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nysosymgoood morning fschoep :)09:09
fschoepNi nysosym09:09
fschoepHi nysosym *09:09
nysosymhow are u?09:09
fschoepnysosym: Got a cold, otherwise fine, you?09:10
nysosymthe same like u ;)09:10
nysosymI'll make me some coffee now09:10
fschoepnysosym: great, I'm the weekly dev meeting so I might reply a bit late everytime09:11
nysosymabsolute no problem :)))09:12
nysosymwhat i ever wanna ask fschoep, is developing ubuntu your main job?09:25
fschoepnysosym: kind of at the moment, yes09:26
nysosymwell paid? :D09:26
fschoepnysosym: I can't comment on that one in public09:26
nysosymok i understand this :)09:26
fschoepnysosym: OK09:26
BHSPitLappywell, the profits those shipit cd's bring in have to go somewhere09:27
fschoepBHSPitLappy: right :)09:27
BHSPitLappyso you're a Canonical dude or something?09:27
BHSPitLappyI work for Wendy's... not quite as noble an endeavor09:28
fschoepNo I'm just a normal person working on Ubuntu but I'm being paid for it09:28
nysosymwendys BHSPitLappy?09:28
BHSPitLappynysosym, it's a restaurant chain, like McDonald's, etc09:29
BHSPitLappybut better food ;)09:29
fschoepIt's a bit of a coincidence I got this opportunity but I really like doing this09:29
BHSPitLappyI've gotta get to bed, night night everyone09:29
nysosymahhh okay, i`m from german and never hear that name :D09:29
BHSPitLappyyeah, lucky lucky fschoep09:29
nysosymgn8 BHSPitLappy :)09:29
fschoepBHSPitLappy: g'night09:29
nysosymfschoep: a dev "only" for the art, or everything about ubuntu?09:30
fschoepnysosym: my role is officially "Artist in Chief" so I'm on the artwork side mainly09:31
fschoepBut I don't mind fixing bugs in code or anything09:31
nysosymahh ok, i will go to do the same like u, in future :)09:32
nysosymi love graphic design ^^09:32
fschoepnysosym: great, I hope you will be on the team for next release :)09:32
nysosym:D sure09:32
nysosymi will try m best09:32
fschoepHave you had a chance to get that mail priority emblem to work?09:33
nysosymbut at moment i do everything to find these (sorry) stupid icon....09:33
nysosymfschoep: nothing, sry :(09:33
fschoepOK, no problem I'll look into it today09:34
nysosymi have asked the gnome people, but they can't help me :(09:34
nysosymfschoep: maybe a bug? :D09:34
fschoepnysosym: could be, if I can't get it to work I'll seek out further advice09:34
nysosymfine :)09:35
nysosymthanks for all :)09:36
nysosymfor me it's a honesty that MY icons will be in the next ubuntu release :)))09:37
nysosymbrb :)09:37
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nysosymre :D09:55
nysosymfschoep: how long is such a developer meeting? :)10:09
fschoepnysosym: one to one-and-a-half hours10:09
fschoepwe're done now10:10
nysosymany results? :)10:10
fschoepnysosym: just the weekly status update and the fact that final artwork needs to go in this week10:10
nysosymalthough many many many work... :-/10:12
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akulahI have a problem10:17
fschoepakulah: shoot10:17
akulahthe usplash in edgy don't show10:17
fschoepakulah: I think that's a known issue10:18
akulahi created a new one10:18
akulahbut still didn't work10:18
fschoepakulah: I see10:18
fschoepakulah: did you follow the Wiki HowTo?10:18
fschoepOK, if you follow it completely step by step it might work?10:19
akulahit worked for dapper10:20
akulahbut not for edgy10:20
akulaheven the tools used are different10:20
fschoepRight, I know of people who got it to work10:20
fschoepI'm afraid I can't help you with it right now, maybe others can10:21
akulahtnx very much10:21
akulahI'll keep trying10:22
nixternalakulah: i can help you get it fixed10:22
nixternal /etc/usplash.conf10:22
nixternalset it to 1024 and 768 respectedly..and then 'sudo update-initramfs -u' and then reboot..you should have a Usplash ;)10:23
