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crimsunBenC: The mic & stac92xx fixes that have posted to kernel-team@ are dependent on the one [very large]  patch_sigmatel patch that will need to be moderated. Thanks!04:07
crimsunto note, rodarvus's multiple headphone pin issue should now be fixed in addition to any additional inaudible issues for Sigmatel HDA codecs04:08
ajmitchkernel freeze is upon us, right?04:09
crimsunyeah, I asked about that earlier04:09
ajmitchright, I saw a ralink driver bug (missing PCI id) that wasn't assigned to any package04:10
ajmitchsaw the users asking why noone had looked at it on the forums, typical :)04:10
ajmitch"of course noone looked, it wasn't filed against the right package"04:10
jldugger-tabletmaybe if launchpad looked more like facebook, users would like it better ;)04:15
jldugger-tabletalthough, launchpad is definitely much better than regular bugzilla.04:17
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pdrhi.  is debuginfo will be in edgy for systemtap use?07:29
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pdranyone know?07:29
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porkpie_BenC:If you can't build the Kernel for me can you tell me please :)10:50
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AnAntwhat's the difference between -generic & -386 kernels ?12:50
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jonduf Hi, I am going through a kernel module tutorial and am having trouble compiling it. gcc complains that I do not have linux/module.h in my include directory. I checked and it is indeed not there, I search all through synaptic to find the package that might have this file and can not find it. Does anyone know what I need to apt-get?05:19
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ph8hi all, does anyone know the status of the ich8 bug?10:28
jwest-whatever is a Grub error 16?10:31
jwest-16: This error is returned if a device string was expected, and the string encountered didn't fit the syntax/rules listed in the Filesystem Description.10:31
gnomefreakjwest-: /msg ubotu grub10:45
gnomefreakjwest-: one of those links has the info you seek10:45
zulph8: suppose to be fixed 10:49
jwest-gnomefreak yeah i seeit10:50
jwest-errors mentioned there?10:50
gnomefreakjwest-: ther eused to be brb and ill find what i was looking for10:51
gnomefreakjwest-: support should stay in #ubuntu or #ubuntu+110:52
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ph8cheers zul11:09
ph8might hop home to install my server this weekend then11:09
jwest-gnomefreak: cheers, thanks a lot11:18
jwest-that was fast11:18
jwest-Oh you're a developer11:18
jwest-hehe explains it11:18
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