
brydennand i tried "./configure" and got this error...05:06
brydennchecking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!05:06
smaggardhmm what decoration is it05:06
brydennthat one05:06
smaggarddont you add that through the kde theme settings?05:08
=== chai [n=chai@gw3.eb.net.my] has joined #kubuntu
brydenni'm not sure05:09
brydennhow do you normally add a window decoration?05:09
fateisajesterhi everyone. Im kind of new to linux. so you guy will probably see me here alot lol. i just wanted to get to know the mods right now.05:09
brydenna lot is 2 words bro05:09
smaggardhold on ill download that05:09
fateisajesterso it is05:09
brydennthanks smaggard05:10
smaggardima get the corona one :D05:10
brydenni downloaded the nVidia one05:11
=== roboto [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardgimme just a sec05:11
=== mark_ [n=mark@pool-71-244-52-27.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
caseyomahAn error occurred while loading help:/:05:11
caseyomahI get that error when trying to open help.05:12
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_does anyone know when edgy rc1 is coming?05:13
=== nex_ is now known as nex_zZz
fateisajesterIs this room usually pretty active?05:13
mark_why fateisajester?05:13
=== phreak__ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
mark_need help?05:14
fateisajesterjust wondering.05:14
Dr_willisyes it is.05:14
fateisajesternot right now05:14
Dr_willisIts quiet.... too quiet!05:14
mark_#ubuntu is more active05:14
fateisajesterjust trying to get the feel of the roon05:14
mark_scary active05:14
brydennsmaggard:  why'd you post that link again?05:14
AWOSDevHey Dr_willis!05:14
mark_dr willis05:14
smaggarddo you have kwin?05:14
mark_tell me the release date of rc105:14
brydennlet me check05:15
=== [-KaSatKa-] [n=Erich@] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevmark_, October 19th05:15
brydennsmaggard:  yah adept manager says it's installed05:15
mark_october 19th is the new christmas05:15
mark_calling people hos isnt allowed on freenode is it?05:16
=== Arepie [n=arepie@] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterwhat is "hos"?05:16
=== lebifteksauvage [n=lbs@cro34-1-82-225-180-48.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisHo Ho Ho!05:16
mark_yes that05:16
fateisajesterooooooo...  n/m05:16
AWOSDevmark_ LOL05:17
=== fateisajester is slow
AWOSDevh/o means hold on05:17
mark_looks like a typo to me05:17
lebifteksauvageHello ;)05:17
Dr_willish/0 = dividsion by 0 error05:17
Dr_willisHiddy Hooo!05:17
=== freeflying|away [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_o ya awosdev05:18
AWOSDevCould also mean Hurst/Oldsmobiles.05:18
smaggardso you type ./configure and what happens05:18
mark_i found out what was wrong with my nvidia drivers05:18
AWOSDevDr_willis were you the one that said you got the new Weird Al CD?05:19
=== Dodger [n=dodger@c-67-188-187-43.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
brydennsmaggard: h/o05:19
mark_no need to be rude brydenn05:19
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  yeppers05:19
=== Dr_willis jams to White and Nerdy
brydennmark_: haha not being rude05:20
AWOSDevDr_willis they played White and Nerdy on the radio earlier05:20
=== Dodger is now known as Dodger73
=== freeflying|away is now known as freeflying
=== AWOSDev does too
mark_your dictionary says h/o stands for history of05:20
brydennor it could mean hold on05:21
brydennwhatever you prefer05:21
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #kubuntu
mark_and lol stands for lack of love05:21
mark_or land of lincoln05:21
=== cod [n=cod@51-068.dsl.duo-county.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  heh - AOL was supposed to have a permier of the video..but some how the video got leaked to the internet early.. so they cancled the premear!05:21
=== cod [n=cod@51-068.dsl.duo-county.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dr_willisI think that was the video.. lt was last week some time when it happened05:21
brydennhey smaggard05:22
smaggardu gotta tell that where the kde headers are05:22
brydenngood news05:22
brydenni dont have that error anymore haha i got a new one now05:22
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevLOL it means laugh out loud :)05:22
brydennchecking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.2) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!05:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lol - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:22
smaggarddo you have qt installed?05:23
brydennno i'm installing it now i think though05:23
Dr_willisqt -dev packages even05:23
mark_!Lawyers On Line05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about Lawyers On Line - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:23
AWOSDevDr_willis yeah they put it up silently an hour before the scheduled time :)05:23
=== [-KaSatKa-] [n=Erich@] has left #kubuntu ["I've]
smaggardok you have to have the kde headers installed to use that akdc05:24
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  oh? i was thinking it got leaked a few days befor..05:24
Dr_willisi still aint seen it05:24
AWOSDevDr_willis it was leaked before05:24
AWOSDevDr_willis AOL put it up before the scheduled time by an hour05:24
Dr_willisthat dont sound like how i heard it...05:25
AWOSDevThe video was leaked onto YouTube on September 17, 2006 just one day before the video was planned to be officially released at 9 PM Pacific time at AOL.com. Due to the leak, the premiere was cancelled,[6]  and AOL silently slipped the video onto their website hours before the premiere was set to take place.05:25
Dr_willissounds like an AOL guy dident set his clock for DST05:25
AWOSDevI edit Wikipedia :)05:25
Dr_willisso it is there.05:25
mark_no one has easy problems that need solving?05:25
Dr_willismark_,  whats the air speed of a  coconut laden swallow?05:25
pierrethDr_willis: I have imported my stuff05:26
brydennsmaggard: the akdc KDE headers?05:26
mark_one sec dr_willis05:26
=== Dr_willis hands pierreth a gold star... err.. what stuff..:)
mark_!air speed of a coconut laden swallow05:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about air speed of a coconut laden swallow - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:26
pierrethDr_willis: my music05:26
smaggarddo this05:27
smaggardsudo apt-get install kdebase-dev05:27
Dr_willispierreth,  you mean you 'ripped' your cd's :P05:27
smaggardthat will install the kde headers05:27
Dr_willispierreth,  dont fall fo rthe fancy terms apple tries touse on you! :)05:27
brydennok they're installing05:27
brydennerr downloading rather05:27
pierrethDr_willis: the bad thing is that I need none free format for the ipod05:27
Dr_willisi thought ipods could play mp3's05:28
fateisajesterIve been having trouble getting a new partition working the way i want it. I have tried to create a fat32 partition mounted in /storage to keep all of my important files. i was able to do it but only root has access to it. i have tried to change the permissions but its not working. i have tried using konqueror, and use chmod 777 /storage, but the permissions never set. can someone please tell me how to set /storage to grant all acce05:28
=== t3h_r00t [n=paul@c-68-43-146-198.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== bsnider [n=brandon@] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajestersorry for flood. i didnt realize05:28
pierrethDr_willis: mp3's are not free05:28
Dr_willisfateisajester,  you do NOT NOT NOT use chmod on a vfat partition05:28
Dr_willisDefacto NTFS (and works for Vfat as well) guide for your Fstab/mounting of NTFS partitions -->  http://wiki.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfs-en#how_do_i_mount_an_ntfs_volume05:29
Dr_willisfateisajester,  you use the 'umask=0222' option or similer. that site gives examples.05:29
Dr_willispierreth,  free enough for me. then again i dont own an ipod.. and never plan on getting one.05:29
Dr_willisand i rarely listen to music much.. Other then weird al. :)05:30
pierrethDr_willis: It would be great to be able to use the os we want on an ipod05:30
Dr_willispierreth,  i though thee was a linux-on-the-ipod project05:30
fateisajesterthx... ill give it a shot.05:30
AWOSDevUbuntuiPodHowto - what a weird thought.. :)05:30
pierrethDr_willis: I know but I don't think it is a real solution yet05:31
Dr_willisreal solution - stop buying ipods.05:31
AWOSDevthat'll work too05:31
AWOSDevget an MP3 player and liblame005:31
Dr_willispeople just look at me weird when i suggest a total boycott of ALL the music industry...05:32
=== digivore [n=dig@S01060011950bc7e3.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotucvs is the Concurrent Versions System, the dominant open-source network-transparent version control system; it helps to manage releases and to control concurrent editing of source files among multiple authors. See: https://www.cvshome.org/05:32
pierrethDr_willis: I love music, it is hard, but I copy CD instead05:33
=== mrdarcy [n=mrdarcy@] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevI still hate RIAA for killing Internet radio...as well as suing the dead person and the 11-year-old05:33
Dr_willisgee lets see - how many cds do you own.. and if you played them all.....05:33
Dr_willisYea - internet radio - had such potential05:34
=== BonBonTheJon [n=jon@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswell it still nice.. but not as legal as it could be.05:34
pierrethAWOSDev: What are you suggesting instead of an iPod?05:34
brydennsmaggard: you there?05:34
AWOSDevMP3 player05:34
smaggarddid you install the headers?05:34
brydenndid you get yours to work?05:34
brydennyah they're installed05:34
pierrethAWOSDev: what do you mean?05:34
brydennmy configure was susseccfull too05:34
smaggardand the configure works now05:35
brydenni did make and make install05:35
brydennbut i dunno if it worked hehe05:35
smaggardnow go to your apperance, u know how to get there?05:35
AWOSDevpierreth, an MP3 player.  you know, it plays MP3s...05:35
pierrethAWOSDev: like an iPod?05:35
AWOSDevpierreth, like an iPod but not an iPod.05:35
brydennsmaggard: yes i'm there05:36
smaggardclick window decorations05:36
pierrethAWOSDev: Which one and why?05:36
smaggardand click the drop down arrow and it should be listed05:36
brydennits not05:36
brydenndid you get yours to list?05:36
AWOSDevpierreth, any and all.  because it's simpler and easier and more compatible than the iPod.05:36
smaggarddid u do sudo make install?05:36
brydennyah i did05:36
brydennlet me try it all again05:36
smaggardonly sudo on the make install05:36
pierrethDr_willis: I think the solution is buying music on the internet directly from the artists05:37
ironfroggyi have a question about ssh. im running three ssh servers on one domain and its confusing the keys. how can i fix that?05:37
=== Lurkan [n=Lurkan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== mrdarcy [n=mrdarcy@] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethAWOSDev: like a Samsung? It is MS player. Why MS player would be a better idea than Apple players?05:38
AWOSDevno I mean a real simple true blue MP3 player.05:38
brydennsmaggard:  hmm it's still not showing up in the drop box05:38
AWOSDevnothing more nothing less05:38
brydennand everything seems to be ok05:38
smaggardmine complained about libXext in configure05:38
pierrethAWOSDev: It is like a USB key but it is able to play mp3?05:38
AWOSDevpierreth, some of them05:39
AWOSDevpierreth, hold on a sec05:39
pierrethAWOSDev: I never know these things existed05:39
AWOSDevpierreth: http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do?level=SK&id=544612&x=0&Ntt=MP3%20player&=Search&y=0&uniqueSearchFlag=true&An=text05:40
=== michel [n=michel@c66.110.143-174.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== admin_ [n=admin@nwblwibas08-pool26-a37.nwblwi.tds.net] has joined #kubuntu
brydennsmaggard: i already have libXext installed05:40
=== craig_ [n=craig@user-10cmen1.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== admin_ is now known as thekingo7
=== thekingo7 [n=admin@nwblwibas08-pool26-a37.nwblwi.tds.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dr_willispierreth,  nah.. :) just listen to  talk radio!05:41
=== sankarshan [n=sankarsh@] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardnow its complaining about libz05:41
pierrethAWOSDev: it is a MS player05:41
pierrethAWOSDev: I don't want to give my money to MS05:42
pierrethAWOSDev: No more MS taxe on everything!05:42
AWOSDevpierreth: http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do?level=SK&id=618525&x=0&Ntt=MP3%20player&=Search&y=0&uniqueSearchFlag=true&An=text05:42
AWOSDevpierreth: even supports Linux 2.4!05:42
pierrethAWOSDev: still an MS player05:43
pierrethI guess we have no choice: Apple or MS05:43
AWOSDevpierreth: Just because it plays WMAs doesn't mean it's a MS player05:43
AWOSDevUbuntu can play WMAs...is it MS?05:43
brydennsmaggard:  so you havent got it to work ye?05:43
smaggardno im trying another one05:44
pierrethAWOSDev: No, it uses reverse egenering05:44
=== ringlej [n=ringlej@hrrsnbrg-bluewave1-69-161-6-246.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willis'friends dont let friends use wmv's'05:44
AWOSDevFriends don't let friends drive Hondas05:45
pierrethAWOSDev: why Hondas?05:45
AWOSDevokay fine to be really honest Toyotas or Nissans either05:46
=== Dr_willis Drives a Dodge
pierrethAWOSDev: thank you for this information05:46
=== AWOSDev is a foreign basher
smaggardbah its keeps saying libz configure error05:46
=== AWOSDev will not drive anything unless it is a Ford GM or Chrysler
pierrethDr_willis: is poor...05:46
smaggardAWOSDev> GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!! im the same way05:47
=== casfindad [n=casey@CPE000502e7bd93-CM014110215486.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== cowzrule [n=scott@24-197-186-170.dhcp.dlth.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
smaggardthe toyotas and honda will cause the downfall of america05:47
pierrethpierreth will drive everything except a US car05:47
Dr_willispierreth,  i am? well if the wife would quit spending so much $$$05:47
AWOSDevthe Toyotas and Hondas will cause the death of all Americans :)05:47
pierrethsmaggard: good thing!!05:47
pierrethDr_willis: joke!05:48
=== AWOSDev drives a [[Ford LTD Crown Victoria] ] and is proud
Dr_willisGuess what company i work for. :)05:48
smaggardthose foreign jobs piss me off05:48
pierrethI hate USA, it is the enemy of the world05:48
Dr_willisOf course id DaimlerChrysler an American car company now.. or not.. :P05:48
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willispierreth,  yea.. whatever...05:48
MotorCityMadManUSA USA USA USA05:49
Dr_willisthats my new canned reply.... "Yea... whatever"05:49
pierrethno no no...05:49
=== AWOSDev loves his 5.0L - and doesn't understand what this 'MPG' thing is :)
pierrethI guess, it is not very important05:49
MotorCityMadManI'm in love with the USA05:49
AWOSDevI just like seeing people live through fender-benders05:50
=== mart_alli [n=bryan@cm-ilsttn395.madisontelco.com] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethMotorCityMadMan: you mean you love the world oppression05:50
AWOSDevI've seen my fair share of people, especially youth, die in non-American cars05:50
MotorCityMadManpierreth: no / lots of GUNS05:50
pierrethAWOSDev: I think the car is responsable05:51
AWOSDevpierreth yes exactly05:51
pierrethMotorCityMadMan: to do what?05:51
MotorCityMadManprotection from bad ppl05:51
pierrethMotorCityMadMan: are you preparing yourself for war?05:52
MotorCityMadManno / i'm already at war / have been for 30 years05:53
=== Rede [n=shawn@S010600131096809c.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethMotorCityMadMan: who is the enemy?05:53
MotorCityMadManbad ppl05:53
pierrethppl? what is the meaning?05:53
=== doombox [n=doombox@ip72-193-63-55.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevAnybody know how to get stains out of an LCD screen?05:54
AWOSDevlike sneezes and finger prints05:54
pierrethMotorCityMadMan: who is bad, who is good?05:54
MotorCityMadManwhat kind of stains05:54
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  they make special cleaners for lcds and  high end tv's05:54
Dr_willisi use the stuff.. its like a thick jell liquid so it dont run.05:54
=== beefsprocket [n=jamonati@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisand a little cloth squeggee05:55
AWOSDevMotorCityMadMan: sneezes and finger prints05:55
Dr_willisDONT use windex.05:55
=== ash211 [n=andrew@user-1121702.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethDr_willis: water?05:55
=== trym|work [n=trym@ws001.oslo.skaargroup.no] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willishmm...   distilled.. :)  perhaps.. but id invest in some good cleaner for them.05:56
=== phreak_ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswater seems to leave streaks/stains05:56
=== warnet [n=warnet@] has joined #kubuntu
pierrethDr_willis: i used windex05:56
Dr_willisi got a $15 bottle of this cleaner and its lasted me 2+ years05:56
Dr_williswindex has ammonia - i think and thats BAD.05:56
=== caseyomah [n=caseyoma@ip70-160-11-150.hr.hr.cox.net] has left #kubuntu []
Dr_willisplus the sprays stuff can run down the screen into the  frame of the monitor.. and that can be real bad..05:57
pierrethI would like to buy a glass to protect my screen05:57
AWOSDevyes ammonia05:57
pierrethI was not able to find one05:57
Dr_willisa lot  of the better lcd screens theze days allready got a glass protector.05:57
Dr_willisand some sort of anti-glare film on that..  thats what the ammonia can hurt.05:58
AWOSDevDr_willis - 2003 Compaq laptop - says it all :)05:58
Dr_willisuse sandpaper on it then. :P05:58
AWOSDevDr_willis that may be a little too gritty :)05:59
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
pierrethsandpaper removes everything05:59
Dr_willisi got an old sony vaio laptop - and it still has a nicer looking screen then many of the newer laptops out06:00
Dr_williswide screens - the future of lcd's06:00
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisbut how about TALL screens? :)06:00
pierrethDr_willis: are you really a doctor?06:01
AWOSDevWide screen *drools*06:01
=== Dr_willis is a Dr of Love...