nixternalif that don'e work...then the links between /etc/alternatives and /usr/lib/usplash are broken10:23
akulahI'm on it10:23
nixternalhehe..i have done triage on this bug all week long..not really an artwork issue all that much as it is a bad usplash.conf or broken symlinks10:24
nixternallrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 41 2006-10-04 16:53 /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so -> /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-kubuntu.so10:24
akulahI've checked out the links10:25
akulahand are ok10:25
nixternalok..so they are good?10:25
nixternalgood deal.how about the usplash.conf?10:25
nixternali love the /cmd script with konversation...no more doing it in konsole then copy and pasting10:26
akulahthre usplash.conf has to be modified10:26
nixternalhere is mine10:26
nixternal# Usplash configuration file10:26
akulah# Usplash configuration file10:27
nixternalthe reason you may not have seen it, is because the monitor picked it up as "out of synch"10:27
nixternalya, set it like mine, then 'sudo update-initramfs -u' and reboot to see if that works10:27
akulahjust done it10:28
nixternalno problem ;)10:28
akulahI have to reboot10:28
akulahjust one question10:28
akulahdo I have to set the vga in /boot/grub/menu.lst to 791?10:29
nixternali never messed with it, and from what i have seen, those who have, had worse problems10:29
nixternalya, i just double checked, mine is commented out, so it doesn't do it10:30
akulahand thanx again10:30
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nysosymhi Huwshimi :))10:55
HuwshimiHi nysosym10:55
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nysosymwb  fschoep :)11:18
fschoepnysosym: what's up?11:18
fschoepnysosym: I got dropped since I closed my Macbook's lid :)11:18
nysosymany steps forward with the icon? :D11:18
fschoepnysosym: working on those still, doing lots of work in between, but getting there11:19
nysosymare u the only one who works on the artwork?11:19
fschoepmostly, yes11:19
nysosymwow O.o11:20
fschoepWell, I'm not the only one *doing* the artwork11:20
fschoepBut I am the one working on getting it in there11:21
fschoepAnd making sure it works and it's good and all11:21
nysosymsure, but although a huge mission11:21
fschoepYes, I'm glad you see that :)11:22
nysosymgood speed! ;)11:23
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nysosymhi andreasn :)11:31
nysosymhow are u?11:33
andreasnjust fine11:34
=== effraie [n=effraie@jem75-1-82-228-146-152.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
andreasnabout to go to the bank and get myself some dollars11:34
andreasnbefore leaving for boston tomorrow11:34
andreasnwhat about you?11:34
nysosymi'm fine too11:41
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fschoepSeveas: how are you doing? I've trying to contact you regarding the spotlight usplash.11:42
fschoepI've been*11:42
Seveasfschoep, just replied11:43
fschoepSeveas: right, I'll e-mail it again11:43
fschoepSeveas: attached and sent11:45
nysosymfschoep: i`ve been a new step forward with the emblems, the "unread" icon in the sidebar works perfectly now :)11:48
fschoepnysosym: any special trick?11:49
nysosymno, just made a copy of "emblem-readonly.svg" and rename the copy to "emblem-nowrite.svg" :)11:49
fschoepnysosym: right11:50
nysosymyou know that? :D11:50
fschoepnysosym: now I know ;011:51
fschoepnysosym: I'm cleaning up my Edgy to make sure the emblems work with a minimum of changes11:51
nysosymvery strange, the "stock_mail-priority-high" icon is only available in "Human", "Tangerine", and "Tango"11:53
Seveasfschoep, could you pint me to the background image for the spotlight theme11:58
fschoepSeveas: sure11:58
fschoepCan you use one of the static frame as a background?11:59
