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GNAMwow time for meeting08:22
GNAM@schedule rome08:22
UbugtuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 05 Oct 09:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 05 Oct 23:00: Kubuntu | 06 Oct 12:00: Accessibility Team | 10 Oct 22:00: Technical Board | 11 Oct 22:00: Edubuntu | 12 Oct 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team08:22
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sfllaw@schedule America/Montreal08:44
UbugtuSchedule for America/Montreal: 05 Oct 03:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 05 Oct 17:00: Kubuntu | 06 Oct 06:00: Accessibility Team | 10 Oct 16:00: Technical Board | 11 Oct 16:00: Edubuntu | 12 Oct 11:00: Ubuntu Development Team08:44
sfllawmdz_: Hey.08:45
sfllawCertainly morning.08:45
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Current meeting: Ubuntu Development Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 05 Oct 21:00 UTC: Kubuntu | 06 Oct 10:00 UTC: Accessibility Team | 10 Oct 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 11 Oct 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 12 Oct 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team
mvogood morning08:51
mdz_who else is here?08:51
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Fujitsu pokes his head out of the shadows.
mdz_pitti: hi08:53
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kwwii_hi all08:53
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=== mdz_ waits for the last-minute barrage from the UK
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FujitsuWe're being flooded by core-devs!08:54
mdz_dholbach: morning08:54
=== Fujitsu drowns.
dholbachgood morning, mdz08:54
dholbachmorning everybody else :)08:54
FujitsuHi dholbach.08:54
tfheenGOOD MORNING, Daniel!08:54
doko__good morning08:54
FujitsuHey doko__.08:54
dholbachHEYA  T O L L E F - hey doko__, Fujitsu :-)08:55
=== fschoep [n=franksch@adsl-dc-35cb8.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Fujitsu misses Mithrandir.
fschoepHello everyone.08:55
dholbachhi fschoep08:56
BenCmdz: pong08:56
fschoepmdz: can you put me a bit later in the queue, I've got a cold and need to order my list a bit more08:56
fschoephi dholbach 08:56
fschoepdholbach: Doing fine, I hope?08:56
mdz_fschoep: ok08:56
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dholbachfschoep: yeah, blubuntu and peace uploaded, will do tropic after the meeting (they'll be sitting in NEW for a while)08:57
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fschoepdholbach: OK, thanks  lot08:57
=== heno [n=henrik@ti200720a080-3150.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdz_heno: morning08:57
dholbachfschoep: no problem - i hope we have the artwork example packaging gallery complete soon ;-)08:58
henomdz_ morning :)08:58
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fschoepdholbach: OK, can you also peek at my patch for #57626 today :) ?08:58
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
dholbachfschoep: sure will08:58
fschoepdholbach: thanks08:58
dholbachde rien :)08:58
mdz_we are short ~5, waiting a minute for stragglers09:00
mdz_tardiness abounds09:02
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdz_time to get started though09:02
mdz_tfheen: you're up09:02
tfheenmisc: some casper hacking, cleanups after beta, preparations for RC09:02
tfheennext week: RC preparations, finishing touches to casper09:02
=== ranf [n=ralfm@dslb-084-058-132-112.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
tfheenoh, and I'm going to get a new Opera version into -commercial too09:02
mdz_tfheen: what's your feeling on the bug list for RC/final?09:02
tfheen(security fixes)09:02
tfheenmdz_: the list of targeted bugs looks manageable.09:02
mdz_tfheen: have you looked over the process doc for RC?09:03
tfheenyes, and it looks good.09:03
tfheenlet's see if the execution works well too. :-)09:03
mdz_the key is to make corrections as you go :-)09:03
tfheenyeah, I'm going to do that09:04
mdz_the checklist starts...3 days ago I think09:04
tfheenit starts today, iirc?09:04
tfheenwith KernelFreeze09:04
mdz_ah, correct09:04
mdz_and then monday09:04
mdz_ok, thanks09:05
mdz_pitti: next09:05
pitti * security updates: firefox 1.0->1.5 for breezy (ugh, thanks to all involved), openssl, mono, checked/published lots of updates from Kees09:05
pitti * fixed langpack-o-matic infrastructure to work with new SRU policy (upload staging in *-proposed), uploaded new langpacks to dapper-proposed, discussion about publishing/review is ongoing09:05
pitti * fixed langpack-o-matic to only generate new versions if something actually changed09:05
pitti * taught apport how to run really *fast*09:05
pitti * improved apport-retrace script to make use of new ddeb archive, so that you now get symbolic stack traces to the extent possible (depending on ddeb availability); will announce it on u-devel09:05
pitti * Beta CD testing09:05
pitti * bug fixing sprint09:05
pitti * finish discussion and SRU policy about langpack updates to get updates working again09:05
pitti * another bug fixing sprint, catch up with bug triage09:05
pitti * some more pending security updates, clean up the backlog of low-profile issues with Kees09:05
pitti * care for mysql merge if infinity's workload is too high09:05
mdz_pitti: anything on your bug list for final?09:05
pittiyeah, quite a number09:06
pittiI used the milestone09:06
mdz_manageable though?09:06
pittiabout 15 which are easy09:06
pittiyes, the only bug that will need time to fix is the sudo one09:06
pittifor the rest I have patches or an easy solution, just a matter of applying and testing them09:06
keescookpitti: is that the ssh+sudo terminal bug?09:07
pittiI think I can kill them by the end of the week09:07
mdz_pitti: are you getting feedback about the ddeb infrastructure09:07
pittikeescook: yes09:07
pittimdz_: yes, some; people seem to love it :)09:07
pittiand various Debian guys approached me as well09:07
pittibut with yesterday's apport-gtk, the ddebs start making real sense09:07
=== sivang is here now
pittierm, s/gtk/retrace/09:08
mdz_pitti: is there a doc which explains to developers how to use it?09:08
mdz_it would be useful if bug triagers could decode the crash reports09:08
pittimdz: that's the 'will announce it today' part09:08
mdz_pitti: ok, thanks09:08
pittiyes, I probably put it into the wiki09:08
mdz_heno: next09:08
henoa11y for Edgy:09:09
heno* onBoard promoted to main but needs seeding to desktop and GOK should be un-seeded. This will save several MB09:09
heno* Bugs: GOK crasher (58600) AT-SPI crasher (62446) 09:09
heno* Live CD: Will test latest Casper settings, Need ubquity orca-as-root hack09:09
heno* usability: gnome-at-prefs patch pending to eliminate a11y menu entries in Applications menu (59553)09:09
