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mptGooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!01:02
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prvuldanilos, 01:17
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UbugtuNew bug: #64079 in launchpad "SourcePackage should be DistroReleaseSourcePackage" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6407901:55
mptspiv, ping01:57
mptjamesh, ping02:18
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UbugtuNew bug: #64080 in launchpad "Highlighting of active application in facets menu has broken" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6408002:26
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jameshmpt: pong02:56
mptjamesh, SteveA told me that you are a Grep Jedi Master02:58
mptIn particular, I'd like to change all the <h4>s to <h2>s in any template that has "portlet" in its name02:59
mptSo, please teach me to fish, figuratively speaking02:59
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jonh_wendellHi! I've created a bug report both in malone and sourceforge. When i click "affect upstream" in malone, sourceforge doesn't appear in the list of remote bug tracker03:05
jonh_wendellhow can i associate malone bug with sourceforge one?03:05
mptjamesh, brb03:05
UbugtuNew bug: #64084 in launchpad "In Distro Product Search: Cannot match multiple strings" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6408403:10
crimsunjonh_wendell: (just wait a tick, please)03:11
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jameshjonh_wendell: we've got a fix for that but it hasn't been rolled out yet03:24
jameshstub: would the sourceforge bug tracker collapsing patch be a candidate for cherry picking?  (it needs a db change, but doesn't alter the schema)03:25
jonh_wendelljamesh: when will it ready? tomorrow?03:26
stubjamesh: es03:26
jameshjonh_wendell: I'm just asking stub if it'd be possible to put the fix into production before the next rollout03:26
stubjamesh: Yes03:26
jameshstub: okay.  I'll add the request.03:26
stubta. Should be today or tomorrow.03:27
jonh_wendellthanks, guys03:30
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mptjamesh, back03:32
jameshmpt: okay.  This is one of those situations where Perl is probably the best option03:34
=== mpt [n=mpt@60-234-163-14.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #launchpad
jameshmpt: try running this: perl -pi~ -e 's/h4>/h2>/g' *-portlet-*.pt03:36
jameshin the templates directory03:37
jameshthat'll edit each of the portlet files in place03:37
jameshthe "h4>" expression should match the start and end tags too03:38
jameshstylistically, it seems weird to use any level of heading for portlet titles though ...03:38
mptSemantically, <h2> is the best fit03:39
mptand this way we can move them from the portlet column to the main content area, or vice versa, without altering the markup03:40
mptjamesh, I thought "h4>" would work, but it doesn't catch numerous cases of <h4 tal:content="..."03:41
mptbut I think I can work it out from there, thank you03:41
jameshmpt: okay.  Doing a followup replace on "<h4" should do the trick then03:42
jameshdon't forget to check that the "bzr diff" output is sane after a search/replace operation like this03:45
mptyes, that's what I'm doing now :-)03:48
mptjamesh, are you willing to give an rs= on that?03:48
mptI'm (1) changing the <h4>s to <h2>s, (2) removing the colons from the portlet headings, and (3) changing two lines in launchpad.css so everything looks as it did before (sans the colons)03:49
jameshmpt: you'll need to change a few lines in lib/canonical/launchpad/ftests/test_pages.py (in find_portlet())03:49
jameshand may need to update a few tests03:50
mpttest_pages.py fixed03:50
jameshbut yea, rs=jamesh is fine.03:51
mptthanks muchly03:51
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mptugh, one of the portlets had <h4 title="Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers.">Remote bug watches:</h4>03:52
mptNobody expects the secret tooltip!03:53
mpt^W^WSpanish Inquisition03:53
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poolieis it really right that https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+bugs shows no bugs in edgy?03:56
mpthi poolie, you've probably been asked this severl times, but why the new nick?03:56
poolieif only that were true03:56
pooliempt, because someone else owns mbp, and i dislike mpool03:56
mptfair enough03:57
poolieand i got used to the idea that irc nicks are informal03:57
jameshpoolie: because no bugs are filed against ubuntu edgy (as opposed to ubuntu)03:57
mptAs to your question, I'd point you to https://staging.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+bugs except that it's down right now03:57
pooliempt, i liked your mail about lp-bzr stuff 03:57
jameshpoolie: bradb has been working on a new release targetting API, but it isn't in production03:57
mptbradb implemented release management, wherein people can nominate bugs to be fixed in a particular release03:57
pooliempt: have you met or heard of _thumper_, Tim Penhey?03:58
mptbut it's not rolled out yet03:58
pooliehe'll be working on lp-bzr things; he should hear your thoughts on this stuff03:58
poolieand he'll be working from Dunedin from December on03:58
pooliejamesh: ah i see03:58
pooliejamesh: but it is rather confusing, don't you think?03:58
mptpoolie, no I hadn't, and argh, Dunedin? I just *left* Dunedin a month ago :-)03:58
pooliempt: where to?03:58
mptwhich, in theory, is warmer03:58
mptexcept in the past week03:58
pooliethat's near the top of the south island?03:59
mptTop of the South!03:59
jamesheverywhere in New Zealand is within walking distance though03:59
poolieoh well03:59
pooliefor large values of "walking" :)03:59
=== mpt extends his foot slightly and kicks jamesh
mptStill, I could go see him in December when my sisters graduate03:59
poolieat least it's the same timezone, and moderately close03:59
mptbut then, I'll see him at the allhands anyway, I expect04:00
pooliei should send mail...04:00
poolieno, unfortunately he won't be there because he'll be in the middle of moving from London to Dunedin04:00
poolie("when a man is tired of London...")04:00
poolieanyhow, although I can understand why it's saying "there are no bugs targetted at edgy"04:01
poolieor something like that04:01
pooliedon't you think it'll be rather confusing to a new user?04:01
mptof course04:01
mptit's Launchpad04:02
mptI reported a bug on it, though04:02
poolieactually presumably it doesn't mean "none targetted at edgy", but something else?04:02
pooliewell, i thought you probably already knew04:02
mptbug 3279504:02
UbugtuMalone bug 32795 in malone "Distribution release Bugs pages and portlet list hardly any bugs" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3279504:02
mptbug 3664504:02
UbugtuMalone bug 36645 in malone "Link prominently from distro release bugs pages to distribution bugs pages" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3664504:02
mptbug 4783304:03
UbugtuMalone bug 47833 in malone "Distribution release package Bugs page usually doesn't list any bugs" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4783304:03
mptI spy a duplicate!04:03
jameshhmm.  someone stole some snakes at gun point04:03
mptoh, wait, the latter includes the word "package"04:03
mptjamesh, and next they're going to hijack a plane04:04
jameshmpt: it is obviously someone planning a copycat crime, yes.04:04
mptWe prevent that kind of silliness in New Zealand by not having any snakes04:05
jameshwe've got whole islands full of snakes over here04:05
jameshlike Carnac Island04:05
jameshlots of tiger snakes there04:06
poolieyeah, those are the bugs i was talking about04:06
poolieok, now for my actual bug...04:07
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SteveAstub: hi08:38
SteveAstub: there's a bug about menus (actions / facets) that has appeared.  Apparently it's not broken on production, but it is broken in RF.08:38
SteveAbug 6408008:38
UbugtuMalone bug 64080 in launchpad "Highlighting of active application in facets menu has broken" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6408008:38
SteveAI'm not going to get a chance to look at this until next week, I expect08:39
SteveAso, please bear that in mind for roll-out planning08:39
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stubSteveA: ok09:22
=== malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
jameshSteveA: for what it is worth, bug 64080 looks like a CSS issue rather than a code issue09:51
UbugtuMalone bug 64080 in launchpad "Highlighting of active application in facets menu has broken" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6408009:51
SteveAthanks for looking into it jamesh 10:13
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doko_ugly, the malone bug watch update doesn't make a difference between rejected and duplicate reports :-(10:36
=== _Shade_ [n=adam@dqs104.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #launchpad
_Shade_hi there10:39
_Shade_how can i confirm my public key at launchpad?10:39
poolie_Shade_: hi, i thought there was some kind of email confirmation10:40
_Shade_poolie: yes you're right but they ask me to decrypt the message they've sent, and i have no idea how can i do it10:42
pooliewell do you have a gpg key?10:42
_Shade_yes i do10:42
poolieok, and does the message say something about gpg encryption?10:43
pooliei think what you should do is10:43