AWOSDevI want a 21" widescreen LCD...that would be COOLNESS06:01
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  then you can have room for all the desktop applets and panels at the sides!06:01
pierrethDr_willis: can you help with my love problems? :-)06:02
Dr_willisand the next windows version will take up even MORE useless space, pf the screen with more useless things.. and web sites will still be centered in a HUGE wide browser window..and  be a 3 inch wide colum.06:02
Dr_willispierreth,  what problem?06:02
=== chavo [n=chavo@69-167-76-107.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswhen in doubt... use  the Old-skool-methods. :P06:02
=== james_xxx [n=james@c-24-7-251-85.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevDr_willis heck with that I'll get multiple desktops running on the same screen :)06:03
=== Drew519 [n=root@68-112-232-69.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
AWOSDevYeah I'm not liking Vista much either06:03
pierrethDr_willis: I guess it is too personal for this forum...06:03
AWOSDevpierreth, go to #kubuntu-offtopic :)06:03
Dr_willisPenicillian! man.. Lots of Penicillian!06:03
AWOSDevhey does anybody know where lilo was from?06:04
AWOSDevwas it Boca Raton, FL?06:04
Dr_williscall up that Dr Lady on Late Night Lifetime channel.06:04
james_xxxi am trying to install a new video card in a dektop... how do i find out what the PCI number is for the new card? xserver is still only seeing the integrated card06:04
pierrethDr_willis: no it is OK, I guess I have the same problem as anyone else...06:04
AWOSDevjames_xxx lspci -n06:04
james_xxxAWOSDev: ty much06:04
AWOSDevjames_xxx np06:04
Dr_willispierreth,  same problem? - Not marriied = No sex.... Married = dont WANT no sex... :)06:05
Dr_williserr.. dont want any sex.. = married06:05
pierrethDr_willis: life is simple! :-)06:05
=== jfmpreach [n=chatzill@24-159-75-21.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== hayden [n=hayden@203-219-130-10.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisSo if you want sex but cant get any.. get married.. then you dont want sex...06:07
=== Dr_willis clears the screen befor his wife walks in
AWOSDevDr_willis do you know where lilo was from?06:08
AWOSDevDr_willis LOL06:08
Dr_willisAWOSDev,  nope.06:08
AWOSDevOh okay06:08
pierrethDr_willis: OK, this is the solution!06:08
notechTexas, I think06:08
AWOSDevbecause I think I might have seen his accident on the local news.06:08
AWOSDevoh I'm in Florida06:08
AWOSDevhe was like 20 or so, he had a Linux penguin beside him in the picture06:08
Dr_willisthers so many motorcycle accidents a year in the USA - its scary06:09
notechI never caught his age06:09
Dr_willisI dont ride them any more.06:09
AWOSDevhe was certified as an MCSE at like 1206:09
pierrethOK, good night06:11
Dr_willisNVIDIA shares surge on Intel buyout rumors           http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061004-7910.html06:11
Dr_willisOne way to boost your stock... :)06:11
AWOSDevI wish I could buy Intel06:11
Dr_willisbuy nvidia :P06:12
brydennthis really sucks06:12
brydenndoes anyone know how to install window decorations?06:12
fateisajesterif im reading the  umask  stuff right, the you can only take away fron default permissions. you cant add to them?06:12
AWOSDevHe was in Texas06:13
AWOSDevit was another FOSS-oriented computer geek that died down in Boca Raton, FL on a motorcycle accident three days after lilo.06:13
BonBonTheJonbrydenn: download an archive package, then go into the kcontrol, then do the install option, it installs for you06:13
fateisajesteris that correct?06:13
=== Arepie [n=arepie@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willissudo apt-get install kde-style-polyester kwin-style-alphacube kwin-style-blended  kwin-style-suse206:14
notechfateisajester: doesn't sound right to me06:14
Dr_willisinstalls quite a few nice themes/window decors...06:14
Dr_willisthe default is 0777 i i thought..06:14
fateisajesteri cant get umask to give me rwxrwxrwx06:14
brydennBonBonTheJon: well i've already compiled the window decoration i want06:14
Dr_willisi never have under stood the use of masks when ya coudl just set the  #'s06:15
brydennand it doesnt work just using the archive file to install a window decoration06:15
Dr_willisumask of 0000 = rwxrwxrwx i thought06:15
notechoh, well if 777 then i guess you could only take away. heh06:15
BonBonTheJonbrydenn: I download from kde-look.org, then install06:15
brydennk try something for me06:15
fateisajester0000 gave me r-xr-xr-x06:15
brydennBonBonTheJon: go here http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=12330 and see if you can get it to install06:15
Dr_willisgnome had that neat tool that lets your browse and install different themes.. sad that they are all ugly. :)06:16
=== mike [n=mike@London-HSE-ppp3550661.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== mike is now known as orkid
=== orkid is now known as orkid_
Dr_willisAKDC means Advanced Kwin Decoration Client06:17
=== orkid_ is now known as orkid__
BonBonTheJonbrydenn: sorry, window decorations doesn't have an install option, I was thinking more along the lines of splash screen06:17
Dr_willisi THINK thats like some sort of meta-theme-skeleton that thenuses other themes wrote for  AKDC...06:17
Dr_willisive seen a few other simler things06:18
brydennerrr this should be easy06:18
Dr_willismy downloads are slow.. let me try it :)06:19
BonBonTheJonbrydenn: the page says to go to the directory, then do ./configure, then make, then make install06:19
BonBonTheJonit should work06:19
brydennyah i did that06:20
brydenngot nothing06:20
BonBonTheJonhmm, don't know06:20
=== fuzzybunny_ [n=fuzzybun@host-64-179-8-41.buf.choiceone.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisIm not clear on IF the downloads are diffrent themes/.windowdecorations or widgets06:22
Dr_willisor if they are just themes FOR the   Advanced Kwin Decoration Client06:22
Dr_willisit compiled. and installed (the frst download) but i see no mention of "corona' in my themes settings anywhere06:23
Dr_willistrying softcrystal now06:24
brydennyah see thats what happened with me06:24
brydenni compiled, installed and didnt see it anywhere in the window decorations dropdown menu06:24
=== omar [n=omar@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willis--mode=install /usr/bin/install -c -p  'kwin_corona_config.la' '/usr/local/kde/lib/kde3/kwin06:25
Dr_willisit may be going to the /usr/local/ dir - not sure if kubuntu searches those by default or not06:25
Dr_willisits annoying tha tthe thing uncompressed to   home/junior/ProyectoKwin06:25
brydennso i have to put the directory where?06:25
brydennyah i know06:26
Dr_willisNo idea. :P06:26
Dr_willisi normally dont mess with themes.06:26
Dr_willisother then whats in the package manager06:26
brydennyah well i like eye candy06:26
=== pjz [n=pj@zachs.place.org] has joined #kubuntu
=== casfindad [n=casey@CPE000502e7bd93-CM014110215486.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
pjzanyone know how to get the latest beta to show video on my old matrox card?06:27
=== MrBIggZ [n=dave@cpe-24-195-55-105.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Parkotron [n=parker@dyn129-100-97-133.bc.uwo.ca] has joined #kubuntu
MrBIggZGreetings! I have one question, fairly simple in nature.  Question is when you install a package via apt-get and using a GDM (I'm using KDE) shouldn't it automatically put an item in the appropriate menu slot?  I did an apt-get for firefox but it never put anything in the internet slot on the GUI.  I did gaim .. that worked right .. there was a menu item for it.  Ideas?06:30
=== sudharsh [n=sudharsh@] has joined #kubuntu
chavobrydenn, I just installed that here it works no problem06:31
mark_it may show up after you restart kde06:31
chavomake sure you ./configure --prefix /usr06:31
MrBIggZI have .. a few times06:31
mark_try ctrl+alt+backspace06:31
AWOSDevMrBiggZ - try kbuildsycoca06:32
=== MrBIggZ [n=dave@cpe-24-195-55-105.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== MrBIggZ is now known as MrBiggZ
Dr_willisFigured it out.. :P06:33
mark_try kbuildsycoca06:33
mark_thats awos' advice btw06:33
MrBiggZGuess i'll have to add this in manually06:33
pjzanyone know how to get the latest beta to show video on my old matrox card? or how to tell it to boot using text mode?06:33
Dr_willis - /usr/lib/kde3 is where the .so files go.06:33
MrBiggZi know when I ran a mandrake flavor that you used to have to run menu-update from a prompt06:33
mark_really dont have to do that in ubuntu06:34
mark_so i dont know why its doing it to you06:34
mark_btw you're using gdm??06:34
mark_why not kdm?06:34
Dr_willischavo,  yea - i was just thinking that..06:35
chavoyou can put them in your ~/.kde also for kstyle and kwin decos06:36
=== Ash-Fox [i=UNKNOWN@fgd182.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #Kubuntu
=== brydenn is now known as brydenn33
MrBiggZi am using KDE06:36
mark_yeah but you said you were using the gnome display manager06:37
MrBiggZgde  would be graphic display manager .. which is what kde is .. another gui06:37
MrBiggZnever said gnome .. hate gnome!06:37
mark_gdm stands for gnome display manager, and kdm is k display manager06:38
MrBiggZok none the less .. just a difference in meanings06:38
MrBiggZI found the context menu to add the item.06:38
pjzis there a way to get kubuntu to not launch gdm when it boots off the CD?06:38
mark_they each work better for their particular desktop environment thats why i was confused by why you were using gdm to run kde06:38
MrBiggZoh .. sorry06:38
mark_pjz what do you mean?06:39
Dr_willisi dont see where they go in .kde  (perhaps i got some dirs not made yet)06:39
MrBiggZi'm testing this out on a vmware workstation .. if it works good .. i'll replace my fedora core server with this .. so far i like it06:39
pjzmark_: well, when it I boot off the kubuntu livecd, it doesn't pick  my graphics card correctly06:39
MrBiggZanybody running it as a web server + email?06:39
pjzmark_: or at least only the bootloader picks it correctly06:40
pjzmark_: after it boots it switches to a different video mode and I can't see anyhting06:40
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
pjzah, finally managed to kill the X server hard enough to let it stay in text mode for a few mins06:41
mark_what card pjs06:41
mark_and also, you can enter text mode usually by ctrl+alt+f206:41
pjzmark_: honestly I'm not sure... it's the built-in video on an old HP Vectra VL - it's a 500MHz P306:42
pjzmark_: ah! good to know06:42
pjzmark_: I think it's some kind of old matrox chipset06:42
MrBiggZk .. thanks for the help.06:42
=== MrBiggZ [n=dave@cpe-24-195-55-105.nycap.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu []
=== pjz does lspci and waits for the result...
pjzah, it's a 'Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200 AGP'06:43
mark_hmm thats not good06:43
ubuntu_hello.... any one here to speak?06:43
pjzmark_: yeah, I pretty much figured it would work out of the box06:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about spanish - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about espanol - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:44
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.06:44
mark_bah darn u chavo06:44
ubuntu_de donde eres06:44
chavode USA06:44
ubuntu_a ok06:44
pjzde Tejas06:44
ubuntu_yo soy de argentina06:45
mark_lemme check if the kernel has a module for your card pjz06:45
=== neddiW [n=neddiw@] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntu_que distribucion nix utilizas??06:45
=== rahul [n=rahul@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_pjz, try modprobe matroxfb06:46
rahulhello all06:46
pjzmark_: try that when, from where?06:46
mark_well you're in terminal right now right?06:46
pjzmark_: yeah - okay, it's not found06:47
mark_you might have to compile your own kernel06:47
pjzooo, icky06:47
=== _hybrid [n=hybrid@port0001-afu-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu
mark_theres something in the kernel that supports matrox g20006:48
pjzshouldn't this be a kubuntu bug?06:48
mark_but i dont know if its on by default06:48
pjzI mean, no worries for me - I've built my own kenrels and etc etc for ages06:48
neddiWhi to all06:48
pjzbut it's mostly unusable for anyone who doesn't know how to break out of the X server06:49
neddiWhow do i enable zeroconf in my kubuntu 6.06?06:49
=== _hybrid [n=hybrid@port0001-afu-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
mark_you might try to install using the alternate install cd06:49
pjzmark_: oh? there's an alt install CD?06:49
mark_it may just be a problem with the live one06:49
rahuli am trying to compile "file " package .. but it gives me the error "file: could not find any magic files!"06:49
rahulany ideas ??06:49
mark_i presume your running x8606:49
pjzmark_: yeah06:50
pjzmark_: how do I tell which vefrsion of the CD I'm running? or which version of ubuntu?06:50
Dr_williscat /etc/release (i think)06:50
mark_well yours tried to boot into a kubuntu session right?06:50
mark_if so its a live cd06:50
Dr_williscat /etc/lsb-release06:51
pjzDr_willis: sweet, thanks06:51
pjzfor the record, this is actaully a 6.10 beta LiveCD06:51
ubuntu_pjs Do you running ubuntu i live cd now??06:51
mark_pjz that image i sent you is an ubuntu image :p06:51
pjzubuntu_: I'm testing a beta06:52
mark_wait, edgy eft live cd?06:52
mark_that would probably be your problem :\06:52
brydenn33ok i got it working :)06:53
mark_they might not have worked out support for your card in the new version yet06:53
brydenn33thanks to chavo06:53
ubuntu_you are groso06:53
brydenn33here's my desktop guys...06:53
brydenn33what ya think :)06:54
pjzmark_: right, but it's not listed on the KnownProblems wiki page06:54
=== RandMC_ [i=kvirc@CPE-72-128-215-159.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
mark_well post it on the forum before reporting it as a bug06:54
mark_and eww proprietary nvidia start bar06:54
pjzwhat forum?06:55
mark_your comp looks like xp junior06:55
brydenn33its a look06:55
brydenn33and KDE dont act much different that the XP start bar06:55
ubuntu_what is the version of linux that run a videos dvd's etc.06:55
brydenn33so i dont wanna hear it06:55
brydenn33alright i'm off guys06:57
=== brydenn33 away
=== Healot [n=Healot@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_lol poor gnome users06:59
mark_no built in bittorrent06:59
Healotdesktop doesn't really matter07:00
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== AWOSDev [n=awilcox@67-22-96-243.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has left #Kubuntu ["bye"]
doomboxhaha @ kde07:06
=== AtKaaZ [i=IamE@] has joined #kubuntu
AtKaaZhi, is there a way to see all hard links' paths of a given filename ? ie. if a file had 5 hard links can one see them all exactly where there are?07:06
doomboxhere is my desktop...07:06
=== besonen_mobile [n=besonen_@c-24-22-67-0.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu
doomboxAtKaaZ: not sure.07:10
=== slop [n=orko@68-184-133-6.dhcp.stbr.ga.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tdoombox: nice shot, so what's the problem07:12
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu
doomboxlol nothing. Taskbars suck, the less I see them, the better...07:13
doombox=] 07:13
doomboxSome guy posted a shot of his KDE WinClassic lookalike with Nvidia instead of "Start"07:14
doomboxIs there any helpful, full-of-knowledge kubuntuers in the room and alive at the moment?07:15
Healotfull-of-knowledge> no one is able to beat this07:15
Healotjust ask, and I am sure some willing to answer07:16
lnxkdeneddiW: sup!?07:16
neddiWjust chillin07:16
=== omar [n=omar@] has joined #kubuntu
neddiWlnxkde, what was the icon package u had installed?07:17
=== LeeJunFan_ [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
neddiWin your kubuntu box maclike07:17
lnxkdeI use one os these 2....07:18
lnxkdehttp://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=45576 or thease http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=1656407:19
=== ronnylinux [n=ronny@] has joined #kubuntu
lnxkdeneddiW: :)07:20
=== _drdeL [n=drdeL@p54813B9B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
doomboxI have 3 different boxes, 3 diff OS's. All running samba. Kunbuntu out-of-the-box can browse smb shares from OS X / WinXP, however I seem to have issues in making ubuntu share a drive itself via samba. followed instructions here. http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=8659.0 .I did an "sudo apt-get install smbfs" to get the smb file server, followed instructions in the directions, but can't get any other box to even see my ubuntu s07:20
doomboxshouldn't be firewall issues, it's all LAN based..07:21
mark_samba is a PITA in ubuntu atm07:21
doomboxyeah which is strange...07:21
doomboxsmb usually aint too tough to config07:21
=== host-one [n=host-one@ip-4-81.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #kubuntu
mark_personally i prefer nfs07:22
neddiWlnxkde, crystal diamond icons ROck!@!07:22
mark_you should see if you can get it running in xp07:22
doomboxI can get OS X to access NFS, however I haven't looked into for XP07:22
mark_there are some programs that will do it07:22
doomboxare they decently good at it?07:22
mark_dunno if there are any free ones tho07:22
doomboxOk, thanks. I'll take a look at the NFS system.07:23
doomboxOtherwise I may just go the FTP route.07:23
lnxkdeneddiW: that is Vlos the way I want it to look ;)07:23
mark_im stealing your icons lnxkde07:24
lnxkdemark_: ;) they are not mine they are of kde-look.org07:24
mark_no matter07:24
lnxkdemark_ they rock ;)07:24
mark_i steal em anyway07:24
mark_are they a complete set?07:24
mark_and how complete?07:25
lnxkdeboth are a complete set07:25
neddiWlnxkde, it looks awesome!!! :D07:25
mark_i think i need to register on freenode to accept d/l07:25
lnxkdeand they are very complete I would say full07:25
lnxkdemark_: oh07:25
neddiWlnxkde, DCC failed :S07:25
doomboxneddiW: There's a KDE-to-OSX lookalike step by step here if you are a tiger lover: http://linuxgangster.org/modules.php?name=Content&file=viewarticle&id=1507:25
neddiWdoombox, thankx! ive been trying for days :D07:26
mark_no more osx lookalikes07:26
mark_we need fresh themes07:26
doomboxI haven't tried it on kubuntu... it was really easy to follow on slackware though..07:27
doomboxI'm still learning the wonders of kubuntu.. is it easy to compile from source with it?07:27
neddiWmark_,  you are right in some part07:27
lnxkdedoombox: you have to learn the paths07:27
doomboxI keep hearing something about "OGRE" instead of the good ol' 3 stepper ./configure, make, make install07:27
mark_you need to install a bunch of packages first but ya pretty much07:27
lnxkdedoombox: paths change somethimes not like a slackare and gentoo system that yiou do ./configure make make install07:28
doomboxI keep wanting to go to /etc/rc.d/ when i want to tweak startup items. :( lol07:28
=== ubuntu__ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
doomboxok thanks lnxkde, i'll try to find a good manual on that...07:29
=== mazzotta87 [n=mazzotta@d83-176-124-194.cust.tele2.it] has joined #kubuntu
mark_argh you gave me virus'd icons07:29
=== ubuntu__ is now known as kurt_
mark_or my system is shutting down07:29
doomboxwere you logged in as root mark_?07:29
mark_i wasnt supposed to? 'o'07:30
doomboxHere's a little question. Kubuntu is there any conventional way to change your shortcuts? I mean I just did a Run Command: kcontrol '07:31
doomboxthey only seem to have system settings which doesn't include the shortcut list.. you know?07:31
doomboxin a default install of the menu... found that kind of strange...07:32
=== pascalFR [i=jeX6KVYe@cha92-7-82-230-174-61.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== moparisthebest [n=mopar@cpe-24-210-246-235.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
mark_system settings -> regional & accesibility -> keyboard shortcuts07:32
doomboxI always miss the simple things like that. Thanks mark_ :(07:32
=== andre^off is now known as andred
mark_my only problem with the new icons is that the trash is too transparent07:32
mark_and np07:32
=== shriphani [n=shriphan@] has joined #kubuntu
shriphaniguys how do i play mp3 in kubuntu07:33
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR_aw
doomboxi enjoy xmms personally, but that's not a default isntall of kubuntu07:33
shriphanii tried installing libxine-extracodecs07:34
mark_enable all your repos and install libxine-extracodecs07:34
fateisajesteri dont mean to be a pain, but im still running into permission issues with umount. i cannot get drwxwrxwrx. defaults are dr-x------. can someone please gimme a hint?07:34
mark_have you tried editing fstab?07:34
fateisajesterwill that work with a ntfs volume?07:35
=== word [n=word@ip70-162-166-56.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== bele [n=saleh@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_just enter: defaults,nls=utf8, umask=007, gid=46 under your options section07:36
mark_for your ntfs partition that is07:36
=== ubuntu__ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
mark_ugh, it uses ipods for media players07:38
=== RandMC_ [i=kvirc@CPE-72-128-215-159.mn.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["So]
=== egloffr [n=momo@static-business-212-101-25-221.adsl.solnet.ch] has joined #kubuntu
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shriphanihow  do i play mp3 ?07:46
Felin>.> Yay, seem like a noob time for me!07:46
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #kubuntu
FelinIf anyone is willing to help, I have a few questions about Kubuntu.07:47
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:47
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:47
=== Arlington [n=jonas@c83-248-82-127.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smb - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:49
FelinOk, one issue I have is finding the drivers for both my sound and video card. Another is changing the screen resolution. On top of that, this is my first time using any OS aside from Windows, so...I have no idea what I'm doing. ^_^07:49
Slackeryvideo card's name?07:49
FelinATI Rage 12807:49
Slackerygo to ati.com07:49
Slackerythey have a linux driver page, but honestly...07:49
SlackeryATI rage 128 is old enough it should be auto-working07:49
FelinThey no longer have the codecs for it.07:49
SlackeryDo you know window's shortcuts?07:50
FelinIt does yes, but without all the pretty options I had on Windows, or do I not get those anymore?07:50
Slackeryex. Winkey+R , Alt+tab ?07:50
Slackeryis that how you navigate?07:50
FelinNot at all. ^_^;;; I click with my mouse, and stuff happens. Actually, the entire Open Source thing is intimadting to me.07:51
SlackeryHmm right click desktop, do screensaver, and click the OpenGL section. Those should be semi-decent on a Rage 12807:51
Slackeryif they are really laggy you're probably doing software mode07:51
=== _drdeL is now known as drdeL
SlackeryAhh, well those are shortcut keys for the OS you left... hehe07:51
shriphaniguys apt-get libxine-etracodecs is obsolete07:52
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu
FelinOk, here's an important question.07:52
shriphanipt-get says ^07:52
FelinFormatting my extra drives, is there a way to do it without running the installer all over again?07:53
SlackeryYeah, it has a drive manager.07:53
FelinI shall hunt for that then.07:53
SlackeryFor sound Felin: You have a sound icon on your bottom right corner of task menu?07:53
=== pascalFR [i=xNuVKKYm@cha92-7-82-230-174-61.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlackeryClick it, then go to Mixer07:53
SlackeryCurrent Mixer:   --------------------> What does it say?07:54
FelinNothing at all.07:54
Slackeryok ^_^07:54
FelinIs this bad?07:54
Slackeryclick that drop down make sure it isn't magically there07:54
Slackerywell it just means your sound card didn't auto-detect, is all07:54
FelinNope, it's not there.07:54
=== shriphani [n=shriphan@] has joined #kubuntu
Slackeryare you on a laptop?07:54
Slackeryknow what your sound card is, exactly?07:55
FelinAn AWE6407:55
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=== MistaED [n=mistaed@203-214-156-231.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
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brendonjthi all any new zealanders here???08:00
xhitmanxbrendonjt: yep08:01
neddiWcuantos Boricuas hay aki?08:01
brendonjtcool  just wondering i am trying to get konqueror  to work with anz banking any help there?08:01
brendonjtxhitmanx: :as above to you08:02