heno*WinFOSS: just some cosmetic cleanups and latest versions of apps (esp. Firefox now in RC)09:09
dholbachheno: I'm happy to do the seed change.09:09
mdz_was just about to ask ;-)09:09
henodholbach: thanks!09:09
dholbachheno: de rien09:09
mdz_tfheen: winfoss is one for the checklist; please add it09:10
dholbachthe gok crasher was X-related, I think09:10
mdz_it should have a deadline well in advance of RC09:10
dholbachheno: for the at-spi crasher, we should get in touch with William again09:10
henodholbach: sorry William who?09:11
mdz_heno: you had a chance to test a11y in beta and those are the only known major issues?09:11
dholbachheno: Walker09:11
henomdz_: yes, that's what's on my list 09:11
mdz_heno: ok, thanks09:12
henoseveral things have been fixed in the past few days09:12
mdz_iwj: next09:12
iwjpackage-dependency-field-breaks: reverted the Breakses in edgy (update-manager couldn't be made to cope in time)09:12
iwjautomated-testing-deployment: Some progress on packaging the Xen/LVM virtualisation scripts.09:12
iwjother done: firefox 1.0->1.5 security update for breezy finally done.  Bugs.09:12
iwjtodo: Bugs and more automated-testing-deployment.09:12
tfheenmdz_: done09:12
mdz_iwj: ISTR the firefox branding list being a targeted bug; have you had a look at that?09:12
mdz_tfheen: thanks09:12
mdz_"bon echo" -> "firefox"09:13
iwjmdz_: Err, no ...09:13
=== freemanen [n=freemane@c83-248-211-211.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
iwjI was waiting to see what came out of your negotiations with upstream.09:13
iwjAnd secretly hoping the actual 2.0 might make it.09:13
mdz_iwj: they're not being very responsive; we're likely to go with what we have for edgy09:13
=== xeros [i=xeros@fan194.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdz_according to upstream there is no need to name the pre-releases Bon Echo09:13
mdz_so we don't need to wait for 2.0 for that09:14
iwjmdz: So just to be clear, I should arrange for it to be called `firefox' unless I hear from you otherwise ?09:14
mdz_(and we need to fix it even if it doesn't come)09:14
mdz_iwj: yes, matching dapper09:14
iwjmdz: Well, yes, but when 2.0 comes the name will change automatically.09:14
mdz_iwj: s/when/if/ :-)09:14
mdz_iwj: ok, thanks09:14
mdz_sfllaw: next09:14
=== doko_ is away for 2min
sfllaw * Set up lab environment to test fixes for *-proposed09:15
sfllaw * Verified bug 59228 was fixed09:15
sfllaw * Bug triage09:15
sfllaw * Hug day09:15
UbugtuMalone bug 59228 in cpio "cpio build glitch breaks Unicode char handling" [Unknown,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5922809:15
sfllaw * Pinged cgps about interns09:15
sfllaw * Installer testing with cr309:15
sfllawTo do:09:16
sfllaw * Hug day09:16
sfllaw * Bug triage09:16
mdz_sfllaw: there are a few non-mainstream use cases which I think we need to formally QA in advance of RC; please email me and I will fill in the details tomorrow09:16
sfllawmdz_: Writing e-mail as we speak.09:17
mdz_sfllaw: since you were in proximity, do you happen to know what's happening wrt cr3 and certification testing?09:17
sfllawI know that they're going to be testing the boxes that Intel has shipped them.09:17
sfllawAnd that they will try to do all the boxes in the lab on a best effort basis.09:18
mdz_ok, that's one of the items I was referring to, but I have a specific list of line items09:18
mdz_will follow up via email09:18
mdz_thanks sfllaw09:18
mdz_doko_: next09:18
doko_this week:09:18
doko_ - openoffice.org - OOo 2.0.4 RC3 packages, splitting out icon styles09:18
doko_   and dropping dependency on java-gcj-compat (saving 17MB on the CD).09:18
doko_   fix openoffice.org-gcj to work again, updated some needed -java09:18
doko_   packages.09:18
doko_ - toolchain-roadmap: addressing bugs, still outstanding: glibc build09:18
doko_   failure on ia64, currently working on it.09:18
doko_ - toolchain-roadmap+1: prepare gcc-4.1/gcc-4.2, binutils updates.09:18
doko_ - some fixes for python using packages09:18
doko_ - other: looking at eclipse update, oprofile sync.09:18
doko_next week:09:18
doko_ - focus on OOo report, python reports.09:18
doko_ - address glibc build failure on ia6409:18
Riddell"saving 17MB" yay :)09:19
mdz_doko_: the java-gcj-compat changes are landed now?09:19
=== pitti hugs doko_ for CD space savings
doko_mdz_: yes09:19
mdz_doko_: well done09:20
mdz_doko_: do you expect to see a 2.0.4 final before RC freeze?09:20
doko_mdz: it's expected before our RC, let's see how it works09:20
doko_final python 2.4.4 is another candidate for an update09:21
mdz_doko_: could you follow up with LP folks to see about opening edgy+1 in advance?  last i heard, it was deemed possible but the plan wasn't very concrete09:21
doko_ok, will do09:22
mdz_doko_: thanks09:22
mdz_BenC: next09:22
BenC* Most of the way through the dapper kernel post-release changes audit09:22
BenC* edgy kernel is about ready. Few more regressions to look at. Upload tomorrow will be for kernel freeze.09:22
BenC* started work on edgy+1 kernel09:22
BenC* no-boot-loader changes will be uploaded tomorrow with kernel.09:22
BenC* Bug review09:22
BenCoops, one liner change to that09:22
BenC* edgy kernel is about ready. Few more regressions to look at. Maybe have a few patches by tomorrow, but nothing that will cause an ABI change.09:22
tfheenBenC: uh, tomorrow?  Freeze is today, can you get it in today?09:22
mdz_BenC: are the regressions targeted?09:22
tfheenBenC: or is it your tomorrow which is thursday?09:23
BenCtomorrow == today for you guys :)09:23
tfheenok, thanks09:23
tfheenhurrah for timezones09:23
mdz_BenC: thanks for the intel review, have a conference call tomorrow with them to confirm everything09:23
mdz_seb128: next09:24
BenClet me know if you need any more info on kernel support09:24
seb128- GNOME 2.16.109:24
seb128- beta CD testing09:24
seb128- fixed desktop bugs, a bunch with edgy milestone09:24
seb128- bug triage09:24
seb128To do:09:24
mdz_will do09:24
seb128- bugs marathon, backlog jumped from 220 to 340 in a week09:24
seb128- keep fixing bugs for edgy09:24
mdz_seb128: how big is your targeted bug list?  anything which should worry us?09:24
seb128edgy bugs list is fairly small (13 desktop-bugs milestoned for edgy atm)09:25
seb128no real blocker09:25
seb1283-4 bugs I really want to have a look at09:25
seb128other are bonus09:25
mdz_seb128: you have a lead on that gnome-settings-daemon issue?09:25
seb128it's gst_init failing sometime, I've started to try figuring why09:25
seb128I want to look at it today09:25
mdz_ok, thanks09:26
mdz_dholbach: next09:26
dholbachDone (since last meeting)09:26
dholbach    * gnome 2.16.109:26
dholbach    [* celebrated germany's union] 09:26
dholbach    * bug triage09:26
dholbach    * telepathy packaging09:26
dholbach    * artwork packaging ({blubuntu,peace,tropic}-look)09:26
dholbach    * motu-uvf09:26
dholbach    * motu reviews09:26