pooliewell, actually it depends on what mail software you're using10:43
pooliewhat is it?10:43
_Shade_well actually it's a... web browser :)10:44
poolieon gmail or something?10:44
poolieopen your favourite text editor10:44
_Shade_yes, gmail10:44
pooliecopy & paste he body of the mail into it10:44
pooliesave that10:44
pooliethen run gpg on the file10:45
_Shade_ok can you give me the exact syntax please?10:46
jamesh_Shade_: gpg --decrypt filename10:46
_Shade_ok it works.... thanks and sorry for bothering you10:49
SteveApoolie: we have a call with Mark in 10 mins?10:49
pooliejamesh: actully i think just 'gpg file' will do maybe?10:50
poolieSteveA: yep, tahnsk10:50
poolieSteveA: did you send me a mail with comments on 32/Bazaar?10:50
SteveAnot recently10:51
SteveAat some point in the past, yes10:51
jameshpoolie: probably.10:52
SteveApoolie: you're not on the canonical irc channel10:57
SteveAso clan didn't know you're around for the call10:57
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sabdflddaa: that's very good news (svn imports that work^Wrock)12:25
sabdflpoolie: still around?12:25
ddaanot yet done, but seeing good progress on the new code12:26
carlosSteveA: do you have time for an admin task in launchpad? it should be quite fast12:34
carlosstub, lifeless: ^^^12:35
_thumper_ddaa: morning12:39
_thumper_docs are explaining much12:39
_thumper_I'm pleased that they exist12:39
_thumper_even if slightly out of date12:39
ddaaI'm glad to appreciate the work I put in that12:40
=== ddaa needs to clean up the cat's litter
UbugtuNew bug: #64154 in rosetta "package page should have a link to current translation" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6415412:41
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carlosdanilos: ping01:04
jgiHi everyone01:04
daniloscarlos: pong01:04
jgihow long (in average, or approximatively) does a new template get to be imported?01:11
danilosjgi: it depends on how busy is the queue; eg. when openoffice import is in progress, it might take a day, but sometimes it's done in a few minutes (but we'll fix this so human uploaded templates get in first)01:12
=== ddaa is back
=== jgi is now known as jgilunch
doko_jordi, carlos, danilos: what's the best list to ask for translations beeing made (needing openoffice.org/ooo-build translations for the next upload)?01:20
=== _thumper_ -> lunch
jordidoko_: ubuntu-translators@01:20
carlosdanilos: well, in fact oo.org takes two days to be imported....01:21
doko_jordi: how can I approve myself translations for https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/openoffice.org/+pots/ooo-build/de/+translate ?01:21
daniloscarlos: I was just averaging (one might hit the two day delay, but you might also hit a minimal delay if the ooo import was just ending :P)01:22
carlosyeah :-D01:22
doko_carlos: ^^^01:24
carlosdoko_: you need to join ubuntu-l10n-de team01:26
danilosdoko_: you need appropriate privileges (be member of ubuntu-l10n-de team, or rosettaadmin01:26
carlosas you are German, I think you should ask to join ubuntu-l10n-de more than being a rosettaadmin ;-)01:26
doko_carlos, danilos: that's not the same as a "Rosetta translation group"01:27
danilosdoko_: that's "Ubuntu German translation group", if that's what you mean ;)01:28
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #launchpad
doko_well, I'm trying to find things ...01:28
doko_https://launchpad.net/rosetta -> https://launchpad.net/rosetta/groups -> dead end01:28
pooliesabdfl: hi, still here (briefly)01:28
poolie_thumper_: hello01:29
stubcarlos: ?01:29
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable077.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
poolieok, really away now01:30
carlosdoko_: from there, choose the Ubuntu translation group01:31
carlosand once there, choose German01:31
doko_could be better documented ...01:32
stubMeeting in 28 minutes01:32
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
carlosstub: hi, could you do an admin task for me in launchpad.net?01:37
danilosdoko_: you could have simply clicked on "Ubuntu German Translators" on the left side of pahttps://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/openoffice.org/+pots/ooo-build/de/+translatege 01:37
danilos(some nasty copy pasting inside word "pa<>ge" ;)01:38
stubcarlos: you will need to be more specific01:40
carlosstub: please, go to https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-l10n-hi/+members and approve 'Aniruddha Shankar' request to be a member01:40
carlosdon't give him admin rights, just a plain member01:41
stubcarlos: done01:42
carlosstub: thanks!01:43
_thumper_poolie: still there?01:49
poolie_thumper_: yeah, hi01:50
pooliehow's it going?01:50
_thumper_big picture is coming into focus01:50
jamesh_thumper_: there is a lot to take in ...01:52
_thumper_there sure is01:52
SpadsHey folks, just letting you know, I plan to move asuka from one rack to another.  01:52
SpadsSo I'll be taking asuka down for a while01:53
jameshhttp://www.google.com/codesearch <- interesting01:57
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stubMeeting 2 mins01:58
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
spivjamesh: yeah, it is.01:59
spivjamesh: you can have fun searching for obscenities and "WTF" and "XXX" and the like :)02:00
jameshor the ever popular "how many times does the word fuck appear in the Linux source code?"02:00
stub== Agenda ==   * Roll call  * Agenda  * Next meeting  * Activity reports  * Actions from last meeting  * Oops report (Matsubara)  * Bug report report (mpt)  * Production and staging (Stuart)  * Launchpad 1.0 status reports  * Sysadmin requests ----  * 1.0 UI help text (mpt)  * 1.0 UI portlet divs (mpt)   * (other items) ----  * Keep, Bag, Change  * Three sentences02:00
stubMeeting! Who is here02:00
SteveAmpt sends apologies02:00
ddaa me02:00
kiko<salgado> me02:00
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
danilos(salgado twice ;)02:01
stubThat appears to be everyone on channel - we missing anyone02:02
kikothat's because salgado has friends in high places02:02
stub== Agenda ==   * Roll call  * Agenda  * Next meeting  * Activity reports  * Actions from last meeting  * Oops report (Matsubara)  * Bug report report (mpt)  * Production and staging (Stuart)  * Launchpad 1.0 status reports  * Sysadmin requests ----  * 1.0 UI help text (mpt)  * 1.0 UI portlet divs (mpt)   * (other items) ----  * Keep, Bag, Change  * Three sentences02:02
stubNext meeting - same time, same channel next week?02:02
SteveAyes.  ddaa, _thumper_ and I will be sprinting in london02:02
SteveAbut it's okay02:02
carlosI will be on vacations02:03
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:stub] : Developer meeting: Thu 12 Oct, 1200UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
carlosbut will try to attend it02:03
SpadsSorry to butt in, but staging is now going down for 30 minutes for hardware maintenance.02:03
kikoI will be on vac02:03
SteveAthanks Spads 02:03
stubTwo down - not too bad.02:03
jordiI'll be away next week02:03
stubThree. ok.02:04
stubActivity reports. Who is up to date? Who isn't?02:04
bradbup to date02:04
stubI'm up to date02:04
carloskiko: isn't it a holiday for all Brazilian people too? 02:04
BjornTup to date02:04
spivup to date02:04
salgadothat's true02:04
matsubaraup to date02:04
kikocarlos, it is.02:04
_thumper_up to date (except monday)02:04
malccnot up to date02:04
salgadoI won't be here next friday either02:04
flacosteup to date02:04
danilosbehind (still--need buttkicking)02:04
salgadoup to date02:04
jameshnot up to date02:04
carlosI'm up to date because I started again this Monday02:04
ddaaup to date02:04
cprovnot up-to-date02:04
jordinot up to date: missing two reports02:04
matsubaraI'll be here. I swapped thursday with monday02:05
carlosstub: then, I guess all Brazilian and Spanish people would be on vacations next Thursday02:05
SteveAout of date02:05
cprovcprov: I'll be here next thursday.02:05
matsubarampt is up to date btw02:06
stubI suspect we have enough attendees, even if we need to defer some items a week.02:06
stubSerial offenders - you know who you are.02:06
stub * Actions from last meeting02:06
stub * SteveA to put up a wiki page for the launchpad project to note disaster scenarios on, and mail the list about it02:07
=== jkakar [n=jkakar@] has joined #launchpad
kikoha ha ha02:07
ddaaI think he just went into a tunnel and lost signal02:07
stub * SteveA to write up what needs doing to implement `__eq__`, `__ne__`, and `__hash__` for database objects02:07
SteveAstill sitting in a stick note on my desktop02:08
stubSteveA the Action Man02:08
SteveAmandatory comic reference: http://www.fatalexception.org/action_item.html02:08
stubACTION: SteveA to do his action items or delegate them02:08
stub * Oops report (Matsubara)02:08
matsubaraToday's oops report is about bugs 63579, 2369, OOPS-276A553. OOPS are boring lately, which is good. Mostly known bugs with people assigned to handle them.02:09
UbugtuMalone bug 63579 in shipit "Request CDs form needs better validation for Phone field." [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6357902:09
UbugtuMalone bug 2369 in launchpad "Some people don't have a Ubuntu WikiName" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/236902:09
matsubarabug 63579 is assigned to salgado. Can you handle that this week?02:09
matsubaraBug 2369 happens when a someone tries to change the WikiName of a team. I'll take this one, unless someone wants it. :)02:09
