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crimsunBenC: pong01:29
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BenCcrimsun: I have an odd problem on my laptop, hda_intel sound03:14
BenCcrimsun: it doesn't play the login sounds (or any desktop sounds), but my vmware I have running can play sounds03:14
mjg59BenC: Sure you haven't just disabled system sounds?03:15
crimsunhmm, so at least "audible" is moot. Perhaps prior to executing vmware the mixer element(s) weren't adjusted. Is this symptom reproducible on a fresh login and/or boot?03:16
BenCnah, I checked there and tryed to play the sounds...nothing comes out03:17
BenCcrimsun: Yeah, it's been like this for some time...I'm pretty sure it was working when I installed edgy using a daily from before beta03:17
crimsun``aplay /usr/share/sounds/startup.wav'' is completely silent?03:17
crimsunhmm, ok. Which codec does it use (from /proc/asound/card0/codec*)?03:18
BenCyep, silent03:18
crimsunif it's sigmatel, I have some stuff queued03:18
BenCCodec: Conexant ID 504703:19
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crimsunah crap, kernel freeze is tomorrow, eh?03:19
BenCyeah, but there may be exceptions03:19
BenCcrimsun: FYI, it happens with the latest linux-2.6 git too03:19
crimsunBenC: please dump ``amixer'' output03:23
mjg59BenC: Just as a sanity check - does cat /vmlinuz >/dev/dsp generate sound? :)03:26
BenCyep, lot of static :)03:27
BenClike I said, vmware+winxp has working sound03:28
BenCit's just alsa stuff03:28
BenCwonder if I switch to using OSS03:28
crimsundoes  amixer set 'PCM' 80%,on  help?03:29
crimsunI was about to say, sheesh, if alsa's oss emulation works...03:31
BenCso is that amixer thing permanent?03:32
crimsunonce you ``sudo alsactl store'', yes03:32
crimsunnp :)03:33
BenCI'll try a live cd and see if it's like that by default03:33
zullost is like totally messed up03:34
BenCcould be something I crapped up after install03:34
gnomefreakall kinds of errors with kernel update but they seem not to mean much03:35
crimsunBenC: alsa-utils's debian/init does unmute and set 'PCM' to 80% by default, so sounds should be audible by default OotB (live cd)03:36
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BenCmjg59: Someone reported a soft kernel lockup using latest edgy kernel, with out bcm43xx patches03:50
BenCbug 5863803:50
BenCnear the bottom03:50
mjg59BenC: I don't think the soft lockup problem has anything to do with broadcom03:57
kylemi thought bcm4318 support was almost nonexistant (tx-power issues?) anyway?04:00
mjg59kylem: Works if you're close enough to the AP04:01
kylemmjg59, yeah, i bought one to use at OLS due to the AP not liking my prism2.5 (for reasons that i don't understand004:02
mjg59How do we phrase "You lose" without sounding like we hate him?04:02
crimsun"Due to intractable differences between..."04:04
kylemnone of them have full dmesg which would be useful...04:04
mjg59Most of the soft lockup messages I've seen reported have seemed to happen around reiserfsck04:05
crimsun(speaking of which, I'm sure you've read Jeff Mahoney's comments regarding reiser3 ;)04:06
mjg59No surprise there04:07
mjg59It's basically unmaintained, and reiser4 isn't an acceptable substitute04:08
kylemmjg59, that guys /proc/interrupts is. funny04:09
kylemmjg59, what's the point of having two cpus if one of them isn't going to handle any interrupts. 8)04:09
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tonfa"If a string with the form |program is written to /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern, all core dumps will be piped to the given program instead of being written to disk."08:53
tonfacould that be used for apport ?08:53
tonfainstead of an external patch08:53
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tonfa(this feature will be available in 2.6.19 according to lwn.net)08:54
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gnomefreakdid something change bewteen the -10-386 and the -10-generic that would cause nvidia to only work on one. (i have to reinstall the drivers for it to work on the other kernel)02:48
gnomefreakexample right now nvidia-glx only works on -10-generic if i want it to work on the 386 i have to boot into it and reinstall the drivers but than it wont work on the -generic02:49
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BenCporkpie_: pong04:30
BenCporkpie_: building now04:30
porkpie_cool 04:33
zulhey BenC 04:34
porkpie_BenC:can i just drop the kernel into a directory from the ISO ....I have extracted the iso to a folder ...if the .deb has the same name can I just drop it in and then recreate the iso ?04:47
BenCporkpie_: it wont boot the ISO with that kernel in that manner04:48
porkpie_I will recreate the boot disk ...from the iso04:48
BenCit's the initrd that needs rebuilding04:49
BenClook under casper/ on the ISO04:49
BenCthe vmlinuz and initrd need to be replaced/rebuilt...and then the CD remade so that it's still bootable04:50
porkpie_BenC:so if I edit these file with the correct entries then drop them into the correct place will that work ?04:52
BenCporkpie_: As I said, I'm not a CD expert...all of this is on the wiki somewhere04:53
porkpie_OK ....sorry04:53
BenCyou'll get better answers about this stuff (after looking at the wiki) in #ubuntu04:53
porkpie_BenC:have we got to complie the Kernel ?05:00
BenCthe kernel is compiling05:00
porkpie_Cool ..is that on a 64bit system05:01
porkpie_BenC:what can I use to edit the vmlinuz file05:04
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porkpie_BenC:how's it going boss07:50
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zulyay i crashed the redhat installer08:20
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porkpie_BenC:are you about 09:29
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fdovingI experience the same as this guy, with current edgy, dapper worked fine: http://www.mail-archive.com/bcm43xx-dev%40lists.berlios.de/msg01959.html09:42
fdovingany plans on removing/adding anything to fixe issues like that? and will the prism2_usb module be included in edgy? 09:43
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AnAntwhat's the difference between the -generic or -386 linux images ?10:48
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porkpie_BenC:Hello 11:01
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porkpie_BenC:Did the Kernel finish ??11:01
BenCporkpie_: Had a build failure, and restarted the build11:02
BenChopefully be done in an hou11:02
porkpie_BenC:sorry to hear that ....I hope it's not causing to many problems for you 11:03
BenCnot really, it's building on a remote machine11:03
BenCbrb, need to reboot11:03
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tormodBenC, do you have a prism2 device yourself to test with?11:48

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