dholbach    * apt-get.org reviews09:26
dholbachTo do09:26
dholbach    * BUG TRIAGE, BUG FIXING09:26
dholbach    * look into Debian fixes09:26
dholbach    * a11y team meeting09:26
dholbach    * more motu-uvf09:26
dholbach    * more apt-get.org reviews (didn't manage as much over the WE as I'd liked)09:26
mdz_dholbach: is artwork up to date with the latest from the art team now?09:26
dholbachI'll upload tropic after the meeting09:27
dholbachbut after that, that's all I have09:27
dholbachwe might add some emblems to human-icon-theme, but fschoep knows more about that09:27
mdz_dholbach: ok, thanks09:27
dholbach(nothing grave at any rate)09:27
mdz_Keybuk: next09:27
Keybuk * CD/Upgrade testing09:28
Keybuk * sysvinit: mount /proc/bus/usb again for release, using an awesome recursive bind-mount hack09:28
Keybuk * upstart: fixed bug of calling shutdown from runlevel 0 or 609:28
Keybuk * first cut at making nvidia/fglrx only load if needed, infinity working on improvement for nvigia-legacy09:28
Keybuk * cleaned up anastacia09:28
Keybuk * inittab migration09:29
Keybuk * update readahead lists09:29
mdz_Keybuk: _very solid and obviously correct_ awesome recursive bind-mount hack I hope09:29
Keybukmdz_: totally bogus, scary, freaky09:29
Keybukbut works09:29
mdz_Keybuk: I feel so much better now09:30
dholbach. o O { We're all going to die... }09:30
Keybuk/proc/bus/usb is a recursive bind-mount of /dev/bus/usb09:30
Keybukwith usbfs mounted with restrictive permissions at /dev/bus/usb/.usbfs09:30
mdz_Keybuk: any remaining upstart issues to fix for final?09:30
Keybukand a devices symlink in there09:30
Keybukmdz_: just the inittab migration09:30
mdz_Keybuk: how scary?09:31
Keybukwhich bit?09:31
mdz_inittab migration09:31
Keybukit's vaguely annoying, because inittab isn't a very well-specified config file09:32
Keybukwill have to look for "common patterns" (like commenting out something with getty in its command) rather than actual changes09:32
mdz_Keybuk: you are full of good news today09:32
Keybukmdz_: I want you to sleep well tonight ;)09:32
Keybukthat's why I threw in the shiny anastacia emptyness09:32
Keybukto make you feel better09:33
mdz_Keybuk: satisfied with the archive checklist having put it into practice?09:33
Keybukmdz_: needs adjusting to better deal with NBS I think09:33
mdz_Keybuk: how so?09:33
Keybukto find them, check them, arrange for rebuilds if necessary09:34
mdz_ok, by all means ;-)09:34
mdz_Keybuk: thanks09:34
mdz_mvo: next09:34
Keybukalso a note that you can't ever satisfy jessica09:34
mvo- Beta release testing/bugfixing09:34
mvo- Lot of bug triage (beta brought in lots of reports)09:34
mvo- dist-upgrader work (edgyQuirks code that will ensure proper python2.4-foo -> python-foo transition and deal with hpijs, fixes, revert support for backports, we will get this in edgy+1)09:34
mvo- g-a-i desktop files updated, added desktop-files from CommonCustomization 09:34
mvo- prepared notifications about non-free drivers (update-notifier url support)09:34
mvo- desktopsecure dapper-commercial update09:34
mvo- backported gtkhtml to breezy g-a-i because ff1.5 update broke pymozembed09:34
mvo- python-apt work (memleak  fixed + nasty crashes due to python2.5 C-API changes)09:34
mvo- apt fixes in the i18n code and made the pkgTagFile buffer more dynamic09:34
mvo- apt and recent g++ trouble with #pragma debugged with doko (http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=29289)09:34
Ubugtugcc.gnu.org bug 29289 in c++ "[4.1/4.2]  additionally weak symbols referenced/generated" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  09:34
mvo- upgrade testing09:34
mvo- various fixes uploaded09:34
mvoWill do:09:35
mvo- more bugtriage/testing/fixes09:35
mvo- fix synaptic performance regression (#63171)09:35
mvo- fix language-selector problem when new fontconfig fragments are added (#62869)09:35
mvo- investigate popcon bug #64122, need access to the apache logs09:35
UbugtuMalone bug 64122 in popularity-contest "Duplicated HOSTID in popcon" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6412209:35
mvo- user notification for non-free drivers(?)09:35
mdz_Keybuk: *inappropriate comment suppressed*09:35
mvo- look into non-free icons issue of app-install-data (#61076)09:35
mdz_mvo: is the dist-upgrader in shape for RC/final?09:35
mvomdz_: yes. we only get bugs about failing postinst etc now09:35
mdz_mvo: in main?09:36
mdz_are those filed and targeted?09:36
mvoand there is a common upgrade issue for people who have installed unofficial compoiz packages09:36
dholbachurg urg urg :-(09:36
mvomdz_: yes, I usually reassign those. mostly caused by customization in some way09:36
mdz_mvo: you have an RT ticket open for the logs?09:37
mvono, doing that now09:37
mdz_ok, thanks09:37
mdz_keescook: next09:37
keescook * new hire checklist, system access, etc09:37
keescook * Beta testing09:37
keescook * build environment creation09:37
keescook * security reviews: keeping "unchecked" CVE list short09:37
keescook * security updates created and released: gdb/all, ffmpeg/dapper,breezy,hoary, xine-lib/dapper,breezy,hoary, kino/hoary09:37
keescook * security updates built: bind9, python2.[34] 09:37
=== Kamion [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
keescook * security investigated for: libmusicbrainz, libksba09:37
keescook * bug triage09:37
keescook * minor apport debugging/improvement, patches incorporated by pitti09:37
Kamiondamnit, sorry, totally forgot ...09:37
keescookTo do:09:37
keescook * security updates pending with pitti: bind909:37
keescook * security updates with build trouble: python2.[34] 09:37
keescook * security updates for: libmusicbrainz, libksba, awstats09:37
keescook * stricter build environment (sbuild+schroot+lvm snapshots)09:37
mdz_keescook: build trouble -> related to the update or something else?09:38
pittimdz_: related to the 'spethial' packaging of python09:38
keescookit's related to build system changes, I'm assuming.  doko and pitti have a fuller understanding.09:38
pittiand to some kernel weirdness in the test suite09:38
doko_mdz_, pitti: no failure of a test (just on the buildd's)09:39
keescookit's been tracked down, and the first pass at the hoary updates finished okay.09:39
pitti(eternal hang in a test that didn't happen in final)09:39
mdz_keescook: are you now able to process updates/advisories end-to-end?09:39
keescooknope, still going through pitti at the moment.09:39
pittithe vendor-sec objection period finished today, I filed an RT for security@u.c. alias09:39
pittiI'll also file an RT for jackass access09:40
mdz_keescook: as you should be, but you have all the necessary privileges now, yes?09:40
pittibut we need to make kees an ubuntu-core-dev for full access, and that needs to go through the official process09:40
mdz_or waiting on sysadmin?09:40
keescookwhat pitti said.  :)09:40