matsubaraCarlos or danilos can one of you take OOPS-276A553? I have a quick hack that fixes it but missing tests (https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileuYyk6P.html). Don't know if that's the correct way to fix though02:09
salgadomatsubara, I'll do 63579 this week02:09
matsubarathanks salgado 02:09
matsubaraThis is not related to an OOPS but it would be nice to solve bug 63000 in a way to address bug 62717.02:10
UbugtuMalone bug 63000 in malone "Need a way to protect milestone and importance differently from the rest of IBugTask" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6300002:10
UbugtuMalone bug 62717 in blueprint "Anybody can target specs at milestones" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6271702:10
kikomatsubara, I think that spec milestone perms.. are unrelated to bug milestone perms.02:11
carlosmatsubara: that's not the right fix02:11
carlosmatsubara: the problem is that we got: 'start=970&alt=ru?batch=50'02:11
carlosmatsubara: they put there a '?' instead of a '&'02:11
kikocarlos, matsubara: doesn't my branch fix that?02:11
spivkiko: it sounds like there's a common infrastructure feature required to fix them properly, though?02:11
carlosI think we already talked about this...02:11
matsubarakiko: nope.02:11
carloskiko: I don't know02:11
kikospiv, mark suggested adding a launchpad.XXX permission02:11
kikomatsubara, I think it does.02:12
kikospiv, so in a way the infrastructure is already there02:12
SteveAspiv: I want to have a talk with the infrastructure / review team about permissions02:12
carloskiko: your branch changes a lot that code02:12
carlosso could be that it fixes that issue02:12
SteveAwe should add permissions for these sorts of things right now, but not literally launchpad.XXX02:12
matsubarakiko: have it landed?02:12
kikoyes, not literally02:12
kikomatsubara, no. jamesh doesn't want to review it. ;)02:12
SteveAwe'll fix this up properly after launchpad 1.0 with some more granular security02:13
SteveAthat actually takes interfaces and attributes into account02:13
jameshkiko: sorry.  I am working on it :(02:13
SteveAwhen choosing what security code to run02:13
carlosmatsubara, kiko: I think that we should raise UFD exception, they gave us a broken query string02:13
spivSteveA: That would be good.  Did you see the review thread where I discussed the IBugTask issue with bradb?02:13
matsubaraoh, it's the rosetta refactoring on pending review.02:13
kikojamesh, it's okay, I was just teasing. but I am going on vacation tomorrow.. so it will miss next week's rollout02:13
carlosmatsubara: yeah02:13
SteveAspiv: yes.  I don't really have time to answer in full.02:13
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
kikocarlos, maybe..02:13
kikoI think I added an XXX for that.02:13
SteveAspiv: but, the answer for now is use more permissions for particular purposes02:13
daniloswell, we actually need that to land before next weeks rollout02:13
matsubarakiko: I thought you're mentioning another branch02:13
spivSteveA: That's fine.  Just so long as you're aware of it.02:14
kikomatsubara, I don't have any landed branches this rollout, snif02:14
stubWe can discuss rollout later02:14
matsubaraanyway. I'm done here. thanks stub. thanks everyone.02:14
stub * Bug report report (mpt)02:14
jameshdo we have someone else to handle this one?02:15
kikooh mmmm02:15
SteveAno bug report this week, I think02:15
kikoI can prepare a report in a few minutes02:15
kikoif stub reorders things02:15
stubIf we have time :)02:15
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
stub * Production and staging (Stuart)02:15
stubStaging is back running HEAD (with Carlos' and James' data migration scripts run today too). Enjoy it while you can, as I'll put brads branch back on when he asks for it.02:15
stubWe don't want to do a full production rollout next week due to Bug 64080, but I'm happy to continue with cherry picks.02:15
stubNothing else thrilling happening.02:15
UbugtuMalone bug 64080 in launchpad "Highlighting of active application in facets menu has broken" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6408002:15
SteveAbug 64080 is just a CSS omission02:16
SteveAaccording to jamesh 02:16
kikostub, ah, wonderfull02:16
SteveAso should be a trivial fix tomorrow from mpt02:16
danilosstub: how about 1.0 testing?02:16
stub1.0 testing?02:16
carlosstub: which data migration script I asked to run?02:16
danilosi.e. what's the final date to land something in RF to be able to test it on production as well?02:17
=== ddaa is vaguely puzzled at this 1.0 being the subject of a flurry of hacking... aren't 1.0 supposed to be stable and boring?
stubcarlos: sorry, I meant salgado (person creation stuff)02:17
salgadostub, can you paste the script's output somewhere?02:18
carlosok ;-)02:18
stubdanilos: I don't know any dates.02:18
salgadostub, btw, carlos is not a brazilian. ;)02:18
danilosddaa: they are, I am going to be seriously bored once it's out ;)02:18
stubsalgado: If I have the output02:18
danilosstub: ok02:18
ddaadanilos: you wish you will :)02:18
=== stub types something very politically incorrect, but rapidly backspaces
stubSo stick your cherry pick requests on LaunchpadProductionStatus. I'll make a call next week if we should do a full rollout or not.02:20
stubNext item?02:20
kikoI can do the report if you like02:20
stub * Launchpad 1.0 status reports02:20
salgadoQuestion Tracker 1.002:20
salgado- SupportTrackerWorklow: in review02:20
salgado- SupportTrackerViews: started, exception requested to kiko.02:20
salgado- SupportTrackerHelp: not started.02:20
salgado- LocalizedSupportRequests: started; reasonable progress.02:20
salgadoRandom Things 1.002:20
salgado- DirectPersonRegistration has a tricky issue blocking its implementation; I'll check today if it needs an exception or if it's going to be dropped.02:20
bradbMalone 1.002:20
bradbupstream-forwarding-workflow: Added to 1.0. Good progress. BjornT waiting on kiko to confirm scope.02:20
bradbseries-and-distrorelease-mgmt: No news. Still blocked on ConjoinedBugTasks.02:20
bradbremoving-duplicate-comments: Was keeping-bugs-concise. Practically implemented.02:20
bradbguided-filebug-form: Got all the workflows working, and the +package top-level filebug page refactored to use the same forms and views as the other filebug workflows. Need to update tests and polish.02:20
bradbmalone-essential-docs: No news.02:20
danilosRosetta 1.0 weekly report:02:20
danilos- opening edgy for translation: DONE02:20
danilos- firefox import/export: good progress, TranslationImport done, cleaning tests02:20
danilos- oo import/export: blocked on ff support02:20
danilos- translation review: main functionality implemented (without javascript), fixing tests02:20
danilos- essential docs: no progress this week02:20
bradbsimple-bug-keywords: Slightly re-defined. Implemented.02:20
cprov= Soyuz-1.0 Report =02:20
cprov * PPA: blocked on ArchiveRework (still).02:20
cprov * Archive Rework: progress, still designing a reliable tests, malcc02:20
cprov * Code quality: nothing new.02:20
cprov * Production upgrade to dapper and started tests with new a-f in mawson02:20
cprov * NoMoreAptFtpArchive: Approved, r=kiko, renaming bits, finishing02:20
danilos- search: not started, pre-draft stage02:20
cprov   and testing populate-sources.py as part of the main implementation.02:20
danilos- checks not to upload wrong language PO file using "too many changes" check: not started02:21
cprov * General Fixing: nothing new.02:21
danilos- ui fixes: mpt on those02:21
danilos- outstanding issues: none02:21
ddaaimportd-bzr-native: database cleanups landed, pybaz removal blocked on extracting used utilities from hct02:21
ddaasupermirror-smart-server: spiv said he would be late and would get in touch with kiko about additional delay02:22
ddaaon the implementation front, recent activity was focusing on http transport for smart server protocol02:22
ddaawsgi support for launchpad integration was next on the list02:22
=== ddaa done
stubThat everyone?02:23
stub * Sysadmin requests02:23
kikoI asked for something non-urgent02:24
kikoso it's ok02:24
SteveAme too02:24
SteveAI asked for a symlink of /home/warthogs/archives/ to /code/02:24
SteveAon devpad02:24
kikoless typin!02:24
SteveAso we can start using shorter URLs in bzr02:24
SteveAbut it's still pending doing02:24
stubTwo items from mpt on the agenda....02:25
SteveAI'll handle those02:25
stub * 1.0 UI help text (mpt)02:25
SteveAso, one of the 1.0 UI goals is for every page to have some help text02:25
SteveAoften this will just be the text in the "what's all this then?" portlet02:25
SteveAmoved into the helptext area02:25
=== danilos [n=danilo@cable-89-216-150-216.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #launchpad
jameshwhen the symlink gets made, don't update all the URLs on the PendingReviews page -- it will screw up some of the stats the summary page script keeps02:25
SteveAthere's a specific pop-out part of the 1.0 UI page for help text02:25
danilos(connection died, back now)02:26
SteveAmpt will be adding a particular <div> on some pages, and some CSS to keep this hidden in mainline02:26
SteveAbut so that it becomes helptext on the 1.0 UI branch02:26
danilos(can someone paste me privately the part after ddaa's weekly report if anything important happened?)02:26
SteveAand he'll be asking particular launchpad teams of developers to add helptext for specific pages02:26
