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sbalneavEvening all05:35
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=== HedgeMage peeks in
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juliuxany ideas why i get timestamp erros on the thinclients?11:11
highvoltagedo you get something that says that the timestamp is set to some time in the future?11:15
highvoltageis thin client bios date set correctly?11:16
juliuxgood question11:16
juliuxi also dont get x running on the thiclient11:16
highvoltageThere's a bug where you have to press ALT+F7 in some situations.11:16
highvoltagedo you know which display card the clients have?11:16
highvoltageit's also possible that you have to specify that in lts.conf11:17
juliuxthe thinclients are running with dapper, but i installed a new dapper and now it is not working11:17
juliuxi get a consolen promt but no x11:17
juliuxalt +f7 is also not working11:17
juliuxit is very strange11:19
juliuxi think i will try to rebuild the ltspchroot11:19
juliuxit is a timestamp problem with etc/X1111:22
juliuxhighvoltage, any idea?11:22
highvoltageif the timestamp is the reason why it doesn't start (which I doubt it is), then you could try touching the file with the touch command, which will update the timestamp11:24
juliuxhighvoltage, ok11:24
juliuxhighvoltage, i will change the time on the server and then i will reboot11:25
juliuxhighvoltage, the time on the server is 11:25 and on the thinclient it says 9:43 ist in the future11:25
juliuxquit reboot11:26
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yemuhello, any ltsp experts here? i need help11:28
yemui can login into terminal only using one user11:28
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mwright2how good is the ltsp support going to be in edubuntu11:30
highvoltageyemu: hi, have you by any chance changed you IP address?11:31
highvoltagemwright2: LTSP 5.0 is designed around Edubuntu11:31
highvoltagemwright2: imho, Edubuntu will probably have better LTSP support than most distributions, LTSP will even work out of the box with the default install in the release made later this month11:32
yemuhighvoltage: ip address of the server11:32
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highvoltageyemu: yes11:33
highvoltageyemu: if you change the IP address of the server, you need to update your ssh keys with the command:11:33
highvoltagesudo update-ltsp-sshkeys11:33
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yemuHIGHVOLTAGE:  command not found11:34
juliuxhighvoltage, i will wait 11min then is the timestamp in the paste ;)11:34
yemusorry for the caps lock11:34
yemui think i have changed my ip11:34
highvoltagejuliux: hehe11:34
yemubut i'm not sure11:34
highvoltageyemu: ok, let me just check that command...11:34
highvoltageah, I got it the wrong way round, its':11:35
highvoltagesudo ltsp-update-sshkeys11:36
yemuthanks, i'm going to check if that works11:36
yemuhighvoltage: it didn't help11:39
yemustill can't login11:39
highvoltageyemu: is the user that does work the first user you created?11:39
yemulet me check11:40
highvoltageyemu: how long is the passwords of the other users you have created? I think I've had a problem once when I had too short passwords too.11:40
yemuthe strange thing is that i can log through ssh11:41
yemuwith every user11:41
highvoltagethat's a strange one11:41
yemubut in terminal only the one works11:41
highvoltagehow did you create the new users? in the users and groups GUI, or from command line?11:42
yemuwhen  try to log in as other user it starts to log in11:42
yemucommand line adduser11:42
highvoltagecan you try to add one using GUI and see what happens?11:42
yemubecause i don't have monitor 11:42
highvoltageah I see11:43
highvoltagebut you can log in as the admin user on the thin client?11:43
yemui can try with X11:43
yemuno, i can't11:43
yemudo you know the name of the gnome user tool?11:44
highvoltageogra once told me that the GUI tool does some extra things that adduser doesn't. I'm not sure how that will affect the ltsp logins though, the only thing I do when I create users from CLI is add them to the video and audio groups.11:44
highvoltagejust a sec..11:44
juliuxhighvoltage, it is possible to rebuild the chroot?11:47
highvoltagejuliux: yep11:47
juliuxhighvoltage, how?11:47
highvoltageI'd suggest you remove the old one first though11:47
highvoltagesudo ltsp-build-client11:47
highvoltageyou can specify where you want to install from with --mirror11:48
juliuxi will delete ist11:48
highvoltageeg: sudo ltsp-build-client --mirror file:///cdrom11:48
highvoltageor --mirror http://de.archive.ubuntu.com11:48