mdz_pitti: you'll guide kees through the core-dev process?09:40
pittimdz_: of course09:40
mdz_thanks keescook09:40
pittialready at it09:40
mdz_Riddell: next09:40
Riddelldone: beta release, went very well.  KDE conference, lots of Kubuntu love.09:40
Riddell      bug fixing09:40
Riddell      KDE 3.5.5 packaging, Qt 4.2 packaging09:40
Keybukkeescook: the TB accepts bribes09:40
Riddellunblocked: ruby, thanks BenC09:41
Riddelltodo: finish KDE 3.5.5, Qt 4.2.  KOffice 1.6 also out this week.  UVF exception requests to come09:41
keescookKeybuk: I must perfect my beer-over-IRC system.09:41
mdz_Riddell: time is very short for major new upstreams at this point; are there high-priority fixes in there?09:41
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Riddellmdz_: qt 4.2 has some important stuff like not duplicating packages and giving us back qt4 dbus09:42
mdz_Riddell: please be thorough with your rationales09:43
Riddellnothing vital in kde and koffice, but still plenty of nice fixes09:43
mdz_Riddell: targeted bugs for Kubuntu?09:43
Riddellmdz_: I'll do some malone targetting today, but making sure accessibility and oem-config work will be there09:44
Riddellalso if anyone want to fix libnss-mdns to touch nss.switch that would be great09:44
mdz_Riddell: ok, please make sure those bugs are targeted by the end of the week09:44
mdz_we need to know where we stand09:44
mdz_Riddell: thanks09:44
mdz_kwwii_: next09:45
kwwii_The last weeks I did:09:45
kwwii_completely new powermanager icons09:45
kwwii_final tweaks on usplash pic, tested on lots of machines - seems to work and look fine.09:45
kwwii_windeco button tweaks09:45
kwwii_kdm and kslpash pics and config to fix bug and center the logo (fixed https://launchpad.net/bugs/40821)09:45
UbugtuMalone bug 40821 in kdebase "login dialog font is huge on 147 DPI screen" [Low,Fix released]  09:45
kwwii_played a bit and finally gave up on the about/help/app-start pages09:45
kwwii_next week I plan to do:09:45
mdz_kwwii_: is the artwork now final?09:45
kwwii_kmenu side image09:45
kwwii_kubuntu branded kmenu icon09:45
kwwii_web page images09:45
kwwii_polishing anything left09:45
kwwii_create a wiki page with all final artwork, screens, etc.09:45
kwwii_mdz_: very close to it, yes...just polishing left09:46
mdz_kwwii_: let's make RC freeze the hard deadline, including polishing09:46
kwwii_hrm, we could come close09:46
mdz_kwwii_: we need it finalized; no last-minute changes this time around09:47
kwwii_we are not missing anything major anyway...so whatever gets left out is not such a big deal09:47
mdz_kwwii_: thanks09:47
mdz_fschoep: next09:48
fschoep * community-artwork: conference call with jmak and sabdfl, follow-up tomorrow, wrote down final directions09:48
fschoep * firefox-themes-ubuntu: fix bugs, Ian uploaded new package09:48
fschoep * art-mailing-list: fix ML moderation, we now have an active team for it again09:48
fschoep * theme-teams: did my best to package their work, Daniel is doing the final touches09:48
fschoep * fixing bugs09:48
fschoep * updating specifications and bugs09:48
fschoep * usplash-artwork: work with Seveas and msikma to get a new design in09:48
fschoep * sound-themes: got in touch with cbx33, working on shorter sounds09:48
fschoep * community-artwork: creating final designs to sabdfl's liking09:48
fschoep * ubuntu-art-polish-human-icons: iterate with Dave on polishing icons, integrating some community crafted icons09:48
mdz_fschoep: likewise, make artwork freeze your drop-dead date09:48
mdz_er, RC freeze09:48
fschoepmdz_: I'll do my best and communicate that plan to sabdfl tomorrow09:48
mdz_fschoep: any deliverables from the artwork call for final?09:48
fschoepmdz_: I'm not sure if I get that question, can you rephrase it?09:49
mdz_fschoep: were there any issues raised during the conference call which must be addressed for final?09:49
fschoepmdz_: yes09:50
mdz_it sounds like there were, but we need a list09:50
fschoepmdz_: the only issue was that the artwork sucks so to speak09:50
mdz_please file bugs for each of them and target them to ubuntu-6.10 so that tfheen sees them09:50
fschoepmdz_: so we worked this week on solving it09:50
mdz_fschoep: I am not amused09:50
fschoepmdz_: it wasn't funny09:50
fschoepmdz_: so I'll file bugs for the GDM and wallpaper then?09:51
mdz_fschoep: anything which is needed for final09:51
mdz_and it needs to be complete by RC freeze09:51
mdz_barring extraordinary circumstances09:51
fschoepmdz_: right, I'll do that09:51
mdz_fschoep: ok, thanks09:52
mdz_Kamion: next09:52
Kamion  misc: Edgy beta release. Lots of archive admin. openssh security fix. germinate fix to stop it wanting to promote type-handling to main. Renamed "server" to "command-line" install on the alternate CDs.09:52
Kamion  sane-installer-keyboard: Extra bits of integration missed earlier, done for beta. Keyboard variant selector in ubiquity. Other minor fixes.09:52
Kamion  ubiquity: Fixed to prevent selection of reserved usernames. Now catches file copying errors and displays a more helpful error message, which should cut down the incoming bug flow a lot.09:52
Kamion  no-more-devfs: kickseed fix for partition selection required by device name changes.09:52
KamionTo do:09:52
Kamion  usplash: tasksel enhancements to fix resolution detection on fresh d-i installs still needed.09:52
Kamion  ubiquity: Still need to at least analyse gtk-mainloop-crash and invalid-literal-for-int crashes; may be able to at least work around these. Two other major bugs remaining for final (dodgy country selection and broken manual partitioning summary).09:52
Kamion  misc: Fix system-config-kickstart, which is broken at the moment and needs a bit of an overhaul.09:52
Kamion(I'm going to give the usplash stuff priority)09:52
mdz_Kamion: are those important-sounding todo items recorded as targeted bugs?09:52
Kamionyes, except for those two crashes because I haven't decided on those yet09:53
mdz_have you had a look over the process docs?09:53
Kamionbriefly, but not yet extensively I'm afraid09:53
mdz_ok, best to do it in the throes for the best chance of catching omissions09:53
KamionI've todoed that for myself09:53
mdz_Kamion: how is OEM mode looking?09:54
Kamionwell, it works now, which is better than beta09:54
Kamionstill not that pretty, I'm wondering if it's worth fixing up the session startup09:54
mdz_I haven't had a look at it lately, but feel free to email me with details if you need opinions09:54
Kamion(for the curious, the bug was that importing the oem-config frontend to find out which one to use caused gtk to be imported which caused it to try to talk to the X server before we'd started it)09:55
mdz_Kamion: thanks09:55
mdz_anything else outstanding?09:55
sivangmdz_: i have an update as well09:55
mdz_sivang: go09:55
sivang- backup stage uses the new GUI designed in UDS Paris, including usability improvements and media detection fixes. 09:55