SteveAdanilos: there are logs.  see channel title.02:26
danilosSteveA: are they live? (I am actually checking them right now)02:27
SteveAthis allows us to keep a small deviation between mainline and the ui branch02:27
stubdanilos: yes - live02:27
SteveAand also allows the work of writing helptext to be spread around02:27
danilosok, great, thanks02:27
stubdanilos: (or close...)02:27
SteveAso, please watch out for this in the coming days, and do the work swiftly.  it isn't a lot of work each.02:27
SteveAthat's all.  thanks.02:27
stub * 1.0 UI portlet divs (mpt) 02:27
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAso, as another forwards-compatibility thing, mpt is updating all our portlets to have a particular structure of nested divs02:28
ddaasorry, stupid gaim not throttling big pastes properly02:28
SteveAmpt will be doing this, but please be aware of the need to keep portlets like this, even if it has no particular effect in the standard current ui02:28
SteveAand if you write new portlets, again, be aware of the correct use of markup for them.02:29
SteveAmpt will mail about this over the coming days.02:29
SteveAthat's all. thanks.02:29
stub * Dropping Malone, Rosetta, Soyuz etc. products -- StuartBishop02:29
stubNow that we have bug keywords implemented, I would like to collapse all the various Launchpad pseudo-products (rosetta, soyuz, calendar, malone etc.) into the main Launchpad product.02:29
stubThe way we have things setup at the moment breaks our model, particularly relating to branches. For example, if I have a branch registered as a Launchpad branch, I cannot link that to a bug on Rosetta at the moment.02:29
stubI feel this situation also hinders us dogfooding Launchpad properly at the moment, as we are using it in a different fashion than we expect our users to use it.02:29
stubCan anyone think of any advantages to keeping things the way they are?02:29
stubIf not, I will collapse all the products into one, assigning keywords to the various bugs so we don't lose that information.02:29
SteveAwhat about specs?02:29
SteveAthis needs a mail to the list, cc mark02:30
=== jgilunch is now known as jgi
stubOk. So we can't look at this until we have a way of categorizing specs better?02:30
malccI thought you meant something quite different when you suggested dropping all those products ;)02:30
SteveApink slips all round!02:30
kikostub, right now launchpad is too big to not be categorized, I think02:30
kikoso we'd need some sort of sub-product organization if we are to drop the products02:31
SteveAI think it's a valid point that we're using projects/products differently than we expect others to02:31
kikowhich sounds like surgery02:31
stubkiko: If that is the case, we need to rethink a lot of our model02:31
kikoSteveA, I'm not sure. why do you say that?02:31
danilosI also believe people are really used to filing bugs against rosetta, not launchpad02:31
jameshif we did this, we'd want some way to let users categorise the bug on the +filebug page02:31
SteveAkiko: because I think it's a valid point. :-p02:31
jameshwhich might involve offering a few predetermined bug keywords02:31
SteveAbut really, this is a mailing list discussion02:31
kikoSteveA, why do you say that rosetta and malone are not separate products, is my question?02:31
SteveAnot a co-ordination meeting discusiion02:32
stubjamesh: A question I often see go past on this channel is 'which product should I file a bug against?'02:32
kikojust because they share a code repo?02:32
danilosand since we're discussing rebranding as well, a keyword "rosetta" wouldn't make much sense ("translation service"? I dunno)02:32
SteveAalthough it is okay to point out the mailing list thread (or forthcoming one) and ask for participation02:32
kikostub, that should be reduced once we have bugs.launchpad.net, etc.02:32
ddaa-> mailing list everybody02:32
ddaalet's move on02:32
kikoyeah yeah.02:32
stub * Keep, Bag, Change02:32
ddaaKEEP: bradb!02:32
ddaaBAG: turnover02:32
SteveAddaa: turnover implies hiring people too.  welcome _thumper_!02:33
ddaain french we call that "mettre les pieds dans le plat"02:33
malccAre we headhunting from Watership Down now? :)02:33
_thumper_hi all02:33
kikohey _thumper_02:34
ddaaeverybody welcome _thumper_ the new launchpad-bazaar guy02:34
kikowhat's with the underscores? :)02:34
matsubarahey _thumper_, welcome!02:34
SteveAkiko: they represent the tub02:34
_thumper_freenode didn't like it without02:34
ddaanow that we have danilos and _thumper_, bets are on about who of carlos or me will resign next02:34
carlos_thumper_: welcome!02:34
carlosddaa: good bye dude.... where are you moving02:34
kiko_thumper_, that's surprising. is thumper already nickserved?02:34
_thumper_kiko: not sure, just wouldn't allow the name, didn't say owned02:35
stubAnd before anyone else resigns.... 02:35
stub * Three sentences02:35
danilosddaa, carlos: heh ;) _thumper_, wilkommen ;)02:35
malcc-NickServ- The nickname [thumper]  is not registered02:35
stubDONE: Name Blacklist02:35
stubTODO: Pillar Name traversal02:35
stubBLOCKED: No02:35
malccDONE: More ArchiveRework.02:35
malccTODO: More ArchiveRework, test new a-f on mawson02:35
malccBLOCKED: No02:35
bradbDONE: Landed fixes for heartfelt issues with dupe bug subscriptions. Resurrected search filter UI patch. Wrote BugVerificationWorkflow after talking to Simon. Finished most of guided +filebug, less updating tests.02:35
bradbTODO: Put guided filebug up for review. Release management tweaks.02:35
bradbBLOCKED: kiko/mark on ConjoinedBugTasks decision.02:35
cprovDONE: NoMoreAptFtpArchive, SoyuzRebuildHandling, bug triage, test new a-f02:35
flacosteDONE: updated email interface for new support-tracker-workflow, add support requests expiration script, put support-tracker-workflow in review02:35
flacosteTODO: implement support-tracker-views, land support-tracker-workflow02:35
flacosteBLOCKED: no02:35
cprovTODO: new a-f in production, open edgy+1 in mawson, bug fixing for edgy+102:35
cprovBLOCKED: no02:35
BjornTDONE: code reviews. clarified 1.0 goals, good progress on upstream forwarding workflow work spec.02:35
BjornTTODO: code reviews. last bits of upstream forwarding workflow spec.02:35
matsubaraDONE: oops report analysis, triage and some trivialities fixes02:35
matsubaraTODO: answer kiko's review, fix team wiki bug, more triage and oops report analysis.02:35
matsubaraBLOCKED: no02:35
BjornTBLOCKED: no02:35
jameshDONE: bzr 0.11 in LP, bug export, single SourceForge bugtracker entry, .bzr branch references for products, series and branch pages02:35
jameshTODO: code reviews, URL handling branch, other launchpad-bazaar stuff02:35
jameshBLOCKED: no02:35
carlosDONE: oo.org lang packs export, TranslationReview, fixed some missing translations in Rosetta, ticket #1930, 02:35
carlosTODO: finish TranslationReview and vacations02:35
carlosBLOCKED: no02:35
salgadoDONE: Removed person creation API from the authserver, discussed and implemented some bits of LocalizedSupportRequests, landed person-creation-rationale, fixed a couple of bugs on the mirror prober and reviewed some code.02:35
matsubarampt: DONE: structural object headings, page redesigns, portlet markup02:35
salgadoTODO: Finish LocalizedSupportRequests, add the rss feed of release mirrors to be used in ubuntu.com, code review and random fixes.02:35
salgadoBLOCKED: No02:35
matsubarampt: TODO: page redesigns, implement already-designed pages02:35
matsubarampt: BLOCKED: no02:35
spivDONE: Reviews.  bzr HTTP smart server, including WSGI backend and docs on how to run it with Apache+mod_fastcgi.02:36
_thumper_[Nick]  Erroneous Nickname02:36
spivTODO: bzr smart server/launchpad supermirror integration.02:36
spivBLOCKED: no02:36
danilosDONE: TranslationImport, Firefox support, tests, respond to bug 2181 review02:36
danilosTODO: FF tests fixing, OOo support, rosetta search, new contract, visa, plane tickets02:36
danilosBLOCKED: no02:36
UbugtuMalone bug 2181 in rosetta "Rosetta automated e-mail should come from @launchpad.net" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/218102:36
spiv_thumper_: mysterious!02:36
kikoDONE: Launchpad report, some hacking, some management, serious email catchup.02:36
kikoTODO: More email catchup and hacking, solve blockage02:36
kikoBLOCKED: No02:36
_thumper_DONE: reading02:36
_thumper_TODO: more reading02:36
_thumper_BLOCKED: no02:36
ddaaDONE: remove-gnuarch, new svn changeset logic02:37
ddaaTODO: new svn changeset logic, _thumper_ sprint02:37
ddaaBLOCKED: no02:37
_thumper_stub: just not the smae02:37
stubOne blocker from BradB that I see.... kiko - is that under control?02:37
SteveADONE: management, UI stuff02:37
SteveATODO: relocate, bzr sprint, interviews02:37
SteveABLOCKED: no02:37
kikostub, well, yes.02:38
stubkiko: Did you want to do the bug report? we have some time02:38
kikostub, yes.02:38
carloskiko: btw, if you are on vacations next week and your restructuring branch is not merged before you leave... you are blocking TranslationReview from being reviewed/merged02:39
kikoBug report report02:39
kikoI picked only the top 5 criticals since we have a lot of 1.0 to do02:39
UbugtuMalone bug 929 in launchpad "Long words (such as URLs) overflow columns" [Critical,Confirmed]  02:39
kikoCould James pick up bug 929, so we can finally close this 3-digit one?02:39
UbugtuMalone bug 2497 in rosetta "/people/*/+translations times out for prolific translators" [Critical,In progress]  02:39
=== _thumper_ wonders what keep, bag, change is?