fschoepI think you can fill up the rest of the screen with dark brown at the edges11:59
fschoepSeveas: brb12:00
nysosymfschoep: I HAVE THE ANSWER :DDD12:00
nysosym"rename "emblem-stock_mail-priority-high.svg" to "stock_mail-priority-high.svg"12:01
nysosymit works perfectly :)12:01
fschoepnysosym: right, thanks - that solves all problems then?12:02
fschoepSeveas: back12:02
nysosymyes, all is solved :)12:02
fschoepnysosym: one thing left12:02
fschoepnysosym: keeping the existing desktop emblem12:02
fschoepnysosym: and having it in prerendered sizes12:02
nysosymthe emblems?12:03
fschoepyes, the Human desktop emblem12:03
nysosymhmm the ubuntu logo? *unsure*12:04
fschoepnysosym: no, we have this teeny tiny desktop emblem12:04
fschoepnysosym: it is normally on top of the desktop folder12:04
nysosymi have maked a new one *shame*12:04
fschoepwe need to find a way to keep that one while adding yours12:05
fschoepnysosym: I know you made a new one, but I think we can't drop the existing one12:05
fschoepnysosym: the current one needs to be in there because of the desktop-button in the lower left corner12:05
nysosymbut my new one is only in the Emblems, in menus are everything "old"12:06
nysosym hmm12:06
fschoepnysosym: that's the problem12:06
fschoepnysosym: we need to keep the current desktop icon in the emblems for consistency12:06
fschoepnysosym: the others can all be yours12:06
nysosymalthough u need, the original for the "Desktop" folder in home?12:06
fschoepnysosym: yes12:06
nysosymbut i haven't a backup of my original human folder :/12:07
fschoepI think you could do a "sudo apt-get --reinstall install human-icon-theme"12:07
nysosymok mom :)12:07
fschoepnysosym: make sure you have a backup though!12:07
nysosympersonally i use my icon ^^12:09
nysosymlooks much better in the home folder :D12:09
fschoepnysosym: I see, but could you try keeping the original one?12:10
nysosymsure! no problem :)12:10
fschoepnysosym: keep in mind that Human contains prerendered version of that emblem so you might need to futz around with index.theme a bit12:10
fschoepnysosym: brb, lunchtime :)12:13
nysosymk have fun :)12:13
Seveashmm, imagemagick +map does NOT do what it's supposed to...12:27
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cbx33Frank been around yeT?12:37
Seveashe left not too long before you joined12:56
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nysosymreturned :)01:02
=== nenotnom [n=christof@81-225-188-103-o285.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymhi nenotnom :)01:04
nenotnomnysosym: hey01:13
nysosymhow are u? :)01:14
nenotnomI'm fine, you?01:14
nysosymfine too :)01:14
nysosymany problems? :)01:14
nenotnomno art related problems01:15
nysosymok :)01:15
cbx33dang it01:17
cbx33well you guys are art....so http://www.progbox.co.uk/finals/RC/exportUB2.ogg01:17
cbx33shorter startup sound01:17
nysosymvery very good :)01:20
nysosymis that your own creation?01:21
cbx33I'm gonna do the shutdown tonight01:21
cbx33I rerecorded it all last night with my nice new sound card01:21
nysosymwhich type of sound card one with asio support? :)01:21
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymwb fschoep :)01:25
fschoepnysosym: hi01:25
fschoepnysosym: it wasn't a long lunch, I also did some other print work :)01:25
nysosymyou have 2 new mails, but please ignore the first one ^^01:26
fschoepnysosym: I saw them, yes01:26
fschoepnysosym: did you manage to keep the original Human desktop emblem?01:26
nysosymall works like a sharm01:26
fschoepnysosym: even prerendered?01:26
cbx33fschoep http://www.progbox.co.uk/finals/RC/exportUB2.ogg01:26
fschoepHey cbx33 didn't see you get on, hi!01:26
cbx33nysosym: it's a delta 101001:26
cbx33i gotta go teach my python class now01:26
fschoepcbx33: MP3 please ;) ?01:27
fschoepcbx33: on Mac01:27
nysosymfschoep: yes even prerendered :d01:27