KamionI wrote the above hastily, but I think it's complete for me09:55
sivang- Working to have a version to to upload early as edgy+1 opens.09:55
sivangsystem clean up tool:09:55
sivang- KleanSweap's author now working with me (was excited about me approaching him for Ubuntu). He already produced a perliminary version of a python back end, which we will work  to bug fix, and I'm intending to use for a PyGTK gui. for Kubuntu will use KleanSweap's GUI itself, or we might come up with easier GUI for the simple user, if that is desired.09:55
sivang- Old kernel removals are still pending discussion and guidance.09:55
sivang- Finally discovered the culprit for DB2 connection problems on canonical testing hosts. 09:56
sivang- Now awaiting minor setup needed  on testing hosts. Kurt von Fink forwarded an request email from me to right places, hopefully this will get sorted quick in order to finish.09:56
mdz_sivang: you can CC me and kernel-team for input on kernel removal if you need it09:56
sivangmdz_: sure thing, will do09:56
mdz_that is surely all edgy+1 work now though09:56
mdz_sivang: ok, thanks09:56
mdz_last call for other business09:56
ograforgot me ?09:56
mdz_ogra: oh, you're here now09:56
ogra* last-week:09:56
ogra - beta release09:56
ogra - new gnome screensaver and powermanager packages09:56
ogra - fixed some edubuntu-artwork bugs09:56
ogra - identified remaining installer bugs (hardcoded hostname setting, translation regression in german)09:56
ogra - identified remaining minor ltsp bugs (#62036 and missing "DO_NOT_SWITCH_VT" in ldm)09:57
ogra - had to handle a huge mail bashing flood resulting from http://cniehaus.livejournal.com/27154.html09:57
ogra* next week:09:57
ogra - fix the remaining installer and ltsp bugs09:57
mdz_ogra: i pinged several times09:57
ogra - go over screensaver and powermanager bugs, fix the non intrusively fixable ones09:57
ogra - fix 640x480 usplash picture (was interim for beta, new scaled down pic there, not packaged yet)09:57
ogra - fix a minor student-control-panel bug with pessulus09:57
ogra - prepare for RC09:57
ogra* sidenotes09:57
ogra - we're now allowed to call our ltsp the ltsp 5.0pre version :)09:57
ogra - lots and lots of thanks to the bug squad for sorting all the screensaver duplicates !09:57
ogra - beta feedback for edubuntu was very positive, all automation seems to work as planned now09:57
ograi was here the whole meeting :)09:57
ograi answered UTC 7:00 in #canonical09:57
Keybukogra: are you still planning a sysvinit upload, or should I?09:57
ograoh, err, 7:1509:57
ograKeybuk, will do it today, its so small :)09:58
mvoI would appreciate opionions for https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gnome-app-install/+bug/61076 <- we say in http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components that some non-modifiable bits in main are ok (like fonts)09:58
mdz_ogra: edubuntu bugs targeted for final?09:58
UbugtuMalone bug 61076 in gnome-app-install "app-install-data contains non-free icons from multiverse, app-install-data-commercial contains even more unfree stuff" [High,Confirmed]  09:58
Keybukogra: it's what you do with it, that counts09:58
=== HiddenWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.4.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdz_mvo: ->ubuntu-devel@ I'd say09:58
=== mvo appologizes for posting before ogra has finished
ogramdz_, yes, but not all filed ... most are one liner fixes ... got them on my whiteboard09:58
mvomdz_: ok09:58
mdz_ogra: please get them in launchpad today09:59
Kamionogra: did you get round to going back through the IRC logs to find out why we hardcoded the hostname in the first place?09:59
ogramdz_, even if i fix them today ?09:59
Kamionbecause I know you must have given me a good enough reason for that - it wasn't something I was keen on09:59
ograKamion, not yet, that one i'll file09:59
Keybukmvo: are they non-free in the sense that they forbid redistribution or modification of the icon10:00
mdz_ogra: doesn't matter, so long as at the end of the day all of the major issues are targeted10:00
Keybukor are they just non-free because "the icon lacks source code"10:00
mdz_ogra: thanks10:00
mdz_right on time10:00
mdz_adjourned, thanks everyone10:00
pittithanks everyone10:01
=== mvo goes to get some breakfirst
sivangthanks all10:01
keescookthanks! I'm off to bed.  :)10:01
=== sivang follows mvo to the breakfast stand.
=== ogra goes to try to wake up now
=== keescook [n=kees@mylar.outflux.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
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fschoepmdz_: I'm probably overlooking it, but how do I target a milestone for a bug in Launchpad?10:02
tfheenfschoep: edit the bug, choose milestone10:02
=== givre [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-3-114.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
seb128mvo: no, it was meetingfirst, now is breaknext :p10:02
tfheenjust like you'd do if you were marking it as fixed or whatever10:02
mvoseb128: haha10:02
seb128you might not be to the right team to have milestone right10:02
=== seb128 hugs mvo
fschoepseb128: possibly10:03
fschoepI have seen bugs having the property but I can't set it myself it seems10:03
fschoepThere's just no such option anywhere on my bugs10:03
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has left #ubuntu-meeting [""]
fschoepseb128: do you know someone who could elevate my privileges?10:04
seb128I'm not sure there is some fine granularity atm for it though10:04
dholbachfschoep: I'll add you to ubuntu-qa10:04
seb128dholbach: qa can't set milestone, can they?10:04
fschoepdholbach: if that solves the problem, great10:04
dholbachseb128: not entirely sure10:05
seb128dholbach: I think they are not10:06
dholbachfschoep: added you - try again10:06
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
fschoepdholbach: it seems to work, thanks! Should I now use the 6.10 milestone (not beta)?10:06
dholbachfschoep: yep, right10:06
dholbachseb128: seems they can10:07
fschoepdholbach: OK, great10:07
seb128dholbach: k, they must have changed it then ;)10:07
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mdzdholbach: yes, qa is the right team for that06:39
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dholbachmdz: right06:54
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Tonio_time for the meeting I think...11:02
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Tonio_I'm there, lagging because wengophone build, but there :)11:02
Riddellagenda at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings11:03
Riddellwho's all here?11:03
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Tonio_pfff, 3 people...11:03
=== Lure is Luka Renko
=== allee is Achim Bohnet
=== fdoving is Frode M. Doeving. (leaving in 10mins or so).