kikoI've got to reply to review on the branch for bug 2497; unfortunately02:39
kikoI've been too busy.02:39
jameshkiko: okay.02:39
UbugtuMalone bug 4594 in malone "Shouldn't be able to add duplicate bug watches" [Critical,Confirmed]  02:39
SteveA_thumper_: I'll explain next week02:39
kikoBjorn, will you have time to do 4594?02:40
SteveA_thumper_: in london02:40
UbugtuMalone bug 30602 in rosetta "Timeout errors in +translate" [Critical,Confirmed]  02:40
_thumper_SteveA: ok02:40
kikoI need James' review of my branch first before I can fix 30602. My 02:40
kikobranch puts all the code that needs optimizing in a single place, so it02:40
kikoshould not be too hard unless the problem is intractable.02:40
UbugtuMalone bug 44214 in rosetta "We need to add code to prevent POFiles being in the same path" [Critical,In progress]  02:40
kikoCarlos, how's bug 44214 looking?02:40
carlosI got some test errors and switched tasks... I should resume it, will try to finish it before leaving tomorrow. Otherwise, it should wait until I'm back on 16th02:41
BjornTkiko: yeah, i think that one should be doable. it's related to what i'm working on now, so it shouldn't take too long.02:41
kikocarlos, you've got a one-week vacation?02:41
daniloscarlos: I did take a short look at it, but didn't see anything obvious; I might take another look next week02:41
kikoBjornT, thanks. if you need help, let me know?02:42
carloskiko: yes, you approved it...02:42
kikocarlos, hmmm, timing..02:42
malccIs this thing still on|02:44
stubok. Meeting over. 1 minute early!02:44
ddaathanks stup02:45
=== malcc -> Lunch
danilosthanks stub02:45
SteveAthanks for a smooth meeting stub02:45
SteveABjornT: lunch?02:45
=== bradb goes off in search of a toothbrush
BjornTSteveA: yeah, i'm hungry. where?02:45
SteveAI was going to invite M along, as he's in Vilnius.  I'll just call him...02:46
=== _thumper_ off to finish lunch
=== jelmer [n=jelmer@a-eskwadraat.nl] has joined #launchpad
=== flacoste has to moves the car, brb
SteveABjornT: s. valentinos?  I'll leave my place in 15 mins02:47
BjornTSteveA: ok02:48
SteveAok, see you there02:49
=== carlos -> lunch
jordigah, stub; I had to walk away from the keyboard here at office02:53
jordistub: want my 3 lines by msg?02:54
stubjordi: Sure02:54
salgadostub, so, you don't have the output of the guess-rationale script, nor the time it took to run?02:55
stubsalgado: I think it took about three hours02:56
stubsalgado: I've lost the output - it was in my screen session, but the server has since been rebooted02:56
stub(I have the tail end if that helps)02:56
stub10:36:36 INFO    Profile with id 670220 and name 'eof' has references from both SourcePackageRelease and POSubmission tables.02:57
stub10:40:18 INFO    Updated 2469 profiles with the BUGIMPORT rationale02:57
stub10:40:18 INFO    Updated 1749 profiles with the SOURCEPACKAGEIMPORT rationale02:57
stub10:40:18 INFO    Updated 4096 profiles with the POFILEIMPORT rationale02:57
stub10:40:18 INFO    6806 profiles were not updated02:57
salgadostub, yeah, that's better than nothing02:57
=== pablof [n=pablof@20150013100.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #launchpad
stubsalgado: https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/fileb611VK.html is all I have02:58
salgadostub, so, assuming this script will run only once in production and that it doesn't use a single transaction, would it be okay to run it as is in production or does it need to be optimized?02:58
stubsalgado: I'll run it again tomorrow anyway02:58
stubsalgado: Yes - that is fine to run against production.02:58
=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #launchpad
SpadsJust another notice: PQM is now going down for 30 minutes for hardware maintenance.03:13
kikocarlos, what's the policy for creating new translation groups?03:13
salgadoSpads, already gone, I guess?03:17
Spadssalgado: yes03:20
salgadoSpads, does the branch that it was processing has been lost and needs to be submitted again?03:22
Spadssalgado: no pqm was running, and we shut down cron before halting03:22
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #launchpad ["Bye"]
=== _thumper_ sanity restored - have decent coffee
=== matid [n=matid@ubuntu/member/matid] has joined #launchpad
kikoSteveA, ping03:41
_thumper_kiko: I think SteveA is out to lunch03:42
kikobummer man03:42
kikohow  bizarre03:42
=== JPohlmann [n=jannis@e176137155.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #launchpad
JPohlmannHi all. I need help from one of the Launchpad admins - anyone here?03:43
kikoyes, JPohlmann 03:45
JPohlmannI am an Xfce developer and it looks like my name got automatically registered at least two times.03:45
JPohlmannOnce as jannis-pohlmann and once as jannis-xfce.03:46
kikoJPohlmann, do you have access to both email addresses?03:46
JPohlmannYes, of course.03:46
=== sivang [i=sivan@ubuntu/member/sivang] has joined #launchpad
kikoJPohlmann, just perform a merge, then03:46
kikothere's a link to request merge03:46
=== yaniv [n=yaniv@HFA-62-0-157-81.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #launchpad
sivangI have a rosetta quesiton from one of my translation team members03:47
JPohlmannkiko: Ah, thanks very much.03:47
sivangyaniv: please go ahead03:47
kikoJPohlmann, sure thing03:47
JPohlmannNow, How can I get assigned to the software packages I've written and for which I'd like to observer bug reports?03:47
kikoJPohlmann, what packages are they? I can fix them for you.03:50
JPohlmannthunar-media-tags-plugin and xfce4-verve-plugin03:51
JPohlmannI've registered to all bugmail for those packages now.03:51
JPohlmannIs this all?03:51
kikoJPohlmann, one second. are you upstream or packager for those packages?03:51
=== jgi [n=jgilli@251.9.39-62.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #launchpad
jgihi everyone03:51
JPohlmannkiko: Upstream. I'm the developer of these two plugins.03:52
yanivWell, don't jump at me, but I read the answer to the KDE team's reservations about Rosetta, where it said that the translation teams are encouraged to cooperate with the corresponding GNOME team. I wondered if there was any regular sending of strings to the IL GNOME translation team, as I try to send my translations to their coordinator, but it's quite a long procedure03:52
jgia new template is in the queue for the "WengoPhone" product since this morning. Could someone please check if there's anything wrong with it? It's right here: http://librarian.launchpad.net/4678912/qtwengophone.pot03:52
kikoyaniv, there is no infrastructure in Rosetta to do this now, though it is a planned feature. it still needs to be done manually.03:52
kikoJPohlmann, okay. what bug tracker do you use for them at the moment?03:53
yanivkiko: right. Is there any preferred/effective way to do so?03:53
carloskiko: well, if any upstream project request a translation group and ubuntu one doesn't fit their needs, we create one03:53
sivangkiko: is there an ETA? I get this question loads of times :)03:54
kikoyaniv, you'd need to contact jordi or carlos for more information03:54
JPohlmannkiko: We're using our own bugzilla for all Xfce projects. But Jani Monoses, who seems to be responsible for parts of Xubuntu, invited us (Xfce developers) to register to launchpad in order to get notified of bugs in our software.03:54
kikocarlos, okay.03:54
carlosjgi: oo.org is being imported right now and that delays a bit the entries in the queue03:54
jgicarlos, ok, thank you very much03:54
kikoJPohlmann, that's great. there are some additional things you can do:03:55
kiko- register the upstream product information03:55
yanivkiko: thanks03:55
kiko- register an upstream bugtracker (though I believe that XFCE is already registered)03:55
kiko- indicate that those upstreams are packages in ubuntu as those source package names.03:55
carlosyaniv: well, the only procedure I know about is to contact the team directly and offer your .po file from Ubuntu. If there is someone already working on such pofile in GNOME/KDE, then you will need to coordinate to reuse as much as possible from your translations03:56
carlosyaniv: if you contact they before starting in Rosetta that would be even better03:56
JPohlmannkiko: Yep, Xfce is already registered, I think. What do you mean by "indicate that those ..."? And how can I register the upstream product information?03:56
kikoJPohlmann, launchpad.net/products/+new03:57
sivangyaniv: we can try recontacting upstream folks, I contacted them in the past and there was not much response. we might be able to try interest them more in translating through rosetta now.03:57
kikoJPohlmann, create a product for each of your plugins03:57
kikoJPohlmann, and I'll help you set up the bugtracker information and packaging links.03:57
JPohlmannkiko: is there a difference between packages and products?03:58
yanivsivang: I am in contact with Yair Hershkovitz, head of GNOME translation team. I sen himemy .po's.03:58
kikoJPohlmann, a product is an upstream that launchpad knows about. products are packaged into ubuntu packages. :)03:58
sivangyaniv: do you know if he's interested in working thought rosetta maybe? I used to be in contact with Gil Osher (Dolphin) but he was not enthusiastic03:58
JPohlmannHmm. There already are (X)ubuntu packages for the plugins, I think.03:59
yanivsivang: he's not enthusiastic either, to say the least. I don't see that happening.03:59
kikoJPohlmann, there are packages, right, but the upstream information is not registered in launchpad.03:59
kikoJPohlmann, product registration is a bit like freshmeat registration03:59
yanivsivang: but maybe we should merge with his repository once in a while (once in a release?)04:00