cbx33I'll have to do that in a min ;)01:27
cbx33I'll get it for you in about an hour ;)01:27
fschoepnysosym: OK, thanks - I'll be going through it and I'll pass it to Daniel if it's looking good.01:27
nysosymfschoep: no problem, i will thank u! :(01:28
nysosym:) *01:28
fschoepnysosym: I'm here if you find an error, otherwise I'll get in touch with you01:28
Seveasfschoep, I am getting increasingly frustrated with both the gimp and imagemagick01:28
fschoepnysosym: thanks for doing the additional debugging work ;)01:28
Seveasthey seem to ignore me01:28
fschoepSeveas: I can understand, so can I help?01:28
SeveasI am trying to make all images use the same palette01:28
Seveasbut whatever I do, one image fails to use that palette01:28
Seveasonly one(!)01:29
fschoepAlways one01:29
fschoepOnly one01:29
fschoepWhat are you trying exactly?01:29
Seveasonce that is done, the theme is finished01:29
fschoepSeveas: ooh, shiny01:29
fschoepCan I help you by making sure they all use the same palette?01:29
Seveasit's the progressbar image that is now failing01:30
fschoepHmm. Can't you create a new one based on the new palette?01:31
fschoepOr use a simple flat one?01:31
SeveasI refuse to let some piece of software win ;)01:31
fschoepSeveas: right :)01:31
fschoepSeveas: I'd say go for the flat progress bar route if all else fails01:32
fschoepSeveas: if I can help you by doing something with GIMP let me know, I'm here to help you out01:32
nysosymfschoep: the network panel icon, is very stretched, a known bug, is that an artwork problem or a other?01:37
nysosym(i know that bug from dapper) ^^01:37
fschoepnysosym: https://launchpad.net/bugs/5762601:37
fschoepnysosym: I patched is yesterday evening, fix is uploaded just now01:38
nysosymahh okay :)01:38
fschoepnysosym: enjoy01:38
nysosymnice, thx :)01:41
fschoepcbx33: any luck with the MP3?01:46
nysosymthe main server is sooo slow (11kbs).. *fail*01:48
Seveasok, so it looks like the palette is correct after all01:49
Seveasbut something in usplash is fucking up the pallette very, very bad01:50
fschoepSeveas: oh dear, can you work around it?01:51
Seveasno idea01:51
fschoepOtherwise, trying a flat progress bar?01:52
fschoepI'm all for a simple progress bar :)01:52
nysosymbrb *system is restarting*01:53
Seveasactually, kamion broke it01:53
Seveaswhile trying to 'fix' it for framebuffers01:53
fschoepSeveas: he's probably in u-devel go ahead and take a trout ;)01:54
Seveasgreat, we now have white progressbars and blue text *everywhere*01:54
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fschoepSeveas: sounds good for Kubuntu01:55
Seveasthe kubuntu theme also looks horrible01:55
fschoepSeveas: sorry, I was just trying to make a joke01:55
Seveasand it looks like mjg59 is the one who broke it01:56
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7BAEB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
fschoepSeveas: right, can I help you fix it somehow?01:56
fschoepppd: welcome01:57
nysosymhi ppd :)01:57
fschoepnysosym: question02:00
fschoepnysosym: why are all "large" directories missing from your index.theme?02:01
nysosymhmmmmm sry, "code optimizing"02:01
fschoepnysosym: OK02:02
fschoepnysosym: are there any real differences between the old and new index.theme?02:02
fschoepexcept for removing the large sizes?02:02
Seveasfschoep, creating the theme properly is now blocked on usplash being broken, other than that it's finished02:02
nysosymnot really02:02
fschoepSeveas: that's good and bad to hear02:02
fschoepSeveas: must I contact Kamion or mjh59 to solve it?02:02
fschoepSeveas: I'm not too sure about usplash internals so maybe you should contact them directly?02:03
SeveasI poked mjg59 already02:03
Seveasdon't know who broke it02:03
fschoepnysosym: OK, so it should work by just adding the SVGs now?02:03