juliuxi have a very fast internet conncection here11:48
juliuxi am in the university;)11:48
yemuhighvoltage i can log in the thin client, but only in the text terminal (alt+f1)11:50
yemunot in the gdm11:51
yemualso i notced that i had to change the group to users11:51
highvoltageyemu: then there's something very, very wrong11:51
highvoltageyemu: you're not supposed to be able to log into the client in text mode :)11:51
yemubecauce by default the group is the same as user name11:51
highvoltageyemu: how did you install LTSP? default edubuntu installation?11:52
yemui use "normal ubuntu"11:52
yemuinstallation from repositories11:52
highvoltageyemu: ok, so you did apt-get install ltsp or apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone?11:52
yemuit was quite time ago... i have both installed11:53
yemuis it bad?11:53
highvoltageno, that's not bad.11:53
highvoltageas long as you didn't install from tarball from ltsp.org11:54
yemuno i haven't11:54
highvoltageand- you shouldn't have ltspadmin or ltspcfg installed either11:54
highvoltageyemu: did you create the users inside the ltsp chroot?11:54
yemui tried to upgrade some time ago to ltsp 4.2 manually11:54
highvoltageaah, that's where the problem might be11:54
yemui created users on the server11:55
yemuso what shoul i do?11:55
highvoltageubuntu LTSP and LTSP 4.2 is different in dapper11:55
yemubut the problem with users existed before i tried ltsp 4-211:55
highvoltagewell, if you did an ubuntu LTSP and a LTSP 4.2 installation, then your system is in a bit of an unpredictable state11:55
highvoltagebecause LTSP 4.2 overwrites files that the package manager installed with Ubuntu LTSP11:56
yemueven if i installed in different directory?11:56
highvoltagedid it install to /opt/ltsp-4.2?11:56
highvoltageand there's also an /opt/ltsp?11:57
highvoltagewhen you boot up a thin client, do you get the ubuntu splash screen?11:57
highvoltageok , that's good. It means tftp is downloading an ubuntu kernel.11:57
juliuxhighvoltage, i rebuild the chroot but the same problem11:57
highvoltageyemu: can you also cat /etc/exports and check that /opt/ltsp is exported?11:58
yemuyes it is11:58
highvoltagenext, you might have an /opt/ltsp/dhcpd.conf11:59
highvoltagecheck if it exists and open it in text editor11:59
highvoltageif it doesn't, open up the one in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf11:59
yemui don't have /opt/ltsp/dhcpd.conf11:59
highvoltagethere will be a line that says something about root-path11:59
highvoltageok, use the one in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf instead12:00
yemui have root-path in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf12:00
highvoltagecheck that root-path specifies /opt/ltsp/i38612:00
yemu option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386";12:00
highvoltageon the thin clients, when you log into a terminal, do you get a standard Ubuntu Dapper login terminal, or just a root shell?12:01
highvoltageyemu: also, are you sure you're getting GDM at the login screen? It should be LDM on ubuntu ltsp12:02
highvoltagethe best way to tell is, you should have a shut down icon on the bottom left corner of your screen in LDM12:02
yemui have a white screen with big ubuntu12:03
yemultsp in the left bottom corner12:03
yemuand a kind of switch itn bottom right12:03
yemuand the login area in the center12:04
yemui checked loging again - i can log in the text terminal only if i change user group to users12:04
yemui can't log if the group is the same as user (which seems to be default)12:05
highvoltageyemu: when you add users, do you chroot into the ltsp environment or just add it from the normal server system?12:11
highvoltageI can't figure out how you can log in from the terminal on a thin client, that is very strange.12:11
highvoltageyemu: it sounds like the Ubuntu LTSP environment is intact12:12
highvoltageyemu: also, what does your /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf file look like (if there is one)12:12
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)12:12
highvoltageyemu: paste it there if it exists ^^^ and give me the link12:13
yemuok, one moment12:13
yemui add users on the server12:13
yemuthere's no /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf12:16
highvoltageyemu: I'm stumped. I suggest you hang around in the channel a bit. ogra might be able to solve that problem.12:16
highvoltagemixing LTSP.org and Ubuntu LTSP at this stage is unsupported though12:17
highvoltageif it's a new installation I'd suggest that you start from scratch and just use the Ubuntu LTSP12:17
yemuok, so what can i do to delete ltsp from ltsp org12:17