=== laza [n=laza@dslb-088-064-180-182.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
xhitmanxwhat sort of plugins is it using?08:04
=== narg_ [n=narg@dsl-63-173-190-90.tcq.net] has joined #kubuntu
xhitmanxhave u tried firefox?08:04
=== edp-nb [n=edp-nb@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _dragonkh is now known as dragonkh
brendonjtxhitmanx: : yeah  had to install it to do my banking,  but i like konqueror  it is nicer and less resource hungry  unlike forefox08:05
Felin>.> Speaking of said web browser...08:07
FelinHow does one go about getting flash installed onto it.08:07
=== Ademan [n=dan@h-67-101-148-217.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
xhitmanxfor firefox?08:08
smaggardwhich browser?08:08
=== draik [n=draik@] has joined #kubuntu
FelinNo, Konqueror08:08
smaggardumm iunno08:08
=== smaggard [n=smaggard@66-168-157-180.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
xhitmanxsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ?08:08
xhitmanxno thats mozilla08:09
brendonjtwill that work for  konqueror08:09
xhitmanxi follow this for everything :)08:09
Healotthat flash plugin will work in konq08:09
Felin>.> I shalt look at it.08:09
Healotjust need to update the konq plugin list, most of the time konq do that automagically08:10
=== calcmandan [n=calcmand@c-71-193-46-233.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
brendonjtxhitmanx: : i use that  to  it is like the holy grail  for me08:11
=== fildo [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
calcmandanDoes anyone have any howto's on getting 6.06.1 LTS on a bootable thumb drive I can read up on?08:11
unix_infidelcalcmandan: how big is your thumbdrive?08:12
Healotit's somewhere on the ubuntu community doc08:12
unix_infidelcalcmandan: at a very fundamental level i wouldnt recommend it.08:12
unix_infidelflash memory isnt designed to run operating systems.08:12
Healotfinding a doc in ubuntu community doc is like searching for heaven08:12
unix_infidelit'll ruin your drive quickly.  but hey if you find 20bucks for a new flash drive, go a head.08:12
calcmandanI want to do it more for an emergency thing.08:13
brendonjtHealot: :you  not wrong there  like finding a needle in a haystack08:13
calcmandanhow does using a flash drive to hold an OS bad for the flash memory?08:13
unix_infidelcalcmandan: by all means.  but make sure you dont put an entire desktop install on there.08:13
unix_infidelcalcmandan: flash memory just isnt designed to do that kind IO08:14
calcmandancd cdrom08:14
calcmandanthat's the first I've heard of it.08:14
Healotbrendonjt, i was being religious :008:15
unix_infidelcalcmandan: dont listen to me, just watch as your drive creeps as you use it to run an OS every day.08:15
calcmandanthere are vendors out there who sell flash drives with preinstalled os's.  they're just selling juink then.08:15
unix_infidelcalcmandan: no, they arent, they are selling them for the purpose of running OSs as a portable solution.08:15
calcmandanwell, the drive was a gift and i thought it would be great to have it for emergencies.08:15
=== neddiW [n=neddiw@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
unix_infidelcalcmandan: granted, for emergencies its a great recovery tool.08:15
unix_infidelcalcmandan: just make sure you dont load an entire desktop OS on there.  Whatever distro you go with.08:16
calcmandanit was either kubuntu or dsl08:16
brendonjtHealot: : i know  but it is the truth  though08:16
unix_infidelcalcmandan: honestly, both are good choices.08:16
HealotI rather not search around ubuntu's doc08:16
unix_infideli run dsl from a qemu-embedded all the time on a network share.08:16
calcmandando you know any great howto's?08:16
calcmandani suppose not.08:17
calcmandanunix_infidel: Thank you for the advice either way.08:17
Healotnone atm08:18
unix_infidelcalcmandan: a quick google.08:18
unix_infidelshould do you a lot of good.08:18
unix_infidelthere is no one "great" aka right way to do it.08:18
Healotif you define great as in Alexander the Great (Gay) man08:18
brendonjtxhitmanx: :  yeah i have the firefox plugins  for that  i am wanting it for konqueror  though  not firefox08:18
calcmandani already google'd it though bro.08:18
=== calcmandan [n=calcmand@c-71-193-46-233.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
xhitmanxbrendonjt: im not sure then sorry.08:22
xhitmanxbrendonjt: whats not working?  the login?08:22
unix_infidelanyone here use delicious to manage their bookmarks?08:23
brendonjtxhitmanx: i get to the login  when i click enter  it opens a new  tab saying fetching details  then just stays there,  do the the same thing under ff and it is like a 2 second wonder i can do my banking and the likes08:23
unix_infidelis there a firefox plugin for it?08:23
brendonjtunix_infidel: : for  what?08:24
unix_infidelbrendonjt: being able to bookmark things directly to del.ic.ious from firefox without having to login and paste the url.08:24
xhitmanxunix_infidel: i use it, yeah there is, and it downloaded when i signed up08:24
unix_infidelxhitmanx: find it more useful than traditional browser bookmarking?08:24
=== draik [n=draik@] has joined #kubuntu
xhitmanxyeah kinda, my bookmarks toolbar is where the ones i click all the time are.08:25
xhitmanxbut for random pages u want to see again it is08:25
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fateisajesterhe y i just went to walmart and decided to get a video card so that i can have 3d acceleration. before i open the box i wanted to ask if anyone know weather or not it will work. it is a geforce mx400008:48
=== _human_blip_ [n=mike@] has joined #kubuntu
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tejinderwhats the difference between edgy eft and edgy+1?08:53
=== test [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
Godrinfateisajester: normally it should work08:55
fateisajesterso what would be abnormal08:55
Godrinfateisajester: really strange problems, that can likely be solved somehow :p08:56
Godrinwhy did you buy an mx-card?08:56
fateisajesteri was at walmart\08:56
=== fildo_ [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterit waseither that or an ati08:57
Godrinthey're so _not_ 3d-accelating08:57
=== croppa [i=user72@] has joined #kubuntu
Godrinat least AFAIK08:57
fateisajesterwell, im gunna give it a shot. i have bitchx installed, so i might be back in a min with x probs08:58
fateisajesterthx for the help08:59
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knapperhey guys, I had ubuntu then installed kubuntu-desktop. When I boot up I still get the gdm, how can I switch it to kdm?09:11
Healotsudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm09:12
Healotselect kdm as the default desktop manager09:12
knapperoh that was easy :)09:12
knapperthanks mate09:12
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=== martinjh99 [n=martinjh@62-30-33-77.cable.ubr01.pres.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Anyone know when Edgy is being released??09:21
=== SlimG [n=robert@217-190-153.5001.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #kubuntu
Healotin october, martinjh9909:22
martinjh99Anyone know when Edgy is being released??09:22
=== blood [n=malkavia@host4-212.btk.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Healottalk the about edgy on #ubuntu+1 or ubuntu.com :-09:23
=== SlimG [n=robert@217-190-153.5001.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Any exact date??09:24
Healotin october really, but do you want it t be delayed?09:24
=== neko_ [n=neko@254-250-222-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Not really...  Just wondering... :)09:24
Healotisnt that up to canonical?09:24
=== harmental [n=ricardo@AGrenoble-257-1-66-7.w86-211.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Healotthey did delay dapper09:25
martinjh99Yeah I know...  Guess I'll have to wait and see...09:25
Healotyou can always dl the test flights09:26
Healotor knot :)09:26
cpk2its october 26th or something i think09:26
banjooieChrist, I'm sure this is awesome when you get used to it09:26
banjooiebut the learning curve is death09:26
cpk2its rc1 right now right?09:27
cpk2banjooie: whats the problem?09:27
martinjh99I did try and update a Dapper installation to edgy - worked ok09:27
martinjh99But I'm waiting for the real thing though... ;)09:27
=== croppa [i=user72@] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieOh, just in general.09:27
=== fildo_ [n=fildo@] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieLearning how to instal programs when I'm used to doubleclicking them.09:27
=== tk_ [n=tk@] has joined #kubuntu
Healotmartinjh99, just one verb, "wait"09:27
banjooieThe, er, consistent need to get into terminal to do pretty much anything09:27
=== Rede [n=shawn@S010600131096809c.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieDon't get me wrong, I am certain this opens up a wide variety of options I previously didn't have with Windows.09:27
=== martinjh99 grins at Healot
banjooieI'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm saying it's a /huge/ shift and there really aren't many guides out there to make it simple for people who simply /have never used UNIX/.09:28
cpk2banjooie: with (k)ubuntu there is mostly a gui for almost everything09:28
banjooieYeah, except...installing without using Adept.09:28
=== tk_ is now known as tk
banjooieKilling processes--the only reason I'm any good at this is I fucked around with SVCHOST a lot on Windows.09:28
cpk2banjooie: the wiki has many walkthroughs for the basics and you can get synaptic for kde if you dont like adept09:29
banjooieer, the issue is not how good adept is09:29
cpk2personally i think apt-get is easier than adept09:29
banjooiethe issue is that the walkthroughs I've managed to find are09:29
banjooie'Used to other versions of Linux? :D?'09:29
banjooieDon't get me wrong. I am very much getting used to this, and may even have it in a week or two.09:29
banjooieIt's just that it's a scary, scary shift.09:29
cpk2banjooie: you havent found what you needed on the ubuntu wiki?09:30
cpk2or the forums09:30
banjooieNo, the Ubuntu Wiki was mostly09:30
banjooie'Hi, here's how you do it if you're used to other Linux'.09:30
banjooieI have these basics via yelling at people I know now, but finding them is hard.09:31
cpk2heh, and I've always thought the wiki was mostly easy copy paste09:31
banjooieThere is no copy pasta, only Zuul.09:32
=== tk [n=tk@] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2err whats zuul?09:34
banjooiehaven't you ever watched ghostbusters09:34
cpk2i suppose, but its been a while09:35
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fateisajesterok i got the vid card installed and tux racer is running great so i wanted to start playing doom. i installed everything that said doom in synaptic but i dont see it under games. how do i start doom?09:43
=== pointwood [n=pointwoo@] has joined #kubuntu
Healot!find doom09:45
ubotuFound: freedoom, kdoomsday, lxdoom, lxdoom-sndserv, lxdoom-svga (and 6 others)09:45
Healotand  6 others lol09:45
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
Healot!info lxdoom09:45
ubotulxdoom: Unix port of boom, an enhanced version of DOOM. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.4-9.2 (dapper), package size 286 kB, installed size 480 kB09:45
=== human_blip [n=mike@] has joined #kubuntu
=== sophie_ [n=sophie@xdslcd211.osnanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterim still learning how to use a command line09:46
fateisajesterapt-get install nvidia-glx09:47
=== J0000 [n=symbol@] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterbash: !find: event not found09:47
=== croppa [i=user72@] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterdo i have to install the !find command?09:48
=== lezly [n=lezly@red-corp-] has joined #kubuntu
=== kc__ [n=kc_@steps.com.tw] has joined #kubuntu
=== RichEd [n=richard@dsl-146-164-179.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@pool-71-244-52-27.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Healotfateisajester, wtf... it works here, it's not a UNIX/Linux commands btw09:52
ubuntu_yay im attempting to install edgy09:52
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD55CB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== fateisajester is stupid
fateisajestersorry im still learning09:54
ubuntu_what's wrong?09:54
=== ubuntu_ pats fateisajester on the back
fateisajesteri misinterpretid(sp?) a bot command as a linux command09:56
ubuntu_this channel has no mods?09:57
ubuntu_botsnack is not a shell command09:57
fateisajesteri was all like do i have to install the !find command, and now i feel quite stupid09:57
=== nikita[work] [n=nikita@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuHelp! Riddell, fdoving, Mez, jpatric, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak or Hawkwind09:58
Healotfateisajester, btw there is a "find" command in GNU/Linux09:59
=== mj__ [n=mj@213-140-22-79.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntu_gnomefreak is a mod in the kubuntu channel09:59
ubuntu_i dont like the sound of that09:59
Healotwithout the exclamation point09:59
RiddellHealot: hmm?09:59
=== Healot hides
HawkwindHealot: Need something ?10:03
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carlos_hola alguin que me pueda ayudar10:05
Healotubuntu_> this channel has no mods? >>c'est  repondez10:05
=== kyrvin [i=kyrvin@nat/trolltech/x-03f21806f1719881] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntu_restarting my computer now bye10:06
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.10:06
RichEdkyrvin: hello & ping10:07
kyrvinRichEd: Hello10:07
kyrvinRichEd: I really don't get the time zones right10:08
RichEdNo problem :) We are both on the same time zone now I think ... it is 10:09 for me in Cape Town10:09
RichEdkyrvin: When would you like to chat ? I need 10-15 minutes to go through your emails ... and am free any time after that.10:10
kyrvinRichEd: Thats ok. Then I need something to eat :)10:10
RichEdkyrvin: Great. I'll ping you at 30 past the hour.10:11
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windshearIf you use the install script and you have entered all the requested data you get to the -Ready to install- screen. This shows you the summary of the necessary info you provided to install kubuntu. (Language, Keyboard layout... till grub).10:13
windshearThen there is a note: If you continue, the changes listed below will be written to the disks. [...] 10:13
windshearBut unfortunately there are no changes listed below eventhough I told the script to format 2 partitions.10:13
windshearIn 6.06 the changes were listed correctly.10:14
=== pradeepto [n=pradeept@dialpool-210-214-15-33.maa.sify.net] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2windshear: you trying to install edgy?10:15
=== sakitel_ [n=isaac@] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2i think #ubuntu+1 would know better ;)10:16
=== bashee [n=stefan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== kieselsteini [n=steini@R4bce.r.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
windshearhm, is the installer the same in ubuntu as in kubuntu?10:17
cpk2windshear: I think i heard someone saying the kubuntu installer wasnt as good but i dont really know10:18
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=== fateisajester [n=cwilkins@] has joined #kubuntu
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieUh, stupid question--how do I refresh the list of apps in the K menu?10:29
=== adam [n=adam@dqs104.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
fateisajesterctl alt backspace10:30
=== adam is now known as _Shade_
abattoirbanjooie: kbuildsycoca --incremental10:30
cpk2fateisajester: NO that restarts kde10:31
=== rad [n=rad@] has joined #kubuntu
abattoirbanjooie: or try restarting kicker(not sure if that refreshes the kmenu though)10:31
fateisajesterwouldn't it refresh it though?10:31
abattoirbanjooie: 'dcop kicker kicker restart'10:31
_Shade_hey guys. How can I confirm my public key in launchpad ?10:31
banjooieokay, that seems to have worked10:32
banjooieinteresting, despite having installed superkaramba, it's still not showing up.10:32
RichEdkyrvin: you there ?10:32
RichEdkyrvin: would you like to join me in #ubuntu-education10:33
_Shade_i followed the instructions given but still have no idea how to encrypt the message10:33
_Shade_i mean decrypt10:33
=== handrbold [n=rad@] has joined #kubuntu
=== DaftDog [n=christia@dslb-084-056-212-158.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2fateisajester: yes it would, doesnt it mean thats how it should be done =)10:35
fateisajesteri didnt know about the other ways thats how i always did it10:35
=== frojnd [n=wildchil@BSN-77-169-220.dsl.siol.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== drayen_ [n=drayen@ip-89-168-24-253.cust.homechoice.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Jazon [n=arkygeek@dh008122.hartley.liv.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2banjooie: not in "utilities"?10:38
=== tony__ [n=tony@bas3-montreal45-1177830135.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieAlso after running easyubuntu it...doesn't seem to have done anything.10:41
banjooielike, I have the GUI open, the log claims it's installed a bunch of crap.10:42
cpk2easy ubuntu10:42
banjooieWhat the--10:43
ubotuEasyUbuntu is a script that automates installation of some items. Use at your own risk. See http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/ ; for help and or discussions about EasyUbuntu please join #easyubuntu.10:43
cpk2use at your own risk ><10:43
banjooieLast night, I said 'HEY I INSTALLED AUTOMATIX' and everyone whined at me for that.10:43
=== Four23619 [i=Four@203-59-172-66.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Kubuntu
banjooieNow everyone's whining at me for using easyubuntu.10:43
ubotugtk is the gimp toolkit, which forms the base of Gnome and a lot of other applications10:43
banjooieand I'm not saying zomg fix10:43
banjooieI'm saying 'argh'. D: That's all.10:43
banjooieautomatix at least WORKED.10:43
cpk2well now you know =P10:43
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@134.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieNow I know that Linux is designed to be impossible to use? :P10:43
cpk2i think i did everything that automatix/easyubuntu would do in about 15 minnutes probably10:44
cpk2assuming they just install essential stuff10:44
=== Lintsi [n=lintsi@dsl-tregw1-fed8df00-231.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieit's stuff like java/flash/etc, and ati drivers, things like that10:45
banjooieautomatix installs shit like GIMP10:45
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.10:46
banjooie....now, the question is: Couldn't you yourself have said 'watch your language'?10:46
=== DaveQB [n=david@] has joined #kubuntu
banjooieanyway, since I'm entirely too bored of getting alternately told 'Use x program, y program sucks', then 'argh, why are you using x program, use z program', I'mma vammose.10:47
=== imax_ [n=imax@p5088A05C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2i think it should have been vamanos10:50
cpk2unless that wasnt spanish10:50
=== hsihh [i=yoyko@cks114.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
hsihhwhat is alternative for flash?10:51
hsihhto make a goodlooking sites10:51
zorglu_no real alternative to flash10:51
zorglu_the closest being called 'web2.0'10:51
hsihhbut web2.010:52
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=== christian_ [n=christia@cs181117194.pp.htv.fi] has joined #kubuntu
visik7will kubuntu edgy have support for apport ???10:57
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hsihhwhat is kde pluses comparing to gnome and kfce and flxbox?11:22
cpk2hsihh: alot of it is just personal preference11:22
hsihhcpk2 ie11:23
hsihhin example?11:25
=== fuzzy [n=fuzzy@Tcd01.t.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2hsihh: what do you mean? alot of it is just how you like how it behaves and stuff11:25
fuzzyhi there11:26
fuzzyi got a question... i'm trying to mount a FAT32 partition, which QTParted says to be 71% full. But when i look at the mounted filesystem, it's empty11:27
=== alai [n=seppo@] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2you look at the wiki?11:27
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions  -  See also !fuse11:28
fuzzywhen i right-click on in in konqueror, it also says it's 71% full, but i see no content11:28
=== Jazon [n=arkygeek@dh008122.hartley.liv.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
fuzzyautomount doesn't work either11:28
=== fleissigfiona [n=fiona@88-104-75-65.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
hsihhcpk2 - i think now that kde is good for beginners. but what if beginner has really old computer/11:28
cpk2i suppose fluxbox is less demanding11:30
fuzzyidea anyone?11:30
cpk2fuzzy: sorry, not familiar with windows FS stuff =(11:30
fuzzyok, thanks anyway!11:31
=== geir_ [n=geir@ti211110a080-7413.bb.online.no] has joined #kubuntu
=== geir_ is now known as helpmw
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-184-33.eurotel.cz] has joined #kubuntu
helpmwI deleted the sources.list file by an accident, how do I create a new one?11:32
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-184-33.eurotel.cz] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic11:32
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TwrKeepermy sudo isn't functioning11:42
=== arafat [n=arafat@pD9E1D690.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
TwrKeeperi somehow lost my ... host name or something11:42
pierre_i need help... i have a *,pst file from outlook around 500mb big... all with emails is there any propper way to get them into evolution or kmail?11:42
cpk2TwrKeeper: huh?11:43
TwrKeeperi'm simo@(none)11:43
TwrKeepersudo says it cant lookup the host name11:43
cpk2thats odd11:44
TwrKeeperI think i removed the host name from systemsettings -> network settings11:44
TwrKeeperhow do i get it back?11:45
=== esko [n=esko@] has joined #kubuntu
=== andrivid [n=bobby@pool-71-115-225-158.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2TwrKeeper: what does cat /etc/hostname say?11:46
andrividHey umm..i start gaim by konsole, and it gives me beta3.1, but by the KMenu i get 1.5 , why the difference?11:46
TwrKeepercpk2: i'm on win32 now because i couldn't get internet working without sudo :/11:47
TwrKeeperi'll try google11:48
andrividi start gaim by konsole, and it gives me beta3.1, but by the KMenu i get 1.5 , why the difference?11:48
cpk2TwrKeeper: looks like maybe /etc/init.d/hostname.sh will give you your hostname back?11:49
cpk2i'm not really sure11:49
TwrKeepercpk2: do i need root privileges to edit that?11:50
cpk2TwrKeeper: you run it, and you might need root to run it, in fact you most likely need root to run it11:51
cpk2TwrKeeper: you might just be able to edit /etc/hostname and put your hostname in there11:51
cpk2i am not really sure how it decides your hostname11:51
TwrKeeperif i hadn't hangover this would be funny11:52
TwrKeeperbut thx, i'll go try those things11:52
=== rambo3 [n=stone123@c-a3f871d5.027-6-6b73641.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== pielgrzym [n=pielgrzy@nat-ruczaj.lama.pl] has joined #kubuntu
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buz_is there a way to query for smart variables on an usb hd?11:55
=== desti [n=desti@p50920E29.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
cpk2i'm sure which ever smart prog you use can do it?11:56
buz_doesnt seem like it11:56
buz_hddtemp /dev/sda says smart is not supported11:56
buz_but i know that the drive i use in the enclosure can do smart11:57
rambo3s.m.a.r.t, ?11:57
cpk2you might need to tell it to use sata?11:57
cpk2or have they not done sata yet?11:57
buz_its an usb device11:57
buz_usb-ata enclosure11:57
cpk2yes but its on sda11:57
buz_sata actually works11:58
cpk2so it treats it as a serial correct?11:58
buz_just tested11:58
buz_mhh not sure what the s means, i THOUGHT it stood for scsi11:59
buz_as sata and usb are emulated as scsi devices?11:59
buz_thing is this, there's a fan in the usb thingy11:59
buz_which makes noise beyond belief and i try to figure out if it's really needed12:00
buz_also theres another thing about usb drives i dont get12:01
buz_if i connect one, i get it mounted automagically12:01
buz_if i connect more than one, i either dont get any of them mounted or just the first12:01
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=== phreak__ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