nysosymi think so02:03
fschoepSeveas: I'm not sure either but Kamion said something about usplash this morning in the dev meeting.02:03
fschoepSeveas: let me try to find it for you02:04
fschoep"Kamion:   usplash: tasksel enhancements to fix resolution detection on fresh d-i installs still needed."02:04
fschoepSeveas: not sure if it's related02:04
fschoepnysosym: OK great, saves me the trouble of checking index.theme :002:05
fschoepSeveas: OK, then I'm probably not going to be able to help you02:05
nysosymfschoep: hmm when i reinstall the human package with "sudo apt-get --reinstall install human-icon-theme" the cursor theme isn't integrated in the Human folder02:08
fschoepnysosym: maybe install human cursor theme?02:09
fschoepjust an idea?02:09
nysosymsure mom02:09
troy_sheyas fschoep02:09
fschoeptroy_s: howdy02:09
fschoeptroy_s: up early again eh?02:10
fschoeptroy_s: anything on your mind right now02:10
nysosymfschoep: aahh okay, that works, but than you must remove the cursor folder, from my human package :D02:10
fschoepnysosym: right, don't worry I'll make sure nothing bad happens!02:10
fschoepnysosym: if something goes wrong I'll point all bug reporters to YOU :-)02:11
Seveasfschoep, I may have found the bug02:11
fschoepSeveas: can you explain it in understandable English?02:11
nysosymfschoep: hehe okay :D02:12
nysosymi will go to work now02:12
SeveasI need to pinpoint it first ;)02:12
nysosymgood bye my friends :)02:12
fschoepSeveas: OK I see02:12
nysosymand happy designing ;)02:12
fschoepnysosym: see you, thanks !02:12
Seveasotherwise I may say understandable rubbis02:12
fschoepSeveas: right, if you need to vent anything I'm here - I can understand most technical gibberish02:13
troy_snvidia aquired by intel possibly eh?02:14
fschoeptroy_s: should be interesting02:14
fschoeptroy_s: with ATI now under AMD?02:14
cbx33fschoep: do you still need an mp302:15
fschoepcbx33: yes, please02:15
cbx33hang on02:15
cbx33I'll mail it to you ok?02:16
fschoepcbx33: yes, thanks02:16
fschoepcbx33: I got it - do you have time later on to chat?02:19
cbx33i have 10 mins now02:19
cbx33and then possibly some more time in about an hour twenty or so02:19
fschoepRight let's do this now, then?02:20
cbx33or here02:20
fschoepPM's better02:20
fschoepSeveas: any luck yet?02:36
Seveasfschoep, I filed it as bug 6417102:37
fschoepSeveas: OK, using Malone is probably the best way to go indeed02:37
fschoepSeveas: did it change like one day ago?02:37
Seveasno, but I didn't look at usplash for a few days02:37
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
fschoepOK, but it shouldn't be changing radically this late in the cycle I think (got disconnect because the battery ran flat).02:39
Seveaswell, the change is a bugfix02:39
Seveasbut it caused this new bug02:40
fschoepI see02:40
Seveasand I have no experience whatsovere programming raw libsvga, so I'm at a loss02:40
fschoepOK, maybe Keybuk can help if he's around and not too busy02:41
Seveasno, only mjg59 is intimately familiar with that code02:44
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cbx33is frank around?05:23
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
=== PingunZ [n=kristof@253.181-240-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
cbx33can you listen oggs now?06:38
fschoepcbx33: no Max06:39
fschoepMac OS06:39
fschoepcbx33: I was working on another machine, switched keyboard quickly :)06:39
fschoepMost of the time (always) when I'm on IRC I'm on Mac OS06:39
cbx33where is lame now06:39
fschoepYou can send me OGGs, I'll upload them to my other machine and listen there06:40
fschoepcbx33: Oggs will be fine, too06:41
cbx33s'ok I'll getmp3s06:41
cbx33lame seems to have vanished from the repos06:41
fschoepcbx33: did you enable universe / multiverse?06:41
PingunZHey all06:41