=== Tonio_ is Anthony Mercatante
=== seaLne is Kenny Duffus
=== kwwii is Kenneth Wimer
Riddellah, allee makes quorum for kubuntu council :)11:05
Riddellanyone here for kubuntu membership?11:05
RiddellTonio_: your item11:06
Tonio_so we currently ship 2 apps than can make usage of kipi-plugins11:06
Tonio_I was wondering if there is any reason we don't currently ship those plugins by default11:06
Riddellbegs the question if we should be doing so11:06
Tonio_that's my idea yes11:07
seaLneseems like a good idea to me11:07
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Riddellhi Tonio_ 11:07
Riddellerr, toma 11:07
RiddellTonio_: well it's yet another package to add to the CDs11:07
Tonio_Riddell: indeed...11:07
alleekipi-plugins are _very_ useful and has lots of bugs ;)11:07
tomaRiddell: hi, i missed the date, sorry im late11:07
Tonio_most kde graphic apps can use them11:07
Riddellallee: what sort of bugs?11:07
Lureallee: exactly, but toma may have more to say11:08
RiddellTonio_: only extragear apps11:08
Tonio_Riddell: bugs asking that we ship it :)11:08
tomaLure: can you fill me in?11:08
Tonio_Riddell: yes, like those we currently ship (plus showimg and others)11:08
alleeRiddell: no grave bugs. Just little usability bugs here and there.11:08
Luretoma: we are discussing if we include kipi-plugins by default11:08
=== Hawkwind Has arrived
Riddellit comes down to do we want kipi-plugins or do we want another language pack11:08
Riddellany idea how large kipi-plugins is?11:09
alleeAFAIK most are now fixed. Nevetheless they are useful11:09
Riddellerk, 7772kB11:09
tomaRiddell: which language pack?11:09
Tonio_Riddell: heh, that's the problem :)11:09
Riddelltoma: dunno, whichever is at the bottom of the list when we fill up the CDs with language packs11:10
Riddellthe daily CDs have no language packs just now, I'll fill it up closer to RC time11:10
tomaRiddell: which kipi apps are shipped by default?11:10
Riddellin my opinion 7MB is too much to lose11:10
Riddellgwenview and digikam11:10
Tonio_Riddell: how much space do we have ?11:10
Tonio_I know that the problem is on amd64 cd right ?11:11
LureRiddell: did't we just got 17MB from OOo back? ;-)11:11
Riddell13MB on i38611:11
tomai think kipi brings the fun to digikam and gwenview, so i think it is important11:11
tomafor the user experience11:11
Luretoma: +111:11
Tonio_well the size on the cd becomes a real issue, so maybe we need to discuss and find a solution to that problem... 11:12
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Tonio_how can we free space ?11:12
Riddellhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20061005/  6MB on ppc11:12
alleeRiddell: ~ 5 MB are documentation.  biggest lang in it is 1.6 MB11:12
tomawe could split doc11:12
tomaallee: you are fast11:12
Riddellallee: so we coud split out docs from kipi-plugins and only have about 2MB?11:12
tomaRiddell: would not surprise me11:13
tomaRiddell: same doc author as digikam ;-)11:13
Riddellsound like a plan11:13
Riddellany volunteers to do that?11:13
tomawhats the deadline?11:13
Riddelltoot sweet!11:13
Tonio_Riddell: I can11:13
alleeWhy aren't the docs splitted out during build in kubuntu?  Is this only done for messages?11:14
Tonio_Riddell: if you are okay on the plan, I'll split out the docs tomorrow11:14
Riddellallee: it's only done for messages so far, main kde modules put their translations into kde-i18n-xx11:14
RiddellTonio_: ok, lets do that11:14
alleeWill this be accepted by ftp-master?  AFAIK, debian ftp-master reject such -<lang> splits11:15
Riddellif we say it's needed to get it on the CD that'll be fine11:15
Tonio_Riddell: but talking about space on the cd, I really think switching in one or two releases to koffice could free LOTS of space...., but that's not the subject today11:15
RiddellTonio_: that's a separate issue :)11:15
tomaallee: split doc and doc translations, not split all languages seperate...11:16
Tonio_Riddell: hehe, yes, but that'll have to be discussed also ;)11:16
Riddellok, moving on?11:16
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Riddellkwwii: your item11:16
alleeTonio_: so kipi-plugins and kupi-plugins-doc?11:16
kwwiiok....I wanted to discuss what we think still needs to be done to complete the theme for 6.10..it is now or never :-)11:16
Tonio_allee: exactly11:16
Riddellkmenu side image!11:16
kwwiiI thought about adding a kmenu icon that is kubuntu branded, ideas?11:16
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alleeTonio_: then see KubuntuKDEExtras wiki page and feel invited :11:17
kwwiiRiddell: whether or not we use a kubuntu menu icon affects the kmenu image11:17
seaLnepersonally i like the K11:17
Riddellin general I'm against a kmenu icon, but I'd be interested to see the ideas11:17
Lurekwwii: I am all for it11:17
Tonio_allee: will do11:17
RiddellI like kubuntu to keep KDE branding11:17
Tonio_Riddell: yes, me too11:17
kwwiiok, so nothing sticks out in peoples mind as "why the hell didn't he make that pic!"?11:17
Riddellkwwii: got ideas for an announcement image?11:18
alleekwwii: I prefer the standard k menu.  We should not do branding everywhere so KDE does not look like KDE as in other distros11:18
RiddellI know my chest was pretty sexy for the beta, but we'll need another idea for the final11:18
kwwiiRiddell: that is the second point, kinda11:18
imbrandon_late fella's sorry 11:18
kwwiiwhat do we want to do with the website?11:18
kwwiido we want to go back to something simple, more like ubuntu? or keep up the 3d image thing11:19
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Riddellkwwii: which 3d image?11:19
freeflyingkwwii: can we make logout dialog more kubuntu-ish11:19
kwwiiRiddell: I will work on something11:19
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=== fdoving likes simple.