buz_i know how to mount it from the console, it's just more work :)12:02
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damianociao a tutti12:17
JohnFluxRiddell: could you update gnucash in kubuntu ;-)12:18
=== freaz [n=freaz@a83-245-226-47.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
JohnFluxRiddell: 2.0.0 has some terrible crashing bugs12:18
damianoi have finished to install kubuntu 6.1012:18
RiddellJohnFlux: we're in upstream version freeze so it would need to be justified "terrible crashing bugs" sounds like good justification though12:19
damianosamba not work! :(12:19
RiddellJohnFlux: but it's not my area, you need to find a gnome type in #ubuntu-motu12:19
damianowhat is the command to start samba?12:19
Riddelldamiano: if you have it installed it should start automatically12:19
damianoyes but not work12:20
RiddellJohnFlux: actually edgy has 2.0.1-3ubuntu312:20
damianodamiano@damiano:~$ samba12:20
damianobash: samba: command not found12:20
damianodamiano@damiano:~$ sudo samba12:20
damianosudo: samba: command not found12:20
octandamiano, are you trying to run a smba server or just connect to a smba share ?12:20
=== D4rkly [n=user@cpc3-lanc1-0-0-cust880.brig.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
damianosamba server12:20
buz_sudo /etc/init.d/samba start12:21
=== stone123_ [n=stone123@c-a3f871d5.027-6-6b73641.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi trying12:21
damianodamiano@damiano:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/samba start12:21
damianosudo: /etc/init.d/samba: command not found12:21
octanapt-get install samba-common12:21
D4rklyhow can i enable the amarok kopete song notification thing. i cant find the option anymore ?12:21
damianois installed!12:21
octanand apt-get install samba12:21
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
damianommmm samba is obsolete12:22
octandamiano nexy go grab swat or webmin to configure it with,, i prefer webmin12:22
damianois it not installed12:22
damianodamiano@damiano:~$ sudo apt-cache search webmin12:23
octanno thats not in the repsos12:23
damianothe problem are the repositiry12:23
damianoi have edgy 6.1012:23
damianoi have this:12:24
damianodeb http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main restricted12:24
damianodeb-src http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main restricted12:24
damianodeb http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-updates main restricted12:24
damianodeb-src http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-updates main restricted12:24
damianodeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security main restricted12:24
damianodeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security main restricted12:24
octanuse psatebin.ca :P12:25
octanso what did apt12:25
octanso what did apt-get install samba do ?12:25
cpk2!info samba12:26
damianothe text is in italian :D12:26
ubotusamba: a LanManager-like file and printer server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.22-1ubuntu3.1 (dapper), package size 2778 kB, installed size 7080 kB12:26
=== gareth [n=gareth@host86-131-31-201.range86-131.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
damianohey guys12:26
damianoi have update12:27
damianothe repository12:27
damianoand now12:27
damianosamba (downloadin)12:27
damianosorry, i have a bad english12:27
=== GNUro [n=GNUro@host63-208-dynamic.58-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
octanwget -c http://belnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/webadmin/webmin_1.300_all.deb12:28
octandpkg -i webmin_1.300_all.deb12:28
damianowaht is webmin?12:28
octanthen open firefox. enter : http://localhost12:29
octandamiano, its a tool for configuring servers12:29
=== hsihh [i=yoyko@cks114.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu []
damianodamiano@damiano:/etc/apt$ sudo apt-cache search webmin12:29
octanlike samba. postfix. pop3, firewalls and so on12:29
octandamiano, dudjj12:30
octanwget -c http://belnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/webadmin/webmin_1.300_all.deb12:30
octandpkg -i webmin_1.300_all.deb12:30
damianoone moment12:30
damianonow samba server run12:30
damianodamiano@damiano:/etc/apt$ sudo /etc/init.d/samba start12:30
damiano * Starting Samba daemons...12:30
octanyou still need to configure it12:30
=== drayen_ [n=drayen@host86-142-177-144.range86-142.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
damianobut where is the client to get any files to lan?12:30
ubotusamba-doc: Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.22-1ubuntu3.1 (dapper), package size 6739 kB, installed size 14452 kB12:31
octandamiano, you want it up and running fast?12:32
octando as i tell you :P12:32
octaninstall webmin12:32
damianoi follow you12:32
damianook!trasfert complete.12:33
octandpkg -i webmin now12:34
damianonow, which directory is good for this program?12:34
octanit install into /etc by itself12:34
damianook perfect12:34
octanand it should be intstalled there too12:34
damianoshit! :D Adept Updater is in progress12:35
damianothere is the LOCK!12:35
octanyea.. just wait util its finished12:36
damianodpkg -i webmin_1.300_all.deb is the last command?12:36
damianook (octan sorry my english is bed :D)12:37
octanno problem.. mine it too :)12:38
damianowhere are you from?12:38
damianoitaly - rome12:39
damianokubuntu is so good12:40
damianotoday i have installed edgy12:40
octani like kubuntu too,12:40
octanbut why did you install edgy ? its so buggy12:40
damianobecause my frined has told me that in few days edgy became stable12:41
damianois not true?12:41
octanhehe not 100% no :P12:41
=== alai [n=seppo@] has joined #kubuntu
damianohow many days area necessary to became stable?12:42
octanhard to tell it all depends in the debian developers12:42
=== t3h_r00t is now known as maltaethiron
damianoah ok!12:43
=== elorenz [n=elorenz@pc-8-306-18.mpi.htwm.de] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi will update edgy every day12:43
damianois better than sarge12:44
octananyway is you adept finished updating ?12:44
damianoi have sarge 3.1 until yeasterday12:44
octandamiano, sarge is old and stable :P12:44
damianobut too old12:45
octani use it on my server12:45
=== jorik [n=olmo@kotnet-148.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #kubuntu
damianohave you a server?12:45
damianoweb server?12:45
octanno mail server | pop3 account,, and a ftp server.. and a web,, but no html on there coz im to lazy making a page12:45
damianoi have a web agency12:46
damianoi make web sites12:46
damianoand web software12:46
octanjava ?12:46
damianono php12:46
damianoand desktop12:47
damianowith java12:47
damianoand python12:47
octandamiano, i just know how to configure tha shit :P grafics isnt my thingy12:47
octanis your adept finished ?12:48
damiano3 months ago i have worked with windows XP :d12:48
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianoalso not.12:49
damianothere are 151 file to upload12:49
=== spoop [n=p@wolcott-cuda1-24-49-137-239.albyny.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
octanupgrades ?12:49
octanohmy,, thats alot12:50
octani havent upgraded in 1 week,, i have 25 paks avaleble12:51
damianoahah lol12:51
damianooctan i'm looking for a dedicated web server12:52
buz_damiano: where do you live12:52
buz_or where do you want the server to be12:52
octandedicated to what ?12:52
damianodo you know anything?12:52
octanapache ?12:52
damianowhy buz_ ?12:52
buz_hetzner.de is ok and takes international orders12:52
octan:) apache inst that hard12:53
damianois no good for you?12:53
buz_nine.ch is quite ok too (can speak english, but not italian)12:53
=== ladreune [n=Damiano@mixer.unich.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm238.omega16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi'm not speaking in italina12:53
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
octanyea somehow i noticed that,, because i can understand you :P12:54
=== gmalex [n=gmalex@adsl-94-95.38-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
damianohow much a server in your country?12:55
octanwhat you mean? a doimain name or for renting a server ?12:55
damianono no rent a web server12:56
damianono domain name.12:56
damianoi want to rent a server12:56
damianofor my domains12:56
=== narg_ [n=narg@dsl-63-173-190-90.tcq.net] has joined #kubuntu
octanahh, norway is probealy the wrong contry in that case :P remember we are one of the most expencive countrys in the worls12:57
damianoah ok.12:57
damianobecause you are rich :D12:58
octanwell i see one service thats cheap here.12:58
octan10  pr mounth12:58
buz_germany in general is cheapest in europe12:58
buz_for servers i mean12:58
damiano10 for month????????12:58
damianofor rent a server?12:59
damianoto rent a server?12:59
damianoare yuo sure?12:59
buz_you sure this isnt a vserver?12:59
octanlet me check again12:59
=== onur [n=onur@ip545693dc.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
onursom1 pls help me12:59
buz_help you with what01:00
damianois it impossible here dedicated server start from 100 x month01:00
buz_well you can get them for 30E or so01:00
buz_but not 10E01:00
onuri've a new kubuntu installation but can't install enythink!01:00
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu01:00
onuri wanted to install flash player but it can't be done01:00
=== fleissigfiona [n=fiona@88-104-75-65.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, www.active24.no/01:00
octantranslate it yourself :P01:00
damianobuz in your country  can you to rent about 30 ?01:00
buz_in germany you can01:00
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
damianook i check01:01
buz_try hetzner.de, 1und1.de, strato.de01:01
buz_lets see if i can make sense of norwegian sites01:01
damianobut doich is more difficult :D01:01
=== libertaire [n=libertai@] has joined #kubuntu
buz_hetzner has support in english01:02
damianooctan is webhosting01:02
damianono dedicated server01:02
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== sudharsh [n=sudharsh@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Electric [n=michel@c207.134.202-1.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianobuz_ web site is slow01:03
damianofor english version01:03
onurwho can help me out with mine audio drive i've no sound01:04
buz_doesnt seem slow for me01:04
damianobuz_ english version?01:05
octandamiano, oh right its more expencive,,01:05
=== freaz [n=freaz@a83-245-226-47.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
buz_uhm wheres the english version01:05
buz_i cant see the links01:05
buz_fast for me01:05
buz_tip from me: take one with two harddisks01:06
buz_you want raid01:06
octandamiano, http://www.multihost.no/?x=dedikertserver&p=priser here you can chouce you OS yourself01:06
octanbut the min cost is about the same as in you contry01:07
octan100 01:07
=== emonkey-p [n=emonkey@adsl-84-226-136-59.adslplus.ch] has joined #kubuntu
damianohey guys i have to go01:07
damianoi have add this web site01:08
damianoto my prefer01:08
damianoso i will visit01:08
damianonow i have to go01:08
octanalright,, guess we do webmin another tine01:08
=== deuce868 [n=deuce868@ts.msufame.msu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
damianohave a nice days01:08
damianomeet you here01:09
=== sergioalcides [n=sergio@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoin these days01:09
damianobye bye01:09
=== CroX [n=crox@c-8106e255.244-11-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about LUKS - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:11
buz_is there any kde gui to manage luks volume01:11
octanis the bot case sencetive?01:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about luks - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:11
=== bele [n=saleh@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ziza [n=aziz@chello084112072063.6.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about userspace - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:12
octanbubble,  dont thik so01:12
=== tanghus_ [n=tol@0x50a45028.boanxx14.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== XVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
=== XVirus is now known as CVirus
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
=== pielgrzym [n=pielgrzy@nat-ruczaj.lama.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== nojus [n=nojus@] has joined #kubuntu
=== yamal [n=yamal@echelon.no-such-agency.net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
=== roconnor [n=roconnor@n138182.science.ru.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== sheers [n=sheers@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoare you still herE?01:26
damianobuz_ ?01:26
damianonow i have samba01:26
damianoand a windows pc01:26
damianolook my pc01:26
octaninstall webmin now01:26
damianoone moment01:26
damianothere is a login01:26
damianoi have to add one user?01:27
octanwell not realy01:27
octanjust do dpkg -i webmin01:27
octanthen open firefox01:27
octantype https://localhost01:27
octanor your ip01:28
damianohttps ???01:28
damianono http?01:28
=== drayen_ [n=drayen@host86-142-177-144.range86-142.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
damianothere is an error01:29
octanuse port 1000001:29
damianowith any dependences01:29
=== suporte [n=suporte@201009153167.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== lecci [n=lecci@81-208-83-239.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, error while installing webmin?01:30
damianoone moment i have to resolve this problem01:30
damianowith any dependances01:31
octanahh you just need some extra paks01:31
octanwebmin installed ?01:31
=== freaz [n=freaz@a83-245-226-47.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
octanok open firefox01:31
octanenter in adress bar01:31
damianoi think (hiow cai i checkl if webmin is correctly installed?)01:31
damianommm there isn't01:33
=== cain_ [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
octanaha,, you must install it again after you downloaded and installed the dependances01:33
buz_what happens when i deactivate pdflush?01:33
buz_its eating insane amoutns of cpu today01:33
damianoyes octan01:34
damianois it true01:34
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD6160.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianonow i'm installing webmin01:34
damianoanother time01:34
=== user___ [n=user@200-96-164-87.bsace705.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
damianoone another error01:34
octanyou need that too01:35
damianothere isn't01:35
damianoi nedd to force to install?01:36
=== fuzzybunny_ is now known as fuzzybunny
octanjust apt-get install libauthen-pam-perl01:36
octanit should work01:36
damianothe pachage is already nominated01:37
damianoi can't install this package01:37
octanwhat it say01:37
octanapt-get install libauthen-pam-perl --fix-missing01:38
damianodon't work!01:38
damianothe pachage don't work!01:39
octanyour missing something else..01:39
octanther is like 2 or 3 pkg webmin needs..01:39
=== ronsen [n=ronsen@portmaster.fh-westkueste.de] has joined #kubuntu
octan did you get em all01:40
damianooctan can i disinstall this package?01:40
=== igor_ [n=igor@] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, yes01:40
octandpkg -r pak01:40
=== Fille-laptop [n=philip@c-7af970d5.08-64-6d6c6d2.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== me2 [n=me2@c-68-61-175-177.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== spiros [n=spiros@ppp184-99.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
damianono i have to install this package with01:41
damianois runnig01:41
=== spiros [n=spiros@ppp184-99.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
octandamiano, let me show you what you need01:42
=== creaphot [n=creaphot@29.249.97-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
octanDepends: bash, perl, libnet-ssleay-perl, openssl, libauthen-pam-perl, libpam-runtime, libio-pty-perl01:42
octandamiano, you need thouse paks01:42
=== tono [n=tono@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi know01:43
damianono i'm trying01:43
damianodo you know?01:43
=== nrdb [n=neil@] has joined #kubuntu
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
octanit suxz compared01:43
octanto webmin01:43
=== [BTF] Chm0d [n=rich@pool-71-101-108-49.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _froud_ [n=froud@dsl-145-26-85.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
damianoah ok01:45
damianoi try01:45
octandamiano run this command01:45
octanapt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl01:45
octanin one command01:45
damianodon't work because i don't have this package libauthen-pam-perl01:45
octanyes i know01:46
octanbut that pak need thise ones to work01:46
octanperlapi-5.8.7, perl (>= 5.8.7-5ubuntu1), libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1), libpam0g (>= 0.76)01:46
damianoso i have to try01:46
octandont give up so fast01:46
octanyour a quiter :P01:47
=== admin_ [n=admin@dsl-81-175-173-49.phnet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
octanmy mom sayd to me once..people dont like quiters :P01:47
damianoto launch01:47
damianoi go to launch01:48
=== kulbir [n=ksdkfks@] has joined #kubuntu
=== [gijoe] _ [n=[gijoe] @81-234-4-21-o1039.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
creaphotdoes anyone knows an easy way to decrease font size on the console (not the konsole in kde of course)?01:52
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
octanin tty?01:52
=== marek [n=marek@] has joined #kubuntu
octanenable framebuffer pherhaps with sme font stuff01:53
creaphotwell i'll do some manpage browsing :-)01:54
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm238.omega16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
=== wildchild is now known as frojnd
damianoi can't install02:01
octanand i tould you not to :P02:01
damianothere is an error02:01
damianochecking whether the C++ compiler (gcc   ) works... no02:01
damianoconfigure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables.02:01
octandont use koma. its a crapy ting02:01
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
octanlet figure out why webmin wount install02:02
damianobut it is an gcc error02:02
=== phreak_ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
octani tould you like 10 times.. koma suxz02:02
damianook but02:02
damianois not a komba02:02
=== kubuntu1 [n=kubuntu1@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoha a problem!!!02:02
octang++ error02:03
damianook g++ jhas a problem02:03
octanwhy wount you install webmin?02:03
octanand insist on this komba.02:03
damianono i want to install webmin02:03
=== frojnd [n=wildchil@BSN-77-169-220.dsl.siol.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianobut why this error??'02:04
octanyou probealy misssing some gcc stuff02:04
octanwhat are you doing? you are still messing with komba02:05
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi want install02:05
damianowhy thios error02:05
damianoi qant to know02:05
octanwell 1st check how old is komba ?02:05
damianokomba 0.7302:06
octanno.. not version..02:06
octanwhen was the lasted release made public ?02:06
damianono is a targ.gz02:06
damianoi don' know02:06
=== libertaire_ [n=libertai@] has joined #kubuntu
octanther might me be many reasons you got that error.. but most like dude to wrong gcc02:08
=== snikker [n=Snikker@host67-105-dynamic.58-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
damianobut is possible taht gcc not work fine02:08
=== f0rrest [i=f0rrest@gw14.wh-stuttgart.de] has joined #kubuntu
octanno.. you are probealy using gcc4.x and that app might have been made for gcc2.2 for all you know02:09
snikkerhow can i know how to wich device is connected my usb bluetooth pen?02:09
damianoah ok02:09
damianois it possible?02:09
=== jaaroo_ [n=jaro@x53.mykey.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== c10058 [n=c10058@] has joined #kubuntu
damianoperfect i don't want reinstall kubuntu :D02:10
octando this. apt-get install libpam0g and lets get webmin working02:10
damianoThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:02:10
damiano  libnet-ssleay-perl libio-pty-perl02:10
damianoUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.02:10
=== D4rkly [n=user@cpc3-lanc1-0-0-cust880.brig.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, you ther might also be a big chance your missing the basic build tools nessesary to compile02:10
octanlike make02:11
octanerc etc etc02:11
=== nnn0 [n=nnn0@unaffiliated/nnn0] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
octandamiano, good02:11
damianoi need to instasll this tools02:11
octannext is to02:11
octanapt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl02:11
=== cpk2 [n=cpk1@sjs-130-65-211-65.sjsu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
D4rklydoes anyone know how i can convert mp3 to mp4 audio ?02:11
octanthen apt-get install libio-pty-perl02:12
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@134.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== fildo [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
damianoThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:02:12
damiano  libnet-ssleay-perl libio-pty-perl02:12
damianoUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.02:12
octanand now try02:13
octanapt-get install perl, libnet-ssleay-perl, openssl, libauthen-pam-perl, libpam-runtime, libio-pty-perl02:13
D4rklyapt-get autoremove doesnt work ?02:13
damianoimpossible to found perl02:13
D4rklyis it the same as apt-get autoclean02:13
octanerm dont use comma02:13
octanapt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl  libpam-runtime  libio-pty-perl02:14
octanno co,,a02:14
damianolibauthen-pam-perl has no version avalaible02:15
octandamiano, you said it was a fresh install of edgy ?02:15
octandamiano, open synaptic02:15
octanand enter thouse names manualy in synaptic02:15
damianodon't have synaptic02:15
octanget it02:15
octanapt-get install synaptic02:15
damianook ok02:16
D4rklyanyone know how i can convert mp3 to m4a to save space on my phone ?02:16
=== aftertaf [n=aftertaf@lns-bzn-51f-62-147-204-193.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
octanD4rkly, save it as m4a ?02:17
=== chaotic [n=stefan@dyndsl-085-016-055-234.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #kubuntu
D4rklyhow ?02:17
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu
octancp *mp3 *m4a ?02:17
D4rklyreally ?02:17
=== daniele__ [n=daniele@85-18-136-107.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
D4rklysurely that wont compress the mp3 to m4a (mp4) ?02:18
octanD4rkly, no i dont know,, i know m4a is some simple format of mp402:18
=== amaiko [n=amaiko@] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, so look up the names in it :)02:18
aftertafwhoah.... konversation is really different..!!!02:19
=== undac0va [n=pom@] has joined #kubuntu
=== daniele__ [n=daniele@85-18-136-107.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
undac0vahey... can someone help me with a resolution problem?02:20
D4rklylooks like this may work audiokonverter02:20
=== [GuS] [n=LnX@] has joined #Kubuntu
damianolibauthen-pam-perl <-- there isn't this package02:21
=== sheers [n=sheers@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Arepie_ [n=arepie@] has joined #kubuntu
octanwhat about just pam-perl ?02:21
D4rklyput all wanted resolutions into xorg.conf. i got 1366x768 :)02:21
octani got 1600x1200 :d02:21
undac0va<- newbie, how would i go about doing that02:21
damianoone package02:22
=== Makro2 [n=mario@12-33-89.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #kubuntu
damianolibauthen-pam-perl <--- this02:22
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu
=== jaaroo_ [n=jaro@x53.mykey.cz] has joined #kubuntu
damianowhat can i do now?02:22
octanhmm why is edgy missing it.. hmm maybe you forgot to enable a repo ?02:23
D4rklywow i just discovered NeroLINUX02:23
damianoi don't know02:23
octanD4rkly, use k3b02:23
octandamiano, odd02:23
damianooctan pvt02:23
[GuS] K3b ys much much better than Nero...02:24
=== Smooph [n=wangweil@p54A76D1D.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
=== wt [n=wouter@82-170-232-66.dsl.ip.tiscali.nl] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
damianopvt don't work02:24
=== physicsnick [n=physicsn@HSE-Ottawa-ppp241482.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
damianobecause i'm not a user registraded02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main restricted02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb-src http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main restricted02:25
