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hectorUbucould I get some help here related to running a Java app in Ubuntu?06:02
grenegarwill try :)06:03
hectorUbuI'm trying to run a program called Sunrise, I used it in other distros without any probelm, but now using Ubuntu Edgy I get an error about not finding a library that is right inside the same directory06:04
hectorUbuthis is the error output: http://papernapkin.org/pastebin/view/206706:04
hectorUbuI'm using Sun-Java 1.506:04
grenegarso file 'swt-atk-gtk-3206' is in current directory, right?06:06
hectorUbuits named libswt-atk-gtk-3206.so06:07
grenegardoes your CLASSPATH include . in it (current directory)06:08
hectorUbuthis is the command line: java -Xmx128m -Djava.library.path=. -jar sunrise-desktop.jar06:08
grenegari think that any file *.so is not a java library. i expected swt-atk-gtk-3206.jar instead06:10
grenegar*.so is shared object file - a binary file used by operating system or apps i think... not for java object code.06:13
grenegar*.so does not require a runtime environment like jre to interpret object code06:14
grenegari guess that a problem exists with jre install. Maybe the .so file is not linked to the jre for some reason, as it should be.06:16
hectorUbuok... I just realized that the name of the file is libswt-gtk-3206.so without the atk... is that why>06:17
grenegarSeems like this .so provides java swt graphics toolkit mappings to gtk. you can try changing the launch command with this correct filename, but i'm pretty sure problems exists with .so being linked from jre (remove and re-install jre to fix?)06:19
grenegarsorry i don't use swt myself06:19
hectorUbuok, no problem!06:20
hectorUbuI could try recompiling the app from source... but I don't know how to compile java apps06:21
hectorUbuis not with ./configure & make, right?06:21
grenegarno, that is for native compile on linux06:22
grenegarfor java there is command 'javac' to compile however i think problem is with jre installation, not your java app06:22
hectorUbuI installed Java from the ubuntu repository06:23
hectorUbuand tried reinstalling06:23
hectorUbuI have other Java app that is running fine06:23
hectorUbuit looks like is about paths... but I don't know what could be06:23
grenegarbasically the jre will interpret the object code of your app and use the swt-to-gtk library to draw the gui on the screen, however this library can't be loaded by the jre06:24
grenegarmaybe the other app uses swing instead of swt for gui (assuming it is a gui app at all)?06:24
hectorUbuit is gui, yes06:25
grenegarswing and swt are two different libraries for making a gui with java (if you don't know)06:25
hectorUbuI found this file: /usr/lib/jni/libswt-atk-gtk-3139.so 06:25
hectorUbubut it's 3139 and not 320606:26
hectorUbuI created a symlink changing the name to 3206, but didn't work, hehe06:27
grenegarhmm. found a package libswt3.1-gtk-java06:29
grenegartry: sudo apt-get install libswt3.1-gtk-java 06:29
hectorUbuit's installed already06:29
grenegarmaybe remove and re-install?06:30
hectorUbudone... and the same06:30
hectorUbuthat package installs a second one called libswt3.1-gtk-jni, which contains the file libswt-atk-gtk-3139.so06:32
hectorUbubut Sunrise is looking for libswt-atk-gtk-3206.so06:32
hectorUbuthat could be the problem...06:32
grenegarseems like installation of this package fails to link this library correctly. maybe you can google for a manual fix for this? Sorry I can't help further.... 06:35
hectorUbuno problem, thank you for your time.06:36
grenegarmy pleasure06:36
hectorUbujust one more question, do you know what the directory /usr/lib/jni is for?06:36
hectorUbuis that used by sun-java?06:37
grenegarsome info here: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/jni/06:37
grenegarembed jre into a native app... allows you to give someone a package that runs without the hassle of them setting up jre on their system. however must be same platform as it was compiled on.06:39
hectorUbuok... solved! I got the file libswt-atk-gtk-3206.so from the eclipse CVS repository. now it works!06:45
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