kwwiiRiddell: the old "new" logo11:19
kwwiiRiddell: as compared to the new, new logo (the one printed on the banners at akademy)11:19
Riddellfreeflying: too late for that in edgy I think, but I'd love to see patches for edgy+111:20
alleefreeflying: good suggestion!!!11:20
seaLnei don't think the logo on the webpage quite fits with the rest of it11:20
Riddellkwwii: new new logo is nice11:20
kwwiiRiddell: or should we use a simple gradient with the simple 2d logo on it?11:20
Riddellkwwii: well you're the artist :)  but I like the new new logo as you say11:20
kwwiiok, I'll work on two versions and we can see what people think11:21
imbrandon_whoa no +1 on the kmenu logo "becouse everyone else does it" ?!?11:21
Riddellimbrandon_: no +1 == -1 ?11:21
Riddellkwwii: do you have the bzr source of the kubuntu-website?11:21
alleekwwii: desktop and web/wiki style matching is a nice thing IMHO11:21
kwwiiI could put part of a half transparent logo at the bottom right of the wallpaper, but I think it would ruin the balance11:21
kwwiiRiddell: no, I will have to ask you later for the different bzr sources (k-d-s as well)11:22
seaLnewould also look weird for multi head11:22
imbrandon_yea that would not be good 11:22
kwwiiseaLne: very good point11:23
Riddellso kmenu side image, maybe kmenu icon, announce image (and RC image?) and website headers11:23
Riddelland I need to package guidance to get the new guidance power manager icons11:23
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kwwiiRiddell: hehe, I might just update them as well...when would you do that?11:24
Riddellkwwii: whenever I get a few minutes11:24
kwwiiI have a really good idea, but I need to take time and try to draw it11:24
kwwiiwell, we can live with the current ones11:24
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
kwwiiI guess people like them better than the colored versions?11:24
Tonio_kwwii, Riddell: I'll have time for this tomorrow too11:24
Tonio_Riddell: I can build guidance tomorrow11:25
RiddellTonio_: cool, it's fiddly I'll talk to you about it later11:25
tomaTonio_: are you full time working on kubuntu now?11:25
Lurekwwii: they are better than old one, I just think black is just to dark (and Oxygen like)11:25
Tonio_toma: I don't have any job at the moment, so yes, I have a lot of free time :)11:25
kwwiiLure: as they are the current oxygen icons, that is good :-)11:25
tomaTonio_: okay11:25
Tonio_toma: but no I don't get paid for that :)11:26
tomaTonio_: oh, that was not my question ;-)11:26
Tonio_toma: haha11:26
RiddellTonio_: I'll bring you some irn-bru in the US11:26
Riddellany other artwork issues?11:26
Riddellit's all great in general11:27
Lureno - kwwii just rocks!11:27
Riddelland sabdfl likes it too, which is the important thing :)11:27
Tonio_yes, kwwii's work kickass, really :)11:27
kwwiithanks guys11:27
=== allee nods
imbrandon_yup i'm with Riddell , rockin11:27
tomakwwii: yes, i was surprised with the beautifull artwork as well when I upgraded...11:27
Lurekwwii: btw, do we now set colorize for panel?11:28
allee... after his purple preference decreased ;)11:28
RiddellJJesse comments that we'll need to update the documentation stylesheets if we change the website but that's not the case unless I'm missing something11:28
kwwiiI hope that my work is a step in the right direction and that it helps in the future to make kubuntu even better11:28
Riddellwe still use the KDE stylesheets for our docs11:28
kwwiiLure: I think we should11:28
Lurekwwii: this is k-d-s stuff, so probably Tonio_ can fix it11:28
Riddellso, we're at the end of the agenda11:29
trappistRiddell: there's a css issue that the kde folks still haven't fixed, if that's what you mean11:29
LureTonio_: can you change k-d-s to set "Colorize to match the desktop color scheme" in panel settings?11:29
Riddelltrappist: what's that?11:30
Tonio_Lure: I'll have a look11:30
trappistRiddell: many of the links in the html docs are unclickable in firefox11:30
Riddellhmm, that's not good11:30
trappistRiddell: we've got a patch for ours, and I've sent it to kde-docs, but they haven't applied11:30
trappistit's a very small and easy patch though11:30
LureTonio_: thanks11:30
Riddelltrappist: send that to me please11:30
trappistcan do11:31
Tonio_trappist: maybe we can include it waiting for kde to do the same11:31
Riddellany other business?11:31
Tonio_Riddell: koffice ? 11:32
imbrandon_not from me11:32
=== Tonio_ runs away, fast !!!!!!
Tonio_Riddell: joking of course11:32
Riddellexcuse me11:32
LureRiddell: when I got accross bug 57831, I was thunking how we can improve that such patches are not forgotten11:32
UbugtuMalone bug 57831 in kdeadmin "KDE Network Settings docs broken" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5783111:32
Tonio_Riddell: I would like to discuss about _sime's patches to kde11:33
Tonio_they are nice, but still have a binch of issues...11:33
Luremaybe Kubuntu Patches team or something like that11:33
Tonio_Riddell: RC will be there soon, so maybe we should make a point with sime on that point11:33
imbrandon_Lure: the easiest way is to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors if there is a patch11:33
RiddellLure: if you see a patch that seems easy to apply poke anyone in core-dev11:33
Lurethen bug team could assign them and core dev's/MOTU could pick them up11:33
tomaLure: why not upstream11:33
Riddellor ubuntu-dev has applies11:33
Tonio_Riddell: do we include them now or do we wait for edgy+1, so that they become mature and bugfree11:33
Tonio_oups, sorry... I lag a lot11:34
RiddellTonio_: do we have a list of remaining issues?11:34
tomaLure: if the patch is confirmed ok, I'll move it into kde straight away11:34
Tonio_Riddell: most of them are on the wikipage yes11:34
Riddellfloppies don't work, but they never did11:34
Luretoma: true 11:35
imbrandon_Tonio_: i say we keep them and work on the issues11:35
=== Lure do not dare to commit such stuff to kde svn yet (only powermanager) ;-)
RiddellI agree with imbrandon_ 11:35
seaLnei have a comment about the automounting of cds, there is no obvious way to unmount now only eject which isn't very usefull with k3b11:35
imbrandon_it has gotchas but we knew that would happen going in, and the old ways are just as broken11:35
tomaLure: i'll have a look and get back to you11:36
trappistRiddell: sent11:36
Tonio_I agree too, but those issues are becoming emergencies11:36
LureseaLne: +1 - just got this issue today when I wanted to overwrite by CDRW11:36
seaLneif you want to reuse a cdrw i haven't found a way other than to umount /media/cdrom011:36
imbrandon_seaLne: thats known and one of the issues covered in the latest patch ( not applied yet )11:36
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
seaLnewhat is the solution?11:36
Tonio_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuKDEMedia if you find issues, maybe interesting to add them here11:36
=== allee does not like automouting at all, sigh
jdongTonio_: did you forget to say "if jdong touches that page again, Simon will come after him with a shotgun"? :D11:38
Tonio_jdong: lol :)11:38
Riddellin the whole kde shouldn't do anything if you insert a writable cd or dvd when k3b is running11:38
Tonio_Riddell: +111:39
Riddelland if k3b isn't running it should have an option to start it11:39
kwwiiwell, when it asks for a CD, it would nice if it simly started when it found one11:39
jdongwait, what does it do right now if you put in a blank CD?11:40
Tonio_Riddell: second part isn't that hard to do11:40
jdongdoes it try to automount a blank disc?11:40
Tonio_Riddell: first part looks like....... hard to patch11:40
seaLnejdong: yeah and most of the time fails (good)11:40
Lurejdong: not, but it does mount already written cdrw (that I may want to overwrite) 11:40