D4rklyk3b seems to have problems with my writer or my discs02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-updates main restricted02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb-src http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-updates main restricted02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security main restricted02:25
damiano[12:23]  <damiano> deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-security main restricted02:25
octan stop02:25
octanuse pastebin.ca02:25
damianofinish repository02:25
=== MHazem is now known as CVirus
octandamiano, backup your source.kist02:26
octanand try this one instead02:26
=== cga [n=cga@213-156-52-117.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== russel_ [n=russel@dsl-220-253-64-215.NSW.netspace.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
octanuse k3b :P02:29
aftertafi do :)02:29
aftertafbut if its eating your dvds..... :/02:29
damianomc command02:30
=== daniele__ [n=daniele@85-18-136-107.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianomv command02:30
damianowhat do?02:30
aftertafit moves files...02:30
damianoone moment02:31
octandamiano, run this command02:31
octan /msg nickserv registrer02:31
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
octanin you xchat02:31
undac0vahow would i install gedit if it says the package cannot be found?02:31
aftertafregister :)02:31
aftertafwith apt02:32
damianoone moment02:32
aftertafbut use kate instead02:32
aftertafkde :)02:32
undac0vashould i use this? sudo ln -s /usr/bin/kate /usr/bin/gedit02:32
aftertafwtf indeed02:33
aftertafno undac0va use kate02:33
damianoi have update02:33
damianothe repository02:33
octantry again,, is it ther now?02:34
damiano apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl  libpam-runtime  libio-pty-perl <---this02:34
damianook i try02:35
damianowithout any error!!02:36
undac0vasorry to be so stupid.. but i am new.. i have opened xorg.conf.. where would i put the resolution i require? and in what format?02:36
=== daniele__ [n=daniele@85-18-136-107.fastres.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
octandpkg -i webmin02:37
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@d80-170-36-142.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== danic84 [n=daniele@85-18-136-107.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
octandamiano, im stund that it worked :P02:38
octani did cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed -s 's/dapper/edgy/'02:38
octanon my source.list02:38
=== atrocity [n=atrocity@e176110055.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@134.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi don't undestand02:39
octango to the dir you downloaded webmin02:39
octancd /path02:39
octandpkg . webmin.blah.deb02:40
damianoyes yes02:40
octandpkg -i02:40
octaninstalled ?02:40
undac0vacan anyone help with the resolution? or at least point me to a file that may help?02:40
damianooooooooooooo perfect!!!!!!02:40
damianoWebmin install complete. You can now login to https://damiano:10000/02:40
damianoas root with your root password, or as any user who can use sudo02:40
damianoto run commands as root.02:40
=== Skrot [n=magnus@26.80-203-114.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_undac0va: use the kmenu. kmenu -> system setting -> display -> administrator mode02:40
octanyou should disable root login thou02:40
octandamiano, next.. open firefox02:41
octango to servers02:41
damianoyes not work!02:41
undac0vayea, i did that.. but the only mode i can choose is 640x48002:41
damianoimpossible to connect02:41
octanyou need to start it forst02:41
undac0vai want to use a higher res02:41
=== phenix [n=phenix@dy150-052.ust.hk] has joined #kubuntu
damianook perfect02:42
octango to servers02:42
octanyou see it?02:42
damianothere is a login02:42
octanthers some samba windows stuff there02:42
=== jaaroo_ [n=jaro@x53.mykey.cz] has joined #kubuntu
damianommm i check02:43
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu
=== michael__ [n=michael@218-75.2-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi nedd to install02:44
octanit can be done in webmin02:44
=== serzholino [n=serzholi@16x.zp.ua] has joined #kubuntu
damianook octan02:44
serzholinofusermount: failed to open /dev/fuse: No such file or directory02:44
damianonow i have to go02:44
=== ruffy [n=password@209-80-152-2.client.mecnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
damianoto job02:44
ruffyhey all02:45
serzholinohow can i create this /dev/fuse02:45
damianothanks you so much02:45
=== haouam [n=haouam@] has joined #kubuntu
=== andreas_ [n=andreas@81-229-211-123-o1038.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
ruffyanyone know of a program that will open microsoft publisher files?02:45
damianothis night i'm here02:45
damianohave a nice day02:45
aftertafruffy, neer heard of one02:45
damianobye bye02:45
damianooctan now delete your sources.list?02:45
octanuse it02:46
octanits better than yours02:46
damianook thanks02:46
damianobye i goo02:46
ruffyaftertaf: seriously, there's no program capable of this?02:46
ruffywhy not?02:46
octanwhat files?02:46
physicsnickruffy, sure, microsoft publisher will open microsoft publisher files02:46
ruffyphysicsnick: lol, besides that02:47
ruffyany linux programs02:47
physicsnickdoubt it02:47
octanopenoffice ?02:47
physicsnickyou can probably get it working in wine02:47
zorglu_ruffy: describe what is 'microsoft publisher'02:47
aftertaftried google?02:47
ruffyoctan: nope02:47
ruffyaftertaf: yep02:47
aftertafinsulting qu. i know :)02:47
ruffyzorglu_: microsoft publisher is a program meant for publication of things such as books, magazines, and newspapers02:47
ruffyfile extension is .pub02:48
=== undac0va [n=pom@] has left #kubuntu []
aftertafbest i can find02:48
=== beligum [n=beligum@d54C49278.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== alex____ [n=alex@p54914587.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_ruffy: the linux equivalent is scribus, dunno if it is possible to import microsof tpublisher02:49
aftertafdont think so. proprietary, like visio02:50
=== steff [n=steff@fw.iot.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== goldenear [n=goldenea@vol75-4-82-225-33-186.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Philip5 [n=Philip@c83-253-44-209.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@] has joined #kubuntu
ruffyzorglu_: thnx02:51
beligumHi all, what's the best way to define custom keyboard shortcuts on Linux? I need something to tie key-combinations to commands.02:51
ruffythats so annoying02:51
ruffywhats so special about publisher02:51
=== Dasnipa` [n=Dasnipa@deltafive.stev197.eiu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
ruffyal the other microsoft office programs are supported02:51
aftertafask the same about ms in general02:51
=== domibel [n=domibel@dslb-088-073-127-092.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
ruffythe answer about ms is nothing at all02:51
aftertafruffy: cos theyve managed to reverse engineer them...02:51
ruffyand we haven;t managed to reverse engineer publisher because....?02:52
aftertafbeligum: in kde? conctrol centre can do that02:52
zorglu_ruffy: microsoft design their file format to be vary hard to be compatible with, it is made on purpose. so it is hard to be compatible02:52
=== domibel [n=domibel@dslb-088-073-127-092.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
aftertafbecause ^02:52
aftertafget them to convert it to another format first.02:52
beligumaftertaf: I need something at the X11-level02:53
aftertafanother p.o;v.02:53
aftertafbeligum: ahh..... i dont know.02:53
=== aftertaf is a semi n00b
=== damiano [n=damiano@213-140-16-179.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
ruffyzorglu_: yes i know -_-02:54
octanwb damiano02:54
ruffyhow well does publisher work with wine?02:54
=== jj [n=jj@] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafruffy: whats the story with this file? cant you export it?02:54
octanruffy, are you sure thers no app that read thouse kida files.. in the kde office pacK?02:54
aftertafcrossover office (not free) it works fine i hear02:54
octanim here02:55
damianoone thing02:55
=== tackat [n=tackat@pd95b5caa.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
damianothe sources.list02:55
damianoyour sourcers.list02:55
damianofor egdy?02:55
octannot realy.. but i made it for edgy by cat /source.list | sed -s 's/dapper/edgy/'02:56
octandamiano, sed -s 's/dapper/edgy/' does replace all dapper names with edgy02:57
=== jaaroo__ [n=jaro@x53.mykey.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== TheGateKeeper [n=gatekeep@82-36-116-187.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafcrap. my kicker just crashed because of kbfx02:57
damianoin samba02:58
damianosamba now work fine02:58
damianobut a windows pc02:58
damianoneed a user e password02:58
damianoto access in my computer02:58
damianoi have to add an user?02:58
octanjust get rid of it02:58
=== nicolnx_ [n=nicolnx@] has joined #kubuntu
octanwell you need to make the dir readeble for all users without password02:59
=== fildo [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
damianoyou know how can i do02:59
octanAllow null passwords? set it to yes03:00
damianoin smb.conf?03:00
octanno in webmin03:00
octanunder Authentication03:00
aftertafanyone else lost their user config applet in edgy?03:01
damianoPAM Authentication ????03:01
octanunder File Share Defaults03:01
octanSecurity and Access Control03:01
=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #kubuntu
octanGuest Access? = yes03:01
=== visik7 [n=visi@unaffiliated/visik7] has joined #kubuntu
damianoi don't found03:03
damiano1st menu?03:03
octanok.. click on03:03
octanCreate a new file share.03:03
octanShare name you name03:04
damianonot found!!!!03:04
damianoCreate a new file share. <--- this03:04
octanopen webmin03:04
damianoone momento03:04
octango to servers03:04
octango to samba03:04
damianoi'm on https://damiano:10000/03:04
octansee servers on to03:04
damianoThe Samba server executable /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd was not found. Either Samba is not installed on your system or your module configuration is incorrect.03:04
octanclick on the module config03:05
octanwhat is say03:05
damianoConfigurable options03:05
damianoSystem configuration03:05
=== andreas_ [n=andreas@81-229-211-123-o1038.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
octandamiano, can i speak to you in pvt ?03:06
damianoqhery me03:06
nicolnx_sorry, I haven't seen the beginning of youir discussion, but maybe just setting securyty = share will resolve your trouble03:06
=== marko [n=marko@host98-21-dynamic.57-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== malix [n=malix@] has joined #kubuntu
damianommm you don' receive my message03:07
damianotell me03:07
damianohow cai i register a nick?03:07
octanyou need to reg03:07
octan /msg nickserver help03:07
=== andreas_ [n=andreas@81-229-211-123-o1038.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafok, sleep time.03:08
octan /msg nickserver register03:08
damiano[13:07]  <-> nickserver> register03:08
damiano[13:07]  [Error]  nickserver: No such nick/channel.03:08
octani forgot howto03:08
ubotuInformation about registering your Freenode nick is at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#contents-userregistration03:08
octan /msg NickServ REGISTER03:09
=== pradeepto [n=pradeept@dialpool-210-214-15-61.maa.sify.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Dannilion [n=danni@cust18-dsl53.idnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_octan: damiano: an easy/fast work around is to go on a channel created by you too. e.g. /join #octananddiniamodiscussion03:10
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zorglu_and now the channel is all quiet :)03:13
=== Bazzi [n=Bastian@p50802DF2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Codemaster [i=Codemast@quantum.rh.rit.edu] has joined #kubuntu
Codemasterhey guys, I'm having a few dependency problems - http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27156803:19
=== roger [n=roger@lynnfamily.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
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zorglu_i see 2 options03:20
zorglu_1. using --force in apt-get to make it ignore the dependency03:21
zorglu_2. get the package it is asking for03:21
zorglu_both may become quite painfull03:21
zorglu_and i would not attempt any on those on my personnal box :)03:21
zorglu_but other here may have better solution, or in #ubuntu-xgl03:22
=== ninhertatil [n=ninherta@59.Red-213-97-233.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== n3storm [n=n3storm@] has joined #kubuntu
n3stormhi everyone03:28
=== letmagnau [n=letmagna@adsl-ull-2-234.50-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
Codemasterthanks, zorglu_03:29
=== ninhertatil_ [n=ninherta@59.Red-213-97-233.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
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letmagnauhi can i have some help?03:30
letmagnauhow i can opens iso file?03:30
letmagnauexist an application like alcohol?03:31
n3stormlemagnau: acetone03:31
n3stormletmagnau: acetone03:31
letmagnautnz so much03:31
=== paul_ [n=paul@log77-3-82-243-254-188.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
n3stormletmagnau: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=4480503:32
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm238.omega16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
=== LeeJunFan wonders why acetone isn't in repos.
=== bashee_ [n=stefan@] has joined #kubuntu
letmagnautus isn't03:34
=== binaryflow [n=douglas@] has joined #kubuntu
=== imax_ is now known as the_imax
n3stormtus isn't?03:35
=== the_imax [n=imax@p5088A05C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== nkRush [n=nkRush@e177180061.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
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letmagnauthe apps ins't in repos03:38
letmagnaui've download form net03:39
letmagnaunow  i'm installing03:39
wildchildI have prob03:40
wildchildis there someone whos' ready to sit with me aobut that..03:40
=== andre^off is now known as andred
=== thompa [n=thom@c-69-180-208-122.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
wildchildI can't completely remove firefox03:40
=== bastiq [n=bastiq@h20n2fls34o989.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultwildchild, what do u mean completely03:40
=== cox377 [n=admin@host-84-9-76-182.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
wildchildsome packages can't be removed :S03:41
=== yvonne__ [n=yvonne@host-84-9-76-182.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
thompahow can i tell for sure which hard drive MBR grub is on?03:41
=== egloffr [n=momo@static-business-212-101-25-221.adsl.solnet.ch] has joined #kubuntu
thompaI have a sata and an IDE, I think its on the IDE, I need it that way cause on the sata I get boot errors03:41
=== ringlej [n=ringlej@va-65-40-217-47.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultthompa, if u had ubunut install grub on mbr, the mbr is on the disk ur bios points to to boot first03:42
segfaultwildchild, if u want an answer u have to provide more details03:43
wildchilddoesn't metter03:43
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #kubuntu
wildchildI've solved the prob :)03:43
letmagnaui can't install it03:43
wildchildall I have to do was: apt-get -f install03:44
=== mhterres [n=marcelo@] has joined #kubuntu
letmagnauhow i can istall it?03:44
wildchildcouse I have 2 ersions of firefox installed03:44
thompasegfault: In bios I am booting from IDE first, and I have there grub entries for both drives, so I guess its IDE, ,,good03:44
segfaultletmagnau, if downloaded the .deb do sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb03:45
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-158-147.eurotel.cz] has joined #kubuntu
thompasegfault: I can boot from the sata if its first, ubuntu install is there also, but I get various grub errors, especially if its been off for a while03:46
letmagnauthe file is kmdr03:46
Dr_willis"can't"  vs "dont know how. ;)03:46
letmagnaudont know how....i'm novice03:47
Dr_williswhat is it supposed tobe letmagnau ?03:47
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-158-147.eurotel.cz] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
thompathe boot errors are happening with all sata drives in new HP AMD 64s03:47
=== cannonball [n=todd@nat.ivenue.com] has joined #Kubuntu
segfaultletmagnau, go back to that page and download the .deb file and use the dpkg method i described aboe03:48
=== TwrKeeper [i=lullaby@] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultletmagnau, also fyi u can mount an iso using mount, man mount for more info03:49
=== freaz [n=freaz@a83-245-226-47.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
wildchilddoes anyone know why firefox32 on kubuntu66 wouldn't play sound when I look smth from youtube03:50
=== beast [n=beast@host-39-70-107-208.midco.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm238.omega16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
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thompawildchild: does it use flash?03:51
octanmount -o loop that loop03:51
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@host86-140-115-151.range86-140.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
thompawildchild: last I checked , you need maybe newer flash version for some sites03:51
=== _apo [i=foobar@dslb-088-073-073-242.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
wildchildthompa how do I update it03:51
=== [niceday] [n=daniel@] has joined #kubuntu
thompaeg comedy central wont work at all03:51
=== karron [n=karron@] has joined #kubuntu
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #kubuntu
wildchildhow can I remove firefox32 (I've installed it throuh script - it wasnn't in an APT)03:53
=== fuzzybunny [n=fuzzybun@host-64-179-8-41.buf.choiceone.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== wrabbit [n=wrabbit@220-244-235-53-vic-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== sudharsh [n=sudharsh@] has joined #kubuntu
wrabbitI've joined the fold :)03:55
=== MenZa [n=menza@0x50a16033.kd4nxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== sudharsh is now known as sudharsh_away
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wildchildthat's weired when I shud down all the progs that they usess sound flash works..03:57
wildchildhow can I solve that pronb03:57
wildchildI don't wanna just shud down the progs that uses soud just to watch a clip on you tube03:57
=== user___ [n=user@p54A64D4C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
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zamaliphehi all04:04
zamaliphewhat boot loader dose kubuntu-6.06.1-alternate-i386.iso use ??04:05
=== cosanber [n=cosanber@pc-37-33-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jaaroo__ [n=jaro@x53.mykey.cz] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisor do you mean what is the CD using to boot?04:06
=== gw01f [n=gw01f@] has joined #kubuntu
zamalipheDr_willis:  yes04:06
Dr_willisno clue there.. :) i dont mess with building live cd's04:06
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD5280.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
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zamalipheDr_willis: the problem is my writer is broken and i used to boot from the ISO files by adding some lines to my grub04:09
=== onur [n=onur@ip545693dc.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
zamaliphebu now i find some sing defrunt and i don't know what to do with it04:10
=== itzikt [n=itzikt@] has joined #kubuntu
=== muthana [n=muthana@] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisheh - ive never seen that trick done befor04:12
=== Guest556 [i=JavaUser@i577AE775.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== UKF^vortex [n=vortex@komar.drama.pl] has joined #kubuntu
onurhow can i install flash player 4 kubuntu??????04:13
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:13
Dr_willisflash is getting more and more messed up every day.04:13
Dr_willisall these sites are demanding flash 8 - which is not out for linux yet.. but can be slapped into working i her with wine.04:14
=== weedar [n=weedar@062016233102.customer.alfanett.no] has joined #kubuntu
onuryeah but i need flash04:14
onurwhere can i find it for kubuntu04:14
Dr_willisthers some packages you install04:14
Dr_willis!flash  showed the info04:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flash  showed the info - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:14
=== muthana [n=muthana@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:15
onuri tried the offical site of flash player when i download it (it is for linux) try to open it doens work04:15
Hawkwindonur: Linux only has flash 7 and a lot of sites require 8 or newer which we won't get version 9 til after the first of the year04:15
onuri know that it works for ubuntu cause i tried it on scool04:15
onurbut kubuntu give's me problems04:16
Dr_willis See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats04:16
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=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisubuntu and kubuntu should be both using the same flash packages.. its often the web site, updating things that cause the issues..04:18
=== ph [n=ph@ppp85-140-112-83.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
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onurhmm but i have Ubuntu @ school en Kubuntu @ home i've used the offcial site of flash player @ ubuntu that was a succes04:20
onurbut i wanted 2 do the same 4 kubuntu and it doesn't work!:S04:20
grasmeerHi! Is there anyone, who is using 6.10 with the latest binary nvidia driver... success?04:21
=== muthana [n=muthana@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== ariel [n=ariel@dslb-082-083-240-220.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
pawnheartsgnasmeer it works for 30 secs and then X dies04:21
grasmeerAfter loooooooooooong struggeling it worked with 6.06 (BUT: NO hibernate, probs with dualview....)04:22
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:23
=== pawnhearts [n=ph@ppp85-140-112-83.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
=== atrocity_ [n=atrocity@e176108211.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
shadowravenanyone know what happen with my wireless? i updated a few packages and now it doesnt work?04:24
pawnheartsgrasmeer i just switched to non-proprietary driver04:24
grasmeer@pawnhearts: Did yor system worked again after the installation of nvidia?04:24
shadowravenor better yet, point me to how to fix my wireless04:25
pawnheartsgrasmeer yes. it worked, i could do anything for ~30-60 seconds then it freezes and don't react on keyboard/mouse04:25
shadowraveni have that dell intel pro card04:25
grasmeer@pawnhearts: just thinking of installing XGL Desktop: will i need these binary driver?04:25
=== jurica [n=jurica@83-131-12-252.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeer@shadowsraven: what is the problem with your wireless?04:26
pawnheartsgrasmeer just now i'm working on a laptop with kubuntu and ati. same thing, proprietary ati drivers won't work with last updates, but non-proprietary driver is good and supports opengl etc04:26
shadowravenit says i dont have one now04:26
shadowravenits duelboot so i booted it up in crashdows and the wireless works04:27
grasmeer@shadowraven: didnt get you: detecting no card?04:27
segfaultshadowraven, ipw3945? u need the restricted modules pkg installed for ur kernel04:27
pawnhearts<grasmeer> it seems "nv" driver don't support opengl04:27
=== ziza [n=aziz@chello084112072063.6.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #kubuntu
=== narasim_7 [n=ubuntuna@] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultpawnhearts, that is correct u need the proprietary nvidia driver for opengl04:28
shadowravenyes i got : detecting no card04:28
grasmeer@pawnhearts: there is a screensaver with opengl: it workes with my nvidia card....04:28
=== CroX_ [n=crox@c-8106e255.244-11-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
shadowravenand yes its the ipw3945 card04:29
segfaultshadowraven, u need the restricted modules pkg installed for ur kernel04:29
=== cosanber_ [n=cosanber@pc-37-33-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== gw01f [n=gw01f@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== jurica_ [n=jurica@83-131-12-252.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #kubuntu