yanivsivang: i.e. send him translations04:00
Keybukjamesh: don't suppose there's a "latest 5 revisions" portlet anywhere?04:00
yanivsivang: and another question is what is the easiest way (technically) to merge Rosetta ans upstream .po's04:01
sivangkiko: is there a tool in existance for something like that? ^^04:02
kikosivang, you mean msgmerge?04:02
kikoit's a standard l10n tool04:02
yanivthe way I do it  now is with poEdit04:02
kikomsgmerge merges two pofiles04:03
jameshKeybuk: nah.  We generally put information like that in the main content where people will see it :)04:03
yanivkiko: thanks04:03
kikojamesh, one disadvantage of that, ironically, is that it's harder to reuse that content in other pages04:03
Keybukjamesh: shame, it'd be a nice gadget for that site04:03
sivangkiko: gazil thanks :)04:03
kikoKeybuk, could make one if you requested it04:03
kikoKeybuk, would you iframe it?04:04
kikohmm, how would you04:04
KeybukSSI include it, was my plan04:04
JPohlmannkiko: https://launchpad.net/products/xfce4-verve-plugin04:05
sivangright, it's even comes with gettext. doh04:05
kikoKeybuk, so file the bug, assign it to me 04:05
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kikoJPohlmann, https://launchpad.net/products/xfce4-verve-plugin/+launchpad04:06
Keybukkiko: #64182, thanks04:06
kikoJPohlmann, in that page you can indicate what bug tracker you use04:06
kiko(that's the Define Launchpad Usage page)04:06
kikoJPohlmann, https://launchpad.net/products/xfce4-verve-plugin/+bugcontact and https://launchpad.net/products/xfce4-verve-plugin/+securitycontact let you set up bug contacts who will be notified if upstream issues are reported and need to be forwarded to your bugzilla instance04:07
=== sivang [i=sivan@ubuntu/member/sivang] has left #launchpad []
kikomatsubara, hmm remind me where we can set up packaging information?04:09
JPohlmannkiko: Ok, did this for both plugins.04:10
kikoJPohlmann, cool. I'll add the packaging information for you as soon as I remember where it's done04:11
=== kiko curses packaging links
JPohlmannkiko: Hehe.04:11
JPohlmannkiko: The other plugin is https://launchpad.net/products/thunar-media-tags-plugin04:11
kikothanks JPohlmann, much appreciated.04:11
kikoJPohlmann, are there translations for those plugins?04:12
JPohlmannSure, but they are managed internally (using an Xfce mailinglist).04:13
kikoJPohlmann, you may want to look at using Rosetta to get external translations for free, if you like.04:13
JPohlmannkiko: Thanks for the hint, I'll look into it later.04:13
kikookay, cool. 04:13
JPohlmannCould you notify me when the two packages are linked to both products?04:14
kikoJPohlmann, I'm about to add them. tell me, is the latest release series of verve 0.2.0?04:14
matsubarakiko: launchpad.net/products/$product/$series/+addpackage ?04:15
kikomatsubara, yeah, I just forgot about the series thing04:15
JPohlmannkiko: No, it's
matsubarakiko: or launchpad.net/products/$product/$series/+ubuntupkg04:15
kikoJPohlmann, and there's a 0.3 series right now?04:15
kikoof which .4 was the 4th release?04:15
JPohlmannYeah. 0.3.2, 0.3.3 and
_thumper_kiko: can I get you to change someones name on lp?04:15
UbugtuNew bug: #64182 in launchpad "Latest 5 Revisions Portlet" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6418204:15
kiko_thumper_, yeah, in a bit04:15
kikothanks Keybuk 04:15
kikoJPohlmann, and for media tags?04:17
=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #launchpad
kikoJPohlmann, 0.1?04:19
JPohlmannkiko: 0.1 (latest release is 0.1.1). 04:19
kikoJPohlmann, cool. both products now have packaging links.04:20
kikoJPohlmann, this means that bugs that are actually upstream issues will now have the product information prefilled, and you will get notified of the need to file them upstream.04:20
kiko(in the xfce bugzilla)04:20
JPohlmannOk, thanks.04:21
kikomost welcome -- thanks to you for helping out!04:21
JPohlmannkiko: I noticed there was a bug report for xfce4-verve-plugin. But it's not listed in the project bugs. Is this correct?04:22
kikoJPohlmann, it needs to be marked as an upstream issue. that bug was reported in the package, but we don't automatically mark it upstream.04:23
kikoJPohlmann, the reason we don't do that is that the bug may actually be in the packaging04:23
kikoto mark it as upstream, just follow the +upstream link04:23
JPohlmannOk, so I'll only be notified of those who were marked as upstream?04:23
kikobecause you subscribed to the source package04:24
kikoyou'll also be notified of bugs there04:24
salgadoSpads, I just got an email from pqm, which makes me thing the box is back, but the web interface doesn't seem to be back yet04:24
JPohlmannHehe, right.04:24
kikoJPohlmann, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-verve-plugin/+bug/58551/+upstreamtask04:25
UbugtuMalone bug 58551 in xfce4-verve-plugin "[edgy]  verve panel plugin does not scale " [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  04:25
kikoJPohlmann, as you can see, the upstream product name is now prefilled (thanks to the packaging link)04:25
kikoJPohlmann, and you have the option of linking that task to a bug in your bugzilla04:25
elmosalgado: the web interface isn't started automatically yet04:25
JPohlmannkiko: Ah, nice.04:26
kikoJPohlmann, of course, the bug needs to be filed upstream first!04:26
JPohlmannkiko: What if I want to say "no, this ain't a bug". Am I able to change the status of any bug report for my products/source packages?04:27
JPohlmannOr is that up to the packagers?04:27
kikoJPohlmann, you can change the status -- just click on the package name in the affects table04:27
JPohlmannkiko: the affects table? What's that?04:28
=== JPohlmann is slightly confused by all those names and links, hehe.
kikoJPohlmann, that table in the middle of the bug page04:29
kikoI would call it the tasks table but brad doesn't let me04:29
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salgadoflacoste, have a second?04:38
=== bradb [n=bradb@montreal.canonical.com] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: yep04:39
salgadoflacoste, I'm writing the language vocabulary to use when making new support requests or change existing ones, and this is what I came up with: https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/file2hSPsF.html04:39
salgadoI'm wondering if the fact that I cache the vocab elements as an instance variable may be a problem04:40
bradbBjornT: do you have time to review a small fix for bug 64017?04:41
UbugtuMalone bug 64017 in launchpad "Setting a bug confidential after its creation creates a ghost bug" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401704:41
salgadoflacoste, there's a bug in it, that will cause English to be shown twice in some cases, but that's another issue. :)04:41
flacostesalgado: i don't think it is a problem because vocabularies will be instantiated in each request04:42
flacostesalgado: what is registered is a factory, not an instance04:42
flacostesalgado: but this is neither implementing IVocabulary nor IVocabularyTokenized04:42
salgadoflacoste, yeah, that is what I thought04:42
salgadoflacoste, I just pasted the __init__() method04:43
salgadobut I have the other ones, necessary to implement these interfaces04:43
flacostesalgado: I suggest you use an IContextSourceBinder that creates a SimpleVocabulary instanced filled with the needed values04:43
flacostesalgado: by using IContextSourceBinder, your __init__ method is all you need04:43
bradbkiko: do you have time to review that fix for bug 64017?04:44
UbugtuMalone bug 64017 in launchpad "Setting a bug confidential after its creation creates a ghost bug" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6401704:44
flacostesalgado: plus you don't even have to think about the instance attribute issue :-)04:44
kikobradb, no04:44
salgadohmmm. that means less code... I'm all for it. :-)04:44
salgadoflacoste, thanks dude!04:44
bradbjamesh: do you have time for a quick review?04:45
flacostesalgado: my pleasure!04:45
salgadobradb, that branch seems to have been assigned to me04:50
bradbsalgado: oh, cool. do you have time to review it today? it's pretty important.04:51
ddaa_thumper_: what are you up to at the moment?04:52
salgadobradb, sure; I'm reviewing it now04:52
_thumper_ddaa: yep04:52
_thumper_not hard since only 15:5204:52
_thumper_not in NZ yet04:52
bradbsalgado: awesome, thanks04:52
elmosalgado: the web interface has no init script, so it's not auto-restarted04:52
_thumper_ddaa: sorry misread04:52
ddaa_thumper_: I said "what are you up to", not "are you up yet" :)04:52
_thumper_ddaa: though you asked am I up04:52
elmoI think last time I bothered lifeless about this he through me some handwavy instructions04:52
salgadoelmo, I see. I guess I need to pester lifeless to get it done?04:53
_thumper_ddaa: still going through Launchpad's Bazaar04:53
_thumper_jotting questions04:53
ddaareading the documentation?04:53
_thumper_and been going through existing bugs and features for launchpad-bazaar04:53
elmosalgado: try now04:54
ddaaI suggest you fire some questions now, otherwise I'll dive into cscvs hacking.04:54
_thumper_cscvs sounds scarey04:54
_thumper_at least from what I read04:54
salgadoelmo, works now. thanks!04:54
ddaa_thumper_: it's scary04:54
elmoanyone mind if we take staging down again for 15 minutes?  If it helps, this will give it some of it's RAM back04:56
salgadobradb, everything looks good, but one thing you could do (not required) is to comment the "notify(SQLObjectToBeModifiedEvent(context, args))" line on mail/commands.py and see if any tests break. if you get no failures it'd be good to add another one, similar to the one you added, but for the email interface04:57