seaLnei use cdrws all the time11:40
Riddellinterestingly talking to media ioslave man ervin at akademy he said he isn't going to use this in kde 4 nor will he use kioslaves again, he'll make it just do sensible stuff behind the scenes and have the file manager display sensible things11:41
Riddellwhich probably isn't expressing his ideas very well11:41
Lureproblem is I was used to click cancel and not selecting k3b11:41
seaLneRiddell: no not really :)11:41
Tonio_Riddell: sensible to the context then ?11:41
imbrandon_Riddell: thats GREAT news11:42
LureRiddell: what is the status of kde 3.5.5 for edgy?11:42
RiddellLure: works for me11:43
=== jdong also doesn't really appreciate the whole automounting thing
RiddellI'll ask for an UVE exception tomorrow11:43
LureRiddell: is kdesu already fixed?11:43
imbrandon_Lure: yes11:43
RiddellLure: yes (but you need to delete your cache and --reinstall)11:43
jdongespecially for my dvd+rw's which only have so many mounts before they are toast11:44
Riddellbut there's no guarantee we'll get the UVF exception11:44
RiddellI'll ask for qt 4.2 too11:44
Riddelland indeed koffice 1.6 later this week11:44
imbrandon_jdong: dvd+rw that only has so many mounts ? i think you mean writes11:44
jdongRiddell: does 3.5.5 show any signs of fixing that unmount problem?11:44
jdongimbrandon_: dvd+rw's with rewritable UDF filesystems11:44
jdongimbrandon_: those only have 1000 mounts before the superblock dies11:45
Riddelljdong: not sure, I don't have any media to hand11:45
Riddelljdong: but sime said he was looking at it today11:45
=== jdong _really_ cares about that bug
seaLnedoes that affect all?11:45
jdongseaLne: does what affect all?11:46
seaLnemount limit on dvd+rw11:46
alleeRiddell: not sure about koffice 1.6. kspread 1.5.0 was a pain.  With 1.6.1 I would have no problem ;)11:46
imbrandon_thats kinda silly to make a UDF file system on a limited media for important stuff imho but to each their own11:46
jdongseaLne: if you format it with a read-write filesystem , yes11:46
seaLneah so different from treating it like a cdrw?11:46
imbrandon_seaLne: yea11:47
Lureallee: koffice 1.6 is primarily krita update11:47
jdongimbrandon_: it's not silly. I control and keep track of how much I've used the medium, deciding whether to mount ro or rw11:47
Riddellallee: I think koffice 1.6 is not much changed, they're mostly working on koffice 211:47
Tonio_Riddell: is 80 MB wengophone deb to big to feet on the cd anyday ? ^_^11:47
jdongseaLne: right. dvd+rw's can be used as regular block devices11:47
=== allee relaxes
RiddellTonio_: err, yes :)11:47
LureTonio_: 80 MB!?!11:47
LureTonio_: you packaged windows binary? ;-)11:47
jdongseaLne: OT, but I really don't recommend doing it. I'm daredevil so I do it :)11:47
Tonio_Riddell: I think there are useless files, but will probably not be less that 20 megs at least11:47
Tonio_Lure: wengophone is HUDGE, you cannot imagin11:48
freeflyingTonio_: sounds like a dmg package for osx :)11:48
imbrandon_ok , what about spec's , when does the edgy+1 spec drive start >? any kubuntu ones we should be working on ?11:49
Riddellimbrandon_: once edgy is out11:49
Riddellimbrandon_: but I'm open to any ideas11:49
Riddellimbrandon_: and obviously since you're coming you can register and drive them yourself11:49
imbrandon_no ideas just yet, well some very gerneral ones but yea hehe11:49
imbrandon_ok so for now we should all be in 110% bug mode, correct ?11:50
Riddellso anyone with ideas please tell me or anyone else going to the conference11:51
Riddellyes, death to bugs!11:51
intelikeywhat about a script for text install on the shippit cd's ?     for those that have trubble with the graphic install?     (hope that wasn't out of line)11:51
Riddellintelikey: far too late for the in edgy, but as a spec for edgy+1 sounds interesting11:52
tomaRiddell: debian will disable disconnected imap in kmail for etch, are there similar plans here?11:52
imbrandon_toma: +1, its buggy as hell, i can attest to that11:52
Riddelltoma: hmm, we had a patch for that, but I guess debian has that too 11:52
imbrandon_i found out that was what was causing kmail to segfault ever few minutes for me11:53
ryanakcajust got here, sorry, is it too late to add something to the agenda? (kicker locked by default)11:53
tomaimbrandon: 3.5.5 contains fixes for that11:53
imbrandon_toma: great11:53
imbrandon_Riddell: ?11:54
seaLneRiddell: do you keep falling asleep on your kbd? :)11:54
tomawe'll see if they are good enough11:54
imbrandon_cat ? hehe11:54
Riddellblame the cat for random characters11:54
imbrandon_ryanakca: why lock the taskbar ?11:54
=== intelikey blames cat "cat /dev/random " :)
Riddelltoma: I've not heard of any problems with dimap since I added that patch, but I don't know if that means anything11:55
Riddellwould be a shame not to have dimap11:55
ryanakcaimbrandon_: so that the applet handles (the little bars that popup when you mouse over systray or taskbar, etc) disappear... we were talking about disabling them completly in #kubuntu-devel earlier, but that would mean that you can get to the configuration part of the applet11:56
Riddelltoma: I'll talk to danimo and other kdepim types to get an opinion on it11:57
ryanakcaRiddell: 'rm -fr catonmylap' might help :P11:57
Riddellhandles are good, else you can't configure kicker11:57
imbrandon_thats what i was thinking11:57
ryanakcaRiddell: yeah, so just lock the pannel to hide them, and then right click the pannel, unlock it, and configure away11:57
ryanakcano remove them completly...11:58
Luretoma: disconnected IMAP works nicely for me11:58
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
RiddellLure: it works nicely for everyone until their inbox gets deleted11:59
imbrandon_so just the same as "right click --> lock" only default11:59
LureRiddell: I use it heavily with my work inbox on Exchange (250 MB with several 1000s of emails) - no problems11:59
tomaRiddell: i think till has put in a real efford to fix it, there have been no reports of mail loss in the br at kde or debian11:59
=== Lure is concerned now
Riddell] pl[12:00
tomagive him food12:00
Riddellshe's a her12:00
tomathats why i stay out of the casino12:01
Riddellryanakca: I sense the feeling of the meeting is that handles are good12:01
Riddellwell I need to go to bed, anything else?12:02
ryanakcaRiddell: kk12:02
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA578.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
imbrandon_not from me12:02
imbrandon_( as in anything else )12:02
=== imbrandon_ is sleepy too
Riddellthanks all12:03
Riddellkeep squishing beaties12:03
imbrandon_kbugs !?! ;)12:03
=== allee [n=ach@dialin-212-144-130-117.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
imbrandon_ok gnight all12:04
ryanakcag'night imbrandon_, Riddell :)12:04
tomaif anyone has a good idea for a name of new mail application, let me know12:05
ryanakcatoma: kk12:05
=== j_ack_ [n=rudi@p508DB790.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
tomakk? awfull name12:05
ryanakcatoma: does it HAVE to have a 'K' in it?12:05
ryanakcatoma: kk = ok12:06
=== ryanakca gets tired of K's in app names
Luretoma: why are you writing mail app?12:06
tomaryanakca: the advantage is that you can find them easy12:06
ryanakcabut at least it makes finding kde apps simple12:06
Luretoma: for kde4?12:06
tomano kde312:06
tomaLure: i need some things kmail does not have at the moment12:07
Luretoma: then add them so I do not need to switch ;-)12:07
tomaLure: the code of kmail is not easy to understand for me12:07
Luretoma: true - I was also hunting some bugs in code and it is fun...12:08
tomaLure: see http://www.omat.nl/drupal/?q=node/9812:08
Luretoma: deleted mails also bothers me...12:10

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