shadowraveneverything worked for about a month, untill i updated kubuntu yesterday04:30
=== CroX_ is now known as CroX
segfaultshadowraven, again u need the restricted modules pkg installed for ur kernel04:30
=== gw01f [n=gw01f@] has joined #kubuntu
shadowravenok, i will do that.  Not sure how tho04:31
segfaultshadowraven, if u updated the kernel it is possible u did not update that pkg04:31
=== CroX [n=crox@c-8106e255.244-11-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultshadowraven, sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`04:31
shadowraventhank you04:32
pawnheartsthere is a sort of opengl emulation in mesagl afair. so opengl works,but slow.04:32
=== bouncy [n=bouncy@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== marcela [n=marcela@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ikam [n=iz2daw@host-84-221-86-136.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeerthat is why i want these original driver... because it is faster...04:32
=== Arlington [n=jonas@c83-248-82-127.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== warnet [n=warnet@] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeerbut i am to lazy to install nvidia: partimage whole system, installing nvidia, repairing wireless, loosing hibernation and so on...04:34
=== muthana [n=muthana@] has joined #kubuntu
Arlingtonhi. i'am wondering what hibernation is... can someone explain04:35
pawnheartsi've had installed restricted-modules for current kernel, but nvidia driver freezes after minute of work04:35
grasmeerHas anyone a trick: nvidia driver AND linux restricted modules (But WITHOUT these non prop. driver nv??)04:35
grasmeerHibernation is cool: freezing your system, later waking it up again and start at the same position...04:36
=== phreak__ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisand sometimes it even works!04:36
Dr_willisnormally the systems crash soon afterwards...04:36
Dr_willisfor me.04:36
grasmeerSince 6.10 it works (But not suspend...)04:36
=== berkes|afk is now known as berkes
Dr_willisof course when you move from work to home and plug in a dozzen different devices.. and then wake up....04:37
Dr_willisit can confuse thangs.04:37
muthanahow remove gaim04:38
segfaultsuspend and hibernate work for me using nvidia proprietary driver04:38
shadowraven@segfault: i get counldnt find package linux........04:38
=== aeig [n=andreas@84-75-95-47.dclient.hispeed.ch] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
grasmeer@segfault: with 6.10?04:38
segfaultshadowraven, please post here exactly as u type04:38
segfaultgrasmeer, yea04:38
segfaultgrasmeer, err wait sry 6.0604:39
segfaultgrasmeer, i saw 6. and just agreed :)04:39
grasmeer@segfault: edgy eft... no numbers.. :-)04:39
ubotuhibernate: activates your computer's suspend functionality. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.12-1ubuntu1 (dapper), package size 66 kB, installed size 328 kB04:40
segfaultshadowraven, sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`04:40
segfaultshadowraven, note the ` is a backtick, on same key as ~04:40
shadowravensudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-'uname -r'04:40
segfaultshadowraven, right replace ' with `04:40
=== piipoo [n=piipoo@e181026240.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultgrasmeer, but yea suspend and hibernate have been working well for me, i was surprised as this laptop is pretty new04:42
=== pielgrzym [n=pielgrzy@nat-ruczaj.lama.pl] has joined #kubuntu
shadowravenE: Coundlnt find package linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-27-38604:42
grasmeersegfault: mine is new too... but it was ugly...this hibernation...04:42
=== silox [n=silox@c-6b5e71d5.420-1-64736c12.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeer@shadowraven: try adept: looking for linux restricted modules, and then the right kernel number...04:44
segfaultshadowraven, run sudo apt-get update first, its there i just checked04:44
=== admin_ [n=admin@82-167-36-182.odsplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeerAnyone who is using Kaudiocreator with the lame encoder (edgy eft, 6.10?)04:45
siloxhi, anyone here thats good on laptop, extra screen combinations?04:46
=== admin_ [n=admin@82-167-36-182.odsplus.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
abattoirgrasmeer: why? what's the problem?04:46
=== pestilence [n=pestilen@krylov.tam.uiuc.edu] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeerInstallation of lame failed...04:46
pestilencehow do i get evolution to open links in firefox in kubuntu?04:46
=== pielgrzym [n=pielgrzy@nat-ruczaj.lama.pl] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultsilox, just ask someone may be able to help04:46
segfaultpestilence, what does it open links in now04:46
berkesany mplayer/mencoder gurus in here?04:47
=== pawnhearts [n=ph@ppp85-140-112-83.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
shadowraven@seafualt: ok i did that but got the same responce after when i tried04:47
pestilencesegfault: it doesn't04:47
segfaultu in kde?04:47
pestilencesegfault: yes04:47
=== ke [n=kenneth@port272.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
berkesI made an mpeg (screencast) but it is playing too fast. I need to slow it down, but cannot find the options for it.04:47
abattoirgrasmeer: installation goes well here04:47
trappistberkes: you might have better luck asking a specific question.  most people aren't going to say 'yeah I'm your guru' without knowing what you're looking for.04:48
pestilencesegfault: i used to use ubuntu, i think that messed it up (but i switched to kubuntu a while back)04:48
siloxi have a Dell Dimension 8100 Laptop with a extra screen connected to it, so i am not using the laptop screen. But there one problem, i cant watch movies on the extra screen, it works if i unplug the extra screen and watch it on the laptop... Whats the problem?04:48
trappistoh :)04:48
=== bandido [n=bandido@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== bandido is now known as purucho
=== purucho [n=bandido@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
trappistberkes: if you do { while playing, it will cut the playback speed in half04:49
shadowraven@seafualt: I get the same issue as before i updated04:49
segfaultpestilence, sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser and select firefox04:49
Hawkwindtrappist: Mornin`04:49
trappistberkes: or if you say mplayer -speed 0.50 file.mpg, that'll do the same thing04:49
trappistmornin Hawkwind04:49
berkestrappist: but I need a file with a slower play speed.04:49
=== josh_ [n=josh@66-191-145-50.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
Hawkwindtrappist: Mind if I PM ya ?04:50
berkesits for distribution. :)04:50
josh_who in here uses 3ddesktop?04:50
trappistHawkwind: like I said, any time :)04:50
siloxplease doesnt anyone know what to do :P04:50
trappistberkes: how did you make the file04:50
josh_silox: what are you trying to do?04:50
=== Captain_Redbeard [n=carl@c-a2b7e055.449-1-64736c22.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
siloxi have a Dell Dimension 8100 Laptop with a extra screen connected to it, so i am not using the laptop screen. But there one problem, i cant watch movies on the extra screen, it works if i unplug the extra screen and watch it on the laptop... Whats the problem?04:50
segfaultshadowraven, u have dapper-security repository in sources.list04:50
berkestrappist: with screenkast.04:51
josh_silox: sounds like whatever program your using doesn't recognize you are using a different screen04:51
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== darkphader [n=smythe@c-68-61-77-183.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
shadowraven@segfault: what is the best way to check that?04:52
siloxjosh: hmm yeah the video image youst turns blue... reminds me about the same issue I had in Windows when i had 2 screens04:52
pestilencesegfault: that didn't seem to do anything.04:53
=== belara [n=belara@] has joined #kubuntu
josh_what program are you using to play?04:53
=== cursolinux [n=cursolin@cm67226.red.mundo-r.com] has joined #kubuntu
josh_who using 3ddesktop in here?04:53
siloxjosh_: vlc, mplayer etc... its the same in all of them04:53
shadowraven@segfault: i dont see it under usr/bin04:53
trappistRiddell: sure (re: ops)04:53
segfaultpestilence, umm, wait i think u have to set that in the kde control panel under default apps or something similar04:54
=== vonHalenbach-de [n=stefan@dslb-084-058-117-142.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
silox:/ i've asked on some forums but i havent got any clear answers04:54
josh_i dont have a second screen so i cant really walk you through it04:55
josh_do you use kaffine?04:55
shadowraven@segfault: i DL it and i is installed04:55
segfaultshadowraven, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and make sure that repository is there04:55
segfaultshadowraven, o ok cool04:55
trappistberkes: try this: mencoder foo.mpg -oac copy -ovc copy -speed 0.50 -o newfile.mpg04:55
josh_silox: try kaffine... it might do it04:56
=== wildchild [n=wildchil@BSN-77-169-220.dsl.siol.net] has joined #kubuntu
weedarIs there a way to turn off/on the touchpad on a laptop? After suspend the touchpad is dead, but connecting a usb mouse works just fine04:56
siloxjosh_; okey, installing now ^^04:56
siloxi really love the apt-get command xD04:57
segfaultweedar, u might try unloading and reloading the module, prolly evdev04:57
josh_lol silox04:57
josh_yeah it sure beats tracking down dependancies04:57
shadowraven@segfault: still getting that same04:58
=== fumasterdk [n=tiger@x1-6-00-16-b6-c0-ef-f6.k529.webspeed.dk] has joined #kubuntu
berkestrappist: it seems to make no difference :(04:58
weedarsegfault: what is the preferred way to do that?04:58
weedarevdev is loaded, by the way04:58
siloxjosh_: will try now ^^04:59
=== anandkarve [n=curves@] has joined #kubuntu
weedarRunning "modprobe -r evdev" tells me the module is in use, so that isn't it04:59
fumasterdkWHats is the difference between gstreamer....ugly and gstreamer....ugly-multiverse04:59
fumasterdkWhich of the 2 should I install??05:00
=== Andrey- [n=andrey@latvia.eu.org] has left #kubuntu []
trappistberkes: sorry, that was all I had :)05:01
=== eitch0000 [n=eitch@84-74-23-47.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
siloxjosh_: its the same problem :/05:02
segfaultweedar, modprobe -r evdev; modprobe evdev05:02
grasmeer@abattoir: which paket did you you for kaudiocreator with lame encoder (lame, gstreamer, ...? )?05:02
abattoirgrasmeer: lame05:02
josh_only thing i can think of is to change your bios settings to load the external display first05:03
segfaultshadowraven, u have dapper-security repository in sources.list?05:03
=== josh_ shrugs
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-137-138.eurotel.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o trappist] by ChanServ
weedarsegfault: as I said I am unable to run "modprobe -r evdev" successfully, it complains about the module being in use :)05:03
siloxjosh_ and how do i do that on a Dell bios? :P05:03
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o trappist] by trappist
josh_when you start your computer i think on dell its either f1 or delete to get into the bios05:04
=== lampe [n=lampe@ip503d1fca.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
shadowraven@segfault: dapper-security main and dapper-security universe and multiverse05:04
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultshadowraven, have ran apt-get update since those were enabled05:04
=== marius_ [n=marius@ip-85-160-137-138.eurotel.cz] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
siloxyes but my bios sucks, Dell A15, i havent seen any option where i can disable the screen... :/05:05
shadowraven@segfault: yes05:05
josh_there isn't anything for the video?05:05
segfaultshadowraven, please type install cmd here exactly as u type in console05:06
=== atrocity_ is now known as atrocity
=== oheard [n=oheard@ACC8EC53.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
siloxno i dont think so05:06
josh_lol and that is why i wont buy a dell :P05:06
shadowraven@segfault: sudo apt-get update05:06
=== Blacken [n=ed@david-wilson2.um.maine.edu] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultshadowraven, the install command05:07
siloxyes i know hehe :P05:07
josh_i would look up info on your modes....05:07
josh_lemme see if i can find the file you need to look at05:07
siloxok thx :)05:07
shadowraven@segfault: sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`05:08
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD7B71.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
siloxjosh_: is there any pirate bios for dell? ^^05:09
segfaultshadowraven, u r running 38605:10
=== Acc [n=alexande@p508B530F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultshadowraven, sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-27-38605:10
segfaulttry that05:10
=== errpast-wc1 [n=errpast-@host81.155.212.198.conversent.net] has joined #kubuntu
josh_... interesting question... i have never looked that up05:10
josh_use your google-fu young grasshoppa05:10
josh_thats the one for your display05:11
josh_u might need to add another display monitor section to taht05:11
=== [gijoe] __ [n=[gijoe] @81-234-4-21-o1039.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
josh_google info on external display xorg.conf settings05:11
siloxyeah fucked that up a few days ago so the X wouldnt start up but i managed to fix it again ^^05:12
grasmeerabattoir: installed lame, started kaudiocreator: ripping one title, then error: genre wrong, just because of this?05:12
josh_then nevermind... dont touch it :P05:12
=== jordi_ [n=jordi@23.Red-83-46-252.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
shadowraven@segfault: E: couldnt find package linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-27-38305:12
jordi_hi all05:12
=== shaun [n=shaun@81-179-155-112.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultshadowraven, sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-27-38605:12
segfaultnot 38305:12
siloxhehe but that was a really big misstake, i will google some more and come back here ;)05:13
abattoirgrasmeer: well, i guess the genre is blank or something, set it or set it to other, see if it continues05:13
shadowraven@segfault: E: couldnt find package linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-27-386   sorry05:13
=== quim [n=quim@163.Red-81-37-138.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
grasmeerabattorit: same again: Unknown genre: 'Unknown'.  Specify genre name or number05:13
segfaultshadowraven, u have a sources issue i assume, that command will find the pkg on my sys, if u want further assistance post ur sources.list on pastebin05:14
shadowraven@segfault: ok, thank you for your help05:14
=== andreas_ [n=andreas@81-229-211-123-o1038.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
marcelajordi_ yo hablo espaol05:14
marcelahola, de donde sos05:15
jordi_es mi segundo dia con kubuntu05:15
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.05:15
=== scuny [n=stephane@ADijon-256-1-36-3.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== karron [n=karron@] has joined #kubuntu
=== PeqNP [n=peqnp@] has joined #kubuntu
jordi_thx all05:17
=== jordi_ [n=jordi@23.Red-83-46-252.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
grasmeerin the lame settings: deleted --tg % {genre}, then it worked. Stupid bug...05:17
=== omnicolor [n=omnicolo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== edgy [n=edgy@] has joined #kubuntu
edgyHi, I started klettres but can't hear any sound though sound works in my system, what's wrong please?05:21
=== PeqNP [n=peqnp@] has joined #kubuntu
PeqNPhelp! i accidentally removed myself from the admin group, and i cant sudo anymore05:23
PeqNPand since i cant login as root in kubuntu, how can i add myself back to the group?05:23
edgyPeqNP: you can user single user mode05:24
PeqNPwhats that and how do i get into it?05:24
=== anandkarve [n=curves@] has joined #kubuntu
edgyPeqNP: or you can use a livecd05:24
segfaultPeqNP, reboot in single user mode and add urself back to admin grp05:24
=== errpast-wc [n=errpast-@host81.155.212.198.conversent.net] has joined #kubuntu
PeqNPok.. how do i reboot in single user mode?05:24
PeqNPand how would i do it using a livecd as an alternative?05:25
vonHalenbach-deinit 105:25
segfaultPeqNP, reboot and select kernel labeled recorvy mode05:25
PeqNPwell when i reboot i dont have a list of options.. it just boots  non-recovery05:25
segfaultPeqNP, hit a key for menu options05:25
PeqNPoh ok.. any key?05:26
=== khaled_hosny [n=khaled@] has joined #kubuntu
segfaultPeqNP, maybe i forget i think screen tels u05:26
PeqNPok thanks.. will be back if i still cant get it05:26
=== flet01 [n=flet01@] has joined #kubuntu
khaled_hosnydoes any one knows how to get the src .deb of gfxmenu that is used in dapper CD ?05:28
=== vonHalenbach-de [n=stefan@dslb-084-058-117-142.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== karron [n=karron@] has joined #kubuntu
=== vonHalenbach-de [n=stefan@dslb-084-058-117-142.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== tenux [n=tenux@a88-112-141-8.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== GaiaX11 [n=vagner@] has joined #kubuntu
trappistkhaled_hosny: there aren't really src .debs, but if you have an apt-src line in your sources.list you can apt-get source gfxmenu05:34
=== karron_ [n=karron@] has joined #kubuntu
emonkey-pkhaled_hosny, maybe you find something through packages.ubuntu.com05:35
OSUKid7alright, so stupidly, I accidentally hit / instead of . and think I may have really messed up my system... I meant to do rm -R .* to clean a directory, but ended up doing rm -R /*, and I was running as root. I quit it as soon as I realized it, but I already see that some things were deleted. what's the best way to recover/restore program files?05:35
v3ctorOSUKid7: restore from backupup05:35
=== darkphader [n=smythe@c-68-61-77-183.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
OSUKid7v3ctor: yeah, figures, this is a new system and of course I didn't backup the / partition05:36
khaled_hosnytrappist, emonkey : thnx05:36
OSUKid7so... I guess just reinstall and save what I can?05:36
v3ctorunless you know exactly what was deleted..you should resintall05:36
ikamhello I have router utstarcom UT-300R2U how setting the port on kopete for to see webcam?05:37
=== drayen_ [n=drayen@host86-142-177-144.range86-142.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
OSUKid7yeah, and I don't... it ran for about 3-4 seconds before I killed it, but a lot is already missing05:37
=== flaccid [n=flaccid@CPE-124-177-0-45.vic.bigpond.net.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
OSUKid7alright, downloading the kubuntu cd... thanks.05:37
v3ctoryeah..it most likely got some good stuff05:37
OSUKid7yeah :-\ definitely don't have ps and ls anymore05:37
v3ctoryep..it does the wildcard in alphabetical order05:38
v3ctorstaring with /bin05:38
=== frankkm [n=frankkm@0x535f7f97.kjnxx3.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== pablo__ [n=pablo@ds0301linux.cfp.upv.es] has joined #kubuntu
=== mahen [n=mahen@76.158.97-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== MetaMorfoziS [n=sajt@dsl51B66A36.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #kubuntu
MetaMorfoziShi all, i have installed Ubuntu costumization Kit, but how can i start it?05:53
urosbhelp needed with sound drivers (alsa) Kmix etc.05:53
MetaMorfoziSanybody know? no "uck" cmd available05:53
=== scheuri [n=toomai@zue-tix-adsl-dynip-177-051.vtx.ch] has joined #kubuntu
scheurihi all05:54
=== waltico [n=walter@] has joined #kubuntu
=== lupine_85 [n=lupine@nick.lupine.me.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== tictric [n=manfred@p54931411.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== purucho [n=purucho@] has joined #kubuntu
frankkmI have a flv file, and I have downloaded Macromedia flash player to view it, but I cant play the file, I have searched for swf-player, but there is nothing and adebt says that it is installed05:59
=== waltico [n=walter@] has joined #kubuntu
=== grothesk [n=thomas@d463d06b.datahighways.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== oheard [n=oheard@ACCF847D.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
frankkmcan anyone help me with that?06:00
scheurifrankkm: is it a swf-file?06:02
frankkmno its a flv file06:02
=== aaale [n=aaale@host83-229-dynamic.58-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== aaale is now known as AAAle
scheuriuhmm...dont know about these...but have you tried to open it in firefox? (file - open file or location)06:02
=== purucho_ [n=purucho@] has joined #kubuntu
frankkmyes didn worked06:03
scheurihmm...sorry then06:03
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagofrankkm, hold on i got you06:04
=== azzco [n=azzco@] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagouse ffmeg to convert it to mpg and view it, i use vlc to watch videos06:05
frankkmthanks Ill try that06:05
Admiral_Chicagosudo apt-get install ffmpeg06:05
=== haffe [n=haffe@ua-83-227-198-253.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagoyou don't have to compile from source06:05
scheurimake this a sudo aptitude install ffmpeg06:05
Admiral_Chicagofrankkm, i told you i got you06:05
Admiral_Chicagoi would suggest you use the default options too06:06
frankkmhehe thanks06:06
haffeIs there a way to assign hotkeys to kopete? I.e pressig ctrl+shift+u brings up unread messages.06:06
abattoirhaffe: Settings->Configure Shortcuts06:06
haffeThanks a lot.06:07
=== niroxx_ [n=niroxx@p508994A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== holdenk [n=holdenk@moodiegate.xandros.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== purucho__ [n=purucho@] has joined #kubuntu
haffeHmmm, there doesn't seem to be the ability to assign a hotkey to unread messages.06:08
azzcoHas anyone gotten  compiz beryl, vanilla to work in kde?06:08
=== MHazem is now known as CVirus
lupine_85no reason why they shouldn't work06:09
=== GBoS|offline is now known as GBoS
lupine_85I've using beryl in kubuntu edgy right now06:09
trappistwhat is beryl06:09
lupine_85the kicker/desktop switcher doesn't work properly, but there's a patched one that does06:09
ubotuberyl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. See http://forum.beryl-project.org/ Please see #ubuntu-xgl for help with beryl. Thank You.06:09
=== tictric [n=manfred@p54931411.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
abattoirhaffe: maybe because only some of the protocols have mail accounts tied up w/ them, you might want to ask at #kopete06:09
Admiral_Chicagoazzco, ask in #ubuntu-xgl06:10
azzcolupine_85: I'm trying to install beryl on dapper here... there's alot of talk about edgy in the forums though, I keep getting to the same point with CSM not find in repos06:10
azzcooh okay I will :)06:10
=== maxx_k [n=max@pD9507DD9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
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lupine_85azzco: use bsm, not csm06:17
azzcobut compiz-plugins relies on csm06:17
=== matthias_ [n=matthias@p83.129.12.134.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== kaka` [n=kaka`@] has joined #kubuntu
=== marey [n=marey@cable200-116-233-224.epm.net.co] has joined #kubuntu
mareyhi, does anyone know what programs exist to listen radio usign my tv card?06:20
=== jtobe [n=jtobe@dsl081-116-020.dfw1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #kubuntu
mareyi dont like gradio (is there anything else?)06:20
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=== xav23 [n=xav23@] has joined #kubuntu
=== aftertaf [n=aftertaf@lns-bzn-51f-62-147-204-193.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafwhat happened to the root folder?06:26
aftertafi have like 3 folders in there now in konqueror :/06:27
=== sudharsh_away is now known as sudharsh
aftertafkubutu edgy06:27
sudharshaftertaf: having the same "bug" '/' in the location bar and there it is06:28
aftertafbug or by design?06:28
Admiral_Chicagoaftertaf, check #ubuntu+106:29
aftertafmaking linux simpler, means making it scary for others !!!06:29
lupine_85design, I think :'(06:29
lupine_85it's happening in gnome as well06:29
Admiral_Chicagoname here06:29
Admiral_Chicagolets figure it out06:29
=== lupine_85 spanks the devs
aftertafimho it sux06:29
Admiral_Chicagoaftertaf, i don't like that at all06:30
aftertafme 206:30