cbx33you on dapper?06:41
fschoepHi PingunZ06:41
fschoepcbx33: Breezy :P06:42
fschoepKubuntu Breezy06:42
PingunZEdgy :)06:42
fschoepI upgraded from Hoary early this year I think06:42
fschoepWell, "upgrade" is a nice word for a complete reinstall06:42
PingunZfschoep: Why don't you upgrade then ?06:43
fschoepPingunZ: it all works06:43
cbx33fschoep, I think you're gonna like it06:43
fschoepPingunZ: and I now use Mac OS X as my main OS on the Macbook06:43
fschoepPingunZ: bought an Apple keyboard mouse and connected it to my TFT06:43
fschoepPingunZ: works perfectly :)06:43
PingunZBut breezy is ultra slow compared to edgy06:43
fschoepcbx33: ooh shiny!06:43
fschoepPingunZ: I've got a fast machine ;)06:44
PingunZfschoep: me too06:44
fschoepPingunZ: and it's K ubuntu06:44
fschoepPingunZ: I'm not sure, but Kubuntu Breezy feels good06:44
fschoepcbx33: yeah, it was an in-joke06:44
fschoepcbx33: too difficult to explain right now06:44
fschoepPingunZ: I run Dapper and Edgy under VMware, does that count?06:45
PingunZI run Ubuntu edgy :)06:45
PingunZuname[Linux Edgy 2.6.17-10-386 #2 Mon Oct 2 13:44:45 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux] 06:45
fschoepWhen I test Edgy, I tunnel VMware running on my Kubuntu Breezy via X11 to Mac OS X :006:45
fschoepthe mind boggles06:46
PingunZfschoep: Backup && install edgy :)06:47
fschoepPingunZ: I should do that once it's released06:47
fschoepPingunZ: not sure if I get to it though - I'm kind of happy with my current setup and there's nothing I need on top of that06:48
fschoepPingunZ: maybe I'm getting old06:48
PingunZSo .. your like running MS95 :D06:48
fschoepnah :)06:48
PingunZI'm on XP :D06:48
fschoepI've got that too somewhere06:48
PingunZI haven't :)06:48
fschoepI use it for Cubase (ring a bell cbx33)?06:49
PingunZLinux-only on this desky06:49
fschoepPingunZ: Linux, Mac and Windows only on my desk!06:49
fschoepPingunZ: I used to noodle around with Solaris, but that's not one of my pastimes anymore06:49
PingunZAt least no bsd or solaris :)06:49
cbx33./me didn't like cubase06:49
fschoepI can understand06:50
fschoepIt's just that Cubase came with my control surface so I used it06:50
fschoepmixer / control surface I should say06:50
fschoepIt's a small Tascam US-428, maybe you know it06:50
fschoepcbx33: compiling lame :) ?06:51
cbx33I give up06:52
fschoepcbx33: OK hang on06:53
fschoepcbx33: switching screens now06:53
fschoepcbx33: great06:55
fschoepcbx33: it's coming way closer now06:55
PingunZcbx33: Can I comment that sound ?07:24
cbx33PingunZ, sure07:32
PingunZOk .. here I go :)07:32
PingunZWell .. there are 2 main things .. 1) The end 2) The semi-climax07:33
PingunZ1) The end keeps on going .. like 5 seconds ..07:33
cbx33wanna shorten it?07:33
PingunZYes :)07:33
PingunZJust skip that end :)07:33
cbx33the semi climax?07:33
PingunZThe semi climax .. well this is hard to explain for me since I'm not english but I'll try :)07:34
PingunZSo .. you start with a little climax .. A tone .. A higher tone .. and then .. Instead of an even higher tone you repeat nearly the same tone07:34
PingunZGot it ? :)07:34
cbx33i know what you mean07:34
cbx33I'll work on it07:34
PingunZOk ;)07:35
PingunZThe last three tones are like the same ..07:35
PingunZI'd change one of them into a feller tone :)07:35
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cbx33hey fschoep09:08
cbx33just gonna rework the sound now09:08
fschoepcbx33: OK, great09:09
fschoepcbx33: remember, less is more :-)09:09
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7BAEB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymgoood evening :)09:31
nysosymjippi, a new human icon package :D09:35
PingunZWhat's new in it // downloading it too ;)09:36
nysosymmy emblems :D09:37
PingunZOh :)09:37
PingunZNice .. they rock ! :)09:37
PingunZThe orange or colored ones ?09:37