yemui can start over12:17
=== ogra peeks in for a minute
ograyemu, you get a working ldm login screen ?12:18
yemuyes it's ok12:18
ogra(with switch on the left and the client hostname on the right (usually ltsp)) ?12:18
yemui can type my password and login name12:18
yemuand then the screen goes black for a while12:19
yemuand the logn screen comes back12:19
ograso why do you want to reinstall the ltsp bits, they are apparently working fine :)12:19
yemui can log only with one user12:19
ogracan the user you try that with log in on the server directly ?12:19
highvoltageogra: it's strange, he has a working LDM login screen, but can't log in from there12:19
highvoltageogra: yet he can log in from the thin client terminal!12:19
ograhe has sabayon installed or his sshkeys are outdated12:20
yemuwhat is sabayon?12:20
yemuhigvoltage: i can't login from the terminal on thin client12:20
ograa lock down editor for the desktop12:20
highvoltageyemu: aaah, I misunderstood you there then12:20
ograif you dont create profiles for it, but install it, it wont let anyone in from remote12:21
ogralook in ~/.xsession-errors of the user that cant log in 12:21
ograif it says something like "profile not found"12:22
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yemuogra, highvoltaga - thank you - i don't know if you've read my last message12:48
yemueverything is ok12:49
yemuit was the sabayon fault12:49
yemuor rather mine ;-)12:49
yemulogin works only if a user has a profile set in sabayon12:49
yemubut now i have different question: how can  enable auto login in clients?12:50
yemuand other question: is it possible to change graphic in the login screen?12:56
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juliuxi have new problem with my dapper an the thinclient, they are booting but i dont get an xserver there is a problem with the md5sums01:50
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juliuxogra: highvoltage ping?02:48
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cbx33afternoon all03:10
highvoltagehey cbx33 03:11
cbx33hey highvoltage 03:11
highvoltagecbx33: what's up?03:12
cbx33just getting some docs toether for scp03:12
cbx33do you know where the handbook stuff is stored?03:12
cbx33I sent my docs to HedgeMage03:20
cbx33they use svn now03:20
cbx33but I don't have commit rights03:21
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Burgundaviaogra: you around?07:57
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cbx33HedgeMage, ping10:34
cbx33did you get my mail?10:34
HedgeMagecbx33: get my email?10:34
HedgeMageyep, replied like 2 minutes ago10:34
cbx33just checking now10:34
cbx33thank you so much HedgeMage 10:35
cbx33did it look ok?10:35
HedgeMagecbx33: from what I saw, very good :)10:35
cbx33and did you put it into the repo?10:35
cbx33or do yoiu want me to?10:35
HedgeMageI'm mostly on IRC right now to log a meetup in another chan... I will be out due to family stuff most of the day (or randomly in and out)10:36
HedgeMagecbx33: if you would that would be awesome.  I haven't yet.10:36
cbx33of course I will10:36
=== HedgeMage hugs cbx33
cbx33how do we stand with the cover?10:40
HedgeMageI like the planned design as-is... if you like, I can look up pixel size right now10:40
cbx33that'd be cool10:44
cbx33then I can pass it onto lisa10:44
cbx33you want a back cover as well?10:44
cbx33do you want a blurb etc?10:45
HedgeMagecbx33: Yeah, I have some text for the back cover... I'll email it to you tonight after TT goes to bed.10:45
cbx33ok np10:46
HedgeMagecbx33: The contributors list will probably have an addition or two by the time we're done, but that's the only change I expect.10:46
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cbx33Hey LaserJock 11:30
LaserJockhi cbx33 11:31
HedgeMagecbx33: 3757x2775 WxH  (the middle 72px of width is the spine, and might change slightly, this is an estimage based on how many pages I expect to have)11:36
cbx33it'll probably be solid color anyway11:36
=== HedgeMage nods
cbx33can you send thatl ine to aliasvegas@ubuntu.com11:37
HedgeMageI'd like to have just the words "Edubuntu Handbook -- 6.10" on the spine so we can see what book it is when on the shelf :D11:37
=== HedgeMage nods
HedgeMagewill do that right now11:37
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HedgeMagecbx33: Okay, dumb question... that's your better half's email, right?11:41
HedgeMagecbx33: because I just realized I referred to you in the third person which would sound dumb if it's yours :)11:41
cbx33I'm off to bed11:42
cbx33nn HedgeMage 11:42
cbx33thanks for the info11:42
HedgeMagenight night :)11:42

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