=== pointwood_ [n=pointwoo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== jordi_ [n=jordi@187.Red-88-9-86.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== bashee_ is now known as bashee
=== BurgerMann [n=burgerma@port86.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
TheGateKeepercan't you see the root file system in edge anymore?06:35
Admiral_ChicagoTheGateKeeper, not that i know of06:35
aftertafwell, not really06:35
Admiral_Chicagoi'm asking around06:35
=== warpzone [n=warpzone@nc-65-41-172-209.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafbuild, home, media and win (made it myself, thatone)06:35
aftertafthough if i type em i go there06:36
Admiral_Chicagoi'll check launchpad06:37
aftertafnot a permissions issue i dont think06:37
warpzonehey guys, I'm trying to purchase a sound card for meager audio recordings. any hints on what is/isn't supported well?06:37
TheGateKeeperif that's deliberate I am not upgrading & may well move to arch or something like that06:37
=== chrisf [n=chrisf@] has joined #kubuntu
trappistTheGateKeeper: can't see the root filesystem?  what do you mean?06:39
=== anandkarve_ [n=curves@] has joined #kubuntu
=== vonHalenbach-de [n=stefan@dslb-084-058-117-142.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== _froud_ is now known as froud
=== arun_ [n=arun@] has joined #kubuntu
TheGateKeepertrappist: it's an issue in edge with konqueror apparently, I don't have edge installed so no first hand experience06:41
=== xst [n=xst@kbhn-vbrg-sr0-vl208-012.perspektivbredband.net] has joined #kubuntu
xstHow do I make k3b accept wma files for burning?06:41
trappistTheGateKeeper: if you're going to switch distros over a bug rumor...06:41
aftertafnot kde only06:42
aftertafnautilus does same apparently06:42
aftertafi think its a feature but i cant find out how to undo it06:42
TheGateKeeperaftertaf: not kde because that doesn't happen in arch or other linux distros06:42
arun_i have upgraded from dapper to edgy i got some issues06:42
arun_can somebody help me06:42
=== arun__ [n=arun@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Lacerta [i=lullaby@] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafarun_maybe, or #ubuntu+106:43
warpzonearun_: you're looking for #ubuntu+106:43
TheGateKeepertrappist: will wait & see what happens06:43
aftertafsme thing :)06:43
=== omnicolor [n=omnicolo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== mhterres [n=marcelo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== tictric_ [n=manfred@p54930D9F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_ChicagoRiddell, sorry to bug you but is it a new feature that when you type / to get to root in konqui, there are only a few foders listed?06:45
Admiral_Chicagoi'll make a bug report06:45
=== piccololinux [n=piccolol@host-84-220-47-223.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagosomeone can look at it06:45
=== piccololinux [n=piccolol@host-84-220-47-223.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== MHazem [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
aftertafgood idea to ask Riddell :)06:45
=== soulrider [n=mauro@r200-125-31-133-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagoi feel bad because he's always busy...06:46
soulriderhi everyone06:46
rensbuja(as well)06:46
=== leileilol [n=Hsi@londonderry-cuda1-68-234-71-44.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
rensbujadoes anyone know what software I can use to connect my sony ericsson w810i phone to kubuntu06:47
=== nuku [n=nuku@e178123191.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
rensbujaI used moto4lin with motorola06:47
=== koboi [n=koboi@] has joined #kubuntu
rensbujais there anything for ericsson?06:47
=== iovar [n=biocrash@athedsl-137962.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
=== MHazem is now known as CVirus
=== Cyraq is now known as Shwarzenegga
aftertafi found it :)06:49
=== Dannilion [n=danni@cust18-dsl53.idnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafthere is a file called .hidden at /06:49
aftertafthey are set to hidden.06:49
trappistoh yeah, I saw that somewhere06:49
aftertafview hidden files when in root and they appear, as does .hidden, and its contents  are the missing folders :)06:50
trappistforgot all about it06:50
=== silox [n=silox@c-6b5e71d5.420-1-64736c12.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
aftertafremoved all contents, back to business :)06:51
Admiral_ChicagoTheGateKeeper, feature06:51
Admiral_Chicagothey are all in /.hidden06:51
aftertafoff for a shower now :)06:51
TheGateKeeperAdmiral_Chicago: ok thanx06:51
=== JohnFlux [n=JohnFlux@konversation/developer/JohnFlux] has joined #kubuntu
TheGateKeeperNOT good news06:52
Admiral_ChicagoTheGateKeeper, nope i don't like that06:52
=== errpast-wc [n=errpast-@host81.155.212.198.conversent.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== stormzoeker [n=stormzoe@cc1075059-a.sneek1.fr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== Shwarzenegga is now known as Cyraq
TheGateKeeperAdmiral_Chicago: well I can recommend arch it's VERY fast, just don't know how to install KDE without all the clutter06:54
=== [Deathmaster] [n=Linux@] has joined #kubuntu
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Admiral_ChicagoTheGateKeeper, nah i like KDe06:58
Admiral_Chicagobeside i can use the command line :)06:58
=== littlebrean [n=littlebr@i03m-195-36-186-47.d4.club-internet.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Admiral_Chicagoclass now kids, see ya06:59
TheGateKeeperAdmiral_Chicago: I have KDE installed on an arch linux, just got more clutter than I would like07:00
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ubotuThe Ubuntu Classroom is a project which aims to tutor users about Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu through biweekly sessions in #ubuntu-classroom - For more information visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom07:04
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=== arcasa is now known as Arcasa
ArcasaI was kidding.07:12
ArcasaHow is everyone07:12
=== phreak_ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_please avoid this kind of joke in the future07:12
=== jordanR [n=switch@] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaYou coulda just said: "I'm great Arcasa, Thank you very much for asking... And how was your day?"07:13
=== thygrrr [n=thygrrr@xdsl-87-78-59-10.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Arcasa: yep but the meaning would have been different :)07:13
=== jordi_ [n=jordi@187.Red-88-9-86.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaYou love me really.07:14
zorglu_Arcasa: i did meant to say "please avoid this kind of joke in the future"07:14
=== DarkWizzard [n=mirc@] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaAnywhoo. Enough with these social pleasentries.07:14
ArcasaI need helps. Where do I get Kopete header files from?07:14
=== gekko` [n=gekko@] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Arcasa: this is a support channel, not really a chat channel :)07:14
Dr_willisapt-cache search kopete07:15
ArcasaIt IS a support channel... But what if I need SOCIAL support?07:15
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@complex1-372-023.resnet.yorku.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== jhutchins_wk [n=jonathan@rrcs-24-123-100-82.central.biz.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisThats what church if for.07:15
=== Dannilion [n=danni@cust18-dsl53.idnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaI love you all.07:16
=== fernando_ [n=fernando@200-206-138-245.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
DarkWizzarda little help please07:18
DarkWizzardhello and peace to all07:18
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@complex1-372-023.resnet.yorku.ca] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_DarkWizzard: disable firestarter and retry07:19
=== Pensacola [n=pensacol@98.120-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
DarkWizzarddid that too07:19
ArcasaI can't get the damn header files.07:19
zorglu_fernando_: no need for caps07:19
ArcasaScrew it.07:19
DarkWizzardbut nothing07:19
ArcasaI ONLY HAVE ONE!07:19
zorglu_Arcasa: you have been warned many times07:19
ArcasaWhy do we even have anti-lauguage rules?07:20
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.07:20
ArcasaI mean we're all men, all over 16.07:20
Arcasafamilly friendly!07:20
=== rudy [n=rudy@d54C48C15.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaSince when do families use Kubuntu!07:20
=== pablo [n=pablo@cvi3126.ugr.es] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaIn fact, since when do families use anything other than Windows!07:20
zorglu_Arcasa: please behave07:20
=== pablo [n=pablo@cvi3126.ugr.es] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
jhutchins_wkWhat do I need to install if I want to play windows media, flash, and real audio?07:20
ArcasaOr Mplayer 32 if you're using a 64 bit Arch,.07:21
=== mini_gamer1896 [n=mini_gam@] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaYou could also try Kaffiene.07:21
Dr_willismpayer, xine, vlc, or that realplayer for linux07:21
Dr_willisoops mplayer :)07:21
ArcasaWhy can't we get rid of these silly laws?07:22
=== fernando_ [n=fernando@200-206-138-245.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
jhutchins_wkOk, where do I get mplayer?  I don't see it in the standard repositories.07:22
zorglu_DarkWizzard: ok it doesnt make sense, either the connect is accepted or rejected but should not be ignored07:22
jhutchins_wkDon't I need a win32codec package too?07:22
Dr_willisMoney.... its alll about the Money07:22
zorglu_Arcasa: please behave07:22
=== Acidic32 [n=acidic@unaffiliated/Acidic32] has joined #kubuntu
DarkWizzardzorglu_: I know07:22
DarkWizzardthats why I came here07:22
DarkWizzardthis is the situation07:22
ArcasaPlease stop telling me to behave.07:23
zorglu_DarkWizzard: hmm try insteead of localhost07:23
ArcasaAllah will not like it.07:23
ArcasaI am a devout Muslim.07:23
DarkWizzardsame problem07:23
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
zorglu_DarkWizzard: i dont believe you :)07:23
=== tsdgeos [n=tsdgeos@kde/aacid] has joined #kubuntu
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@complex1-372-023.resnet.yorku.ca] has joined #kubuntu
ArcasaHey... I'm trying to install Desklist to my Kopete... ./configure says I need kopete header files... And I don't have a clue.07:23
DarkWizzardtelnet me07:23
DarkWizzardArcasa: sudo apt-get build-dep kopete07:24
ArcasaI love you.07:24
zorglu_telnet 80 <- establish a connection07:24
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
Arcasaconfigure: error: Could not find Kopete header files!07:25
=== pablo [n=pablo@cvi3126.ugr.es] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Arcasa: ok you have been warned way too many time already07:25
ArcasaStill no,.07:25
=== tsdgeos [n=tsdgeos@kde/aacid] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ArcasaWarned for what? I haven't done owt!07:25
DarkWizzardwhat still no ?07:25
ArcasaYeah it's saying configure: error: Could not find Kopete header files!07:25
=== alef0 [n=alef0@M821P004.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Arcasa: go in #kopete they will have expert for you07:26
ArcasaTried. They're all silent.07:26
ArcasaDead infact.07:26
ArcasaI shot them.07:26
DarkWizzardlol man07:26
zorglu_ok action :)07:26
DarkWizzarddoesn't it give a url ?07:26
v3ctorsudo aptitude install kopete-dev07:26
ArcasaInstalled kopete-dev... Trying again.07:27
zorglu_DarkWizzard: ok lets focus on your problem07:27
nalioth!tell Arcasa about guidelines07:28
Dr_willisi cant even find a kopete-dev07:28
v3ctori can07:28
Dr_willis!info kopete-dev07:28
ArcasaI can.07:28
=== Jazon [n=arkygeek@host86-138-231-62.range86-138.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubotukopete-dev: development files for the KDE instant messenger, Kopete. In component kopete, is optional. Version 4:3.5.4+kopete0.12.2-0ubuntu1 (dapper-imbrandon), package size 81 kB, installed size 454 kB07:28
Dr_willisIn component kopete, is optional ?????07:29
Dr_willis!info kde-dev07:29
ubotuPackage kde-dev does not exist in any distro I know07:29
Arcasa!info kopete_export07:29
ubotuPackage kopeteexport does not exist in any distro I know07:29
v3ctor!info kdebase-dev07:29
ubotukdebase-dev: development files for the KDE base module. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.2-0ubuntu27 (dapper), package size 76 kB, installed size 476 kB07:29
ArcasaThat's somehing Configure can't find.07:29
=== liviux [n=liviux@d83-181-223-176.cust.tele2.it] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williskdenetwork-dev - development files for the KDE network module07:29
nalioth!info kde-devel07:30
ubotukde-devel: the K Desktop Environment development files and modules. In component universe, is extra. Version 5:45ubuntu1 (dapper), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB07:30
Dr_willis"In component kopete" -- is... weird07:30
ArcasaIt's messed up.07:30
Dr_willisit has its own repo?07:30
=== orkid__ [n=mike@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Kubu [n=higi@18.Red-213-97-49.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchins_wk!info mplayer07:32
ubotumplayer: The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:0.99+1.0pre7try2+cvs20060117-0ubuntu8 (dapper), package size 3265 kB, installed size 7916 kB07:32
=== felek [n=felek@ip-194-146-128-16-net.cnb.com.pl] has joined #kubuntu
ubotufiglet: Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.2.1-4 (dapper), package size 145 kB, installed size 880 kB07:33
=== win_x_prts [n=win_x_pr@n128-227-57-90.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchins_wk!info multiverse07:34
ubotuPackage multiverse does not exist in any distro I know07:34
Arcasa!info Legends07:34
ubotuPackage legends does not exist in any distro I know07:34
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu07:34
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD7628.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== MDCore [n=gavin@] has joined #kubuntu
Arcasa!info FontForge07:34
=== apol [n=apol@183.Red-83-42-233.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotufontforge: Font Editor for PS, TrueType and OpenType fonts. In component main, is optional. Version 0.0.20051205-0.1ubuntu3 (dapper), package size 3044 kB, installed size 8760 kB07:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bot-abuse - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:34
liviuxhi all. I can't find the "libxine-extracodecs" in the repositories from adept and apt-get too. I think that's why there are no "multiverse" repositories in the manager.Could anyone help me about this problem?07:34
zorglu_liviux: you are very likely to be correct :)07:35
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu07:35
=== pierre_ [n=pierre@] has joined #kubuntu
=== zipi [n=zipi@200.red-82-158-117.user.auna.net] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_liviux: the page explains in great details how to add unniverse/multiverse07:36
ArcasaLater UGLY BITCHES!07:36
=== Arcasa [n=arcasa@host86-130-60-4.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
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=== mode/#kubuntu [+b *!*@host86-130-60-4.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] by Hawkwind
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o Hawkwind] by ChanServ
liviuxI've seed but maybe the package needed are changed, isn't it?07:37
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Hawkwind] by ChanServ
=== mode/#kubuntu [+d Aleks] by Hawkwind
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o Hawkwind] by ChanServ
zorglu_liviux: what do you mean ?07:38
Dr_willis+d ? hmm thats a new one07:38
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Hawkwind] by ChanServ
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liviuxPerhaps libxine-extracodecs doesn't exist right now07:39
zorglu_liviux: ok you need 2 things, 1. to put unniverse/multiverse as explained in the web page, 2. to add all the codec to get the restricted format to work on your box07:39
=== mattis1 [n=mattis^@p54BD5218.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_!info libxine-extracodecs07:39
ubotulibxine-extracodecs: the xine video/media player library, binary files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.1+ubuntu1-2 (dapper), package size 1148 kB, installed size 2976 kB07:39
zorglu_liviux: it is still there :)07:39
=== orkid__ [n=mike@] has joined #kubuntu
liviuxUhm...not for me, unfortunetely...07:40
=== sF|Xemanth [n=KVIrc@dsl-hkigw7-fe1af900-42.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #Kubuntu
liviuxhowever thank you07:40
=== Pensacola [n=pensacol@98.120-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== mode/#kubuntu [+b *!*arcasa@*] by Hawkwind
zorglu_liviux: install the multiverse, and it will be there07:40
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o Hawkwind] by Hawkwind
zorglu_Hawkwind: not easy, hey:)07:41
sF|Xemanthwhy god pastebin is is so slow :~07:42
HawkwindsF|Xemanth: Use http://pastebin.ulteo.us07:42
liviuxexcuse me, but I can't see the "multiverse" voice. There are other method to enable this repositories out from adept?? Maybe using konsole and the URL07:42
=== orkid__ [n=mike@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic07:42
zorglu_liviux: try this one07:43
=== pierre_ [n=pierre@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== oheard [n=oheard@ACBD9BB6.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== kulbir [i=jita@infimum.org] has joined #kubuntu
kulbirwhere i can find mplayer codec?07:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about codec - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:44
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:44
sF|Xemanthah now i managed to get paste online07:44
sF|Xemanthsomething is f*cked in my edgy: http://pastebin.com/80083807:44
zorglu_kulbir: someeehere is the page07:45
dazzywow kubuntu rocks me first try...why doesn't mythtv work anyone?07:45
kulbirsorry "w32codec"07:45
HawkwindsF|Xemanth: If you're running Edgy, might talk to the guys in #Ubuntu+1 since that's the Edgy channel07:45
zorglu_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats#head-6c942d1939d97331f96e42b63774003fde7daed5 <- for you kulbir07:45
kulbirzorglu_: thanks07:46
Dr_willisMythTV - can be a little complex07:46
ubotumythtv is for watching TV in Linux.  Check out http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/12/16/instructions-to-install-mythtv/07:46
sF|XemanthHawkwind: aha07:47
dazzyyeah i want my terratec tv card to work..in kubuntu...07:47
dazzybut it's not a must...07:47
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dazzyhopefully my other partition still works..07:47
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liviuxnow it work! really  a good link, thanks again07:56
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crispXsalut j'viens d'installer la derniere version de openoffice mais je n'sais pas quelle est la commande pour lancer les application08:00
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geoff270anyone help w port forwarding08:01
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.08:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ch - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jp - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:02
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zorglu_crispX: it should be in the menu, delog yourself08:02
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inamhi all ! im getting a very funny DNS related problem :D08:08
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usuarioCan anybody tell me kubuntu's based distribution?08:09
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inamwhen i open a URL that does not exist (such as www.kotakbank.com) instead of giving a Server not found or DNS error, it opens up my office's website!08:10
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inammy laptop is a dual boot... at office i use winxp and at home i use kubuntu08:10
crispXzorglu_: restart my system ?08:10
inamfunny thing is this problem does not happen in winxp... it happens only in kubuntu08:10
inamanyone any clues?08:11
zorglu_crispX: yep, or simple unlog/relog08:11
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crispXok thinks zorglu_08:11
zorglu_inam: ping the 2 host, blabalbank and your office website one and see if it is the same ip address08:12
zorglu_inam:  http://www.kotakbank.com/ is an unknown host from here. which may be part of the problem08:12
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inamzorglu_, both host point to same ip... more funny stuff... when i ping kotakbank.com, the first line of pin utility says "PING www.kotakbank.com.mobiapps.com"08:15
inamzorglu_, where did the suffix "mobiapps.com" come from? (btw, that is my office website URL www.mobiapps.com)08:15
zorglu_inam: and mobiapps.com is your office ?08:15
zorglu_ok so it is a matter of resolv.conf08:16
inamwhere can i find resolv.conf file?08:16
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zorglu_cat /etc/resolv.conf and put it in a pastebin08:16
inamits got only 3 lines:08:17
zorglu_ok shoot here08:17
inamearch mobiapps.com08:17
crispXzorglu_: you speak french ?08:17
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zorglu_crispX: i do, but it is an english speaking channel08:17
inamzorglu_ the first line is search mobiapps.com... that could be the problem ?08:18
zorglu_inam: remove the first line08:18
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zorglu_inam: yep it could be :)08:18
inami got it... but how did the first line come here ?!!08:18
zorglu_inam: unsure about that, maybe some dhcp stuff which remain after you used it at your office08:19
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inampossible... thanks anyways... will try connecting to office from my kubuntu tomm... see if this line reappears !08:19
inamthanks a ton !08:19
zorglu_inam: you can setup your network via 'kmenu -> system setting -> network'08:19
zorglu_inam: my pleasure08:19
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crispXI'v just dpkg openoffice.org2.0 in /opt/ folder and now I'v  new folders inside Gnome kde3 and openoffice.org2.0 but i can't launch oowriter or oocalc or ooimpress08:20
jhutchins_wkHow do I get the left-hand "windows" key to activate the application menu?08:21
zorglu_crispX: you got 2 distincts install of openoffice in your box ?08:21
crispXwich box ?08:21
zorglu_jhutchins_wk: kmenu -> system setting -> regional setting08:22
zorglu_crispX: on your computer i meant :) "ta machine quoi" :)08:22
crispXno i've remove by adept the default one08:22
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zorglu_crispX: try to launch them directly via the path on command line08:23
zorglu_crispX: i dont use openoffice so im only guessing08:23
crispXok but where is install the "linux exe"08:24
zorglu_what do you mean ?08:25
crispXU don't know cause U don't use it08:25
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crispXwhat should I launch (search to launch I mean)08:25
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zorglu_no idea, sorry08:25
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zorglu_moreover i see myself fleeing away from my work again....08:26
crispXit is in /opt/openoffice.org2.0/program i supose but I don't know what08:26
=== zorglu_ goes back to it
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zorglu_http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/IRC_Communication <- for you crispX, a bunch of irc channel dedicated to openoffice08:27
zorglu_some even in french :)08:27
crispXthx zorglu_08:27
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crispXi'v found it its swriter for writer08:28
jhutchins_wkHm.  It seems to only recognize the windows keys as modifier keys.08:29
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ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:30
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kulbir"sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade " is it right?08:33
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Hattorii'm trying to install ndiswrapper but i get: http://pastebin.ca/192141 --> it hangs there.. what that mean???08:34
Hawkwindkulbir: Yes08:34
Hawkwindkulbir: There is also sudo apt-get dist-upgrade which will upgrade your kernel if there is a newer version in the repos08:35
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=== ICXCNIKA ponders using kubuntu.