JPohlmannkiko: I'm still confused by one thing: How can I see the products I'm maintaining? Are they listed anywhere in my profile (/people/jannis-xfce)?04:58
salgadobradb, since this is quite critical, I think we should try very hard to avoid regressions04:58
elmook, taking staging down now then05:00
kikoJPohlmann, heh, no, but that's a bug.05:01
bradbsalgado: right, since you said not required, I'll land what I have (because we know it fixes a critical problem), and then double check the email UI, which should be orthogonal to this bug.05:01
JPohlmannkiko: Hehe, ok.05:03
salgadobradb, that's fine05:06
bradbsalgado: great, thanks for the review05:07
salgadoflacoste, on IUnlinkBugsForm, you define bugs as a Set() field and pass in a "value_type=Choice(source=BugLinksVocabularyFactory())". why do you do that instead of using a Choice() field?05:07
flacostesalgado, because you can select multiple bugs05:08
flacostesalgado: multiple bugs in the vocabulary created by BugLinksVocabularyFactory05:08
salgadoahh, I see05:09
flacostesalgado: in you case, a simple Choice will be enough05:09
salgadoin my case, can I do Choice(vocabulary=MyVocabFactory())?05:09
flacostesalgado: yes05:09
flacostesalgado: well, do provide a title and maybe a description ;-)05:10
salgadoyeah, sure05:10
salgadoI just wasn't sure if I could pass the vocabulary object or if it would accept only a name05:10
flacostesalgado: to be precise, you are passing a factory object (IContextSourceBinder)05:11
flacostesalgado: i don't think we can register these by name yet05:11
salgadowell, I'm actually passing a SimpleVocabulary if I do like I said, no?05:12
flacostesalgado: probably in Zope 3.3 where vocabulary becomes simple adapters05:12
salgadoah, no05:12
=== salgado just noticed that he renamed __init__() to __call__()
salgadoindeed, it wouldn't make sense to not do that05:12
SteveAkiko: pong05:15
salgadoflacoste, actually, zope seems to accept only a basestring as the value for the vocabulary argument of a Choice field05:16
flacostesalgado: that's right, use source=05:17
UbugtuNew bug: #64191 in launchpad "Should not accept team membership expiry dates beyond 2049" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6419105:20
flacostesalgado: who reads launchpad-error-reports?05:22
salgadoflacoste, AFAIK, only kiko reads all topics. but there may be more people subscribed to just a few topics05:41
salgadoI think I'm subscribed to one or two of them05:41
salgadoflacoste, I wanted to add a link to the +editlanguages page alongside the dropdown where people can choose the language of a ticket, is there an easier way than subclassing DropdownWidget and overwriting renderValue()?05:46
=== asw [n=asw@karuna.med.harvard.edu] has joined #launchpad
jordijgi: hey05:52
flacostesalgado: Bjorn suggested justing putting the link in the label05:53
jordijgi: by the way, is there any reson to include a "en.po" for wengophone?05:53
flacostesalgado: oops, sorry05:53
=== jelmer [n=jelmer@a62-251-123-16.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #launchpad
flacostesalgado: your talking about the ticket language selection UI05:53
jgijordi, hello05:53
jgijordi, you mean, an english translation?05:54
jordidoes it contain the same stuff as the original strings?05:54
salgadoflacoste, yep. async.com.br/~salgado/addticket.jpg05:54
jordijgi: if so, you should consider removing the file05:54
jordijgi: or I can tell rosetta to "ignore it"05:55
kikosalgado, doesn't that widget sort of clash with the text above it?05:55
jgijordi, I think an english translation is interesting because sometimes we use string identifiers that need to be translated in english instead of correct english strings05:55
salgadoflacoste, if I add it to the label, the link wouldn't be on the right side of the dropdown05:56
salgadokiko-fud, yes, it does. this is just a prototype05:56
flacostesalgado: yeah, i got that05:56
flacostesalgado: you could do it in the template by controlling the rendering of the widget05:56
salgadoI think appending something to the return value of DropdownWidget.renderValue() is pretty trivial already... 05:57
jordijgi: ok, I can approve it05:57
jgijordi, sorry05:57
salgadoflacoste, what do you think would be better?05:57
flacostesalgado: overriding DropdownWidget is probably less lines05:57
jgijordi, I think I misunderstood your question. I didn't realize that there was an english translation waiting in the queue05:57
flacostesalgado: and has more forward compatibility05:57
jgijordi, you can ignore it if you want05:58
salgadoflacoste, yeah, I prefer that too05:58
jgijordi, the important thing is importing the templat05:58
jgitemplate sorry05:58
jordijgi: oh, so I shouldn't approve it?05:58
jordiif the original strings are != what's in the english file, I guess it should go in.05:58
flacostesalgado: regarding lp-error-reports, I sent an email to the janitor@support.launchpad.net and it should end up on that list, I was looking for a confirmation of that05:58
jordibut you tell me, I'm on time to revert the import still05:59
flacostesalgado: you could put the link in the description?05:59
jgijordi, if we're talking about the translation (that is .po file and not .pot file) you can revert the import05:59
salgadoyeah, maybe the description will do. I'll try that05:59
jordiok, I told rosetta to ignore these.05:59
jgithanks a lot05:59
jordijgi: yeah, en.po, not .pot05:59
salgadoflacoste, hmmm, I'm not sure under which topic that message would end up. I did a quick search on the ML archives but didn't find anything.  when did you send the email?06:01
flacosteabout 20 minutes ago06:02
flacostesalgado: it should be processed by the SupportTrackerHandler that should decline to process it and thus ends up on that list06:02
salgadoflacoste, it should be under the "Unhandled email" topic then. I'm subscribing to it now06:03
BjornTflacoste: try sending an email to a ticket that doesn't exist. that way you can see if there's an address filter in place, or if something else is wrong.06:06
flacosteBjornT: done06:08
salgadoflacoste, X-Original-To: ticket100000@support.launchpad.net is the one you sent?06:16
flacostesalgado: yes06:16
salgadoflacoste, okay, the one to janitor is there too06:16
flacostesalgado: great, thanks!06:16
salgadojust got a notification about it06:16
salgadoflacoste, do you think it's a good idea to have the language selection widget on the page where you enter the summary of the ticket to search for similar ones (before actually filing a new one)?06:23
salgadoI think it's confusing not too, but searching for tickets only on non-english language is very likely to not find anything06:25
flacostesalgado: no I think it is a good idea to enter that information at that point06:25
flacostesalgado: altough we probably want to search across all languages for similar ones06:26
flacostesalgado: we can change that later once we settle on a multi-languages indexing strategy06:26
=== AstralJava [n=jaska@cm-062-241-239-3.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #launchpad
salgadoflacoste, yeah, that sounds good to me06:29
=== bradb & # dner
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you!06:31
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UbugtuNew bug: #64214 in rosetta "untranslated strings included in POs" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6421407:25
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=== kristog [n=ballio@energ63.energ.polimi.it] has joined #launchpad
kristoghello :) 08:17
=== deyan [n=ldy@] has joined #launchpad
kristog2 days ago i was accepted as ubuntu member, but atm my ubuntu.com mail-alias doesn't work08:20
kristogany hint for this?08:20
matsubarakristog: it must be manually approved by one of the admins08:23
kristoguhm, so i have to wait :) ok! thank you.08:23
kristogmatsubara: approved == joined the ubuntumembers group?08:23
matsubarakristog: also note that your alias can't be any blacklisted name (like 'root') and your preferred email in LP can't create a mail loop (like setting your preferred email to your @ubuntu.com address)08:24
kristogafaik the name is the same as the one on LP08:25
kristog(in my case giskard)08:25
matsubarakristog: that should be ok then.08:25
kristogmatsubara: uhm how i can know what is my prefererred email?08:26
matsubarakristog: https://launchpad.net/people/giskard/+editemails08:27
kristogok the one of autistici.org :)08:27
matsubarakristog: but the portlet at https://launchpad.net/people/giskard shows it too08:27
kristogwhat? the ubuntumembers logo?08:28
matsubarakristog: shows your preferred address08:28
kristogahhh, right sorry, didn't see it :(08:28
kristogso, i have to wait :) ok.08:29
kristogthank you08:29
matsubarakristog: you're welcome.08:29
UbugtuNew bug: #64223 in blueprint "Changed status to 'Deferred', message says 'Not Started'" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6422308:31
kikosalgado, okay, cool, just checking08:49
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=== yleeyas [n=yleeyas@153.23.dsl.ebtech.net] has joined #launchpad
yleeyasI have a quick question about un-subscribing from a bug, and discontinuing notifications about that bug09:05
bradbyleeyas: What's your question?09:10
yleeyasOk, I un-subscribed from afew bugs I was following, and my name got shifted to the 'Also notified' list. Now how do I get off that list?09:11
bradbyleeyas: There are three people that end up in also notified:09:12
bradb1. assignees09:12
bradb2. bug contacts09:12
bradb3. subscribers from dupes09:12
yleeyasI'm guessing I'm a #309:13