nysosymthe oranged, but a better consistent with human09:38
nysosymand thx :)09:38
PingunZOrange ones I see :)09:38
PingunZWell .. I preferred the colored ones but .. the orange ones still look great09:38
nysosymthx, a lot of bugfixing is in there ^^09:39
PingunZfschoep: Got another job for me ? :)09:40
fschoepPingunZ: can you create wallpapers/09:40
PingunZWell .. no :)09:41
fschoepPingunZ: like make some wavy lines09:41
fschoepPingunZ: you're the GDM guy right?09:41
PingunZHonestly .. My skills are really bad :)09:41
PingunZYup .09:41
fschoepPingunZ: can you add PAM message support to all five GDM's we're shipping with Edgy?09:41
fschoepThat includes Blubuntu09:41
fschoepI'll give you a pointer to what you need to do09:42
PingunZWhen do I need to finish it ?09:42
fschoepPingunZ: yesterday?09:42
fschoepPingunZ: no somewhere early next week is good09:42
PingunZOki :)09:43
PingunZYou mean pam-errors ?09:43
fschoepPingunZ: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/edgy-gdm-themes/+bug/5758809:43
PingunZLike caps lock or bad username ?09:43
fschoepPingunZ: you know "apt-get source" right?09:43
PingunZyes I do fschoep :)09:44
fschoepPingunZ: if you can create some patches against the right packages (edgy-gdm-themes) that'd be nice09:44
PingunZSo I apt-get source it .. midifie it .. and then I do what ?09:45
PingunZ*modify :)09:45
fschoepfirst make a copy of the file you edit09:45
fschoepthen later use "diff -c3 oldfile newfile > patchfile.txt" and send that to me or attach it to the bugreport09:46
PingunZOki :)09:46
=== PingunZ is apt-get sourceing it :)
fschoepyou should also look in blubuntu-look tropic-look and peace-loog09:47
PingunZthe source packages ?09:47
PingunZHmm .. apt-cache search blubuntu-look -> None ..09:48
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PingunZfschoep: Human theme is done09:58
fschoepPingunZ: both GDMs?09:59
PingunZNowp :)09:59
PingunZJust the first one .. needed to check if it worked .. :)09:59
fschoepRight, well good job already09:59
fschoepCan you add the patch to the bug report?09:59
PingunZfschoep: Humancircle is done too :)10:02
fschoepPingunZ: right, thanks :010:02
fschoepPingunZ: attached to bug report?10:02
PingunZfschoep: I was busy making the patch file :)10:04
PingunZGimme a sec ;)10:04
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PingunZfschoep: How do I attach it ? just *attach file * ?10:05
fschoepPingunZ: at the bottom you can add comments and patchfiles10:06
fschoepMust be logged in10:06
fschoepClick "Add a comment/attachment"10:06
PingunZYup :)10:06
fschoepone file at a time10:06
PingunZFound it ;)10:06
PingunZDamn .. Should I put it in a tar ?10:06
fschoepNo one patch file per comment10:09
fschoepjust add multiple comments10:09
PingunZAdded ;)10:09
PingunZfschoep: Tried ?10:22
fschoepPingunZ: in an audio meeting with cbx33 kinda busy now10:22
PingunZOk ;)10:22
PingunZI'll watch some tv then. cya10:22
fschoepPingunZ: thanks already!10:26
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fschoepPingunZ: thanks10:26
=== jimmac_ [n=jimmac@] has left #ubuntu-artwork ["Ex-Chat"]
PingunZNo problem fschoep ;)10:28
fschoepPingunZ: can you do Blubuntu as well?10:31
fschoepPingunZ: looking good so far10:31
cbx33this audio meeting is very interesting ;)10:36
nysosymcbx33: why? :D10:46
cbx33cos I'm playing live to fschoep10:46
PingunZfschoep: Put in all in a mail .. I'm going to bed :)10:47
PingunZnight all10:47
fschoepPingunZ: ok g\night10:47
fschoepPingunZ: thanks10:47
nysosymgn8 my friend :)10:47
nysosymhmm with inkscape it's impossible to make smooth gradient on higher resolutions *fail*10:48
nysosymi will go to ed now11:09
nysosymgood night all11:09
nysosymi'll hope to see u all later ;)11:09
fschoepGoodnight all11:13
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