ICXCNIKAI've never really used Linux before.08:35
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kulbirHawkwind: im already using kubuntu edgy08:36
intelikeywell i assume from reading the link on the wiki that i should NOT install the propriatry nvidia driver.    according to the link i don't meet the "prerequsits"08:37
Hawkwindkulbir: Ah ok.  Might also join #Ubuntu+1 if you aren't there already as that is the Edgy channel which might give you a bit of help from time to time as well08:38
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kulbirHawkwind: thanks :)08:39
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buzzy-hello: how can i listen to wav files?08:39
=== fuzzball is now known as azmux
eduDoes anyone know how can I delete a conflictive module source? I installed ati fglrx, for k7 processors and then I installed the newer driver for i386 and I can't build the module.08:40
intelikeyPrerequisites == 1  The command lspci | grep -i nvidia prints out a line of text    2  The command lspci | grep -i nvidia prints out a line of text08:40
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Hattorii'm trying to install ndiswrapper but i get: http://pastebin.ca/192148 --> it hangs there.. what that mean???08:40
intelikeyoops   2 You need hardware-accelerated 3D support08:40
intelikey1 passes   2 doesn't    so i should not install it    correct ?08:41
bLaZeDdoes anyone know of a good app for monitoring a network.....like will let u know if a new computer tries to connect to my wireless router.....and things of this nature....08:41
bLaZeDlike report their mac addy machine name....and any other kinda handy info08:41
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intelikeybuzzy- just about any media player  will do wav08:42
buzzy-intelikey, ??08:42
buzzy-what u mean?08:42
weedarI'm having trouble with the encoding of files, special-characters are not shown08:42
intelikeybuzzy- cli  install sox and type  play file.way08:42
bLaZeDbuzzy-, i prefer xmms for all my music and mplayer for video08:42
weedarcan I convert a file to/from utf-8 to/from iso-8859-1?08:42
bLaZeDxmms = linux winamp08:43
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buzzy-bLaZeD, i have xmms but i listen badly my .wav file !! it doeasn't play good!!08:43
intelikey<buzzy-> hello: how can i listen to wav files?   <---<intelikey> buzzy- just about any media player  will do wav    that's what i mean.08:43
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ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs08:43
bLaZeDbuzzy-, can u xplain what plays bad means?08:43
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:44
buzzy-bLaZeD, fragmented i hear it!08:44
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soulrideri gtoa  problem with my sound08:44
soulriderits really noisy08:44
soulriderand it works perfectly well on redmond08:44
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:44
buzzy-bLaZeD, maybe that's a codec problem?08:45
=== lebifteksauvage [n=lbs@cro34-1-82-225-180-48.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
bLaZeDbuzzy-, yea could be08:45
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:45
bLaZeDbuzzy-, ^^08:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about respositories - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:45
intelikeywav doesn't require extra codecs08:45
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu08:45
bLaZeDbuzzy-, go install all the stuff it tell u to for media08:45
bLaZeDintelikey, i figured it wouldnt hurt for him to try08:46
buzzy-bLaZeD,  let me understand: when u first installed kubuntu. what did u do to listen to wav? u installed xmms, right? and what other did u install?08:46
bLaZeDbuzzy-, is it som kinda media protected crap?08:46
=== admin_ [n=admin@S0106001310428daa.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
bLaZeDbuzzy-, i installed everything it told me to for kubuntu on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats08:47
=== admin_ is now known as dom
buzzy-they are wav's recoreded by my mp3 palyer08:47
bLaZeDbuzzy-, i then installed xmms and everything else i needed08:47
domis there such thing as an ssh client that is tied in to kwallet?08:47
buzzy-that is?08:47
bLaZeDbuzzy-, have u added repos and everything?08:47
buzzy-bLaZeD, what other? (referring only to medias)08:47
domor at least an ssh-askpass that is tied into kwallet?08:47
buzzy-bLaZeD, i have multiverse and universe enabled08:48
bLaZeDbuzzy-, good =DF08:48
=== soyer [n=soyer@166-tar-5.acn.waw.pl] has joined #kubuntu
bLaZeDbuzzy-, does mp3's and everything else play good?08:48
buzzy-haven't any mp3 on pc08:49
intelikeybuzzy- i sujest you install "sox"   drop to a console and type   play /path/to/file.way   and see if it plays correctly.08:49
bLaZeDbuzzy-, it colol u dont have 1 mp?08:49
buzzy-people how can i know my kubuntu vewrsion?08:49
=== emonkey-p [n=emonkey@static-pro-212-101-27-121.adsl.solnet.ch] has joined #kubuntu
trappistbuzzy-: lsb-release -a08:49
intelikeyinturpret   /path/to/file.way08:49
buzzy-trappist, what's that commadn?08:49
intelikeyerr wav  even08:50
trappistbuzzy-: the command to know your kubuntu version08:50
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soyerhello - any one from PL ??08:50
bLaZeDtrappist, buzzy-  its lsb_release08:51
bLaZeDits a underscore08:51
Hawkwindtrappist: lsb_release -a actually :P08:51
ubotuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl08:51
trappistoh oops :)08:51
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eduradeon free driver dosen't load with DRI but I have a supprted card, what can i do?08:58
=== kyaneos [n=kyaneos@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyso   question;    would there be any non-3D binifit from installing nvidia drivers ?08:59
intelikeyedu you read !ati links ?08:59
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:59
lupine_85intelikey: some benefit. Not huge09:00
intelikeylupine_85 in what way ?09:00
=== admin_ [n=admin@ingenipub294.ingenipub.unal.edu.co] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyany chance that it would retard a low end box ?09:00
lupine_85in that it'll "probably" run 2D stuff slightly smoother. Not a biggie09:00
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ubotuUbuntu uses a strict timetable for releases, which means that sometimes newly released programs miss the timetable. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases for more. Edgy schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseSchedule09:04
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wilfredcan anyone tell me how to change the default video and music player in kubuntu?09:05
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Dr_willisIsent there a multimedia control panel thang?09:06
=== phreak__ [n=phreak@cpe-67-9-88-224.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisI normally  just right click, open with...09:06
=== andre^off is now known as andred
jhutchins_wkOk, should I or shouldn't I include the scripts in converting the RealPlayer rpm to a .deb?09:07
hsihhdo you know gut trackers with ogg music?09:07
wilfredDr_willis: I like double clicks. Do you know where I can find this multimedia control panel thing?09:07
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cpk2i think in configure konquerer09:08
Dr_willisIn the control panel :)09:09
intelikeyso i would also have to down grade my kernel to use the nvidia drivers  ?09:09
Dr_willisoh wait its called the 'control center' :)09:09
wilfredcpk2: you rock :-)09:09
intelikeykcontrol  ?09:10
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intelikeyThe following NEW packages will be installed:09:11
intelikey  linux-image-2.6.15-23-386 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15-23-38609:11
intelikey  linux-restricted-modules-common nvidia-glx-legacy nvidia-kernel-common09:11
=== hyper [n=hyper@84-75-65-53.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
intelikey&^== /exec -o uname -r09:11
=== sF|Xemanth [n=KVIrc@dsl-hkigw7-fe1af900-42.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #Kubuntu
hyperHello abattoir09:11
=== Dr_willis wonders how that file associatin differes from right clicking,, usieng openwith.. and selecting an app. then checking the 'rember the application assoication....' checkbox
cpk2wilfred: actually its in mouse settings =P09:12
wilfredwhere is the remember assocation checkbox?09:12
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intelikeyDr_willis if open with is in the list....09:12
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Dr_willisRIchg click.. opwn with.. and its at the bottom when ya select an app.09:13
Dr_willisThat configure konquerer  does let ya remove/reorder the defaults.. guess the 'rember' check box adds a new entry to it09:13
=== intelikey wonders where Dr_willis's home keys went
Dr_willisI got like 8 open with things for jpgs - dependng on the jpg.  which  i want to use.09:14
hyperHow can I make this: When I assign a programm to anoterh desktop panel it will disappear from the taskbar when I'm not in that panel...09:14
Dr_willisBe it ever so Humble theres no place like ~09:14
=== geoff270 [n=geoff270@pool-72-74-200-197.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willishyper,  thats a setting in the taskbar menus09:14
Dr_willisright click on the taskbar 'handel'09:15
Dr_willis'configure taskbar'09:15
Dr_willisThe joys of Exploring the OS!09:15
=== Shifty [n=dshiffle@pool-71-127-139-116.rcmdva.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisor right click on the panel anywehre --> confogure panel -> taskbar button09:16
hyperah... much better :)09:16
cpk2configuring kde the first 1 or 2 times is fun09:16
intelikeyis there ever going to be an updated nvidia driver for the LTS release ?   or will it always require down-grading the kernel to use it ?09:16
cpk2but after that not so much because then you get worried you forgot to configure something you had been using for the past year =P09:16
eduhey intelikey, i've read ati links09:17
hyperdr_willis most of my linux experience is based on gnome ^^09:23
edui am restarting x server...09:23
intelikeyedu did it not help you ?09:23
=== mattis1 [n=mattis^@p54BD7B95.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ShiftyHey everyone.09:23
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:23
=== morla [n=morla@Ea6b2.e.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeycpk2 yeah i would only want to setup kde about one time per distro...09:23
ShiftySo I replaced Windows on my work laptop w/ Kubuntu.09:23
Shiftylooking awesome so far09:23
hyperone more question: can I autostart a program somehow in a specific Desktop?09:23
hyperI mean into a specific Desktop?09:23
cpk2took me about 3 days just to get all my desktops looking nice and all the right apps in them =P09:23
cpk2hyper: dont close it before you log out09:23
cpk2kde remembers where most apps are09:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libstdc++5 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:23
cpk2i have noticed that gaim misbehaves ALOT09:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libstdc++ - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libstdc - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:23
siloxwhere is the inittab file in Ubuntu 6.10?09:23
cpk2!info libstdc++509:23
ShiftyI've been running Kopete, not my favorite, but it doens't misbehave too much09:23
ubotuPackage libstdc5 does not exist in any distro I know09:23
cpk2kopete kept crashing for me =\09:23
=== pagi_ [n=pagi@adsl-d103.84-47-117.t-com.sk] has joined #kubuntu
hypercpk2: Thx... one last question: How do I turn that kopete password thingy off?09:23
cpk2so I am back to gaim and konversation09:23
cpk2the wallet?09:23
=== albacker [n=eni@unaffiliated/Albacker] has joined #kubuntu
hypercpk: yes, the wallet09:23
albackerhello  ! how do i show my home, documents icons on desktop  ?09:23
ShiftyYou have to disable the wallet09:23
cpk2hyper: you should see it in the bottom right after the prompt pops up, right click and configure09:23
hypercpk: thx :)09:23
albackeri can't get my home icon on desktop. i can create a link to it, but than i can't change the icon. Can someone help me ?09:24
=== segfault [n=nobody@c-69-143-66-254.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
hyperbtw, fi there are so many pros here: You know you can add a folder with wall papers and have kde cycle through it... however the problem is only the pics in that folder get added... but not in recurisve folders. Anyone knows how to do that?09:26
=== Lurkan [n=Lurkan@] has joined #kubuntu
trappisthyper: probably have to modify the source09:28
=== Mortice [n=mort@stu113.sjc.ox.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libstdc++ - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:28
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:28
intelikeyalbacker right click the icon > propreties > [click the picture of the icon]     and choose the one you want;09:29
albackerintelikey, UH :\ thanks.. sorry, i've never used KDE before, just gnome ;)09:29
hypertrappist: Hmmm.... I only know a bit of PHP/MySQL09:29
=== ninHer [n=boneninh@5.Red-88-5-79.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ninHerhi all09:30
intelikeyalbacker rule number one in kde.  use the right mouse button to change thangs.   :)09:30
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #kubuntu
trappisthyper: it would be C++09:31
hyperwb: dr_willis09:31
albackerintelikey, anyway to remove the system beep  ? the thing that's done when you press backspace in a konsole. I mean that's in gnome too, but it's louder on KDE !09:31
hypertrappist: can one eat c++? ;)09:31
intelikeyalbacker yes.  kcontrol has all the settings you could ever use.09:31
=== Karol84PL [n=admin@ecf178.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== trappist prints some c++ on rice paper and wraps some tuna in it
hyperoh well, a recursive adding would be really nice there09:32
main2in what config file are the KDE keyboard-shortcuts located (which one in ~/.kde/share/config?09:32
intelikeymenu > system settings > whateveryouwant   iirc09:32
hypersince I'm not going to put like 10k wallpapers in one folder09:32
inamalbacket: in konsole, try settings -> bell09:32
trappisthyper: I'll look into it09:32
inamalbacker: in konsole, try settings -> bell09:33
hypertrappist: You don't have to... I was just surprised to see that KDE offers a wallpaper slide show but no recursive adding09:33
intelikeyinam if it's only the terminal bell he/she wants to set.09:33
trappisthyper: well actually, I wanna look into it because I want to do the same thing with screensavers that cycle through images09:33
buzzy-people i have installed w32codecs, but if i listen to a .wav file it is choppy!!!...how can i solve?09:33
intelikeythe system bell/error beep  is set in kcontrol  iirc09:34
hypertrappist: Need a tester on edgy? ^^09:34
albackerinam, i just removed all sounds..09:34
trappisthyper: heh, not yet :) but I'm using edgy too09:34
hyperthis is so cool about linux... that there are people that just help you (or try to)09:34
hyperwell, I have a noob edgy here :) not a fine tuned one like yours09:35
=== gabriel [n=gabriel@static-200-105-199-3.acelerate.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzzy-people i have installed w32codecs, but if i listen to a .wav file it is choppy!!!...how can i solve?09:36
=== hsihh [i=yoyko@cln98.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu []
intelikeyhyper have you tested the wave file in the console to be sure that the problem is not the files quality rather than the players functionality ?09:36
intelikeyerr @ buzzy-09:36
hyperintelikey: I'm not having troubles with wave files ^^09:37
intelikeysorry hyper09:37
hyperintelikey: it's ok :)09:37
buzzy-intelikey, ?? what u said?09:37
=== gabriel [n=gabriel@static-200-105-199-3.acelerate.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
urosbhelp needed with sound drivers (alsa) Kmix etc.09:37
buzzy-intelikey,  i hear fragmented audipo09:37
=== kfir [n=kfir@] has joined #kubuntu
inamalbacker, have you tried system settings -> sounds & multimedia -> system bell ?09:37
=== piccololinux [n=piccolol@host-84-220-47-178.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== piccololinux [n=piccolol@host-84-220-47-178.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
albackerinam, problems are solved :) thanks..09:38
=== monotropos [n=monotrop@ppp146-197.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
buzzy-intelikey, can u help me pls?09:38
Acidic32all my reposirotries are messed up09:38
Acidic32is there a generator somewhere, ive seen it mentions09:38
Acidic32!repository generator09:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about repository generator - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:39
inamalbacker, cool :)09:39
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic09:39
intelikeybuzzy- 1. sudo apt-get install sox     2. play your_file.wav       then tell me if it sounds choppy ?09:39
TheGateKeeperAcidic32: http://za1012001.googlepages.com/modifyingubunturepositories09:39
Acidic32whats a good ftpd?09:39
intelikeyboth 1. and 2.  are command line strings.09:39
=== ania [n=ania@host85146690.galileusz.3s.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willis3. there is no #309:40
ubotuFTP clients: gftp, konqueror, kbear, nautilus. FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd09:40
=== gabriel [n=gabriel@static-200-105-199-3.acelerate.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisthe best ftp - is no ftp. :)09:40
buzzy-intelikey, ok09:41
Dr_willisIncompetent People Really Have No Clue, Studies Find  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/01/18/MN73840.DTL09:41
=== deuce868 [n=deuce868@ts.msufame.msu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
=== soulrider [n=mauro@r200-125-19-224-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
=== intelikey suspects that buzzy-'s sound issue is probably "arts" or "xmms" so if the file plays cleanly from the cli we know where to start....
hyperbtw, a friend of mine tried to install Dapper and Edgy but the LiveCD and alternate just stopp after "extracting  vmlinux"... however he was able to install Breezy...09:43
buzzy-intelikey, pls: what is cli?09:43
buzzy-command line?09:43
hyperI then gave him my Dapper Repos and told him to dist-upgrade but again it stopped after extracting vmlinux09:43
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Manuals: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands09:43
=== littlebrean [n=littlebr@i03m-195-36-186-47.d4.club-internet.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== paolo [n=paolo@d83-176-28-158.cust.tele2.it] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeybuzzy- yes cli==command line interface09:44
=== albacker [n=eni@unaffiliated/Albacker] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
hyperanyone has an idea why? Or how about an upgrade from Breezy to Edgy?09:44
=== CVirus [n=cvirus@] has joined #Kubuntu
Hattorianybody have a clue?09:45
=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #kubuntu
gabrielcan anybody help me plase?   i am a newbie and i have a problem when i want to see the network servers...  it says: "network:///" is not a valid location.09:45
buzzy-intelikey, sox: Can't open output file '/dev/dsp': Device or resource busy09:45
buzzy-so intelikey what could be the problem?09:46
=== f0rrest [i=f0rrest@gw14.wh-stuttgart.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== inam [n=inam@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
intelikeyhyper edit your /etc/apt/sources.list     change ALL breezy  to  edgy   save  and run these two commands.    sudo apt-get update        sudo apt-get dist-upgrade       but the packagers will probably say you should do it icrimentally   breezy > dapper > edgy09:46
intelikeybuzzy- perpend sudo    and try again.09:47
intelikeysudo play your_file.wav09:47
hyperintelikey: well, I just wonder whether that will works... since install refused to continue on dapper and edgy...09:48
BonBonTheJongabriel: can you see a server by ip address09:48
buzzy-intelikey, ok i listen it well!!09:48
Hattorihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=272032 <--- anybody has any idea how to fix that??09:48
buzzy-intelikey, now i waqnt to listen by xmms09:48
buzzy-how can i solve?09:49
intelikeybuzzy- sound is good in cli ?09:49
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyok change xmms settings to use "alsa" output09:49
buzzy-i try09:49
Hattorihmm, have a read at least please ;}09:49
=== piipoo_ [n=piipoo@e181026240.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== mattis^ [n=mattis^@p54BD54B8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== frank_ [n=frank@port200.ds1-ksa.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
abattoirhi hyper, sorry, was afk09:50
buzzy-intelikey, how can i change to alsa?09:50
=== danimo [n=danimo@kde/danimo] has joined #kubuntu
=== danimo [n=danimo@kde/danimo] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== sF|Xemanth [n=KVIrc@dsl-hkigw7-fe1af900-42.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #Kubuntu
intelikeybuzzy- i don't have xmms   but should be in the xmms menu > settings >> preferances >>> output     or something like that09:52
hyperabattoir: no problem :) I hope you're well today09:52
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@134.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
hyperwohoo, got my Thunderbird icon back :)09:52
intelikeymaybe an xmms user can answer you buzzy-09:52
buzzy-i have set it to libALSA.so intelikey is it good? but i still don t hear09:52
=== red_ [n=red@203-97-233-196.cable.telstraclear.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== tur601 [n=tur601@] has joined #kubuntu
=== cathal [n=cathal@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeynot libalsa.so  but   "alsa"09:53
=== gabriel [n=gabriel@static-200-105-199-3.acelerate.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
intelikeymaybe settings > audio > output09:54
intelikeyoutput device     even09:54
=== luc_ [n=luc@146-72-169-81.mobileinternet.proximus.be] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyany xmms users in the channel ?09:54
=== david_edmundson [n=david@82-43-56-32.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== eka [n=eka@d51A4C1D8.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
buzzy-intelikey, cant solve!109:55
Hattorihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=272032 <--- who can read here please and tell me how to fix?09:56
buzzy-what is PMC09:56
=== heinkel_111 [n=thomas@ti400720a081-16086.bb.online.no] has joined #kubuntu
=== hsihh [i=yoyko@cln98.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== esko [n=esko@] has joined #kubuntu
=== harry [n=harry@p54944A23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
hsihhhi. i`ve got a question: if i install beta kubuntu now, will i be able to update it to final release easy?09:56
zorglu_hsihh: yes09:56
zorglu_buzzy-: the more precise and accurate is your question, the more likely you will get an satisfying answer for it09:57
intelikeybuzzy- pcm ?09:57
=== deuce868 [n=deuce868@ts.msufame.msu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
buzzy-i am in xmms config panel: click on Output plugin and then i can choose among:0)OSS 1) Output ALSA; 2) Output eSound 3) Plugin disk writer: which one should i choose?09:59
buzzy-zorglu_, intelikey09:59
=== djnet_ [n=djnet@d83-179-94-201.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeypcm is an audio output device control    i'm not usre what pcm means.      use    Output ALSA; 2)10:00
=== thiarley [n=thiarley@] has joined #kubuntu
=== thiarley is now known as eu
buzzy-ALSA correspods to libALSA.so10:00
=== kyral_ [n=kyral@HyperDream.graham.clarkson.edu] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyalsa == advanced linux sound arc.10:01
=== Tzy [n=Tzy@106.169-240-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCM => pcm is 'puse modulation code'10:01
buzzy-ok ok10:01
Hattorihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=272032 <--- who can read here please and tell me how to fix?10:01
zorglu_seems like coming from the 70's :)10:01
buzzy-i set it but stiill don t hear10:01
zorglu_Hattori: i read and have no clue either :(10:01
intelikeybuzzy-   hehhe i don't know what to tell you then.     trash that xmms and use vlc maybe.10:02
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== nkRush [i=krush@e177176021.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
buzzy-in the prevoius (from same cd, so identical) installation of kubuntu i did hear wav's!!!10:03
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
hsihhwhere can i find list of all aps in ubuntu?10:03
zorglu_oh why :)10:03
zorglu_hsihh: adept can provide this10:03
=== scheuri [n=toomai@zue-tix-adsl-dynip-178-052.vtx.ch] has joined #kubuntu
hsihhbut without ubuntu installed10:03
zorglu_buzzy-: there are many way to play wav10:03
hsihhi`m on windows right now here10:03
zorglu_hsihh: oh ok wait10:03
buzzy-such as?10:03
=== djnet_ [n=djnet@d83-179-94-201.cust.tele2.fr] has left #kubuntu []
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs10:04
zorglu_hsihh: would be a long list of 20000 package, not sure it is meaning full tho10:04
hsihhzorglu_ honey, i want only list of apps installed from cd10:04
buzzy-intelikey, what is the best and lighter audio player?10:04
buzzy-zorglu_, ?10:04
intelikeyin that ^  Audio (Ogg, MP3...)  should be  Audio (Ogg, MP3, WAV...)10:04
=== andhy [n=amikula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== King_Brad [n=brad@75-132-106-218.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_buzzy-: xmms is light, ogg123 is even lighter :)10:05
=== piipoo_ [n=piipoo@e181026240.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_hsihh: well this one is untrivial to get10:05
King_Bradis there a command i can issue at console to make my nix box show me mem stats?10:05
intelikeybuzzy- i like vlc if you need a gui app.  but you already have sox  a cli app for playing audio.10:05
zorglu_hsihh: by apps you mean packages ?10:05
david_edmundsonKing_Brad: free10:05
King_Bradlike how much swap is being used, how much physical mem is being used etc10:05
zorglu_vmstat :)10:06
=== Chozabu [n=a@ctmpc1axp6.ctm.aber.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
King_Bradmy nix router uses vmstat10:06
hsihhzorglu_ k3b etc.10:06
Karol84PLHello. Do you know any Linux replacement for Windows Kazaa?10:06
david_edmundsonbear in mind to remove the amount that's cached. That's from programs that have closed, but linux doens't bother flushing it out, until there's another program that wants to use the space.10:06
buzzy-intelikey, but there u can t  fast forward or rewind!!10:06
buzzy-on sox10:06
david_edmundsonKarol84PL: Gift10:06
buzzy-i mesan10:06
intelikeybuzzy- vlc plays most audio without need for codecs, (i know you have already installed w32codecs)10:06
zorglu_hsihh: for that i think the kubuntu guide is the best place to look at10:06
david_edmundsonKarol84PL: apollon is the better client for it methinks10:06
King_Bradyou know, i've found, my nix router makes my old linksys router and my cisco router look like pieces of shit10:07
zorglu_hsihh: the package list wont be meaningfull in this case10:07
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
ChozabuHi everyone, ive been at uni about a week - and *cannot* connect to the network in ubuntu (though it works in windows) - i am not assigned an ip, and running 'sudo dhclient' returns 'No DHCPOFFERS received.'10:07
buzzy-intelikey,  can i by sox make rewind or FF?10:07
ubotuConventional P2P clients: Limewire/GTK-Gnutella/Frostwire (Gnutella Network). BitTorrent: see !torrent Direct connect: try valknut. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information.10:07
intelikeybuzzy- but some people say vlc is ugly.    vlc plays audio and vidio10:07
hsihhzorglu_ thank you10:07
Chozabuanyone have any ideas?10:07
buzzy-intelikey, i know well vlc ;) i m installin' it10:07
Karol84PLdavid_edmundson: thanks a lot10:08
intelikeybuzzy- i don't think so.  only skip and replay  not FF or REW10:08
zorglu_Chozabu: check if your network card is working10:08
buzzy-ok intelikey10:09
Chozabuzorglu_ how exactly do you mean? it worked with both my routers at home, and it works here in windoes?10:09
=== mersmann [n=mersmann@dyndsl-085-016-167-161.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== andhy [i=dofula@nat-mi2.aster.pl] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Chozabu: your network card may not be supported out of the box by ubuntu. if so it would explain the issue you meet10:09
intelikeybuzzy- but i do this a lot in cli     " for Q in /my/music/dir/* ;do play $Q ;done  "     and if you have something you don't want to hear,   killall sox  will stop that file and start the next one.10:10
zorglu_Chozabu: you may use 'ip link' to see the network interface in ubuntu10:10
=== buzzy- is now known as buzzy
intelikeyi have even writen a script to ramdomize the play order.10:11
=== Standak [n=martin@p548A948C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== main2 [n=main2@] has joined #kubuntu
=== hsihh [i=yoyko@cln98.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu []
zorglu_intelikey: $RANDOM ? :) i uses this one for movies :)10:11
=== mata [n=mata@85-124-6-84.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
Chozabuzorglu_: i mean, in ubuntu at home, it worked fine with both my routers, do you still think it may be because its unsupported?10:18
=== harry [n=harry@p54944A23.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
intelikeybuzzy one can write a play list and   for Q in `cat list.file` ;do play $Q ;done10:18
zorglu_Chozabu: ohhhhh so you already got the network working via ubuntu, but only at homme10:18
=== apokryp3 [n=apokryph@87-194-86-227.bethere.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
zorglu_Chozabu: and it fails but at another place, do i get it ?10:18
buzzyintelikey,  ok10:18
soulrideri got a page with some MP3s, is there any way to make a program just downlaod the .mp3 files ?10:18