bradbok, good. i have a fix on the way to production, hopefully in the next rollout.09:13
bradbbug 4886009:13
UbugtuMalone bug 48860 in malone ""Also notified" makes difficult to unsubscribe" [Critical,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4886009:13
yleeyasExcellent. Thanx for the info.09:13
bradbno prob09:14
=== lbm [n=lbm@] has joined #launchpad
kikohey BjornT?09:30
BjornThi kiko 09:35
kikoBjornT, I was going to look for an updated patch of yours to review, but I just found it.09:36
kikoso you'll have mail soon09:36
BjornTkiko: cool. i have some questions for you, though, regarding upstream-forwarding-workflow. do you have time to discuss that one now?09:39
kikoBjornT, sure thing fire away 09:39
kikoBjornT? :)09:44
=== mholthaus__ [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has joined #launchpad
BjornTkiko: sorry, got distracted :)09:46
flacostekiko: ping09:46
kikoai ai09:47
flacostekiko: where should I put the links to the ticket reports?09:47
kikoflacoste, in the actions menu? I'm chickening out on that question :)09:47
flacostekiko: in the action box (like in many place) or in a separate porlets (like on bugs)09:47
flacostekiko: so, you give me carte blanche, nice :-)09:47
BjornTkiko: so, i've tried to incorporate as much from the mockups as possible in the current ui, but there are a few things i didn't do, and i want to know if that's ok or not.09:48
kikoflacoste, in fact I'm interested in knowing if you have an opinion :)09:48
kikoBjornT, are you massaging me for bad news? tell me!09:48
flacostekiko: i would have put them in the actions menu, but bradb made me wonder09:48
BjornTkiko: it's not that bad :) the first is about the external bug tracker. i include only a link to the base url, not for filing and searching bugs, since we don't have that information.09:49
flacostekiko: i think putting them in the actions box takes less space, which is a plus09:49
kikoflacoste, there's evidence that people don't look at /any/ boxes around the page, so I'm not sure if either if the options is actually worse. :)09:49
=== bradb is basically impartial
BjornTkiko: i also didn't include a lot of "Change this" links, since only a few people will have access to change the product bug tracker and such.09:50
kikobradb, as impartial as the judges at salem09:50
kikoBjornT, ah, but the change this links were so cute!09:50
=== bradb is encouraging francis to remove portlets
kikoBjornT, so constructing those links for certain bug trackers is very easy and would help our end-users, but you can do that as an additional step (doesn't require undoing anything you've done) if you file a bug when the time comes.09:51
BjornTkiko: another thing i want to ask you about is what to do with +distrotask? we won't have any upstream links there, so it will always be a two step process (where +upstream should be one-step most of the times). is it ok to keep the current +distrotask as it is, and deal with it later?09:52
kikoBjornT, what about links to debian?09:52
BjornTkiko: sometimes we can't construct such links, though, for example SourceForge.09:52
kikoBjornT, I knew you were going to say that; I agree.09:52
kiko"it's easy for certain bug trackers" <- insurance :)09:53
BjornTkiko: do we have any packaging links to debian? the biggest problem with +distrotask is that it can be used for three different things; add a downstream disto, add a upstream distro, or add a source package.09:53
kikoBjornT, indeed we do not, but we may in the future. let's leave +distrotask for now (but I am curious as to how you will set this up in specs -- perhaps u-f-w-part-2? :-)09:54
kikowell, we won't have packaging links in the future, but there is such a thing as native-syncs if you ask cprov09:55
BjornTkiko: distribution-bug-forwarding? :) it should probably be a spec that deals with only +distrotask at least.09:56
kikoBjornT, accepted.09:57
BjornTkiko: cool, thanks. did you say you will leave for vacation tomorrow?09:58
kikoonly for 2 days09:58
kikoI'm back tuesday09:58
BjornTkiko: ok. then there will still be time next week to show you the ui before the branch is landed.10:01
kikoBjornT, ping me first thing tuesday because I am curious10:01
kikobradb, about CJBT10:01
kikobradb, you have a reply pending to me, right?10:02
bradbkiko: i was going to add anything to that, but...10:03
bradbkiko: well, i pointed out that at least 24 files (which means more than 24 files) would need to be changed10:07
kikobradb, I don't care about tests. what about the code itself?10:07
bradbbut then you started saying something about "/in code/", which confuses me, because tests are as much "code" as implementation. on even keel, and all that.10:07
kikobradb, code as in "not tests". don't be difficult10:08
bradbkiko: Why do you make that distinction?10:08
kikobradb, why don't you answer my question first? :)10:09
bradbi don't understand how a line of test code is not morally equivalent to a line of implementation.10:09
bradbkiko: ok. i don't understand what you're aiming for, that's all.10:09
kikoI appreciate your care for tests, but I'd like to know how much of our implementation currently depends on directly settng attributes.10:10
kikonow, pretty please with sugar on top, answer my question :)10:10
bradbkiko: i count 7 non-test files that reference transitionToAssignee10:11
kikobradb, could we have other places that set attributes but don't call transitionTo?10:11
bradbkiko: it's possible that there could be a few more files doing that somehow, though not many, at most.10:18
kikothere's a call to transitionToStatus in browser/bug.py10:18
bradbi see about 10 imp files in total doing transitionTo*10:18
kikoone other thing I like about having an API to update everything is that we can put the event triggering into it10:18
bradbabout 44 files overall10:18
kikoavoiding inconsistency there.10:18
bradb(er 35, i mean...anyway)10:18
kikobecause you've already done the excellent transitionTo* APIs it seems like the changes are also pretty self-contained requiring little code reorganization10:18
kikothe fact that there are no ftests underlines that10:18
kikooh there is one actually10:18
bradbyeah. my main concern is how much work is involved in making this change.10:20
bradbfolding the event handling into this method, while having some benefit, also adds the extra work of making sure events aren't getting fired twice in view code.10:21
kikobradb, I know what you mean. OTOH the cleaning up would be very nice and avoid bugs like the one you just fixed today, wouldn't it?10:22
bradbi'm not necessarily saying these are bad ideas in the big picture. just worried about the workload.10:22
bradbkiko: yes, it would avoid some bugs. if we really believe that that's how events should be done though, then it seems to me every object should be updated in this way though.10:23
bradber, actually, it wouldn't have avoided that other bug10:23
bradbthat was on a bug attribute10:23
kikobradb, you wouldn't have to do the event moving in the same work10:23
kikobut it would allow us to do that as follow-on work10:23
kikoa further cleanup10:23
kikomade possible by the amazing API refactoring10:24
kikothat led to CJBT being trivial10:24
kikoand that led to DRBT being implemented10:24
kikothis is warm fuzzies all over!10:24
bradbDRBT? :)10:24
kikodistribution release bug targeting!10:24
kikowell I should have said deployed10:25
bradbit's one way to solve that problem, yeah. there are other ways though too, which seem much quicker, if my understanding of sqlobject is correct10:25
bradband i mean /much/ /quicker/10:25
kikoI know, but they do not give the warm fuzzies to me, instead they give me nightmares10:26
bradbkiko: so, are you really planning on migration /all/ our db objects to such an update() method?10:27
bradb(speaking of a lot of work!)10:27
kikobradb, well, it's been discussed before, and it has actually been done for a few of them.10:27
kikoI don't think it's practical to do it consistently for evey object at once10:27
bradbme neither10:27
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kikobut mark and I agree that the side-effects like event triggering etc. can only be done competently if we do factor things like that.10:28
kikobradb, my suggestion is have a pre-imp call with jamesh to see what he thinks of the updateAPI proposal.10:28
kikoand if he thinks it's sane, move ahead with it10:28
kikothat way you are unblocked10:28
bradbright. and like i say, i'm not suggesting it's a bad idea, though i will continue to fear how much work may be involved.10:29
kikobradb, the work cleaning up the implementation seems easy from my inspection; the work updating tests may not be, but we may have some redundant tests 10:30
bradbit's a brain transplant, basically10:30
kikonot nearly that10:30
bradbwe have to rewrite all the edit views too, etc.10:30
kikobradb, "rewrite"?10:30
bradband create, in some cases, yeah.10:31
bradbobviously only the parts that actually edit a bugtask are affected10:31
kikoisn't it a matter of not using applyWidgetsChanges?10:32
kikoI'm confused by your statements about rewrite10:32
bradband note that *neither* of the recent event-related bugs would have been prevented by this change :)10:32
bradbbecause one was on a create event, and the other was on bug, not bugtask10:32
kikothe create events should be folded into API as well10:33
bradbyeah, it's doable, but would just take a bit longer10:33
kikowell don't do event folding now10:33
kikojust the setting-of-attributes folding10:33
bradbso, i'll talk to jamesh more about it tomorrow then, ok?10:35
kikothat sounds excellent10:43
bradbcool, thanks10:51
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